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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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right now a woman and her dog are recovering after two pitbulls attack them. hello, everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. it happened on over street in salem and our cameras were there shortly after. malini basu is live if the neighborhood where several people saw the attack happen. this video with fox 25. a woman was taking her lab for a walk in salem when two pitbulls charged at them. you can see the victim in the cell phone video on the ground laying there while a neighbor was holding her. heard there my house a woman screaming and dogs bark. >> reporter: a witness tells us one of the pitbulls attacked the lab and the other one the dog owner. salem police tell fox 25 the woman in her 60s was severely
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people living on the street ran out to help her. i ran down and she was on the ground and her hand was all ripped open. i had to hold it with a cloth and stuff her whole hand was ripped open. >> just a short time ago we checked in with salem police and they tell us the investigation is n so at this hour, no charges have been filed yet. animal control officer was on scene and neighbors tell us they saw one of the pitbulls being taken away, but again, that woman right now is still in the hospital with, quote what we're being told severe hand injuries. for now, live in salem tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. family and friends of a little boy who drowned after disappearing from the city-run day camp gathered for a touching tribute. fox 25's john monahan is live in south boston after speaking with
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john. >> reporter: that's right, mark. the family held each other amid their tears during a special tribute to this young boy kysr willis. tonight a special tribute to the little boy they lost just one week ago. >> reporter: balloons by the dozen set free tonight at 7:09, one week to the minute that kysr willis' family learned he was gone. >> we want to than >> reporter: kysr's uncle john baker amazed at the support and help the family has received. >> reporter: julie jumped in to help. >> my family and i ran all around as did everyone else in this neighborhood looking for him and hoping we would find him in his backyard ... >> reporter: but that was not to
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remember the 7-year-old who drown at a city run drop-in camp at the curly community center. new rules are now in place as the center re-opened today. tonight, though, the focus turned to kysr and his family. >> it's -- [ indiscernible ] he's gone. >> reporter:o and the community took time to come together and remember a young boy lost too soon. >> the majority of us don't know kysr but we feel as though we did because he is an angel, and although he's not here with us anymore, he's very much in our hearts. >> a wake for kysr is on wednesday. the funeral is on thursday. coming up at 11:00, we'll hear from kysr's uncle on his thoughts about his nephew's drowning and the changes made at
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i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. tonight an auto shop worker is accused of taking an inprovide photo of a customer. tad mitchell junior of lowell is accused of secretly photographing a woman on main street in tewksbury. yesterday he was below her in a pit area and when she looked down, she allegedly saw him pointing his cell phone at her. he was arrested for upskirting. >> bizarre behavior during a traffic stop lands two men in a local courtroom. prosecutors say they were armed with guns and talked a salem police pulled them over for driving the wrong way. they allegedly got into a heated exchange. salem officers said they were listening to police scanners on an app. state and their comments, these guys are only facing weapons and drug charges tonight. also in salem tonight, a grandmother is dead and her estranged husband is charged with the murder. the couple's five grown children were in court for his arraignment. douglas steve turned himself in
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strangling caramel lysanders in her apartment. >> this is not his behavior at all. like at all, i honestly like complete shock. everybody's in complete shock. this is not normal behavior for him at all. >> carmello saunders had taken out a retraining order against douglas and told the court that he threatened to kill her. he's been held without bail tonight. sex under aers are barred from playing lawmaker has his way. it would bar sex offenders from playing augmented reality games including pok?mon go. he says preventing predators from using the app will safeguard others who are playing. new at 10:00, boston's first medical marijuana dispensary will be open to business in a matter of hours. patriot care will open its doors tomorrow morning at a after a ribbon cutting in downtown boston. boston will be the seventh dispensary is to open its doors
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says the owners will listen to neighborhood concerns before opening. the dispensary will get its marijuana from a facility lowell that produces it for patriot care. >> i think the plan is to have cap as out there, to have security, we'll closely watch it and make sure it all goes off well. >> the latest status from the state show nearly 13,000 patients purchased medical marijuana at dispensaries in june alone. happening tonight, the city of boston is celebrating national night out. a show of solidarity against crimes. officers were out in all city neighborhoods, you can see them here mingling with people in east boston. they shared a meal and ice cream and were handing out temporary tattoos as well to some of the kids out there. new tonight, governor baker also taking part in national night hout out activities. he intended this event in revere which included a barbecue, k-9 demonstrations and more. at least 57 national night out events are scheduled in our state. after a few days of clouds
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return. fox 25 storm weather tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, we needed that rain. >> we did and some places go the plenty of it but it was mostly western massachusetts. some in worcester county. but as it spun out of here tonight, skies cleared of any remaining showers and withered away. where was the heavy rain? we had flooding rains to the west. nearly 3-inches of rain today out near six flags. .10 of an inch, that's it. in wellesey and cape cod, .07 of an inch. that's not begin bust any droughts for sure. 68 in boston, 65 out in worcester. hour by hour, tonight boston will be through the 60s. 64 in the morning with sunshine poking out. can be patchy fog. cloudiness right here. any fog burns off, though, and full sun by late in the morning at worcester, 71 degrees and a few on cape cod. those vacationers out there looking for the beach tomorrow,
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in the 70s into the afternoon. but the heat is coming back. i'll show you when temperatures make a run at 90 degrees later this week. this here is skyfox video showing animal rescue workers moving nearly 1,000 animals from a west fork farm. two weeks ago we reported police discovered hundreds of dead animals and even more living in these horrific conditions. as crystal haynes reveals no one will face charges anytime soon. on. the confinement and the level of care across the board was unacceptable. >> reporter: more than 100aspca members worked since 7:00 a.m. to remore about 1,000 animals from this farm on american legion highway tuesday. two weeks ago, investigators found hundreds of animals dead, dieing and in deplorable conditions on the 71-acre property owned by richard madera
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>> this is quite possibly the largest animal cruelty investigations i've ever been a part of. >> reporter: tim ricky is leading the aspca's field investigation team. >> there's environmental challenges, challenging to get around, challenging for the animals and as we're moving this equipment down, that's quite tricky, as well. >> reporter: the challenges for the criminal investigation is just as huge as the number of animals abused and neglected. detective sergeant tony tells me that each file and there are more than 20 renters involved, plus madera, no you a two-time offender. >> almost every day there's a new piece of evidence that we collect for purposes of our investigation, which is gonna take weeks, if not months. >> the aspca says they've called in reinforcements for this master undertaking from as far away as canada. the attorney general's office here in massachusetts is also involved in this investigation.
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crystal haynes, fox 25 news. new at 10:00, we are getting terrifying video of a violent robbery. take a look. three masked men bust into a store and start shooting. ahead at 10:00, the split-second decision a worker made that saved lives. and a major drug bust sniffed out by police. how a blender, coffee maker and sock landed several people in jail. but first u.s. senator elizabeth warren just finished speaking to a packed house in
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you're looking at the video of u.s. senator elizabeth warren speaking in somerville late tonight. ted daniel live in the city now to show us her war of words with donald trump. >> if anybody has been following the race to the white house, knows that senator warren is one of hillary clinton's most influential supporters that's due in part to her public destain for donald trump and certainly had a lot to say about him tonight. >> reporter: senator warren made only one reference to donald trump and his political theater during an hour-long plus presentation on the u.s. economy. >> believe me, it is not donald trump's version of what's happening in america. >> reporter: fresh off a prime time appearance at last week's convention, the former harvard professor wait until her lecture
10:14 pm
dog role. >> donald trump cannot be it'll president of the united states. >> reporter: when i ask about trump's ongoing feud with the muslim parents of a u.s. army captain killed by suicide-bombers in iraq, warren echoed a response similar to one given by president obama and other high ranking members of the democratic party. >> donald trump proves every single day that he is unfit to be president of the united show at this point he would have been canceled. >> reporter: trump is taking heat for accepting a purple heart today for a retired u.s. army soldier who is supporting his campaign. purple hearts are awarded to soldiers who are wounded or killed in action. >> it's just one horror story after another. the man is unfit to be president
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>> i also ask senator warren how much time she expects to campaign with or for hillary clinton in the next several months and she told me she's taking that as it comes. several high-profile republicans also criticized donald trump today, what he had to say about them coming up new at 11:00. for now, we're live in is somerville, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. we are learning tonight that presidential nominee hillary clinton is raking in the campaign cash. clinton had her best month of fundraising in july campaign reporting a haul of about $90 million. the campaign says about $63 million will fund her presidential run while $26 million will go to state partners in the democratic national committee. >> donald trump spent the day fending off attacks on the campaign trail. a veteran gave trump a purple heart that showed his support for the muslim gold star family but trump draw criticism by saying he always wanted a purple heart and there was an easier way to get it.
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denied media request to produce video of his system. he claimed the images that would be used would tarnish his campaign. the obama's begin their administration on saturday for a two week stay. he's vacationed on martha's vineyard every year of his presidency except in 2012 when he was running for re-election. the first family is expected to make very few public drone possibly peeping outside homes in one local town. we told you last week about two hollis new hampshire residents who reported they caught a drone spying on them at night. now police there say they have another sighting and they are warning people who live there to protect their privacy and close their blinds at night. >> seven people are in jail after detectives sniff out a major drug operation. as blair miller shows us, drugs and cash were hidden in plain say the in everything from
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>> reporter: herb owen has lived along this stretch of hancock street in chelsea for 9 years. still trying to understand what happened next door when police showed up last week. >> reporter: the screaming part of a police raid in which brian sunny skies calls a major drug bust. >> the individuals involved gave what we believe to be fictitious names. >> officers showed us what they found, large amounts of one kilo along with cocaine and $10,000 worth of cash and gave fox 25 knees pictures showing the suspects went to great lengths to hide it all. the money you see here hidden in jackets and stuffed into shoes and the drugs crammed into spots like came coffee machine and even in these socks.
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where is they can keep drugs where they are in fact safe. >> reporter: police say the suspects all from the dominican republic were keeping the drugs hidden inside two homes, feet from each other and selling it. neighbors questioned how it was happening in what he thought was a quiet part of town. >> i'm surprised because i've been here for a while. >> this investigation involves several other police departments part of a new teen that together on issues like this that reach far beyond just one city. investigators believe the drugs are being sold from chelsea but ended up all across the boston area. in the control room, blair
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>> no word on how the animal ended up there. >> ahead at 10:00, the one thing the homeowner did differently last night that may have prevented it. >> for the second time in as many trouble. what he's accused of doing to a patient that got him card and why other patients are
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is is. a worcester dentist is free on bail tonight after being accused of sexual assaulting a woman while he was working on
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dr. pa teleappeared in worcester court today charged inappropriately assaulting his 35-year-old patient. the woman told police pa teletouched her four times on her breast using his hand and fingers. the doctor's attorney says he denies the charges. >> of course the charges are serious. we take them very seriously and he's going to vigorously defend himself in this court. >> the judge ordered the doctor to stay away from the patient until the master is resolved. more t with baseball bats, bottles and knives fought in the street of worcester. it happened early monday morning near harrison and water streets. police say several people ended up in the hospital with stab wounds. officers say the fight was between several local gangs and a group from new york city that was in town to see a comedian. >> the owner of a cab company
10:24 pm
restitution. he was charged with payroll tax evasion and employing undocumented immigrants. the belmont resident what owned and operated boston cab for more than four decades. the man allegedly attacked a transit police officer police say he came back looking for a fight and attacked the officer sticking him unaccompanied needle. he was eventually taken into custody. the officer is expected to be okay. >> a hectic scene outside the mass ave t station earlier today when fire forced passengers to evacuate. skyfox with a view around 12:30 this afternoon. nbc officials tell us trash on the orange line tracks caused fire. a t worker was quickly able to put out the fire. no one was hurt.
10:25 pm
who hit a person in the street didn't took off. skyfox over the intersection of cumins way in roslindale today where the victim was hit. for the third file no one recent months, teens made off with a specialized try cycle belonging to someone with special needs. it belongs to a 14-year-old boy from air. his name is brandon. it has a brown seat and large basket on the back of it. police are hoping someone will recognize the bike here so they can get it back to brandon. in the meantime, family and friends have started a go fund me page to raise money for it. espn says he is feeling great after injuring his pectoral muscle during the off season. >> we're so glad to hear he's doing better. on the mend. >> well, lights were on and two teens sleeping on the sofa. >> but it wasn't enough to keep a burglar from walking that their home and stealing their purse. >> it made me sick. it's violating. terrible.
10:26 pm
other night. i'll show where you some of the heaviest rain fell and we'll
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70 metal cars and trucks have been recalled because the airbags don't work. >> many of the vehicles still haven't been fixed and they're on the road tonight. >> reporter: more than 20 automobile brands have been affected by the massive a coattailary bag recall. honda is one of them. the recall covering some of the vehicles from model years 2001 through 2016. and yet some owners of vehicles with defective airbags can't get them immediately fixed. >> i was very surpred they said it's not available, we don't have it. >> speaking with fox 25 by phone, get a recall notice for his honda fit last march. >> basically they said that it can cause death. >> i got in touch with his dealer but it was a month before he could get it repaired. >> the company says there may be shorter determine delay for certain models because some
10:30 pm
for vehicles recalled to the end of may honda expects to at full capacity by next summer. the company says older models those from 2001 to 2003 are at higher risk of explosive airbag deployment and parts of those are fortunately plentiful. honda reminds drivers that all safety recalls are serious no matter what the year is if the you are driving one of these hondas, first of all, go get on the list so that they can call you when the parts do come in. remember, honda will offer you a free rental car for the duration of the time period that your car needs to be repaired, and if you're afraid to drive your car, honda says it will also offer free towing. by the way, it appears that honda is not the only car brand affected by these delays.
10:31 pm
jeep was supposed to be repaired in june and they still haven't gotten the part in. jim morelli, fox 25 news. and we want to add that honda tells us replacement apartments are available for the majority of honda. a woman walking her dog in salem was attacked by two pitbulls. she's in the hospital and her dog is hurt. >> it's been one week since the 7-year-old boy died in his day camp in tonight the concerns his uncle has over what he's calling in a misconvention about what happened. >> the last of the rain went spinning on out of here but not before dropping is some impressive amounts to the west. it looked like it was going to come out of the hudson valley and move out of parts of massachusetts. indeed, it did. although, parts that really need some rain in and out of the
10:32 pm
this time. got all the way to cape cod basically. it pushed offshore to our south and some places a lot at the spot right there. into worcester county, barry 1.1 inches near the reservoir. need it and why not, on top of the reservoir, right? a big inch there needed it for sure. down here to the south, see that green right there? an inch of rain right there on buzzard's bay, as well. you can see the green here. an inch on nantucket. >> a .10 of an inch out there by quincy. that's it. same at fenway park, too it's
10:33 pm
little rain from that much rain that we saw in massachusetts. so the drought rolls on. tonight we'll keep it cooler and tomorrow, as well. notice the clouds in here. that's just because some patchy fog that will be popping up overnight in so spots. not for everyone but there will develop and it turns off the sunshine. so by late morning back in the 70s across the area and some pushing 80 degrees lake lawrence in the afternoon are because the weather is so good, the pollen will really start to move south again. the glasses, the plantain and the weeds will vary from place
10:34 pm
bottomline, that time of year, we have to get ready for this. tomorrow afternoon's high temperatures. out on cape cod, going to the beaches here, sounds good. gonna be in the 70s, with that sun it will feel plenty warm tomorrow, low humidity. a comfortable day for sure. here's yours boston fox 25 picture of the day. have that stage up for the james taylor concert at fenway park. a perfect night with temperatures falling down through the 60s. we're tracking tropical storm earl. winds at 60 miles per hour and all of the computer models clustered this way and sending it towards what looks like belize during the next 24 hours. there's the seven-day forecast are the heat is on through
10:35 pm
cool front comes on through. we'll detail that a little bit more with a timeline on the storms coming up in just a few minutes. some scary moments for a mom whose 4-year-old got stuck inside a gun safe at a sporting goods store. he was playing a game with siblings on sunday when one of them dared to get if the gun safe. the safe shut and locked the boy in. the store's employees didn't know the combination so dozens of firefighters were called in to help. at first they could not open the safe so pumped in oxygen the child breathe. >> the mother was yelling at the child, quit screaming and put the hose inside your nose. it'll help you breathe. >> fire crews ended up using the manufacturer's override code to set the child free after about 15 minutes. we're getting dramatic surveillance video of a violent robbery. three masked men storm into a store and start shooting. ahead at 10:00, what one of the workers did at the very last second that most likely saved lives. plus, the chilling surveillance video as a man
10:36 pm
around and steal as purse with teenagers sleeping on the couch just feet away. but first, the potential change the pope wants to make ?? ? 4 by 4 by land, 4 by 4 by sea ? ? 4 by 4 by air - 'cause i like to fly free ? ? 4 my country and how it all started out ? ? 4 the brave and every boy scout ? ? 4 doin' it yourself cuz you want it done right ? ? 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ?
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police commissioner bill bratton is retiring. he started his contrary as beat police commissioner 1980 here before is serving in the same capacity in new york. >> i always joked, i used to pin the map for him where all the robberies and burglaries were and said he got credit for that when i literally do all the work. bratton told mayor de blasio
10:40 pm
in early july. >> pope francis will look at the possibility of women being allowed to eat vegan in the catholic church. the pontiff has appointed seven men and women to study the issue and look at historical role of women in ther years of the church. a local library will honor the teen that was the inspiration for the novel the fault in our stars. esther earl would have paid 22 tomorrow. she passed away from cancer after her 16th birthday in 2010. quincy library has named the -- >> the massachusetts congresswoman wants lawmakers to reconvene to vote on emergency funding to combat the virus. just yesterday the cdc issued a travel warning to pregnant will urging people to be aware of
10:41 pm
spread to 14 different cases. near rio, you see guards smiling holding guns. the security experts say rio officials have not figured out who's going to run the x-ray machines as huge crowds try to enter the venue. brazil hired a contractor just a month ago who is apparently not ready. so the national guard is now taking over. >> on the eve of the summer olympics, senator schumer is calling on the house cash prizes tax exempt in the future saying the irs shouldn't pose a victory tax on athletes who work hard training year around. the u.s. olympic committee pays $25,000 to gold medal winners, and $15,000 for silver medalists and $10,000 for bronze. some of boston's most popular restaurant restaurantses are being forced to prove they won't get you sick. >> next at 10:00 the charge they get if they don't have a
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you're looking at a man breaking into a home st the man peeked around the house before stealing a woman's purse. >> reporter: the man in the mask is cautious moving slowly as he enters the family home. just feet from where you see him in the kitchen, two teenaged girls are asleep, cousins who had just laid down on the couch
10:45 pm
>> it made me sick. it was violating. it's terrible. an awful feeling. the. >> reporter: the homeowner says watching this footage still chills her to the bone. police say while the rosh only got away with a purse, they're worried his cool demean means he'll strike again. the concern is the brazen nature of it. the lights were on and he opened up the door and walked right in. >> police are warning residents be alert. lindsay says her home is normally secured but that they've let down their guard moment army because her sister needed to get into the home later that night. >> one night that the doors unlocked and of course something like this would happen. >> reporter: now lindsay is just hopeful that someone will recognize the suspect, saying no one in this house will sleep well until they no longer feel threatened. it needs to stop. >> police tell us they think
10:46 pm
with no other reports of crime in that area but asking anyone who recognizes that man to give them a call. in allenstown, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. a former tribute to some of the four-legged partners hoping to put together a police dog memorial honoring dogs that are trained to help investigators solve arson cases and sniff for explosives at public events. they're raising money for a memorial right now. >> tonight we know which hospitals rank as the very egg best. the best hospitals rankings, mass general is the the top hospital in the state. bring ham women's came in at number 2. and tufts medical center rounded out the top 5. >> happening tomorrow, the boston city council will consider lapping steep fines on restaurants if they are not up
10:47 pm
restaurants and food trucks would have a year to comply with the letter grade system. >> the supplements you take to stay healthy may not be doing the job. an investigator found in are more than 90,000 supplements on the market right now and many of them do not undergo any type of testing to verify the actual ingredients in the bill. the manufacturers do not have to undergo testing by the government which means you may not be getting what you paid for. >> meanwhile, from what we can see from reports is that nearly 6,000 people have been harmed by at least one supplement. there have been about 100 deaths and 1,000 serious injuries. >> if you need a supplement, look for the usp symbol on the label. that means the supplement maker pays extra money to it have their pills tested for potency and purity. >> starbucks stock got a hit today after they are recalling their stainless steel straws. they were sued at starbucks and
10:48 pm
june 2016. about 2.5 million were sold in the u.s. during this time period. at least three children suffered mouth lacerations after using the straws. new york couple proves true love can last forever, celebrating 75 years of marriage. take a look. mr. and mrs. grafter renewed their vows monday afternoon. the couple recently moved into a senior care facility. the bride says they eloped in 1941 because their family didn't want them to be together. >> we didn't want us to get married yet. they said we were too young. >> she says i'll tell you what, if you last more than a year. >> their secret, love, honestiy and being good to each other. >> they are adorable. >> and also the 100 bucks. she got the money because they lasted more than a year.
10:49 pm
>> a mother got kicked out of a movie theater after breast-feeding her baby. >> next at 10:00, we'll tell you why that wasn't the reason she was asked to leave.
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a local woman turns down a man's advances on an why line dating site. and now costing a job position. some people are asking if it was illegal to deny the man a job for that reason. >> i talked to an employment attorney about all this, and the short answer is it's perfectly legal to discriminate against someone for being a jerk, but that's surprising to people on the internet, and the conversation is getting heat online. >> reporter: we're using a fake name for this local woman because she fears the man she
10:53 pm
try to exact revenge after his messages cost him a job opportunity. but millie never expected the response online after she shared the offensive message with her friends. >> it's this notion that women overreact to how men speak to them online or on the street and when you see it in black and white typed out, it's totally different. >> reporter: when millie reject ed this match's advances her reply said not a great way to speak to women, i'll pass. but sexual assault writing, quote, not a great way to speak to a man. get back in the kitchen and when my sand witch is done, bend over until i'm finished with you. unfortunately for him, one of the people who saw that message had just viewed his application for a tech company. samantha oliver rejected his application and sent him a note saying he should be nicer to women on the internet. >> i hope that guy stopped talking to women like that on the internet, or at least think twice about it. or at least realize that they can't stay anonymous.
10:54 pm
showed that incident on the web site, responses flowed in defending the man. one person writing, quote, we all snap from time to time, online date something very hard for men. even threats to sue oliver but an attorney we talked to said not only was this perfect plea legal but a reminder to think before you post anything that could come back to haunt you. he's an employer allowed to decide not to hire you because of a racist rant or a sexist online and that frankly is not protected conduct. so those employers are well within their rights. >> we did have time to contact the man for his side of the story but all of his social media pages have been taken down. live in the control room, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. a group of moms outraged after they say a movie theater forced them to leave because one woman was breast-feeding her baby. the women were at a weekend screening of bad moms in fort myers, florida. the theater first asked the woman to cover herself up, and
10:55 pm
because the child was not old enough for the r rated movie. >> my ultimatum was you can cover up or you can leave and at that point i just left. >> reporter: florida state law allows a woman to breast-feed in any public or private location. a crime scene after three masked men run inside and start shooting. the terrifying robbery was caught on camera. >> reporter: a gunshot to the cashiers running. a cashier manages to shut and lock the door just in time. men try everything but can't get through. while they're at the front another armed man heads to the back of the store. watch as he puts a gun to the head of the customer. the customer looks like he's practically begging the gunman to take his wallet. he wasn't harmed but the gunman wasn't done. he too tried to break through the door but it was unsuccessful.
10:56 pm
gone. >> a worker in the gray, watch as he runs to the room and shuts the door. he opens it for another cashier. then closes and locks it again less than half a second before the robber arrives. a half second that may have made the difference between life and death. >> nobody thinks anything. it just happens. >> i feel like you could have been so scared you're like, you it's staying closed, i don't care. >> police are still looking for the robbers, thankfully nobody was hurt. >> the showers are gone, all
10:57 pm
temperatures tonight are in the 60s. it is comfortable out there. humidity's dropping. when you wake up, the average temperature in the area will be 59. boston in the low 60s. >> saturday, the early morning hour, here comes the front cutting into the area. right from the morning and into the middle of the day, looks like showers and thunderstorms will interrupt your weekend. before then, we're and i'll show you when we hit 90 at 11:00. >> this is video of some floods in springfield during the morning commute. parts of hampton county received close to 3-inches of rain. we have not heard of any weather related injuries. hundreds of fish with washing ashore on beaches along the cape. check this video out. we're told that the specific fish -- marine biologists are investigating and tell fox 25
10:58 pm
we're told something similar happened in quincy about a decade ago when a massive school of herring died after being hunted by stripers and dog fish. layoffs at the mbta. the t may consider cutting 150 jobs after 260 employees already took buy-outs. we told you last night 18% of the maintenance engineering jobs are vacant right now. but it faces a $10 budget. the mbta's electricity consumption is comparable to 42,000 households. >> organizers of south boston st. patrick's day say mayor marty walsh stone walled them into get an lgbt group to march with them. mayor walsh, they claim, threatened to withhold permits from the parade if they did not
10:59 pm
doesn't see the point. >> the concern of allowing gay people not to be in the parade, that conversation -- we're beyond that conversation. we're the first state in the nation to have gay marriage. >> the suit was filed by the boston council and says that commissioner evans violated the constitutional rights of the group. a woman in the hospital tonight, her dog hurt as well after a pitbull attack in salem. the woman was out walking her dog when it happened. malini basu has the latest now from salem. >> one woman was in the hospital after she was severely bit in the hand by a pitbull. neighbors tell us they ran out with towels to help the woman. >> a neighbor shared this video with fox 25, it was around 7:30.
11:00 pm
in salem when two pitbulls charged at them. you can see the victim in the cell phone video on the ground laying there while a neighbor was holding her. i heard from my house a woman screaming and dogs barking. >> reporter: witnesses tell us one of the pitbulls attacked the lab and the elder pit attacks the dog owner. salem police tell fox 25 the woman who was in her 60s was severely attacked on her hand. she was rushed to a nearby hospital. people living on the street ran out to help >> i heard the dogs getting -- i ran down and she was on the ground and then her hand was all ripped open and i ran back here to get her a towel. i had to hold it with a cloth and stuff. her hand was ripped open. >> we talked to salem police a little while ago and they tell us the investigation is not over yet and no charges have been filed. in the meantime, neighbors are


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