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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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up the police report on this incident. the disturbing may -- the video may be disturbing to some. >> reporter: the mother tells know that her son is under age and served alcohol at this bar at the same time as this beating. now i can tell you that we did pull that police report and i also checked the code and this bar could be facing possible fines and also could have their liquor license taken away if found responsible here. >> i started screaming, crying, my son could have been dead. >> reporter: this local woman didn't want her face shown but this video speaks for itself. she tells me the young man on the ground in khakis and a black shirt is her son being brutally beaten with chairs inside the green brier pub in brighton. >> how does this go on in an
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that work there don't reach out to help my son. >> reporter: this mother tells me her 20-year-old son and his cousin went to a private party at the pub saturday night and not only was he not asked for i.d., he was served alcohol. >> a couple times. i wasn't just one time it was a couple of times. this shouldn't go on. this should never happen to someone's kid, especially 20 years old that's not even supposed to be in this bar. >> reporter: she tells me her son sustained a minor concussion, bruises and a blood vessel burst in his eye. i went to the green brier tonight was told they had no comment. i did obtain the police night. it showed when boston police responded to a large fight inside the bar, party goers were leaving they did note blood on the floor and issued a license premises violation for an a.a&b or assault and battery on a patron. >> i think the bar needs to
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how do you let something like this go on at a private party and no one intervenes to help my son. >> reporter: nowdy call the headquarters for the bar and have not gotten a response yet. however, it is a late hour. also boston police tell us they have not made contact with this victim but this mother says she plans on filing her own report as early as tomorrow. reporting in brighton, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. breaking news right now out of norton where a homicide investigation is underway. the bristol county district attorney saying tonight the crime is being investigated right now on home street in norton. we are working to get you more information and we'll update you just as soon as we can. also breaking in norton, state police are on scene of a serious head-on crash on 495. right now they cannot tell us if anyone was hurt or if there will be any charges filed. the morning show will have any new developments for you starting at 4:00 a.m. well, another day of warmer temperatures for january but fox 25 chief
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lemanowicz he's watching the two problems out there tonight as the temperatures are falling. >> the problem is vanessa we're nice and warm earlier today but the temperatures have dropped below freezing temperature in lawrence 31 the temperature won't go up at all. it feels likes 36 it's already below freezing. so it will stay that way tonight drop into the 20s. back at 35 the morning. in worcester it's already down to 26 tonight. clear skies, feels like 16 with a bit of a breeze going down into the low 20s tonight. then off to reply mouth it's 30, hyannis 32 right now freezing temperatures. you get the idea. it's left some water even a thin layer of water on the ground. it doesn't have to be a puddle. that's treacherous be careful of that first thing in the morning. satellite and radar shows how clear it is here but it's all the storminess. another storm system will be coming off the south coast making a run at new england.
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cast data shows it's not a problem for tonight or tomorrow. in fact your sunshine in the morning and clouds afternoon and evening as the storm makes its way up the coast. >> developing now the search is on for two suspects wanted in double shooting and stabbing at 5:00 and 6:00 we told you that police were looking for a white car believed linked to crime new tonight they have tracked down that car. fox 25's kathryn burcham is live in brookline with the police. kathryn? >> reporter: mark, it all starts right here on st. paul street where behind me evidence crews are still going in and out of that apartment building. they are looking for key clues to try to understand the confrontation between five men that spilled out from the building and into the street. >> there's blood on the wall and on the floor here. >> reporter: a gruesome scene inside the st. paul street fire department and outside as e.m.t.s wheeled away a victim with a blooded bandage wrapped around his
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from the camera. >> when the officers arrived here there was obvious signs of a struggle inside and up the stairs into the apartment. >> reporter: police say there men inside a third floor apartment this morning when the suspects were attacked. all three victims were shot and stabbed two dragged into this white ford focus by the fleeing suspects according to investigators. >> i just heard the screeching car. >> reporter: witnesses told us they watched the focus speed a few blocks before the two victims tumbled out of it. >> multiple people stabbed here. >> reporter: left lying in the street as offers responded. >> when i got up closer i saw that he was bleeding profusely through his shirt. >> reporter: hours later police would find the suspect car that ford focus parked alone and empty in the southend. as they wait on a search warrant for it, other crime scene crews are already tearing apart the st. paul street apartment tonight. hoping to find a motive so investigators hint more
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the three victims who were apparently no stranger to trouble. >> they've had interactions plenty of interactions with police and local communities. >> tonight police tell us those three men are recovering at local hospitals with nonlife-threatening injuries. and police are still on the lookout for those two suspects. one who was last seen driving the focus the other who they say hopped out of the car at harvard street and left on foot. we're live in brookline, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. new reaction at 11:00 from boston mayor marty walsh after the surprise announcement he's now all in on the everett casino project. fox 25 confirming tonight that walsh struck a deal with developer steve wynn on the $1.7 billion project. the city will drop its legal challenges against the casino in exchange for an extra $400,000 a year in compensation and several million dollar payments. lots of concessions to the charlestown neighborhood. >> a new road, sullivan
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mitigation money going to the community. jobs potentially going to the community and also the $20 million that will go to this entire city. >> the mayor saying tonight after battling the project his entire time in office he's happy to put the issue behind him and move forward. a man wanted on kidnapping and murder charges in virginia has been tracked down in fitchburg he shot himself this morning in fitchburg when state police and u.s. marshals went to execute a search warrant. william was wanted in the murder of brooks and the kidnapping of his wife helen brooks from their virginia home last thursday. william is also reportedly a convicted sex offender who served time for rape. or lean brooks is also missing at this hour. a judge agreed to unseal hundreds of documents including f.b.i. reports and search warrants. the documents were released today in them prosecutors say tsarnaev showed no remorse in statements to two
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critically wounded. also for the first time we're seeing tsarnaev's fingerprint after his arrest in watertown. you can log on to to find links to dozens of those just released tsarnaev documents. long time mascot of coming under fire. some say the red man mascot is offensive. fox 25's john monahan reports from a meeting that was held about the mascot tonight. >> reporter: the tewkesbury high auditorium awash in red, young, old parents and students all hear many wearing t-shirts with the mascot named the redmen scrolled across the front. between 400 to 500 people turned out to speak out about tewkesbury high's mascot which some hold dear. >> i was taught my parents, teachers, coaches and community leaders that our redmen nickname honors native americans and their contributions to our
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>> reporter: while others say it's an insult. >> the use of native offensive. tewkesbury high grad. >> i don't really think it matters what i feel i think it matters what the native overwhelmingly in the search that i've done it shows that the native americans have found it offensive. >> reporter: this the first of three meetings to discuss a possible name change. one not everyone agrees with. >> if you don't like it that's your problem. it's nobody else's. >> reporter: both sides made their point. >> this mascot is discrimination. >> reporter: now both sides hope the school committee will take their position seriously. >> we're just hoping that they'll actually listen to everybody what had to say how we feel and make sure that all these guys get to be redmen when they grow up just like we were. >> reporter: residents had their say tonight. students get to weigh in next month. the superintendent hopes to make his recommendation to the school committee in
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in tewkesbury, john monahan, fox 25 news. developing tonight the leadover an armed standoff in oregon is telling its followers to please standdown. amen bundy was arrested last night. one person was killed. to his lawyer bundy is telling his followers to go home and let the courts settle everything. >> please standdown. please standdown. go him on and hug your families -- go home and hug your families. >> since january 2nd the protest has been protesting. the group is protesting federal land policy. the time together was positive and constructive he met with the president today for an informal talk. the president has said he will not endorse a particular candidate. republican front-runner donald trump's blatant
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thursday's fox did not is sparking controversy. experts tell us that trump will likely come out on top in this war with megyn kelly. since he has been able to dominate the news cycle and take the focus away from the other candidates. >> he's showing his base that he is tough. so he's basically going right into his message of i don't take bull from anyone. it's perfect. it's perfect for him. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders is calling for three more debates but he refuses to do them in what he calls the whim of the clinton campaign. the iowa caucuses are coming soon and fox 25's blair miller will be in iowa to cover all of the action. look for his reports starting at 10:00 sunday night. just because nothing is falling from the sky doesn't mean it can't be icy out there tonight. the latest track on a storm trying to hit new england this week. fire near some t tracks
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who risked his own life to help and why he says he had some trouble. a little boy gets hurt in the mall. andrew came over he just looked at me and he said what can i do for you? and you might as well have given me a million dollars.
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announcer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts
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closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. fear breaks out near
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ran across the tracks to help the workers put it out. tonight ted daniel spoke to him about why he wound up getting into trouble. >> right there. hit it right there. >> reporter: how many people does it take to put a small fire out underneath this north station platform? >> right underneath you. full the pin. >> reporter: this one you got to see and hear for yourself. >> no. no no. hey. lean down. >> reporter: 31-year-old camille from malden. underneath the platform. >> reporter: camille and a number of others on the other side of the tracks commentary. >> what a bunch of idiots. >> reporter: and advice on how to put it out. as the minutes pass with trains halted frustration mounts. >> just jump down stop the train you can get right back up, right? >> reporter: then this. get out. >> reporter: what camille calls instinct transit
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>> as they grabbed me like grabbed me like i murdered someone or something, you know what i mean. >> reporter: camille was kicked out of north station and told he would receive a summons in the mail not good for a guy who says he was already on probation. >> can you understand why they don't want people on the tracks. >> reporter: income understand why they don't want people on the tracks. they don't want people getting hurt or electrocuted. but like the employees didn't know what they were doing. i wanted to put out that fire. i didn't want anyone else getting hurt. >> reporter: the fire was later. coming. >> reporter: all right, 35 minutes later t got that. >> a spokesperson for the t police tells me that the fire was under control and there was absolutely no need for camille to jump on the tracks when he gets the summons he says he plans to fight it. station. ted daniel, fox 25 news. a huge construction boston.
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expansion will transform the area around north station and the t.d. garden. $1.-- 1.6 million square foot space will feature shops, offices and a hotel. it will sit right where the old forwardening space. expect background to completed in 2018. an apple employee's good deed is touching the hearts all new at 11:00 perhaps have you seen this photo of andrew ball and a little boy named james. syndrome and autism. last week he and his mom went shopping in an apple store in a tennessee mall. something caught his attention inside he ran right into the glass wall. >> he smacked himself right into that wall. the sound was horrific and he fell flat over. then he hit his head again on the floor. everyone in the store gasped along with me. >> reporter: andrew came running over to make sure he was okay then sat down right on the floor with james to show him how to use an ipad. the boy's mom was so touched she snapped this picture of them and posted it to facebook.
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than a million times. new at 11:00 the super bowl is an illegal source of gambling. when the pats and seahawks $4.1 billion bet illegally. that market is 35 times greater than the legal betting market. all the way down to cape cod temperatures are at or below freezing tonight that's a problem because that's where most of the snow was. it doesn't take much water on the ground. clear skies temperatures in the 20s everywhere tonight all the way down to cape cod.
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nantucket staying just at freezing or a degree or two below in the low 30s but still cold enough to see that freezing happening. here's satellite and radar mostly clear skies and dry air. that combination leading to those cold temperatures out there tonight or at least freezing temperatures. certainly not the coldest we've seen but deduct -- but it doesn't have to be. dragging a cold front behind it producing severe weather here including a tornado that went through miami today right over the turnpike. that front goes out into the gulf of mexico where another storm will form. making a run at southern new england. i don't believe it's going to be a problem for us. my forecast to keep that well enough offshore. here's future cast tonight and tomorrow. it will be sunny when you wake up in through lunch tomorrow. some clouds start to work their way north ward from that storm though by the evening. as far as high temperatures tomorrow, on the north shore 37 haverhill, 38 ipswich and 40
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in the city, 38 in milford and 38 in south borough thursday afternoon. natick 40, there's boston brockton at 39 . so here are the clouds and there are the showers. rainshowers making their way toward the cape and the islands. a cold rain but it looks like just a little bit too warm for any kind of snow. if there was any snow mixing in it wouldn't be sticking because of this coming to cape cod. there's the light rain that will be falling perhaps even moderate rain for a short time. that's how far south the storm is how we're just on the northern fringe of it. by the way the west a clipper is coming our way. if that clipper had caught up with the storm and merged with it then we would be talking about a big storm but not the case. the clipper can still produce some light snow. you see the showers going by there.
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north and west and some light rainshowers from time to time. these clippers on occasion can get a little bigger than they're looking as they come toward us right now. we'll watch that closely. for now just some rain or snow showers friday into saturday. then getting mild this weekend. check that out. by sunday pushing 50 . radar find out who the reigns champs we were talking to at the senior bowl today. a personal touch from tv 12. we'll get to that and this guy dancing a little bit at the celtics game.
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>> celtics are home for a couple games this week. the nuggets were 17-28 this season. won three straight coming in it's really not a game you should blow at home and they did not blow it. how could you possibly blow a game when people are shaking it like that guy was. celtics already up 10. marcus smart steals it finds avery bradley big day for him. five of 13 from 3-point range. isiah thomas he's hoping that he gets that all-star game call tomorrow. goes through four guys on the way to the hoop there. 18 pointed game in the fourth quarter. yeah you heard me right that kind of night. evan turner nuggets made a little run. gets the rebound and slams it home. this is all sell celtics
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avery bradley 27. 111-1103 your final. gerard mayo among the first to go under the knife. mayo tore his pectoral muscle in the patriots win over kansas city. that is the second pectoral muscle he has torn. can could there be another gronkowski on the patriots roster next season? glenn gronkowski playing at the senior bowl this weekend he met with the pats this week. he's rob's little brother a fullback from kansas state. said today he has never played with any of his brothers because he's too young. of course it would be pretty cool if he joined rob here in foxborough. tom brady with a personal touch a handwritten thank you note to his fans on facebook. he wrapped it up with our goal is to win the last game but as i've learned the road to the next one is paved by seasons like this one. i actually just tweeted out
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16 years ago today bill belichick introduced as head coach of the patriots. he called it the great it day of his life here's what he said on january 27th 2000. >> tremendously excited to be here to be part of the new england patriots organization. this is a first class operation. i'm thankful for the things that work out the way they have. it was quite an ordeal but it's behind me and it's in the past. i'm focused on the future. >> there you see that you just can't help but think what did i look like 16 years ago. >> what did we all look like. >> he looks young. young and fresh. >> i looked the same. >> you're not aging at all. seven-day forecast 41 temperatures are at or below freezing tonight. watch some of that black ice with melting snow refreezing. it just takes a thin layer to cause it to be very slippery. let's take that storm a miss for friday but still be some snow and rainshowers.
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in this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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