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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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hair. it was earlier this morning, salem police pulled over kelvin machine doze and emmanuel rodriguez shonyo. police had been doing surveillance in the area and they think the two were trying to do a drug deal. officers pulled them over, mendoza became erratic. mendoza allegedly made references to officers being shot all over the country. now, salem officers said that they were listening to police scanners on an app. now, it threw police officers off, at one point, he was trying to get back into his car and was looking specifically under the driver's side seat and that's when officers found a loaded gun and a rifle in the car. salem police say mendoza wasn't listening to their commands, and that's when they arrested the two men in the car. prosecutors there describe mendoza's actions. >> mr. mendoza continued to be erratic and irate. he was scream of course, and repeatedly ignoring commands to keep his hands on the roof of
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discharged from the military and diagnosed with bipolar disorder and additionally, made several references to police officers being shot all over the country. >> the reporter: so i want to be clear, the men, there were no specific threats. there were no specific threats and there were no plots, so again, right now in the meantime, the two men are only facing drug charges, as well as gun charges. they are being held without bail. as soon as we learn more about this, we, of course, will let you know. for now, live in basu, fox 25 news. >> mark: moments before those men were charged, another man appeared in that staple courtroom. investigators say he walked in to the police department and confessed to murdering his wife of 27 years. we've learned the couple had a troubled past. >> vanessa: that wife had a restraining order against her husband. fox 25's bob ward live in salem for us tonight and bob, this woman told police, she was afraid for her life. >> the reporter: yeah. clearly says that in the
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them a full confession. now, the couple's family, they are simply heartbroken. they are in a state of shock, they never thought it would come to this. this is 50-year-old douglas steves in salem district court, charged with strakeling to death his wife of 27 years, carmela saunders at the chandler street apartment where saunders was staying. >> lisa is a family cousin who lives next door. when she heard those scres, no idea it might have been carmela. >> it was her screams, i would have been over here. >> the reporter: in may, victim saunders took out a restraining order against her ex-husband, saying he was following her, and harassing her. saunders wrote, he has tried to kill me before. i do believe he would try it again, to harm me. lisa tells fox 25, she knew the couple had a volatile marriage and she said, she urged carmela to get that restraining order.
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it, and use it the right way, when he used to come by here and harass them, and everything else. >> the reporter: according to police, douglas steves was homeless and last night, despite the restraining order, his wife invited him over for dinner and a shower, but at the apartment, steves told police, he took a call from his former wife's boyfriend. that started an argument, and led to the fatal attack. after strangling his wife, douglas steves went to the salem police department, telling an officer "i just killed my wife." shocked. >> this is not his behavior. at all. to do something to this extent. >> mark: well, douglas steves has a facebook page and he lists his marital status as widowed. right now, he is held without bail. he is charged with his wife's murder. live in salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: now if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, know that you are not alone and there is
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local agencies that deal with domestic violence. you will find that link inside bob's story. go to the home page of >> mark: a woman says she was sexual assaulted at the dentist. it happened to her sesays when she was in the dentist's chair having her teeth worked on. other patients are coming to the doctor's defense. robert goulston is live in salem. >> the reporter: we talked to new and longtime patients, all telling us they were blind sided that the closed and their dentist was here in court after being arrested. >> i'm really confused right now. he's really a sweet guy. >> the reporter: disbelief, that was the reaction outside dr. patel's closed dentist's office. >> he makes everyone feel very comfortable. that's part of the reason why i actually enjoy coming to this dentist. >> assault and battery an a person 14 or over. >> the reporter: dr. nikhil patel appeared in worcester county court charged with inappropriately assaulting his 35-year-old patient. police say the dentist touched
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breast, using his hand and fingers. >> all i can tell you is my client denies the charges. his attorney telling us because of privacy laws in the medical orate on the charges. >> he's married, he has a solid family, he's been living in shrewsbury for many many years. he has many ties to this community. >> we pulled dr. patel's record with the state. he's had a license since 1990 and hasn't had any disciplinary actions on his license. >> if she feels as if something happened, i feel like it should certainly be looked in am certainly not -- i don't think any woman is going to be confused about something like that. >> the reporter: patients say there are cameras in many of the exam rooms. you can see the camera pointing directly on the patient in the chair, so maybe that can help him. >> the reporter: and dr. patel was able to post his bail, so he was allowed to leave. did set o, he's not allowed to go anywhere
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live in worcester, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: an auto shop worker is accused of taking an inappropriate photo of a customer. todd mitchell of lsed of photographing a woman at his shop. he was down and saw him allegedly pointing a cellphone at her.skirting.hidden in plain sight. a major drug bust and how the suspects went to great lengths to hide all the drugs and money tucked away in kitchen appliances and clothing. new at 6:00 p.m., vice officers in chelsea gave fox 25's blair miller the pictures that show it all, and blair, seven people tonight are in jail because of this bust. >> the reporter: vanessa, chelsea police tell me this is something they've been investigating for months now. a major drug operation happening from the inside of two homes and people nearby told me today, they had no idea. herb owen has lived along this stretch of hancock street in
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happened next door when police showed up last week. >> they were lined up right here. a little bit of screaming. >> the reporter: that screaming, part of a police raid and one the police calls a major drug bust. >> it was a big deal. the individuals that were involved, they all gave what we believed to be fictitious names, certainly the names were questionable. >> the reporter: officers showed us what they found, large amounts of heroin, nearly one kilo, along with cocaine, and $10,000 in cash. vice officers also gave fox 25 these suspects went to great lengths to hide it all. the money, you see here, hidden in jackets, and stuffed in shoes. the drugs, also crammed into spots like inside this magic bullet blender, or coffee machine. even in these socks. >> it's unusual, but like i say, they try to be as innovative as possible, whether it's creating hides in motor vehicles or tractor-trailers or whatever they can, and creating safe hoists where they can keep drugs, where they think they are in fact safe. >> police say the suspects, all
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inside two homes, feet from each other, then selling it from here as well. neighbors like owen questioned hoy it was happening and what he thought was a quiet part of tournament. >> usually it is -- part of town. >> usually it is. >> surprised to hear about something like this? >> yeah, because i've been here for a while. never had any trouble. >> the reporter: this investigation also involved several other police didn't. part of a new team that works together on issues like this, that reach far beyond just one city. investigators believe the drugs are being sold from ending up all across the boston area. we are live tonight in the control room, blair miller, fox 25 news. >> mark: kids return to camp this morning, one week after a 7-year-old's body was found in the water in south boston. kyzr willis drown last week and now there are new rules in place at the curly community center. parents are now required to sign children in and out. there's a new child to staff ratio and every child has to wear a life vest in the ocean. and as of this morning, 34 new security cameras will be rolling
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changes in place. >> it's just sad sometimes it takes a horrific event to bring change, and i think that we'll see as we move forward here for the rest of the summer, how the changes work. >> mark: about an hour from now, a vigil outside the curley community center will be held to mark exactly seven days since kyzr's body was found. we'll take you there live at 6:30 p.m. >> vanessa: we are getting a closer look at the first medical marijuana dispensary set to open in the city of boston. patriot care will open its doors tomorrow morning after a ribbon cutting street facility in downtown boston. these are pictures from inside, and the mayor tells us the owners listened to neighborhood concerns, and acted on those concerns. boston will be the seventh dispensary to open its doors in massachusetts. we will also have some pictures tonight showing where this marijuana comes from. the boston location will get its marijuana from this facility here in lowell, that produce it is for patriot care. the latest stats from the state show nearly 13,000 patients bought medical marijuana at
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cutting 150 jobs. that's after 260 employees already took buyouts. we told you last night, 18% of the t's maintenance and engineering jobs are actually vacant right now. but the t says the layoffs may still be necessary, as it faces a potential $110 million budget deficit. new at 6:00 p.m., the mbta has plans to install solar panels at 37 garages and parking lots. the t plans to bring in $51 million over 20 years. the mbta's 42,000 households. >> vanessa: all right. let's turn now to the weather. a grave and gloomy start to the day in boston, but tonight, the skies, they're clearing up and the subis trying to break through. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz says things are really going to start heating up for us tomorrow, right, kevin. >> kevin: that looks nice over boston, blue sky over there. quite a clearly trend this evening, but where the sun popped out and it warmed up a bit, a couple other showers took the place of the departing rain
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there's the rain in southeastern mass, the heavier rain that's moved off toward the south. switch this over to live storm tracker radar, fine tuned from the live radar. ashfordham is where the shower is right now, also one back here, it seems to be right around the templeton area, a light shower in here. not much to these, but they're out there and i want to make sure you know about them for your dinner plans and ballgames, whatever you are doing this evening. this rain is pushed off southeastern massachusetts. look at this rain. that is heavy stuff in spring here in templeton, 1.3 inches, so a fresh drink of water for. so, but not all. eastern mass shut out in some spots. we'll talk about the heat that's ahead, not rain, although there are more showers in the forecast too just ahead. >> vanessa: right now, veterinarians are moving more than 1,000 animals away from a westport farm. >> mark: the animals were found starving in terrible conditions weeks ago. why investigators say it could be months before anyone is held responsible. >> vanessa: also ahead, millions of cars still on the road, even though the air bags inside might
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get their cars fixed. coming up, we take a look into why this is taking so long. >> the reporter: crystal clear images of a masked robber entering a family's home, feet away from sleeping teenagers. what a homeowner says it happened on a night they were especially vulnerable. marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! s?? polo!
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nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ? ? get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. >> vanessa: a quiet neighborhood is rattled by a bold robbery
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a zero mask and gloves, creeping into this home in the middle of the night. a few teens were sleeping in that very same room and police say that might be what scared the robber away. >> mark: fox 25's katherine burcham spoke to the victims about the fear they now feel in their own home. >> that robber was so professional, so quiet, they might never have known he was inside. until she got a security alert on her be that let -- tablet that the door opened. was just in time to see the door closing. >> you can tell sees trying not to make it creek. >> the reporter: the man in the mask is cautious, moving slowly as he entrepreneurers the family home, just feet from where you see him in the kitchen, two teenage girls are asleep, cousins who had just laid down on the couch during a sleepover. >> i was sick. it made me sick. it was violating. it's terrible. it's an awful feeling. >> the reporter: the homeowner, lindsay, who asked not to be shown on camera, says watching
6:16 pm
chills here to bone. while the robber only got away with a purse, they're worried his cool demeanor means he'll strike again. >> what concerns us hire is the brazen nature of it. the lights were on, there were cars in the driveway. he had to know people were home and he just opened up that door and walked right in. >> the reporter: police are warning residents to keep their doors locked and be alert. lindsay says her home is normally secured, but that they let down their guard momentarily, because house of representatives sister needed to get into the home later that night. >> unlocked, and of course, something like this would happen. >> the reporter: now lindsay is just hopeful that someone will recognize the suspect, saying no one in this house will sleep well, until they no longer feel threatened. >> it needs to stop. i want people like this out. >> the reporter: police tell us, they think this is an isolated incident, with no other reports of crime in that area, but they are asking anyone who recognizes that man to give them a calm. in allenstown, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> mark: transit police officer is recovering tonight after
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of harvard square station on monday, after he refused to pay his fare. police say he came back, looking for a fight. and attacked the officer, sticking him with an uncapped needle. artist was eventually taken into custody. that officer is expected to be ok. thieves made off with a specialized tricycle belonging to a child with special needs in air. this is a picture of the stolen tricycle. the blue trike belongs to a 14-year-old boy named brandon. police are hoping someone in the meantime, friends of the family started a gofundme page to raise money for a replacement. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., a local boy battling cancer is now a special officer. the lebanon police officer swore in the 11-year-old gabe after learning of his courageous battle against leukemia. gauge of being a police officer. the police officers made a
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>> kevin: just when you think the showers are gone, they pull up back in, but earlier today, it was under water time. parts of springfield under water during the morning commute. roads looked more like rivers after heavy rain fell overnight and early this morning. tonight, those storms are moving out. but there are a couple repopping back here. this is the rain that came through western mass, spun its way through southeastern mass this afternoon, and is moving offshore, the last of the raindrops have fallen for you on cape cod and nantucket. so what's happening out there. well, where it's cleared, a couple have popped up. switch over to live storm tracker radar. it looks different, but under neither the brr in ashfordham is where the rainshowers are falling. had one back here toward templeton, look how that has gone away. that is up near ashfordham. templeton is gone. we'll take that out of the cycle next i'm around. last look at cape cod, the last raindrops offshore and pushing on out of here. so we dry out from this point on, but earlier today, you saw the pictures over springfield. yellow spot right there, glowing right out there, that's clearly
6:19 pm
yep, that will give you some street flooding, no doubt about that. but in northern worcester county, templeton, 1.3 inches of rain. nantucket, aniptl? inch of rainr you as well and close to boston, this will take us in to quincy, a tenth of an inch. that's it. that's all we could muster up. places on the north shore and south shore that had a couple of sprinkles, not even measurable rain that came on through there, if any at all and the farther north you went, the better chance you had of seeing sunshine along the coast of maine, york, we sauve pictures sky for the beaches. 72 boston right now. lawrence, 78. 79 nashua. but it's the warmer testimonies that have fired up, i suppose, that weak shower that came across into northern worcester county. hour-by-hour tonight in worcester, dropping down in to the 60's. 60 degrees when you wake up first thing in the morning. pretty comfortable night overall. humidity is low, nice evening for all of your plans. out on cape cod, same idea. you'll be clearing out. you're not clear yet, but you will be, and when you wake up in the morning, sunshine, be aware
6:20 pm
massachusetts today. you can have some fog develop overnightals the temperature drops closer to that dew point with the extra moisture in the air. you saw the lunchtime temperatures getting up in to the mid 70's by lunch tomorrow, even near 80 degrees in some spots. high temperatures will be in the 70's here. 80's farther inland, so' breezes developing right at the coast, which will keep your temperature down just a little bit tomorrow, but still going to be a beautiful beach day, no matter where you're going. hampton beach area, 77 at that time craigville. recollection ham, 77. -- but you can still burn, take care of yourself out there and use the sunscreen or coverup. 76 to start the concert tomorrow evening at fenway park. i've seen the pictures from dave mellow and the crew. the stage is set, it looks beautiful out there and it's going to be a perfect night to be at fenway park for a concert, no doubt about that. on thursday, we'll start with sunshine, we'll keep it all day long. a couple of showers the farther north you're going if you're getting an early jump on the
6:21 pm
quiet. i want you to know i'm keeping a close eye on tropical storm earl, not an issue. a friend asked me earlier today if it's ok to fly no puerto rico. it's past there and moving toward mexico. not coming toward the u.s. either. tropical storm earl has winds of only 50 miles per hour. seven-day forecast shows the heat on thursday into friday and even to start the weekend before the front comes through and cools us down. i owe you a timeline on the storms for the weekend. >> mark: we're looking forward to it kevin. serving up big changes at the one thing the mayor wants added to the front of every restaurant in the city and why it could change your mind about where you eat. >> vanessa: but first, a divide in the republican party is getting bigger tonight. donald trump refusing to endorse some of the party's biggest names. and now he's taking shots at new england lawmakers.
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>> mark: happening now, senator elizabeth warren is speaking in somerville, fresh off our time at the d.n.c. the senator is calling it a presentation on america's the democratic national convention last week and tonight's event is free at the somerville theater. fox 25 news has a crew there. look for details tonight on our news at 10:00 p.m. >> caller: a new feud is brewing in republican party. presidential candidate donald trump refusing to back two-possession game of the g.o.p. arizona most influential lawmakers. trump will not endorse house speaker paul ryan on john mccain and also refusing to endorse new hampshire senator
6:25 pm
condemned his attacks on a gold star family. in the last 30 minutes, senator ayotte responded tweeting, i call it like i see it and i'm always going to stand up for our military families and what's best for the people of new hampshire, this after the president blasted the reap nominee earlier today. >> i think the vermont republican nominee is unfit, to serve at present. i said so last week, and he keeps on proving it. >> vanessa: mr. trump's response to the will go down as the worst president in the history of the united states. and massachusetts politicians are among the growing course of people denouncing trump's gold star comments. congressman and marine veteran seth moulton called trump a maniac. he is post hosting a press conference tomorrow morning, calling on the republican nominee to apologize and former senator and national guardsman, scott brown, who has endorsed trump, also calling on trump to apologize tonight. and we've also learned both presidential hopefuls will campaign on nantucket.
6:26 pm
hillary clinton will visit the island on august 20th. >> mark: first family will travel to martha's vineyard one last time this weekend before they leave the white house. the obama's begin their vacation saturday, for a two-week stay. the president, no stranger of course, to the island. he's vacationed on martha's vineyard every year of his presidency, except for 2012 when he was running for reelection. they are expected to make very few public appearances. well, something is fishy on a popular cape beach. >> vanessa: dozens of fishing washing up ashore. what wildlife experts a new crime fighting tool, they wear right on their chests. coming up, a new study giving bpd body cameras mixed reviews. >> vanessa: it is a massive animal cruelty case. more than 1,000 animals found dead, starving and badly cared for. today, hundreds are being taken from a westport farm. were investigators cannot tell us where they're going or if
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>> mark: top stories at 6:30 p.m. salem police have arrested two men who had loaded weapons in their cars. they were also allegedly using apps to listen to police scanners on their cellphones. they allegedly got in to a heated exchange with officers in the arrest. the men are facing weapons and drug charges. >> vanessa: a worcester man is free on bail after accused of
6:30 pm
dr. nikhil patel is charged wit? assaulting a woman. the woman says she was touched four times on her breast and fingers. dr. patel denies the charges. >> mark: 50-year-old douglas steves lag steves faced a judge this morning, accused strangling his ex-wife. fox 25 learned she filed a restraining order in may, after the murder, steves allegedly went to the salem police department, telling an officer, i just killed my wife. >> rightno and complete strangers are gathering to remember this little boy who drown at a day camp in south boston. the vigil is being held hours after the camp reopened for the first time since the boy's sudden death. >> mark: fox 25's john monahan is live in south boston where that vigil could begin any time now. now. >> the reporter: mark and vanessa, we've learned in the last few minutes, the vigil is about to begin soon but we're being told it's a private vigil for the family, being held in
6:31 pm
in south boston. it was one week ago that 7-year-old kyzr willis drown while attending the city run drop in camp at the curley center. the center did reopen as kyzr's family is set to have a vigil in his memory. a memorial stands at the main entrance of the curley center. small stuffed animals and messages of condolence left there for kyzr and his family. the center opened its doors again, but with a host of revised rules, governing everything from signing in and signing out. and new security cameras are now in place. the family of kyzr did express some concern, the reopening is too early, because kyzr's wake an funeral have not even happened yet. however, mayor walsh says while kyzr's death is tragic, this program is essential for families in the city and needed to be reopened. >> it's a bittersweet thing, i think for the kids and the counselors counselors and for everybody, tonight is going to be a memorial in front of the curley center.
6:32 pm
i think it's probably not a festive fun place like it was, you know, two weeks ago. >> the reporter: now, we're just outside the m street entrance, that's where the drop-in center is now meeting and accepting drop-in students as the program has now begun. the vigil taking place by the family is at the main entrance down on dave boulevard in south boston in front of the l street bath house, now called the curley rec center. we have been told in the last few minutes, it is a private respectful distance and have this covered for u. we'll have this for you live tonight on the fox 25 at 10:00 p.m. john monahan, fox 25. >> mark: more details on the changes at the camp where kyzr willis drown. new security cameras, 34 in all. more staff will be watching the kids and there will be more frequent head counts. all campers will be required to wear life jackets when swimming.
6:33 pm
from the westport farm. two weeks ago, police found hundreds of animals, dead, dying and living in horrific conditions. >> mark: nobody is facing charges right now, and as crystal haynes found out, the sheer magnitude of the case means charges won't be filed any time soon. >> from the ground that they were put on, the confinement, the level of care across board was unacceptable. >> the reporter: more than 100aspca members, state and westport police worked 7:00 a.m. to premove about a thousand animals from this tenant farm on american legion highway tuesday. two weeks ago, investigators found hundreds of animals dead, dying, and in deplorable condition on this 71-acre property, owned by richard, who rented it out by plot. >> this is quite possibly one of the largest animal cruelty investigations i've ever been a part of. >> the reporter: tim is leading the aspca's field investigation team.
6:34 pm
challenging to get around, challenging for the animals, and as we're moving this equipment down, that's quite tricky as well. >> the reporter: the challenges to the criminal investigation are just as huge as the number of animals abused and neglected. detective sergeant tony tells me, each animal is its own days file, and there are more than 20 renters involved, plus, maderos, now a two-time offender. >> how much every day, there's some new piece of evidence that investigation which is going to take weeks, if not months. >> the reporter: the aspca says they've called in reinforcements for this massive undertaking from as far away as canada. the attorney general's office here in massachusetts is also involved in this investigation. reporting in westport, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> mark: police are looking for a driver who hit a person in the street, and then took off. that person was hit near the
6:35 pm
comings highway. police are looking for a brach s.u.v. type vehicle. >> vanessa: a hectic scene outside the mass avenue t station when fire forced passengers to evacuate. this is the view from sky fox around 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. mbta officials tell us trash on the orange line tracks caught fire. a t-worker quickly put it out. >> mark: driver in a maserati accused of going fast and furious near the university of new hampshire. 21-year-old was driving the maserati on route 4 in durham yesterday afterno here in these pictures. troopers say it was clocked going 135 in a 55-mile-per-hour zone. chang is charged with reckless driving and due back in court next month. >> vanessa: it was a pretty raw and rainy start to the day here in canton, but tonight, the skies are clearing up and the sun is out. kevin says we're about to turn up the heat tomorrow. kevin, you're telling us, it's going to feel like august again tomorrow. >> the reporter: it's getting right back to that and our team
6:36 pm
rain that was out there. some of you didn't see much of that rain. others saw a good dousing and this has been rotating around, this big spin in the atmosphere, down here hand a couple of showers come out of here into northern massachusetts. not much to these, but live storm tracker radar shows you one moving into weare, new hampshire. there's actually been a few light green returns on the lowell-drakette area, but i don't expect there's much happening there either. getting a sprinkle, you're highly unlucky. 78 lawrence. 79 to temperatures, they'll be here tomorrow. show you how hot we're going to get and tracking our next threat for storms. breaking news right now, involving one of boston's biggest cab companies. the u.s. attorneys office has charged the other than of boston cab with payroll tax evasion, failing to pay overtime, and immigration violations as well. 56-year-old man was in court today, he's owned and operated boston cab for more than 40 years.
6:37 pm
greig to pay back more than $2.3 million for the crimes and restitution. we're just going through the court paperwork right now. we will have much more on the still-breaking story ahead tonight on our news at 10:00 p.m. >> mark: the city of somerville will not appeal the decision to grant wynn resorts an environmental permit to build a casino. the deadline to file an appeal with the dep is today. the city may still appeal the decision to the superior court. somerville does not support wynn's plan to build a $2.1 billion resort just across e >> vanessa: happening tomorrow, the city council will consider slapping steep fines on restaurants if they're not upfront about the safety ratings. the mayor wants restaurants to post the food safety inspection letter grades to their store front, or face a $300 per day fine. restaurants and food trucks would have a year to comply with the letter grade system. a local landmark suddenly shut down in one massachusetts town. the charlie horse restaurant in west bridgewater closed on sunday, after being opened for 25 years.
6:38 pm
memorabilia, and employees and customers found out about the decision just yesterday. owners showed the brockton enterprise business had fallen off recently and they could no longer afford to rent the large space. >> mark: the iconic portsmouth restaurant is back open after a fire gutted the place last year. an outdoor deck at the pizza pub will open later this week and the owners of the gas light plan to eventually open a night club on the top floor. gas light company and market square had been closed since >> vanessa: organizers of south boston st. patrick's day parade say mayor marty walsh strong armed them in to inviting an lgbt group to march with them. the complaint was made in a court filing, it's part of a court filing that says mayor walsh threatened to withhold permits for the parade if they did not include the lgbt group. it says walsh and commissioner evans violated the constitutional rights of the group. >> mark: boston police department's body camera pilot
6:39 pm
justin gray reports from washington on a new study that raises concerns about what happens with the video being shot. >> the reporter: body cameras for police officers are designed to take the he said-she said out of police encounters. offering better transparency for citizens and officers. >> body cameras carry tremendous potential. >> the reporter: but a new study of the 50 major police departments outfitting their officers with body cameras found that the cameras are only as good as the policies and procedures for how they're used. >> transparey automatically. just because police department has decided to buy cameras. >> an example of that, just days ago. 18-year-old paul o'neill killeda police officer wearing a body camera. but monday, police say, for some reason, the incident was never recorded. >> there's a lot of video footage of it, but the actual encounter, that part is not captured on video. >> the reporter: and boston city found the police policy doesn't
6:40 pm
see it, but they can file a public records request. >> the departments need to put special access provisions into place for especially individuals who are recorded by cameras. >> the reporter: the justice department in grants, for body fall, those grants require training and also written policies and procedures, but it rules are up to local didn't. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the commissioner of the new york retiring. bratton started his career as a beat cop in boston in the 1970's. he went on to become police commissioner here in 1980, before serving in the same capacity in new york hand los angeles. current boston police commissioner william evans worked closely with bratton. pin the map on him with all the robberies and the burglaries were and i said the work. it's new york's loss, but i'm
6:41 pm
continually to make policingsd?? better in america. >> vanessa: bratton told new york mayor bill de blasio about hi down in earl jly. >> kevin: temperatures generally in the 70's acrops the area. have been ma couple of showers, but they're dwindling away. when we hit 90 this week. >> the reporter: millions of vehicles on the road with
6:42 pm
every day, you're thankful for the ones you love. and every day you promise to protect them. r mily to protect yours. ? ? sfx: crowd cheering
6:44 pm
the road all air cross our country. 70 million cars and trucks have been recalled because the air bags haven't been fixed. many of the cars are on the road right now. >> vanessa: fox 25's jim morelli asked dealers why it's struggling to catch up. >> the reporter: honda took two hits, one in february, one in may, of a recall, that confounded the supply compaign and put drivers on a wait list for the needed repairs and it's unclear when they'll get off the list.
6:45 pm
massive takata air bag recall, honda is one of them. the recall covering some of its vehicles from model years 2001 through 2016. and yet, some owners of vehicles with defective air bags can't get them immediately fixed. >> i was very surprised, that they said, you know, it's not available, we don't have it. >> the reporter: matt of nashua, new hampshire, spoke to fox 25 by phone. he got a recall not for his honda fit last march. >> basically said that cause death. matt got in touch with his dealer, but it was a month before his car could be repaired. honda says, two recalls announced this year have affected air bag repair time. the company says, there may be some shorter term delay, for certain models, because some parts might go on back order. for vehicles recalled at the end of may have, honda expects to be at full repair capacity by late summer. the company says, older models, those from someone through 2003
6:46 pm
air bag deployment and paths for those are plentiful. honda reminds drivers that all safety recalls are serious, no matter what the year. so if you are driving one of these hondas that does need to have the air bag repaired, what should you do? first of all, you need to go to your dealer or any honda dealer and get on the list, so that they can call you when those parts do come in. remember, honda will offer you a free rental car for the duration of the time period that your car needs to b are afraid to drive your car, honda says it will also offer free towing. and by the way, it appears that honda is not the only car brand that's affected by the delays. i got notice from a mom this afternoon that her son's jeep was supposed to be repaired in june, and they still haven't gotten the part in. in norwood, jim morelli fox 25 news. >> vanessa: massachusetts is known as a leader in health care and tonight we know which of the top hospitals rank as the very best. according to us news and world
6:47 pm
hospital in the state. brigham & women's came in at that time number two, followed by bay state medical center in springfield. >> mark: hundreds of fish are washing ashore on beaches on th, we're told these specific fish are atlantic men hayden. marine biologists are investigating, but tell fox 25 they could be trying to get pay way from predators. so quincy a decade ago after herring were hunted by stripers and dog fish. >> kevin: well, we all jump outr there's a shark out there, so it stands to reason. i hope that's all that's happening to the fish out in the waters. look, here's the deal. we had showers pop up where the sun came out this afternoon after the initial burst of rain left today. now, the sun is trying to come out in southeasternmost massachusetts, if you're getting some sun out in cape cod, let's
6:48 pm
best way to get the reports to me. looks like the clouds are hanging tough. athal, some returns around the methuen and drakette. very light if anything happening there. weare with the shower and hillsboro, new hampshire littlee active. yellow showing up, meaning it's raining harder in this area, along 202 in henniker, new england college, so there are a couple of showers out there, that are trying to build up. i'll watch that one. i don't expect it to become anything stronger th w to keep a close eye on and i will alert you on twitter if needed and if it becomes strong enough, i will break into programming, but that's certainly not expected this evening. 76, bedford. 79 nashua. this is where the warmer air is thanks to the sun coming out. the showers have a chance to build on in in those spots. county crow in southie at the blue hills bank pavilion. the air comes in from the side, it's going to be comfortable tonight, in the 60's and drying out, humidity going to be low
6:49 pm
temperature drops to 60 by the morning, under clearing skies. any clouds you have now are going to melt away. don't expect any more showers for you either. cape cod the rain is gone. we just needs the clouds to break up. you'll clear it out, 65 in the morning when you get up with sunshine. your golf game in the morning, looking good. all kinds of sunshine. you may have to burn off fog and that is what this fog is denoting. by 10:00 a.m., all the fog is gone and it's just perfectly sunny. 73 degrees already by late rising up through the 70's, this takes you to lunchtime, upper 70's, few towns will actually be at 80 by lunchtime tomorrow. just depends where you take your lunch break. cape cod, hig,??l of 70. new bedford hits 82. framingham, 84 degrees and lawrence at 85. now i've been talking a lot about the concert at fenway park tomorrow night, but don't want to forget you out in mansfield. i believe it's g easy. kids will let me know. temperatures in the 70's by
6:50 pm
skies. this is kind of weather you can expect everywhere tomorrow. mostly sunny skies, becoming a clear evening. tropical storm earl, churning out here in the atlantic, south of the islands now. the spaghetti plots, all the computer plots you see them here every year. showing that it's all clustered towards us, continuing to move off toward the west, toward mexico. winds are at 50 miles per hour from earl and expected to continue that trek and probably not strengthen much more, but there's the heavy rain that would make it peninsula of mexico from the storm system over the next 24 hours, ct showing the heat building in here thursday and friday. getting up around 90 degrees. going to hit 90 friday and saturday before our front comes on through and brings some thunderstorms, to cool us back down by the end of the weekend, with the new information coming in this evening, i'll have that weekend storm timeline for you pinpointed. >> mark: they just built a mansion in chestnut hill, but tom brady and gisele are also buying a waterfront condo in
6:51 pm
couple is paying more than $20 million for a five bedroom apartment in tribeca that overlooks the hudson river. >> we'll hear from andrew benintendi called up for the red
6:52 pm
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>> mets, 1-3. last time doubled and rips that one into left field. backing up, backing up, that ball is gone! mookie betts strikes and the red sox have the lead in the ninth inning, 2-1. >> so if you were sleeping and it's quite possible you were, you missed a heck of a rally once again for the red sox as they got two solo homeruns in the final two innings to meet the mariners last night, 2-1 andups before midnight, we learned last year's first round draft choice will join the team in the pacific northwest tomorrow night. andrew straight from double-a to portland in the big club. he may or may not get into tonight's game against the mariners, but at least be on the bench and available. lineup has not been released yet. what we know about benintendi, he can hit. between salem and portland, he's hit .312, knocked in 107 runs this year, also stolen 26 bases. we did get a chance to talk to him a couple of weeks ago about possibly joining the big club and here's what andrew had to say.
6:55 pm
mine to make it to the big leagues and i will focus on what i can control and play hard and play defense and hit the ball well. >> we will be watching that tonight and today, perhaps some insight on exactly why rob gronkowski was not on the field with his teammates during most of the offseason workouts. gronkowski is feeling great after injuring his pec muscle this offseason. both gronk and bill belichick big this spring when gronk was not on the field, he was doing "the unquote, other things. pretty clear that rob is ok now. he has shown no ill effects during the first weeks of workouts in foxborough. one of gronkowski's teammates took the first steps in pursuit of a gold medal. nate ebner arrived in rio. he posted this picture on instagram. he will play with the u.s.a. rugby team and return to the patriots after the olympics. you've got to see one of the
6:56 pm
the guy lifts the puck, carries it down the ice and then decides, you know what, i'm just going to throw the whole darn thing in the goal. if you can do this and you have the ability to do this, it counts at a karat event with there's a lot of people hanging out wanting to see cool things like that. i don't know that that would count in a game. i've got to put a call into the officials. >> mark: it's like jab-on hockey. >> it's impressive, whatever it is. >> kevin: looks like high sticking to me. >> a little bit of everything. >> kevin: extent of my i like watching it. i don't know the rules. 80 degrees tomorrow and sunshine all day long if you can stand it. keep you heating up in to friday and saturday. i'll be putting together the latest timeline on the storms for this week. beautiful evening for all of your plans. people are going to concerts, county crows, blue hills bank
6:57 pm
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tonight, bachelorette conspiracy theorys exposed. >> was this rigged? >> we go straight to jo jo and jordan to get the answers, and could bad boy chad really be the next bachelor? >> it's no i'm going to actually murder somebody on camera. why will smith's family wants him to quit ac >> i need to stop making movies. new revelations on shannen doherty's cancer battle. how she's relying on her mother's strength to pull through. >> thank god i have her. and her scary 90210premonitiin. >> what did you find lump in br and a jessica simpson exclusive. >> media scrutiny sucks. >> hear her weight confessions. and her new plan to stay fit.


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