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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 3, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. >> catherine: two reported armed robberies in the community and what one resident struck him as peculiar one of the times reported to have happening. >> daniel: still following developing news overseas when board. update with passengers on board the plane at the time of the crash. >> julie: look at first medical marijuana dispensary. look at security measures and what makes this dispensary in the state. complete new england news
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>> daniel: fog all but gone and sun returned. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear and storm and shaping up to be a nice day, shiri. >> shiri: plymouth 71? and 70 on nose in boston and welcome to the 70s my friends, nice and bright, norwood the only spot where i have those lingering lower worcester 67 and but all of us get in on the sunshine here through the afternoon. this is the boston area hour-by-hour forecast at 11:00 a.m. 72, 1:00 p.m. 75, upper 70s for the city of boston. even the chance of getting up to about 80?. so i'm going to give the coast today 79, cape will top you out at 77 and lower 80s and inland
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show you hotter locations of the warmer beaches. typical heavy steady volume and south of the pike, this is the first time all morning we haven't seen a steady red line on 128. that's because those lane opening back up after an accident. 95 north approaching 128 still slow going. here are live drive times, 48 minutes on expressway, higher than usual time because of the accident i told you about. 31 minutes on 95 and 32 minutes on 128 northbound from university ave to the weston tolls. >> daniel: man may have robbed two businesses during national night out.
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large hunting knife. catherine parrotta at the scene and just talked to witness about last night's robbery. catherine? >> catherine: witness lived across the street and left message for billerica police as well and get a little bit more information but here is what we know about this so far. the call started coming in around 9:00 last night and that was for reporter armed robbery at 129 liquor, salem road in billerica and police on scene with dogs trying to find the this morning spoke with man spoke across the street and around 8:30 last night and tall, thin young man run over to black sedan over his home and man took off and struck the resident and wasn't entirely surprised about
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>> catherine: convenience store on boston road and two locations about 3 miles away. according to the lowell sun no one was injured in either incident but clerk did go to the hospital because she was shaken up. suspect described as white man in gray sweatshirt with large knife and two reported incidents happened during national night out when the community interacting with police and a lot of police officers out across the community of billerica last night. this store behind me 129 visible near the front entrance and checking in with the store in a little while to see if they captured any video of the suspect. for now live in billerica, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> julie: six americans on board a plane that burst into flames today at dubai's airport. fox25 jacqueline fell live in washington with what the airline is saying about the crash. jackie? >> good morning, julie. amazingly emirates airlines says more than 300 people survived a
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there weren't any injuries either. take a look at this horrifying video that we were seeing on social media this morning. you could see huge forir ball and then thick black smoke coming from the plane. you can't see any landing gear. dubai reported everyone on board had already evacuated when the fire ball erupted. emirates posted on facebook page passengers and crew are from 20 countries, six americans were on the airport have been suspended until further notice. more details on the crash have yet to be confirmed. reporting live in washington, jack len fell, fox25 news. >> daniel: rocking week on campaign trail and veteran presented him with special guest. parents of muslim-american
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trump tries to prove he has military support. >> man came up to me and he handed me his purple heart. i always wanted to get the purple heart. it was much easier. but i tell you it was such an honor. >> daniel: in response the military order of purple heart put out saying purple heart is america's oldest decoration, created by george washington in recipient of the purple heart tammy duck worth tweeted the picture of herself at donald trump saying, quote, this is how one usually looks when you're awarded the purple heart, nothing easy about. some republicans are fed up. richard hanna a new york gop congressman wrote an op ed saying while i agree with her on many issues, i will vote for mrs. clinton. clinton supporter president
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>> i think the republican nominee unfit to serve as president. >> daniel: trump may be one abandoning his party. interview with the washington post he refused to endorse republican heavy weights john mccain and house speaker paul ryan in their primary fights. but the crowds at trump rallies don't mind fractures. supporters still cheer even when joking about crying love babies. i hear the baby crying. actually i was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here. >> daniel: kelly ayotte finds herself in cross hairs of donald trump and blasted trump's criticism of the khan family and aiate questioned if trump should be in office. she is seeking re-election this fall and shot back at trump saying she calls it like she
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>> julie: hillary clinton attend a pricey fundraise. more fallout for dnc. three top official stepped down after the committee's e-mail system breach. ceo communications director and chief financial officer have all left. a week ago wikileaks posted almost 20,000 of the committee's e-mails. number of which revealed officials showing favoritism toward clinton and campaign against vermont senator bernie sanders. >> daniel: 9:08. a wake will take place for boston boy that drowned at carson beach. last night family members and friends released balloons in memory of seven-year-old kyzr willis. he died 1 week ago after walking away from day camp in southie and individual for khizr his uncle told us the family is overwhelmed by the support they have received.
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police. >> daniel: funeral for willis will take place at morningstar baptist church in mattapan. >> julie: 9:09. today's boston's first medical marijuana facility will open the doors. michael henrich live at facility and, michael, you spoke with the ceo of the company that owns the
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>> michael: as you have been hearing this morning, the ceo of the parent company of patriot care, name of the facility, they continue no what happens in november to keep the location as medical marijuana dispensary and not for any recreational use, if that becomes legal down the also talked about the security concerns that some might have and commissioner evans even addressed in interview with fox25 and air some of that in next report in 30 minutes. live in boston, michael henrich, fox 25 news. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. we were up so far in triple digits never thought i would see
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with confidence head out the door and use 128 north and you won't be two hours late to work. >> daniel: we have a lot more coming your way this morning. fan and former mvp both go for fly ball and no baseball player lost cool with guy in front row. >> salem woman recovering this morning after two pitbulls attacked her and her dog.
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update. >> jessica: animal control taken over the investigation and they will be the ones to determine what to do with the two dogs from here. this was a vicious attack last night and we have cell phone video and neighbor shared the video with the crews and laying on ground with neighbor holding her. this all happened around 7:30 last night on over street here in salem and woman was out
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pitbulls in his car. the man told police when he opened the car door the two dogs ran out, one attacking woman, other attacking her dog. fortunately they were able to get both dogs off quickly. both the women and lab are expected to be okay, but she does have an injury to her hand and the lab was limping when he was taken to the vet last night. as for the owner of the two pitbulls not facing any charges at this time but now taking over the investigation and stay on property and be muzzled, worst case scenario they would be put down. live in salem, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: crews will be spraying ten square miles of miami with insecticide from the air. area includes part of the city
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stopping spread of zika won't be easy. cdc says insecticides aren't working as well as hoped and mosquitos may be immuned to that. now zika virus is here, don't have the resource to stop the virus. stephen lynch urging people to come back from summer recess on emergency funding. they blocked zika during the session and congress isn't expected to return to washington until >> daniel: fox25 investigation looks at how long it takes your fire department to respond to a fire. a lot of us don't think about response times until we.
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>> julie: pike itself moving along feign. 128 northbound finally out. still seeing residual delays on 95 because of an earlier accident from route 1 in sharon and canton area to 128. here are live drive times, braintree split to the exit for the pike. 33 minutes and like when they drop in front of us, 32 minutes on and university avenue to the weston tolls.
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>> shiri: pleasant day to look forward to because if you like it warm, want summertime back, that's what's happening, 81? today. saturday will be the sticky day out there, 65 in norwood, that's the spot we have been watching for the last of the fog to lift, visibility last hour when checked with graphic was 1 mile. now it is up clouds a little bit of light fog left, sunshine is on the way. i'm telling you about i late-morning, you got more and more breaks in the clouds, 72 at 11:00 a.m., at 1:00 p.m. 80?. how about lower 80s this afternoon. that as we inch into the evening you can see temperatures dropping slightly, 7:00 p.m. back down to 76 and 60s here as we head 9:00 this evening. future cast really going to roll in the sunshine. we have got bright conditions,
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really prevents too many clouds
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nearly 1,000 animal found living in squalor. coming up next why it could be days before the animals are removed from the property and
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>> julie: new push to allow
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>> julie: swimmer michael phelps will be the flag bearer on friday night in rio. phelps has 22 medals, 18 of them gold. this is the fourth olympic
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phelps was suspended by u.s. swimming in 2014 after a drunk driver arrest. >> daniel: aly raismain proving olympians come in all sizes, as you could see from the picture. she posted picture since arriving in rio. she is 5'2" and david lee, 6'8" and captioned when 5'2" cuban are taller. prize money that comes with medals considered income earned abroad by the internal revenue service and athletes have to pay taxes on it. the u.s. senate has passed bill to make the prize money tax-free but the house has not voted on the measure. congress currently in recess so the bill went come up again until the games are over.
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>> daniel: baseball fan in cincinnati gets himself right in the middle of the action and doesn't go so well. check this out. chasing foul ball last night but man in the first row of the stands gets in the catch and said something to him later in the game and wrote an apology to a man on baseball. that was a nice gesture. make it all good. >> julie: check in with shiri with forecast. >> shiri: good morning, you guys, anybody headed out there beaches, 77 in chatham, 77 in falmouth and 74 nantucket and
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79?. i got an hour-by-hour look in
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>> julie: happy wednesday and gorgeous look at blue skies. daniel, remember this time yesterday it was cloudy? >> daniel: much different picture how we started this morning when we had a lot of fog in the area. get to shiri spear and stormtracker weather center. shiri, like the sun is is clean and absolutely no rain drops right now. 70 in boston, 71 in beverly, 71 in plymouth, still in the 60s in bedford, norwood, over to nashua, new hampshire at 66?. and we got 70s over the cape and islands. you know what the best part is, sunshine is going to set up camp. if you have time off and heading
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throw p.m. most days will be a range in temps, upper 70s at the coastline to the middle 80s in there. inland mostly sunny, comfortable, talking humidity here, talk more about it coming up in a couple minutes. if you have outdoor activities i had break down what to expect if hitting golf course or beaches. let's get you back over to julie with live drive time traffic. >> >> julie: a lot of green and ro wide open, 93 south, looking good, a little bit of slowing approaching somerville. expressway is slow spot south of the pike. 34 minutes right now on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. >> daniel: 9:31 right now. police trying to track down who may be responsible for pair of robberies last night in billerica. >> julie: two incidents happened within minutes of each other and right down the road from each other.
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the stores that was robbed. catherine? >> catherine: i went into the store a short time ago rather and clerk there told me she wasn't the one that was working last night. she wasn't quite sure exactly how it all unfolded but one of the stores where it was reported one of the armed robberies that happened. also had a call out to billerica police, haven't heard back from them just yet. call started coming in around 9:00 last night about reported armed robbery at 129 liquors which is on salem road here in police on scene with dogs trying to find the suspect. this morning spoke with man that lives across the street. said it was around 8:30 last night when noticed tall, thin, young man run over to black sedan parked outside his home and man took off and struck the resident. >> he was running and going to -- cars do park there and walk, talk, whatever, just ran, got ebb the car and looked again and saw him sped up and found it
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>> catherine: also call about similar robbery happen at convenience store on boston road. they are about 3 miles apart and no one injured in either incident but clerk didn't -- did need to go to the hospital because shaken up. both reported incidents said to have happened last night national night out, night when communities have an opportunity to interact with law enforcement so police ul night. again, i have a call into police and give you latest on the story and get information on website. for now in billerica, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> daniel: man that held hillary clinton campaign office hostage back in 2007 expected in court today. leeland eisenberg arrested short time later with small amount of cash and drugs. eisenberg spent about two years ago behind bars for holding clinton staffers hostage and
9:34 am
>> julie: salem man behind bars after admitted to strangling his estranged wife. douglas steeves was in court yesterday morning. he walked into the station and told them he killed his wife carmella and learned he has a long history of violence. 1994 charged with domestic assault battery and in may filed restraining order. >> not his behavior at all to do something. honestly complete shock. everybody in complete shock. this is not normal behavior for him at all. >> julie: carmela saunders taken out a restraining order saying he threatened to kill her. julie: hostile traffic stop in salem. mendoza for driving the wrong way monday night. prosecutors say they were armed
9:35 am
angry with police for pulling them over and referenced police shootings from across the country. salem officer said they were listening to police scanners on app during traffic stop and both men were arraigned on possession charges. >> daniel: owner of boston's largest taxi company faces tax fraud charges and could spend more than two years in prison. he owns boston cab and appeared in federal court yesterday and prosecutors say he had agreed to pay more than $2 million in his company owns about 20% of all taxi medallions in the city. worcester dentist accused of sexual assaulting and charged with appropriately touching 35-year-old woman while working on her teeth. the patient told police the dentist touched her breast four times. the judge ordered patel to stay away from the woman until the case is over. >> julie: 9:00 35. later today the doors will open
9:36 am
we have been giving you a sneak peek at the business all morning. fox25 michael henrich is live outside the bank turned dispensary. michael? >> michael: it was a bank, it was empty for about ten years, and now the phase is first medical marijuana dispensary in the city of boston, right here on milk street. right now in the dispensary itself. sales floor, if you will, really does look like that more than anything else. looks like former bank typically think of when they think of the place that distributes marijuana. but again, strictly for medical use. seven medical marijuana dispensaries in the commonwealth of massachusetts and according to state health statistics nearly 13,000 people had cards and used medical marijuana in the month of june alone. so significant number of people and now the accessibility issue is certainly -- accessibility barriers certainly been broken
9:37 am
particular facility. now, they will do deliveries of medical marijuana not out of this particular facility. they grow all the marijuana at their building in lowell. but it does raise security concerns that one of the ceo's of the company addressed with us this morning. >> facility designed wealth comfort and security in mind, so we want our patients to come here and feel welcomed and comfortable and very safe when they come into >> michael: as we head back out to live pictures, see one of the cases empty and could later today when it opens up at 1:00 have different piece -- different types of medical marijuana in it that can be looked at when the client, patients talk to the associates who work here at the milk street facility. one thing i do want to let massachusetts residents know, ballot whether to legalize
9:38 am
care, the name of the facility say no matter what happens in november, this facility will remain a medical marijuana dispensary. we have a lot info website, check it out. live in boston, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: member of local drug ring accused of hiding drugs from inside kitchen appliances to socks. seven people arrested during a raid on hancock street in chelsea. police say they seized more than 2 pounds of drugs cash and pictures you see here, money hidden in clothes and drugs stuffed into a blend and her coffee machine. >> they try to be as innovative as possible, creating hives in motor vehicles and whatever they can to create safe houses. >> daniel: all seven suspects from the dominican republic. >> julie: animal rescue specialists say it could take
9:39 am
long process started yesterday. two weeks ago westport police found hundreds of animals dead dying of deplorable conditions in 71-acre property owned by richard medirose who rented it out. >> almost everyday some new piece of evidence that we collect for purposes of our investigation which will take weeks if not months. >> julie: it is one of the largest animal cruelty cases in the history of the region. more than 1,000 animal is own case file and there are more than 20 renter involved they are to the owner. >> daniel: 9:39. commuter rail risers expect enclosures as mbta embarks on safety project. crews will start working on 459 million-dollar mandate which requires all line to include a control system that keeps trains from colliding into one another at high speeds. the "t" plans to conduct
9:40 am
at a time beginning on the southern section of the system which is starting next april. >> julie: we have learned senator ken donnelly represented mex county had brain tumor removed and now resting comfortably. told you monday night donnelly rushed to mass general. his family says they are overwhelmed with the love and support they have received. julie: 9:40 is time and traffic we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes every. 33 minutes from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. shiri? >> shiri: up to 70? right now in boston but if you have any outdoor plans, if you're planning golfing at all today, at 11:00 this morning we got about 72?. this is from metrowest and 1:00 this afternoon, 80,
9:41 am
expect. >> daniel: thieves stole without ever breaking many. >> julie: coming up why response not only cost him a come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers
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in defending the man. one person writing from time to time and online dating hard for men and even threats to sue oliver but employment attorney we talked to says not only was this perfectly legal, it is post anything that could come back to haunt you. >> is employer allowed to decide not to hire you because of racist rant or sexist remark that he saw you make online. that is not protected conduct
9:46 am
>> daniel: stabbing below the woman in pit area. barred from playing pokemongo in massachusetts when one lawmaker has his way. bar sex offenders from playing augmented reality games including pokemongo. he says preventing predators from using the app will safeguard others that play. new york state has already banned sex offenders who are on parole from using the app. >> julie: 9:46. local honda owners hard time replacing faulty and potentially damaged airbags.
9:47 am
parts. honda recommends customers contact honda dealer as soon as possible. the company is offering free rental cars, even for extended periods of time if customers feel unsafe in their own cars. >> julie: family of star trek actor killed when suv rolled into him are suing the carmaker. he died earlier this summer when cherokee pinned him. filed wrongful death suit against fiat. the lawyer for parents said there was a defective transmission shift and caused it roll. they issued recall months before the wreck. >> no complaints north of the pike. route 1 clear, 93 south looks good, 128 even through lexington getting some relief. only slow spot right now is expressway. we are used to that.
9:48 am
26 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and the fog for the most part cleared out and we are looking for nice skies ahead >> shiri: sunset, last 8:00 p.m. sunset of the summer. check this out, august 23rd comes in at 6:00 p.m. and we have lose by september 25th, 2 and a half hours of daylight. isn't that incredible to think about how fast it is slipping out of our fingers. love the last sunny hotter days while we can. high pressure that will pump in the sunshine the next couple days. keep us dry so by lunchtime you could see a lot of mid-70s on the map along the coastline, some 80s further inland and then once we hit evening commute, scattered clouds tossed
9:49 am
going to be dealing with blue skies and a lot of sun today which is why i'm encouraging you to grab the sunscreen, multiple application and two hours put on new sunscreen and rule-of-thumb when we have a forecast this bright and quiet conditions overnight. so some of the hot spots going to come out of the merrimack valley. today that's where we find middle 80s and lowell, andover, lawrence, methuen, closer you get to the coastline the cooler it is going to be, 78 boston, 79 nantucket 74?, 85 in fitchburg, framingham edward carriere?. james tailor playing at fenway park and all the concerts start at 7:00 p.m. around 74?. you could see temperatures are going to tumble back into the upper 60s here by the end of the concert and it is going to be short sleeves the whole time and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning and low of 62 at sunrise in boston, we got some 50s in the suburbs,
9:50 am
first one or two hours of the morning here because warm-up will be massive again and got 84 tomorrow in boston, upper 80s in lawrence and fitchburg and manchester, new hampshire, worcester up to 83?, norwood 86, 82 in plymouth, 70s for the cape and islands. also keeping very close eye on tropical storm earl. nearly a hurricane. 70 miles per hour winds here and tonight expected to make landfall in the yucatan peninsula bringing belize and rain, landslides, mudslides all huge concerns and, of course, we got strong winds. it will weaken across the yucatan peninsula and bay of campeche and make landfall again in mexico. one to watch, even though doesn't have any local impact. still big player down there. locally we will get up to about 90? on friday. saturday 86?. with some scattered showers and storms coming through, going to be very warm and muggy up ahead
9:51 am
it and feel lower humidity on sunday and seasonable highs in lower 80s and brighten up and stick with sunshine here monday into tuesday with the norm high temperatures for this time in august in lower 80s. back to you. >> julie: it is house that cookies built. coming up look inside local home of the creator of betty crocker
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9:54 am
>> julie: hanley ramirez fell in the clubhouse after the game in seattle. hurt the left wrist and went for x-rays and team plans to provide update later this morning. as for the game rookie benintendi major league he saw sox jump out to early lead and hits solo home run in the fourth to make it two-zero boston. however, wheels come off in the eighth. sox up four-zero. david price gives up four straight hits and robinson makes newly acquired reliever fernando deep to right. 3-run home run put seattle up five-four. in the ninth benintendi with chance to be a hero in second big league at bat but strikes
9:55 am
>> daniel: 87-year-old man cruel case of identity theft. he send during the corrina war. last week man came to his house in montana and said the property had been foreclosed and sold at auction. apparently someone used identity to take out new mortgage on his home and never made a payment on the loan and less than a week to resolve the problem or move out. >> you're not going down without >> daniel: joe has reached out one of montana u.s. senator for help but if forced to loaf his house he will have to move into his motor home. >> julie: boston city council will consider steep fines on restaurants if not up front for the safety ratings. mayor wants restaurants to post food safety inspection letter grade to storefront. if they don't they could face 300-dollar fine per day. restaurants and food trucks
9:56 am
>> daniel: >> julie: local home that belonged to creator of betty crocker now on the market. she lived there in '30s and '40s and led a team of recipe and created betty crocker kitchen. she has three bedrooms and two baths along with brick courtyard and garden. it is listed for $675,000. >> daniel: stinky surprise for one local family who ended calling in fire department for help. ashland firefighters got call for strange odor and found baby skunk under a bed on second floor of that home. animal control officers called in to take out the skunk. no word how the animal ended up there in the first place. what do you think? >> shiri: skunk was once in matt's house, my husband's house. >> julie: how did that go over? >> shiri: i have no idea.
9:57 am
gosh. >> shiri: it can happen. let's talk about weather real quick here because we have really warm temperatures, 81? today but 90 by friday. next storm on saturday by if somebody has upcoming week off, i mean great for vacation, terrible for the lawns. >> daniel: thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> julie: watch fox25 news at 4:00 p.m.
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today, on "right this minute." >> really -- >> looks like they're reeling one in. >> this is actually a shark rescue expedition. >> see the bet-to-boat expedition to save an endangered creature. an angry driver cuts off another car. what happens that has him doing so much more. it's a movie being stuff from your closet. >> we'll put them on ebay and all the proceeds go directly to support the film. >> the brains behind the idea reveals some cool and crazy things people have donated. >> was this a new one? >> oh! >> and a surprise guest at a family gathering. >> what are you doing? put two and two together. >> the shocker when a woman learns a graduation party is so much more.


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