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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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now at 6:00, a pair of robberies minutes apart. police are trying to figure out if the same suspect hit both stores how one clerk had to be taken to the hospital. donald trump causing controversy this time after accepting a purple heart. >> i always wanted to get a purple heart. this is much easier. >> the outrage from purple heart recipients and how donald trump is turning his back on republicans who endorsed him. the red sox losing more than just a game in seattle. the freak accident that could sideline hanley ramirez. >> announcer: complete news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. 6:00 on this wednesday morning, it is august 3. hope your morning is off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> i am elizabeth hopkins. looks like the shire out there. i looked out the window and it is so foggy. summer is back in the forecast. meteorologist shiri spear. look at that. >> the neat thing is how quickly that can end up lifting. of course we have had things as expected here in the last
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at all. we will start to see slight improvements when we check back in with these hourly reports. bedford near zero visibility. quarter mile in norwood and lawrence. that means dense fog there. low clouds in boston even though at the airport right now they are reporting okay visibility. half-mile visibility in plymouth problems from keene down to orange. the moral of the story scattered dense fog and you will have to give yourself a couple of extra minutes. 62 in boston and 50s burbs. you will love the way it feels compared to the last couple of mornings. you might want to layer up this morning. short sleeves, they are coming up by 8:00 with a temperature of 6 degrees. 72 here at 10 a.m. and look at all the sunshine here in the boston area. now i want to send you over to julie with live drive time traffic and an accident update. >> julie: waiting for this accident to clear on the expressway near free port street and slowing things down
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check out this fog. this is what shiri has been telling us about. zakim bridge under a cover of fog now. live drive times and the main one that is slowing us down right now the expressway, 21 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. back to you. breaking news right now in the middle east. there appears to be a plane crash in dubai. these photos have been posted on social media of the smokey scene. there was an incident involv from india. there was 275 people on board. there are reports that everyone got out safely but the airline has not confirmed that. no flights taken off from that airport. the search is on for two men who may have robbed two stores in 20 minutes. >> elizabeth: it happened when officers were out interacting with the community. catherine parrotta is live with the information we
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the armed robbery was supposed to happen here in billerica. we are in the process of gathering more information and this is what we know so far. the calls started coming in around 9:00 last night again for reported armed robbery at 129 liquors on salem road in billerica. police were on the scene with dogs trying to. there was a call about a similar robbery happening at another business in town the convenience store. those two locations are three miles apart. no one was hurt but the clerk did need to go to the hospital because he was shaken up. in both cases the suspect was described as a white man in gray sweatshirt with a large knife. the interesting part of the timing of all of this, billerica is one of many communities participating in national night out. police were certainly out in force across the town last night and the robbery or these two robberies were taking place as all of this was going on in the community. i called police very early
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to get more information around 8:00 or so. in billerica, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. now 6:04. donald trump leaving many crashing their heads again this morning following questionable comments on the campaign trail. fox25's daniel miller will join us this morning and daniel, parents, veterans an even members of his own party say they find his remarks insulting. >> daniel: yes, gene, the negative responses of donald trump of the latest bash trump of the latest backlash when a veteran decided to give trump his purple heart. >> in the midst of a public spat with the parents of an american soldier killed in combat, donald trump tried to prove that he has military support. >> a man came up to me, and he handed me his purple heart. i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. but i tell you, it was such an honor. >> reporter: in response, the
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heart put out a statement saying the purple heart is america's oldest decoration created by george washington in 1782 and nobody tries to get one. meanwhile, democratic candidate for senate and recipient of the purple heart tammy buckworth tweeted this picture of herself at donald trump saying, quote, this is how one usually looks when you are awarded the purple heart. nothing easy about it. some republicans are fed up. richard hanna, congressman wrote an op-ed saying while i disagree with her on many issues, i will vote with mrs. clinton. president obama weighed in calling for republicans to dump trump.i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. >> reporter: but trump may be one abandoning his party. in an interview with the"washington post,"he refused to endorse republican heavyweights john mccain and
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crowded trump rallies don't seem to mind that. supporters still cheer even when the candidate jokes of kicking out crying babies. >> don't worry about that baby. i love babies. i love babies. i hear that baby crying, i like -- actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. [ laughter ] >> meanwhile, new hampshire senator kelly ayotte finds herself in the crosshairs of donald trump. she blasted him for his criticism of the khan family. yesterday, he said if she should even be in office and she is seeking reelection. she shot back at trump saying she call it is like she sees it and will always stand up for military families. daniel miller, fox25 news. senator elizabeth warren is echoing president obama's comments of trump's ability to be president. yesterday the senator spoke at the somerville theatre on the u.s. economy. and waited for her lecture to
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>> donald trump proves every single day that he is unfit to be president of the united states. if he were reality tv show, at this point, we have been cancelled. >> senator warren is speaking in worcester tonight at clark university. meanwhile, hillary clinton is is taking her campaign to colorado. will attend a pricey fund raiser in aspen. tickets of those events will be between $10,000 and the 25,000 three top officials stepped down. the ceo and chief financial officer have all left. wikileak posted 20,000 of the committee's e-mails, a number which show favoritism toward clinton in her primary campaign against vermont senator bernie sanders. the white house is coming under fire for an enormous amount of money sent off to iran. according to the"the wall street journal,"the white
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cargo planes in foreign currency. the white house said not currency. the white house said not ransom a wake for a boston boy who drowned at carson beach last night. family members and friends released balloons in memory of 7-year-old kazr willis. he died after walking away from a day camp in the l street bath house in she will e. at a vigil for kazr, his uncle overwhelmed by the support they receive. a funeral at the morning star baptist church in mattapan. a salem man behind bars after he admitted to strangling his estranged wife. police say he walked into the station and told them he had killed his wife carmela. we learned he has a long history of violence. in 1994 he was charged with assault and sexual battery
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to kill her. a local auto shop worker is accused of taking inappropriate pictures of a customer. he is accused of using his cell phone to take pictures up a dress in tewksbury. he was standing below the woman in a pit area. developing this morning a big reason for red sox fans to be worried. the team said that hanley ramirez fell. he hurt his left wrist and the team plans to provide an update later this morning. as for the game, it was not pretty. on the bench after his major league debut and there it hanley with a solo hot in the fourth inning to make it 2-0 boston. the wheels come off the wagon in the 8th inning, red sox have a 4-0 lead in this thing. david price gave up four straight hits and robinson canoe will take fernando abade
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benetendi has a chance to be the hero in big league at-bat. he gets caught looking striking out to end the game. seattle beats the red sox 5-4 the final. expressway slowing down a little bit earlier than usual. up to 22 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri. >> shiri: 62 degrees in boston. partly cloudy skies, and even patchy fog, even in the city. we should see improvements between 7 and 8 of that fog lifts. then it will be a hot day with highs back in the 70s and 80s. and a look at the hot spots next. shiri, thank you. a new business opening up in boston. the city's first medical marijuana dispensary opening up its doors. the facility that it will offer that makes it different than other in the state. instagram is moving in on snapchat's territory. the popular with teens and
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woman in salem. >> the arm was ripped open. >> reporter: what we are learning about her this morning and about those two pit bulls. we are continuing to follow breaking news dubai where a plane apparently crash landed at the airport. this includes a plane. pictures and video have popped up on social media and right now no reports of any injuries and dear fellow citizen, spending time hunting treasures with my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm even ready, she'll be off to college. and though i've planned for it, i may need a loan to help her pay her way there. just like i do for my son. citizens bank student loans
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itening. colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. a woman nursing some serious injuries after being attacked by two dogs while out fox25's jessica reyes is live in salem, and jess, witnesses athose dogs apparently charged at her for no reason. >> right, elizabeth. police in salem are continuing to look into this morning. it is not clear right now if those dogs were on a leash or how they ended up attacking this woman, but people there at the time say the whole thing was absolutely horrifying. cell phone video show the moments of a a terrifying pit bull attack in salem. you can see the victim on the ground with the neighbor holding her.
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>> it was pretty bad, her arm. had to hold it with a cloth and stuff. the arm was ripped open. >> reporter: renee hutchinson ran out to help the woman. >> i heard the dogs getting the lady and i ran down and she was on the ground and her hand was all ripped open. i ran back here to get her a towel. >> reporter: this all happened around 7:30 last night. he was taking her lab for a walk on overstreet when two pit bulls charged at him. >> i. from my house a woman screaming and dogs barking. >> reporter: other neighbors said the pit bull attacked the the owner. police say the woman has severe injuries to her hand and was rushed to the hospital and police here in salem again. they are still investigating this morning. they did say last night that no charges have been charged against the owner of those two dogs and we will continue to follow this and keep you posted as soon as we get word from police. live in say recommend, fox25. the health of a
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middlesex county had a brain tumor removed. he is now resting comfortably he was rushed to mass general and his family are overwhelmed by the love and support they received. an investigation looks at how long will take your fire department to respond to a fire. a lot of us don't think of response time until we need the help and every second counts. can be the difference between a fatal fire and a rescue and getting the fire out with minimal damage. >> reporter: now the national standard guideline for a fire response is six and a half minutes. we found that over a third of departments in massachusetts are over that limit. but we also found inconsistencies in the data given to the state. on the fox25 news at 10, we went to the fire chiefs to learn some of the factors and how they could be fixed. good wednesday morning, we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. earlier accident on the expressway has cleared. now we are just dealing with routine volume as we creep up
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really start to slow down. north of the pike, route 1 moving along fine. little bit of volume building on 93 south as you approach the cloverleaf. fog lingering as well. the live picture of the zakim that is blanketed still with fog. shiri will have more in a minute. 26 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 23 minutes opt expressway. 23 minutes on 128 southbound. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and shiri, still seeing that fog lingering by the traffi that in an hour will look a world of difference and a lot of that mixing on out. sunshine, and warmer temperatures this afternoon. 81 degrees your high today. by tomorrow, 86. how about 90 on friday. and we take a little step back over the weekend. humidity will work its way up here as we go through the end of the week but ends up breaking again on sunday. sunday my pick of the weekend i will show why in just a moment. 62 in boston getting your day started. a look in norwood.
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degrees. do you realize how good 54 after the muggy, cloudy, damp. there is fog. our little bump in the road. and visibility is close to zero in norwood right now. give it an hour and a half and you will find by 8 a.m. that we have a couple of lingering low clouds and that's the end of it. 64 degrees at 8:00 this morning. by 10 a.m., 73. temperatures jump back into the lower 80s this afternoon. featur so other than the morning fog, we have got very little else going on today with future cast. you can see the fog is dissipating and then sunshine, perhaps just a few scattered clouds into the afternoon. the high pressure stays close by for the next couple of days and that will be our shield. will keep us dry which means another round of sunshine tomorrow. here is 5 p.m. the only storms i have in new england out across northern new england. locally bright and comfortable still, tomorrow. then heat and humidity returns
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pretty bright to me. keep an eye on a little batch of cloud cover and i have a feeling a little bit of fog in the morning and this, too, will mix on out. this afternoon 79 to 80 in boston. beverly and quincy, take a couple of steps westward and temperatures in the middle 80s in lawrence and lowell. maynard at 84. framingham at 83. 82 in foxborough. more middle 80s in fitchburg and nashua and milford and southeastern massachusetts, 82 from brockton to bridgewater. 80 in marshfield and 77 on the vineyard. low temps are going to mimic what we saw last night. when we wake up to these temps tomorrow morning, it will feel good again. 50s and 60s in the suburbs. may require a light jacket for one or two and all shower sleeves and flip-flops. temperatures a couple of degrees warm we are 85 back in boston. how about 88 in lawrence and manchester, new hampshire. 70s for the cape and islands
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cool weather relief. tracking thunderstorm earl. this comes along with the late 5es a.m. update. the yucatan peninsula late tonight with a possible category 1 hurricane. up to a foot of rain possible for parts of areas. and we will keep you updated. but locally dealing with pretty quiet yet conditions. friday, 90 and mostly sunny. on saturday, scattered thunderstorms. 82 on sunday as heat comfortable into next week with tons of sun. back to you. putting a ban on pokemon go. the group that could be barred from playing the popular game in massachusetts and putting a new twist on the hamburger bun. the green substitute one chef is using instead of bread. that ain't working for me. i am sorry. >> elizabeth: leave the burger alone. >> gene: what is wrong with the burger. why are we tampering with that.
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come and join us. i will be there with michele lazcano, shiri spear and a special fox25 guest. right on the town common.
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? ?
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instagram is adding a new feature. i am not fan of it but they didn't ask me. to to lure users away from snapchat. the debut of instagram stories similar feature to snapchat stories and looks almost exactly the same. you can string together a number of photos and pictures taken over the last 24 hours. instagram is opened by facebook that did try to purchase snap chat two years ago. julie, fan either. >> julie: let's just keep things the way they are. i am old-fashioned. speaking of keeping things the way they are -- i didn't mean that as a segue, but you were saying burger. why mess with it. >> gene: if perfection, why mess with it. >> this looks delicious. it is aburger in the middle, but it is avocado instead of of the bun. sesame seeds on top to try to fool you into thinking -- >> gene: i don't know, a lot of avocado.
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avocado. >> gene: how do you approach eating that. >> the chef advises eating with a fork and a knife. and you can't. too tall for one bite. >> gene: i am not eating my burger with a fork and knife unless it is not on the bun and you are doing atkins kind of thing. a baseball fan in cincinnati gets himself right in the middle of the action and it doesn't go so well. chasing a foul ball and the man in the stands gets in the way. neither one of them makes the grabbed the red's logo on the fan's shirt and said something to him, we are on the same team, paly. later he wrote on apology on the man in the baseball and had a good chat to the fan while handing the ball. a good way to diffuse the situation. i understand being. no harm, no foul ball caught if you will. but usually if the ball is coming over and the home team and a fan of the home team, you get out of the way.
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if its the opposing team you if its the opposing team you lean over. . >> julie: know your role, folks. shiri. >> shiri: not avocado. >> shiri: we like the way the you avocado looks. this is boston right now. and we have fog and low clouds. tell you what, this is actually in the process of mixing out. it is thinning -- it is thinner than it was, like, 30 seconds ago when i looked at that time. beach temperatures today upper 70s for the cape. about 80 salisbury beach as well. i will time out your warm-up next. a massive air bag recall causing long lines at local dealerships. the backlog that is forcing weeks of repairs and honda is making it up to customers. and may not be what you expected but this is the inside of boston's first expected but this is the inside of boston's first medical marijuana introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor.
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america runs on dunkin'. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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? yeah, in the summertime ? ? livin' in a dunkin' paradise ? what are you doing? papi, i'm making sure cuppy doesn't burn. ? dunkin' iced, oh, yeah, in the summertime ? ? livin' in a dunkin' paradise ? ? dunkin' iced, oh, yeah, in the summertime ? breaking news right now in the middle east. appears to be a plane crash in
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endless airlines says there has been an incident involved with one of their planes coming in from india. photos from social media and you can see the smokey scene at the airport. the passengers have been evacuated. right now no reports of any injuries. talking about the weather. sunshine and -- i love this, going back to the 80s. saw huey lewis last weekend. can you get better than that. more 80s is good. >> elizabeth: you bring huey lewis and w how about that. >> gene: did you that so well . >> elizabeth: shiri. >> shiri: the 80s without neon colors. consultant of neon colors in my mop. 4 in norwood. feels so good this morning. it feels fresh and crisp. humidity is dropping today. one of issues is fog. in taunton visibility is three myers and in norwood quarter mile. dense fog there.
6:31 am
better with half-mile visibility. three miles in worcester which has actually dropped since last hour. near zero in orange. and this foggy situation is going to continue for about an hour and a half, and then it is out of here. by 8 a.m., you are seeing the sun. noontime 78 degrees. lower 80s coming your way at 3:00. there is your sun and your 80s and 7:00, 76 degree. the range of highs from upper 70s at the beaches to middle 80s inland. mostly sunny and i the lower humidity is the best piece of all. julie with live drive time traffic and appear update on the commuter rail. >> julie: we had one train cancelled. it was cancelled and you will see heavy volume on the later train. check if your line is impacted in case they have any other issues on the commuter rail this morning. pike moving along fine. the spots worcester natick. average speeds 33 miles per
6:32 am
northbound on the expressway. here are those live drive times. 17 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 40 minutes on 93 south. 28 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. julie, thank you. our top stories. billerica police are looking for a man that may have robbed two local stores at knifepoint in a matter of 15 minutes. it happened 15 minutes apart at a convenience store liquor store. it happened when police were taking part in a community outreach event. the suspect wore a gray hoodie and carried a large hunting knife. donald trump is facing criticism from within his own party. in an interview with the"washington post,"he refused to endorse paul ryan and john mccain in their upcoming primary elections. trump criticized another republican. new hampshire senator kelly ayotte for not endorsing him and said he is more popular in
6:33 am
dispensary opened its doors and we got a look inside. an early look at that. the facility on milk street and why this facility is raising security concerns. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it will deliver out of this facility and let me take you on a little bit of a tour because people may not have been inside a marijuana dispensary before and the first once here in the city of boston and the 7th throughout the common a former bank space. it has that large vault there in the corner but otherwise very business like. not a head shop by any means, and folks will come in here with their medical marijuana cards. go through two levels of security with a security guard out front double check ought their paperwork and come in and looking at what has been dubbed the product, the medical marijuana that will be sold through this dispensary here. now according to state health statistics right now nearly
6:34 am
medical marijuana in the month of june here in massachusetts. and boston mayor marty walsh told fox25 the company and city had good communication throughout the process of opening up this facility. i don't have any problems with medical marijuana. for the right reason. we are watching to make sure, you know, that they are getting there safely, and if a problem develops >> patriot care is the name of the place that will deliver medical marijuana to patients that cannot make it out here to milk street after they come in person for the first time and set everything up. of course it does raise some security concerns as far as those deliveries are concerned. boston police commissioner bill he was addressed that topic with fox25. he will address that with us in the next live report. inside the first medical marijuana dispensary in the
6:35 am
and will interview with us for a little bit as well. stay with us throughout the morning. live in boston, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. registered sex offenders will be barred from playing pokemon go in massachusetts if one lawmaker has its way. gardner democrat filed a bill that will bar sex offenders from playing augmented reality games including pokemon go. he says preventing predators from using the app will safeguard others who do play the games. two men traffic stop. kelvin mendoza and emmanuel rodriguez shenayo. they were armed with unlicensed gun and got angry with police for pulling them over and referenced police shootings across the country. they were also listening to police canners during an app during that traffic stop. both men were arraigned on multiple firearms charges. a worcester dentist
6:36 am
have niktel patel is charged with touch inappropriately touching a 35-year-old woman while working on her teeth. the dennis touched her breasts four times. a judge ordered him to stay away from the woman until the case is over. steep fines on restaurants if they are not up-front about their safety ratings. the mayor wants restaurants to post their food safety inspection letter grades to their storefronts. if they don't, this he could restaurant and food trucks will have a year to comply with the new let irgrade system. boston could be going green by banning plastic shopping bags. the city council president is ordering a 90-day study of how this reduce plastic bag use in the city and he is opening the group by the way hoping they can recommend laws as well. new laws as well relating to this. brookline in cambridge have banned plastic bags and retail stores.
6:37 am
for customers that don't bring their own. >> you see what i am doing here, gene? >> you got multiple. >> that was a mistake. i am unlocking my phone with a single gaze. >> gene: do you that? >> elizabeth: you can with the new samsung phones. they have really new feature. we will tell you about that feature at 7:00. >> gene: pretty interesting. they have been friends much longer than their parents have been enemies. how chelsea clinton and ivanka trump have sta
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different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for
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good morning, everyone, we track traffic and weather together he ten minutes starting with a live look at the expressway. heavy, steady volume. it is 6:39. and so we are already seeing drive times up to 30 minutes on the expressway as you head from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri, fog is getting a little bit better out there. >> shiri: looking so much better than when we checked 15 is lifting. look at that. a lot of low-lying fog lifting and growing bigger in separation as your air temperature goes up. you will find the fog lifting for most towns and cities. the golf forecast. tee times at 8 a.m. the last of any fog out there. sunshine and 73 by 10 a.m. at noontime, 78 degrees and we will show you when we are back to the 80s and when we get the 90s back in town coming up. a renewed evident to wipe
6:41 am
crews will be spraying ten square miles from miami with insecticide from the air. the air includes part of the city where 15 people came down with sdmreebinga in the past few -- zika in the past few weeks. stopping the spread of zika will not be easy. the cdc said insecticides are not working as well as they had hoped and think the mosquitoes may be immune to it. many are concerned that the u.s. does not have enough resources to stop zika. stephen lynch urging lawmakers recess to vote on emergency funding to fight the virus. senate democrats blocked a funding bill for zika during the most recent session. congress not expected to hush to washington until next month. residents are losing a popular place to have a good meal. the italian restaurant an washington street had been hope for 20 years. a letter on the door says due
6:42 am
closed until further notice. the second restaurant to close after being open for more than 20 years. the charley horse in west bridgewater closed down. >> gene: two popular places. hopefully not a trend for other restaurants. >> elizabeth: absolutely. we are keeping you up to date on all of our top stories. plus an offensive message on a website cost more than just a date. why one company said they won't hire him because the comment of made about women.
6:43 am
laura (vo): mom taught us that families comes first. laura: hey, mom. mom: hi. laura (vo): so when she needs a little help... i am happy to give it. medicare is a big help too. so when i heard that kelly ayotte voted to turn medicare then i saw she tried to raise the retirement age... all while giving tax breaks to millionaires and big oil. kelly ayotte would rather take care of special interests than new hampshire families. narrator: women vote is responsible for the content
6:44 am
time is 6:44. if you were just joining us we are getting you up to the
6:45 am
>> gene: two dogs attacked a woman out for a walk and boston's first medical marijuana dispensary opens today. the hunt is on for a man with a knife who may have robbed two stores. catherine parrotta live in billerica. catherine? >> this is one of the locations where one of those reported armed robberies took place. we are in the process of gathering information but here is what we know about this so far. the first calls started coming in around 9:00 last night. reporting an armed robbery at this store. 129 liquors on salem road. police are on the keen with dogs trying to find the suspect. a call about a similar robbery happening at another business in town. that was a convenience store on boston road. the two locations are two miles apart. the suspect in both cases was described as a white man in a gray sweatshirt with a large knife. the timing of this was pretty interesting. we will tell you what we know about that timing coming up in about 15 minutes. live in billerica. catherine parrotta, fox25
6:46 am
this is the first video from the ski of a crash landing of a airline flight coming from india. the airline just updated the number of people on board. 282 passengers and 18 crawmembers on the plane and they just tweeted that everyone is accounted for and everyone is safe. witnesses say the plane caught fire after landing. the incident is affecting flights out of dubai airport. this for you throughout the morning. i am jessica reyes where police are investigating right now after two pit bull ace tacked a woman when she was walking her dog last night. we have cell phone video from the scene here. neighbors gave this video to fox25 crews last night. you can see the victim lying on the ground here with a neighboring her. this happened around 7:30 and neighbors say she was taking her lab for a walk on overstreet when the two pit bulls charged at her.
6:47 am
owner. the woman has severe injuries to her hands and she was rushed to the hospital. neighbors there at the time say the whole thing was just simply horrifying to watch and we will be hearing from some of them coming up in 30 minutes. live in salem, jessica reyes, fox 25 news. and i am michael henrich reporting live inside the first medical marijuana dispensary in the at this of boston and opens up later on today. it is called patriot care, and we do have this first inidentify look for you here on fox25. it is marijuana dispensary in the commonwealth, and this one stands out because patriot care will deliver medical marijuana to patients who cannot make it to the dispensary in person after the first visit. mayor walsh and police commissioner evans poke with fox25 about their take on the grand opening, and that is coming up in just a few minutes. for now live in boston, michael henrich, fox25 news. now at 6:47. still with some fog out there now early this morning but
6:48 am
nice day. >> i am looking forward to it. a heat wave to a stretch that didn't feel like summertime. >> we had some gloomy days in there with rain and lots of clouds around. i think we could have used more rain, but now big turn around. check out the sunshine. a couple of lingering lower clouds over the city and overall, it is on its way out. normal high, 81. we will be completely normal with our temperatures today. sun goes down at 8:01. the last time -- the last day in the 8 p.m. hour in boston. it will dip down into the 7:00 hour for the day tomorrow. we are losing daylight at a rate of about minutes of daylight per day. at least today we will soak up a ton of sun. high pressure keeping us dry for the next couple of days and barely see it waver. temperatures in the middle 60s by 8 a.m. at noontime, temperature-wise upper 70s at the coastline and starting to see the 80s
6:49 am
work will involve a lot of sun. have the sunglasses handy and sunscreen with that very high uv index and 80s going strong inland. the coast is a little cooler and high temperatures there. we will find out that we make it into the upper 70s and most coastal communities. so there we have boston at 79. malden, 79. and quincy, 80. lower 80s in watertown, arlington and newton at 83. same in dedham. the cool spot will be the cape. hyannis, 78. 85 in lawrence and 84 in manchester, new hampshire. and james taylor playing at fenway park and temperatures in the middle 70s at 7 p.m. and then dipping into the 60s during the concert. perhaps you want to layer up. short leaves will be comfortable for most of you but when you wake up tomorrow morning and more popping of 50s on the map. these will be your wake-up temperatures. that's when you might want to grab a light jacket. it keeps getting hotter as we go through the week. 85 in boston tomorrow.
6:50 am
hampshire. 86 in norwood. i think the heat on here. tropical storm earl, something i will keep posting and updating but because we will get further up dates. a lot of wind and rain to the yucatan peninsula here tonight. the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls rue. tropical storm earl, no local impacts. 90 degrees locally with a couple of scattered clouds. more thunderstorms. 82 on sunday as we clear on bright monday and tuesday of next week. get you over to julie grauert with live drive-time traffic and an accident update. shiri, this accident on the expressway northbound near bryant avenue is off on the shoulder that is helping you get by especially in this typically higher traveled part of the braintree split smith. things slowing down slightly on 24 as you approach 128. 95 looking good on n canton. north of the pike trouble-free
6:51 am
shiri has been telling us, that fog really clearing out compared to checking in on this shot about 45 minutes ago. live drive times. 21 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 28 minutes on the expressway. 30 minutes on 24 in that segment i pointed out from 123 to 128. back to you. a story many of you are talking about this morning. a local woman turned on a turned down a man's advances on an online dating site and many appalling. she posted it on facebook for everyone to see including an employer. it cost the man a job. >> fox25 talked to an employment attorney who said the employer had every right to pass the man up for a job of a seeing his comments. we are not using this local woman's name because she fears the man she rejected on a dating site may seek revenge after his messages cost him a job opportunity. when she rejected the man's
6:52 am
i'll pass. but the man's response that cost him a future job. his reply subjected sexual assault. one of the people that saw that message after the woman posted it on facebook had just viewed the man's application for a tech company. fox25 talked with that employer who told the man he is out of a job. >> i hope that guys stop talking to women like that on the internet or at least think twice about it. and at least realize that can't stay anonymous. >> here is what is creating a lot of buzz this morning. when oliver shared the incident on the web site reddit. responses depended the man. one man said we snap from time to time. online date something very hard for men. there were even threats to sue. an employment attorney we talked to said not only was this perfectly legal, but a reminder to think before we post anything that could come back to haunt you. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news.
6:53 am
caught on camera in houston. you can watch as a group of armed men rush into the store. one fires a bullet into the ceiling. escape into the back office and the customer hits the floor. one points a gun to the head of the man and the robber fires several shots into the office trying to get the door open. he fails. and the men run out of the store a minute after breaking in. no one was hurt. police in atlanta are trying to figure out who killed a pair of high school seniors a delivery driver found the body of the 17-year-olds early early yesterday morning near a publix in roswell, georgia. both were shot in the head. and were dead on the scene. they believe they arrived between 2 and 3 a.m. police killed a woman who held police at bay for hours and shared videos on instagram. >> what are they trying to do in. >> trying to kill us.
6:54 am
>> that video is corinne gains. she uploaded of it her 5-year-old son. gains had a 12-gauge shotgun and pointed that gun at them before police open fired. both gains and officers fired several shots before she was killed. her 5-year-old was also hurt in that shootout. the family of a "star trek" actor killed when his suv rolled into him is suing the vehicle maker. anton yelchin died when his jeep grand cherokee pinned him against a pillar. death suit against chrysler fiat. the company issued a recall for the car just months before that wreck. local honda owners having a hard time replacing faulty and potentially deadly air bags in their cars. 70 million vehicles have been recalled defective takada air bags and a back log of repairs because of a shortage of parts.
6:55 am
done this dealer. free rental cars for a extended period of time if customers feel unsafe in the cars they own. pennsylvania now on the short list of u.s. states making nextflix customers pay sales tax. customers to pay the 6% tax on any digital download or subscription service. massachusetts does not charge a similar tax on netflix. president obama michelle hosting a dinner at the statehouse opinion op the guest list, the prime minister of singapore and his wife. first official visit of a prime minister from singapore in 30 years and celebrates the anniversary of diplomatic relations between the u.s. and the other country. parents may be rivals but ivanka trump is not letting the race for president
6:56 am
>> the intensity and scrutiny of this moment in our lives is pretty extreme. so we stayed close to one another maybe a little less publicly so, but, you know, she is a good friend. >> gene: trump went on to say they never talked about politics before the campaign. >> elizabeth: if those two can be friends, can't we all get along. a great beach day des pate what you are hundreds of fish washed ashore on the cape. track your phone. how hacker are using battery life to track your every move. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. an accident 128 southbound in the danvers area right now. skyfox over the scene. one lane blocked. a look at your drive times in a moment. here is shiri. >> shiri: the fog is lifting out of your cameras julie.
6:57 am
four hundred million dollars.
6:58 am
schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
6:59 am
>> gene: thick black smoke from plane that crash landed and hearing from the passengers on board. >> elizabeth: police searching for a dangerous robbery suspect who may have hit up two local stores inep 20 minutes. clerk that sent her to the hospital. >> fox25 has look at boston's
7:00 am
dispensary. how official are addressing security concerns. >> blowing a 4-run lead isn't enough, there's more bad news for red sox fans. the accident in the clubhouse that could sideline hanley ramirez. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. dense fog in keene, new hampshire, slight improvements in orange and i have to say lawrence to beverly, probably the biggest improvements at all on the map and watching the fog lift in and


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