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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 2, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. right now at 4:00, a last batch of showers coming through as we travel how that the morning hours. when they plan on clearing. a somber return for children at one boston day camp. the big changes kids and counselors will see in the wake of a tragic death pa high-speed chase in crowded streets. local police took the man in custody. the behave that led the man to hospital and not to jail. >> announcer: this is the local 10 news. >> danielle: good morning, 4 a.m. i'm daniel miller. >> good morning, i am julie grauert. we are singing rain, rain, go
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shiri spear. >> meteorologist: our first batch that is coming through. notice a scooting into central mass. worcester dealing with light rain up 190 starting to get sprinkle, worcester and fitchburg dealing with some of the road, 68 degrees. 56 in beverly. we have lower 60s in the worcester area. through 6 a.m., the showers are spreading along the mass pike getting closer to the boston area i think by 8 a.m. it will be planted over boston, what's left of it. futurecast kind of overdone. once we hit the overnight hours, expect clearing skies. the hour-by-hour forecast for metro west. clearing skies this afternoon. send it back to julie for live
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quiet. map bright green. expressway wide anticipate from the braintree split past morrissey boulevard and columbia road. 2 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 out. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. 4:02 right now. children will return to a south boston day camp where a camper drowned last week. the curly community center in the l street bath house has 7-year-old kazr willis. the memorial for the little boy runs at the city-run center. last tuesday, kazr went into the water at carson beach on his own after a swimming session ended. parents of other campers met with marty walsh to discuss safety measures being made. >> sad that it takes a horrific event to bring change. i think we will see as we move forward for the rest of the summer how the change is working. >> daniel: those changes
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cameras, head counts every hour and mandatory life vest for children who go swimming. this week friends and family members will say goodbye to kazr. the funeral for the 7-year-old will take place on thursday morning at morning star baptist church mattapan. calling hours will be tomorrow afternoon. donations can be made to an online fund to the family. happening this morning, a worcester dentist will be from court accused of inappropriately touching a patient in his office. incident occurred yesterday morning during an appointment with dr. akil patel. when she realized what was happening, she got up from the chair and immediately of the rethe office. she claims the dentist touched her on several occasions during the appointment. officers arrest doctored patel and charged him with indecent assault and battery. another local dentist pled not guilty to drug fraud charges. he was accused of abusing
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dea agents said he was prescribing narcotic to two of his employees. they would fill the prescription and then give him the drugs. he was doing this since 2007. and when two of his employees tried to stop him, they were fired. he practiced in cambridge and dorchester for decades. >> he is a wonderful person and actually just has been a great dentist all those years. >> investigators are also looking at one of his patience. they believe he was swapping marijuana for dental work. he admitted to abusing his privilege and voluntarily surrendered his license to prescribe narcotics self-months ago. 4:04. one man is in police custody for this dramatic high-speed chase through new bedford. cox over the keen as police box the driver in. he still tried to escape. the 50-year-old suspect is being evaluated at the hospital.
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>> reporter: skyfox watched over the chase. the driver randall harrelson was waving a hatchet. >> there was a chevy blazer coming at me swerving all over the rolled. i didn't know what to do. i pulled over and another ten cop cars behind him. >> local and state police from several jurisdictions gave chase. harrison was blocked in by officers and you can see he still tries to get away. seconds later officers were out with their guns drawn. didn't want to get out of the vehicle so they had to force him out. >> more and more coming cops and something is going on. >> during the chase, investigators say the 50-year-old poured lighter fluid on himself and his car. >> he had spike strips and everything and there was white -- white suvs and maybe these are federal agents. >> reporter: the chase started in rochester on mary's pond road near pierce street. a 911 call said harrison was
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>> i started noticing police coming on the car from all the off ramps. >> reporter: fox25 was at his new bedford home and loaning and state police searching through his third-floor apartment. they searched his chevy and found a hatchet and knives. >> randall harrison has a long criminal record a this point. police are still investigating why they led him on a chase yesterday. he is under police guard at the hospital to make sure he doesn't try to run. harrison will face charges just as that chase was coming to an end. this chase sped throughout crime scene. new bedford police hot on the heels of another driver zipping through the city only on three tires. this morning details of that second chase remain unclear. we will have an update when more of that chase becomes available. 4:06. health insurance companies in massachusetts will be required to cover lyme disease treatments.
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thousands of case every year in the state. the law provides insurance company to pro provide long-term treatment if they are prescribed by doctors. two new polls hoe hillary clinton is leading the case to the white house. the democrats showed a boost in the polls. a cnn poll show clinton topping donald trump and voters are questioning her scandal.y wi trump saw a similar boost in the polls after rnc. trump after he criticized the muslim parents of an american soldier killed in iraq. the family of kazir khan questioned whether trump had sacrificed. now his time during the vietnam war is under scrutiny. trump was given five draft deferment. four for school reason and the fifth after he graduated from business school and for bone spurs in his heels.
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backlash for trying to bring up donald trump and kazir khan during a rally. listen to the crowd's reaction when he tried to question mike pence. >> trump has disrespected our nation's armed forces and disrespect for mr. khan and his family are just an example of that. will there ever be -- ever be a point in time when you look trump in the eye and say enough is enough. >> pence tried to silence booing that is what freedom. he thanked the mother for his confer. local gold star families are calling for trump to apologize. carlos arrendondo said that trump should apologize to the khan family. he says donald trump's divisive comments affect all gold star famiies.
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khan family and all gold star families. it was physically painful. >> daniel: arrendondo signed a petition to demand an apology. an uptick of visitors to khan's grave. khan was just 27 years old when he was killed protecting his fellow soldiers from a suicide bomber. visitors to arlington just want to pay a respect to an american hero. >> valor that should be respected. we as americans need to understand that it takes all of us to earn our freedom. >> reporter: captain khan received a bronze star and purple heart for his sacrifice. coming up at 4:10. the bizarre twist of a missing boy scout trailer taken from a church parking lot in norwood. norwood police tracked that trailer down to a local u-haul company and turns out the
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at some point through the years it was donated to the scouts and then last week, u-haul repossessed the trailer. the norwood scout troop is looking to buy the trailer back from u-haul. a local town chop down its holiday tree. workers are about to begin work. the road will be made wider but that means 64 trees have to come down. one is the town's long-time holiday tree. people who live nearby. >> every single year people get to excited to do the parade and see all the lights, and i thought it was beautiful and i was really excited to see it this year and knowing that it is not going to happen is really upsetting to me. >> town leaders say they will eventually replace the holiday tree. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes and drive times nice and light. single digits on the expressway. nine minutes on the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri.
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mostly cloudy skies in boston. showers i will be tracking after the break. 5 p.m., here is good news. skies finally starting to clear without temperatures all the way into the upper 70s in spots. all right, shiri. growing concern over a mosquito-borne virus. more than a dozen people in florida are now being treated for zika. they were all bitten right here in the united states. the warning health officials have of travelling to a certain part of the country. we are learning new details of the man at the helm
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u. 4:13. meteorologist shiri spear here. a lot of heavy showers focused over person massachusetts and the connecticut river valley. flowing hard as they hit the worcester area but just to the north in shirley, fitchburg and ash bumpham. decent rainfall rates. likewise we have heavier rain in keene, new hampshire extending over peterborough and new hampshire. this is slowly inching eastward and weakening as it goes. balloon that crashed in texas killing 16 people had four drunk driving convictions and served jailtime. unclear if alcohol played a role in the crash. the former girlfriend of pilot skip nichols said he was a recovering alcoholic and never piloted a balloon drunk. nichols was the owner and chief pilot of air balloon sports lcc. the better business bureau says his company has a long history of complaints in several states. all scheduled balloon flights
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company is trying to refund customers. a new evident to recover the voice data recorder from a sunken ship. to comb the final resting spot of the el faro. rests 13,000 feet below the ocean's service. once that is recorded a third round of ntsb hearings will take place. the navy tugboat will head south at some point this week. 33 crewmembers including three people with massachusetts ties died when the el far down during hurricane joaquin last fall. a 76-year-old new jersey man is still in the hospital after state troopers shot him inside his own home. all of this happened last friday night when police showed up to the wrong house for a 911 call. gerald sykes family said when he and his wife were woken up by a commotion outside. sykes grabbed his gun for protection. the police did not identify themselves but started shooting the closed doors.
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shot one shot out the door not knowing who was there. >> sykes was shot three times sand now recovering from a collapsed lung and internal bleeding. an regulars is under way into why the troopers open fired. 4:16 right now. the legal team for an accused mass shooter is trying to debt the death penalty off the table. dylan ruth is facing dozens of khoorjs for a deadly shooting outside a charleston federal and state prosecutors are seeking the death penalty and routh's lawyer filed a 40-page motion saying capital punishment is unconstitutional. president prosecution will drop the challenge and routh will plead guilty it death penalty not an option. have until august 3 to respond. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. things are nice and quiet on the road. the icons are overnight
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south and 128 clear. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now keeping an eye on rainshowers that are lingering. shiri. >> a blast of rain we are dealing with this morning, julie and this afternoon finally we find some relief. the sun comes back. temperatures are sort of slow to respond. temperatures start to go back up. fitchburg at 66 degrees starting out with scattered showers there. norwood at 67. one of the spots that i tend to expect to be a little bit on the drier side. so let's time out these showers as they move toward you here because this morning 6:00 this morning, we are going to see some scattered rain between worcester and i think about 495 here, possibly getting in the boston area. futurecast is overdone. not all of this will come together.
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toward the east. i think some of the steadiest rain that we see this morning will track along areas north. mass pike but focused over central new hampshire and into the merrimack valley. this is what we have at 8:30 this morning. boston, that risk of rain through 8 a.m., and then we have conditions improving as in they are drying out by lunchtime. lunchtime featuring a lot of cloud cover into the afternoon and breaks in the clouds, right through the afternoon likely end up dry. we go. by dinnertime tonight, we are seeing the sunshine across the board here and into the day tomorrow. we have got even more sun. we have high pressure driving and it is going to keep things nice and dry, but as it shifts, it will get things to warm up through the week. for today, this afternoon, yes, we have that risk of morning rain, primarily for the towns and cities on your screen from boston points north and west. but in the afternoon, expecting things to dry out
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in boston. 78 in lowell. upper 70s in maynard and framingham. worcester in the lower to mid-70s. new hampshire, 78 degrees. 76 in brockton and 75 in bridgewater. mid-70s all the way to plymouth and mid-70s with the cape as well as the vineyard this afternoon. nantucket just a couple of degrees cooler but don't worry. increasing sun and those clouds may be a little bit overdone for the afternoon and clearing continues for a low of 63 in boston. and 50s in the comparison, feel crisper tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow upper 70s will do in boston and plymouth and portsmouth, new hampshire because we have a little sea breeze keeping the coastline cooler. upper 70s up across the cape. inland the 80s are back. fitchburg back to 85 degrees here for the day tomorrow and the humidity is also going to drop for your wednesday. wednesday probably my favorite day of the entire seven-day forecast. today still a little bit
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bit comfortable now. gets sticky on thursday and friday. as the temperatures start going up. the humidity will rise as well. the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls rue. thursday at 85 with partly sunny skies. we have got sunshine on friday as well at about 90. risk for rain on saturday, and right now i am really focusing on the morning and the early afternoon for the best chance for some storms. i expect they will be fading away here by 5 p.m. and by the evening to see things clearing out. 85 degrees and mostly sunny. and stick around for a town-by-town look plus your beach forecast. back to you. 4 :20. tragedy averted thanks to the quick action by fire fighters. the major scare that had rescue crews surrounding a gun safe at a sporting goods store. plus police bust a mayor
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two men in court accused of being the leader of a major crime ring. thieves stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from atms all around new england. the maps show all the places that were hit including communities right here in massachusetts.
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the men were arraigned in a lawrence court room. >> reporter: david barker, ephraim montero arraigned in court facing a dozen charges for their alleged roles in an interstate theft ring that the prosecutors say netted hundreds of thousands of dollars most of them stolen from atms. surveillance evidence showing the ring at work. according to prosecutors, the crew broke into the apple reseller store in mansfield stealing $1 merchandise including iphones, ipads and computers. they allegedly got into the store by using tools to cut through drywall. later the group allegedly moved on to atms in massachusetts, vermont and maine. in each case they used tools to disable the alarms first and if police didn't show up they hacked into the atm in maine. they could the $17,000 cash
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it was the cell phones belonging to barker and montero that did the gang in. >> the phone records on these two gentlemen and the phone records place them at each one of these break-ins at a prior location before the break-in. >> reporter: but already defense attorneys are taking sharp aim at the evidence collected against barker and montero. >> they were there around the same time of the day before. nothing concrete to say they were at those places when the a+ tms were robbed. >> reporter: bail and by the way, there are arrest warrants out for two more suspects in lawrence, bob ward, fox25 news. for the third time in recent months, thieves have made off with a specialized tricycle for someone with special needs. the latest incident in ayer. a picture of the trike stolen. it belong to a 14-year-old boy named brandon. a brown seat and a large basket in the back. police are hoping that someone recognizes the tricycle to get
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the family started a go fund me page to raise money for a replacement they raised $1700 which is more money than the fund raising goal. an unusual police chase in maine. take a look. >> we have possible mad cow situation here. we are going to handle this. we are going to handle this. all right, guy. you need to step over to the side road. put your hands up in the air. don't wrestle, police. >> daniel: they are looking ahead like who are you. >> get down on the ground. >> julie: whatever. that is officer ernest mcrain is. he is having a littling fun after responding to a call about cows in the road last week. the department posted the video and the officer said people from all over the country have been contacting him to share a laugh. >> daniel: we he originally pulled up on him he did say they were mad cow. proceed with caution.
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star on the way. the top prospect just called up from the minors. plus years later and a mother says she will keep fighting for justice for her son. >> it will be done. and he will get out. but my son will serve a life sentence. jewel julie details on the
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now at 4:30. the last round of sh what time skies start to clear and the midweek warm-up expected. the south boston day camp where a 7-year-old drowned last week set to reopen this morning. the brand-new safety procedures that are going into place today. plus new concern about a mosquito-borne virus. the major warning for anyone planning a trip to florida. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning,
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tuesday, august 2. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: thanks for joining us, i am daniel miller. another rainy start to the day, but won't stick around. meteorologist shiri spear tracking the timeline of rain in the big turn around coming this afternoon, shiri. >> shiri: yeah, because not going to look like this afternoon. this afternoon will involve more sunshine and we have showers now. we have downpour across western massachusetts. we also have lightning i just want to tell that you there is the risk of lightning attached to these showers. lighter to moderate showers from leominster and rindge and swansea, new hampshire. keep an eye on the batch of rain but as it hits worcester and tries to get into boston, it will just continue to weaken. clouds are dry. 62346 natick. 64 in walpole and milton. again just clouds there. nice and dry. southeastern massachusetts as well with upper 60s to lower 70s. and we have patchy rain at 7 applicant, by noontime clouds


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