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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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how thewere able to nab him so quickly. whipping winds and pouring rain forces a family to run for the basement. the cleanup under way this morning across the area as temperatures start to drop. plus, this morning, apple is saying no to the fbi. why they won't help in a major terrorism investigation. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: good morning, everybody. thank you for waking up with us. it is wednesday, february 17. i am sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. no rain this morning and shiri is warning us about slick roads. she is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center to tell us where we need to go. there are slick spots. >> shiri: absolutely. gene and sara, temperatures to the freezing point top to zoom in lowell at 32. 30 in chelmsford. 3 in tyngsborough.
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as we take south of boston more of the lower 30s from sharon at to to walpole at 30. 31 in dedham and 32 in randolph. a lot of in betweens. boston still sitting at 34 degrees. 33 right now in plymouth. 30 in worcester. 32 in keene, new hampshire. so let's see real careful away from the coastline this morning from the coastline this morning. through 7:00 this morning we still have most of the burbs at that freezing point. clouds around this morning and the slight chance we will get a temperature in out of them. 99% of you will stay dry and worry-free this morning. at noontime, temperatures scoot at noontime, temperatures scooting into the lower 40s boston and metro west and in the 40s as we head home from work with dry conditions in place. 38 to 44 for your highs. black ice potential and partly sunny. now over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. the of two us will look for that. >> julie: so far so good, shir.
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drivers out. when we start to see problems in a particular area that is a problem we have black ice. maps are looking bright green. traffic flows are nice. through framingham. 1 minutes from 128. and 19 minutes from 495 south to the leverett connector. easy 9 minutes from the expressway to the braintree expressway to the pike. i will be monitoring these all morning long. gene and sara, back to you. police are on scene of a major fire in templeton. this is new video out of a home in boynton road. the records search show that the house was built in 1850s and registered with a national historic society. no word what caused the fire or if there is any injuries. also there is a lot of damage to clean up across the region like this. huge trees came down like this one in wellesley. the high winds and rain moved in just like shiri forecasted
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the worst of it. it was a frightening evening. station fox25's stephanie coueignoux is live in wellesley in one of the worst hit neighborhoods and folks were out of power for several hours. >> reporter: sara, you can imagine this was a very scary situation. power going out. trees are really just toppling all around you. take taking a look behind me, just one of the trees that fell during yesterday's wild weather during yesterday's wild weather. and you can see from the roof, just how massive that tree it. thankfully did not fall on to this home. but not surprisingly the family living here said they will spend the night somewhere else. again, yesterday's wild weather knocked out power to this neighborhood on upway road around 5:30 yesterday afternoon around 5:30 yesterday afternoon. people tell us they heard three loud explosions. and that wind toppled several trees including this one. devon was inside the home with
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the three young children she takes care of when they heard the crash. they not surprisingly ran and hid in the basement. she said she has never gone through anything like this before and really wondered if she was going to make it. >> yeah, it was very frightening and i looked out and, you know, i kept the kids safe, put them in the basement, called the mom. turned everything off. it was night anything, yeah. >> reporter: well, thankfully nobody was hurt but take nobody was hurt but taking a look here, you could see the lights back on in the house. power has been restored to this neighborhood. but coming up at 6:00, the continuing safety concerns this morning. in wellesley, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. the wind was howling in boston that felt a lot like a hurricane was moving in. yeah, hold on. could you see people struggling to walk on beacon street.
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and sent some people in their tracks. in some places winds were blowing 6 miles per hour. take a look at this new video of what strong winds did in raynham. fire fighters tell us that heavy gusts knocked down a brick wall at a car dealership last night. as you can see part of a wall fell into a wall into the parking lot. the owner of mitch bish shi the owner of mitch bish shi.sent us a photo of the damage. no one was hurt. when dangerous weather strikes, go to the fox25 weather app. you can see severe weather alerts and forecasts for your town. the app is available free in the apple store and google play. the local bar becomes a deadly shooting. more information on the person under arrest. out crews are in randolph as the district attorney warns the public that everybody everyone in safe. jessica reyes is live with that new information on main street. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning to
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yeah, the da is still on scene and a man in his 20s was killed and another man is in custody. it happened at the city limits bar in randolph around 1:00 this morning. police are still out here at this hour and they will be out here for several more hours looking into this i understand. we have the overnight video from the scene there. a very large police response here. police were actually in the area right before this happened for a traffic stop on north main street. so they made it here in a matter of seconds, chase the suspect and took them into custody within a matter of minutes. they are continuing to interview him this morning and we do understand he is going to be arraigned in a couple of hours later on this morning at quincy district court. coming up in the next half hour coming up in the next half hour, we are hearing from the da of what this means for the community around here and the enormous piece of evidence that they just hauled from the scene here. for now, we are live in randolph, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news.
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correction officer charged with trafficking heroin will appear in court. stephanie lebreaux of swansea worked at the correctional complex. they say he was selling the drugs while he was off duty. after weeks of investigation, he was selling them yesterday and will be arraigned in fall river. a man accused of attention alley attacking someone with a car. calvin souza hit the 15-year-old victim with his truck friday and took off. the teen was on his the teen was on bike at the time and the pair had been arguing right before the crash. souza is charged with assaulting with intent to murder. the seen remains in the hospital and is expected to. hundreds of people attended a funeral mass for caitlyn clavette in winchester. the 35-year-old was a triathlete and art teacher in milton. she was on her way to work when the heavy metal cover hit the
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after the crash crews investigate every manhole along the expressway. how that manhole cover became loose in the first place. a fox25 investigation show that the state does not inspect manhole covers as thoroughly as they mud is. every man hole covers are checked every two years and into daybase. all covers in boston were inspected after caitlyn clavette's death, but we asked governor baker why more things haven't been done. >> more things to be productive while they are out there reviewing the safety of our roads and bridges you. >> gene: baker says the state is following federal highway safety standards and nothing out of the ordinary was found when highway inspectors inspected more than 900 man hole covers in boston. this morning, police think a robbery at a local gun store could be linked to other crimes could be linked to other crimes. two people smashed into the front door of hitman nrarms
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away with four guns. a police officer owns the gun shop and investigators think is connected to a robbery two weeksing into hookset new hampshire. this is swlans video from that incident showing two suspects outside of.the shop. police are reviewing surveillance footage surveillance foot age to track down the suspects. an armed robbery ends with a police chase and this crash in malten. the driver is responsible for robberies in malden and revere including one at 7-eleven yesterday. residents describe the hectic end of the choice. >> the police car on the right side, came by, swiped my car, and he took -- that car out. he hit the pit move. i guess he hit the right side of the car, spun him out and put him in the walgreen's parking lot. >> sara: the suspect was taken into custody after the crash.
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accused of exposing himself on campus. reports of indecent exposure on southern university. he had been convicted of indecent exposure before. he is being held on 25,000 bail he is being held on 25,000 bail. a new england college is on the forefront of finding a vaccine to cure the zika virus. a researchers at the university of connecticut started working on a vaccine weeks before the outbreak. two vaccine makers have consulted to collaborate. the world health organization has declared the zika virus an international health emergency and president obama has asked congress for $2 billion to fight it. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. getting ready to head out the door, 24-minute commute from 49 door, 24-minute commute from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. temperatures so far are close to freezing and keep you at 32 degrees in and out of the
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more than 150 people are finally back home this morning after weather diverted their plane not once but twice. we have been covering the story since sunday night. those people were those people were on their way home from a tropical vacation when bad weather really messed things up. fox25's daniel miller joins us with more. and daniel, those passengers really had a rough two days. sara. it took those passengers more than 33 hours to get from the city. it normally onlydation four hours on direct flight. the first flight from the dominican republic to new york's jfk had to be diverted to manchester, new hampshire on sunday during the winter mix. these are pictures from some of those passengers. then late last night, those
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to logan airport after hitting severe turbulence on their way back to new york. >> i have never experienced turbulence feel's like turbulence this in my life dan here is video as passengers again waited two hours for the all clear. passengers describe the situation on board as chaotic. they tell us people were frustrated and even arguing. it passengers said they should never have taken off from new hampshire in the first place. >> they let us take you off to jfk when the weather conditions probably we shouldn't have taken off in the first place and the scariest experience of my life. >> in a statement to fox25. delta airlines said the unscheduled landings were made for passenger safety the airline has offered $12,000 sky miles to each passenger but many passengers want to be reimbursed for the entire cost of their flight. thankfully they are all at least at home safely right now.
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fox25 morning news. happening today for the first time ever, an alleged isis supporter is going on trial. abdul malik abdul-kareem is accused of providing support to isis. his alleged co-conspirators were shot and killed by police. outside an event, cartoon drawings from the drawings muhammed. they watched extremist videos together and wanted to commit more acts in the future. jury selection and opening statements later today. new this morning apple fighting back against orders from the fbi. federal agents want the company to help them unlock the cell phone opened by the man who shot and killed people in san bernandino, california in december. the fbi can't get the password screen to unlock. iphones immediately erase all data after ten unsuccessful attempts to take the device. apple wants to take that function off to try as many
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the phone without erasing the data. apple doesn't want to lose the trust their customers. 5:17. a look at rule 1. 9 93 south moving along just fine 93 south moving along just fine. 128 looking good through wo 128 looking good through woborn and lexington. and even the expressway nice and light right now. here are your live drive times, 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 anyone on the expressway from the the braintree split to the pike the braintree split to the pike. 29 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and shiri, something both of us are looking out for this morning is a possibility of black ice on the roads. >> that will be our main concern out there. if you think about it, so much rain out there julie, and so much lingering on the roads and temperatures cool that we certainly have the potential for that rain freezing as black ice on the roads this morning. there is a slight chance we will get flurries this morning. wind is not going to be a threatening wind.
5:18 am
miles per hour that you might notice as you head out. it will not do any damage. notice that there are flurries coming close to keene, new hampshire. elsewhere, we have 34 degrees in boston. still seeing mostly clear skies and over the next couple of hours we drop you down to 33 by 7 a.m. getting close but not quite dropping to that freezing point in the city itself. 9 a.m., 37 degrees. 11 a.m., 40 degrees. highs in the 40s and a little cooler out toward worcester. right now 30 degrees and partly cloudy skies. a little bit of wind under 10 miles per hour, which is good to see, but it is creating a wind chill of 22. so go ahead and dress for that but 30 degrees at 7:00 this morning. still freezing at 9 a.m. we have 36 best we have 36 degrees by 11 o'clock and highs in the upper up 30s. futurecast has the early morning clouds coming through and take a time with the
5:19 am
middle of the day, middle of the afternoon we get this cold front that is moving toward us during the overnight hours and it will bring some clouds through this evening and basically falls apart as it approaches us, so i don't think we will squeeze out any flurries overnight. you will wake up tomorrow morning to sunshine in most locations. and this coming in from the north, i am going to keep it nice and sunny inland, but along the coastline, we have those winds picking up a little bit of moisture, and that will spawn a couple of clouds, especially down across the middle and outer cape where we also have the risk for a couple of ocean-effect snow showers and the chilliest air of the week that will be moving in at least the week at this point moving forward. the next seven days. so a big drop in temperatures in the next 24 hours. 44 fore today and n boston, beverly, bedford and lawrence. 44 in plymouth. 4 in hyannis. and lower 40s up into southern new hampshire. lows tonight are back into the 20s, and comes with partly cloudy skies. it is going to be a little
5:20 am
highs only into the middle 30s. between this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, it is going bob to 10 degrees cooler. you can see all of those bright conditions inland, but at the coast a couple more clouds. a slight chance to get snow showers down across the south. a little better chance we will get a couple of ocean-effect snow showers down across the cape. temperature-wise we go up to 38 degrees on friday with increasing clouds friday night into saturday. i have got another weather maker on the move toward us. it is not going to bring in a lot of snow here, but as take you hour by hour through that saturday forecast, you are going to see a little light mix developing friday night and during the day on saturday. not a washout by any means, but get ready for that little rain get ready for that little rain-snow mix. temperatures in the upper 40s both days this weekend. sunday the brighter one and high of 48. back to you. all right, shiri, a presidential candidate tweets presidential candidate tweets the picture of the gun and has the internet buzzing. how a picture of the gun is inspiring people to crack jokes
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general electric is fighting the federal government over plans to clean up a river in massachusetts. the globe reports that ge sent a letter to the environmental protection agency of at which objects to pollution on the river from the 1930s to the 1970s. the ge plant had dumped toxins into the river between pittsfield and lennox. the company says the plan will cost more than $600 million land already spend it more than $500 million to you clean five miles near the plant. a popular restaurant seriously damaged by a fire will get ready to start rebuilding this morning. the owner of the gaslight company in portsmouth, new hampshire tell seacoast online to open their doors again by may or june. flames rip through the restaurant in september, and fire officials say it started in a wood-fired oven. after talking with insurance companies, the restaurant finally gotten the okay to start rebuilding
5:25 am
check this out, buyers fork over $2.5 billion for a tiny little run-down house. a house in vancouver. vancouver, bc, missing shingles vancouver, bc, missing shingles, walls are rot can. ended up selling for so much because in a popular neighborhood. people ranted hon line how out of reach the real estate market is in d.c. >> gene: they are paying for the land and tear it down. somebody that i knows watching hgtv -- wouldn't be here -- this whole tiny house thing has become -- julie a trend. >> gene: a rage. julie simple living. >> gene: one room the size of a trailer julie i lived like that in new york for a while. 45 square feet. ride like 007, but a few catches. the most recent car in the james bond saga. the astin martin with the latest bond film specter, expected to sell like that tiny
5:26 am
what would you rather have. could hit a top speed of 19 miles per hour. but this is the big one, you can't drive it on the road. it doesn't have any of the road certifications so just built for the movie so not up for standard. what are you going to -- if you are going to pay over 2 million are going to pay over 2 million, get it certified and put that baby on the road. >> file the paper work. a dog is going viral this morning for his performance at one of the most famous dog show one of the most famous dog shows. he didn't win best in show but the crowd favorite. this is -- ario. doesn't seem to care he is at the westminster's dog show. he wants the treat in the handler's pockets. nipping at the pocket. even though dario did not walk away with the prize, he stole the show. >> gene: the owner didn't look real happy with him. cut it out. stop it. you know where we are. >> julie: which have been
5:27 am
on a diet to slim down for the dog show. looking good. shiri, how is the weather looking. >> shiri: that dog could have totally taken him down if he had put his mind to it. winds less than 10 miles per hour. a little wind chill will feel like the 20s. break down our freezing spots where we had black ice next. witnesses. that snap pictures as smoke filled the t stop station and passengers escaped through the
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xleed new england coverage starts right now, this the fox25 morning news. >> gene: 5:30. not a lot of traffic on the highways and a lot of black ice, especially on the side roads. a lot of slippery spots. the rain left many wet spots. know melted yesterday. temperatures dropping, certainly did overnight. take it slow as you head out the door on your way in to work. >> julie: really -- >> sara: really weird with the temperatures this whole week. and we are going down again. >> shiri: nothing like 70-degree temperature swing in the past few days. temperatures have dropped down into the freezing point in southern massachusetts, southern new hampshire. worcester down to 30 degrees. 32 in leominster. 30 from rindge to hollis to londonderry, new hampshire.
5:31 am
30 in natick. 31 in walpole, milton. these temperatures even close these temperatures even closing in on boston. thankfully boston at 34 degrees thankfully boston at 34 degrees, but those freezing temperatures to hand joe, norton. and wareham to 32 degrees. still on the map is over the vineyard that will last for an hour, conditions vastly improve for what we had last hour. fog over the entire cape. 7 a.m. temperatures around 32 degrees and those icy spots on the roadway. noontime 41 degrees. mild. compared to average a little bit above average today. we have partly sunny skies this afternoon. more evening clouds come into play. send it over to julie grauert because the two of us keeping a close eye on black ice this morning. >> julie: volume is still light, shiri, but as soon as we head out on the roads where the trouble spots are and where the black ice. things are moving along fine northbound on the expressway.
5:32 am
southbound lanes with the work crew still on scene. pike wide open. a live look where traffic and volume very moderate. over to the live drive times. 12 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 16 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from university avenue in west from university avenue in westwood to the tolls. gene and sara, over to you. an investigation begins into a frightening trip on the orange line. people had to bust out the window and climb continue to safety when there was trouble on the tracks. mbta tweeted new details about the investigation. fox25's michael henrich live at the state street t stop where all the chaos began last night. good morning, michael. >> reporter: gene, a trouble >> reporter: gene, a troubling ordeal for the people at the state street station. we actually just saw folks come out for the morning commute and supposed to run at a regular
5:33 am
the, it said five hours ago it would inspect every train car overnight and only inspected cars will be used in this morning's commute. i'm working now find out how that evident is going after this frightening situation prompted t riders to escape through windows pictures taken by t rider heather parker show the chaotic scene. >> if someone is coming out of a window they must be feeling some sort of panic. >> reporter: parker was on an orange line train approaching state treat 1:30 when the mbta said a 12-inch by 12-foot metal body panel fell off the train car and got run over, slamming into the wall and third rail causing smoke. >> people seemed a bit uneasy and were yelling and leaving
5:34 am
smokey. >> reporter: six minutes later a second train ran over the same sheet of metal causing more smoke and the panic you see in these pictures. the mbta says nobody was hurt and understands why passengers like parker grew concerned. >> i don't really know what happened, but i think it is just, you know, another -- another bit of failure. >> reporter: here is why the mbta is only inspecting orange line trains. the body panel is unique to the orange line fleet. s in as soon as i get answers from the mbta of how the overnight inspections have gone and what residual impact on this morning's commute, i will, of course, bring that you update on the fox25 morning news. for now live in boston, for now live in boston.michael henrich, fox25 morning news. we are following breaking news morning. a deadly hood ising outside of a bar in randolph. >> within the last hour the gun >> within the last hour the gunman is in custody and
5:35 am
street. and they are still collecting evidence at this hour. >> reporter: they are remember gene. it all happened outside of this bar around 1:00 this morning and still a pretty big scene here more than four hours later here more than four hours later. in the last hour, we learned a man in his mid-20s was killed outside of here and another man is now in police custody. we have some brand-new video from the scene here of the car being towed from outside the bar. the da would not say what it had to do with the investigation only saying that it is going to be processed for evidence. we understand the police were here in just a matter of minute because they had just pulled someone over a few steps away over here on north main street. when they heard this over the radio, they ran over here, chased after that suspect, and away. now the da was on scene 45 minutes ago. he does say this seems to be an isolated incident and want everyone to know there is absolutely no danger to the
5:36 am
>> we do want the community know -- and i know the chief is very concerned that this is -- this appears to be contained, you know, single incident. >> reporter: at this hour, we know the suspect is still being interviewed by police. it is not clear what he is going to be charged with, but we do know that he is going to be arraigned later on this morning over at quincy district court. now coming up in just 30 minutes, we are hearing dramatic police radio calls from just minutes after this happened this morning. live in randolph, jessica reyes live in randolph, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. this morning a local family has a lot to clean up after bad weather knocks a big tree down nearly slamming into their house. the high winds cause the tree to fall over on the driveway of a home on upway road in wellesley. the limbs ripped down power lines and caused a transformer to explode. three children and their nanny was inside at the time. >> i looked out and just had the kids safe in the basement, called the mom, just did what i could,
5:37 am
>> sara: power was restored to the neighborhood late last night. the family who lives in the home spent the night with relatives. we will be monitoring the cleanup all morning long. when dangerous weather trikes strikes, go to the fox25 weather app. you can see severe weather alerts and forecasts for your town. the app is available for free in the apple store and google play. >> the farming complex in malden remains the scene of a homicide investigation this morning. the body of a woman was found inside an part at the cliff opinion is side commons on monday night. investigators spent much of yesterday at the complex. fox25 said the woman's car is missing. neighbors tell us they are concern because they were not told that a crime had been committed in the building. >> reporter: scary. you know you don't think of something like that happening so close where you are on a daily basis. >> the reaction is overwhelming that this happened in our area. >> reporter: police tell us this he do not believe the woman was a victim of a random adark. a man that carjacked a
5:38 am
custody. the mother was putting her child in the car seat, he flashed a gun, demanded the keys and drove off but ended up slamming into a pole three miles ain stoughton. he took off running and police caught him. a witness who saw the chase tell us how frightening it was. >> it was scary. it really was. he pulled his gun which was scary and i heard him yell, put down your gun. >> sara: police say the gun was a pellet gun but as you can see looks like a real one. roadways -- he faces several charges. and we spoke to the mother on the phone who said she and her daughter are doing okay. 5:38. police in middleborough are looking for the person who left a dog to die on the side of the road. this wet ger hahn shepherd was found on the town line. they think it was still alive when it was left there sores on its body and may may have been terribly neglected.
5:39 am
person who did this does not do this to another animal. >> they have suffered enough and we want to make sure that no other dog goes through. >> gene: the dog didn't have a dog tag or microchip but they hope that they will be able to identify the animal and to then a tip. in new hampshire, mechanical problems and not the weather trapped dozens of people on a tram in firestone cone that last week. cannon mountain tell us a mal cannon mountain tell us a malfunction in the town's motor left two cars dangling high over the slopes. crews had to use ropes to lower people 50 feet down in the sub zero temperatures on sunday, including a little baby, gene. well, i am so glad to have a couple of key players. bs in columbus appear adam mcquaid since january 5. patricepering ron after missing two games and ties the game. the first, the 22nd of the year the first, the 22nd of the year. stays that way in overtime where the bruins get the game winner.
5:40 am
passing defense and the bruins take a 2-1 lead. one of the captains of patriots will not be returning next season. linebacker gerard mayo will retire after playing eight seasons in all new england. he was defensive rookie of the year in 2008 and earned all-pro hours in 2010 but faced season-ending injuries in each of the last of the three years. the city of boston is the star of a new documentary feature featuring some extreme stunts. check thought incredible video. two professional skiers are doing their thing all over the city. they zoomed over parked cars on beacon hill, hit the stairs at city hall plaza and jumped off of the parking garage at the alewife t station in cambridge. really incredible. the scenes were shot last winter. the dare devils tell us they ran into some trouble with police as they were filljing. >> and i realized that we are not ill intended and we are just, you know, trying to do
5:41 am
creative with our time. >> sara: the documentary is called the lack of better and took nearly a year to edit all of the footage together. incredible stuff, julie. >> julie: really fun to watch. glad it was them not me. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. a live look at the expressway. you can see volume really has increased significantly and only 5:42. a sign of a slower-than-unusual morning. a look at your drive times in just a few minutes. here is shiri. >> 20s and 30s. watch out for black ice. and 40 degrees, much brighter. we will time out the changes next. and a music legend is snubbed and people are outrage snubbed and people are outraged. coming up at 6:00, why paul mccarthy was not allowed inside an afterparty at the grammys and who was hosting. plus -- >> to represent inmates -- [coughing] -- >> all that talking taking a
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we are back at 5:45. candidates are doing all they can to reach voters. one tweet in particular is making a lot of news. fox25's daniel miller has a tweet from jeb bush getting all this attention and not all of this is good, daniel. >> daniel: that's right. all because of a picture that a presidential candidate, a picture of a gun and it simply says america. tweeted the photo of the hand tweeted the photo of the handgun with a personalized insignia that read gov jeb bush bush. the picture was posted after bush visited high security you gun company in south carolina tuesday morning where the gun was made. bush says the tweet was a nod to his appearance at the gun it can
5:46 am
manufacturing facility and i went to see the gun. i was honored. >> reporter: backlash and jokes flooded social media as people posted their own pictures and used the same america caption. we have seen everything from references. one network news reported that some posts talked about a possible bush suicide. the campaign called that ridiculous. the south carolina primary is this saturday. we will seek to follow this story for you all morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. well, hillary clinton is getting all choked up on the campaign trail. the democrat started coughing during an appearance in harlem yesterday, and it took two minutes for her to stop. clinton drugled on stage, the crowd grew nervous. the audience eventually started chanting her name until she could recover. and this morning, polls see this clinton has a commanding lead in south carolina right now with the state's primary just around the corner. according to the polls, she is 18 points ahead of bernie sanders.
5:47 am
won by a landslide in new hampshire. another big lead on the republican side. the same poll show donald trump up 16% ahead of ted cruz and up 16% ahead of ted cruz and marco rubio. these numbers came as president obama said yesterday he continues to believe that trump will not be the country's next president. good wednesday morning. it is 5:48 it is 5:48. do want to let you know cancellations on the commuter rail. fairmount train, 744 and 743. the 560 and 6:30 have been cancelled this morning. i retweeted this out. you can follow me or the mbta for the latest information. route 3 south of town moving along fine from 228 in rockland to the braintree split. 95, 24, feeding to 128 right now at a decent pace. expressway start something to slow down a little bit past exit 13 freeport street. take you out there. a dark live look, but you can see the number of brake lights really increasing and we don't
5:48 am
until 6:13, 6:30. 11 minutes from route 228 to the braintree. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri remember we are also both keeping an eye out for black ice that may be problem mat thick morning. >> shiri: my biggest concern this morning, shiri, because temperatures have dropped to you freezing. it comes a slight chance we will get a temperature in. the much bigger concern, of course, will be us surrounding that potential for black ice on the roads and a light mix. that is our next weather maker. a light mix friday night into the day on saturday. boston, 34 degrees. mostly clear. we have a little touch of a whild and winds have dropped below 10 miles per hour. the winds are far weeker than yesterday. gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour this morning. that's it. they will not do any damage. 9 a.m., 37 degrees.
5:49 am
morning, and once we hit the afternoon, things will brighten up, plus temperatures into the lower 40s. this is our little disturbance that comes through with the potential of one or two flurries. really not a biggie. this next system comes through tonight and will not pack very much of a punch if you will. 10:00 this morning, there is that cloud cover that we are talking about with that first disturbance that comes on through. clouds stay sticker the further inland up into the worcester area to manchester, new hampshire. the west chance of getting morning. by the afternoon it brightened up, turns partly sunny r and stays that way through the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours and clouds leaking back, western areas starting to see the snowflakes ahead of the cold front that comes on through. i just thill fall apart as it does and will keep us dry during the overnight hours. plymouth. 44 in lawrence. 46 in framingham. fitchburg and manchester, new
5:50 am
only 39 in worcester. and some more lower 40s for the outer cape and the islands outer cape and the eye. temperatures tonight back into the 20s. with a little bit of melting today and temps back in the 20s tomorrow, another batch of black ice on those roadways. high temperatures tomorrow 10 degrees cooler where they will be today. today we are in the myle 40s. tomorrow, middle 30s. in and around the boston area. so much inland. little more cloud cover at the coastline. and down across the cape and the islands. not just ocean-effect clouds that we will tap into, but even the slight chance that we will see an ocean-effect snow showers here somewhere like plymouth and hyannis or chatham or perhaps nantucket or the vineyard. friday night or saturday, that light mix. highs over the weekend upper 40s and things stay pretty mild with a chance of rain and snow tuesday of next week. back to you. new england is joining a
5:51 am
coming up, why maple syrup producers are so angry with some popular breakfast cereals. stay with us with our breaking news at 6:00. a deadly shooting outside of a
5:52 am
officers at the scene heard on go behind the scenes of extreme powerboat racing with the miss geico racing team. presented by geico and coming to a boat show near you. meet the drivers, see the boat, play games and win prizes as you explore extreme
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for more information
5:54 am
a thief returns to the scene of a crime only to make things right. police say this guy stole a little girl's birthday gift right off her front porch in georgia. her parents posted pictures of him online and the next morning him online and the next morning, the gifts were returned, dropped off at a mailbox with a note that said "i am sorry." but that was not enough to defer police. they arrested him and his accomplice a few hours later. officers say he is responsible for several other thefts in the area. a food fight on capitol hill over maple syrup. syrup producers are lobbying the food and drug administration to demand companies remove the word "maple" were products that don't contain maple syrup, especially things like serial. the fda has not responded to the complaints. a family pet is credited for saving lives this morning following a scare in their home following a scare in their home. last week, nicole fiker picked
5:55 am
she immediately felt sick and went to lay down, but the family's border collie named "abby" was acting strange. >> she jumped up on the bed and she was nudging me and pawing at me. she took her head kind of lift up my head with her nose. >> sara: when nicole finally got up to take the dog out, she heard the carbon monoxide detector going off. she got her kids out of the house and no one was hurt. now they are looking for the perfect treat to thank abby. >> gene: abby deserves it for sure. most adults can't afford the cars but soon toddlers will be rolling out in a tesla. radio flyer taking orders for mini tesla model s cars that cost an eye-popping $499 each. but it is a sweet-looking ride. for that price, the car includes working headlights, a spacious interior and a trunk in the front of the car and can reach top speeds of 6 miles per hour. "the simpsons "qultion go
5:56 am
homer will do a live episode in the conclusion of an episode. he will discuss news of the day and answering social media questions. the actor who voices homer will act out in real time using motion detention technology. you can see "homer live" may 15 you can see "homer live" may 15. so the red sox want to compete with stub hub and craigslist. >> gene: they are launching a resale ticket site of their own called red sox replay that will allow fans to buy and sell tickets. sellers will be able to set ticket prices and donate money to the red sox foundation for tax credit. if the ticket is not sold for a certain day, certain day. like other sights, they will still charge you a fee. now 5:56 this morning. faithful fans rejoice as pope francis visits mexico. coming up, what happened when the pontiff fell onto a man in the wheelchair. you a new at 6:00, the waiting game is over.
5:57 am
owners of a winning ticket from that record-shattering powerball lottery. the chance of rain and snow seeming very low for the next couple of days, today, tomorrow and friday and once we hit saturday, chances are (vo) if you have type 2 you may know what it's like to
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reduce the risk, your doctor may p prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. we have multiple shots fired and a party running through the parking lot. >> gene: policeer that that over their radios moments after
6:00 am
what is keeping policet the scene hours after the first shots were fired. the cleanup continues after wild weather toppled trees like this one and knocked out power. the continuing safety concerns this morning. and a trip they will never forget. new details this morning on a story we have been following closely for two days. what passengers say what the airline is doing is not enough to make up for two flights diverted. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. 6:00 on this wednesday morning, february 17. hope your morning is you off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: a and i am sara underwood. a busy morning in the newsroom for sure. >> gene: a team of reporters standing by with more including breaking news. shiri spear is in the first alert weather center with tolder forecast that will lead


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