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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  August 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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yellow popping up in here you will see it right there. so in the berkshires some slightly heavier shower activity. especially this round. most of the activities will either die out or dive south of us overnight. still a few showers make it into eastern new england first thing in the morning for your morning drive. we'll talk more about that with some heat on the way and weekend showers. a new timeline just ahead. >> to track the weather wherever you are download the fox 25 storm one police chase comes to a crashing end while another one whizes by while police are on the scene of the first one. fox 25's malini basu live in new bedford. malini, it's a wild afternoon out there? >> reporter: it really was, vanessa. here the 50-year-old is at st. luke's hospital where a team of doctors are evaluating him. tonight police say that man led them on a 20 mile police chase.
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the police chase that ended in new bedford. investigators say the driver of the chevy blazer randall harrison was waving a hatchet out of the window. >> there was a chevy blazer coming right at me swerving all over the road. i didn't know what to do. i pulled over and i saw another 10 cop cars behind them. >> reporter: local and state police from several jurisdictions gave chase. you could see he still tried to get away. seconds later officers were out with their he didn't want to get out of the vehicle so they had to force him out. >> it's like something is going on. >> reporter: during the chase investigators say the 50-year-old poured lighter flewoid himself and on his car. >> they had spike strips and everything. there was white s.u.v.s and i'm like maybe these are federal agents. >> reporter: the chase started in rochester on
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hitting his car with a hatchet. earlier this evening fox 25 cameras were at his new bedford home local and state police were searching through his third floor apartment. but in the end police seavered his chevy and found the hatchet and nooifs. witnesses who were caught in the middle of the chase were stunned. >> i look behind me again there's like 50, scwi cop cars behind me. >> reporter: moments after this chase ended police were chasing this man for driving on three wheels. >> once again harrison is here at st. luke's hospital where doctors are evaluating him. in the meantime investigators say harrison has a lingy criminal record. tonight we can also tell you that officers are standing by his side making sure he doesn't try to make a run for it. live in nested, malini basu, fox -- live in new bedford, malini basu, fox 25 news. if you are pregnant the
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are telling to you stay away from a town in miami, florida. fox 25's ted daniel is live. this isn't great news for a lot of travelers. >> reporter: yeah, mark, up until recently all the people who were infected in the u.s. were caught zika while travelling outside the country. the reason for the warning tonight is health officials say that mosquitoes in the u.s. e virus. >> we now advise pregnant women not to travel to this one mile area north of downtown miami. >> reporter: it's an area nicole levy is very familiar with her. her family of five lives in miami. we met them as they were gathering their bags for a week vacation in boston. >> getting zika like reports
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>> so it's a popular place. >> reporter: 10 new cases of zika were reported today in what the c.d.c. calls the first locally transmitted zika outbreak in the u.s. at this point the outbreak is confined to wynnewood a trendy art and shopping district located in the city's midtown section. the c.d.c. is urging expectant mothers to stay away. >> etc. what it is it's a -- it is what it is. it's a catch-22. you can travel across the street and get something it does especially dangerous for pregnant women linked to to birth defects. avoiding mosquito bites is the only defense. anywhere in the southern u.s. where we have this type of mosquito present it's really important to prevent mosquito bites that's difficult but you can protect yourself. >> reporter: since january at least 10 massachusetts residents have tested positive for zika.
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people contracted zika while travelling outside of the country and at this point they say there is no cause for concern about zika spreading in this state. reporting live at logan airport, ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> we know have you a lot of questions about zika how keep yourself safe. on fox 25 boston right now we have extended coverage including the five things you need to know about zika and where to get more details from the c.d.c.. busted a multistate crime ring that's stolen more than $200,000 from a.t.m.s across new england. two lawrence men david barker and monteiro were arrested on early monday morning for heading up the ring. the essex county d.a. says they broke in. at arraignment the prosecutor told the court more evidence was discovered at the homes of the of the two men. >> with respect to the search warrants we received
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pretty much all the break-ins approximately $100,000. both suspects ordered held on half million dollar bail each. arrest warrants are out for more suspects. in the morning a day camp where one 7-year-old boy drown last week will be reopened. tonight parents of the kids who go there got a rundown. fox 25's john monahan is live in south boston with a rundown on what's going to happen in the morning. hn >> mark, we were here as parents were inside at a private meeting to update them on the changes. one by one as they exited they tell us they are satisfied. one woman told fox 25 her daughter has gone here for the past five years after what she heard tone she's convinced tomorrow the drop-in center will be the safest place in the city. a memorial sits in front of the community center. flowers and stuffed animals in place to remember kaiser
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here last tuesday. tomorrow the drop-in center will reopen. >> it's just sad sometimes it takes a horrific event just to bring change. i think we'll see as we move forward here how the changes work. >> reporter: the changes included a private meeting at the center tonight for parents. fox 25 the only camera at the meeting but we were not allowed inside. outside though parents did tell us off camera they are procedures. among those changes a head count procedure. front desk staffing that now requires parents to sign in and sign out their children. a child staff ratio change including a minimum ratio of 10 to two for kids ages 6 and under. ocean procedures that now require every child who goes in the water to wear a life vest. and new security cameras. 34 cameras will be brought
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mayor walsh says today was also a chance to review those changes with camp counsellors. >> today was our first day back. we had a briefing with the kids today and a training session and tomorrow the camp will be open. >> and on everyone's mind at the training the loss of 7-year-old kaiser. >> you know they're upset. they really loved this little boy. loved kaiser. >> now we did reach out kaiser's family to get their thoughts on the changes being made. his dad tells fox 25 by tone tonight it is just too early for him to speak about this. live in south boston, john monahan, fox 25 news. a man convicted of sexually abusing multiple boys will be heading to massachusetts very soon. matthew feeney is serving time in minnesota but will be extradited here to face charges including child rape. his alleged victim is a relative was just 14 at the time of the incident in
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guilty but in 2013 he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting two young brothers who were clients of his minnesota casting agency. the mother of the local victim tells us her family has been waiting five years for justice. >> whatever matthew feeney has to serve he will be done he'll get out but my son will serve a life sentence. >> in 1992, feeney received probation for three child sex abuse convictions. a court date has not been set for his fu police in nashua are looking to identify a man who held up a citizens bank this morning. police say the suspect did not show a weapon gut got away with cash. last seen wearing a blue sweatshirt a red baseball cap and sunglasses. if you know this man might be contact nashua police. massachusetts man is charged with murder tonight in connection with a shooting death in lynn. police in manchester, new hampshire arrested flores
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tracking him down and making a traffic stop. he's wanted in connection with the july murder of philip russo of peabody who was shot and killed after a party on chestnut street. police in newton are investigating claims that man was attacked outside of a cricket club overnight. he was walking along hammond street when two men in masks and hoodies jumped him. the victim said he was slashed with a box cutter. newton detectives are hoping to review surveillance video for more information but so far ha n arrests. a u.s. navy tugboat searching for answers as the final resting spot of the cargo ship el faro. 33 crew members including three people with local ties died when the cruise ship sank in a hurricane. massachusetts state senator was expected to have surgery today but was still unclear what's wrong. he was rushed to mass general hospital over the
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said he needed surgery within 48 hours but did not indicate why. the senator donnelly is currently in his second term. he represents arlington, billerica, burlington. happy update to a story we brought you last week. this is 7-year-old gabby mahoney. last week she was struck by a car while riding her bicycle on route 130 in mash apache helicopters today officers from the mashpee police department stopped by spaulding rehab in boston to pay her a special visit. we're happy to say she's doing much better home soon. tracking a few showers out there tonight and more to our west. make it on in here just in time for your morning drive. we'll time that on through the area and talk about when the heat returns later this week. after an school skating club? the local community that started one up and the reason organizers say there's no reason for anyone
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there are new plans for after an school skating club and it's for elementy >> local satanic temple in the boston area wants to open up this program in four cities. some say it's a publicity stunt but organizers told fox 25's kathryn burcham this isn't being done for shock value. >> this spooky music the red letter stretched across the screen has local parents confused. >> i don't know what to say. >> reporter: an evangelical christians concerned.
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>> reporter: travis helped start the boston chapter of the satanic temple this spring. he says the religious group doesn't worship the devil and is quickly growing. >> satanism is not so much about standing in a darkroom with candle it's focused on intelligence, learning more, reaching out to the world. >> reporter: but they want to expand that by starting the after school satan club. to offer an alternative to christian religious programs like the good news club. today they sent l.a., atlanta, florida and oregon asking for permission to allow them to use school facilities. >> i think parntsd should not overreact but recognize it for the stunt it is. if you leave them alone they'll go home including the good news club will continue teaching character to kids. >> reporter: while they are questioning the validity of
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they are serious about promoting religion. >> do you think parents will send their kids to the after school program. >> i will be shocked if parents weren't allowing their kids to go. >> leaders say they building are their national headquarters at an undisclosed location in boston and will continue to fund-raise for the after school program. >> a warning for people who live in worcester county. the sheriff says there has been a number of recent phone scams. investigators say people are told there's a warrant for their arrest and in order avoid going to jail they need to pay a fine. the worcester county sheriff says his department does not contact residents demanding payment. police in sharon say a man posing as a housekeeper was actually cleaning out homes of valuables. they're looking for the guy you see here. sharon police say the rhode island man stole several pricey items from a home earlier this year. he has ties to several other states may be travelling around pulling off this scam
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it was 35 years ago that mtv hit the tv. channel still holds value to its roots of music and entertainment. to say happy birthday to mtv and kevin, i know you're a huge van we have been talking about this on facebook tonight. you still have the vhs and i have some vhs tests from the live aid -- cassettes from the live >> i was a baby but i got into mtv. it was huge when i was in junior high. this is fox 25 boston today it's a beautiful shot. today we saw a picture of the week during our 6:00 newscast as well. vanessa may have showed you that.
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nice day for the beach and some spots. some places got cloudy other places had some sunshine this is in essex over the marsh in essex. a lot of clouds out that way as well. thanks for the beautiful pictures tonight. a couple showers in southwest new hampshire right now. will little darker green in here around dublin. these showers just these are the showers of greater concern. lanes borough some yellow showing up. see the heavy rain here just talking to the national weather service about this how these are blossoming and most of it is moving to the south of us tonight overnight. i don't see any thunder or lightning happening. those are heavy showers. headed towards litchfield county in connecticut. most of the activity is going to our south.
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show these showers moving on in in short-term and be very accurate. so in worcester you would expect there's going to be some showers through the morning at 4:30. notice they move to the coast the heaviest will stay to our south but we'll get some showers here in western massachusetts through the morning. the clouds will start to break up around lunchtime. but will still be at least mostly cloudy. 70? out there right now in boston. overnight tonigh notice cloudy skies no hint of showers in these icons but there is a alcohol chance for a shower to come on through boston in the morning. keep it sunny right through wednesday. pollen levels will start to go up this week. in fact, tomorrow afternoon might start to feel 18 crease in those mostly
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especially ragweed. high temperatures tomorrow it works. 79? wayland. the farther northwest you go better chance you have of seeing any sun to pop out. you want to go to the beach your best chance to see some sunshine less of a chance on nantucket. i believe you will see some peeks of sun. we're watching this system for development. way notted to show this to you because the tropical storm warning but there's not a named storm. here's your seven-day forecast showing the ramp up friday. hottest day of the week before the bront comes through on saturday with some thunderstorms to break the heat. all right, kevin. an update on the red sox in seattle. a full report inside gillette stadium and more from tom brady and kevin faulk's induction. a little touch? as he donned
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ask. >> ever since i got here on friday i have been hearing people talking about kevin faulk how much of a great athlete he was and what he meant to the new england patriots. but the one thing that stood outside was he was an even better person. >> man does any quote sum up kevin faulk than that. you take 45 kevin faulks on your day and win the super bowl every year.
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he brought it game after game, year after year. today he soaked in the praise and cheered along with the crowd when tom brady showed up in his number 33 jersey. the theme tonight was respect the utmost respect for a clutch player. >> i feel a lot faster in this jersey already. [laughter] faster, more elusive, better hands, a lot tougher. thank you guys what a wonderful night. this is you know such a specia all the players to come back and to honor one of the great ones that i've ever played with and i've played with a lot of great ones and a lot of them are here tonight. >> after the ceremony the pats held an open practice in the stadium for season ticket holders. butch stearns there was he checks up with this wrap-up. >> reporter: a big night at gillette stadium kevin faulk's hall of fame celebration before this night then the patriots player practice in front of all these fans. >> it's awesome. you know, there's nothing
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in the league. so it's great. >> it's just practice. >> it's just practice too i can't imagine what games are going to be like. >> they are the greatest fans in the world. patriots nation it's great being out here. 92 it's great, man. that's a big for. >> so after a night practice at gillette patriots have tomorrow night off. sports. >> runningbacks did not make a blockbuster but they traded minor leather for fernando who join the sox in seattle as they play a four game series against the mariners this week. game one in progress as we speak. this is what we've got for so you far. rodriguez sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. gets his body in the way of that one then gets it over to hanley for a double play. 0-0.
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take our side only. >> our side only. we got some showers moving in tonight and tomorrow. [laughter] ock. >> wednesday, thursday, friday and thunderstorms we'll turn the corner and get really hot again this week. not as hot as we've been recently but in the low 90s many towns west of boston. then this weekend we will front. in the morning shiri will be tracking some showers they are holding towing as they come in from new york. be sure to check in with her starting at 4:00 a.m. >> did i see a weekend that's a bit unsettled. >> first half a thunderstorm coming along. >> not a washout. good to know. >> not a washout. good to know. right on. introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> what's up, everybody? [applause] i'm filling in for harvey. lilo was in chicago at lal palooza and decided to show up a little bit. >> she's on stage at a cons are the. >> she's the president's there trying to cover her. >> can you imagine what would happen if you try to get a piece of that? >> there are photos from the tv's superman supergirl tyler scheckman. he looks like he's wearing ship guards. makes him look weak. >> why is it weak? >> because it looks like he has shin guards and he's going to go play soccer. >> holly deand -- are officially done. she just went into the sequestered house. >> before she comes back, you


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