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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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roadways out there as temperatures are above freezing in boston accessing some of the activity all so packed with the berkshires freezing mark in boston or worcester i should say but right now elsewhere it's above freezing. so again within a few raindrops out across parts of the cape and islands south shore sting some of those snowflakes mixing in a long 128 as you head into the city to along the mass pike you're going to see if you rain drops and snowflakes and up along the north shore see those darker shades of purple or blue places like essex that we could see some of that snow coming on down but then you head to the west is already clearing on out and that will be the trend as we head onto the evening hours. expect to see some clearing the winds will be picking up and those temperatures will be falling back down. close to the freezing mark by
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the 20s to the interior would be waking up to some such on without warmer weather on the way i will show you when to expect 50s back in the forecast in just a few minutes. >> tracked the weather anytime using the fox 25 storm tracker whether app it has custom up-to-the-minute forecasts for my team of meteorologist it's a free download to your smart phone. police officer was to fire his weapon killing a suspected this is breaking on the fox 25 morning news we told you what the pilot a neighborhood in lynn. 230 restrict the news carpets from police online with a told is what led up to the shooting. fox 25 robert goulston is live in lynn they are. >> robert: please have been on scene all day here you can see they have part of the area cordoned off they did at this main road all blocked off for most of the day apparently they were chasing a man they say a suspect that they wanted on five arrest warrants they chased them to this area. they say he pulled a gun he even tried taking a woman's car at gunpoint.
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firecrackers what pop pop pop. just after 8:30 a.m. this morning gunfire could be heard along western avenue in lynn. the initial incident happened on the corner at this home when for lynn officers showed up looking for 33 old randall maclean. they had five warrants for his arrest. he reportedly threatened his ex-girlfriend and her family with a gun. repeatedly over the last three weeks. police say mclean was on the second floor saying he had a gun and he would kill the officers. that's when he jumped out of a window and ran off. he approached a car he is car stopped the approach the car he pointed a gun at the female occupant and ordered her to get out of the car.fox25 obtained this photo showing the people police said he tried carjacking. he was shot and killed after three of the four officers used a weapon after they said he pointed the gun at them. >> he was in the car when i saw him and i his body was halfway out halfway and when he got shot.
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police said that the aces those three offices are shaken up and they are on paid leave while his office looks into what happened and tonight at six we did talk to that one eyewitness were going to tell you what she saw right by the suspect that police say was i that he was pointing at them. >> breaking news tonight hillary clinton back under fire over her emails. government has found several of them contained top-secret information. obama administration confirmed that clinton's unsecured home server contained 22 emails that included information requiring the highest double classification. because of that those emails will not be among those released to the public today. it maintains that the information was not classified of the time in a statement today her spokesperson said quote was firmly oppose a complete blocking of the release of these emails since first providing her emails to the statement apartment more
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clinton has urged that they be made available to the public. we don't know differently today. >> police are warning everyone about the discovery of this giving device found a local gas station. the device was found at the gulf station on lincoln street and hang him. police of the skimmer was found on pub five and advising anyone who may have gone to that station to call their bank check your statements to make sure that you are not a victim. tonight a community is in morning after a couple was found dead inside their burning home. investigation continues into what caused that fire. we first brought you this is breaking news on fox 25 this morning. fibers told you they couldn't even attempt a rescue. >> reporter: bought that's because when firefighters arrived at this home right here behind me the flames were already very intense and it was simply too dangerous to go inside. as you can imagine this is
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family who described this couple as kindhearted. >> very devastating. it's like you know you don't expect to wake up and find out that people you know passed away. today heartbreaking news after firefighters discovered the bodies of a couple on the first floor of this home on wiley road. several agencies responded test after 11:30 p.m. last night flames were already shooting out of every window. and the home badly damaged. we were able to send firefighters inside to make any sort of rescue attempt. everybody. spinning that at night you buy at his son's home he said he looked out the window and saw what he described as a big ball of fire. he says he immediately called 9-1-1 and knowing the couple was in there ran to help. we were just yelling and screaming trying to raise their attention to see if they were in the house. connolly says he's devastated
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and that his thoughts and prayers are with the family. but through the grief friends with remembering the wonderful spirit this couple shared. they are good people it's hard to find good people nowadays. >> the district attorney's office still not releasing the names of the victims and again this investigation still ongoing into the cause meantime coming up in the 6 o'clock hour what one witness told us he first thought when he saw those flames. >> new at five this framingham team facing charges after police say she assaulted her boyfriend with a water bottle at school. prosecutors say 18-year-old anna llerena assaulted her boyfriend at framingham high school during breakfast yesterday. they say she came up on him from behind and started hitting him in the face with a water bottle. prosecutors did not say what
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>> father and young daughter nearly hit by an suv when it came crashing to the front door of a dunkin' donuts pick it happened this afternoon the dunkin' donuts on washington street in weymouth. police in the 80s actual woman from braintree was behind the wheel when the suv slammed to the class fortunately no one was hurt. >> it was scary. it was really scary. but thank god the lady was okay she did not get hurt or anything. she was very shaken up. here's the thing this is not the first time the car has crashed into that store. stores manager tells us it happened a few years ago on the other side of the building. police and with the once a wanted poster has worked there confirming this morning on the facebook page that sean marshall has been arrested. investigators say he was a suspect in a break-in at romanus pizza and methuen on saturday.
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five of the break-ins that happened near the pizza shop that night. family of a local marine killed in a training mission is thanking the community for their support tonight. couple for orlando is among 12 marines who died earlier this month in a helicopter crash in hawaii. his body arrived back home on tuesday and was met by a line of supporters in his hometown of hingham. his family singapore today once we exited derby street and enter hometown of hingham the show of support my family friends committee was beyond words. people of all ages who lined the streets holding flags and signs of support and silence respect to christopher and us will be etched into our minds forever. number of zika virus cases in the united states has jumped yesterday we reported the first confirmed case in massachusetts. cdc now says there are 32 cases all across the country. fox25 talks with one of the leading experts battling the disease.
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around the world are sounding the alarm about the zika virus but by mosquitoes. by was moving rapidly in latin america and the caribbean it may cause brain defects in babies wants to infected mothers. doctor anthony infectious disease chief at the nih is a major outbreak in the united states is unlikely. we have years of experience with the very similar virus there are 32 cases of zika and the us. all linked to international travel. he says no one has been bitten by a mosquito in the us and come down with zika. us health officials are taking the virus seriously. and launching intense fight against it. we're developing vaccines that are diagnostic control were doing everything that you would do if you are anticipating that there is going to be an outbreak. there have been thousands of cases of sica elsewhere particularly in brazil. experts predict the could be up to 4 million cases in the next year.
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high the world health organization as called an emergency meeting. to discuss zika by was concerned. >> the news of the zika virus is a bit of a nightmare for brazil the country is hosting a summer olympics in just a few months they expect hundreds of thousands of tourists to filter in this week all olympic venues are being inspected and fumigated to stave off the mosquito borne by was officials with the world health organization at this time do not believe bill have to advise people against traveling to brazil for those summer games. we know there are a lot of questions about this virus and how it spreads we got extended coverage on the front page of our website and will bring you any new developments and details break all day long. this is really no surprise but today is actually official. lawyers for the boston marathon
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no grounds for the appeal were listed in today's filing but one argument is expected to be that the trial should not have been held in boston. tonight was sent to death last you for the 2013 bombings the left three people dead and more than 260 hurt. >> to protesters who blocked traffic and i 93 last year will not serve any time.former roxbury resident in a loop route and former arlington resident jeremy pleaded guilty today to willful obstruction of emergency vehicle. during last year's protest and caring patients were blocked and had to be diverted routes and bingham were given six months probation and community service.
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approaches. donald trump skipping last's debate as we reported he's been a fight with fox news troubles in new hampshire today fresh off his own event for veterans last night fox25 lera miller there with his focus as a primary draws closer. >> reporter: truck came here directly from ila little more than a week until new hampshire's primary in some fashion today he didn't hold back. i just came in from iowa with a room packed full of hundreds here eager to see donald trump he quickly launched into his thoughts on the state of washington and the people leading the country.
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led by incompetent people were led by people that have no business instinct and certain way they have no heart. because they're hurting people. he focused on his challenges and recent polling that shows him with a leader new hampshire. on the issues trump loosely touched on several. offered little detail of his plans. the common core is a bad thing board is a good thing second amendment good thing great thing. have a great thing.he also mentioned his concerns of immigration and heroin abuse in the region. trump didn't take questions from the crowd or reporters but with a rowdy group here hoping to see him in the white house there were some still undecided like ginger hughes. >> i wanted to see if he was keep my children safe as president. and i like what i saw today. as for wanting more specifics on trump's plans supporters
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time for that. i think people that say they're going to do this this and this and they get the white house and they never do it. waiting for. from here trump goes directly back to iowa for the caucus and then comes back to new hampshire today for the final push for the primary here. according to estimates from nielsen last night's republican debate averaged an eight point household rating at about 12 million euros that the second lowest rating of all the gop debates this election cycle despite not being there trump was the most pop talk about candidate during the debate. fox25 is place to turn to heading all week heading up to the primary r blair miller heading to iowa this weekend for the mondays caucuses. next week will be anchoring our new hampshire coverage with live reports every morning and night for election studio in manchester. also have had your primary
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reporter sharmann saccheti in-depth look at the candidates and expert analysis. then on primary night we are with you for my news at five straight through until 11:30 p.m. bringing you live results live reports from candidate headquarters in the speeches as they happen and also stream live on and the fox25 news app.>> deadly russian plane crash that killed more than 200 people back in october. reuters is now reporting egypt air is suspected of planting a bomb on that metrogel. taking passages from the popular egyptian resort town to take sapiens progressive. mechanics cousin is now a member of isis. so far egyptian investigators have not found any evidence that terrorism is the blame for that crash. providence mayor buddy cianci will lie in repose for two days in city hall before his lay to rest. cianci's friend former mayor joseph says more news will be of the pay respects to cianci on the weekends every six and
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public viewing for the mayor's office. cianci was the state's longest serving mayor 's funeral be held on monday your faith at the cathedral of saint downtown providence. >> love clouds run for the day-to-day sure enough temperatures still above average and even brought in some rain and snow showers but really we missed a big storm that was just to our south east take a look at the temperatures in and out of the clouds today we still climbed into the mid- to even upper 40s in some locations typically upper 30s this very mild streak continues but we do have some colder weather heading our way. take a look at the difference in temperatures boston 37 head out to buffalo and sure enough you're in the 20s. for the south 50 a chunk of some colder air that will arrive behind this front that is bringing those rain and snow showers to area right now.
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overnight but it's not going to last too long because take a look out to the west we have a system that will be heading our way this is warm and that will bring in some milder air through the weekend. so what we've got going on right now temperatures still above freezing in boston as well as for most areas across is a part of the state was to write at the freezing mark sure enough we seen a few snowflakes coming on down mixing with some rain especially down across the cape and islands but really as quick as they develop their quickly moving on out. we do have a few flakes out to parts of southern vermont and the berkshires may work their way eastward as we had over the next couple of hours but we're going to start to dry out and clear out as these wins have now turned out of the northwest maybe breezy at times this evening so if you have plans anticipate to have that chill in the air as temperatures
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boston they feel like they're in the upper 20s so dress for the 20s and 30s for your wedding night plans. to cast actually shows that most of the activity does continue to push off to the coast and we'll see temperatures begin to drop back into the low 30s later on this evening into the overnight hours that's when we see the clouds cure out in temperatures will fall back below freezing in boston and back into the 20s through the interior so the one thing you probably noticed the clouds moving on outs when you wake up tomorrow with a good amount of sunshine for the start of the day. it will be chilly out there look at the temperature trend climbed back into the upper 30s to low 40s but were also adding some clouds so anticipate to see increasing clouds the day tomorrow those winds out of the southwest will push those temperatures once again above average but pretty much where they were for the day today. it gets better. heading to the weekend we will
5:21 pm
be moving on through it will be dry across southern new england i wouldn't be surprised to see scattered snow shower or flooring pass across northern new england overall really notice that warm rising as we head through our sunday. temperatures will actually improve from near 40 two near 50 as we head towards your sunday upper 40s as you head for the north again we could see a few snowflakes develop across parts of northern new england rate for the ski resorts there of course on my facebook page ashley just listed the snow depth there so you going to be headed up as we could check out the forecast there but taking a look over the weekend forecast for us and take a look at that seven day forecast we can if you showing that weather pattern that something about the letter on
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weather arriving but not in when a worker is dragged through the tunnel by a car this happened yesterday ernie's carwash and west boylston police in a car jumped the track dragon attended and then another car inside the tunnel. worker was rushed to the hospital was to wedding for word on the worker's condition. police working to trend down
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attack on an elderly man. happened on january 9 at the fort hill station. officers say the man in these photos attack a 74-year-old man and stole his wallet. if you recognize this man contact transit police. two cats rescued from a home in winfield back up for adoption tonight new five lizzie and maxine were among nearly 200 animals rescued from the home in 2014 by the ms pca the non-your cats were adopted into a quiet home but the owner recently fell ill and had to surrender them. if you're interested in making this para part of your family contact the ms pca. walmart worker who claimed she was wrongly fired after reporting safety concerns has been awarded $31 million. she was working at the pharmacy at the seabrook have to walmart which she voiced concerns about coworker dispensing prescriptions. she was later fired after losing pharmacy key. walmart has denied any wrongdoing and is planning an appeal.
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something more rare that's killing everest or even going to state one of them for massachusetts. daniel carta won the world marathon challenge that means they completed seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. >> unreal. >> the amount of pizza that you could do ahead of this it really is incredible apparently they did it in record time there both the first us competitors to win the event. what an achievement. there are no reports of suffolk university maybe trying to oust its president and looking to a local powerhouse as a replacement according to the globe mckenna has been told by the school board that have enough votes to fire her and that she should resign. the globe also reports the board is in negotiation with former state attorney general coakley to take over as president. mckenna was appointed the position only seven months ago.
5:25 pm
between her and the board mckenna told the globe she is not being forced out. >> equal pay it is a hot button issue this election season. i tell you about president obama's push to make equal pay reality. >> it's 37 in boston right now breezy with the clouds raking i'm tracking a few snow showers to all show you when those will move out ahead. i just went over there and physically i grabbed any part of the guys body. a 711 clerk attacked with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly
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i disagree. in fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security increases benefits and cost of living adjustments and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. recovering.after being slashed behind the counter. he say for off the attackers three customers to think for the help. christine this fight was all over four dollars. >> reporter: according to this police report we just obtained the clerk apparently told police that the suspect has come into a store later came to the counter asking for a refund
5:28 pm
for just under four dollars. apparently the suspect said that he had paid for them at another store when the clerk licensed they been snatched up his own shelves he confronted him in the suspect came behind the counter and began rowing punches. >> it was a little surreal. not your average friday morning at 711 uncommon avenue brookline as the three men stopped him before work. i came out of the bathroom. please say 25-year-old jimmy gaston began arguing with the clock before walking behind the counter and throwing punches the clerk held his own pinning gaston.but in the scuffle the cutter. that's when these three customers jumped in helping restrain the man. george holmes held onto the man's legs before running to
5:29 pm
>> brookline police arrested gaston. >> these three witnesses still processing what happened they say the clerk did a good job fending off the suspect himself but they're glad they were there for support. >> gaston was set to be arraigned right at brookline to court this afternoon but that arraignment was postponed i was the people weren't ready we expect them to be arraigned will have early next week in the meantime coming up at six hear from those three witnesses and why they said they almost did end up at that 711 as the attack was unfolding. x. >> body snow showers expected tonight talks 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski. >> as quickly as they develop to the afternoon hours we
5:30 pm
activity push off the coast this system right here pushing on through it's the leading edge of some colder air that's going to arrive tonight we got plans are going to want to bundle up damages right now in the 30s and most locations a drop just to above present in places like bedford but you can see the north shore sure enough we got some snow out there down across the cape and islands a few raindrops really not mounting too much south shore still dealing with a few snowflakes but you can see the activity i showed you the last half-hour with inside of 128 that is now pushed off the coast and now we just got a few lingering stoplights across parts of the north shore. improvement heading our way the winds are continuing to pick up out of the northwest adding a chill to the air it's in the 30s in boston it feels like it's in the upper 20s so bundle up if you're headed outdoors
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mercury fall back into the 30s and late night plans expect to find mostly clear skies and that will really allow for temperatures to fall back into the 20s to the interior 30s at the coast were going to be talking about a big warm up heading away this weekend i will show you what to expect in your town in just a few minutes. police say it is one of the most of violent streak gangs in the world. it's using high schools in the boston area to recruit new members. the gang is called ms 13 and today investigators say they were able to solve five murders with the indictments of more than 50 suspected members. machetes guns knives police say these are weapons of choice for members of the street gang ms 13. i've never seen a more violent gang these are very very violent individuals. law enforcement saying ms 13 terrorized each boston everett chelsea lynn and revere. as evidenced by the motto which translated means kill rate control. 56 members were indicted on murder drug and weapons charges operation mean streak 400
5:32 pm
many of the suspect this morning. investigators say they saw five murders like that of gomez a young mother of three and chelsea killed when she heard a noise outside her home. she looks out the window and she takes a bullet in the head. a stray bullet. and murders of three teenagers just 15 and 16 years old from east boston. we're talking real young victims here and the families are still suffering. and this 13 is mostly made up of immigrants from central america. but fbi agent say they're using high school to recruit new members. equally disturbing other tactics of targeting high school students to commit the most violent acts on behalf of the gang knowing there will face less severe penalties because of their age. police say this case will make our community safer but they have a message for all gang members. just want to warn anyone that
5:33 pm
to hold this void we will be on you. >> 10 suspects are now in the custody of homeland security for immigration violations. one suspect briefly escaped custody was caught never appeared new at 52 shooting minutes apart and within the last hour we've learned the police have made one arrest. manchester new hampshire police it is to people were wanted in connection with the shooting on hughes road around 9:00 p.m. last night. we learn that marcus cherry was arrested in connection with the shooting of a boston man at the town suites hotel. also wanted and the shooting depue is still at large. other shooting happened before 10 last night 27-year-old victim says foreman entered his apartment on pine street and shot her while stealing items from the apartment. if you know anything but those crimes call police. local drivers narrowly escaped injury when parts of offense fly through windshield. police and the driver was going
5:34 pm
when that person crashed into a fence sending a large chunk right into the glass. you can see all the damage here. luckily that driver walked away without a scratch. overheated engine to blame for us that broke down during a morning commute. take a look at the picture taken on 93 s. in the carpool lane of boston officials say nobody was injured but the bus blocked traffic for a while this morning until it was cleared from the lane at about 9:00 a.m.. a man is recovering from injuries after police say he was hit by a car. the driver of a subaru in a 50-year-old man on great road around 6:40 p.m. last night reported pain in his chest and on his right side but his injuries are not life-threatening. please tell fox 25 the woman was not speeding but as you will be cited for impeded operation. important deadline is fast approaching for people who still need help insurance sunday is the last day you can sign up for 2016 coverage under the affordable care act white
5:35 pm
people who enroll eligible for subsidies to help cover the monthly premium cost. so far nearly 200,000 people in massachusetts and 50,000 in new hampshire have enrolled in the affordable healthcare act coverage. a local woman is left with two what would you do with five minutes to kill, and a smart phone? check the scores. probably post a pic. how about register to vote? you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts drivers license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to it's that easy.
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connected to a missing college student indiana university student lawrence speer disappeared in 2011. ever since. fbi agents and cadaver dogs scout property belonging to justin wages yesterday and officials say they did not find any evidence of her being there. investing is now going to speak to wagers was currently serving time in jail for various sexual crimes. criminals caught trying to sell counterfeit hoverboard's and yet another major us city. store you'll see only a 25. customs and border protection officials tell us more than 2400 hoverboard was seized in atlanta. we've been covering this dangers of the hoverboard's for weeks after we've learned some of them are powered by batteries that are not up to us standards and can catch fire or even explode. tens of thousands of counterfeit hoverboard seven confiscated in american cities in recent weeks. major computer manufacturer recalling millions of power
5:38 pm
concerns. apple said two-pronged wall plug adapters affected were designed for using continental europe australia new zealand korea and argentina and brazil. partnership between 2003 and 2015 with many apple devices. apple says the exchange they will exchange those faulty plugs for free. >> nissan recalling more than 800,000 2013 to 2015 ultimates. the reason a latch problem which could let the hood fly open while the cars are in motion. nissan claims paint can flake off the latch exposing bare-metal and over time if the latch is rusted may cause a secondary hood latch to remain open the main latch is not closed properly and the cars on the road the secondary latch may not hold down the hood. automaker says to previous recall still is adjusted the latches. >> fire claimed the lives of two people next at six hear from the man who called 9-1-1 and then try to save them. we've got some snow shows
5:39 pm
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agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. showing the moment police met up with the armed protesters early this week. one person was killed in the gunfire eight others were arrested. right now that protest continues. the organ stand up to national wildlife refuge is still not over. even after the deadly shootout with police earlier this week. militia leader emmett buddies urging them to go home. emma desires the occupation to end. for the citizen protesters to go home or turn themselves in. there are still four holdouts involved in the standoff. nine people have left the site since they set up roadblocks
5:42 pm
more person thursday. negotiators continue to work around the clock with these individuals to try to help them to leave that area peacefully. fbi is now released a new video showing exactly what happened during the traffic stop involving the fbi state police and the ranchers. one of the ranchers died. 55-year-old the voice finicum. to see the video he makes a movement towards the inside right panel of his jacket where there were is located a loaded semi automatic pistol. body was taken into custody along with seven other ranchers after the shoot out. three others were arrested wednesday night while leaving the wildlife refuge. they appeared in court yesterday with our raiment. the 11 arrested face charges possible prison time. no indication standoff will end anytime soon another cause of social media for more militia. to come in and protest. developing right now federal authorities have captured one
5:43 pm
broke out of a maxa come to represent inside the orange county sheriff announcing he contacted someone wanting to turn himself in. police believe 43 old may have stolen a white on saturday the day after escaped from jail with two others. authorities have said the other two men maybe living in that van and they're still on the run. >> some snow and rain in around boston at this hour into the north which could make those roads slippery fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski is in the weather center. moving on out but you know especially if you going to be traveling north were getting toward that's weekend a lot of folks heading up to some ski resorts you may see some slick conditions out there because that's what we've got temperatures below freezing and we still got some snow coming on down to take a look at the satellite and radar but it's been mild in southern new
5:44 pm
actually seen just rain drops down across the southeast cape and islands and host of the activity that we saw earlier this afternoon developed its actually pushed off of the coast still a few lingering flurries in places like beverly up through parts of the north shore but take a look at this to worcester county a few rakes in the cloud cover that confirms some of the reports i've seen on twitter. temperatures in the low to mid-30s a little bit milder down across the southeast right now but anticipating to see some colder air move on in behind all of that activity that developed this afternoon and evening hours. the winds out of the northwest quite busy so the going to continue to break up the cloud cover but also transport some cooler weather into the region overnight tonight. the wind adding a chill to your stepping outside of boston it feels like it's in the upper 20s feels like it's below freezing to the north as well. just want to let appropriately
5:45 pm
headed out this evening temperatures actually fall back into the mid to lower 30s the overnight hours noticing the cloud cover will decrease by the time you wake up tomorrow although were in the lower 30s in boston to the interior likely back into the 20s with some sunshine so clearing expected overnight.with those winds out of the northwest turnout to the southwest tomorrow so why will see sunshine to start the clouds with the can up as we head to the day as warmer air arrives and sure enough will be in the upper 30s to low 40s. high temperatures across the region from the cape and islands upper 30s to lower 40s again starting off with that son but as the day goes on as you head into the afternoon start to see the cloud cover of the expecting to see a dry day however for the north ago you may see the rest of a florida snow shower so what we have going on that the storm system parts of the cape and islands well to the northeast and it's this cold that's bringing those
5:46 pm
push offshore bring in some colder weather we've got another system way out here this is going to bring the milder air as well as a cloud cover through the weekend. futurecast shows a lot of the activity dying out waking up to sunshine. right around 7 o'clock tomorrow lots of sunshine across new england and the clouds developed to the midday into the afternoon hours. if you going to be traveling north you may see a few snow flurries or showers this is right around 8 o'clock but southern new england looks as though you going to be staying dry and well to warm up as we head up to sunday this is around 2 o'clock in the afternoon a mix of sun and clouds out there temperatures will improve from the upper 30s and low 40s tomorrow to the upper 40s to even low 50s by sunday. closing out january very very mild but there is still some snow out there so if you're traveling north you can expect temperatures just near the freezing mark especially for the north you go drop into the
5:47 pm
clouds around you going to notice temperature in the upper 30s still looking pretty good but we've got some changes headed our way sure enough we got colder weather right now mild weather moves on and stays with us through the middle part of next week we could breaking your record highs but look what's behind us we've got colder weather that's stuck to settle in late next week and even into early next week and. seven day forecast temperatures in the 40s this weekend climbing into the 50s next week tracking your chances of rain especially by wednesday and then colder weather for follow late week. >> a family is blaming disney world for the death of their grandmother because of a falling for the alabama family says a snake escaped at disney's animal kingdom dropped from a tree and a boy the grandmother saw the snake bite the boy and according to the family went into cardiac arrest and died. the best way that i can address those concerns would be to say
5:48 pm
somebody's home in a snake fell from the fan well you would have some questions about why a snake fell from the fan. just like this family has some questions as to what a snake off the tree. disney did not address the woman's death but a park represent difference that the allegations are quote and other facts. home clinging to the steep cliff is demolished. tonight we're hearing from the home's owner he got the call about his newly bought home and it's threat to the neighborhood. it's been a bad week foundation try to do its job to keep it in place but the hills moving. san francisco city tells the minute the home had to be demolished because the house had separated 14 inches from the street and it song nearly a foot it was apparently endangering the homes below. >> one of the two pope mobiles that shuttled the pub around is going on the auction block pope francis road around the city of brotherly love into fiat 500 ls
5:49 pm
auctioned off today at the philadelphia auto show black-tie tailgate. the other fiat will going to split autoshow which starts tomorrow. proceeds from the auction will benefit ministries and missions of the archdiocese of philadelphia. >> following several stories new for you it had at 6 o'clock a five-year-old girl found alone under school bus the sound someone heard that led to that discovery. new surveillance video shows whose drug a man try to rob a bank or the manager running it. what happened next. huge collision stuff out downers. drivers trapped does know it's going on. note 6 hearing from the students who try to help the driver for a bus smash restore the exact moment the young man knew everyone was in trouble. but first next five the new
5:50 pm
try to make president barack obama making another push day to advance equal pay for women proposing a new rule that require companies with 100 or more employees to report data about the workers including salary information ministration says a rule would help investigate employers jews of shortchanging workers based on gender race or ethnicity. circuit city plugging back and
5:51 pm
in 2008 folded in 2012 but now the change new owners opened 5200 stores by next year. apparently there is no location will be designed to appeal to millennial's sister also plans to open small displays at colleges inside bookstores and pharmacies. facebook may be treading on hoover's turf patent application for a ridesharing feature was published yesterday helps uses carpal through events public transit webs also map out the best route to an event patent was filed in 2014 and as yet to be proved. >> 5 new drum under construction of the university of connecticut is coming under fire the reason the dorm is meant specifically for african-american men. people online are calling it racially segregated housing. school officials say it's being built for different reason. african-american male graduate at a lower rate than their peers so the university of connecticut is forward thinking and bringing a solution to this issue. about 40 african-american men
5:52 pm
called a scholars house. it's being as part of yukon's on-campus learning community only one established aced on race or gender. people who help the little girl after fire killed her family are continuing to spread the love. we told you before about the new york earl sapphire terry shoes badly burned in the arson. she asked for cards for christmas and received millions from around the world including so many from massachusetts. supported her called sapphire's angels is now helping other kids right now the helping get donations for two other families who lost everything in recent fires. >> more than a week until super bowl l but police department and the fbi have been working from months to get ready for this big game the fbi says it is on guard for an active shooter or a loan will protect agents have set up a joint operation center on the secret spot near the stadium to monitor threats and coordinate response they also have 80 bomb
5:53 pm
explosives faa is also joining in the team to watch for road drones. >> this piece of security equipment also sparking a buzz around san francisco. mysterious metal box showed up earlier this week without any markings on it except homeland security department sign that says do not unplug. turns out to be an air sniffer. put in place by the department of homeland security and it supposed to detect biological weapons the box sparked several jokes online with something they thought they were selling churros. >> now it's six -- police shoot and kill a man in the middle of the street. why the officers say they had no choice. tracking rain and snow showers latest timeline of when they come in the big warm-up headed our way this weekend. a bus slimes into a building my
5:54 pm
try to find where the break was. new at six the student who knew something wasn't right with the impact. who won the tug-of-war between a wannabe bank robber and the manager trying to stop him. complete new england news coverage starts right now this is fox 25 news at 6. >> a live look at the radar as a mix of rain and snow moves through our area. >> a lot of your making weekend plans right now let's get right to fox25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski. >> we've been tracking a few rain and snow showers this afternoon i've been posting on twitter some of the updates and the good news is we're actually starting to finally see some improvement from earlier today when you can see a lot of the snow and rain broke out this afternoon but now we're just left with a few lingering showers along our immediate
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