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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 1, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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today on "right this minute" -- >> one of the most remarkable rescues we have ever seen. >> this could be mucky, muddy slime. >> see what a hero is trying to save in a video gone viral. an armed robber is no match for a feisty clerk. >> you gonna pay. >> she's armed, too, with a pricing gun. a kayaker is sucked under by a whirlpool. >> he's going to be able to survive longer. >> how he escaped the spin cycle in nature's washing machine. >> last night -- >> a devastated pet owner takes to the streets. >> to ask the locals if they spotted him. >> see the search right now, "right this minute."
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the night. what creature is making tracks in this goopy, mucky, muddy slime in poland? >> sea turtled? >> no. >> it's a human. >> wait, what? >> that human got himself into the mud to rescue that white tailed eagle. >> >> it took an hour. when he first went out there, the rope wasn't long enough. he had to crawl back to shore, get another rope. >> rescuing from quick sand. >> this is the beginning of a fossil here. he gets the bird out. thousands of years, they may dig it up. >> you can see how far. >> yeah. >> the wings where it's pushing itself along. it must have got exhausted by the end. >> the guy had to crawl out
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is breathing deeply. this was maximum, physical effort. they didn't know it was still alive. they sent the drone out to get proof of life. now the guy crawled out there to get it. >> it looked like a seagull in the background. >> i know i'm not an eagle, but can i get some help please? anybody? >> he had to put the eagle on his chest. >> the distance that time. >> what is wrong? nothing, no civilization. unbelievable. >> see a little video of them getting that bird cleaned up. >> spread eagle. getting cleaned up. >> amazing that one guy was willing to get out there and save the eagle.
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>> the videos and bizarre behavior. the first one in the uk. this guy is walking into what looks like a garage. there's a car parked there. pulls the bike over. pours liquid in and then this happens. >> oh! >> oh, man. >> yes, the car gos up in flames. here is what we didn't see. >> did you take a picture? >> yeah. >> he had his cell phone and took a picture. >> was this a >> is this the car? >> all right. >> we don't know why this person did this. like you, they took a picture of the car to be sure it was the right one. perhaps, somebody called in a hit on the car because it belonged to a pub owner. >> as simple from someone getting thrown out of the pub. it happens all the time. maybe someone decided to get revenge. >> to similar incidents like
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flames. authorities think they might be linked and they are looking for the person. >> this takes place in australia. a guy is walking to the store. a woman at the register. he has gloves on and a hat. they exchange words. he's threatening her with a pen. he puts the pan on top of her. she goes after him with this pricing gun. >> you gonna pay today! you gonna pay! >> away. police are looking for him. this is weird, weird instances of criminals doing weird stuff. a great day kayaking in up state new york. >> covered in safety equipment. he's having a grand old time. somebody is watching it happen from the side of the river.
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>> oh, gosh. >> i wouldn't want to fall. >> now, the nightmare begins. >> he is in this huge, swirling whirlpool and can't get out. >> start holding your breath. >> you can see him, struggling against the current pushing him around. it's really hard to get close to the edge. already you can tell he's starting to get tired. now, he gets jammed up against the rock. he grabs on the giant water fall he came down, thundering by the head. it's pushing the whirlpool constantly, a constant force you can't escape. >> the water quickly rights itself. it's only for a short time. >> the problem is your energy is going to be drained. >> after paddling all that time, then to get dumped, that's bad. >> then he gets dumped again for
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you can see flashes of kayak and the constant rush of bubbles that blocks the vision. he kicked himself out of the kayak. he's trying to save himself. >> where are his buddies? >> they know it's dangerous. they will set up and be ready throw catch lines. >> his friends have seen where he is. they realize he is in distress. [ bleep ]. >> we shift back to shore. tiring. he cannot grab hold of the slippery do not worry. salvation is on the way. throw that safety line out. he grabs hold. look at the white knuckle grip he has. get hit by the kayak as it comes by. he keeps holding on. his friends get closer. one moment of desperation. you can hear it right here. just help. >> let go of the rope. grab his arm. >> he gets out of the whirlpool. sits there.
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they notice the silver lining. they cut it off. >> you in? >> then here at the end, i believe this is short. you can see the relief on his face. a tooth ache or knocked in the jaw real bad, it hurts, doesn't it? >> yeah. >> it ain't nothing compared to this. construction workers pointing out this guy here. ahhh! >> did it go all the way through? >> oh, man did it go all the way through. it looks like he fell near all these reinforcement rods. no hard hat is going to help you in this situation. it looks like the rebar punctured underneath his chin and out his mouth. >> considering how many bars are there, it's amazing it just went through his jaw. >> you are right. it's hard to say he is lucky,
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impaled. the steel bar could have gone through his brain. if you have ever driven by a construction site, the plastic discs on top of rebar. this is why they do that, in case somebody falls. you don't have all these spikes sticking up. >> i love how the guys are pointing out with a smile on their face. a guy walked in. you know what i mean? they are working on this poor fella. they have already cut the rebar above his head near his jaw, then, doink. a piece of metal in his mouth. this momma shows off the high altitude. nine months pregnant. >> see how she dances for two at 9,000 feet. time to go extreme. >> looks like another jump. >> find out why there's nothing
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool r closed captioning provide by -- - ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] this video we found for you looks like just another bungee jump, right? two jumpers other jump and the bungee pulls you up. yeah! that's awesome. but, if i tell you this is a bungee jump in russia, you know there ain't nothing normal about this bungee jump. >> that's a game changer. >> watch what happens as soon as they start swinging on the course. one of them brings out a blade and starts giving the other a haircut. >> oh, come on.
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straight razor. >> right. >> this is dangerous for the guy getting a haircut and dangerous for the guy with the razor. >> the 30-year-old barber thought, hey, let's give it a shot. found someone to do it with him. >> you know what i mean? a rat tail. >> he didn't really have a plan. here is the thing. all the way to the beginning of the video, you can see the barber is holding the blade as they are about to go making him super nervous when the jump pulls, it could have gone right through the poor victim. >> they are in russia. the biggest thing is -- >> people will challenge. people could take him to art. >> some people argue this is art. >> the upside is, if he doesn't like it, blame it on the bungee thing. >> true. >> it's just hair, it will
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it was dancing to the beat of her own drum. she don't care what they say about her. >> oh, hey, hey. >> this momma is very pregnant and she enjoyed dancing. she is going to continue dancing up until she gives birth. >> it might make birth easier. >> she jumps and waits and doe >> i would love to visit colorado. you can tell the elevation, she is doing this at 9,000 feet like it's no big deal. >> that's why the video is titled that way. she can do what she wants, when she wants as long as it's good for her and her baby. people on the internet have their opinions. >> internet opinions?
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>> she does her dance hands. >> i can't see how anybody can have a problem with this. she looks so strong, so comfortable and capable. what is the problem? >> she's having a good time. she hopes this video will continue to empower women to love their bodies and continue to do what they do. fiber silk is known for strength and other things like trapping prey, building a home, in this case, i have never seen a spider web do this. somebody caught a spider, trapped it and accidentally one of the legs got caught under the glass and was damaged. watch what the spider is doing with its web. >> casting its own leg? >> exactly. >> no! no! >> spiders are known for being resourceful. this one is treating itself for a broken leg.
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watching this. have you ever seen something so epic? >> the macguiver of spiders. >> scientific breakthrough. >> macgyver. >> it looks like granny knitting. no problem, i'll do this. no problem. >> it's amazing it tried. it's got seven other legs. i dn' that important to stitch it up yourself. >> get rid of one of yours and see how you do. >> fed up with her man playing pokemon go. she's sending a message to put an end to the madness. it's not a good idea -- >> to offer a seagull some food.
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he was like yeah. >> sounds like an excuse to me. >> oh, i see. pokemon 101. >> not if she has anything to say about it. i guess that's beyond -- >> get an hour and a half away. >> everything seems perfectly normal. >> you he's playing with me. >> stay away. >> you are over reacting. he's trying to find a way to put a spark back in their relationship, come on. >> he leveled up on crazy there. >> this is hilarious. is this joking around or a really, really scared boyfriend out there? >> i don't know.
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star. either way, it's hilarious and a great reminder for fellows to pay attention to their women. >> be careful what you wish for, kids. ?? >> it was first shared on twitter from new jersey. it's been retweeted thousands and thousands and thousands of
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help! >> give us everything you've got, kid. i'm going to eat you alive. >> mine, mine, mine. >> apparently while he was scared in this moment, he still gets a good laugh out of the whole incident. that's good. >> the whole incident. >> the whole internet will get a laugh out of this one, >> something meaningful now. what is your comment? >> all we need is love. >> how long are you going to sit there? >> that guy didn't wind up with a poop head, if you know what i mean. >> i know what you mean. i have been pooped on. >> at the end, i think the seagull had enough of a show and
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>> we had to find him. >> his squirrel has gone missing. >> he takes to the streets to see if locals spotted him. >> he ran away.
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it or give it to them? >> that's the one you sit on yo pretty. >> tragedy struck this home. >> last night, our pet squirrel kenny ran away from home. >> it's a bad day when your pet squirrel runs away. >> that is something to look at. it's almost real. it's going to be easy to spot him with the belongings. >> yeah. yeah. >> i'm the guy looking for the
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see if they spotted kenny. >> we had a pet squirrel and think he ran away during the night. we are devastated. >> we'll keep our eyes open for you. >> yeah. the good thing is their neighbors are kind. >> kind or patient? >> tolerant. >> this is going to sound weird, but we have a pet squirrel and he ran away. do you know if he's been here? >> not that i'm aware of. >> i love entertaining him. >> you have to not -- he ran away, all right? >> gotcha. >> last night, my wife got mad at him. my wife got mad and shoed him away. he fell off the table and cracked his table and got up and said you mother [ bleep ]. my wife cried. she's a mess right now. >> we'll keep our eyes open.
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conversations of these people after he drives away. >> or the ones in their own head, wondering what the heck is wrong with this person. no word on whether he's been found. if you see him, let ed's master know. ?? that's a look at today's best viral videos. for more, go to marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! s?? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising.
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now at 10:00 at this house lawmakers are sorting through several bills with a looming mid-night deadline. >> what would do you with half a billion dollars? well, one lucky winner who purchased a ticket here in new hampshire gets to find outside. tonight as new hampshire as a state wins big as well. i'm tracking more ra showers arrive in your town and how long this soggy pattern lasts. have you seen this trailer a local boy scout troupe devastated to learn it was stolen tonight how you can help track it down. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. umbrellas and rain boots must haves today for the


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