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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> daniel: young boy wandered away from the counselors. >> michael: woman was violated by the person she trusted. what we are learning this morning about the dentist placed under spear in the weather tracker when it will clear out, shiri. >> shiri: clearing out heading toward lunch time and a lot of light rain on the map. hour ago we have pockets of kind of moderate heavy stuff but those have faded and what we are seeing light green, leominster, the last of lighter showers now coming through. worcester look at tapering off at 61?. probably still a couple drops out there and give it ten minutes and whole lot dryer. hollis, new hampshire 64 and
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to areas like natick and medway and even walpole and franklin. still a little bit steadier in here but this isn't the downpour action we have had earlier this morning in central and western mass. brockton same deal there. you got some showers in place, but they are not terribly heavy, moderate rain in acushnet right now, boston been pass for the most part, no more than couple rain drops and risk of rain will continue until 11:00 a.m. after that we are dry, my friends. we dry out for lunchtime. we stick with mostly skies at lunch but at 3:00 p.m. look at that. breaks in the clouds and bump temperatures up to 76? and see high temperatures in the upper 70s inland and coast 75, cape 75. all of this starts the clearing process just this afternoon. julie, let's get it back to you for live drive time traffic. >> julie: tracking volume and lingering. sluggish at route 16 and route 60 in medford.
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eastbound right after the weston tolls. here is live look at the zakim where bumper-to-bumper on zakim bridge and leverett connector. over to your live drive time and 128 to the tobin. 39 minutes on 93 south and a little over an hour on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: 9:02 right now. following breaking news in salem at this hour. police tell fox25 that they are investigating a homicide. woman was found chandler street. man now in custody and investigators say this appears to be a domestic homicide incident. the suspect is expected to be in court this morning. we have a crew heading to the scene. we will bring you update once we receive more information. >> daniel: dozens of kids expected to return to boston somerville camp after a little boy drowned there last week. >> julie: the tragic accident prompted dozens of safety rules
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everyday. jessica reyes is live in south boston where kids are starting to arrive. >> jessica: camp starts at 10:00 this morning and past ten or 15 minutes we have been watching kids show up. police are here as they walk in with parents as well and know when they get here this morning as they are arriving here they are being greeted by whole new set of safety procedures and hope anything like this from ever happening again. small memorial of flowers and stuffed animals outside boston in memory of seven-year-old kyzr willis. willis drowned last tuesday while attending drop-in camp here last week. this morning the center will reopen with self new safety and security procedures. >> sad that sometimes it takes a horrific event to take change and i think that we will see as we move forward here the rest of the summer how the changes work. >> jessica: our cameras weren't allowed inside but outside parents told us they
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camp will now have new head count procedure, new front desk staffing policy requiring parents to sign children in and out, new child staff ratio, including minimum ratio of ten to two for children ages six and under. new ocean safety procedures that require every child going into the water to wear a life guest and as of this morning 34 brand-new security cameras will be rolling at curley community center. mayor walsh says they have also reviewed the changes with camp counselors and had training training loss of seven-year-old khizr. >> they were upset. they really, really loved this little boy. loved khizr. >> jessica: tough day for everyone at the camp and get comment on new security and safety measures and father said that it was just too soon to comment. live in south boston, i'm
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tomorrow afternoon. donations can be made to online fund for the family. >> daniel: organizers said mayor marty walsh strong armed them. part of lawsuit that claims mayor walsh hold permits if they didn't include the lgbt group. suit filed by the south boston allied council and says walsh and the constitutional rights of the group. mayor walsh told the boston herald the claims are completely untrue. >> julie: worcester dentist groped a female patient and she claims he did it several times. michael henrich live outside district court where the dentist will be arraigned later this morning.
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>> daniel: >> michael: worcester police made arrest of 54-year-old dentist. his name is nikhil patel and they say he touched a patient several times in inappropriate way. they say the 35-year-old woman has been a patient of his for a long time but after she realized what was going on she got out of the chair and she went right over to police. investigators from the sexual assault unit ended up making the arrest. that's all a worcester police department. now, i searched on patel's website and biography says he is married with three kids and practicing dentistry since 1990 and 54 faces charge of indecent assault and battery person over 14. see what i can find when this will take place today and, of course, get you the update as soon as possible. we will post it on twitter, app and website as well.
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>> julie: another local dentist pled not guilty to fraud charges, drug fraud charges. 70-year-old maurice zylber was abusing prescription drugs. dea agents say he was prescribing narcotics to at least two of the employees and fill the prescriptions and give him the drugs. he has been doing this since 2007 when two of the employees tried to stop him they were fired. he has practiced in cambridge and dorchester for d just been a great dentist all of those years. >> julie: they believe he was swapping marijuana for dental work. he admitted to abusing privileges and voluntarily surrendered license to prescribe narcotics several months ago. >> daniel: man with long criminal record in hospital for police custody for leading officers on high-speed chase. sky fox over the scene in new
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the driver still trying to escape. yesterday around lunch time police got a call that a man attacking his own car with hatchet. police say that driver they found, randall harrison, in his car waving a knife. that's when they began the chase through new bedford. >> chevy blazer coming at me swerving all over the road. i pulled over and saw another ten cop cars behind them. >> daniel: one point during the chase police believed the on himself. harrison will face charges once he is released from the hospital. just as that chase was coming to an end, this space sped through the crime scene. new bedford police hot on heels of another driver zipping through the city only on three tires. this morning details of second chase remained unclear. we will have update when more information becomes available. >> julie: group of career criminals accused of stealing
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across new england. they include cash machines in maine, massachusetts and vermont. two men from lawrence were arrested yesterday morning. police also have warrants out for two other suspects. prosecutors say in one robbery the thieves took $175,000 from atm in berwick, maine. bizarre twist this morning to story of missing boy scout trailer that was taken from church parking lot in norwood over the weekend. norwood police tracked the trailer down to local u-haul company and it turns out the u-haul nearly 20 years ago. at some point through the years it was then donated to the scouts. then last week u-haul repossessed the trailer. norwood scout troop is hoping to buy the trailer back from u-haul. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. red drive time focused on expressway, 29 minutes from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. shiri? >> shiri: check it out. still got light rain moving through the area right now from
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bedford, lawrence, down into norwood, temps ranging low 60s in central mass to the low 70s at the coastline. headed home from work, though. world of difference. we got breaks in the clouds, temperatures close to 80? and show you who clears out first and where we are close to 80. >> daniel: surprise house guest sends one man running. what was waiting for him on the stairs that had him hiding on his room. >> julie:
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?? i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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>> shiri: we have showers traveling from worcester to boston right now and interior massachusetts and new hampshire now seeing the showers, framingham, northbridge, franklin, seeing steadiest rains, taunton down to fall river and new bedford. take care with lots of damp roads this morning. >> daniel: two new polls suggest hillary clinton is leading the race to the white house yesterday the democratic saw a boost in the poll and topping donald trump 52-43% and voters still questioning her integrity, especially about her e-mail scandal. trump saw similar boost in the polls right after the dnc. the backlash that is continues for donald trump this morning after he criticized the muslim parents of marion sol-- american
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kasmir khan questioned whether he sacrificed for his country. trump was given draft deferments and fifth came after he graduated from harten business school and had bone spurs in his heels. >> julie: carlos say donald trump should say he is sorry to the khan family. they lost son alex in 2004 to comment have wide reaching impact. >> i believe he should apologize. it is physically painful. >> julie: signed letter from military families demanding an apology from the republican presidential candidate. >> daniel: nantucket will be the focus of the presidential campaign. plan to attend fundraisers there. the republican will be on the island this saturday.
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york jets. two weeks later hillary clinton will go to nantucket for if you understand razor at home of former ambassador. both events will take place while president obama and his family are vacationing on martha's vineyard. daniel: built mansion in chestnut hill and tom brady and gisele buying a condo in new york city building. paying more than $20 million for five bedroom apartment overlooking the hudson. the 14 story building is construction in tribeca. the post says the couple plans to sell another manhattan condo which they currently own. >> julie: you said you would go if invited. >> daniel: definitely. >> julie: state speaker of the house right to see the details of investigation into 38 studios. the company received $75 million
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no criminal charges should be filed but they only released a small summary of findings. >> daniel: jacqueline fell live in washington d.c. this morning. jackie, today's event comes after keep drops from -- drones from colliding planes on ground. >> reporter: first ever workshop on drones and future of aviation. faa administrator actually speaking right now. experts in researchers from across the industry, education and government are meeting to talk about policy, research and development. not to mention the economic boost. the drone industry says it is
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speaking today here at white house on research and development. the number of registered drones already exceed the number of airplanes. the faa, nasa and other federal regulators on how to keep drones from crashing into other things like planes. the faa believes that drone sales will continue to grow from two and a half million this year to 7 million in 2020. faa rules for commercial drones begin later this limits and height restriction to make and people in property on the ground. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fells, fox25 news. >> julie: had issues on kingston line and franklin line this morning. one train on each of those will be canceled and seeing backups. double-check your route before you head out so you don't get
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southbound. over an hour route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. shiri? >> shiri: rain totals somewhat impressive especially across western massachusetts, central massachusetts, orange with over an inch of rain. westfield, mass, well over an inch of rain, highest report i have and coming up next half hour. chicopee almost an inch of rain, keene, new hampshire three quarters of inch, close to that in worcester. you know who didn't get any, couple rain drops moving through and we really need it everywhere. now we are seeing a lot of steadier rain flip just south of the city, boston i think if we are lucky to get a little bit of drizzle late-morning, get a couple hundred of inch of rain out of whole thing. but it is winding down pretty quickly and the back edge of it comes through boston, around 11:00 this morning. this is rough estimate in lynn. closer to 11:25 plymouth at 12:19. you can see right around lunch
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worcester actually rain totals going slightly higher than last hour and now up to .88 inches of rain. we need it, whatever we can do to chip away from the rainfall deficit we have. 11:00 this morning, last of it. in fact, winding down as we speak right now. so that means into the afternoon, early afternoon features some clouds, but then as clouds break apart, temperatures respond by going up, sunshine doing us a little favor, creating temperatures a little warmer than what we had yesterday. now, 70 in boston, with those clouds there you have zip rain totals today but we are tracking the chance through about 11:00 this morning. into the afternoon clouds break up here as well and going to get bump up into the middle 70s too. hour-by-hour look here has things fading pretty quickly as we shift toward noon time today. a lot of shifting just south of boston which means brockton, plymouth or new bedford, perhaps even down toward falmouth. we have the risk of a little sprinkle left noon time and that's it.
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out, brighten up, temperatures really make the highs probably as you're driving home from work later on today. that's when we should be nice and warm out there. but then the skies totally clear out tonight, which mean we are going to see cooler temperatures tomorrow morning. remember when we have the clouds, kind of like blanket, helps hold in heat. not the case tonight as we lose the clouds. warmer in the afternoon because we get even more sun here for your wednesday. 74 today in boston, 74 in portsmouth, new hampshire. 73 in plymouth, inland we if down across the cape and islands, let's count on mid-70s there and let's count on skies clearing out for you too. now, overnight at 63 boston a lot of suburbs in the 50s and these are the temperatures that you're going to wake up it will tomorrow morning, those are morning commute temperatures if an early riser, but tomorrow's highs upper 70s lower 80s and cooler than inland towns and cities where we will make it
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humidity takes a little bit of dip tomorrow, which is even an added reason why and pick of the entire 7-day forecast gets a little sticky as we warm up on thursday to 85 or friday at 90?, featuring mostly sunny skies. saturday next chance for storms at 87. going to get muggy again but then mugginess and clouds, all goes away on sunday with high of 85?. back to you. >> daniel: satanic temple wants to educate l misunderstood and kids would benefit from the teachings.
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>> julie: blue trike belongs to 14-year-old boy and was stolen. it has a brown seat and basket on the back. they are hoping someone will recognize so they can get it back to brandon. they started a gofundme to raise money for the replacement and raised $1,700 which is more money than the fundraising goal. >> daniel: house guest can
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>> julie: let viewers experience. >> daniel: bear and two cubs. check it out . >> daniel: bear does start making way to staircase. he jumps and runs away. man runs into room and shuts the door and same way it comes in through sliding glass door. >> i have goosebumps. not from the air-conditioning. freaks me out every single time. >> daniel: a lot of bears on show lately. >> bears attacking us. new england police officers encounter with cows getting a lot of attention online.
9:26 am
>> head in there. keep moving. >> julie: officer earnest mccain responded to call about cows in the road last week. he took this video of himself when he came great sense of humor. officer has received calls from all over, including department in california. >> daniel: cows out in the middle of the street. >> julie: nobody injured. >> shiri: stop resisting.
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temperature of the waters 71? and show you the better beach day is coming up next. >> daniel: sinkhole opens in couple's backyard and isn't going to be easy fix. coming up while they i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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>> julie: change is coming and shot looks a little dreary. shiri is here to tell us more. what can we >> shiri: what you get out a little bit of drizzle. 70 there, 66 in dedham, 66 in burlington and all fairly light, kind of across the board. see a lot of shades of green on the map where we have the yellows, attleboro sinking toward new bedford and steadier passing through lakeville as well and plymouth, plymouth going to get to you as just light rain, friends. got the light rain really fizzling out in auburn, out
9:31 am
62?. in the showers really winding down. we are left with a lot of clouds. that means at noon time although showers ending, it is still going to be cloudy, lower 70s, once the clouds break apart easier time warming up, 77? at 3:00 p.m., likely staying dry here through the afternoon with increasing sun here at 7:00 p.m. how about clearing skies. so high 74 to 80, after patchy early rain lunch time, get the with future cast in a couple minutes. julie is back right now with drive time traffic. >> julie: slow spot 128 southbound through lexington and reflected in the drive time. pike itself looks okay, a little bit of volume building right out of the weston tolls through newton. 128 northbound through needham sluggish after 109. expressway slow going past exit 13 freeport street approaching morrissey boulevard. here are live drive times, 25
9:32 am
minutes on 93 south. about half hour on 128 northbound from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. >> daniel: 9:32 right now. back to breaking news in salem we told you about the top of the hour. woman was murdered by estranged husband. stephanie coueignoux just arriving and what are police telling you right no chandler street and where police are investigating after they found that woman strangled to death. we have seen detectives and police officers and i asked and they couldn't say what floor it was on. essex county they were releasing
9:33 am
turned himself in to salem police around 3:40 this morning. that is when police arrived here to this home on chandler street, found the woman dead inside and again, they began investigating and what told by the district attorney's office is this. suspect now in custody is identified as douglas 50 years old, they believe that he may be homeless. what they are saying is that he going to be arraigned in
9:34 am
9:35 am
transmitted. >> daniel: jessica reyes outside the curley community center in south boston and camp opens in matter of half hour from now. >> jessica: first day they have been back at week after drowning death of kyzr willis. we have video we want to show you of memorial kids are seeing here as they show up here this morning. over the past week lots of people have been coming by, leading stuffed animals and flowers in memory of khizr. private meeting here at curley community center for parents of
9:36 am
mayor marty walsh was at the meeting and all the changes will go into effect. >> julie: all children in and out of the staff ratio. that includes minimum ratio of ten to two per children ages six and under. they are also starting new water safety procedures. every single child that goes into the water needs to be wearing a life vest and also installing 34 new security cameras. they will be rolling all day long here as camp starts at the curley community center in south boston. now crews did reach out to
9:37 am
but they said it was too soon to talk about it. >> daniel: friends and family members will say good-bye to khizr. it will take place on thursday at morningstar baptist church in mattapan. calling hours will be tomorrow afternoon. do nices can -- donations can be made to online fund for the family. >> julie: local satanic temple in boston area wants to open program in four cities. some say it is a publicity stunt but organizers say this is not being done for shock value. >> reporter: spooky music, red letter stretched across the screen has local parents confused. evangelical christians are concerned. >> we are not the boogy man, we are here to help. >> reporter: travis helped
9:38 am
says they do not worship the devil and quickly growing. >> satanism not so much standing in darkroom of candles, focused on intelligence, learning more, reaching out to the world. >> reporter: starting the after school satan club to offer alternative to good news club and they sent letters like this to school districts in l.a., florida, oregon, asking for temple to use school facilities after school hours. >> not over react to the stunt that it is and if you leave them alone they will go home and youth organizations, including goodness club, will continue to teach goodness to kids. >> reporter: questioning validity of the program, staff says they are serious about
9:39 am
do you think parents will send kids to the program? >> i would be shocked if they don't let kids experience different things in life. >> daniel: study possibility of allowing of women to serve as deacons in the catholic church from the pope. pontiff has appointed seven men and six women to study the issue and look into historical role of women in the early years of the church. >> julie: troopers say 21-year-old was driving maserati yesterday afternoon and showed you pictures of the sports car. there it is. troopers say it was clocked going 135 in 55 miles per hour zone. chang is charged with reckless driving and due back in court next month. >> daniel: health insurance companies required to have lyme disease treatments and override
9:40 am
lyme disease is spread by deer ticks and thousands of cases every year in the state. the law forces insurance companies to provide coverage for long-term treatments if they are prescribed by doctors. >> shiri: watching clouds, couple sprinkles in city before noon time lunchtime let's plan on cloud and he dry conditions at 73 and sun coming back into the picture and time out when you brighten out where you live next. >> daniel: local restaurant shows down and why employees don't find out until the next day. why the charlie horse shut down without warning.
9:41 am
pilot criminal past and why he
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>> shiri: this is going to impact parts of 495. going a little further south to somerset in dighton and have steadier heavier rain in place and a lot of it is green, even into boston area. really light stuff right now.
9:44 am
with this. >> pilot of hot air balloon that crashed in texas killing 16 people had at least four drunk driving convictions and served jail time. right now it is unincluder if alcohol played a factor in the crash. recovering alcoalcoholic. his business has a long history of customer complaints in several states. have been canceled and company trying to refund customers. this week new effort will be launched to recover the voice data recorder from sunken car go ship. tugboat to the bahamas to comb of el faro. the ship rest 15,000 feet below the ocean surface and once recovered aid third round of ntsb hearings about the sinking will take place. the navy tugboat will head south at some point this week. 33 crew members including three
9:45 am
el faro went down during a hurricane last fall. >> daniel: nhung nguyen man shot inside his own -- man shot inside his own home. jerrold says he and wife woken up he grabbed his gun for protection and police did not identify themselves but did start shooting the closed doors. >> he c he lifted gun up and shot one shot out the door. not knowing who was there. >> daniel: he was shot three times and collapsed lung and internal bleeding and investigation is underway into why the troopers open fire. >> julie: man was red cross by strangers after driving car into michigan lake. he lost control of his car. he jumped median and crossed two lanes of oncoming traffic and
9:46 am
two strangers saw what was happening and tried to break the windows with rock. >> jumped off machine and jumped in. >> julie: they used an ax to break the window. the man was taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. >> daniel: former casting agent getting extradited in massachusetts on child rape charge. matthew phinny is behind bars in min mun boys. he is serving nine years for are molesting two brothers who were clients of casting agency. here in massachusetts he is accused of assaulting own relative in 2010. the teen's family says they have been waiting five years for justice. >> whatever matthew feeney has to serve he will serve and get out, but my son will serve a life sentence. >> daniel: the teen's mom says her son is willing to testify against feeney.
9:47 am
charges. court date has not been set yet. >> julie: it is 9:46. family in australia has huge problem in backyard. check this out. oh my gosh, collapsing in front of eyes. 300-foot sinkhole opened up in the yard and something underground like old mine tunnel collapsed because it is so deep they can't just fill it back in. crews will have to find another way to stabilize it. the couple will have to move because the ground around their home isn't safe. it is not the first julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. south of the pike our volume is focused on expressway right around morrissey boulevard. 128 northbound kicking up slightly looking better in route 9. 128 south sluggish through lexington still. as you could see expressway stop and go past exit 16 freeport street. live drive times, 29 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave.
9:48 am
from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear has been watching overcast skies this morning, but it will brighten up later today. >> shiri: no much in way of measurable rain in boston and just under inch of rain and three, four inches inch and a half of rain and there were issue with underpass flooding flooding and had had to reroute traffic. back edge of the rain now coming through, making way through the worcester area and central massachusetts. drying out you're going to find out still very damp on the ground because of the passing shower and we just got a lot of lingering clouds. back edge of this goes through framingham at about 10:15 this
9:49 am
rough estimate of the showers coming to an end and future cast, it is really winding things down by lunchtime today and only hope of lingering sprinkle southeastern massachusetts all the way down to cape and vineyard because that's the path. that's the track that those showers will be on now but just fading as they go, so once they go into the afternoon and kick out the clouds in favor of breaks of sunshine here. we got temperatures coastline, upper 70s inland, the more sun we get the easier it is going to see the kind of warm-up. 75 beverly, 74 boston, 73 in plymouth, it is mid-70s for the cape and islands, upper 70s though bedford, lawrence, nashua and over to fitchburg. worcester today about 72?. actually think couple degrees warmer than that, overnight we will find 63 in boston, 50s in the suburbs and because humidity is taking a little step back, it is going to be way more
9:50 am
and lack of humidity and when you wake up to the temps it is going to feel so fresh tomorrow morning. tomorrow's highs make it lower 80s and upper 70s at beaches and sea breeze and beachgoers and 84 in bedford, 85 in fitchburg and in nashua, new hampshire. exception to the rule ends up being the cape and islands usual cooler spot in the 70s, but the warm-up keeps going, so thursday 85, by friday 90?. things cool down just a little t front comes through with rain that we could use in boston. we have only had just over two inches of rain so far this summer. average june and july combined give us over seven inches of rain so we are below average. that's why things are so dry. that's why we have a moderate-to-severe drought and next several days end up being dry without warming trend. saturday next shot for showers and thunderstorms at 87? and going to clear things out for sunday if you have weekend plans, sunday pick of the
9:51 am
going to be comfortable, even early next week on monday at 83. back to you. >> julie: muffled screens from gun safe and terrifying
9:52 am
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>> daniel: woman gave the bank teller a note asking for money claiming she had a gun. the teller gave her more than $16,000 and woman left the bank and started handing out money to people in the parking lot. she had recently been released from the oregon state prison and >> julie: landmark shuts down in one massachusetts town. the charlie house restaurant closed on sunday night after being open for 25 years. it was known for large collection of sports memorabilia. employees and customers found out about a decision yesterday. owners told the enterprise that business had fallen off and they could no longer afford to rent such a large space. julie: this morning ge filed plans with boston
9:55 am
remodel two buildings that the once housed necco candy manufacturing facility. the new headquarters is expected to open in two phases in 2018 and have a harbor walk, coffee bar and bistro restaurant and closer look at renderings of the ge headquarters right now on >> daniel: new construction projects will force one town to chop down holiday tree and work on section of route 109 in wider but that means 64 trees have to come down. one is town's long time holiday tree at choke park. loss is upsetting for people that live nearby. >> every single year people get so excited to do the parade and see all the lights. >> i thought it was beautiful and excited to see it this year and now knowing it is not going to happen, actually really upsetting to me. >> daniel: town leaders will
9:56 am
tree. >> julie: scary moments for a mother whose four-year-old got locked inside a gun safe after being dared. store employees didn't know the combination so dozens of firefighters were called in to help. at first they couldn't open the safe but they were able to pump in oxygen so the boy didn't run out of air. >> mother was yelling at the child quit screaming and put the hoses in your nose it will help you breathe. >> jul using manufacturing overnight code to set the child free after 15 minutes. >> daniel: scary stuff. >> julie: truth and dare can get you in a little bit of trouble. >> shiri: great rain but in boston got nothing, worcester got almost an inch this morning ask lane winding down now by lunchtime. everybody is dry. afternoon we see clearing and
9:57 am
vacations through the end of the workweek. back up to 90 by friday. that's for you, daniel. >> daniel: i will be on airplane. >> julie: i will enjoy it. i will soak it in for you. >> daniel: thank you for joining us. >> julie: watch fox25 news at 4:00 p.m.
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm
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i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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today on "right this minute" -- a dangerous situation as motorcyclists surround a driver. >> trying to smash the windows of his truck. >> see what led to the standoff in the street and how it goes from bad to worse. all right? >> his doctors say thi chicken pox they've ever seen. but -- >> he's still smiling. and he's bubbly. >> how his angry mom says this could have been prevented. this crowd watches a boat slowly -- >> under the water. >> see why it's not going to go alone. plus, meet a creature with attitude. >> like don't pride me. >> and the bride and groom are in place. >> always value --


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