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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a pretty treating january -- trading
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like weather today, shir. >> shiri: looking at pots like norwood 20 degrees and you are more than doubling your temperature once we hit the afternoon. last hour. 24 in bedford. 32 in lawrence. a couple of 30s in worcester and down to the cape as well. 20s and 30s for the most part this morning the storm system that will be tracking toward us today and little chunk of cloud and thicken up. that means here for the morning commute that we are starting out in the 20s and 30s, but future cast has us going let's say to the low and mid-30s with some sunshine here by 8:00 this morning. noontime temperatures are going to make it into the middle and the upper 40s. it will be very balmy out there it will be very balmy out there. and also pretty blustery and we will start bringing in these widely scattered showers to the north and west of boston just after lunchtime today and this evening is going to favor southeastern massachusetts, so we will take you a little deep
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coming up in a couple of minutes. traffic. julie grauert has an accident. >> reporter: yes, i do, shiri. we have the hov lane still -- the opening of that delayed because of that jackknifed southbound. i will take you to the map, and you can see those southbound delays and northbound delays as people slow down to rubber neck neck. shifting north of town, slowing near the cloverleaf and through woburn. volume picking up on the zakim bridge and leverett connector. your live drive times, 24 mass avenue. 14 minutes on the expressway pike. nearly half an hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: we are following developing news out of weymouth this morning where police are investigate investigating a new round of bomb threats. a. >> sara: the automated calls came in around 8:00. not schools on the list. it involves busy stores, a hospital and a police station, all received the calls late last night.
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live outside a shopping plaza where two of the biggest stores were targeted. catherine? >> reporter: good morning, sara. of two the stores that received some of the threats, stop and shop behind me and the wal-mart next door, but also just across the street from where we are, there is a shaws which was part of it and a walgreen's that was near the shaw's also across the street. four stores in close proximity to each other. investigating the threats to all stores and others. >> reporter: several locations in weymouth received these bomb threats. one location was the police station. the stop and shop in wal-mart received the threats as well as the shaw's across the street. other came in south shore, cvs, 7-eleven and walgreen's, the threat came in the form of automated calls in isn't the first time that weymouth police have dealt with threats like these. they responded to similar automatic call bomb threats
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in that case classingth s were dismiss and building evacuated so buildings could search them. >> specific many other communities this those phoned in threats to schools as well. those happened a little bit earlier this month. in the most recent case in weymouth, police are still investigating all of these threats that came in last night to those locations that we mentioned. one of those locations is actually tweet being this all as it was unfolding. we will have that for you coming up next half hour. live in weymouth, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. this morning, boston police are still searching for a man accused of shooting another man in a dispute over a parking spot. on the fox25 news at 10:00, we showed you new video of police going door to door searching for that suspect on nightengale street in dorchester. the shooting around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. the victim is expected to recover and they know who the shooter is and so far have not released his name. we will go live to the scene in 30 minutes. a whitman man has to hand
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incident in plymouth. prosecutors say he shot his gun near a snow plow. the man's attorney said the plow was veering into his jeep, so he fired a warning shot. he is due back in court next month. fire fighters still battling hot spots at this quincy sewage plant. you can't see the flames because fire is burning deep inside of that building. five workers were hurt and they were taken to the hospital. michael henrich was live outside the plant in quincy, this plant treats water for nearly half of the south shore but we are toll the drinking water is safe. >> reporter: they say that had no impact on the drinking water and does not effect the sewage as well. they said that the public was never in danger but fire fighters are at this sewage plant in quincy battling hot spots throughout the night. skyfox overhead, the massachusetts water resources authority plant in quincy. smoke billowing over the boston
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put out the fire at the waste put out the fire at the wastewater treatment if a spilt we had maintenance crews working down in the bowels of the building, some two or three stories down below the groundworking on what is called the odor control. at some point something went wrong and an explosion and a subsequent fire.
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nwra requesting more information. we are working hard to get it for you. as soon as we have it, we will bring that you update on the fox25 morning news. live in quincy, michael henrich live in quincy, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. this morning police are working to see if a medical emergency caused this bus to go crashing into an auto parts store. we were on the scene right after that happened last night. two passengers and the drive of the rhode island public transit authority bus were all taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police say the bus hit a telephone pole and veered across four lanes of traffic before slamming into the building. the three people inside the bus were trapped for about an hour before fire fighters could get to them. one man was driving by said the bus hear fromly hit his truck. >> this is easily going.
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probably 40 to 50 miles per hour. it was moving. >> sara: two people were inside the auto parts store but were not hurt. the bus was removed which caused part of the roof to cave in and part of a building collapse. a local community will welcome the family of a fallen marine. christopher orlando was one of 12 servicemembers who died when two helicopters crashed in a training mission. hingham police will escort his family back to town. friends and supporters are planning to line the streets showing their support starting at 7 p.m. fox25 be there. new this morning, more financial fears around the globe. overnight stock markets in asia suffered big losses. major index in china dropped more than 6% in japan, the nikkei fell more than 2%. similar losses reported in hong kong and yesterday, the dow dropped more than 200 points.
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markets react this morning when trading begins in our 9:00 hour trading begins in our 9:00 and happening today, people who ride the t will get another chance to sound off about fare hikes. two possible scenarios are on the table right now. the first will increase fares on average by nearly 7%. the second would be closer to 10%. fox25 was at the first public on the proposals held in lynn last night 37 last night last night. many riders say those hikes
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any quarterback in a game this season. this is how tom brady is recovering from that beating. his wife gisele. brady playing with two of his children. i can't handle it, so much love i can't handle it, so much love, hashtag family. she went on twitter to thank patriots fans for supporting tom. and ticket company seat geek say the resale price for the big game more than $5,000. the game is being plays in santa clara, california in the san francisco area the home stadium of the 49ers. carolina panther also face the denver broncos.
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sunday, february 7. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. that trouble spot was that jackknifed tractor-trailer southbound on the expressway after furnacebrook parkway. 9 miles per hour. i will show you those live drive times in a moment drive times in a moment. here is shiri. shiri shiri the normal high 36 degrees. you know where we are going today, 44 to 50 degrees. morning. we will time out some afternoon and evening showers next. it is an attack that no one saw coming. coming up, the panic that ensued when a defendant suspect charges a prosecutor inside the court room. and for the second 23450eu78 in less than a year, a sophisticated jailbreak making news this morning. the new details of how the
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back here at 6:14 this morning. we continue to follow developing news in the west coast where a manhunt for three men who made a daring jailbreak in california. just like the escape in new york last year, this one has a complicated plot. fox25's daniel miller has more on the search for the suspects. >> reporter: officials at >> reporter: officials at the orange county jail are trying to figure out how the three inmates escaped from the jail with a significant amount of steel, bar and metal. they broke out of the orange county central men's jail on friday. the men are facing charges the men are facing charges murder and attempted murder and are thought to have ties to vietnamese games. the third already convicted of murder charged with kidnapping and torture. investigators say the men escaped by cutting through quarter-inch metal plate and crammed through cramp, unsecure partly sunnying tunnels to the proof. they used bed sheets and towels to rappel 50 feet to the ground to rappel 50 feet to the ground. >> these three are extremely
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be apprehended and brought back into custody immediately. >> daniel: the inmates cleared three security checkpoints and were able to escape from freedom from the concrete facility. jail officials say it is not clear if the inmates had help. this morning a fight that broke out friday night may have been staged to delay discovery of their escape. we will keep you updated this morning on the search. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. less than a week before the iowa caucus, and the newest poll show hillary clinton's lead in the democratic primary getting even smaller. the fox news poll show clinton at 49% among democratic primary voters across the country. that is down from 54% just two weeks ago. bernie sanders also dropped by 2 points to 37%. 10% are undecided. last night sanders, clinton and martin o'malley took part in a town hall meeting and health care was a big focus.
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back in '93 and '94. and i don't know if you were born then. i can't quite tell, but if you have been around and had been able to pay attention, i was trying to get us the university health care coverage working with my husband. >> the ideas i am talking about are not radical ideas. may raise taxes and we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for business. >> sara: o'malley has just 1% in that poll. last night he encouraged iowa caucus voters to look to him as a new leader. and republican governor john kasich getting a big boost before the new hampshire primary. the boston globe endorse him for the republican nomination. the paper praised him for runs a largely positive campaign. and being willing to compromise for results. good morning, everyone, it is now 6:18. we are still seeing trouble because of that jackknifed
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expressway southbound hov opening is delays while officials work to clear that out bright red in the southbound lanes and the northbound lanes around the braintree plit as people slow to find out what is going on. green through natick and into the alton-brighton areas. live drive times. 27 minute on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 16 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 24 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us from the fox25 storm tracker weather center. we are saying welcome to march, forecasting highs from 44 to 50 degrees. >> very warm temperatures. normal is only 36. i think we will take with where we can because you know this will not last us very long warm this year, but last year, the whole snow mess that went on
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so look at some of these snow totals. snow began to fall today. wrapped up on the 28th of january. we had offered hudson at 3 feet of snow. over 30 inches in metheun, sharon, south boston, plymouth. and incredible snow totals, that was one of many storms that we had over the course of the next month. today the warmest day of the week, more dry and wet towns in the forecast. we get a little breezy. winds coming from the southwest which is pulling in the warm air, but winds are going to gust up around 40 miles per hour. i have a feeling that is going to make it from time to time feel a little bit cooler than maybe those very warm temperatures that we are finding on the thermometer. right now breaks in the clouds this morning as the sun comes up. we will see partly sunny skies. as this smooths non, clouds will tend to thicken up. keeping a partly sunny 8 a.m. in boston. 35 degrees. 42 at 10 a.m. by lunchtime, 45 degrees. high also make it into the upper 40s in boston, but it stays mostly cloudy with a
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around town this afternoon. 10 a.m., i have the first of those showers moving into southern vermont, but because temperatures will be so mild even here at lunchtime, in the 40s, it is all just raindrop. we will see the snow melt. the rain showers that will be keeping track of. best bet for evening rain will be here over southeastern massachusetts, but even at that massachusetts, but even at that, it will stay light and broken up. very hit and miss-style showers and wouldn't be surprised overnight to see a couple of flurries. 48 in boston and beverly. we have bedford at 48 degrees. and worcester and nashua, 45 and worcester and nashua, 45, which is still pretty juan warm warm. a good 10 degrees above average average. 50s norwood, plymouth and new bedford, 51 bedford, 51. provincetown 50 degrees. my hot spots. tonight temps back to freezing and that means we will have to keep an eye out for some patchy black ice out there. we are seeing debris freeze and highs tomorrow in the lower 40s highs tomorrow in the lower 40s.
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thursday keeping it brighter at 40 degrees. and by friday, this is when we will be tracking that next potential for a little bit of light snow. notice the nor'easter is mostly a myth. we actually have another system tracking along the canadian border with the potential of tracking in light snow. still a lot more to fine tune. back to you guys. >> gene: shiri, 6:21. a cruise ship capsized off the italian coast. we are getting first look inside that wreck and the image
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iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii a local high school wrestling match is going viral this morning the captain of the norwood wrestling team sun defeated but he took on a student from dighton rehoboth with special needs and he gave the performance to remember. he lost the match, and family and friends cheered for his sportsmanship. >> gene: as we all hood is >> gene: as we all should. a great story. a tv reporter in virginia
6:23 am
show how to make his favorite drink. a slurpee. >> pour it right in, off coca-cola slurpee gene ghooen is john burkett, as a child his mom would never buy him a 7 mom would never buy him a 7-eleven slurpee and he would use the snow to make his own. if he used mountain dew, we be a little more reluctant. >> julie: to have a taste. no sharing. would you want it all to yourself. stay off of mountain dew. here is a look. it is on comment posted by the vermont state police. see that beloved wooden gazebo built for the 1998 film, it came a landmark and was heavily damage and. no word if it can be fix. >> gene: i remember "funny farm" a new york sports involved a town to right a
6:24 am
interesting. >> julie: the story of your future. >> gene: no, no, i don't think so. back to work for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. he had a two-month paternity. he made fun of his wardrobe, a picture of his closet with -- what should i wear. filled with gray t-shirts and hoodies. he has multiple. if you were wondering does he wear the same thing to work every day, no, he can change. >> julie: ex-afford to change. >> gene: putting pictures of his child on facebook. here max with swimming. he said his daughter loves the water. he is using his same invention to post family pics. >> julie: i want to be friends with her. >> gene: maybe shiri. >> shiri: sure, we and max, we are buddies. here is the deal, headed into work this morning, we have nice dry conditions. temps in the 20s and 30s. but as you head home, we will be close to 50 in spots.
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>> gene: we are back at 6:30. a live look as we take a shot of the boston skyline overlooking the boston common this morning, and we will see a whole lot of melting snow. the common could look as green as it can be this time of year but not few days later this week temps in the 40. will feel like a heat wave. winter sort of heat wave. >> sara: yes, and a lot better than that. check this out. one week ago -- one year ago we were on the storm watch, remember this, 2 to 3 feet of snow started falling. the first major storm of what ended up being a historic winter and i think i am still having nightmares from that historic winter. >> gene: when was this. was it last year? >> sara: you have already forgotten. how quickly. oh, please. >> gene: easy to remember. >> sara: good for you. >> gene: works well too. >> sara: forget about it today because it will rise into the 40s. >> shiri: temperatures that will ride into the 50s.
6:29 am
>> shiri: it will feel like march in january. because of these winds that are sweeping in from the southwest and the southwest. now not all that strong. worcester had some 50-mile-per-hour winds. the rest of the area mostly calm but transplanting from the south into you new england. 28 in chelmsford. 22 in hollis, new hampshire. milton at 33. boston at 29 degrees. brockton, 23. natick, 24. westford 28. a couple of spots at or above freezing into the cape and islands. hanover at 24. norton -- 20s and 30s sending you out the door this morning. by noontime, 45 degrees winds will gust to 45 miles per hour. the blustery element that i have to add into the forecast today which will make it cooler than the 47 on the map at 3 p.m. increasing clouds.
6:30 am
prone locations for afternoon hours. watchy showers. head you over to jewel keeping an eye on the accidents this morning. >> julie: yes, skyfox over that major accident we have been telling you about all morning. the expressway at furnace brook parkway. the expressway southbound. some of of the delays that are residuals that are still lingering after the jackknifed. trying to. northbound lanes slowing down as well. people stop to rubber neck. the expressway northbound right before columbia road. that is going to increase your drive time. 29 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split. 13 minutes on 128 northbound from westwood to weston. 21 minutes from the expressway on the split to the pike. sara and gene, back to you. all right, julie. this morning a fight over a parking space sparked a shooting in dorchester. >> the suspect was angry that the driver parked in a spot
6:31 am
shovelled out. fox25's jessica reyes was live in that dorchester neighborhood and that happened in the middle of the day, jess, in front of frightened neighbors. >> reporter: is it did, gene, around 2:30 in the afternoon just as kids were getting home from school. it all happened at nightengale street in dorchester. the suspect reportedly shooting that victim over a shoveled-out parking spot. >> he was shot and we came out and the guy was on the floor laying on the floor. >> reporter: a have i lent afternoon in dorchester where a man shot another leaving him bleeding in the street. police confirmed it was all because of where he parked his toyota camry just moments before. >> obviously the individual who did the shooting wasn't happy he was in his spot. >> the two got into an argument that ended with the 27-year-old suspect pulling a gun and shooting the victims in the shooting the victims in the
6:32 am
and trying to stand up like from the floor and we knew he was not dead. >> reporter: the suspect took off and ran into another house up the block. police searched that home. the woman who lived there shot this cell phone video terrified terrified. were still inside. >> they had guns drawn, riot gear on. there were people down in back who had the shields. >> reporter: she says she knows the suspect, but has no idea where he might be this morning. >> all i can tell that you that individual ha they have been looking for was always kind to me and always kind to my children. >> reporter: and police say they know exactly who they are looking for. they have not released his name just yet as they continue to search for them morning. search for them morning. as for that victim he was taken to brigham women and is expected to survive. in dorchester, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. following developing news out of weymouth where police are investigating a new round of bomb threats.
6:33 am
schools on the list this time. you can see from the map that involves busy stores, the hospital and the police station hospital and the police station. fox25's catherine parrotta live where two of the biggest stores targeted are opening back up this morning. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, gene. the two stores the stop and shop and the wal-mart next door, both are scheduled it open up in about a half an hour open up in about a half an hour. that shaw's is one of the over locations that was involved in all of this. and you can see how close to the shopping plaza where we are right now. weymouth police investigating plus more. several receive bomb threats, one was the police station. the stop and shop in wal-mart where we are received the threats as well as the shaws across the street other threats came in south shore, cvs, 7 came in south shore, cvs, 7-eleven and walgreen's, the threats started coming in around 8:30 in the form of automated calls.
6:34 am
facebook and tweeted about the incident last night writing to be cautious. north shore and pd checking hospital after automated call received. all patients and staff safe. an hour later the hospital tweeted, security teams have cleared the hospital and the building is safe. you now i do have a phone call into weymouth police this morning to try to get a sense of where the investigation stands today, but of course this isn't the first time weymouth police had to deal with threats like these. in fact they had to deal with other threats just this month. we will have more on that coming up next half hour. live in weymouth, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. happening today, a high-profile murder case finally goes to trial. beloved restaurant owner tony wu was found stabbed and strangled inside of his office at mat gestic draggon restaurant in 2011. two massachusetts men were charged in his murder and a third man made a plea deal. the trial was delayed in 2013 when state police crime lab work was called into question. today.
6:35 am
man armed and dangerous. 21-year-old rahili o alvarado. he is accused of shooting two. the shooting happened after argument and shut down part of the evening commute. police say alvarado open fired on two men. police are hoping surveillance piketures will help them track down two men who attacked a store clerk.
6:36 am
lindsey mcdonald was on a private competition color guard not affiliated with the school. the mansfield girl was hit in the back of the head with a six-foot flag during practice and started fainting days later later. after mcdonald diagnosed with a concussion and missed several practices. her coach sent a text saying she was cut from the team. person. didn't know if i should scream or if i should just burst out >> reporter: mcdonald's right-of-way coach said she was
6:37 am
the girl said that other members of the team missed more than three practices and they are still on the team. eversource is warning customers about a potential scam. customers are getting phone calls from someone demanding payments through a prepaid debit card. eversource said will never require payment through a prepaid card. last week a similar scam involving national grid. two men were pretending to be national grid workers some even turning off the power and demanding money. new at 6:00, brandeis university is making big changes on campus. they plan on tearing down most of the old castle by next year. the castle is one of the university's oldest buildings, and the school official say they need to make room for you in residence halls. the plan will preserve two of the towers but three others and a hall will be torn down. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. skyfox is still over that accident on the expressway northbound. the tractor-trailer jackknifed right at furnacebrook parkway.
6:38 am
slowing down as well as people tap the breaks and check out what is going on. i will tell you how it has been impacting drive times. here is shiri. . >> shiri: the south winds and they will really warm up temperatures and are getting breezy. check out these wind gusts this winds gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour. the latest on your breezy, warm and wet afternoon next. now 6:40 now 6:40. check thought amazing video from the west coast. the weather event that is causing these ocean-side apartments to fall into the sea apartments to fall into the sea. but first, he was abandoned and starving for food.
6:39 am
behind this local partly su what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. text a friend. how about register to vote? really? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy. done. i just registered. that was easy.
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back here at 6:43. a small massachusetts -- central massachusetts town is hope hoping to enlist the expertise of a famous environmental activist to help with their
6:41 am
charlton is hoping that erin brokovich will take up their case. they say exxon mobil contaminated groundwater when it leaked from underground fuel tanks in the '80s and '90s. brockovich became famous when julia roberts played her in a movie. an island in the quabbin reservoir could soon be home to venomous snakes. we told but the plans for rattlemake islands. they want to raise and breed 115 endangered snakes that are native to this area. many people are worried no human on n modern times have been killed or seriously injured by a rattlesnake. >> most now most of our surviving timber rattlesnakes are in areas heavily used by the public and the public have faired fine. they haven't been hurt but the snakes haven't faired so well. >> gene: dfw officials say
6:42 am
to support a population of bald eagle its and turtles. who can abandon a face like this. this morning police across the region are asking for help who abused this dog and left it out in the freezing developed. the dog was found in dedham where low temperatures were single digits to start the day. fox25 daniel miller joins us now with more on the dog's condition, and daniel, that dog was not only cold but also much too thin. >> just heartbreaking. the 2-year-old pit bull was found frail and emaciated. this morning his rescuers are hoping to find him a good home. someone found the dog inside a plastic tub on bridge street in dedham. the animal rescue league rushed the starving do you go a veterinary clinic in walpole from this video, you can see how skinny the dog is named switch constituent, and will be up for adoption once he is healthy again. >> if the dog didn't get out and wonder out it would have
6:43 am
hours. >> daniel: police are investigate investigating this case and one our top stories on this our facebook page. many of are you talking about this. the person who abandoned stitch could face felony charges. in the newsroom, this is the fox25 morning news. a massachusetts family giving a new thrive a dog who spent five years waiting to be adopted. moose hand been shelter in the virgin islands since arriving there, more than 160 other dogs were adopted instead of him. a massachusetts woman read about moose. another family sent a private plane to fly him from the island to his new home. what a great story, >> julie: julie ride >> julie: julie riding in anything. some of us may want a private plane this morning because of the issues southbound along furnacebrook parkway. this jackknifed tractor-trailer are in the final stages of it being cleared up.
6:44 am
shoulder and expecting to hov lane to be open shortly. you can see the southbound delays. even the northbound delays as people tap the break to see what is going on. waiting for this accident to clear on the expressway northbound before columbia road northbound before columbia road. your live drive times. 25 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 25 mints on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike the braintree split to the pike. 43 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and you are talking about averages and how we are going to be above those averages today. >> shiri: yeah, normal, julie, will been 36 degrees. this time of the year, we are going up near 50, guys. 50 degrees. it will be very warm. as we take a look at the maps, a lot of the snow remain in spots like canada or the highest mountains in new england. locally all this mild air moving in and that means we will be warm. at first this morning, we at that point into partly cloudy skies. you see by 10:00, the first showers popping up in spots
6:45 am
at least temperatures are warming there above freezing. by noontime just best bet for lunchtime showers point north and west of boston. only a couple of communities you impacted because showers today are really going to be few and far between. that means more dry than wet spots. i want you to be on alert to that risk for showers even in the boston area today, and by this evening, that chance is going to sit south of boston. by 7 p.m., notice the south shore, southeastern mass that continues through midnight tonight. i wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing flurries pop up in lynn here around midnight. no snowfall. just a couple of flurries. we will see more of the same near your wednesday forecast. right now 29 in boston. not too bad. in fact temperatures are even in 30s in spots. but we do begin with thin enough clouds that we will see some partial sun this morning, and then clouds thicken up. so by 10 a.m., 42 degrees. by noontime, 45. highs in the upper 40s. notice we don't have rain
6:46 am
time. afternoon, a slight risk in and around the boston area, really across southern new england. the clouds are going to get thicker from west to east here as we travel throughout afternoon we will find cloudy afternoon we will find cloudier cooler. 44 degrees. worcester at 44. worcester, manhattan at 45 worcester, manhattan at 45. upper 50s. mortgages pout to lawrence, 47 degrees. boston, framingham, 48. if that is not warm enough, 50 in norwood and plymouth or 51 -- look at that. those expected temperatures just updating still 50 in new bedford 57bd 1 in nantucket. tomorrow lower 40s. the snow will still be melting tomorrow, just not quite as warm as today. kind of a one-day tweet. love it -- treat. love it while you can. near the mass-new hampshire border, again, no snow mass. as we head into your thursday, start with the sunshine, a nice, bright start of the day. clouds will creep in from the
6:47 am
weather maker we will have our eye on for friday here. looks like most of the moisture associated with the nor'easter riding up the coast will stay offshore. but still we have that risk for light snow to end our workweek here. for today, 47 degrees. slight risk that you will see a couple of here and there showers. flurries tomorrow. by thursday, 40 degrees and which friday. potential for hate to know. and mo most of that snow and rain staying away. a lot to iron with that one. back to you, guys. >> sara: people living in one coastal community are watching as their homes teeter on the edge of a road and cliff. are just south of san francisco. meteorologists say the coast was battered with el nino storm that washed away the land under several homes and apartment building. all of the people there have been forced to find some place else to live. the city says they are expecting the stormy weather pat attorney last at least another month, and they are not sure what will happen next. and this story will make
6:48 am
coming up, why your facebook friends of friends don't really like you, gene. >> gene: what? plus, three days since the snow fell, and 9 snow fell, and the nation's
6:49 am
energy supply rates keep going up and down. any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you has changed. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. ever new england. eversource. how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it...
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. back at 6:53. planned parenthood is cleared of any wrongdoing. a grand jury cleared them. the man and woman posed as biotech reps who were interested in buying aborted fetuses to are are he search. one man faces felony charges for tampers with records and a misdemeanor charge for purchasing human organs. an unbelievable scene in a court room in new mexico. the defendant charge and attack the prosecutor. the deputy ace tacked man, the prosecutor threw some punch. the man was found guilty of criminal sexual conduct. he to case charges. 14 cadets are being suspended from the sit at that bell military college all because of these photographs that surfaced last month. many said the cadets looked
6:52 am
the cadets claimed they were trying to dress as ghosts. the school said it is now expanding its racial sensitivity and ethical decision-making training. new this morning 10 of the families who lost loved ones on board a sunken cargo ship have settled lawsuit against the owners of the ship. the el faro was on its way from florida to puerto rico when it ran into hurricane joaquin and sunk off the coast of the bahamas. one family who did not accept the settlement said the company offered $500,000. three crewmembers had ties to massachusetts. their families did not accept the settlement offers. incredible new photos from the contra costa cruise ship. captured these images of the damages inside. the costa concordia sank after the ship's captain veered too close to some rocks. the captain left the ship when it sank and found guilty for
6:53 am
on board who died. fit bit is being sued for putting people in danger. they say some fit bits do not accurately report heart rates. they say people could be in danger through rigorous exercise by underreporting heart rates. consumer reports say they tested the devices and say that the allegations are false. fit bit say they stand by their technology and will fight the sack sayings in court. new research is calling into question the number of friends that most people really have on facebook. experts in britain say the average person has about 13 close friends. the study says on average only four friends are part of a person's real support circle. those are the people who will be by your side during a crisis be by your side during a crisis. gooern gene pretty much like regular friends. off this very small circle. >> sara: very small core of people you can trust. >> gene: that's it. 6:56. a dangerous battle at a local sewage plant.
6:54 am
the water is up fly several towns following an underground explosion. a slight chance we have seen some refreeze so watch out for icy patches. coming up, i am timing out the rain showers and gusty winds. and next, an unusual alternative to steep hotel prices, the new place to chill this winter, you have the power to heal. because your purchase of vaseline intensive care lotion, supports the vaseline healing project. join us to help millions in crisis heal their skin. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii today in america, the top 1/10 of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90% this great country
6:55 am
wall street, corporate america, wealthy campaign donors have so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders,
6:56 am
>> catherine: new threats called into busy stores.
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