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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  January 28, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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now at 4:00, a murder investigation is still developing this morning. police say a man stabbed his estranged wife inside her home. how a car crash miles away helped catch the suspect. police have found the car but not the driver. the search continues this morning for the people involved in a violent attack in one of brookline's most popular area. and, plus, shocking video from a boston bar. man jumped. why the man's mom tells fox25 that the bar is responsible. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is thursday, january 28, i am daniel miller.
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parrotta in for julie grauert. mild yesterday morning and winter is back. a little frosty out there. shiri spear is in the storm track weather center with a first look at the forecast. hey, shiri >> the first look at the forecast involves temperatures in the teens and 20s. notice we are back to only 18 degrees in spots like westfield degrees in spots like westfield. we are bumping you up to 22 in worcester. 27 now in boston. we have 18 in bedford. 21 in nashua, new hampshire. teens and 20s will do it and don't expect temperatures to rise too much over the next couple of hours. i have got temperatures still in the lower 20s. what do you know. but start with a ton of sunshine this morning and even here at noontime, things are looking warmer, they are looking still very bright with temperatures getting into the upper 30s by noontime today. afternoon hours do bring a round of more lower 40s. you can see a couple more cars just beginning to creep on in from the west and the north here and that trend will continue overnight tonight. most of your overnight stays
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the picture by tomorrow morning the picture by tomorrow morning. mostly rain over the cape and islands and we will see the potential of a couple of light snow showers over the interior for your friday morning commute. plans ahead, 38 to 44 degrees. we will see some chilly, sunny conditions this morning with increasing afternoon clouds. i will go over that light snow accumulation potential coming up in just a couple of minutes. catherine parrotta standing by with live drive-time traffic. low things looking this morning low things looking this morning. >> catherine: start with that big map and a lot of green. zoom in on spots north of the city, 123 moving south smooth sailing. shifting west, the pike all in the green as well. a look at one of our live cameras, the pike going through brighton. not much company out there. the drive times. pike from 49 to mass avenue, 25 minutes. 93 from the braintree split to the pike, 9 minutes. 93 from 495 to the leverett connector, you are looking at a 20 20-minute ride. 4:02.
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husband of a woman killed in norton is due in court and the investigation into her death remains active at this hour. overnight our cameras was there as police searched the home of 34-year-old julie meede. she was stabbed to death inside an apartment on home street. meede was the mother of three young children and they were home at the time attack. prosecutors charged her estranged husband you 34-year-old martin mcdonald with murder. just moments after the attack police received a high-speed chase. mcdonald drove from the southbound lanes into the northbound lanes and slammed into another vehicle. a woman in that car was seriously hurt. we will have more on this developing story throughout the morning. also developing this morning, a murder case in virginia is now part of a shooting investigation here. police are trying to find the murder suspect who shot himself while u.s. marshals tried to arrest him in fitchburg.
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hospital. william kidnapped his mother-in william kidnapped his mother-in-law olene brooks from her home in virginia. brooks' husband was killed and other family members were held hostage at gunpoint. >> we were eventually tied in separate rooms. >> daniel: william has two children with the daughter of the kidnapped woman. he was recently released from prison after serving time for rape. a rare violent attack in brookline leaves bloody victim notice military of the street. the search continues for two suspects wanted in that shooting and stabbing. take a look. new video this morning of investigators bringing evidence bag out of the first scene on st. paul street. police tell us three people inside this apartment were attacked. two of them dragged into a car. the suspect dumped the two victims out of car on harvard street near coolidge corner. police found that white ford abandoned in the south end. we talked to residents in
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people laying in the street. >> i got up closer and found he was bleeding profusely. yes, it was little disturbing. >> reporter: this morning police are waiting on a warrant to search the car. all victims are in the hospital but they are expected to be okay. >> daniel: 4:05. disturbing video of a brutal assault at a local bar. the victim's mother said she wants the bar to be held attack. video from the greenbrier. the man on the ground is being kicked and hit with chairs. his mom tells fox25 he was underaged and led into a party and served alcohol. she didn't want to she her happened. >> this should never gone on. this should never happen to someone's kid, especially 20 years old that is not even supposed to be in this bar. >> daniel: the woman tells us her son has a concussion and bruise yous and a blood vessel burst in his eye. reached out to the bar's owner
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reveal what took place in the hours after the boston marathon bomber was captured. federal investigators spent 30 hours questioning dzhokhar tsarnaev in a boston hospital. tsarnaev couldn't talk but he wrote answers to questions on pieces of paper. he told federal agents there were no more bombs and he and his brother tamerlan acted alone. 600 documents from tsarnaev's murder trial were unsealed yesterday. legal experts say hundreds more may never become public. >> there was some information such as foreign intelligence information thing the government assumed will zealously protect. >> reporter: tsarnaev was sentenced to death last year. he is currently appealing. you can see the unsealed documents on our web site at presidential candidate donald trump is defending his decision to skip the presidential debate in iowa. he is upset with fox news he is upset with fox newschannel that is hosting the debate.
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he did appear on the network last night. >> reporter: the night before the presidential debate, donald trump said he is boycotting the republican front runner and fox news agreed for a mutual truce at least for less than an hour with trump appearing on the o'reilly factor. >> i don't think not showing up to the debate tomorrow night is good for america. >> this as much tougher than doing the debate with meghan kelly. >> reporter: trump blames fox news for the brouhaha putting on a sarcastic statement saying that moderator meghan kelly has been treating him unfairly. >> kelly's question is within journalistic bounds. >> is disagree. >> you made your case. don't walk away from it. >> let's talk about something more important. >> reporter: this as a new anti-trump pac started airing attack ad; >> in many cases i identify more as of a democrat. >> reporter: slamming a
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debate and in 2011, compliment debate and in 2011, complimenting kelly on her moderating skills. >> do you think i am a better moderator than i am. >> no, i could never beat you. you have done great job, by the way. >> reporter: thump raise money for veterans. >> a lot of money will be raised and a lot of people will be there and i can do some good be there and i can do some good. >> reporter: mary maloney reporting. bernie sanders said his meeting with president obama was, quote, positive and constructive. the two met for an informal talk. the president has given praise to hillary clinton, he said he will not endorse a particular candidate but will campaign for whoever wins the party's nomination. and it is now just five days before the iowa caucuses. our blair miller will be there with live coverage every tempt way. you can watch his live reports starting sunday. it is 4:08 right now. a local man charged with trespassing on subway tracks said he was just trying help t
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on cell phone video you see here the fire under the orange line tracks at north station. first responders could not seat flames but passengers on the other side could. after nearly 30 minutes, a malden man jumped down on the tracks. he said he wanted to the show workers where the fire was located. instead, he was arrested. >> they grabbed me -- like i murdered someone or something. you doe what i mean? >> daniel: the man was kicked out of north station and gavin summons for criminal trespassing. he plans to fight that ticket. the fire was put out a few minutes after he was arrested. students in north attleboro will return to class this morning with beefed-up police presence. a threat came into north attleboro high school yesterday morning and they sent students home around 11:30. middle school students were also sent home because their building was close by. investigators later found the threats were not credible but the situation had parents concerned. >> our society is crazy. like i am afraid for kids. i am afraid for my kids.
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are having little ones right now, little babies, what is the world going to be like for them world going to be like for them. >> this follows a string of school threats across the state. the fbi is part of that investigation. hundreds like to tewksbury high school to lay in on the name change of the school's mascot. parents and alumni took part in a public forum about the tewksbury red man. they wrote a letter saying they think the name is offensive and should be changed. many agree and many are passionate about the mascot and they want to keep it. >> teachers, coaches and community leaders honor native-americans for their contribution to our society. >> overwhelmingly in the research i have that done that the native-americans -- >> daniel: current students will get to make their opinions will get to make their opinions. the superintendent plans to bring it to the school committee in march and april.
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remember exactly where you were when you heard the news. today marks the 30th year anniversary of the challenger explosion. nasa's space shuttle burst into off. all seven on board were killed including new hampshire teacher christa mcauliffe who was the first nonastronaut sent to space. a wreath-laying ceremony to honor the victims. this morning, social media tributes are growing as everyone shares their memory everyone shares their memories from that day. right now, it is 4:11 on your thursday morning. live drive time traffic. here are some of the drive times. 12 minutes on 93 from the braintree split to the pike. 93 from 495 to leverett connector. 21 minutes there, shiri. shirdz shiri the only weather concern on the roads is a little bit of black ice because so much melting yesterday and it has refrozen this morning. easy going to get you home from work, but coming up break down that threat for snow and rain in the friday forecast. all the talk this morning
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the owner is in big trouble for what else he was offering. still ahead at 4:00, the indecent proposal he made to a teenaged waitress. coming up next, a health warning for travelers, the dangerous virus that is [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. [agent]
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new details this morning about a freak accident that killed a driver on 128. we have learned the man hit and killed by a tire on 128 in lexington it 26-year-old charles hugh. he is from lexington.
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and flew over the median and smashed into hugh's car on tuesday. the driver of the pickup is a 19-year-old woman. no charges have been filed against her. this morning police are looking for the person who tag looking for the person who tagged a boston public library with graffiti. we were there live as crews worked to clean the graffiti during the morning news yesterday. the city said it costs $2,000 to clean up. police got a call tuesday night that saw someone tagging the building. we are looking for that person. a local city is warning residents to be on the lookout for wild animals that may have rabies. two dogs were recently attacked by a raccoon on cricket road. that raccoon was captured and tested positive for rabies. experts say new serious virus is likely to spread to the u.s. local pregnant women are expressing concerns about traveling. the disease is called the zika virus and it is carried by mosquitoes.
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organization says they are spreading across areas overseas popular with u.s. tourists. a serious threat for women who are pregnant or can become pregnant. we spoke to a local mom expecting who said she is traveling before during her pregnancy but new information has her thinking differently. >> unless there is an absolute necessity for me or my husband to travel, no chance. >> doctors say women who are travelling to area where the disease is spreading should use mosquito netting and bug repellent and wear long clothing. 4:16 on your thursday morning. we want to give you a look at your live drive-time traffic. that big map. a lot of green on there. that is a good sign. south of the city. 128 and the expressway moving north in the green entirely. you are doing okay. smooth sailing in those spots. west of the city as well on the pike, moving well in both directions. a look at the pike right now and you can see really no one out there at this early hour. hit the road early if you are going that way. a look at the drive times.
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24 minutes. on the pike from the weston tolls. 12 minutes from 93 to the brain 12 minutes from 93 to the brained. >> tree split to the pike, 9 minutes there. a nice clear morning on the drive time camera. >> clear and calm and this is all, of course, ahead of a couple of things we will be dealing with during the day tomorrow. first off, start with what you need to know. the bullet points surrounding today and tomorrow's forecast. today, bright day ahead. let's find those sunglasses, about, bring them to work and keep them close by. if you are outside at all you will want them. generally we are talking less than an inch of snow throughout the region tomorrow and snow squalls are possible at the coastline especially from the north shore up to the seacoast of new hampshire. the potential for some higher snow totals, but those are very snow totals, but those are very, very hard to predict and pinpoint ahead of time. you can simply see that we have the ingredients for a couple of bands of heavier snow. 27 degrees. smooth sailing to get knew work. winds are pretty light so i don't think wlils a big issue
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the 6 a.m. temperature around 28 degrees. still in the upper 20s at 8 a.m. by 10 a.m., 34 degrees and we do get up to 40 degrees by 2 p.m. versus than keene, new hampshire. 18 now and teens on the map but here not quite up to 40 degrees here not quite up to 40 degrees. we stuck in the 30s and kind of a slow warm-up. still in the 20s at 10:00 this morning. you need to dress warmly through the morning hours. we manage to squeak out some lower 40s from portsmouth, new hampshire from beverly and lawrence. 41 in boston. 43 in plymouth. 43 in norwood. the upper 30s in worcester and i am expecting keene and orange tough to be up to that 40 tough to be up to that 40-degree mark. futurecast a whole lot of sunshine straight through around noontime. let's watch the clock. this afternoon clouds start pushing in from both directions pushing in from both directions. that ocean storm, that nor'easter that we have been talking about all week. most of this is going to say offshore and out to sea.
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that is coming at us from the west. the results overnight tonight is going to be cloudy skies, and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, some rain at the cape. my concern comes in anywhere else that we have some light precipitation, because could be a little mix with rain and snow from the south shore up to boston and the north shore and inland straight-up snow. not a lot of it tomorrow morning but it only takes trace amounts to make things slippery for the morning commute. by noontime, i know you are seeing very patchy precipitation. the cape likely will still be falling as rain and we have the potential for a mix up and down the coastline here and the best bet for some of the bands of heavier snow from the seacoast to coastal maine, and what tends to happen when it falls heavily like that it draws down cooler air and likely to flip over to snow if that indeed does happen. that potential will stay with us from 2 to 3:00 before it pushes out to sea itself and we are left with very light snow showers here.
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7:00 in the evening and we are still showing some rain showers out across the cape, and expect it will be cool enough to get patchy coating down the cape. that will happen late and mostly rain, snow accumulation is nothing no more than flurries with the cape. an inch of snow across much of central massachusetts, eastern massachusetts, southern new hampshire. but i am, again, pointing out these locations from the north shore to the seacoast, coastal maine and skimming the south shore with the potential for snow squalls that could give you a very quick snow accumulation of a couple of inches. not a guarantee but something definitely to monitor as we hit the middle of the day tomorrow. tomorrow's high temperatures up to 39 in boston, 39 in beverly, 37 in portsmouth. 37 in worcester. even though we are slightly above freezing, it is still cold off to pull down snow. seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view here. by saturday going with 40 degrees. we will have to watch northern new england for a little more snow. southern new england looking mostly cloudy, and by sunday,
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a little bit brighter. back to you guys. 4:20. this morning all of the sorority university universities are in trouble. what students at duke are ban what students at duke are banned from after a girl is rushed to the hospital. vandals ruin more than a
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time at a local just coming up on 4:24 this morning. new this morning, three more people involved with an armed protest in oregon are in police custody this morning. the leader of the group ammon bundy asked them all to stand down and go home. bundy was one of eight people arrested tuesday night after a shootout with police. one protester was killed. the three men in custody this morning turned themselves in. the activists have been holed up at a national wildlife refuge since the beginning of this month protesting federal land policy. five people have been arrested in the search for three inmates that escaped from a southern california jail, and they expect to make more arrests later today. authorities would only say that the people arrested would have, quote, some connection to the inmates. the three dangerous convicts escaped by climbing through plumbing tunnels to freedom. police say the men may have had help inside the jail as well.
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over for unsafe lane changing. troopers take him into their car to ask him a few questions before it all goes very, very wrong. >> search your car. >> probable cause. >> i have reasonable suspicion right now. >> catherine: police handcuff >> catherine: police handcuffed that man and he slipped his arms in front of him and jumped into the driver driver's seat of the cruiser a police dog was in the car too. the suspect crashed and then tried to run away. it took police about an hour to track him down you. this morning sorority this morning sororities at duke university are only allowed to host community service and sisterhood event. a partial ban is in place after a member of one of the sorority a member of one of the sororities was rushed to the hospital in critical condition tuesday night. duke officials will not say specifically what happened to the girl only that it was alcohol related and that she is expected to recover. officials say they had discussions with the sororities about the dangers of alcohol abuse.
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agenda to the nation's capitol to get the word out about the drugs fueling the local open yesterday epidemic. the manchester police chief spoke before the u.s. senate about the dangers of sentinel said the drug is tide to the latest spike in overdoses. 69 deaths last year. >> sentine l can be as much as 50 times more powerful than heroin. and an analgesic and it is not lined up with how potent sentinel is. >> kelly ark yott has introduced a bill to increase penalty penalties those caught with sentinel. a pizza shop owner tried to get a employee to work as a prostitute. detectives say they caught him on surveillance telling the woman she could make hundreds of dollars a night by having sex with married men, and he
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customers we spoke to couldn't believe the allegations. >> seems like a lot for the high school -- for the school kids. that is what really surprised me. >> daniel: investigators say the suspect's wife worked him at the pizza shop and had no idea anything was going on. he is out on bail this morning. still developing this morning, a local mother is found murdered in her home. three children may have witnessed the whole thing. coming up at 4:3, how a car crash helped police catch the suspect and the chilling new details who made that 911 call. plus, the makeover that
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even mor give it to me i' m worth it baby i' m worth it uh huh i' m worth it gimme gimme i' m worth it give it to me i' m worth it baby i' m worth it now at 4:30, a car crash leads to a murder investigation. the woman found dead inside her home with three kids. we are at the scene this morning. a violent brawl during a birthday party. why the victim shouldn't have
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