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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  August 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, bachelorette conspiracy theorys exposed. >> was this rigged? >> we go straight to jo jo and jordan to get the answers, and could bad boy chad really be the next bachelor? >> it's no i'm going to actually murder somebody on camera. why will smith's family wants him to quit ac >> i need to stop making movies. new revelations on shannen doherty's cancer battle. how she's relying on her mother's strength to pull through. >> thank god i have her. and her scary 90210premonitiin. >> what did you find lump in br and a jessica simpson exclusive. >> media scrutiny sucks. >> hear her weight confessions. and her new plan to stay fit.
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this is entertainment tonight. >> bachelorette jo jo finds her true love. aaron rodgers estranged brother, all is right in the world. or is it? i can't believe that nancy o'dell, who is obsessed with this show, is on vacation. samantha harris fil >> nancy has begun waiting for the season preeiere. we were with jo jo and jordan this morning, after the final rose, and after we saw him pop the question. s top story. is the bachelorette fairy tale fate or fake? >> yes. >> people are going to ask, was this rigged? >> rigged? >> rigged. >> how is it rigged? >> you guys had this all planned before? that you knew each other beforehand. >> i don't know where it comes from. i've never met him, never saw him, until that moment he stepped out of the limo. >> well, hello. >> i didn't watch the show, i
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didn't know anything about her. >> jordan, i love you. >> jordan may have found love with jo jo, but his relationship with his older brother remains estranged. jo jo has yet to meet hhm. and today this gift was going viral. that's aaron watching his ipad, and the joke is, he's reacting to jordan's bachelorette win. >> family matters are sensitive and private, i knew what i signed up for. it's a ppst show frenzy, the couple hit kimmel. jordan posted his first pick with jo jo, then they jetted to new york with gma. and this morning with >> what's next? >> i'm going to be working with espn as a college football analyst this year. p> i still have my real estate company, still doing it. we just bought a house together in dallas. he has his bags packed and we're heading to dallas right after this. >> you're going to be normal people -p>> do you think you'll go dow
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wedding like everyone else has? >> we haven't gotten that far, everyone enjoyed our love story. >> last question. luke, chase or robbie. who would you guys think will be the best next bachelor. >> i'm torn between t america loves luke. i realize when i sent him home, oh, my gosh, he's amazing, i totally get it. but i think chase will be great too. robbie is a great but i think people love luke and as >> people fell in love with chase, he opened up a little more toward the >> awesom >> you'll notice they did not mention chad at all as a contender, they did a message for him, and we played it for him this morning. that is coming up. >> meanwhile, we move on to sad news. it's been a little over six weeks since anton yelchin was killed in freak accident in his own drive way. today his parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit. >> he was a remarkable human
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display this morning aa their press conference announcing a wrongful death lawsuit against fiat chrysler. >> he died when he was pinned between his jeep grand cherokee and the gate of his studio city home when the car rolled down the drive way. >> it's against naturwh accident fiat/chrysler recal more than a million of their own vehicles over the gearshifter design. the manufacturer extended thhi symppthies, buu went on to warn that drivers should set the parking brake in their vehicles before exiting. >> the bond between anton and his parents was strong. irina seen here looking proudly at anton during the premiere of his 2007 film alpha dog.
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professional skaters. >> they wanted me to be a skater. and they knew i sucked, they were cool with it. >> it was his parents advice that anton often sought for his roles in acting. >> i'll talk to my mom and stuff about how to move. this is how i want this gu move, what muscles should i -- you know what i mean? she knows all of that. >> anton did not have a w so his parents have filed to be administrators of his estate, which has mo in assets. jimmy fallon has been announced as the host of the golden globes coming up on nbc on january 8th, he will be brilliant. let's head to new york where we're hanging with the suicide squad crew and margot robbie were on the red carpet for the high energy premiere. & ?? >> what does data think of your breakkng bad looo with the and the bald head? >> i wanted to bring the outfit
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so you lose the move. if you could give me a tattoo. i hope this is not like -- >> the suicide squad came to play and dressed to kill. will and scotty were suited up. jared leto in gucci. carolyn laveen in a $3,000 studded dress. >> it's like a uniform. >> oh, my god, it is a unicorn. >> who designed this dress? >> mcqueen. >> we have a little quiz to see how bad ass you really are, are you ready? >> all right. >> if you could lock up any cast member in the film and torture them, who would it be? >> i think secretly margot robbie. >> is it true you shaved your entire body for this role? >> i may or may n the joker is very harry character. >> the last time you went commando?
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>> t's good to be a bad guy film is set to open big this weekend. big willie's kids already gave him a review that could be a game changer. >> this is it, i'll never make -panything better than this, it the best character i will ever play, and i need to stop making movies. >> good try, kids, and the no way will is quitting a allo in new york yesterday, leonardo dicaprio. >> back from spending time overseas, the oscar winner was spotted having lunch. just around the corner, jonah hill was strolling down th street, unaware is wolf of wall street co-star was headed toward him. leo pretending to be a photo seeking fan, totally scares the super bad out of his friend once jonah realizes it's a prank, they hug it out. aater jonah takes a self a fan, they happily walk off
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>> cameron was hanging out at the hollywood premiere of nine lives. >> i was working the hollywood premiere, you were hanging out with your family. >> we were on the red carpet. >> did you have a good time? >> they loved it. >> not only the feline kind of cats, the two legged star va let's start with aabeaming -pjennifer garner. >> you look gorgeous. >> ah. >> come on, now. day after her teen choice awards win. -p>> miracles from hea >> it must feel great to make movies like this a are your kids here tonight? >> they are not here tonight. it is super fun to make movies you can watch together a family. >> now, jen's co-star brought
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>> i remember meeeing you, i just remember being little. i remember our encounter. >> did you catch that? dad mark trying to his embarrass her very famous parents. now, walking with her dad, who's starring in the movie. that's got to raise the cool factor? >> it's cool. i like it. >> sure,lola's dad worked with kevin spacey, christopher walken and jennifer garner. but they're more into his because of his other rule. duty.the flash star is on cat >> hopefully you're a cat love >> i am, but i'm super allergic. >> his feline castmates not -pallergic to fame. little bub than kevin >> those feliies are going to be right here on our stage tomorrow..o cf1 o waffles, nala and pudge. >> i want to let everyone know. there were some divas in that >> still ahead tonight.
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haunting 90210 sceneemirroring her real life battle. losing her breast and all her h couldn't imagine that happening to me. >> i was a kid, man, i thought i was going to live forever. >> we're with bachelorette bad boy chad. could he really win back america's hearts on the capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free... no minimums. no fees. and a top-rated app, let's you bank right here. that's banking reimagined.
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tomorrow on e.t., behind the scenes of kerry washington's pregnancy phhto shoot.
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i think that i as well as other people deserve love. i think maybe i deserve to be the next bachelor. >> is that for real? seriously? bad boy chad now trying to show everyone his tender side last night? should we buy it? lauren zima found out when she hit the gym with her one man
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dudes in here are probably bigger than me. >> i ate 30 pounds of protein in three montts. >> we're used to seeing him work out or starting fights. last night, a different side. >> i made some mistakes, i've been through a lot this last year. >> what was the point of that scene. >> i think people saw a bad side of me, people saw me beeng me sometimes, i think eve should be capable of being mean when they have to be. >> let's talk about who's going to be the next bachelor, is that potentially you? >> it's not going to be me. >> i think it will probably be luke. i mean, he plays his cards >> and that spewing out continues tonight on bachelor in paradise. >> in the words of chris harrison. >> it's truly a train wreck >> a lot is going to be revealed on paradise. how does it feel knowing that everything that's going to happen is going to be shown on tv? >> paradiie was the absolute most ridiculous you could ever
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everything's up hill from here. >> after tonight. i mean -- you can't take it back, whatever. -pthat's how it goe >> you have a viddo message from gordon and jo jo. >> i wish i had some good advice to give you, i know if i said anything, you wouldn't li anyways. >> good point. i would not listen. i'm not going to take advice from joe. >> fair enough. a lot f people in our office are talking about this wonderful beard. will you shave it? >> i shaved a little for the bachelorette. i don't like shaving it, i like it like this. >> let's get one thing straight. you can have a little more to worry about besides the beard. >> shannen doherty's emotional new interview. we're relying on family to help her through her cancer battle. which of her 90210 co-stars is helping her threw it all. >> i them from the bottom
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>> inside the gender reverse remake of slash. which a list hunk is playing a merman. jessica simpson reveals her secrets for cutting calories. >> i was dancing on tables at clubs. now i'm chasing kids.
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there is something fishy about channing tatum in tonight's roll call. from magic mike to merman. channing set to star in a role reversing reboot of splash. >> when mermaids cooe across their mates, it's fate. it has to be. >> that's tom talking to e.t. back in 1984. daryl hannah was the mermaid who stole his heart. >> we're pretty sure mermen are supposed to be shirtless.
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he'll reunite with his 21 jump street co-star who takes on tom's role in the movie, produced by ron howard and brian graz >> can't wait to see that movie. i'm still getting used to the fact that daryl hannah is dating neil young, didn't see that one coming. a little over ten years ago, i went to vegas to chat with jessica simpson about this new shoe line she was debuting. jessica's brand is bringing close to a billion dollars in sales, which earns her $20 million annually. the money hasn't changed her. but motherhood has. >> as far as like balancing who i used to be before mom. at clubs and that was my work out. ?? from partying pop star to married mother of two and mogul, she talks balancing fashion, family and fitness. >> every day i want a cor every day. because my kids love corn dogs. i got to notteat off my kids
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>> unfortunately, the tabloids have always kept tabs on jessica's weight. >> media scrutiny, i try my hardest to step above it and rise above it. you need a solid ground to stand on, i feel like i've always had it. to say i've never been affected by it would be a lie. >> she credits the success of her brand to the fact that she's been every size there is. >> i feel like i'm your every i want to wear the same things that everyone else wants to wear, and i want to be able to provide those things for people, i'm trying to be your friend and dressing and say, you look good, girl. >> even though she's got a picture perfect family and a thriving business, there's more to come. >> i always reach for the stars. the moon, the sun. all of it. there is no high yet for me,
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>> one of those places to go is the recording studio. let's not forget that jessica sold nearly 10 million albums worldwide. >> making news around the world right now, our exclusive conversation with 90210 star shannen doherty. yesterday we saw how strong shannen remains in her fight against breast cancer. she let her emotions show when she was asked about the one woman shannen relies on most do you understand this difficult time, her mother. thank god she's there, thank god she -- we're so close and we have such a good relationship. and i know it affects her, and i know that -- she's so strong, my mom is like -- she's a steel magnolia, she's a southern girl, she'll force feed me gatorade chips. >> but gone from her life is her
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stars. he died later that year. >> you know, i think constantly about my dad, and that my dad is watching from up above, and it's breaking his heart that his daughter's going through this. it's hard. >> shannon married kurt in 2011. and feared she would make him a widower when she first learned she had cancer. >> i looked at him and i was like, you better enjoy every second that you have with i'm going to be dead in five years. and he just burst out c that, and that phase was short thank god. >> i no secret shannen had a falling out with some of her 90210 co-stars. she remains close with jennie garth and brian austin green. >> i gave her a call last week and let her know i was thinking about her. shannen is one tough cookie. >> i love the way that she's
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and i have nothing but love for her, i know she's going to come out of this okay. >> i heard from quite a few of my co-stars..o cf1 o they know who they are, i don't feel like i need to point them bottom of my heart for reaching out to me. >> and in a bizarre turn, more than 25 years ago, the iconic series foreshadowed shannen's real life. >> brenda walsh found a lump. >> yeah, i remember that episodee because it meant a lot to me. >> a lump in my breast. >> shannen was just 19 and from the biopsy in the hospital to the tears and the fears, her tv character lives out the same things the 45-year-old is facing now. >> with her losing her b and all her hair. >> you think at that moment, it could become a reality one day? >> back then i didn't, i was a kid. i thought i was invincible, i
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when you're a kid. you're going to get through this, and what you have done, sharing your store story has been so helpful to so many. i love that shannon shared with us, she's really looking forward >> i love that she's staying positive. >> yeah.
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>> we're hanging out with a levine as the voice coach opens up about impending fatherhood. justin bieber weighs in on the taylor swift kanye west feud. find out what justin is saying. and zac eeron gets candid on being single. why the heartthrob says he can never date. it's all at one more honor to the oscar winning career of harvey weinstei he will be roasted by the fire's club on november 4th in new york city.& here's the cool thing. we wil there exclusively. >> they are the original roast. talking about getting roasted.
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ever since jon & kate plus 8 and now he's retired from reality tv, but not from person drama. >> that's tomorrow. >> our exclusive look at life after fame. >> i don't really talk to my ex-wife. >> jon gosselin after the fame went away. >> with have not seen -- >> th father of eight's life to from reality tv millio to the laundromat. that's tomorrow. fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that going to let me see what you're seeing. really? yes, mr. mcenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> got help anyone who tries to intermedal with vanilla ice when he's in a fight with delta air lines. >> they did not call his flight and he missed it and the guy behind him goes, you have to watch the monitor, man. harvey: how improbable was it delta never called the flight. theyil ready for boarding. >> you don't hear anything after that though. [laughter] >> donald trump, he was flying in virginia and he posted this photo of him eating k.f.c. and he's eating it with a knife and forgue. it's so weird. >> it's because those small hands can't hold a chicken wing. >> joeio fletcher, the bachelorette, she picked jordan rodgers. >> how are you feeling? >> harvey: wait a minute, did he


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