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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at 10:00 breaking news. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. >> flames rip through a home forcing firefighters to call for help. >> snow moving through tonight will cause it to be slippery for a while until it changes to rain and how warm we're getting this weekend. >> then a woman called to court because of how she allegedly treated a puppy she was selling from her own backyard. but why it's her husband's job that's in jeopardy tonight. and under water the bad break forcing a v.a. hospital to turn patients away. >> announcer: this is a fox alert. >> this here is why a live look at radar shows snow making its way across the area right now. it is something fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz told you would happen during our 5:00 and 6:00 newscast tonight. welch. >> i'm mark ockerbloom. let's get right to kevin
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fall and when it will stop. >> the biggest concern not that it's just such a heavy snowstorm but it's coming when it's coming. especially for late night people out there on a friday night. there's the snow right there. we'll focus on a couple spots to the north shore from newbury to georgetown and waltham from flakes starting to fly on radar. here's some of the heavier spots through dracut. you see the darker blues showing up there the purple over through chelmsford as well over 495. northbridge, men den to millville seeing some of that purple showing up as well. so there are some snowflakes heading your way boston not quite there yet but just about to be getting some ground troops, too. this is steve telling me light snow in worcester his crews are out there salting and sanding. snowflakes in stir bridge as well. flakes in maynard thank you for that one.
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not yet but it's cold. i'll have an idea of where the snow is actually falling. that snow band to come on through but also some mixing happening in the morning. this is not a lot of snow slick. places. i'll keep tracking that snow across the area. >> snow and rain will be falling when you wake up so make sure you wake up to fox 25 weekend morning news. jason will be tracking the weather and heather and blair will have more. fox 25 weekend morning news gets started at 6:00 a.m. fox 55 is on top of some breaking news as flames rip -- fox 25 is on top of some breaking news as flames rip through. everyone is okay tonight? >> that's right. havenessa everyone is okay. that mayday call, mayday call that response here had everyone on scene holding
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searched this house being consumed by flames. let's take a listen to that mayday call. mayday. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. >> reporter: now that call was triggered after two alarms on two separate firefighters went off. we're told by the chief that those went off because they stood still. when firefighters don't move after 30 seconds those alarms are triggered. that caused a rapid response team to move in while flames consumed the second story of this home. the firefighters searched the house and searched upstairs for their brother firefighters but they didn't find anyone. that's because nobody was trapped. those alarms went off they acted as they should have. but firefighters went and searched like they should have and fortunately nobody was inside. the firefighters did knock down the flames in the back side of this house. this is a two family home here in brighton. the people who were inside also got out safely. tonight the firefighters put this down and trying to clean up and mop up here on scene. but we can tell you that mayday call was one that wasn't anything that was
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concern because they went inside and seavered the home and find find anyone. we'll have more coming up on scene and how they fought this fire at 11:00. john monahan, fox 25 news. the fox 25 app can keep you up-to-date no matter where you are. just search fox 25. the five month-old bean who was in her mother's arms when they were both hit by a car last night has died. tonight family members are grieving while the mother remains in the hospital. skid marks show where the driver slammed on the brakes. one witness overheard the driver saying i didn't see him. the driver did stop and told police what happened. he did not face charges at this time by the police are looking to see if speed was a factor. the baby's mother remains in the hospital but is expected to survive. >> tonight police say this teenager is one of two people responsible for forcing a campus wide shelter in place at u-mass am huvt. this is an update to a --
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this is an update to a story we brought you yesterday surrounding two armed and hostile men who were inside of a freshman dorm. a 19-year-old from framingham has turned himself in. fox 25's christine mccarthy is live in framingham. christine, the search is on for that second suspect. that's right. no word yet we don't yet know the name of that second suspect. as for this 19-year-old man whom we got a glimpse of earlier today at framingham district court he's facing some very serious charges for his alleged involvement in this crime that had the campus in a panic. hands and feet shackled 19-year-old william mchughen leaves framingham district court on friday accused of an armed assault that led to a amherst lockdown. the car was towed from the home on water street in
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>> he never made an appearance in court on friday the judge instead transferring him back to western mass for an arraignment on monday for charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and armed robbery. >> there were tons of cops coming in fire trucks and ambulances with their lights on so we didn't know if anyone had gotten hurt. >> skyfox captured this video on thursday night as students sheltered in place following reports of a man running with a gun. they were armed when they got inside pure ponce hall in the southwest corner of campus and assaulted a male dorm. >> we have looked at the video evidence clearly shows as well as our witness interviews, clearly shows these both suspects being let in by a u-mass student that they knew. >> reporter: as officers stood guard thursday night, the victim was treated at the hospital for injuries that are not life-threatening. >> had a head laceration he
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last night. >> reporter: i did try to speak with his mother who was here today he would not speak with reporters. his family wants some privacy but he does say the family is cooperating with authorities. christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> a man is free tonight after being found not guilty of murdering a woman back in 1974. he is a free man back in 2014, guthrie was charged with killing eileen farrow at her home 42 years ago. the cold case was blown open when prosecutors claimed d.n.a. evidence put guthrie at the scene but guthrie delivered furniture to the farrow's home a day before the murder. his attorneys argued that's when his d.n.a. was left behind. the murder weapon was never recovered. we reach out to farrow's sister who told fox 25 today
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verdict. his lawyer said he is returning to his home state of georgia. a felon with more than 30 violent convictions is wanted by officers on the case. this is new at 10:00. yarmouth police say 41-year-old eric rodrick is wanted for heroin distribution. he has a lengthy criminal history including convictions of a number of violent crimes including robbery, assault on a police officer and child rape. rodrick is considered dangerous. contact police if you know where he is. also new at 10:00 tonight parole has been denied for a convicted 1991. christopher barry was found guilty of stabbing virginia woodward to death in 19 yen when barry was just 16. barry was convicted of killing woodward in her saugus home by stabbing her eight times then smoking a cigarette and putting it out on her forehead. parole in five years. tonight the attorney for a college student accused of pointing a gun at another driver says his client suffers from severe ptsd. fox 25's blair miller was in
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looking into his background. in court today he barely made eye contact with anyone. prosecutors laid out what they say happened here yesterday morning on route 9 in wellesley as two cars tried to merge in the same spot. he reached in and took out his loaded firearm. >> reporter: the man called for help giving offers the plate number. police say they eventually tracked down vegan along with the gun and 26 rounds of ammunition. he told them he had messed up. according to the police report, the responding officer asked mr. vegan how he felt when the other driver kept crowding him. mr. vegan told us that he felt anxious and has post traumatic stress disorder, ptsd. saying his client was diagnosed after returning as
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two friends die on the battlefield. when die that's frustration. he obtained the gun license illegally. we're told boston police issued him the permit but. clear if they knew he had ptsd when we asked for that information they would only say it's not public information. a fast moving freight train nearly slammed into a school bus with children. ahead at 10:00 this dangerously close call that has students sharing their terrifying stories. we'll also tell whaupd to the bus driver. first it was the pope at apple. next at 10:00 the action he the tech giant. but first a woman gets called to court for how she treated a sick dog she sold
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all new at 10:00 they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs.
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for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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we continue to track a fox 25 weather alert as snow continues to move through our area. it will last well into the morning hours. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is updating his full forecast right now. he will have it for new 20 minutes. now to the race for president. tonight donald trump is attacking apple. >> the republican presidential hopeful is sour at the tech giant because it won't agree to the f.b.i.'s request to unlock one of the iphone's used by the san bernardino shooters.
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pope tonight donald trump is taking on one of america's biggest companies. >> first of all, apple ought to give the security to for that phone, okay. what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. >> reporter: his suggestion to blacklist the tech giant coming as the company refuses to unlock an iphone that belonged to one of the san bernardino killers. >> how do you, i just thought of it. >> reporter: trump's latest move a signal he has no plans to water down his bombastic style after a blistering week on the trail in south carolina. >> this guy tell cruz is what. he is using his final hours before saturday's primary to go for the jugular. >> i'll tell you what was good even marco rubio said he's a liar. when a politician says another politician's a liar i never heard that before, i felt so good. meanwhile ted cruz is fighting his own war trying to gain on trump and fend off marco rubio.
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tomorrow so i'm asking for your help. >> cruz over national security. when i stood on the stage and saw three republican candidates including marco rubio standing up there and saying sure, we should draft women i remember thinking, you've got to be nuts. while the top tier goes to battle others are looking to land their closing arguments with a softer touch. i really appreciate that. jeb bush even welcoming his family on the campaign trail for his closing arguments. >> jeb has been a great son, great father, great husband, married well and is one of my four favorite sons. [laughter] >> reporter: tonight hillary clinton is and bernie sanders are busy trying to
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ahead of that state's democratic caucus tomorrow. sanders, by the way, he will be in the massachusetts next week. gas leak sent people out of their homes today in jamaica plain today minutes after the contractors hit a gas main inside. the three story home was being remodelled and was vacant at the time. homes on either side of the building were evacuated as a precaution as well. the leak has been capped and the house has been ventilated. the all clear was given this afternoon hours after a suspicious package was retired in the back bay area. boston police say the item found around 1:30 this afternoon at 99 norway street was not suspicious. in fact officers tell fox 25 the item was a suitcase and they cleared their crews from the scene. >> jurors will be able to see an s.u.v. in aaron hernandez's upcoming double murder trial. hernandez was inside the toyota 4 runner when he shot and killed two men in june of 2012 in boston. he has pleaded not guilty to
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an east car dealership wants the vehicle back but it was denied. the judge says seeing the s.u.v. will be helpful to the jury. the -- tonight a judge struck down a last ditch evening camille cosby is slated to answer questions in a defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by seven women. the women claim cosby grand branded them as liars after they went public. cosby's attorneys have been arguesing had wife does not have any relevant information. drug overdoses in manchester, new hampshire are skyrocketing in february. among those treated and revived two pregnant women. manchester officials say there have been 40 overdose calls this month alone and three deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours. one of those was a teenage girl. tonight an animal control officer is on paid leave after his wife was charged with animal cruelty. investigators say the woman was running an unlicensed ken until her backyard and
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puppies. all new at 10:00, fox 25's kathryn burcham is live in tyngsboro after getting her hands on the court documents that outline these disturbing details. kathryn? >> reporter: vanessa, we're here at town hall where officials say they wanted to make the clear they don't believe that woman's husband has done anything wrong in his capacity as animal control officer. but they say in light of those disturbing allegations against his wife they have no choice but to review how he treated stray dogs during his tenure here. >> outside this blue house is necessarily closed for business. those signs red puppies for sale and state investigators say last summer a couple came here to buy a yorkie named bubby but according court you do.
10:19 pm
diarrhea, larth arrangey and he was diagnosed with parvo but when they returned him investigators say she was in denial of the puppy had parvo and treated him herself with sugar water and baby food. bubby died a few days later. >> very quiet i don't any. >> reporter: neighbors were shocked to learn robson was charged with animal cruelty in the wake of bubby's death. her husband david robson was hired as the animal control officer in 2011. after town officials learned of allegations against his wife he was placed on paid leave. an inspection shows susan robson had other issues at her unlicensed kennel. out of 30 dogs investigators listed 61 violations, including failing to have a veterinarian checkup after
10:20 pm
and no existing health certificates for the puppies. in other cases officials believe some of the health certificates have been forged. now susan robson has pleaded not guilty to those charges and her kennel has since been shutdown by this state. now we reached out to the robsons and to the lawyer representing susan robson. none of them returned our request for comment tonight. she will face a judge on march 89th and the town officials say they want to make it burglary her husband has had no complaints on the job. live in tyngsboro, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> snowflakes bat something dry air out there. other places that look like it's snowing just aren't right now. i'll take a tour of the area and show you what's going on out there just ahead. >> but first a tragedy unfolds when a if you are father dies in a house fire after carrying his children to safety from their burning home. hear from the neighbor who didn't know what happened until a little girl badly burned showed up at her
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a father credited of saving his little girl gave his life. two children were hurt one of them severely.
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of three who lives in the first floor carried his 9-year-old daughter to safety. he went back inside to look for the rest of his family and never came out again. his wife apparently carried their other two kids out of the flames. >> it was horrible. the poor little girl i just heard somebody banging on the door. didn't realize what was happening until we opened the door. when i opened the door i grabbed the little girl because i thought it was soot on her. then i turn my hallway light on and realize her face, her hair all the way to her feet was burnt. >> so sad. the 9-year-old girl has severe burns on 90% of her body. another man also died in this fire. crews are still investigating the cause. funeral services are being held tomorrow for supreme court justice antonin scalia. today the justice's flag draped casket was carried up the steps of the supreme court. inside his family and fellow justices paid their respects along with president obama
10:25 pm
the public also lined up to say good-bye to the justice. the country also saying good-bye to harper lee who died at the age of 89 today. lee is best known for writing "to kill a mockingbird" the novel was published in 1960 and quickly became a classic for generations. the story is about racial injustice in a small southern town. in 2007, president george w. bush presented the medal of freedom to lee. hover boards could be grounded if companies don't start a-- abiding by government rils. hover board makers may soon get hit with recalls if certain features and processes are unchanged. manufacturers, importers and retailers will all be impacted. some models of the self-balancing scooters have caught fire and exploded. several airlines have banned hover boards and new york city has banned them altogether. today marks the deadline to register for a drone license for the federal government. it costs just $5 to register a drone and you can do it
10:26 pm
but if you choose to skip out the f.a.a. is warning you could face steep penalties including thousands of dollars in fines. the f.a.a. says the registry is needed because of safety concerns. there are twice as many close calls between planes and drones in 2015 than there were in 2014. right now the f.b.i. is trying to track down a violent bank robber in our area. >> next at 10:00 what makes this bank robber different from the rest because of something very specific that he's wearing. >> a train nearly smashes through a packed school bus what the driver barely avoiding a tragedy and what she's doing tonight. snow falling out there right now. we'll track exactly where the flakes are coming down who will get a coating or
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said and done. every wonder what nature valley is made of? that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter
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competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. tonight the f.b.i. wants to you see this video over and over. it shows a bold bank robber in and out in less than 60 seconds. these being called the incognito bandit because of some very specific steps he takes hoping to cover up his tracks. >> there's a big reward for his capture and this
10:30 pm
>> there's a really good reason why this guy is called the incognito bandit he's so careful he even covers up his shoes. but make no mistake the feds believe the incognito bandit is armed and dangerous. the surveillance images from five bank robberies are crystal clear and they show the same disturbing image. a mask hooded man covered from head to toe carrying a gun. each bank robbery so similar it's led to the f.b.i. giving him a high priority and a unique name. the incognito bandit. >> we call him the incognito because he's dressed from head to toe in black there's no skin, no identifiable tattoos or scars or marks that can give him away. >> reporter: he's so careful he even covers up his shoes. what makes the incognito bandit different than other investigating. >> covered head to toe all in black and wears socks over his boots we think to mask his footprints.
10:31 pm
tell me the incognito bandit is all business when he hits banks like this one. he's in and out of the bank in less than a minute. and the feds think the bandit is getting more dangerous with each holdup because of the way he holds his gun. >> he's put that on the counter for the tellers to see. he's banged it on the counter letting them know he does have a gun which makes us a little more concerned than just having it in his hand. >> but the bandit is not perfect. one witness saw him without his mask and produced this sketch. the feds believe they are looking for an african-american male in his 20s. >> we want this to be stopped before he can hit again. >> reporter: the incognito bandit strikes when the banks are mostly empty but there have been customers in the banks during these robberies. there is a $20,000 reward offered in this case. call the boston f.b.i. if you can help. i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. >> announcer: this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather
10:32 pm
this band of snow looks vigorous but i'm getting many reports of that here's what it looks like on our satellite and radar. the issue is it will be warming at the same time. you can tell by the purple there's likely reaching the ground when you have that. there's newbury with a little snow falling there. ask make it slippery least for a brief time. >> it takes you out to
10:33 pm
region. a not a lot happening in and around the city of boston just to the north though there have been some snowflakes wilmington out in rutland, massachusetts. two reasons one it's just not reaching that far south yet an inch you have towards root two. you get beyond that area you get into the one to two inch range. you will vary to get away from the coastline to find
10:34 pm
can keep flying otherwise the snow goes to a mix and to rain even in the city of worster and warming up once it stops tomorrow morning. then it changes over to rain. notice the green taking over here. that's where you have the best chance of picking up an inch of snow where the snow reaches the ground you can get a few inches of snow from this. the sun is out first thing in the morning. the sun will be popping on
10:35 pm
54 ashland to west burro. into sunday night tracking the next potential for storminess. it will be a big player but something we're watching for our next potential event. going to be mild there too but a better chance of rain and snow showers there. all right kevin. some terrifying moments as the school bus narrowly misses getting hit by a train. officials say the bus tracks just barely missing oncoming train would all screaming and telling her to move forward and everyone was just really freaking out and
10:36 pm
moment. school officials say the bus driver was fired for driving too close to the train. fortunately no one was hurt. tonight a local v.a. hospital was forced to shutdown. >> the bad break that let the floodgate down filling the floor with water. when i went to dish them out i thought it was a burnt bean and lo and behold it was a snake head. >> yeah, you heard that woman right a woman found a snake's head inside of a can of beans.
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police are investigating after one man goes to the hospital this much was breaking news on the fox 25 news at 5:00 and since then we have learned a fight escalated possibly leading to the shooting.
10:40 pm
general shot in the leg. >> at least 10 cars have broken into the police say many of the victims left valuables out in plain sight and came back to find their windows smashed offerings say they will be wrapping up paroles in the area. do you think the world would be a better place without the $100 bill. because of that forment treasury secretary lawrence summers believes we should get rid of it. people out on the streets though have mixed feelings. >> it will be inconvenient. >> would you miss it?
10:41 pm
they're hard to break, too. since those smaller bills would take up more space. a woman did not get what she paid for when she opened a can of green beans at home when she almost served us something not from the menu. >> when i went to dish them out i thought it was a burnt bean and lo and behold it was a snake head. >> they are looking into what happened taking the product off local shelves. now trying to determine where those green beans came from. she wants to know where the from. how in the world does that happen? >> it does occasionally and makes the news line. >> nasty. sign of spring is in the air because the red sox are in fort myers, florida. >> fox 25's butch stearns is live in fort myers now covering all the bases for
10:42 pm
butch? >> a snake head is a delicacy down here in fort myers. it's the first friday of red sox spring training as pitchers and catchers continue to work out so does hanley ramirez at first base. when you come back we go one-on-one with the new red sox first baseman. but first what caused water to flood a local v.a. hospital?
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
and deny patients. zprimpt we continue to stay on top of the fox 25 weather alert for you as snow makes its way across our area. new information is coming in to our newsroom right now with chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is going over it. >> also tonight, it's like a scene from a movie.
10:45 pm
doors, under desks any way it can. and a single burst pipe in a jay may caplain facility is to blame. >> the entire campus had to be shut down. fox 25's erica richie has more. >> reporter: they were diverting the urgent patients to other v.a. facilities in the area. they are rescheduling patients with routine visits. most were understanding though without a full grasp of why they were being disruptive. well, consider this the explanation. >> reporter: the building was closed sunday just a few security guards and cleaning crews inside when this happened. the only eyes catching it in realtime the cameras. a story that goes it with just as dramatic. >> the b wing was flooded from 11 down to the basement. there are a total of four leaks. >> reporter: they knocked three elevators at the jamaica plain v.a. facility
10:46 pm
medical equipment making it temporarily unusable. all because a two inch copper sprinkler pipe let go. >> the building was built in 1950 when you have the temperature change it does cause the pipe to dysfunction. cleanup began immediately. the effort as of this time have resulted in no -- as long as it stays that the decontamination efforts can switch to rebuilding. >> our recovery is on track. about 90% should be back and open at the end of next week. they will make up the difference. they're on loan from the national v.a. >> that will help us to recover and take care of our veterans meantime those who take care of the thousand veterans a day who come through these doors are preparing to welcome them back in. employees are working overtime.
10:47 pm
to catch up. i'm confident we'll get back to normal operation. now the damage is considered major and recovery still in the early phases so it's too soon to put a price tag it on so you can assume it will be steep. who pushed the bill? according to a spokesperson for the boston v.a. it will likely be the taxpayers since the agency is federally run. erica richie, fox 25 news. >> following yesterday's nightmare commute. amtrak says they have fixed the broken signal system that stranded passengers for hours yesterday. but amtrak says they are not sure exactly what that problems. amtrak has apologized for the issue and says they are taking precautions to make sure it doesn't happen again. during yesterday's massive delays and cancellations a spokeswoman for keolis was land-based for something she twed about when she twed about her own problems.
10:48 pm
travel problems. -- we showed you yesterday what she tweeted at the airline when her flight was delayed. the shoe was on the other foot the next day when keolis has a collapse in service and riders took her to task. >> we regretting our first look newly renovated government center nba station all lit up tonight. here it is the lights were tested this morning and can be set up to display different colors. government center will reopen next month following two years of renovations. crews are continuing to do some work on the government center's t stop still on track to open next month. again trains will not operate between park street and haymarket this weekend. >> boston pops are kicking off the 2016 season with local talent actor and producer seth mcfarlane.
10:49 pm
and the ted film but quite the singer and entertainer as well. also on the schedule sutton foster and thom schultz the guitarist from the band boston. tickets go on sale. >> if you are still looking for some weekend plans how does a cruise with patriots star rob gronkowski sound? >> they are hosting a three day cruise this weekend aptly named gronk island. if you can't make that and you have $500 to spare for one ticket well, gronk is holding a gala in burlington in april that will benefit the gronk nation youth foundation. i'm butch stearns live at jets blue park for the red sox the biggest story of this camp so far continues to be hanley ramirez and his transition to first base. it is clearly a work in
10:50 pm
he's coming off a very disappointing season and he knows it. position players don't have to be here until next tuesday. but ramirez has been in camp for several days already taking ground ballots at first and fielding all the questions -- ground balls at first and also fielding all the questions also. as for making this transition hanley has no problem coming back to the infield. i'm just mad because i want to play short, you know, and i can't because. >> have you talked to stand better that. >> yeah, talked to xander about that. yeah. i know. playing first is a new challenge and i'm ready for it. we are working. >> are you going to get tired of the questions about first plates. you have been in this league a long time not. >> at all, not at all. it's what you are here why. it really happens we are good friends.
10:51 pm
me, too. all night long have you been weighing in on our twitter poll at fox 25 sports most of you think not while red sox pitchers work out a couple hours north yankees pitchers and catchers are doing the same thing. yankees pitching staff not expected to be dominant this year but according to their catcher health is biggest factor in the american league east. everybody is good. started without danny ainge
10:52 pm
however, danny was on weei today said that they did come close to making a deal. a lot of deliberation went on just did not want to do it and certainly understand why. high school hopes in foxborough tonight. to give the watch alex first with the layup then with the 3-pointer.
10:53 pm
lead title. back with more sports at 11:00. for now back to you vanessa. coming up at 11:00 if you are just joining us here our top story a fire causes half a million dollars of damage and forces seven people from their homes. new at 11:00 we're live in brighton where we find out what caused this fire. then also new at 11:00 a teenagers falls through the ice at a park. bobcats spotted in one local
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to serve her country b dear fellow citizen, i know how it feels to save for retirement and college - times two. i get that it can be overwhelming, because i' m living it. but i always tell people - saving' s not that complicated. you just have to work with what you have. if you have a question about saving, ask me. sincerely, alex payne.
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still tracking snow coming across the area tonight.
10:57 pm
the northwest of boston. >> a quick coating to make it slippery on the area roadways. it looks like rain and snow on wednesday with another shot of heavy rain right behind it on thursday. more coming up tonight at 11:00. a local woman was called to active duty but couldn't get out of a car lease so her concerned mother called us when the bank refused to offer any relief for her daughter who is now serving in the u.s. army. >> fox 25 investigates looks into what protections there were for active duty soldiers and our kerry kavanaugh reports on the quick action that the bank took after we started making calls. >> the day that she left to see the smile on her face. she was going to miss us but she was so happy this is den whafl she wanted. >> reporter: roxanne cat says as long as she can remember her daughter christina wanted to serve her country. christina was bound for
10:58 pm
day she left for oklahoma in january. when the call came she had little time settling her affairs. she still had a year left on the 48 month lease but chase >> they sent her a letter that they denied the early termination. they should give back to our soldiers a little something. >> reporter: fox 25 investigated it follows under the civil member relief act. the sergeant sent the bank a letter she will be active august 2019. >> you're not helping someone that's in the military projecting it -- protecting you. after we called the bank the payments have been forgiven. we contacted j.p. morgan chase which immediately began looking into the family's concern. friday afternoon they e-mailed us a statement saying "we have nothing but
10:59 pm
that protect and serve our country we have been in touch with the customer's family are working with them to quickly resolve the issue. they later got back to us and said not only would they terminate the lease the soldier could keep the car and would have not to make any more payments. resolution for the woman who volunteered to protect her country. the bank really did act quickly today. we confirmed with the family they will be able to keep this vehicle with no more payments. they tell us they are grateful and relieved. for fox 25 investigates, i'm kerry kavanaugh. radar some snow moving into the area. hi everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm vanessa welch. mostly just wet that has been the concern for late tonight not that you will
11:00 pm
snows in the morningmented just be wary of that that's where some of the heaviest snow is happening right now. we'll slide over to the south and west of there. over to waltham and newton. it's certainly doing that. i have a report of coating of now away from norwood that's where the frank ling area. a gradual change from snow to rain as temperatures warm up. so overall you are going to get a coating to maybe an


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