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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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now at 6:00 living square lower but tonight three children are safe we live look side after police arrested two people. charges they are facing and the horrific conditions the discovered. tracking few snow showers northern new england but big warm up around the corner. my time line on when 30s. feels trashed mud everywhere. and thousands of dollars will be used fix it. on going search for those responsible and harsh words from and game ended on down note. these athletes finish up high. bet this group never wanted to follow up on showing just how fun inching the patriots loss really was. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now.
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>> frighten discovery inside worcester home. good evening. three children pulled out of the doe morable house. two adult under arrest tonight. right now fox 25 joins us live from worcester with more on the people who may now face charges and you actually got look inside of that home? >> elizabeth we did we just went side. police are calling what worcester police are calling house of skwau lower we spoke to the hard working grandmother short time ago. she said all a miss understanding you are looking third floor of this house where the children with living. but first let me take you inside. we want side within last hour sore he. worcester police say that two children ages 3 and 6 years old were living in these conditions. investigator tell fox 25 when officers were in the house they actually heard mice returning around and a one point officer spotted a cat with a mouse in its mouth. police arrested this mother of two. 24 year old scheele.
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the kids were so confused had no idea what was going on. >> well, cops came and they wrecked our house. the house was not that dirty. they -- they took everything and they threw it everywhere they trashed all kids clothes and everything and they turned around and said infected mice and stuff. >> so as right now the children are in state custody the ground mother tells us this are doing whatever they can they are people upstairs on third floor apartment certain cleaning up right they want kids back in the house. coming up at 10:00 we will tell you exactly why police were in the house first place. we will explain all of that to you. for you we live in worcester. fox 25 news. >> field destroyed community outrage. people responsible are still out there. brands new something consider field set open this spring in north attleboro now has to be repaired. fox 25 is live in north
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the work. >> elizabeth they even have these rocks here space out people can get on to the field. but cars cannot but police say, somehow sound get car into field they tore it up. and now one saying that he is not happy. >> it was friggen more are on do who did in brand new soccer field on the la standing property in north attleboro the spring now a suge mess. you could roll an ankle twist you know deer looking about $6,000 price tag to come in here roll it bring in some topsoil. bet some seed on it. this is aerial show right after the field were completed. back in fall. $300,000 project which includeded levelling property, took about eight years. and now this,
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>> 7 or 8 feet wide place bull town working to do that reward of $500 for any information that leads to arrest and conviction shuven people that they are still working out detail about that. we live. fox 25 news. so it is nice sunny day outside. or at least it was and was cold maybe but our were dogs, and out chasing ball: so storm meterologist, and then understand there warm up tomorrow? we have got temperature on the climb as we head on through the first few days of february. but still right now, it is above
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year he would got 30s south there. mix of clouds and clear conditions. head to north we got few scattered showers snow showers though. we will watch for any activity that drift across northern massachutes but i am thinking lowe most of stay dry as winds out of south really helping to keep the mild air in place. so if you're headed out this evening, be aware temperature will be falling from the 30s. as we head out through now. we are going notice that not right day plainer overnight you will notice temperature 30s. mostly cloudy skies. temperature where they should be for this time of the year during the day. it what are experience overnight but boy take a look at this. we are into 50s by next week but comes with a chance of some showers. i will break down for you coming up in just a little bit. >> good news power back on in local neighborhood after cement truck ripped down some power pipelines this happened last night on hazel. truck rounding corner when it snagged some power lines and it snapped utility pole. power lines brought down 4,000 electricty eaton of the truck
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inside of the cab for hours. while crews worked cut electricity. fortunately no one was hurt. >> man dead tonight after police say he threatened officers and tried to car jack woman at gun point this happened yesterday morning. on western avenue in lynn. 33 year old randolph mcclain was killed police tried to arrest him for several outstanding warrants. >> officer approached the vehicle he pointed his gun at them. and which point, three officer fired the weapon. at him. sound like war. someone shooting a first and then. retaliated. >> car jacking victim was not hurt. officers who were involved were not district attorney's office investigates that incident. >> little girl is back safe in her mother's arms following it your feeing ordeal. police investigating how the five ended six hours alone in
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happened yesterday. girl supposed to dropped off at page academy roxbury but instead she spent the day in van that was parked near the company's matt pan office ises. someone here herd screaming for help. and hermon tells fox 25 that bus company did apologize, she still has a lot of questions. >> they give me an explanation or how why she left on bus like that. they didn't do that. they didn't check the bus. and they are supposed to. so that's how --. girl was cold, and she hung breath but okay. police are investigating and so far, no charges have been filed. >> residents nye knew condo complex were forced leave they are homes meth lab found building. they g.o.p. janl me spit. north carolina might be staying boulder complex on wolf road in lebanon. when he got there they found meth lab in the apartment. building was evacuated crews
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28 year old is he ma at that was also arrested. for failure to appear. >> developing last two suspect who escaped california jail have now been caught. ore county sheriff office saying, today that hussein and joshthan cue are in police custody in san francisco. those two men were spotted in stolen van by the passer by. then reported into police. third suspect turned himself in yesterday. the three men are eye us kooed murder attempted murder and torture. >> on heels. another high profile endorsements. "new york times" making ohio governor their pick republican nomination. kay sake shows message it wreeching people. >> times also announcing their crown coursements hillary clinton for democrat non neighbor's comes one day ar former secretary of state came under fire again over her e-mails.
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unsecured home server inincluded 22 e-mails that had been information on them requiring highest level of classification. now because e-mails will not be among those released to public. >> didn't receive any e-mails. seriously. >> state department also looking into the clinton's claims. >> well monday marks the start of voting for 2016 presidential election when iowian meet for caucus. fox 25 blair miller takes look at how grass roots process works winner. caucus different from primary and voter don't state run pre sink. gather nearly 1700 caucus sites, and place like schools, churches and auditorium. and results, are counted by each party. >> after months candidate meet and greets it always comes do monday night. starting 8:00 our time, ian
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>> and once we are done voting we will go back and tally votes in 2012 winners called by 8:30 obama on the democrat side, and on the republican side, congratulations, to governor mitt romney winner of 2012 iowa caucus. and at least we thought romney was the winner. we found out 16 days later it was really rick >> it was obviously mistake. this ray saturation republican party we learned from our miss staining. year republican making some big changes. they are change caucus leader how to use new app to report results back to party headquarters and almost real time. test systems passed with flying colours. no repeat of 2012, when results of eight precincts simply vanished. >> rick argues had been declared winner on caucus night, his primary path would have been quite different. with such crowded field this year, mistake could change
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>> i will be honest from my perspective what happened was unconsciousable. it is not going to happen again. >> way democrat caucus is built more complicated than the straight straw vote taken by republican. democratic can cause sites votes section. desting i it for each candidate. and can date is not get at least 15% of votes, these voters are released. they can then skwhoin our candidate preference grounds. >> of that, democratic delegates are sigh signed based upon support foech either candidate. no one knows for sure when we will know the winner on monday. may not be until midnight or later. i will be there in iowa and keeping tabs on the votes. >> you question follow blair miller report from iowa all was caulk as you night after >> placed all week. leading up new hampshire primary. anchoring coverage live reports every morning and night from election studio in manchester. we also have new hampshire primary specials every night at 7:00.
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indepth look at the candidates, and expert analysis. thin on primary night we with you from our news at 5:00 straight through until 1130 -- bringing you live results live at reports. and the speech as they happen. also stream on and, the fox 25 news app. >> it is e >> still come. >> the chaing length of dozens aleeshths that they have had take on after the patriots lost in denver last night. >> for service. hundreds come out to thank army veteran wounded in iraq more than ten years ago. out much money was raised why soldier needed it. but next, had too much to drink now threshold might even lower. group considering changing the
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that idea fating inked to asaid oui is 0.80 ntsbs eyeing possible lower that legal
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fox sharon reaction from bar tenders who worry about their business. >> weekend here. maybe celebrate or unwinding about and having a drink. well if you more than one drink an hour you may be putting yourself at risk of being over the current legal limit. 0.80 drive ka car. you could be charged with drunk driving if you are stopped. nidz would like to see person's blood alcohol content be even lower before getting behind the wheel. agency would like see lowered from 0.80 to 0.05 in one drink, and police are going to take you and take you guest test you are going thrown in jail i don't think that's fair. >> it is idea that didn't go down well with the some customers at this bar. like one glass of wine, or one beer, and when you are eating, and, then the cops are going stop you and arrest you only have one drink. >> kind ceo ridiculous.
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change like that would hurt his business. there no anything or. >> definitely it would affect my business. naidz lowered legal limit would help make roads even safer. right now though it is proposal on their wish list. mores against drunk driving has no condition yet on whether o lower the legal limit they just want to remind you of something if you are going out. drink and drive. >> we encourage people that go out, and consul alcohol this that they will decide on different way to get home and opposed to driving the car. >> napa share sean crowly fox five news. >> and sharon crude oilily. call your bank and check your credit card statement skimming device uponed local gas station. it looks like this. this not what we expected here in news room. it is very interesting to see this way.
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long but it cause world headaches. police actually found machine at this gas station police say the skimmer may have been put in about a week ago. because right around then station started having connection problems. >> two types one that will transmit blue tooth technology wirelessly. or, one that will hold the information, store it and then it will come back and remove it. and then download from there we in the sure which one it is. >> as we said police say skimmer might been put here thing telling people they should really check if they knew that was near the street away from the its he answer. >> acton celebrate overhaul of the commute rail station today they fed program state and local leaders were on hands to get look at the make over some of the changes including better security, platform upgrade. >> is most heavily used along the fitchburg line. >> and nasa continues lend hand
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d.c., agency spark person tweeted out update on the progress overnight. so far the melt you see take care about 2500 tons of snow. crews work around the clock. >> it was incredible show of iraq war veteran in whitman yesterday hundreds packed mitman vpf for the family it was also cost paul treatment at walter reached medical center in washington. he was badly injured while fighting in suter city into his first tour back in 26 four. it was last night event to express his gratitude. >> >> thank you everybody. >> came out. and to support us. and, really worked hard to like get out there.
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>> event last night raised at least $8,000. >> now your local forecast from meterologist. and fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> lot of emotion there. well, today was a great start to the weekend and great finish to january. temperature once again above average take a look at the highs normally i want point right around 36 degrees. so, he why it was treat to have temperature right around 43 with some sunshine if few clouds from time to time. it was a little bit cooler through awore. >>, but low 40 across cape ask island. now, we still have temperatures 30s and 40s. mix of clouds out there. but notice fronts we do have some flurries and some snow showers across new england. boston it is 38 but that winds, it is creating bite it is out of southwest at about 15 miles per who are. we are still going to see some gusts up-ward of about 20 to 25. over the next couple of lowers
6:19 pm
so, your stepping >> paul back mid 30s in fact may even rise couple degrees as we will notice cloud cover staying with us over night tonight. as warmer air begins to work on in. for our sunday and that also means we have got somed mier air heading our way, too so taking look future cast this what you can expect overnight. just some clouds and we will watch few of these flurries there has been some indication and could see few sprinkles with some of this thicker cloud cover. across northeastern parts of state into parts of new hampshire ever thissing >> stay dry through overnight house. for the day tomorrow. mix of clouds and sun out through. so you are waking up to temperature tomorrow, in 30s. which would seem pretty chilly. but average high mid 30s in so jump start to the day. which means, that head on expectancy mercury quickcly
6:20 pm
few breaks clouds cover could puck that close 350 and some spots. >> cur remember the satellite lay dare. again disturbance pushing off. but evening it cite. it is quiet. it is not so quiet though out in west. this is our next storm system we will tracking it is going to quickly be pushing east ward through the day tomorrow. it going provide some rain showers to through parts of great lakes region where seeing mix of sun and clouds few raindrops could be possible. >> watching this cold fronts that will come on through. may allay for shower or two does not look as though going to hold on lot of its energy. but time makes it here. but we have got slightly cooler weather before another warm up
6:21 pm
bigger storm that look to be heading our way by wednesday i want to show you that seven day forecast because weekend always in view shows tomorrow looking pretty calm we will climb into 50s by mron day we will watch wore late day. >> slightly fall back tuesday still above average. and then going to dry ahead of this system that look bring some wet and windy conditions temperature will climbing into mid and upper >> >> right on pair liner 47 year old has been rushed to hospital. after tray fell on him this happened around 4:00 am in. some nuns at point saint fair heard the man scream. prepared for afternoon prayers they called 9-1-1.
6:22 pm
diameter and officials say man had been cutting down the tree when it fell on top of him. more than two hours before help arrived. in that man in hospital apparently has injuries to his legs we will bring you latest as we get it. well it was delivery came late testimony just a little bit bigger tonight. thanking emergency responder unique service at home. next last hint minute plea said, you had your chance. to self professed lea every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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believed still occupying oregon wildlife refuge in week's long stand off one of men posted video to youtube yesterday saying they would not leave until everybody arrested in case was pardoned. group began protesting what were calling comes federal land. leader anmon gain soever >> after confrontation with the f.b.i. one man was killed in that incident. >> >> need wait until super bowl wells they are to cast. fox is has look at those stories
6:26 pm
ahead. could be a historic re billion groups.
6:27 pm
pension negotiation >>. >> he can cold temperature, not keeping criminals indoors tell come tonight. our bob ward latest batch bad guys week's mass most wanted. plus field destroyed. town outraged. what one selectman told our robert about who responsible for thousands in damage. next horrific conditions worcester. charge while three children recover after being discovered
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so much influence that the only way they are defeated is when millions of people begin to stand up and say loudly and clearly, "enough is enough." i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. worcester home. three children pulled out of the doe morable house squalor two adult under arrest. fox 25 joins us live worcester more on people who now face charges and you actually got look inside of that home >> liz we did about an hour went inside of house. we also spoke to the suspect grandmother one of suspects grandmother the children grandmother that and hard broken this will to do anything to get those children back the children living directly mind he third floor of this house on king street in worcester.
6:30 pm
just about 15 minutes or so. hard broken grandmother showed us around she tells us this just miss understanding. this is not how normally live. so here's what could tell you. that there are two children here ages 3 and 6 years old that were living these conditions. investigator tell fox 25, what offest house they heard a mice running around and one point, officer spotted a cat with the mouse in its mouth. and police here arrested mour of 224 year old shayla grand mother we spoke to her she said this is just all crazy and miss understand take a listen. >> cons came they wrecked house. the house was not that dirty they took everything and they threw it this everywhere. they trashed all kids clothes and everything they turned around and say the how is infebruaried mice and stuff. >> tonight worcester police also
6:31 pm
inside of the house. the children are in state custody. grandmother as long as relative >> even. from first place. we live worcester: >> he been following some break,news out 74 rushed hospital. tree fell on him. this happened on 4:00 afternoon. some nuns at mount sant heard man scream they were preparing for wraf noon prayers and they call 9-1-1 tree >> two hours before help arrived. man now in hospital with injury to his legs. >> well switching gears take look outside. isn't that great picture. i mean is that -- you get more new england than? couple yellow labs.
6:32 pm
>> and they are out chasing bull. sara actually going pretty mild later tonight and then we are getting something of a warn up tomorrow. >> and it is really not in beginning part of my for cap. however, within next seven days we got some changes heading our way big roller coaster notice it was really nice south there. 43 degrees. sure there still some snow showers out there. but southern new england dry we saw mixed sun $sxoudz could you see temperatures right now, in 30s but boys winds out of south southwest, pretty breeze bring so adding chill to air. feels like it is 20s and many spots and that's what you can expect if you are going heading outdoors this evening. you are evening planner does show temperatures in the 30s. with clouds cover hanging with outest. until >> but judge willing too much. so look like pretty okay. through overnight hours and temperature will be 30s could
6:33 pm
mild start >> from i am show with an expect in your town. plus also when our next chance of rain arrives coming up just a few minutes >> feel outraged and the people responsible are still out there. we set out attleboro now has to be repaired. is explain reward is in work. toll pile can. >> cars. police say, someone. squeeze the through here. car. and tore up the field. and some town officials are saying they are not happy. >> it was frictionen war. >> brand new soccer field o la standing property in north attleboro this spring is now suge mess. there soon you could roll ankle or twist you know knee or something lying looking $6,000 price tag come in here roll it bring some topsoil get some more seed on aerial shot.
6:34 pm
$300,000 project which includeded levelling the property it took about eight years. and now this. . but now looking to maybe make even tighter. >> >> but you are looking $50,000 price dag. town hoping front repair moern and have the field ready for april. $6,000 estimate about what cost to keep the town public pool open for week. parks he can shorten policy is on. >> got. >>. they came out here with the intent to cause damage. >> down is working on doing $500 reward for any information that leads arrest and conviction? people responsible for details still being worked out in north attleboro. robert. fox 25 news. >> power back on after cement ripped down some power lines this happened last night on hazel mere.
6:35 pm
snagged the power lines and that snapped utility they went in fact, four electricity etop of to truck. driver was trapped inside of the cab for hours. while crews worked cut electricity. hurt. >> >> >> after politics say he threatened officers and tried to car jack woman at knife point it happened yet west western avenue in lynn. 33 year old randolph maclain was killed police tried arrest him for several outstanding warrants. >> his officer approached vehicle. >> >> and at him. >> sounds like roar. someone was shooting at first. >> rick vim is not hurt. officer that were involved are now on paid leave while district attorney's office investigates that incident. >> well stage good look surveillance images this man is
6:36 pm
it happened just after midnight this morning at rest stop along 93 in hook set. suspect showed gun demand cash. got away and state police canines were unable to track him down. >> firefighter forced return to the scene house fire when it began burning again flames at home harvard treat ask then hours after the firefighter put it oath this call back because the ember reignited. social believe fire tarted by smoking materials and two people were displaced. >> man who found passed out his car is now facing drug charges. police say worker comfort any found 33 year old generalen parked car caught side. and they tried wake him up. >> arrived. >> he did not know how he got to hotel. officer searched car and found meth and marijuana were inside. he was arrested and charge the drug possession. >> three customer are being credited with saving store clerk during violent attack it
6:37 pm
morning police say clerk was flashed in >> box cutter and man about stealing some snacks. he when three customer jumped to help. fox 25 spoke with one of them about his quick action. >> i just ran over there and i grabbed -- --. >> treat may known injuries. man accused of attacking. facing assault is the battery charges. >> one men arrested in connection with the double shooting in stabbing brook lion is being held on high bail tonight. brown pled not guilty when he bed. brown stormed apartment on wednesday armed with guns. >> person inside to the banning leaving at least three people hurt. two suspect still at large tonight. and they are considered armed and dangerous. >> murder authority are still working to track down the people responsible. now fox 25 first showed you surveillance video back in 2013.
6:38 pm
two men walked patriot skate boards walden and wfrn them shot and killed owner shawn clark. so far no one has been charged crime but da's office asking any one who may no something contact them. >> >> some problems this morning for riser green line. >> trains on the. and beacon field. >> and bridge will close the to all traffic except mtba bus. bus also replace rest lined trains between kendall and park street station. everything will be back to normal though by 25 -- am monday this all part of long cell >> we are in middle winter wrapping up january. the cold temperature definitely not keep koog bad guys off streets that's up to. maybe help. this
6:39 pm
women stole 20 pairs of women's pants from gap. one of women has dark brown hair and glasses. the other blonds hair. they fled the store with the pants hidden purses. >> both women wearing long black coasts and if you know who they women had please contact hingeham police to dorchester police are trying to find man who robbed the east boston saving bank last week. this suspect about 5, 9200 pounds with braised pulled back into pony tail. if you any information, contact the boston police. make sure you mention the mass most wanted tip program because there could be reward if arrest is made from your cal. in quincy man ran out of stop and shop jumped truck after allege esteeling woman's purse. victim turned away from her shopping cart just for a moment, and that's when suspect twrabed her pocket book and ran out of super market. now truck he jumped into was silver pick up with a quell low strobe light on roof. he had not accomplice that was driving vehicle.
6:40 pm
all of these case come to us from law enforcement web site: and we also have them up at our web site. >> for mass most wanted i am bob ward. fox 25 news. >> on call for any call. thankful some friendly firefighter on hands for delivery that was not on schedule. next it is bet they never wanted follow through on. you know --.
6:41 pm
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lost afc championship was tough take for all of us but for one group today, it was particularly grueling. so short past they bet 12,000 burpy well you want >> it is current see they are familiar with. >> pay our debt, sweat. burpy move nothing less than torture. especially done gwyn, and geb. and well, >> to. >>. >> i found on-line. >> that's challenge was this. suffer. of course cross fit new england being never thought hit floor. >> it was challenge and i thought they were going to doing it in denver, and you know we had a live up to the bet. >> it is unfortunate. >> but it is fun.
6:43 pm
none relative term. and, for challenge that was based upon the points difference, it is lose. >>. >> producer just informed that he thought meant burping. but no kenny didn't. it is move. >> move -- who had to do 20 burpies. >> news i canal captured hearts millions is now heading to tv entire show will be aired live right here on fox 25. we will talk about movie musical greece. original star john . and tomorrow perform is wes fewer plent i star power. so quickly cap here. >> one favors. 1950s summer romance. between two high school seniors. >> the dance right. >> and good girl santa young. bad boy. denny. >> watching it.
6:44 pm
>> this probably biggest cray i did life show i think any one has ever tried to do. it is so ambitious. >> all right. be sure tune in greece air completely live tomorrow night at 7:00 pm right here on fox 25. >> local honor big name hollywood actress. the cool ledge brookline set gave january on to at that cool. >>. and after discussion about her career. her life. >> family. local fooit some quick action. helping their family grow to a little bit bigger. >> >> see them there. marry went labor friday. several days past her due date. but little not going wait for hospital. dad called 99-1-1 parap medic
6:45 pm
right there. it was he this coming. and so grateful. so grateful that they got there in time we have incredible grouch guys here. and everybody healthy and happy. so, yes. you >> so cute in little pink bundle. mom baby doing well. mom told us is happy they now have special story about. look it! >> your local forecast. from meterologist. >> and fox 25 storm tracker weather steam. >> happy birthday to her. congratulations. then, fantastic start weekend i am getting lot of reports on twitter and facebook always join the conversation. some of the great viewer pictures of sunsetting earlier today. this one meridian river. >> this is top ten day from start to finish. and then the sunset sky turned quickly to beautiful colours
6:46 pm
>> and then, this one, in lynn just really pretty as sun was setting with cloud cover there. and this from nicole in gloucester also said day and sunset get absolutely ten. lets go with it. because let me tell you temperature today in boston, 43 degrees. typically right around 36. so it was just really flies to have mild didn't. >> record highs. not close to it. but we are going to be nearing some records highs as we head into next week. i6. we also talking about warm conditions. that will bring us the chance of rain so amount of snow and boy what difference we are making. we only ten anybody of snow. about 11 in awore this time last year 3r5.9.
6:47 pm
over 50 in worcester. so. >> >> could drop coating to couple inches mainly poor which i am sure they are leaving through. temperatures really mild still in mid upper 30s. 40 on nantucket right now. mild conditions will continue overnight with the cloud cover and place. but the winds they are will the going to a. >> warm as winds are out southwest. milder winds direction. about 15 mile per hour. so despite being upper 30s boston right now. it is feels like it is in up pore. >>. >> temperature really not going fall too much. with cloud cover. i winds out of southwest. we falling back into the 20s. interior. along coast. not cold as it was last night. and that's going to help us improve our temperature. mix clouds and sun. those winds continuing out of southwest.
6:48 pm
>> and down across suit south. >> you a ta. even forward burlton come near 50 degrees mark. head mer mac valley. mid upper who so another great day on tap. even mild across parts northern new england as front will be lifting warmer air going bring in some clouds but overall, it should be mostly dry. could see few sfrifsh les near that frontal. northern new england, but through the overnight hours of our sunday into monday, we are going hold on to that warmth and notice, by monday there is our first chance of some showers. looking to arrive as we head towards the mid late part the day does not look to amount to too much. >> coolest by tuesday bet mid 50s in once i wit and windy conditions. >> return to be reality temperature fall back to near normal late week. also come with glancing below erm watch very closely.
6:49 pm
could produce some rain and some snow to our region. >> >> for today's. coming sports eagles attempt take down one of top teams tar hills. plus celtics are playing very well and they know it. they will show you hupt how loose they really are. building a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" so capital one built something new - caf\s. where you can unwind with free wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. free checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. and a top-rated banking app that lets you handle your financial needs... right here.
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. well right now good time to be celtic player orphan. as five straight in eight out last ten plus. all star game for first time since the garn the. >> with honor 2016. thomas played first game since they four. >>: they gave game one home and home with orlando players, are really enjoying their recent is you section.
6:51 pm
>> everything touched. >> everybody coaching everybody getting involved. sgln. and it is. >> ainslie. . . >> but. making in. con table goose things. >> celtic that dc last been slight slide. seven straight losses. bc and number two carolina tar heels in >> but eagle were this game. they are in gays. tied at 11 appease. and matt malone. bc up. but north carolina of course, they get things under control. joel barely third. giving three. so i guess fourth.
6:52 pm
>> >> this go ahead fast forward. fantastic! . >> u mass down three. ten second left. dante clark yesser is that's good. game tied. charge had 19 going overtime if the ramped up >> 78-72. >> . >> serene extra will ms. >> someone really didn't matter because, we know who she now. serena losses to and gives win. serena loss.
6:53 pm
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