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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  July 29, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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[chanting hillary] julie now at 4:00, the convention ends with a historic speech from hillary clinton as she goes right after her rival. >> a man you can date with a trust with a nuclear weapon. >> julie: her promise to voters as election day draws closer. a man due in court for trying to kidnap and sexually assault woman. >> he tried to open the door and get her in and he ran away. >> the suspect along for the ride that has the suspect facing an extra charge. portions of new england are under a flashflood watch.
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coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. . good morning to you. you made it to friday. happy friday, july 29. i am catherine parrotta. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. we are in for a muggy and rainy day. meteorologist jason brewer in the weather center tracking the storm heading our way. >> jason: good morning. muggy, rainy. if you are not under a flashflood watch. a chance for soaking rain to come by. this needed but unfortunately when you get all at once it can create dangerous driving conditions. plymouth county, cape and islands the flashflood watch in effect until 9:00 tonight. 2 to 4 inchs of rain. cape and island greatest risk thanks to this spinning low basically after coastal virginia.
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surface map does snow low getting organized right here. not strong but enough for this moisture in play to produce locally heavy rain. we have seen that around the worcester area pockets of yellows and oranges moving through this morning. you see some of your roads affected. grove street and pleasant street right in worcester. very heavy rain to start the day. some of these lighter showers making it closer to the north and south shore but drier as you hea up. taking a look at traffic. things moving along nicely. it is 4:00 in the morning. this is what we have come to expect north of the pike nothing slowing you down. south of the pike, expressway moving along fine. all of the icons are overnight construction projects that typically wrap up around 5 a.m. live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 23 minutes on 93 out. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls.
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is dead following a crash between a car and a tractor-trailer on route 1 in plainville. the crash happened at around 9:30 last night just over a mile from the plainridge park casino 37 the 26-year-old driver of that car was killed. a young girl in the car suffered minor injuries. route 1 was closed for a short time but it is now back open. for the first time ever, a woman is a presidential nominee for a major political party. chris welch has a look at t >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> reporter: following a personal speech by her daughter chelsea clinton. >> every single memory i have of my mom is that regardless of what was happening in her life, she was always, always there for me. >> reporter: hillary clinton took the stage thursday night telling the audience that america is at a moment of
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threatening to pull us apart. bonds of trust and respect are fraying. we have to decide whether we will all work together so we can all rise together. >> reporter: pointing out her differences with her republican challenger donald trump.just ask yourself. do you really think that donald trump has the temperament to be commander in chief even handle the rough-and-tumble of a presidential campaign. a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. >> reporter: continuing the process of trying to bring her divided party together. >> bernie, your campaign infired millions of americans. to all of your supporters here and around the country, i want
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your cause is our cause. [cheering] >> reporter: the general election season now officially kicks off with just over 100 days until americans go to the polls in november. in philadelphia, i am chris welch. >> julie: clinton's acceptance speech is getting a stamp of approval from the current commander in chief. president obama tweeted great speech, she is tested. his ready. she will never the president cracked a joke assuring that clinton will take over the potus. one person not excited about clinton's speech is donald trump. he used twitter. in one tweet trump wrote no one has worst judgment than hillary clinton. corruption and devastation follows her wherever she goes. trump blasted clinton for the war in the middle east and not mentioning radical islam. fox25 is wrapping up
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fox25 is live in philadelphia after a late night at the big speech. we are checking in with him at 5:00. one person in custody and the hunt continues for other possible suspects after two san diego police officers were hot. it happened late last night. about 90 minutes ago police tweeted the conditions of those two officers are unknown. we will have an update as soon as more information comes in. this morning a lynn man will appear in court. he is accused of sexually assaulting and trying to kidnap a young daughter was riding within a car. fox25 tells malini basu that the woman managed to escape after fighting back. a 25-year-old woman walking down the street was sexually assaulted. punched in the eye and nearly kidnapped. it happened around 9:30 monday night on revere street in winthrop. >> he opened up the door and she ran away, and she ended up going to 7-eleven with a
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go for a ride. she rejected his offer and went around revere street. >> reporter: the 25-year-old suspect was driving his gray honda civic with his 3-year-old daughter in the back seat. >> telling her that, come on, get in the car. i have money. i have drugs. please get in the car. she said no. he ordered her in the car, he said no. >> reporter: the woman ran to a nearby convenience store to get help. >> makes me feel very uneasy, angry. >> he assaulted her by punching her in the face, throwing her to the ground and sexually assaulting her. >> reporter: partillo from lynn was visiting his mother in the area. investigators believe this isn't the first time that he preyed on woman. >> we saw this car following the girl. >> reporter: she said she you a the gray honda civic last week. >> we saw the girl jump out of the car and went running in
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herself. >> reporter: in the latest case even though the victim was attacked she managed to get the suspect's license plate. >> to hear something like this, it is just unheard of really, really. stuff like this just don't happen here. >> reporter: in winthrop, melani basu. >> charged with attempted kidnapping, sexual aall the and child endangerment charges. police believe that he may are done this before. they are urging anyone with information to come forward. second time this month human remains at a everett still have site. investigators believe the new discovery could help solve their case. skyfox was over the scene. the area belongs to national grid the place where they moved dirt for construction purposes. the district attorney believes the bones and clothing they found belong to the same set of remains found earlier this month. >> what we are most concerned with is finding the people who knew and loved this woman and having her identified. >> reporter: right now the da
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between 26 and 52 years old and most likely white. she had a plate in her left leg to repair a very harsh break and two broken bones in her nose which could indicate she had plastic surgery. relatives of a child who died while attempting -- or attending a day catch in boston want to know why most of the counselors were fjers. 7 world kazr willis died on carson beach. 24 of the 28 counselors working that day were 15 or 16 years old. those numbers are well within state requirements, but the willis family said more adults should have been there. >> i think more monitoring should be done when you are responsible with someone's child. >> reporter: the director of the community center where the day camp was held is on administrative leave until the death of willis sunday investigation. 4:9. a local police chief are denying charges that his officers are being intimidated
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from around the state gathered in somerville to protest a black lives matter banner. the union representing somerville police organized the rally. the mayor cord erred kurtone to remove the banner and the mayor refused. some percent did not attend the rally because of a appearance of fear in the police department. black lives matters supporters held a rally. they urged the mayor to keep the banner up at city hall. a new hampshire woman is facing charges for painting a black lives matter mural. the ion was painted under a overpass. pictures of her creating that image and on social media. she was arrested yesterday. they athat underpass is state property which she vandalized.
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administrator made the announcement. it comes after the facility where workers handle $200 million each year. money rooms in boston and cambridge have major security flaws including broken locks and doors that have been left propped open. the mbta wants a contract in place by october. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes and drive times nice and easy. single digits on the expressway. 9 minutes to the braintree split to the exit to the pike. jason. >> jason: a wet start in many locations. in southern new england, track can heavy rain over keene, worcester all ready to begin our friday. portions of the area under a flashflood watch. we will tell you what that means for your area coming up. a calm day at the gas station and then boom right there, the area blanketed by a flame-fighting foam. only on fox25 this morning, two teens caught in the middle talk about the terrifying experience that had them running for cover.
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welcome back to the fox25 morning news. right now dry in most of plymouth county. we are under a flashflood watch. pockets of heavy rain coming into worcester county and also here around the keene area. a start to a wet friday coming up.
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general maura healy is getting report. healy's five recent predecessors says they are confident that her actions are tootional and in the rights of her duty. tootional and in the rights of her duty. gun rights advocates say healy . a college has cancelled plans to do a play about the san bernandino attacks. they planned to perform sb strong this fall after many objections by relatives of victims. the school realized an apology and cancelled hoedt. in september, the couple shot and killed 14 people during a christmas party. the two later were killed in a shootout of police. people visiting the french city of can nes say bags must be left at home. the bags have been banned after the terrorist threat.
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killed and two weeks after the attack in nice that killed 84 people in bastille day. an unusual request from chicopee police. they are warning people to say no if someone asks to use their cell phones. someone preys on good samaritans. makes a sob story of needing to make a call and then runs off once it is over. massachusetts is in a drought and it is getting worse. 40% of the state is now in a sere and that means we can expect more water restrictions across the state. some communities are already cracking down on water usage. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes and 4:16 and i love looking at these traffic flows early in the morning because wide open on the prey. 128 moving along fine. north of the pike 93 south and route 1 without any fish ewe. 25 minutes on the pike
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av 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist jason brewer in for shiri. jason, you are make looking at rain making into town. >> jason: heavy rain. flashflooding the moderate risk for that. the lowest threat any wind damage that pops up with any of the stronger cells or thunderstorms that develop. the flashflood watch h connecticut, plymouth and cape and islands. models trending the southeastern areas of massachusetts under the greatest risk. and that continues to be the trend this morning. i am watching low pressure near the virginia coastline making its way northeast ward. a big ball of lightning out over the atlantic to that does one thing that kind of robs the moisture right now from areas north of it, to as we go to the west, we are seeing new
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coming eastward. heavy storm near atlantic city, new jersey going through portions of new york, southern connecticut all headed our way and you can see we have pockets of heavy rain in worcester county and up around keene. zoom in near worcester. some of your streets that are impacted early this morning. this is westwood drive. a very heavy rain and all the way up here toward stratton, we are seeing heavier downpours in worcester county as well. now take look at the radar east along the pike, pumping up close to peabody and even into boston but just enough where you are wiping the windshield wipers. and back into plymouth county, spotty sprinkles if you will. barnstable, edgartown. nantucket. no threat for any rain. that flashflood watch in effect for you. temperatures in the low to middle 70s. it is on the warm and muggy side. i have seen fog.
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our day planner pretty much stuck in the efforts. starting the 70s and finishing in the 70s and rain likely everywhere at noontime. by 3 p.m., low pressure is starting to pull away so the greatest risk for the heavy, steady rain, the cape and the islands, by 7:00, many areas are dry. so it is not going to be a total soaker into the evening. i do esome improvement headed our way. there are temperatures. as we we brighten up a tad north and westward lower 80s around fitchburg and possibly keene. our rain chance just about nil on saturday, but sunday and monday we got to bring that rain chance back in. show you what is going on. saturday is dry. best chance well west of us as we get into sunday, the interior locations of southern new england will see a chance for a shower. we will are this onshore wind flow so i think we will keep
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chance for rain popping up for the back half of the weekend. especially take you into the higher terrain out west. take a look at the seven-day forecast. 90s but we have rain to deal with. we have been watching the radar minute by minute throughout the morning on your weekend. lower 80s. 70s return on sunday with a little bit of rain coverage. and inland not so much the beaches. monday and tuesday teer below normal for a change. back to you. 4:20 now. a new hampshire inmate is back in custody after a short-lived getaway. the major clue that one man said tipped him off that something wasn't right. only on station, a pair of teenagers shaken up of a a scary incident at a gas
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marco. big papi: polo. marco. polo. marco! polo. ? dunkin' iced ? marco. polo. ? livin' in a dunkin' paradise ? marco. a scary scene at a local gas station. look at this.
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a nontoxic foam but can be irritating if it gets on your skin. a pair of teenagers is talking about being caught in the middle of it only with fox25's christine mccarthy. >> it was very scary. >> reporter: natick teenagers jackie and sara had never seen anything like this before. >> i thought it was some kind of attack. >> reporter: they never even heard of it. >> the gas station, we thought it was exploding. >> reporter: a strange white powder pouring from the ceiling of a in millis. multiple angles on surveillance video show the substance blanketing cars including sara when she was pumping gas. >> this made it scarier was it toxic. >> reporter: the cloud of white is sodium bicarbonate and a fire suppression. the system had likely malfunctioned because of the heat. >> my brain went to firefight mode. i thought i have to get out of here.
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>> reporter: an ambulance took sara and jackie covered in white powder to the hospital. >> i called my mom crying because i didn't know what had happened. >> reporter: flushed out their eyes and took chest sprays as a precaution. >> it burned in really bad and dried everything out. >> reporter: laugh being the unusual experience. >> if there was a fire, it would have gone out. >> reporter: christine mccarthy, fox25 news. police cred ate resident for alerting them and helping them catch a man trying to break into a cool. they spotted him with a crowbar still in his hand. the proof that the saying you see see something, say something really works. right now men who have been sexually active in the past year aren't allowed to donate and now they are
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waiting for public input. the ban was put in place to reduce the risk of the spread of hiv. debt collectors who hound borrowers may be required to back off. the protection bureau has new rules to contact consumers. third party collector also have to prove that a debt is owed. will give more resources to dispute their bills. consumer groups call the proposal a good first step. >> we need to limit the num need to impose better penalties on debt collectors who break the law. >> a trade group for the credit and collection industry say they help mall businesses keep their doors open and collect small debts owed to them. surveillance cameras capture the moment this thief came away with hair
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$800. thanks to the hefty price tag a big black market to extensions. >> julie: he must have had a inside line that these extensions. >> catherine: 30,000 worth. that's a lot. the sox and angels are gearing up for another face. a look at the bizarre ending. pamela smart back in the
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. right now on the fox25 morning news, waking up, pockets of heavy rain. a flashflood watch in effect for southeastern massachusetts today. much more on the timing of the heavy showers coming up. the democratic party has spoken and now so has their nominee.
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for president of the united states! >> julie: the harsh word clinton has for her rival. in san diego, two people shot and the manhunt for more suspects. more human remains at an still have site. the major clues that could help them make an identification. >> complete new eng this is the fox25 morning news. julie good friday morning. 4:30 on why you will 29. i am julie grauert. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. heavy rain coming our way. jason brewer is in the storm tracker weather center. jason, that rain will bring flashflood watch. >> the cape and islands two, three, four inches of rain depending on where the showers have set up.


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