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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 4, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> announcer: now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00. complete new england news coverage. first at 10:00, sources tell fox 25 a man and a woman were hit by a car while crossing the street in both were rushed to the hospital hello everyone i'm mark ock. >> and i'm vanessa welsh. this happened at 7:00 tonight at brandt street in lowell. erica richie is live on the scene. mention branch street that is where we are. i can tell you right behind me here it just reopened about 20 minutes ago it has been closed since about 7:00 after sources at the scene tell us a husband and wife were hit by a car while crossing the street now our colleagues shot this video of the woman being treated by paramedics immediately following the collision. her husband was not seriously hurt. you can see him walking around talking with police.
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the woman though does have a serious head injury we're told and was flown to beth israel deac onist medical center in boston for treatment. now take a look at the black bmw that hit them and you can understand why she's so badly hurt. the bottom side of the passenger side windshield is severely shattered. that vehicle was on scene here just until about 20 minutes ago. so reconstruction teams can figure out what happened. it in this investigation. right now we are told that there are no charges or citations issued to the driver. as far as the couple we're told that they're from laurel. they're in their 40s and right now the man the husband is over at laurel general hospital. we're also told that what led up to this crash may have been completely out of the drive's control. we'll have more on that -- drivers control. we'll have more on that
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11:00. a huge pole slammed through an s.u.v.'s windshield barely missing the woman behind the wheel. fox 25 has more. crystal haynes has more. >> reporter: vanessa, the 60-year-old was less than a mile from home when she crashed into her a neighbor's fence. the remnants as you can see marked by the cone and she with the pole going right through her windshield with just bumps and bruises. >> a close call. >> all of a sudden we heard this tremendous boom and we looked over and it happened so quick. >> reporter: 50-year-old lou sawyer lost control of her toyota highlander around 2:00 this afternoon. hitting the hard castle car, fence and the utility pole. they were having a barbeque with his son's family who lived next door.
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pole right through the front about this close to her face. >> reporter: the metal pole came through the windshield and straight into the back seat. these pictures from the hard castle. >> missed her by not even a couple of inches. >> reporter: it also narrowly missed the grandchildren playing in the pool at the time. >> we were saying. >> reporter: stephen sawyer says his little of what happened after she blacked out behind the wheel less than a mile from their house. >> she was making -- she woke up and said there's a pole there. >> reporter: stephen jr. remembers the aftermath. >> i went up there on my bike first thing i saw was the pole through the car and i almost freaked out. >> reporter: tonight everyone is feeling pretty lucky. >> we're getting out there
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hospital tomorrow. >> reporter: now she remains in the hospital tonight. they'll keep her there for evaluation just to see what could have caused her to black out behind the wheel. again everyone feeling very lucky tonight that that it wasn't worse. reporting in woburn, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> happening tomorrow the boston boy who drown at a city run day camp will be laid to rest. a wake was held today. police say the 7ea community center unnoticed last week they later found his body in the waters off car son beach. they prompted the city to put new rules in place for boston summer camps. we are following breaking news a man in london is in custody after he went to a deadly rampage with a knife in what police are calling a possible terrorist attack. one woman was killed and as many as six others were injured in russell square. police brought the man down with a taser. we'll continue to monitor the situation overseas and bring you any new details as
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officer in the united states is charged with helping isis. just hours ago the man who took an oath to protect and serve stood in front of a judge. today the f.b.i. arrested nicholas young a waushs transit police officer. investigators say young wanted to stockpile weapons and attack fellow police officers. as the f.b.i. combed his neighborhood for clues neighbors shared their thoughts. >> he was just a loner. you just kind of get that creepy vibe off of him. >> according to court dome had an eye on young for the past six years. in 2010, agents interviewed him after one of his friends pleaded guilty to supporting a foreign terrorist organization. happening now police in new hampshire are searching for a man who they say may have tried to abduct a 9-year-old girl. according to eagle tribune the incident happened outside the condo complex on tuesday afternoon. the girl told police she got off the bus from summer camp when a man standing nearby waved for her to come over.
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one drug appears to be the blame for the majority of overdose deaths in massachusetts. a report released today shows 66% of opioid overdose deaths so far this year were the result of fentanyl. that's from up 57% last year. meanwhile heroin and prescription drug deaths have been actually falling at the same rate as fentanyl has been increasing. fentanyl is considered 50 times more potent than heroin. night has picture-perfect summer day. fox 25's storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is tracking it. >> the clouds have cropped up during the afternoon those melted away you will see them disappear here. it's nice and clear outside everywhere. as expected now the temperature also start to drop as the sun was going down look at these shots what happened to me this is
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if you follow the series winter is here. just not in our weather. then there's also this. coming from again sending us pictures that's a gorgeous looking sunset out that way as well. temperatures they have cooled off at 69 and 71?. hour by hour overnight tonight in boston dropping down to 64 degrees shooting right back up to 77 though by later on tomorrow. so things are looking like they're going to warm up pretty quickly. 61? out in worcester rising to 72 by late morning. out in the lanes looking great. sunshine all across the area. with temperatures averaging upper 50s then jumping by you just before lunchtime to almost 80 degrees. we'll talk about those high temperatures and the storm threat for the weekend in a timeline straight ahead. right now police are looking for a man after an arm robbery inside the walpole mall. the suspect is described as
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wearing dark clothing. we are told he ran away from the mall after the robbery. we have a crew headed to the scene and we'll bring you more details as soon as we get them. >> happening tomorrow, construction on a $2 billion casino will begin in everett. wynn resorts received its construction permit has already moved more than a dozen cranes to the site. at least 4,000 union construction workers will be hired for the job making it the largest construction project in state history. a kickoff event is slated late 2018. stood investigators released the -- today investigators released the cause three of massive fire in charlestown. investigators say a carelessly discarded cigarette likely sparked the fire. no one was seriously hurt but nine families lost their homes. tonight we're getting a clearer picture of the just released into into the racial climate at boston's premier exam school. we reported for months about
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former headmaster in the wake of the controversy. new at 10:00 fox 25's john monahan spoke about the new developments. john? >> good evening, mark. he also resigned one day after the head master and acknowledges a difference of opinion on how those concerns were handled but he adds the mayor's office did nothing to help navigate those concerns. this youtube video by two boston latin school ud into racial insensitivity at boston's most prestigious public school. >> their lack of a response to maggie and kylie the young people that raised the concerns brought us to a whole bunch of other stories we never knew. >> reporter: michael currie is president of the boston chapters of nypd. he hopes to will help repair what he believes is wrong in boston schools starting with latin. >> boston latin school is
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school to start to figure out how to fix this up. >> reporter: the office of equity looked at 115 reports of bias-based conduct at boston latin. they involved 81 separate incidents. in six of those cases administrators failed to follow district policy when it came to investigating racial bias. in four cases teachers failed to do so as well. and in seven cases students failed to follow policy when it dime now -- with when it came to other student's conduct. he read the report and knows about most of those cases because he investigated them. >>s that what we try to do. we try to make sure that cities don't make the same mistake. >> reporter: but many including curry didn't think that was enough. but once the call for a change he says the school department and the mayor
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the school superintendent tommy chang released a statement today which says in part we have a moral obligation to ensure that all of our schools are safe and inviting places for each and every student. mayor marty walsh released a similar statement tonight saying new leadership at latin will ensure that students learn an environment where it's safe. outside latin school, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. workers seized about a dozen cats from a home today it was breaking on fox 25 news at 5:00. new at 10:00 we're getting new information about this disturb discovery. this home has been condemned. next at 10:00 in a live report why there are still cats inside the home right now. plus, the first few minutes can mean life or death when it comes to the house fire. fox 25 investigates looks at how long it takes fire departments around the state
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>> state environmental police are trying to find two large speedboats seen racing off the coast of woods hole. they were traveling at a high rate of speed. fox 25's ted daniel has the story new at 10:00. and ted the fishing boat had six people on it and one was seriously injured. >> yeah, mark 23-year-old boston woman she's laid up for two months in a back brace with a broken spine. tonight we spoke with her and the friend who invited her out on the boat. this trip to martha's vineyard started as any summer day on the water should. all smiles. lauren's dad was at the wheel the family's 18 foot fishing boat. two friends lauren shares an apartment with in boston
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my one of my friends had never been to the vineyard before. >> reporter: about an hour into the trip is when waves of excitement turned into waves of panic. two large speedboats whipped by dangerously close creating a large wake. >> we didn't have time to collect ourselves before we were just being rocked around up down, left and right. very close to capsizing. >> reporter: this boat is one foot bigger and similar in design. at the bow when the wake hit it popped up up into the air right back down onto the hard seated. that friend asked to be identified only by her first name sarah. i spoke with her by phone. >> definitely excruciating but i think my body was just in shock. at first i tried not to move. >> reporter: as soon as the group arrived in vineyard haven sarah was flown by helicopter to mass general in boston with a severe spinal injury.
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racing when they swamped her dad's boat and are likely unaware of the suffering they left in tow. >> i think people do need to be smarter and more apathetic to boaters. >> in the course of reporting this story i learned something new tonight under the law boaters are liable for any damage their wake may cause. we have more information on this speedboat and a number to call if you can help identify the operators. that's on our i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. the driver of a dirt bike died after crashing into a police cruiser in fall river today. this was the scene this morning. we're told there were two off road bikes not using headlights. one crashed into the police cruiser the other took. on the driver died at the hospital. two fall river officers were treated for minor injuries. >> two braintree police officers will not face
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knife earlier this year. the district attorney found the officers shot robert to protect themselves. the officers fired a beane bag gun at him first but he refused to drop the weapon. tonight's we are hearing from the woman who filed a lawsuit against the catholic high school and the boston archdioceses. she claims they looked another way while a former teacher ror repeatedly raped her. the unidentified victim says she was fwhourn the former marion high school gym teacher and coach sexua period in the 1970s. she says she was having trouble at home and the teacher offered her a place to live. we disguised the woman's voice and did not show her face. >> i believe that it was people on the outside of it that were looking at it that should have helped. >> both the school and boston archdioceses told us they do not comment on pending legal cases. the school separated from the dioceses in 2004. the man who took
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office for hillary clinton back in 2007 has now been arrested for robbing a bank. he appeared in court today. police say the 55-year-old robbed a bank yesterday in manchester, new hampshire. he spent about two years behind bars for a five hour standoff at clinton's campaign office in rod -- rochester. no one was hurt. he blamed mental illness. police on the cape say a 90-year-old man who called to report a crime got himself in trouble, too. police say nicholas paid karen act at his home last move. he later called police to report she stole his necklace. but an officer told him he would be charged with a crime as well. he told the officer he didn't care because he's 90 years old. both pleaded not guilty in court. fox 25 was outside a home as mspca workers removed eight cats from that home. but officials admit they're no where near finishing this job. right now dozens of other
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neighbors on school street called the board of health to report the strong stench. fox 25's jacqui heinrich is live outside the police department. jacqui, within the past 20 minutes have you learned at least two of the cats are dead and the house has been condemned. >> reporter: that's right, mark, vanessa. in fact here in upton there are no laws putting a limit on how many cats you can have. however there region mall cruelty laws and right no determine whether it's appropriate for charges or services after they witnessed the squalor in that house. in full haz-mat suits mspca workers trudging through the stench of a urine-soaked home to rescue cats being kept inside. neighbors alerted authorities to the deplorable conditions. >> if it was a warmer day it smells worst. winter when the windows are closed you can still smell
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in the area say they have tried to get help for both the animals and women in the past. at one point circulating a petition throughout the neighborhood asking for help from the board of health with the strong ammonia smell and mental health services for the sisters. they say about 100 cats were removed several years ago but the problem cropped back up. recently animal control officers to control the population. >> we want the cats gone we want them to get help. >> pc cats were voluntarily relinquished but they have a lot of work ahead and treating them if necessary. >> i can't really comment too much you know it's a situation that the cats need to be removed from. >> reporter: the cats are being taken to mspca jamaica plain shelter where they need to be evaluated and their medical conditions treated if necessary then
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mspca workers expect that they will have to come back out to this address tomorrow possibly even through the weekend trying to round up the rest of the annals are hiding in that house and they also added they previously had contact with these two homeowners for incidents in the past and they are being cooperative. for now live jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> every second counts when responding to a fire. >> it can be the difference between the fatal fire and with minimal damage. >> in 10 minutes fox 25 investigates how departments around the state are performing. but first, tragedy avoided. how 300 people escaped a burning plane before it exploded on the runway. you're watching fox 25 news
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. despite a massive explosion hundreds of people survived a crash landing today at the busiest airport in the middle east.
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on board the emirates plane were able to escape that energies slides just moments before a large explosion and fire erupted at dubai's airport. sadly one firefighter was killed trying to put out the planes. a dozen passengers suffered minor injuries. >> in landing i think immediately -- >> six people on board were from the united states. witnesses reported a potential issue with the investigators have not revealed an exact cause. to the race for president now. zrak nominee hillary clinton campaigned in colorado today where she laid out her plan to create millions of jobs. >> here's what we're going to do we're going to have the biggest infrastructure investment program since world war ii. >> according to a recent poll clinton leads donald trump by eight points in colorado. as for trump, the republican nominee told supporters in florida today his campaign
1:25 am
the billionaire businessman once again went after clinton and said she is to blame for the terror attacks in the u.s. >> we let isis teak this position. it was hillary clinton that she should get an award from them as the foundover isis. that's what it was. that's what it was. her weakness. her weak policies. >> a new fox news national poll tonight shows clinton got a post convention over trump. tonight some new traffic lights in one of our largest cities for confusing drivers and pedestrians. >> i see people blow through them, too. it's still red no matter what. >> ahead at 10:00 hear from the woman with cerebral palsy who had some very close calls crossing the street here. >> first. >> it can be the difference between life and death. >> next at 10:00 fox 25 investigates exposes how many fire departments across
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>> when it comes to firefighters responding to a fire every second counts that's why it surprised us that the average response time in one massachusetts town was listed in days not minutes. >> what blair miller found was a lot of inconsistencies. >> it can come down to a matter of minutes or even seconds. >> it can be the difference between life and death. chief richard white says that every second counts when a call goes out. >> see the difference between a fatal fire and a rescue it can be that serious? >> absolutely. >> fox 25 investigates for
1:29 am
year more than a third of massachusetts fire departments reported average response times higher than the national standard 46 at 10 minutes a fire build can anybody who is in surviving. >> almost 11 and a half days per call. so we double checked they told their average response was 5.8 minutes for 2015. when we start comparing we found 14 other departments that doubled, tripled or even quadrupled their response time from from year to year like bridgewater the
1:30 am
minutes but the fire chief showed us data with an average response time of just under four minutes. >> the massachusetts department of fire services told us it's up to each department to review, correct and resubmit their data. they said mistakes can happen due to typos. >> 15 response efforts last year turned out to be accurate one of the longest in the area. firefighters the majority of volunteers. >> we're getting called out right now. while volunteer fire departments have the same rain as regular fire department they have a tough time meeting the 6.50 minute standard. >> does that concern you? >> yeah, we could always do better. again it's because our people aren't here and available they're elsewhere. >> they have applied for a fire grant to what do you
1:31 am
the year? >> it would definitely reduce it. >> a spokesperson told us they helped departments be more accurate through training, quality control and feedback reports but in the end it's up to the department to resubmit updated reports. in the control room, clarify miller for fox 25 investigates. >> announcer: now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. clear skies comfortable conditions real nice night out so you have to enjoy this 50s to about first thing in the morning climbing up to 84.
1:32 am
afternoon. warm and sunny. back here to fitchburg at 82 degrees. hampton beach 83 degrees. out in the vineyard 74 so south of boston. with tomorrow afternoon. here's what i'm talking about on the north shore. you get into the merrimack valley but at the coast with the wind off the water keeping you cooler there's
1:33 am
vacationers we'll be in the 70s at the beaches but again with that sunshine don't be fooled by the slightly cooler temperatures. make sure you are using that sunscreen. then through the 60 clear skies it's going to be a beautiful day. good luck if you're out there running. >> pollen levels are going to be going up the next couple of days from where they are now. so if you're already sniffling might get a little worse for you until it gets better on saturday. so why does it get better on saturday? >> typically you can look at the pollen count and decide where the rain is going to be. future cast shows on friday night a front pushing toward
1:34 am
with the heating of the day as this front cuts on through. there they are starting to blossom. now is a little kind of broad-brush by the computer models as we get closer within a couple days starting tomorrow we'll see a more fine-tuned look at these showers. will exist especially in the afternoon saturday and thwart the evening hours fo this activity to the north a little bit of energy spinning around as some cooler air. i wanted to show you this that is hurricane earl winds 75 miles per hour off the coast of belize. there's something they're watching for. getting a lot of rain already. seven-day forecast shows us
1:35 am
through come back in a few minutes i promise show you the wake up forecast. a woman in her 60s was walking her six monthle on puppy when they were attacked by two pit bulls. >> we brought you this breaking news last night at 10:00. tonight the woman is sharing her story only on fox 25. >> they opened the car door and the two dogs just charged. >> the gray one went for the back of my dog and the white one went for the front of my dog and en at me. >> in 10 minutes what the company was creaming as she protected her puppy. where the secret service is keeping a close eye on her as she earns a paycheck. next at 10:00 how the grand opening leading to fresh
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boston's first medical for business while dozens of people lined up to get inside just a few blocks away several city leaders held an event to legalize marijuana for everyone. fox 25 reveals why people are still divided on the issue as the november vote gets closer. >> leonard was one of the first patients to show up today to receive medical marijuana from boston's first dispensary. for him he says marijuana has helped relieve pain from glaucoma. but while he is a medical marijuana cardholder he
1:39 am
kids should have access to it. it should be legal like a beer. >> reporter: the issue of legalizing marijuana is one massachusetts voters will decide on come november. >> this is 2016, we need to be realistic. deal with this issue, and not operate out of fear. >> reporter: today boston city council tito jackson along with several other city officials announced their support for legalizing marijuana. he told fox 25 he doesn't believe marijuana is a he wants to use any tax revenue from marijuana to help what he believes is the true drug crisis, opioids. >> this actually provides a sustainable form of revenue to deal with that issue that hinders so many of our friends family members. >> reporter: but not everyone agrees. boston city mayor marty walsh's press secretary sent us this statement from him. "i've been a member of the recovery community for many years. i get calls from parents terrified of what's
1:40 am
that's who i'm thinking about when i look at this question." for patients who came here today they told me that medical marijuana has truly given them their lives back. >> people don't want a pot dispensary but wouldn't mind having a pharmacy next to their house that's what it is to me. tonight we're seeing fight against the opioid epidemic from the eyes of first responders. sturbridge police and fire tweeted out this picture right after they saved someone from an overdose. two emptier significants on someone's dash. -- two empty syringes on someone's dash. starting this month, they will host a monthly drop-in center at the new testament church in reply mouth. officials there will be on hand to help addicts and their families. the money to fight the zika virus is close to running out. the obama administration making that announcement today. today the national institutes of health
1:41 am
vaccine but said it will exhaust its resources for vaccine development by the end of the month. the white house says congress has some explaining to do. >> they left on a seven week recess a day early at the height of mosquito season and it basically told the american people good luck. >> this comes as the first local transmission of the virus has been found in miami and the c.d.c. is warning pregnant women to stay away from intersection causing a lot of confusion in a busy city. >> if you look at it there's no actual green light. >> no it isn't. yeah. >> oh, that's not good. >> next at 10:00 where drivers are second-guessing themselves and pedestrians are cautious to cross. plus, the local restaurant where president obama's daughter is would being for the summer.
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tonight's a woman and her two pit bulls attacked them. we first brought you this breaking news last night at 10:00. today our malini basu spoke with the woman inside her home. >> they just stitched it up temporarily. >> reporter: just hours after julie got home from the hospital she sat down with us exclusively and told us how she and her six month-old lab were attacked by two neighborhood pit bulls. >> there's a huge laceration
1:45 am
here from when he then he just richd it. >> reporter: it was just before 8:00 last night julie who is only going by her first name says she was taking kirk for his usual walk. >> i just feel that i should be feel comfortable walking around my house. >> reporter: neighbors living on the other side of the street got out of the car. >> they open the car door and the two dogs just charged. the gray one went for the back of my dog and the white one went for the front of my dog. and then it went shattered my hand. >> reporter: a witness shared this cell phone video with us. julie says the pit bulls weren't on a leash and went rate is for kirk as julie was trying to protect her lab she says the pits went right after her hands. neighbors came running out to help. another woman held her and tried to keep her calm. >> i screamed, i'm screaming get him off, get him off. >> reporter: salem police
1:46 am
>> they can see charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. that's on the table. >> reporter: meanwhile, kirk is in so much pain he can't walk on his own and is on several medications. >> there's laws you need to abide by them. for everybody's safety. >> reporter: we tried to get a sponches from the pit bull owner through social media but they did not responsibility back to us. in the meantime julie tells us she will be she's expected to have several surgeries on her hands and again in the mnt for now we are in salem tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. rail riders can expect some weekend closures as the mbta kicks off a new federal safety project. starting next spring crew also begin working on a 459 million mandate to update technology. the mandate requires all lines to include a control system that keeps trains from colliding to one another high-speed. >> tonight some new traffic lights are causing confusion in quincy.
1:47 am
confusion is. >> reporter: in the heart of quincy there's plenty going on but here on hancock street there's also plenty of drivers doing this sounding and looking confused. and many asking this. >> do i go now or? >> it's all because the new traffic signal at this crosswalk. there's no green light instead at times a flashing yellow or red light and at other times no light at all which means it's safe to drive. we pointed it out to cynthia elliot. >> if you look at it there's it's red right no. >> no, it isn't. that's not good. >> reporter: for people trying to walk across it's just as confusing. >> yeah, i noticed actually when they were counting down for the crosswalk people started to drive. so that might be a concern. >> i see people actually blow through it, too. >> reporter: this traffic set isn't a result of pedestrians being hit or
1:48 am
being built here a new park. city leaders tell fox 25 people are getting used to the new pattern but they just put up these bright signs hoping it clears up any confusion. this woman hopes so, too she has cerebral palsy and knows it takes her a little longer to crossry. >> had some close calls myself. i just i need to slow down. >> blair miller, fox 25 news. that stretch of road has caused so much confusion that quincy police have put the new system works. police told us today so far they have not had any crashes there. boston mayor marty walsh will slap hefty fines on restaurant if they're not up front about their ratings. the mayor wants restaurants to post their letter grades at their storefronts. they could face a $300 fine every day if they don't. restaurants and food trucks would have a year to comply with the new letter grade system. after spending more than half of her life in the
1:49 am
how the other half live. the boston herald shared this picture with us of sasha obama working the takeout window at nancy's on oak bluffs. she and a friend are working a cash register, busing tables and preparing the restaurant for lunch. new at 10:00, fox 25 political reporter sharman sacchetti office martha's vineyard for the first time last year and she talked to the owner of nancy's. >> i love the seafood it's one of my fravt spots. i like to go again. >> the friend of the obama family which is how sasha landed the job. she's accompanied by six secret service agents while she's working. she will only working until saturday when her parents arrive for a two week vacation. she's learning the ropes out there. >> she is. i tell you what everybody needs a summer job she got one. but i can understand why they shut it down the family is coming and they have a lot of exploring and fun to have tonight. >> high-tech toy has the full attention of privacy
1:50 am
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new at tonight nike is throwing its golf equipment business in the pond. they plan to stop making golf balls, balls and bags so focus onds spag its line of golf shoes and sports wear. nike is the largest maker of sporting goods in the world. the olympic of the opening ceremony for the summer games. they arrived at the naval base. the opening ceremony is friday night. the world's most decorated olympian will carry the american flag during the opening ceremony of the summer olympics. they announced that swimmer michael phelps will be the flag bearer on friday night in rio phelps has 22 medals 18 of them gold models. this is his fourth olympic games.
1:54 am
proving olympians come in all shapes and sizes. take a look at these pictures she posted on social media. 5'2" that's david lee he is 6'8" and this photo she captioned when you're 52'" and the cuban volleyball players are 6'9" #shortgirlproblems. >> really a beautiful night out there for sure. clear skies and very comfortable levels of humidity that's for sure. 60s to low 70s all across the area, too. it's 70 in boston. it's 69 out there in bedford and 62 for new worst sorry it's cooling off for sure. going to be some -- for you too in worcester. sunny start to the day. fox 25 picture of the day as a beautiful slot of our downtown area -- shot of our downtown area.
1:55 am
impact your plans. at 11:00. the flower it smells like rotting flesh that's attracting hundreds of visitors in our nation's capital. we take a look now today here at the so call corpse nower on display at the botanic forwardens in washington, d.c. the foul you on door attracts bugs but many said the stench wasn't as strong as they expected. peak bloom began and will also end apparently today. >> that's fascinating. i'm a gardner. >> have you some impressive flowers at your house. >> thank you but i don't have the corpse flower. >> very impressivea i would like to go in and be out. from talking toys connected to the internet to voice activated devices that might be listening more than you think. >> our homes are linked to the internet more than ever and as fox 25's dustin gray reveals privacy experts warn
1:56 am
>> reporter: a barbie who can carry on a conversation with. a toy pet that seems to have a mind of its own. these internet-connected toys bring new possibilities for fun and learning but also new privacy challenges. >> locking down the devices so that they're secure is critical. >> reporter: the future privacy forum says without toys and other connected devices into your home could make your home network and cameras and microphones your home itself vulnerable to hackers and other cyber threats. that's why fisher-price put right on the box that this bear frocts your personal data. alexa are you spying on me? >> i only send audio back. alexia can have a qvgs with you. the children's on-line privacy protection affects
1:57 am
covers these toys. it was written back in 1998, and senator mark warner wrote this letter spresing concern that the law is out of date. just this week the f. clrng c. -- the f.c.c. more than doubled the fine to $40,000. that's for each toy sold which could quickly add up to millions of dollars in penalties. meaning if a smart toy isn't
1:58 am
1:59 am
2:00 am
>> you guys, how cool is this? listen, we've all been back to the future. today we are going fab to the future. let's go. (cheers and applause) today on "fablife"... >> cutting-edge home decor. >> that is literally out of this world. the future of fashion-- wearable t tech. inside that bag is a usb charger that you can actually charge your phone. >> and the new age of fitness. >> the beautiful and talented michelle williams. >> come on, sweetheart. wait-- wait a minute. oh, it's going crazy. >> to fab... >> ...and beyond! (cheers and applause) >> hi, guys. sorry, guys. >> ooh! >> just made it. >> it was so exci-- i'm sorry, i couldn't find parking. (laughter) >> joe, that was so cool. my husband is gonna be so jealous of you. that is his favorite movie. >> oh, he should be. that was pretty good.


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