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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  February 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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tonight ins an erin andrews court ca >> her most private moments recorded through a peephole. >> why she's now bringing the hotel for the stalking scandal. then inside charlie sheen's legal battle with denise richards. >> $55,0 a month tax free. >> her allegations of disturbing texts.
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totally candid about her breakup. jennifer garner after her split, did her faith based message help her heal? >> the most important thing is to be reminded of all that really matters. >> inside the controversial new reality sho it fat shachling? >> i don't want to look at reflection the rest of my life. now for february 23, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." the pain is clear on erin andrews face as the battle began over her $75 billion peeping tom lawsuit. >> the man who it served 26 months behind bars. >> but now erin wants the hotel to pay up because she claims they allowed it to happen. we were inside the courtroom for testimony. >> and can you comment about how you feel? how you're doing?
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at times seemed to fight bac tears. she sat in the front row during opening statements well within the view of the jury. >> it's approximate important for her to have a connection with the jury, for the jury to meet her and see her early, so they can start to digest, who she is, how this has him pacted here. >> kelly was in the courtroom. >> in his opening statement, showing jurors inside her hotel room at the nashville marriott, it also showed the people that her. on. side. and video of her without clothes . >> the 37-year-old sportscaster is suing the mar for $37 million, this pillowca prompted a 2008 incident in which barrett pleaded guilty to stalking and shooting those videos.
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of every day, so that's how it's changed me. >> t claimed it too was the victim of barrett. >> did you the hotel's defense strategy is going to be predicated on demonstrating that there wasn't foreseeable, that there was nothing could do to protect against this harm? >> what's next in the trial? rain erin's attorney also call witnesses to show the distress she's experienced during this situation. >> her privacy has been violated and the most extraordinary way and she wants vindication for that. >> erin had also sued marriott international, but the judge dismissed that suit, ruling that a hotel chain cannot be held responsible for security at local franchise. >> it's going to be interesting and a lot of big names will be
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charlie sheen is once again locked in a financial dispute. he about the problems and the child support that he's paying. >> $55,000 a month, each, tax free. you can all live on that, right? >> charlie set up what he calls operati harmony, a plan to bring his kids and exes together. >> i bought houses my neighborhood for brooke and denise and for my girls. i wanted everybody to be in the same neighborhood, it went bad. >> denise richards says that charlie threatened their lives an sent this text to does [ bleep ] and die, your mom is a loser. >> there were texts that were family. them. >> charlie sits down with dr. oz
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actor blames some of his past irrational behavior on steroids. >> i was taking a lot of testosterone cream, i think it went too far with it. so it was kind of like a -- not a roid rage, but a roid disengage, you know? winning! >> he does deny that he said i will kill and your mom. he says he fee at times in his life the devil has possessed him. >> whether or not it was something-i can b victimized by my anger at times. >> and denise claim she is had a hard time finding a new school for her girls acharlie's antics at the previous schools. the real losers this is those children.
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uoco is speaking out about her marriage. >> i just don't want to put with people that you want to be monogamous, but then you're not monogamous. >> k hinting that ing ing that the reason why she broke up with her boyfriend is a that he may have been unfaithful. >> i have always said, he sought me out, he wanted committed. found out he wasn't and i got the receipts to prove it. >> now we w to know what's on this receipt. but in another totally -- talking about her divorce from husband ryan sweeting and the tattoo that she to have. >> i was married for a year and a half. >> a year and a half? >> did you have your wedding day tattooed on your back? >> i thought you were having that tattoo removed, why did you cover it? >> the significance is it was
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>> someday, i just know, it's been magic. >> that was right after the couple's wedding back in 2013, they tied the knot just six months after they started dating and while katy reports her divorce isn't final yet, she's ready to move on. showing off her toned and single bod, she also shared some personal insults >> what are three types of food you can use to get sbem mat. >> oh, spaghetti, marshmallows and chocolate. >> hopefully not all three at the same time. you want to know how obsessed kaley is about the bachelor, she even has a photo of him on her yoga pants. everything's overflowing, the tears, and wild pent up emotion.
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mom lit up twitter after a swig from a bottle. >> fans, you brain watch these girls way too much, she's obviously starting to have real obviously, i don't get the same read. >> despite all jojo stayed, single mom amanda went home sobbing and then had a good driveway cry. next week it's off to sunny jamaica. but next week on nbc. christina is back on voice, in our exclusive season 10 preview, you can s big hair and little fat. >> come on, what are you doing? >> it's the beginning, beginning. there are nights that i would definitely go home tears and cry because i didn't know how competitive adam really was. and then at this point, it's just like couldn't be sweeter and nicer.
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>> demi who nails this christina impersonation fallon last week, previews her video for "stone cold". >> it's actually the hardest video i have ever shot and i was thinking about my grandmother who wasn't doing so well in the hospi >> happiest for her and happiest for you. >> it's like okay, i'm okay with that. >> grandma is okay now, and demi is going on tour. >> i'm touring with nick jonas, not only are we good friends, but business partners now. >> niik jonas just announced that he's single now. now are these women dropping
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up next, we go inside the new reality show controversy. >> i have never been able to tell a guy that i crush on them. and we'll see how jennifer garner's faith based movie gave her strength in hard times.
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c we'll hear that crazy story
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tomorrow on "e.t." "e.t" invite you to attend hollywood's biggest night. >> it doesn't get any bigger than this. >> on the led carpet with america's hottest celebs. fashion correspondent jeane moos and mish chelle michelle. "e.t" at theoscars. >> we're so excited to be going
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>> 2 1/2 hours and by the way, did yo see this? chris rock posted this shot, no explanation, but i'm gettinggetting -- tina fey and amy poehler worked the force three times. he t carly steel that oscar punishing picked the perfect man to host the night. >> how do think chris rock is going to do? >> i think chris rock is the best stan comedian. i think oscar could not have a better host to try and tackle that and find humor it. >> tena and find humor, tena plays embedded reporter looking for her next story. >> this is an extreme environment. >> sunday tena held a special screening of the movie in new york,
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we wanted to know aboutthis, margo partying with kira dell av delavive. >> looking at this picture, i can't why you weren't aware of who was you. >> i think he was having half moon party ann i did it in ten minutes, really, really quickly. six hours later. >> prince harry a seems to find the party, doesn't he? >> a sometimes trouble. we are on the set of jennifer garner's new movie, and coming up, out why it can make you a believer in miracles. >> i have n doubted a day in my life. then we're hanging with the
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finale, as we look a weight loss compe with a very different prize. does this show want you to be skinny to find love? >> i couldn't fit in the regular seat is an
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the biggest has a big winner. this was the moment last night when albe hernandez became the big champion, taki home 2 hoo$,000. >> it wasn't about the money. it was about making a trance formation that i wanted and to be that father i wanted. >> another contestant lost most body weight of any other eliminated contest, so he took home 100grand.
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our lives, we get on the show, we think we're going to win it. >> a lot of work went into that celebration. hernandez may have been the big winner last night, but come on, all the contestants actually won on this show losing a total 1,435 pounds combined. >> that's a lot of weight. there's actually a new weight loss show premiering tomorrow night on tlc, it's causing quite a bit of controversy. >> it's called "fat chance" and it's some eyebrows, because contestants ta a shot to find romance, but does it sends the wrong message, that message being you got to be skinny to find love. >> i have always been overweight and i have never able to tell guys that i had a crush on them. >> the reality series is smart, it pulls you in with those so-called money shots, you know, the of someone shirtless looking in a mirror, feeling
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>> i feel like i'm worthless, i feel like i'm pitiful. >> i don't want to look attmy reflection the rest of my life. >> eighttpeople are given three months to diet and wok rkout to the po of tears so th can finally get enough confidence to tell their secret crushes they're into them. obese women shed 63 pou to finally seduce her high school crush. >> my biggest fear of telling ryan i feel is my --. >> it keeps you in the warming stories and transform magss thathappen. like 14-year-old cheyenne, she started at 22 pounds and had a goal weight of 150 . >> one of my wakeup calls i was going to a theme park and i tried to get in the
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the regular roller coaster seat anymore. and there is more humiliating than when there are workers there saying hey, bring the big man's seat. >> the show is getting healthy and gaining confidence to finally knowyou're worth it, no matter what your size. >> you saw me i didn't feel like myself and i didn't feel comfortable in my own skin. >> when i finally saw my skin, he said the weight loss is great, but it's the woman that you've become, that's icing on top of the cake. >> we also reached out to tlc today, and they said in part, you obviously can't love anybody if you can't love yourself. tomorrow night's premier of "fat chance" featur jonah, who wanteds to confront his high school crush.
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her new film, miracles from hen. it's produced i t.d. jakes. >> and mirac delivers a strong spiritual message when jennifer garner may have needed it most. >> i think miracles from heaven kind of chose me. it felt like something that had been put out thereme. >> here's the question, did a movie about faith and miracles help heal the star? >> i have never doubted a day in my life. jennifer garner made miracles from after the most difficult time in her life, when her 10-year marriage to ben affleck unraveled. she plays the real life mom. in the story, jen's character discovers her 10-year-old has a rare disease. she says knowing her has taken on new meaning. >> she has taken the time to
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like. >> it was a welcome relief for jen who was seen smiling and laughing with her cast members. but seemed like more than just a distraction during a tough time, the film is all about ho on to faith. >> we need it now. >> we have been married 14 years. can you even me? >> you're telling me that this child fell 30 feet hit her head just right, that it didn't kill her, it didn't paralyze her, instead it healed her? >> yes. >> that's impossible.
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film is to reminded of all that matters which is the health of your kids and your family and your loved ones and y so you can be with all those people and to be reminded to look for miracles wherever you can find them. >> so true, so well said. >> in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays,,which emmy award winning comedian o once
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7:27 pm, blake shelton and gwen stefani show pda. but where was gwen's ex? and we're all about the abs, jennifer lopez posts a pic of hers as jennifer vaughn tatum reveals a secret to her abs and bootie. it's all on answer to our birthday quiz, who once worked for an ai booking
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as a special birthday pres fox just announced they're producing a new series called "the enfrs orcer enforcers". >> we talkkd to real fay resnik when it was all going down and we're going to take you back there tomorrow. by, everybody. >> beverly hills housewife said
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harvey: the kardashians are kind of like the mooneys back in the day because now rob has a house in calabasas. they have completely taken over this community. >> it seems that kris may have helped him by this house. >> i think it's a way to take him away from blac chyna. >> why is it already somebody manipulating rob kardashian? best sdpigss like for himself? >> no! >> "baywatch" the movie. it. the rock and zac efron were on set. zac efron looking pretty ripped next to the rock. >> i'm having a weird day because i would take the rock over zac efron. >> if zac efron walked down the


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