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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  January 26, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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right now at 10:00 the search is on for a shooting suspect on the run. >> the allegeddified over a park spot that sent one driver to the hospital. when temperatures can could shut 50 tomorrow and a chance for another nor'easter coming off the coast. a dog cold, hung country and all aloncht heartbreaking case of animal neglect under investigation tonight. >> venomous rattlesnake picking up real estate. the brand new plan to give snakes their own island right in the middle of source. >> announcer: now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00. complete new england news coverage. off the top at 10:00 a breaking situation in
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people trapped then pulled out of a rhode island public transit authority bus that slammed into a building on post road. this is still a very active scene. people had to jump out of the way of this bus that hit the building that appears to house two stores. three people including the driver were taken to the hospital. but they are expected to be okay. we'll continue to update you on this story as soon as we learn more. also tonight the search is still on right now for a man police say shot a driver over a parking space. good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. this was breaking news during the fox 25 news at 5:00 and 6:00. tonight we know that driver is expected to be okay. our malini basu is on the scene in dorchester all night with brand new video of police going door-to-door looking for the suspect. malini? >> reporter: vanessa and mark, we're talking about 7.50 hours later police are still looking for the suspect. the suspect is believed to live right here directly behind me at this house. but i want to show you there's two police officers parked right in front of the
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there is nearly a police officer over corner looking for the shooter. the fight here tonight's was all over a parking spot. >> reporter: around 2:30 this afternoon, a man just parked his toyota camry on nightingale street in dovt when he was shot. -- dorchester. when he was shot. >> we came out the guy office the floor laying on the floor. >> reporter: police confirmed for fox 25 it was all over the shoveled parking spot. >> obviously the individual who did the shooting wasn't happy that he was in his spot. >> reporter: witnesses say there was a fight between the two men. the 27-year-old suspect pulled out the gun and shot the victim in the stomach. >> 1gunshot. it was only one. >> reporter: the 34-year-old victim was helpless. >> he was laying on the floor but trying to stand up like from the floor he was not dead but the ambulance came really fast. >> reporter: the suspect took off in a black bmw and ran into another house up the block. police searched this woman's
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video with fox 25. she was terrified as her two young children were home. >> they had guns drawn, pulled, riot gear on, they were people down in back who had the shields. all i can tell you is that that individual that they were looking for has always been kind to me and always kind to my children. >> reporter: and tonight it's still unclear if the victim lives here on nightingale street next to the shooter that is. we're also being told that the victim the 34-year-old is expected to make a full recovery. he is at brigham & women's hospital. coming up at 11:00 we'll get into detail exactly why police have not left this surrounding area. for now we're live in dorchester tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> also tonight a former member of the patriots practice squad arrested after a brawl at a foxborough bar. j.j. warton punched the victim so hard knocked him out cold. as fox 25's kathryn burcham reports this isn't warton's first run-in with the law. >> reporter: tonight the patriots organization isn't
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here early saturday morning but the man at the center of it j.j. warton told police that he was acting in self-defense. after a promising college career at the university of central florida, and a chance to play in the big leagues after signing with the patriots practice team earlier this month, wide receiver j.j. warton now faces an uncertain future and criminal charges. police say warton was at this foxborough bar late friday night with friends when he allegedly groped two women. investigators say when the boyfriend of one of the women confronted him warton, warton punched the victim in the face knocking him unconscious. when officers arrested warton soon after he admitted he accidentally brushed a girl buttocks when leaving the bar but claimed self-defense. fox 25 has uncovered court records from his college career in florida that show he's faced similar charges before. according to records, warton was charged with assault after he punched an off duty sheriff deputy who had asked him to leave a party on st.
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warton pleaded no contest but it's unclear if the past. >> warton was arraigned this indecent assault and assault and battery. in foxborough, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. charged with firing off a gun near a snowplow. prosecutors say a case of road rage. 60-year-old bruce o'brien is accused of firing out his drivers side window while passing a snowplow. he claimed the plow was veering into his jeep his lawyers say it was a warning shot. o'brien is licensed to carry a gun but has been ordered to surrender his weapon now. right now firefighters are still fighting flames underneath a building while five people are recovering at boston medical center this after an explosion and fire at the net island water and sewage treatment plant in quincy. the first explosion happened around 2:00 this afternoon sending five workers to the hospital. that fire reignited just before 6:00 tonight. the cause is still under investigation possibly tied to a fan in the system.
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told their drinking water in the area is not affected. >> as we take a look at the zakim bridge. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is in the weather center. there's a concern about ice on the road. >> the reason is this the melting snow refreezing tonight with temperatures dropping well to freezing and below. some of the coldest spots are in southeastern massachusetts thanks to the thick snouk. it is down to freezing woburn, lynn, for instance. to the north shore it's in the 20s. over to new hampshire worcester county same idea. actually around lowell 31 then in worcester county same idea. temperatures are in the 20s. and we'll pop over to cape cod no relief here. there was some melting and temperatures refreezing it tonight. it's not a widespread concern because everything has been treated as far as roadways but your driveways
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susceptible to have icy spots when you leave first thing in the morning. meanwhile it's dry out there for now. but we're getting even warmer. how warm will it be and the latest track of another nor'easter coming towards the coast. as other parts of the east coast keep digging out flights in and out of logan still aren't back on track. in fact some delays and cancellations on arrivals and departures from new york and warnt the airlines say it could take a few more days until everything is back to normal. boston public works crews are doing their part out in baltimore. mayor marty walsh sent some brand new snowplows and blowers down to maryland to help out. that caught her mayor's attention. saying i just ran into one of your huge you weren't joking. thanks for looking out for your sister. >> students in three major cities getting another day off tomorrow as their parents deal with multiple feet of snow on the ground. fill fill, baltimore and district of columbia have all closed schools tomorrow.
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district of columbia. however government offices in d.c. and baltimore will reopen. at least 27 deaths are being blamed on the weather. how to fix it, how to pay for it. important questions mbta riders want answers to tonight. fox 25's ted daniel reports now from lynn where that meeting just wrapped up. ted? >> reporter: vanessa, there are two possible rate hike proposals one would increase fares on average 7%, the other nearly 10%. this was the first opportunity for the public to sound off. each person was given three minutes and then an alarm would sound when their time was up. well, tonight we they heard alarm a lot. >> delay, 20 to 25 minutes. >> reporter: nobody expected it would be pretty. >> well, if you want to
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something in return that we can get to work on time. >> reporter: one after another, customers gave the mbta and its rate hike proposal a kick in the caboose. >> i stood at the swampscott station this morning waiting for a train that was scheduled for 6:49. it never came. >> you know our transit systems are like circulation systems in the body. adding fare increases is like adding cholesterol your blood system it just jams it up more nothing works right as a result. >> reporter: the worst case scenario would look like this. a single ticket would go from $2.10 to $2.25. instead of $75 a month for a link pass it would be $84.50 and a monthly commuter rail pass from framingham to south station would go from drs 265 to $291.50. >> i watch people stand at wonderland station on
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paying more for a service that really, to be honest doesn't feel like they care about them. >> reporter: state transportation secretary stephanie listened closely over to word. after she told us the t needs to do better and she believes a fare increase will help with that. >> i think a modest regular schedule of fare increases is a reasonable thing to ask for our riders to help pay for the tlaf they use every day. -- service that they use every day. as one point pointed out tonight decades of what many considered to be inadequate funding has left it with the highest debt of any transportation authority in the country right now. and options are slim. reporting live in lynn tonight, ted daniel, fox 25 news. well, today was supposed to be the day we were celebrating a record-breaking ninth super bowl appearance by the patriots. but instead we are left wondering what went wrong. pats fans everywhere still
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denver but the team itself already making moves assigning blame to are the yesterday. now according to nfl network, the patriots have fired offensive line coach after two seasons on the job. yesterday the pats offensive line was a key part of the times. meanwhile the rest of the patriots were back in foxborough to clean out their lockers and try and figure out exactly what went wrong. >> we had some opportunities but in the end just came up a little bit short. it's obviously a disappointing feeling at this time of the year. turn the page here and move on. start the process all over again. >> it's never a successful season unless you win the whole thing. that's what this team is built to do. that's what our situat is some new tonight just hours after thanking -- brady's wife posted this on
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number 12 taking a breather today with of his kids. she writes i can't handle it so much love, #family. some good coming out of last night's heartbreaking loss dick's sporting goods says it will donate the shirts and hats will go to countries in need. it's practice that has been going on for years now. a high school student and member of the color guard suddenly let go from the squad with a text message. >> she says she suffered from concussions the different reason her coach is giving for the cut. plus, teenagers dressed all in black during a local school protest. what they are fighting for and the mayor's message to students tonight. and the search for whoever left an innocent dog
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this dog looking for food and comfort after being found on the streets in dedham.
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say he was cold and sore and badly neglected. fox 25's jim morelli is live in dedham where the search is on for an owner. jim? >> reporter: mark, we are on bridge street right along here that a dedham animal control officer found this abandoned dog around noon today. we had an opportunity to meet this pup tonight and despite all he suffered at the hands of humans we're told that the one thing he seems to crave is the human touch. i will warn you the images of this dog are rather disturbing. >> reporter: he is young, he is starving and tonight he's lucky to be alive. >> he was found like in a plastic tub. if the dog had gotten out of thattet to and wandered off it probably wouldn't have survived. >> reporter: they are calling him stitch just just as plausibly could have called him bones he was found in dedham abandoned. >> awful condition. severely emaciated. its body wasting.
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>> reporter: this bridge street in dedham. authorities can't say where the dog was left but they say he was abandoned outside of a business on this street. a dedham animal control officer found stitch after a tip came in by phone. he turned the emaciated dog over to the animal rescue league of boston which is investigating the abandonment of stitch as a felony. it's cruel abandonment and this dog has been severely neglected and you know, obviously, has suffered. >> reporter: tonight stitch is in the care of a team of veterinarians with expertise in emergency cases. >> he's very anemic so we're concerned the dog could need a blood transfusion. >> he may be skin and bones starving but once he gets back on his feet he will be looking for a loving home. now you would think that fixing a dog that's starving would be a simple matter of providing food and plenty of it. but it's a gradual lengthy process so it's going to take a while before and if they can get stitch back to health.
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prognosis for this pup. jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> thank you, jim. everett police working to track down two men who used a gun to attack a local store clerk. employees at the tedeschi convenience store on route 99 tells it happened early this morning. take a look here at these surveillance photos. you can see each man in the store then one goes behind the counter and pistol whips the clerk. the man took off with cash and that employee was taken away by ambulance. this is surveillance video of a break-ins tonight we know that's one of six burglaries of businesses that morning. this video came from romano pizza. officers want you to watch how the suspect walks and strands. if you can identify this person who maybe driving a pickup truck call methuen police. >> the search is on tonight for this man who police believe shot two people at an mbta station. boston police say 51-year-old alvarado is the
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maverick station in boston last week. he's considered armed and dangerous two. people were shot after an apparent articlement. police say alvarado fired a gun at a 29-year-old man and a 43-year-old was also shot. both are expected to be okay. fox 25 obtaining this surveillance video of a suspect running from police after a high-speed chase in brockton. officers say the suspect was driving a stolen s.u.v. and caused a nine car crash. brockton officers drew their guns and captured the man behind a convenience store. signal. that guy coming in the doorway and hit the car. >> police tell us the suspect is hospitalized and will likely face a long list of charges. two other drivers including a pregnant woman suffered minor injuries in the crash. take a good look here at this manch police say he's wanted for a robbery. officers in goestown, new hampshire, say he walked into the citizens bank on church street today and handed the teller a note demanding money. police say he did not display a weapon and ran off with cash.
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he's about 6 feet tall is missing several teeth. new tonight democratic presidential candidates participating in a town hall in iowa with just one week to go now until the caucuses. there they're answering voter questions. as political reporter sharman sacchetti tells us michael bloomberg is also now considering the possibility of mounting a third party run. >> reporter: hillary clinton is making her way to the finish line in iowa locked in a heated battle with bernie sanders. while she struggles against a socialist there is a new wrinkle talk of a possible third party candidate. no longer the clear front-runner at least not in the early stage. in iowa he jewish federation of greater des moines hillary clinton asking for votes in this final stretch. >> i hope to earn your support in the caucus on monday. >> reporter: secretary clinton is trying to survive a strong challenge from bernie sanders and avoid a repeat of 2008 when she lost newcomer b.c..
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to blow it this -- obama. >> i don't think she's going to blow think the year but a loss in iowa and loss in new hampshire back-to-back will change the race. >> i think she's going do just fine. she can hold her own. >> reporter: just when you thought this race couldn't get any more unpredictable the latest twist former new york city mayor and billionaire bloomberg said to be considering a third party run for the white house. self-funded of course. >> anything can happen. it has been a crazy season. >> reporter: in new hampshire, voters tell us they're not sure exactly who that would help except maybe bloomberg himself. >> i think he would be a detriment to tell you the truth. i don't think he would add much to the race. >> i'm not sure that the affection for michael bloomberg in states around the country is as deep as he thinks it is. it's going to be quite a challenge. >> reporter: not to mention mounting a serious national campaign with just months until the election. the iowa caucuses are a week away. in nashua, new hampshire, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news.
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now on sale in new york city. the way one person is cashing in on the blizzard. plus, indictments tonight against two anti-abortion activists accused of shooting undercover videos against planned parenthood.
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an indictment in connection with the controversial planned parenthood videos. a texas grand jury indicted two anti-abortion activists who covertly shot these videos that claim to show planned parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetuses for research. the grand jury has ruled the leader of the central for medical progress should face felony and a misdemeanor charge. a second activist also facing charges. the grand jury cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing. we are getting a look
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where three fugitives made a daring escape on friday. three inmates broke out of santa ana's maximum security jail cutting through steel bars in their cells and sneaking through plumbing tunnels through the roof. they used sheets to repel to the ground. the escapees are a suspected murder and inmates charged with attempted murder and kidnapping. the manhunt continues for them right now. seven people were hurt during severe turbulence on an american airlines flight from miami to milan. the flight was detoured to newfoundland, canada. the rest of the passengers spent the night in a hotel. red line communities could see more delays come the morning. a lot of people stranded this morning at stops around the city thanks to bridge work. some weekend reconstruction work on the long fellow bridge caused issues for riders around the city. the reconstruction work meant red line trains were limited to 10 miles per hour in some spots and beware an mbta spokesperson said speed restrictions could be in
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just 10 days after announcing the company's historic move to boston g.e. has signed its first lease in the company. the company signed a lease and a g.e. spokesperson said the location would be a temporary landing spot not their permanent headquarters. its unclear whether general electric will rent or rehab an old building or build something new for the boston headquarters. snakes on an island. in 15 minutes why some wildlife researchers say it's important for rattlesnakes to get their own prime piece of land in massachusetts. i wonder how they do in cold weather? >> chilly temperatures out there tonight. i'll show you where there
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that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan crusted sirloin. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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claims of racism at boston latin high school. they are calling for a district wide investigation. >> today a group of them dressed a null black demanded change. fox 25's christine mccarthy has the story tonight and the response from boston mayor marty walsh. >> reporter: students at boston latin dressed in black on monday in protest of reports of racial intolerance at the school and allegations that administrators have overlooked those complaints. >> their white pierce using twitter and facebook to put out racial slurs and students of color. instead he does nothing by the. >> reporter: in their youtube video they urge their peers to tweet their
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>> only black students -- >> reporter: headmaster released a memo on monday saying in part we recognize that there are issues and we acknowledge that there is work to be done. i care deeply when i hear anyone has said their experience has been unfair and it's my experience -- boston mayor marty walsh promised a district wide investigation. >> certainly the fact that the students had to come forward you know i commend them for coming forward. >> reporter: he says he's discouraged that any student has to deal with racism in 2016. >> this should not be going on today in our schools, certainly we're going to support the students in every way we can. ever source with a scam alert for its customers tonight. callers are telling customers in several local towns that they need to make a payment through a prepaid debit card or the electricity will be turned off. ever source wantstro mind customers that it will never
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prepaid card will never ask to meet customers at a store that sells those cards. so goes new england weather. after a blizzard for many this weekend, didn't verify everywhere but did in someplaces and heavy snow this is what you had today. 40 how about that lawrence, norwood, chatham up to 39 . look at fitchburg getting up to 40 degrees. sometimes you think what are you going to do with a forecast like this then talk about another snowstorm on the way and sandwich in between some warmer temperatures. tonight it's not like to because after the melting that happened today with the warmer temperatures you get this, freezing can cold in cambridge, malden, lynn, northward to woburn and watertown that means anything that melted today is refreezing. now the roadways are plenty treated we know that but your driveway and walkway may not be.
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the bus stop or so your car tomorrow morning. 28 in newton. bradford, 28 newburyport, temperatures are at or below freezing 28 in leominster and the town of auburn. out here to cape cod temperatures here with the deepest snow pack was. temperatures are in the 20s for most part. orleans at 34 . to again some slippery spots for you. then some clouds around from time to time today a few in eastern massachusetts moving away right now and clearing in western mass. so the clouds will be in and out of the area all night into the morning hours. this is the scene in worcester county. temperature actually starts to go back up. near 40 already by 10:00 in the morning. 31 in the morning, out here in boston so below freezing again be careful under under foot going up to 42 by 10:00 in the morning and
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future cast shows we'll have clearing skies tonight and some clouds from time to time. then here comes the sunshine first thing in the morning. here. now earlier when i talked to you at 5:00 and 6:00 this was all green. some mixed precipitation. bottom line there's a cold front coming on through. whether you get a snow or snow shower you are certainly getting a rain shower. i do believe there's an increased risk for showers in the late afternoon and evening when the front actually crosses the area. you will see a few of those finally offshore there. so it is going to be on the warm side tomorrow for this time of year. 47 cambridge, somerville 49 , braintree 48 , quincy at 47 tomorrow. so the south shore 48 and in bridgewater 49 for new taunton. back here to worcester county low and mid-40s. worcester 42 uxbridge to 46 . so we'll do it all again. we'll melt tomorrow then
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you will have to watch some icy spots once again. the front comes through during wednesday morning we're back into sunshine at 6:00 in the middle of the day and into the evening. then by thursday morning still more sunshine to come. but there is a storm that is lurking. let's talk a little bit about that. here's the seven day forecast keeping us quiet until at least friday. there can be a couple showers around. 30% chance you get hit by one. there may be a shower. then by thursday into friday we'll be tracking a storm just offshore trying to clip eastern massachusetts another nor'easter is going to form. this is that european model not all models are agreeing but i'm getting some new information in right now. we'll take a look at that. i'll tell you what i find coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, kevin we continue to follow that breaking news after a bus slams into a building trapping people inside. we'll have that new information from the scene for you ahead at 11:00. first at 10:00 a tiny creature spotted hanging on
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of the highway. this is seen all over social media tonight and where they had to carry it off the road. plus, new information about an assistant professor accused of trying to block a trougher on property.
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next. breaking news out of way mouth where police have just told us there have been several automated bone
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including the police station, south shore hospital, stop & shop, wal-mart, the shaw eases the c.v.s., 7-eleven and walgreen's. all those areas are still being checked out right now. we do have a crew gathering more information and we'll have an update live at 11:00. tonight police say they haven't been able to figure out who is responsible for vandalizing portraits of black law professors at harvard. fox 25 told you back in november that pieces of tape were found on the photos of several black professors despite a authoro investigation police weren't able to track down who was responsible. the university will be installing security cameras in the area to make sure it doesn't happen again. a professor and u-mass alum has been charged with misdemeanor assault after a run-in with a student journalist. we showed you this last november. it shows 45-year-old melissa click confronting the photographer and calling in other students to help remove him. this all happening during protests over perceived racial issues at the university. if convicted click could face jail time.
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proposing a new job training initiative to help the chronically unemployed today. the proposal includes $5 million in initiatives included in those plans the creation of a new fund for community organizations that provide job training. $1 million for people getting out of prison. with just over two weeks to go now until new hampshire's primary the campaign trail red hot right now in that state. this morning new jersey governor chris christie held a meet and greet in greenland and closed the gap with the front-runner. fellow republican john kasich also talking to voters in new market but his comments about tom brady's salary on the heels of last well. >> what you ought to be squawking about is how much money is brady making? boo! >> boo! mixed reception at best for the record the ohio governor
1:36 am
brady and the pats. when new hampshire voters hit the polls february 9th for the primary it will be the first test for the state for voter identification law. they will will be asked to voluntary i.d. or fill out an affidavit two. judges will be standing by to handle any legal challenge. she says she was cut from the color guard by text message. and for the wrong reasons. tonight why the coach says it wasn't exactly what it sounds like. but first an island only for rattlesnakes. the plan to give them a
1:37 am
state's biggest an island full of venomous snakes is an nightmare for many people. >> fox 25's elizabeth hopkins explains why wildlife experts are all for it. >> reporter: rattlesnakes are not the most beloved creature in the commonwealth so,000 a plan to give them their own entire ooild is leaving some people a -- entire island is leaving some people a little rattled. >> reporter: if anyone knows
1:38 am
a man who would like to protect them at the division of fisheries and wildlife there's a plan to do just that. but he's giving the creepy crawlies to some members of the public. the plan is a snake island. >> where is the island going to be and you know what is your protection? >> reporter: the president of the north providence trails association spoke to us by phone. >> is it harming the snake, and harming of the humans? >> we have a total of over six million people in this state no one in modern times has been killed by a rattlesnake or seriously harmed but the snakes haven't feared so well. >> reporter: most of the snake population deaths have been as a result of hitting cars or killed by people who came across them in the wild. so the d.f.w. would like to see the off spring of local snakes taken to populated island in a reservoir. >> it's already completely off limits to the public.
1:39 am
have been used to support a population of bold eagles and turtles but when it comes to snakes a healthy dose of the ick factor seems to get involved. so plan is here to start this in the next two to three years once an island is selected. one of the islands is as big as 1100 acres. so it's pretty substantial. after that they'll wait up to 30 years to see that population fully mature and be secure. in westborough, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. narcan is credited with possibly saving dozens of lives in just one massachusetts tone alone last year. arlington first responders report giving nasal doses 29 times to reverse deadly heroin overdoses. a total 40 overdoses were reported five resulted in death. police credit their progress to an initiative launched last summer to help those suffering from drug addiction. >> safety and money savings just two of the benefits of some upgrades at boston city hall. a total of $325 -- 325
1:40 am
going up around the building. l.e.d. lights are much brighter than regular bulbs. they also have a 20 year life plan -- lifespan. she suffered a concussion during a practice and was cut from her team. color guard member's mother says the coach cut her daughter and let her know by sending a text message. fox 25's heather hegedus spoke with the girl. >> reporter: this flag whacked her in the back of the head during color guard practice two weeks ago. several days later she had sinking episodes. >> i hit the tile floor at least three times. this is me getting ready for school and so nobody else is up. >> reporter: one time it led to a 9-1-1 call and a ride in the ambulance to the hospital. >> she collapsed here in the kitchen. she lost mental awareness and i'm holding my 14-year-old daughter and she's staring at me and nonresponsive. >> reporter: the pediatrician said it was a
1:41 am
thance diagnosis lindsay has only been able to go to school for a few hours a day and misses the camaraderie. she had been on the team for a year even had a solo in the competition last year. that's why lindsay was so shocked and upset when the coach texted her mom and said lindsay was being cut because he "needed to do what was best for the team." >> i wanted to be the better person. i didn't know if i should scream or if i should just like burst out in tears. >> reporter: we got lindsay's coach on the phone he told us lindsay wasn't cut because of the concussion but because she missed too many practices. >> she had been warned several times we had conversations. >> they would have been okay with her having somebody else be in her place if she still could have worn the found and remember sat on the benefit and cheered for her teammates. >> no one said she couldn't do that. she could have come to me and asked that. >> reporter: now all they would like is an apology not. >> one coach, not one of the
1:42 am
one person, has reached out to me sale are you okay. >> snow was falling it and seems love was in the air this weekend. the dating app happened reported a jump in use messaging in new york city in fact went up 139% from the weekend before. in philly the app saw 342% surge in messaging across the country. signups were up 43%. big bid. looking for a cozy spot for your trip next weekend. how about a custom-built igloo in the heart of brooklyn. it sounds romantic. >> take a look at here. this the group posted this ad on air bnb of an igloo they made out of snow. airbnb is where you can rent it on your house. >> kevin if that was around here it might start having
1:43 am
>> that's for sure it has been melting out there. this coming weekend two systems. at the they can come together again to players one up there to the north one offshore. notice again that system coming out of the great lakes. but things are just not
1:44 am
at least not yet. i'll have an update. >> a sloth clinging to a carrier on the side of the highway. very far away. we are following several breaking stories ahead at 11:00 including bomb threats phoned into popular businesses. new at 11:00 where the f.b.i. may get involved. to give a wrestler on the other team a moment he will never forget. bill belichick reacts to the patriots loss once again.
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stick around. >> his dog went out for a walk and came back with a ribbon for a half marathon. when she wandered off right into the path of some runners. the dog's owner said she had no idea going on until she saw pictures showing up on facebook. to bring about social change. this effort will culminate in a three day conference at the vatican in october. the celtics have been
1:46 am
back-to-back this season. with a third on the horizon. isiah thomas he goes on a 5-0 run. another everance was very good. celtics win sweep the series four games to zero. the bruins also on fire lately. black and goldwynovers four of five games with a nice opportunity to make it five of six. the bruins in philadelphia taking on the flyers in this game.
1:47 am
lot lately. patrice bergeron on the power play. 1-0. still in the first another power play. it's another goal. two minutes remaining. now the patriots o line was bad because of injuries tom brady knows this because he was hit a ridiculous 20 times yesterday and apparently his offensive line coach saw coach belichick give him his walking papers today and the all-time prokicker who missed his first extra points in 524 attempts the player who tried to tell everyone the loss is on his shoulders but nobody's buying it.
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great year for us. there are a could things. i can't imagine, for anyone who says seven is the reason we lost that game stephen is ridiculous.
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