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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  August 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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in salem when two pitbulls charged at them. you can see the victim in the cell phone video on the ground laying there while a neighbor was holding her. i heard from my house a woman screaming and dogs barking. >> reporter: witnesses tell us one of the pitbulls attacked the lab and the elder pit attacks the dog owner. salem police tell fox 25 the woman who was in her 60s was severely attacked on her hand. she was rushed to a nearby hospital. people living on the street ran out to help >> i heard the dogs getting -- i ran down and she was on the ground and then her hand was all ripped open and i ran back here to get her a towel. i had to hold it with a cloth and stuff. her hand was ripped open. >> we talked to salem police a little while ago and they tell us the investigation is not over yet and no charges have been filed. in the meantime, neighbors are
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the pitbulls being taken away. for now, in salem, malini basu, fox 25 news. a week after the loss of a little boy at day camp, his family pausing to remember him. as the camp where it happened re-opened. the family of kysr willis also came together tonight. john, they paid tribute to the 7-year-old tonight. >> well, their hearts are broken, vanessa. tonight the family and community marked the moment one week ago when they learned gone. >> balloons release toward heaven at 7:09 tonight, the moment one week ago the family of kysr willis learned they lost him. kysr drowned attending a drop-in camp in south bee. tonight the family thanked everyone involved in the search. >> reporter: more than 50 people
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know the family, but wanted to be here. >> i think it was great that the community all came together to show support to the family. >> reporter: and tonight kysr's uncle wanting to clear the air on what he called a misconception. last week, city officials had said kysr could not swim. >> my nephew swam since he was the age of 3. so he could swim. he was a good swimmer. >> reporter: and while kysr's uncle is thankful for the community's support, he is standard took kysr's death to put the safety measures in place >> it took this kind of an accident, something like this that should never happen, for changes to be made it shouldn't take that. >> kysr's wake will be held. live in south boston tonight,
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tonight an auto shop worker is accused of taking an inappropriate photo of a customer, todd mitchell junior of lowell is accused of secretly photographing a woman on main street in tewksbury. yesterday he was below her in a pit area when she looked down and saw him allegedly pointing a cell phone at her, he was arrested for upskirting. bizarre behavior during a traffic stop lands two men in a local courtroom. prosecutors say they were armed with guns and talking about police shootings. salem police pulled over the two men for driving the they allegedly got into a heated exchange. the salem officers said they were listening to police scanners on an app. despite their comments the men are only facing weapons and drug charges tonight. a salem man is being held without bail tonight charged with killing his estranged wife in her apartment. douglas ortise turned himself into police after camilla saunders had been strangled. she took out a restraining order against douglas in may telling
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her. the couple's five grown children were in court for his arraignment. >> reporter: the city of boston is celebrating national night out. police join city -- they were lingering with people here in east boston sharing a meal and ice cream and giving us some temporary police tattoos. governor charlie baker also took part in national night out festivities. he attended this event here in revere and it included a barbecue, k-9 demonstrations somewhere else some national night-out events are scheduled in the state ted daniel live in somerville where the senator spoke in just the past couple of hours. ted. >> since she first took office, a few years ago, elizabeth warren has until managed to make a name for herself by focusing on income inequality and also has been able to raise her profile recently by doing what
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trump. >> at the historic somerville theater senator warren made only one reference to donald trump and his political theater during an hour-long plus presentation on the u.s. economy. >> and believe me, it is not donald trump's version of what's happening in america. >> reporter: fresh off a prime time appearance at last week's democratic national convention the former harvard professor waited until her lecture was over to return to her attack dog role. >> when i ask about trump's ongoing feud with the muslim parents of a u.s. army captain killed by suicide-bombers in iraq, warren echoed a response similar to one gun by president obama and other high ranking members of the democratic party. >> donald trump proves every single day that he is unfit to be president of the united states. if he were a reality tv show at this point he would have been
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taking heat for accepting a purple heart today for a retired u.s. army soldier who is supporting his campaign. purple hearts are awarded to soldiers who are wounded for killed in action. >> and it's just one horror story after another. and we keep coming to the same conclusion . the man is unfit to be president of the united states, period. >> trump is also taking heat from members house speaker paul ryan, arizona senator, john mccain and new hampshire senator kelly ayotte are among those who have been critical. today trump told the washington post that he's not sure if he can support them in the future. reporting live in somerville tonight, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. presidential nominee hillary clinton is apparently raking in the campaign cash. clinton had her best month of fundraising in july with her campaign reporting a haul of about $90 million.
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$63 million will fund her presidential run while $26 million will go to state partners in the democratic national committee. republican donald trump spend the day fending off attacks from the campaign trail. the veteran gave trump his purple heart to show his support for his feud with a muslim gold star family but trump drew criticism saying he always wanted a purple heart and that was an easier way to get it. still trump's lawsuit was denied to release videos of his be used to arrange it inhis man. a dentist on bail tonight after being accused of sexual assaulting a woman. dr. pa teleappeared in worcester court today charged with inappropriately assaulting his 35-year-old patient. the woman told police pa teletouched her four times on her breast using his hand and fingers. the doctor's lawyer says he denies these charges. >> of course, the charges are serious and we take them very
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vigorously defend himself in this court. >> the judge ordered dr. pa teleto stay away from the patient until this matter is resolved in court. >> boston's first medical marijuana dispensary will be open for business in just a few we're getting a first look inside. patriot care will open its dares tomorrow morning after a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its milk street facility in downtown boston. boston will be the seventh accidentsary that hopes its dorse to massachusetts. the owner says they will listen to neighborhood concerns before the opening. this dispensary will get its marijuana from a facility in lowell and that facility produces the marijuana for patriot care. >> i think those that have
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will congressly watch it. >> the latest status on the state showed nearly 13,000 purchases in june alone. >> tonight police are showing us the great lengths several suspects went to to hide evidence before they were busted. officers showed us what they found here. large amounts of heroin along with cocaine, $continue,000 in cash, as well. seven people are in jail tonight after this month long investigation. animal rescue specialists say it could take days for almost 1 from a westport farm at the center of an animal cruelty case. two weeks ago westport police found hundreds of animals dead, dying and in deplorable conditions on the 71-acre property owned by richard ma dear ohs who rented it out by the plot. >> almost every day there's some new piece of evidence that we collect for purposes of our
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investigation is just as big as what the aspca is calling one of the largest animal cruelty cases in the history of the region. police tell fox 25 each of the more than 1,000 animals is its own case file and more than 20 renters involved in addition to the owner. an update on the health of a popular massachusetts state senator. in just the last hour we learned senator ken donnalee underwent successful brain surgery and is now resting comfortably. we told you last night that he had been the doctor removed a brain tumor and pleased with the outcome of the surgery. his family says tonight they are overwhelmed with all the love and support they are receiving. all right, skies have cleared out there tonight and temperatures of course dropping as they do every night. but we're really gonna heat up
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in the summertime ? ? livin' in a dunkin' paradise ? boston police department's body camera program getting mixed reviews. a new study raises concerns about what happens with the video being shot. >> police officers designed to take the said she said out of police encounters offering better transparency for citizens and officers. >> body cameras carry tremendous potential. >> reporter: but a new study of the 50 major police departments outfitting their officers with body cameras found that the cameras are only as good as policies and procedures for how they're used. >> transparency and
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automatically. >> reporter: 18-year-old palo neil was shot and killed in chicago by a police officer wearing a body camera. police said for some reason the incident was never recorded. >> there's a lot of video coverage of it but the actual encounter, that part is not captured on video. >> reporter: and boston city found the police policy doesn't explicitly give people recorded with the body camera permission to see it but they can file a public records >> they need to put special provisions into place for individuals recorded by cameras. >> the justice department awarded $20 million in grants for body cameras last fall. those grants required train examining and also written policies and procedures but it leaves what those rules are up to local departments. reporting in washington, justin
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anton yelchin died when his jeep grand cherokee slid and pinned himmed underneath. the actor's car had a defective transmission shift that caused it to role, says his attorney. and the company did issue a recall for the car in april. an illegal campfire started the deadly wildfire in the big sur area. the fire has now consumed more than 40,000 acres and destroyed 57 homes. thousands of firefighter flames. a bulldozer operator was killed but his equipment overturned. while fighting the fire. we're not quite as dry as california but dry enough. you need to be careful with those flames out there if you're camping or anything, a bonfire in the summertime and dry again tonight under clear skies after rain earlier today.
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beautiful-looking sky and my friend alex sent this in. it says shiri told them it would be a good night to shoot and she deserve as raise. perhaps. but i don't think so, alex. right now in the 60s just about everywhere across southern new england under mostly clear skies. lunchtime temperatures tomorrow, it will be in the 70s for the highs because a sea breeze will develop. plenty of sunshine. a few towns will get to 80. the vineyard is only 75. dry day out there, nice day to be at beach, cape cod generally
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tian tianton at yao. low to mid-80s for hey temperatures tomorrow with just the start of a warm-up promised this week, expected to be near 90 by the end of the week. you know these groups? they're playing tomorrow night. there will be the blue hills bank pavilion in boston. in the evening it will be clear out there. sunshine 79 and down through the 60s and in the upper 50s by later on in the evening. those are outdoor venues to be aware it will be cool as the knight goes on. we'll check in on tropical storm earl. earl is down here. these are the spaghetti plots, all the different computer models plotted together with lines that make it look like a spaghetti. they're going in the same direction toward about belize in
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winds at last check 60 miles per hour and yes, the newest observation is still 60 miles per hour so it's going to bring a whole bunch of rain toward mexico. seven day forecast takes you through the rest of the weekend. mid-80s on average thursday, even at the beach is close to 80 and inland closer to 90. a threat of showers and thunderstorms coming through. we'll be fine tuning the timeline on a cold front in the next seven days. >> well, several trucks and cars have been recalled because of the airbags. >> jim morelli asks dealers why
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some owners of vehicles with defective airbags can't get them immediately fixed. >> i was very surprised that they said, you know, it's not available, we don't have it. >> reporter: matt bossy of nashua, new hampshire spoke with fox 25 by phone. he got a recall notice for his honda fit last march. >> the notice basically said that it can cause death. >> reporter: plus he got in touch with his dealer but it a month before his car could be repaired. honda says two recalls announced this year have been affecting airbag. honda expects to be at full repair capacity by late summer. the company says older models rose from 2001 to 2003 are at higher risk of explosive airbag deployment and parts for those
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hondas covered under the recall. honda reminds drivers that all safety recalls are serious no matter what the year. >> if you're driving one of these hondas that does need to have the airbag repaired? what should you do? first of all, go to your dealer or any honda dealer and get on the list so that they can call you when the parts do come in. remember, honda will offer you a free rental car for the duration of the time period that your car needs to be repaired, and if you're afraid to drive your c, free towing. and by the way, it appears that honda is not the only car brand affected bier these. i got a notice from a mom who said her son's jeep was supposed to be repaired in june and they still haven't gotten the part in. >> and replacement parts are available for the majority of honda and acura vehicles, say honda. and they're urging drivers to
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vehicles. we're going to hear what andrew has to say about joining the big league club. plus some clarity and our man gronk. we know now why he missed some of the workouts during the off
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>> that was rob gronkowski on sunday. apparently we should have read more into those words because recently he wasn't feeling good. an injury to his peck, the apparent reason why gronk missed most of the on-field portion of off-season workouts. diana marie of espn tweeted this morning that gronk is feel great after injuring his peck muscle this off-season. gronk and bill belichick very vague this spring when asked exactly why gronk wasn't on its field he was quote/unquote doing other things and apparently healing is the number one thing he was doing. what he needed because he looked great over the first week of training camp. first an update. on the bench taking it all in from first inning thunder. david ortiz, doubled on the lane
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and probably gets them, not a good throw. 1-0 sox. hanley ramirez up there and hello. that's a solo shot to make it 2-zip and they have added one more since. he is ready, the combined status. salem and portland, the 312 average. 107 rbis. can he make a difference this ye let's get past day 1. there's gonna be ups and downs and i think the most important thing to do is just stay constant i'm going to try to get as comfortable as i can and hope
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joey vatto chases this down. gets in the way. watch what joey does. see that, that's the team you're supposed to be supporting buddy, not hurting. >> can't do that. >> can't. can't do that. >> does he have that? absolutely because i've watched it a couple of times. and he did hit his so as he was going to catch it, he hit his arm. >> all right, so i wanted to show you this because tropical storm earl is forecast to become a hurricane for the yukatan peninsula, not a threat to the u.s., just an update on that situation. as far as the forecast goes, hasn't changed since i talked to you a few minutes ago. gonna be near 90 by friday and saturday.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> got help anyone who tries to intermedal with vanilla ice when he's in a fight with delta air lines. >> they did not call his flight and he missed it and the guy behind him goes, you have to watch the monitor, man. harvey: how improbable was it delta never called the flight. they will say ready for boarding. >> you don't hear anything after that though. [laughter] >> donald trump, he was flying in virginia and he posted this photo of him eating k.f.c. and he's eating it with a knife and forgue. it's so weird. >> it's because those small hands can't hold a chicken wing. >> joeio fletcher, the bachelorette, she picked jordan rodgers. >> how are you feeling? >> harvey: wait a minute, did he


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