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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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track down the person or people responsible for somebody really gets hurt here. fox 25's malini basu as well. >> reporter: eric, tonight townsend police tell fox 25 this is a bit of a unusual crown they are dealing with. someone is going around and taking car parts and they are throwing them at moving cars shuttering the windows. tonight still at this hour, still at this hour i should say townsend police are following up on leads. they are not going to leave a stone unturned until they catch the person doing this. fox 25 exclusively got a hold of these pictures, look closely. this starter was thrown from the suspect's car and hit the back of this windshield shuttering it. >> man: i think it is crazy. it usually doesn't happen at this town. it is quiet. >> reporter: imagine driving down the road finding your own business, all of a sudden a car engine part comes playing your
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it. it happened to the driver of this mercury. it also happened to the driver of this pontiac, a bolt went through the back windshield of the car. >> man: a few pounds, it could do some damage. and can cause an accident. get other people involved in the accident. >> man: the spark plugs were fun when we were a kid, you the class. >> reporter: police tell us they responded to at least 15 cars, some part cars were hit as long as some homes. they are happening all over town of the along route 13. >> reporter: what are you afraid of? >> man: getting in an accident for driving down the road with my daughter. being hit by a car, come through the window i have to turn quick and hit something, a pole or into a building.>> reporter: we have learned spark clothes, bolts, and other engine parts are being thrown from the suspect's car. the year >> man: could be life-threatening. >> man: knock it off. it is stupid.>> reporter: so again we are up to 15 cars and
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police also tell us this unusual crime is happening at night during the day, which any information on any leads, just call townsend police. for now we are life back in townsend, malini basu fox 25 news speech and a firefighter anchoring a lot of presidents, the post talks about the lifesaving overdose drug narcan and it says it, "is the worst drug ever created. these losers are out of the hospital again and use it again and hours." he goes on, "if you use, you should lose." fox 25 got a hold of it before it was deleted on facebook but over 300 people showed that post online. we are not releasing the firefighters name until we can verify that the post was actually written by him. but the mayor tells the patriot
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and the temple launch an investigation. our morning table at 82 developments starting at 4:00. >> heather: to election 2016 at all the campaigning it comes down to tomorrow for the candidates and their first big test. the iowa caucuses. now on the eve of the caucuses there are some new polling numbers that are out. and that is not the only thing that is captured the candidates attention. box 25 blair miller, there is some real concern about snow. not here, there. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of people concerned about it here. here in downtown des moines it is clear but cold. but all eyes on a major winter storm heading this way they could bring some snow starting tomorrow night. of course that is when the caucuses begin. but the candidates aren't focused on that, it is a race to the it is line. late into the evening in iowa on the eve of the caucuses the candidates moving from city to city swinging hard at voters. people like dori seinfeld, this will be her first time participating in a caucus and
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>> woman: this is my first participation in a caucus. it is that on my bucket list, one of the things i always wanted to do but raise my kids first but now have a chance to get this done. i know it is important this time. getting things to change from the government level changes in polling two, the virus is out in iowa showed the once hillary clinton now in a dead heat with bernie sanders. while on the republican side trump leads ted cruz by five percent. and this weekend's last-minute candidate rallies many campaigns tell fox 25 they have seen more crowds than reason weeks. >> woman: i was citizens take this very seriously so they have been asking those questions and follow-up questions. and now it is getting to be the time where they could go to their caucus and get their voice heard. >> reporter: iowa's governor believes there could be record turnout tomorrow night. but tonight a big wildcard, the developing weather situation with much of iowa now under a
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a close call that many here worry will impact voter turnout. >> man: looks like we won't get a pass on the weather for the entire caucus time.i think the governors numbers seem to be more reasonable. >> reporter: we are all hoping for a pass for the governor expense 150,000 people to show up for the caucuses. four years ago that number was around 120,000, but again, all eyes and the chance for the winter storm and that timing other heather. >> heather: you have been explaining to us the caucuses to tomorrow night. it is also the storm we have been watching as you just mentioned. what are experts saying about what they can see real results coming in? >> reporter: i have been talking to the chair people for both parties, as to what we can see real results coming in. the caucuses start at 7:00, they say we can see real results because of new technology in place around 8:30, 10:00 local time. of course that will be 10:00 in boston.>> heather: blair miller reporting live for us in iowa.
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you can follow blair miller's reports all the way through monday night. and again, fox 25 is the place to turn all week leading up to the new hampshire primary. we will have life reports from new hampshire every morning and night and we will be anchoring our coverage from manchester. we will also be bringing you primary specials every night at 7:00 featuring fox 25 political reporter there contending with in depth reports with in-depth analysis. the friday night will be with you from our dues at 5:00 p.m. straight through 11:30 bringing you playback reports, from candidates headquarters and the speeches. all live as they happen. we will see it live at and on the fox 25 app. >> heather: and democrats will be taking their momentum from iowa to the state in new hampshire before next week's new hampshire primary. msnbc and dancing to date that all three democratic candidates will debate on the campus of unh durum. the debate will happen at 9:00 p.m.. chef coats and angel
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and we will have complete result at fox 25 at 10:00 and 11:00 at night. >> heather: a student found dead at umass lowell, this is breaking tonight. we are hearing from one of the victim's classmates. fox 25's crystal link reports from global. >> reporter: a friend tells me that the student found here at umass lowell was part of the jewett engineering program. but it was not the only loss being felt across the umass system tonight. tragedy on campus. >> man: i feel like i couldn't believe it happened close to home. >> reporter: umass lowell and for me to be a student was found dead at ball hall early sunday morning. police told the local police his body was found in the bathroom in the engineering building by a custodian. and had likely been there for some time. the death has officially been called found suspicious by investigators. the state university tells me tonight, "the university has reached out to the students family as part of our campus response.
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tragedy and offer our condolences to the students family and loved ones.". >> man: i was just in shock about it. it was completely preventable think. so we are all feeling pretty bad about it. >> reporter: james lee says he was in the same graduate engineering program is the now deceased young man be three he was always really determined. and he could always be found here late at night working. there was one point last semester where he was here for a couple days straight studies. >> reporter: jane says his determined housemate died of a drug overdose. a factor talking about is friends at school. they are not confirming the cause of death for this umass global student but a umass dartmouth is confirming a 20-year-old male student was found dead in his dorm room of an accidental overdose friday. >> man: there are different ways to tackle that kind of stress and drugs are not one of them. not one of the good ones. >> reporter: officials not releasing the names of either of the students. but again, condolences going
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family.reporting back in global, i am kristi hate fox 25 news. >> heather: we also want to update you out of boston. we have been telling you about the last 60 minutes. that is for a three-year-old was rushed to the hospital. we told you that boston police doublets the child is being treated for some kind of trauma. fox 25's catherine bertram has just arrived in boston, catherine but if you been able to learn right now? >> reporter: well heather, as we were pulling up here to alpine street the boston police evidence response he was pulling away. but i can tell you there are still boston police officers inside this home here in roxbury. let's go ahead and push to the second floor for this investigation teams to be centered. now what we have learned is that boston police were called here around nine, 40 through a 9-1-1 call. they were told there was a three-year-old child in that house that was in trouble and when they got here police tell us that that child showed signs of trauma. although they have not yet
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trauma that might be. that child was then rushed to boston medical center where they remain tonight. now as i said, police are still inside. we haven't yet had a chance to ask him any questions but we do know that child was at boston medical center. the condition is unknown. we are going to stay here on scene, continue to gather new information and bring it to you as we receive it. for now i am live in roxbury, catherine peschel. >> heather: and the morning news will have any new developments. we are on for 4:00-10:00. a local community is in mourning after a man was found dead in a pond. the band told firefighters they found that man's body in around 10 feet of body in mill pond this morning. a family reported that their son was missing saturday. evidence led police to that pond which is just off east street. responders they it really hasn't been cold enough this winter for ponce to fully freeze so they are taking this is another opportunity to warn people don't walk on the ice.
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investigating the incident. and two people taken to the hospital tonight after an accident of a scala for this happened at granite court in new hampshire. the firefighter 's a two shares collided having two people get stuck with they were taken to the hospital to get evaluated. no word on how this shares crash into each other but the firefighters told granite gorged not to operate the left to look at operated by the state speech and 89 is called a hero, she is credited for saving a man. it happened at st. mary's abbey for the 75-year-old victim's calls for help were overheard by a man who was taking a walk and praying. >> man: the nuns found them after hearing the calls for help. they went out and investigated and found where he was part and they had to come out to tell somebody. >> eric: the fire department says that without the nuns quick actions the bed wouldn't have survived the cold overnight. that the victim is being treated for severe leg injuries and hypothermia. >> heather: listen to this 8911 call and up with a arrest
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they got a call from a stabbing but when they arrived at the scene on ardmore court they found the victim story to be false. they said that victim in of the stabbing result to cover up a theft of heroin as well is a armed robbery.22-year-old david kendall is facing multiple charges speech and it feels great out there. great weather to end january but some showers are on the way. fox 25's meteorologist sarah wroblewski tracking some rain speed the good news, here, we will deal with the warmth as well as the showers. that are through the great lakes area right now. we have got some time before they make it into our area and light eastward. but we are also going to watch some of the showers fall apart. so what you can expect right now temperatures mainly in the 30s and 40s. temperatures have jumped up a couple of degrees in some spots. expect that as we are into the meeting to see that went out of
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milder air we are also going to bring in the low cloud, some fog. don't be surprised to see the visibility if you are going to be out overnight and into the morning hours. when you wake up tomorrow it is a mild start. you won't need your jacket, you will see some sunshine then that close will get up as we go to the lunch hour and on that front. get back, temperatures already in the 50s by here lunchtime. but we have got some rain headed our way through the afternoon hours. i am going to type it out for you also talk about the rain and wind for wednesday in just
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>> a second virginia tech student is facing charges of the kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old girl for this weekend police found the body of nicole level nearly 100 miles from her home. she has been busy since wednesday and do at 10:00 tonight, investigators are still trying to piece together clothes and the bizarre case. >> reporter: 19-year-old marine keeper a software engineering student at virginia tech somehow to the kidnapping of death of nicole plummer. freshman david eisenhower both played a role in the 13-year-old disappearance and murder. news of the girls death came just moments for a candlelight vigil in lexmark. >> man: she is night alive.
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connick and share the news for those gathered to pray. >> man: let's really just draw all of our strength and our attention to praying for this family. >> eric: is that they were forced to pray for peace and understanding of the family in a community that lost so much. >> woman: i didn't think that would happen to her. because she was always the cutest little thing. >> woman: just a sickening feeling knowing that she wouldn't be coming back. >> reporter: you know, we can't begin to imagine what happened look like. >> man: we can't imagine what nicole is seekingg. >> reporter: disbelieve spread as quickly as the new. >> woman: as a mother, to know this could've very easily been one of my children. it really hits home. it is just crazy how somebody could do that to her.
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crowd remain, why this had to happen to a 13-year-old girl. >> man: in god we trust you tonight even when we don't understand. >> reporter: police say 18-year-old damon eisenhower is being held without bond in virginia. they don't know how he keeps it. keepers is being held on two felony counts including improper disposal of a body. >> heather: viewers sending us a pictures of this they have those lines) sometime as they cleared the wreckage. no word on injuries or cause but a reminder if you see breaking news and it is safe to do so please send us your pictures. you can send them into pics to share at fox the mbta will hold corp. meetings about the fare hikes. these week's meetings will be held in boston, what is tuesday at 5:00 p.m., the others tomorrow. the two proposals, one would
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others around 10 percent. the fare hikes would help them closing budget deficit. >> . >> sarah: it was so nice out there today if you like the mild conditions. i know a lot of folks for this winter you want to head north you want to enjoy some snow and sure enough a lot of folks did see some flakes across the higher terrain. but it was the warmth around southern new england. these high temperatures today for typical of april then the last day of january. usually we are right around the mid-30s and boston 57 degrees. normally nine, we were in 50s in pittsburgh, manchester just a mild, mild finish to the month. and as we take a look at february, typically we start up at the 30s and climb into the 40s.
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snow, typically last weekend that so much we picked up over 60 inches of snow. the good news is making about an hour and 30 minutes of sunlight, daylight.since his increase from four, 58 tomorrow until about 5:43 at the end of the month. but i am going to tell you it is not going to feel like february as we start off the first couple of days. it is still going to feel like spring is temperatures are going to be well above average. it does come with a few chances of showers especially tomorrow. we will see scattered showers arrive but there is a higher chance of force to the rain developing on wednesday along with some strong winds. what we have going on is high-pressure to our west, it is a lot winds out of the southwest to bring in that milder air. and that milder air typically ahead of a cold front that is bringing showers to parts of the great lakes. it also brought some showers parts of northern new england. but it really brought in the warmth. we are also watching the system
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california. this is going to be our wednesday maker, it is going to make its way across the middle part of the country bringing blizzard conditions to places like iowa or blair miller was talking about. and it will eventually make its way here but on the warmer side with some steady rain. so what we have going on right now, we have temperatures in the 40. it is mild out there. temperatures in places like pittsburgh we are expecting to see a lot of hot out there. could see some areas of perhaps a little bit of drizzle across the k but i think most of us stay dry. when you wake up tomorrow you will actually see a little bit of sunshine. the cloud cover will continue to thicken as we go to your lunch hour and quickly jumped into the 50s. so it is going to be another mild day. by the afternoon winds will because the out of the southwest, that is what i think we will be pushing your 60 degrees in some spots. perhaps staying in the upper 50s in boston. and by the afternoon that is where we are going to be seeing
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let us show you the latest future is showing this line of showers coming through after your lunch hour. but picking up over parts of the south coast, the cape by the evening commute. colder air arrest, dropping temperatures slightly for tuesday. today is going to be beautiful, lots of sunshine. then the system is going to be pushing through the middle part of the country and eventually making it to our way by early wednesday. to be cold enough in the interior we may start with freezing rain but those temperatures pushed back up
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with the rain as well as the come back after gordon levitt is heading to a special ceremony. the actor has been called harvard university's hasty puddings theatrical band of the year. so as for tradition gordon levitt will be roasted by student groups before being honored by a shiny pudding pop, and fox 25 will be there, look out for our report friday night. >> eric: and check this out, dozens of lives as part of this is declaration of peace. this tradition happening the last sunday of every january. it usually in falstaff but two
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actually attacked by a single at a of church officials decidable it might be a better idea instead. the church traditionally themes of peace during the month of january. >> sarah: one more look at that seven day. a chance of rain wednesday can be a real problem speed we could be looking at happen inch to an inch of rain but until then it is mild for the beginning of february. i mean this year it was well below freezing so we will take the 50s and 40s. i mean, it does bring us back to the 30s, back to condition by the end of the week. >> eric: back to reality. and thank you for joining us tonight let's go ahead and talking with tom for a preview of what is ahead on the fox 25 sports rap. >> reporter: thanks eric, thank heather, nhl deserve some credit for the all-star read boot. we had a good night in nashville with a nice feel-good story which i will certainly share with you. also tonight, dan marino joins
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