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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 27, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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two angry hippos open wide. see what set off the clash of the titans. and one man is making the rounds -- >> she doesn't look like she is having a good time. >> she makes sure he doesn't either. >> just call him "the car whisperer because this guy is the best car mechanicic in pakistan. find out the secret behind his success. >> and a prank ster ster stages a bad fall.
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turns out to be his girlfriend. animals you want to encounter in the wild, koalas, bunnies, not these two hippo that's are 16,000 pounds of fighting. >> the heavy weight title, there we go. >> it truly is. this is at a game reserve in south africa, and hippos, one male gets the pick, and they are fighting over being king of the pack. >> if you're the lady hippo, i don't know who i would want to pick. >> oh yes, it does. >> he tried to bite his booty. can you imagine that bite with
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>> too aggressive for you? >> think like a hippo, act like a girl. >> i said that is one animal you don't want to meet in the wild. i would also say the sloth. you're saying, a sloth? why? because it holds up traffic. this sloth is in the middle of the world. it is not hurt or sick. it is just attacking it's sweet time crossing the road. >> why did the sloth cross the road? >> that was a regular citizen that stopped traffic to make over. >> what is everybody all upset
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i'm running here. >> most of us have encountered couples leek the one in this video. pay attention to this guy. >> with the pants on? >> he is the object of this ladies affection, sometimes. and she doesn't like like she is having a very good time. they're in indiana, so yeah, in some places, you can still smoke inside. and her guy is having fun with his buds. >> mr. social butterfly. >> and look at her body language. their arguing without arguing. after you see him toast one of his guys, he goes back over next to one of his guys.
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watch what happens when your girl is just fine. oh, shoot. that is fire. fire. this is bad. >> that is assault. >> i think the crazy meter just went to a new high. they're like hay, yo, what is young with you. finding a mechanic that you can trust is difficult, this guy right here is the best mechanic
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he has a deferent manner going about fixing cars he works on. he does it all by touch and sound. he is 44 years old, and he went blind as a young boy. he has been working since he was about 15 years old in an auto mechanics shop and he had a knack for it. >> maybe he can hear things that other mechanics can't hear or feel things. and that makes him better. he is completely self taught. not just a car, but he has to know how to fix all of the cars on the road. >> he made it his profession, he didn't try to do anything else, i like cars, even though he can't drive, this is his passion.
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and radios. he started fixing radios when he was a young boy an he just went with it. to know all of the tubes and wires, that takes years of training. police released this video hoping people would help them solve a trim. crime. it is capturing traffic that seems to be moving along as shl. but something happens right about -- >> oh my goodness. oh my -- you just saw a fiat 500 going really fast through the intersection, turning left, but you also see that -- the guy just appears. >> they come walking into the frame, and -- the man goes flying across the street.
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off. they render aide. the driver of the fiat never stops and police have arrested the suspect. the pedestrian did suffer some injuries but is expected to recover completely. >> from that incident in the u.k. to this one in russia. this is more business sfwar. as these drivers come up to this red light, they thought this guy on the bicycle gets to the end of the crosswalk. he grabs his bike, walks to the other side of the crosswalk, and proceeds to take his time walking back across the crosswalk -- >> he says i have nowhere to be. i have all of the time in the world. >> yeah, . >> suddenly i'm going to tie my shoe lace -- >> there is a guy honking at you.
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sidewalk and he gets on the bike and takes off. >> an artistic look at skateboarding. >> all i'm thinking is go home and wash those sox. >> the road is so icy that that slipping and sliding is going to begin. choose 3 of 10 favorites to enjoy on one plate. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. the best tour of italy is the one you create. at olive garden. nexium 24hr is the new #1 selling frequent heartburn brand in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection with the purple pill. the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium
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floyd doesn't believe he can get his taxes done for nothing. so we brought in dr. kaku to explain what we mean by nothing. it means it's free
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venture back to a time when the dinosaurs
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(roar, grawl) up-close encounters with lifelike dinosaurs (roar, grawl) adventure zone dino rides bounce houses scavenger hunt tattoos crafts fun for the wh ole family don't miss dinosaurs! a family adventure friday-sunday seaport world trade center itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. closed captioning provided by -- >> this was captured before a very icy rescue in slovenia. some eyewitnesss were able to rescue the woman and the child,
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be called in to get this man out of the icy lake. here you see the firemen are on the way -- >> what are you doing running? you're increasing the pressure. >> he probably wanted to get as far out as fast as they could. >> they have a heck of a time trying to get this man rescued. >> it is sub freezing temperatures. >> they're slowly inching their way across the ice. they eventually do get to this man, and then they have to lift that man out of the ice. you see they have a rope attached and they're pulling him to shore. but it teaches us two things. if they're laughing in the video, you can laugh too. this is in china, and the road
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sliding will begin. just crack the whip. >> keep going. they could just slide all of the way to their destination. people are still trying to get across. the stick came sliding down the road. nothing is safe and it is not like a regular slip and fall, it is a slip, fall, and keep going. >> nice people are doing nice things. it is guys in israel and what they are doing is something pretty special and i never thought about it until i saw it. all of these tools will retro fit a bunch of ride on cars. and they're going to do it so those with disabouts can ride in
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>> nice. they mount some chairs. and then look at the face of these little kids, they get to ride around in these cars -- i thought this video was fantastic. >> i never -- it never occurred to anyway that was possible. >> i love that they completely modified these little cars to help these kids not only be able to be in them but drive them themselves. >> and now they can have the fun that en else does as well. i thought this was just saw sm. fantastic, great. >>. >> yeah, we'll let them off -- >> i thought all of the creativity that could be thrown into skiing had been seen, but
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video put out by guys at beyond the slow motion. it is called chromatic two. derek sheer using it with a skate board, and when they start kicking their flips, it sented it in the air and it mixes in midair, and it is fun to watch. >> and it gives you an idea of how the trick is pulled off. if you're trying to learn, this has a benefit. >> and this entire time i hear what you're saying and i just keep think g ing who is going to wash those socks? >> it's one of those videos that you just love the internet.
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>> they all lend their creativity. this woman is about to get a fuzzy surprise. >> he gets man of the year award. >> and how much are you willing to pay? >> people don't get to choose what they're going to get. get. >> see if this enticing menu is
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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he approaches a rather unassuming door in shanghai china and rings the bell. >> it looks like he is going into an illegal club. >> you see all of these classes in front of him, it is only when he takes a class that suddenly he has a drink next to him. he opens up. >> thank you very much. >> he has been invited, this is one of the most expensive restaurants in asia. >> we serve one menu, a 22 course menu. >> awesome! i want to go there. >> ten people a night.
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they will get, they just get served 22 courses. >> it is a whole experience. they use all of that projection technology to transform that room. >> it is all about the timing of the music and the images come beaned with the food you're trying. you can see some of it here. >> it tastes so fresh right now because of everything going on around and surrounding you. >> the detail also goes into the food preparation. >> so at 45 -- >> that is like something that a mad scientist looks for. instead of making -- >> is heise nerks
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>> it is just under $1,000 u.s. dollars per person. i would not have anything left to tip with. >> >> you are about to see a lot of puppy loving. this woman sitting on the couch, blind folded, is about to get a big surprise. >> only are you worried when you're blindfolded and your significant other says here, put your finger out. >> a healthy dog's nose is wet. >> oh my god! >> referee: is >> is she talking in morris code?
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award. he just real gated himself -- >> i nominate this one for the best use of not having to use the bleep button. >> here comes dad, and you hear the feet of the dog they already have -- >> what the -- oh, but then the joy spreads all over his face. >> it's a puppy? >> am i dreaming? >> an as kor winning performance -- she going to make someone think she dead.
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>> yeah, it is adorable. baby elephant makes a whirlpool. once more we delve into the world of internet pranking. giving it one prank further. >> i'm talking deader than m.c. hammer's career. >> that is cold blooded. >> put this in my mouth, and my girl is going to think --
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oh, that is hill player yous. >> it is going to be quite funny. >> it is oscar worthy. >> and then it just got so much better. i can't quite put my finger on why -- >> good grief, this is the clickiest click i have ever seen. speaking of fake, the girlfriend is there. she runs upstairs terrified, and while they're celebrating a successful prank, i think the them. >> oh! what do you mean? >> no, we can't -- >> i can't.
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>> i can't. the crazy thing about it is this video is in the hundreds of thousands of views. and everyone is just thinking about the chaching. >> hope you had fun with us today. we did.
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