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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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this is the fox25 morning news. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it is thursday, august 4. it is now 4:3. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: good morning to you, i am daniel miller. another round of patchy fog this morning and it is moving out and maybe just in time for this julie here to walk her new puppy, bear why check him out! >> julie: bear. we picked him up yesterday. >> daniel: he is adorable. >> thank you, that is rob and bear and i up way later than we should have been. but thanks a lot. >> daniel: how does it feel. >> julie: feels great. >> daniel: you mentioned you took him for a walk when you guys were back in town and the weather was perfect for that. >> julie: bright blue skies on the way to the vineyard to get him. >> shiri: good day for you. y rearing today because great weather to get outsides. whether puppies or sending your kids out to play, fog with news the norwood area up toward keene, new hampshire.
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not as expensive as yesterday but will last in those few pots until 7 or 8:00 this morning. those are also my chilly spots. norwood at 52. keene, new hampshire at 54. look at all these 60s in between. worcester at 62 degrees. boston at 65. lawrence at 63. we have mid-60s -- mid-50s in plymouth and hyannis where it is feeling a little cool. 7 a.m. temperatures will h to, rer around 60 degrees. a little patchy fog sunshine. 84 at 3 p.m. and 78 by 7:00 this evening. i will take you to out to that beach forecast coming up. julie, back to you with live drive time traffic. >> julie: shiri, the icons on the map are overnight con trunks that will wrap up by 5 a.m. route 1, 93 south clear. pike open from 128. and then over to the alton-brighton tolls. 13 minutes from 128 to the tobin. 23 minutes on 93 south. 24 minutes on the pike
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avenue. coming up on 4:32 this morning. a local woman blacked out behind the wheel of her suv and crash into an utility pole and chain-link fence. part of that fence smashed through her windshield just missing her head. jason law is live in woburn where neighbors witnessed the crash during a barbecue. >> reporter: yeah, daniel, this is pretty scary. this happened off of locust street. evidence of this crash around 2:00. you can see the damage to the back end pretty clear. the bumper and the hatchback got dented in and a few feet to the right is what is left of the fence this morning. you have safety cones out. you have debris from concrete barrier there. and then the chain-link fence which in pretty rough shape. the family of the 60-year-old driver said she had a medical emergency. she blocked out. she doesn't remember anything. again it happened 2:00 yesterday afternoon at locust street in w woburn.
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car and utility pole and she was nearly impaled when that pole shot right through her windshield. very scary. a few feet away as you mentioned daniel. there was a family outside in the yard enjoying a barbecue when it happened. >> all a sudden heard a tremendous boom and looked over and it happened so quick. >> making the turn at the end of the street and looked up and -- hold there. -- there was a pole there. >> reporter: 60-year-old lou sawyer. nobody was hurt. she was a little scraped up. given what could have happen. this story had a pretty good ending. nobody was killed. and lou remains in the hospital and she is under investigation because doctors are trying to figure out what caused her to black out. jason law, fox25 news. a new report details more than 100 allegations of race-based incidents at boston latin schools. the prestigious school have
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the beginning of the year. protested several racist incidents on campus. the fallout led for the headmaster and assistant headmaster to resign. a new investigation by boston public schools found six cases where they failed to carry out policy. a good step to make changes in city schools. >> boston latin school is really the flagship school for the city and what better school to start to fix this in that cool. >> julie: tommy cheng said they have a moral obligation to make sure schools are safe for students. a woman who filed a lawsuit against a catholic high school in framingham and the boston archdiocese. she claims they looked the other way while a former teacher raped her repeatedly. the unidentified woman said she was 14 when the former marion high school gym teacher and coach is sexually abused her over a two-year period in the 1970s. she aid she was having trouble
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we disguised the woman's voice and didn't show her face. >> i believe that people were outside of it, that were looking at it. that hud have done something. >> daniel: both the school and boston archdiocese told fox25 they don't comment on pending legal cases. the cool separate from the diocese in 2004. happening today, it is finally time for wynn resorts to start construction on the $2il michael henrich live at the site in everett. construction begins after a long battle between wynn and rounding cities. >> reporter: it is finally time to get those shovels in the ground, and right here, the construction trucks are coming in early today and often. several have already passed by into the work site here as construction officially begins today on the wynn bus and harbor resort casino in everett. wynn says this $2.1 billion
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4,000 total over the life of the project as they develop this 33-acre property. somerville challenged the procedure for quite some time on environmental grounds and topped the appeals after the department of environmental protection sided with wynn and granted what called a chapter 91 license. that happened late last month and the final appeals were not this week. various communities voiced concerns of traffic. and those issues have been resolved as well said after three years and up with of the most thorough licensing and rurltal review processes in the history of massachusetts, wyn n harbor has its license in hand and will begin con trunks. the groundbreaking kicks off at 1:00 this afternoon with an eye of opening up the new casino in 2019. live in everett, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: they are ready to start work. thank you. a man who took hostage at
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arrested for robbing a bank. leland eisenberg and in court. the 5-year-old robbed a bank tuesday in manchester, new hampshire. eisenberg spent two years behind bars for a five-hour standoff at clinton's campaign office in rochester. no one was hurt. he blamed mental illness for his actions during the standoff. two braintree police officers will not face charges after he shot and killed a man with a knife earlier this year. the norfolk county district attorn shot robbed dousard to protect themselves when he swung a knife. the percent fired a bean bag, but he failed to drop the weapon. a man in a and itoff is weapon. a man in a and itoff is will face charges. perkins hand been held without bail since he barricaded him he inside his business for seven hours and he fired at least one shot but no one was hurt.
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problems. a local kennel owner has her license suspended after a dog died in her care. an abington family said their -- they boarded their german shepherd maximus at annie's clean critters in whitman two weeks ago. and when they went to pick him up, he was dead. the kennel's owner annie brown is also an animal control officer in the town of east bridgewater. said the dog died of stomach bloat a dangerous condition the chief of police tell us that a full investigation is under way. investigators say a discarded cigarette likely sparked this massive fire that quickly swept through several homes in charlestown. back on july 21. no one was seriously hurt. nine families, however, lost their homes. one drug appears to be the blame for the majority of overdose deaths in massachusetts. the a report by the state department of public health
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up from 57% last year. meanwhile, heroin and prescription drug deaths have been falling at the same rate fentanyl has been increasing. fentanyl is considered 50 times more potent than heroin. several police departments, hospitals and treatment centers have joineds s to help people affect the by the opioid crisis. a monthly drop-off center in plymouth. officials will be on hand to help addicts and their fami weather together every ten minutes. things nice and quiet. love it with single digits on the expressway. eight minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri. beach temperatures today from the 70s to the lower 80s. a lot of pots hovering around 80 degrees. mostly sunny. water temperature 72 degrees. i will take you town by town next. a bizarre attack at a popular theme park has people concerned. new at 5:00, what happened after a man grabbed a flamingo
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plus, a controversy skit staring tom brady's wife is getting cut from the olympic opening ceremony.
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and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen. welcome back, everyone, 4:42. new traffic lights are causing problems in quincy. blair miller spent the day at the better section and witnessed it first hand. >> reporter: in the heart of quincy there is plan tee going
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there are plenty drivers doing this, sounding and looking confused and many asking this. >> i go now or what. >> reporter: it is all because of the new traffic signal at this crosswalk. there is no green light. instead at times a flashing yellow or red light. at other times, no light at all which means it is safe to drive. we pointed out to cynthia elies. no actual green light. it is red right now. >> no is at any time. >> reporter: yeah. >> reporter: for people trying to walk across, it is just as confuse approximating yeah, i noticed actually when -- when they were counting down to the crosswalk. people started to drive. and that may be a concern. >> and i see people actually blow through too. it is still red no matter what. >> reporter: isn't a result of pedestrians hit and killed and to ease traffic going around.what being built here. a new park.
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new pattern and they put up these bright signs hoping it clears up any confusion. this woman hopes so too. she has cerebral palsy and takes her a little longer to cross. >> i had close calls myself. and i just -- for myself, i need to slow down. >> reporter: blair miller, fox25 news. >> julie: helpful information from blair. that stretch of road has caused so much confusion that quincy police put a video on their facebook telling drivers how the system works. to far no crashes at the involving tom brady's wife is being cut from tomorrow's ceremony of the olympics. gisele bunchen took part in a skit where she and to be robbed by a poor child from the lums of rio. they called it a tremendous misunderstanding. intended to have the boy asking the supermodel for a
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unaware what role gisele will be in the ceremonies. hanley ramirez will miss only two games. no damage to his wrist, just sore. great news there. david ortiz getting love for the mariner's before last night's game. how about 34 pounds of fish to sell is great your retirement from pike place market. the phenom with a single to left field. he also singles to right later in the game. but this game was all about the long ball. in the 7th, adam moon to rick porcello deep to right. the third solo home run of the game. mariners win 3-1. sox face the dodgers in la tonight. a pegs treat at bc high. head coach mike sullivan brought the stanley cup home to his alma mater yesterday.
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graduated from bc high in 198. in june beat the san jose shark to win their fourth title. i don't think i realized how tall the stanley cup was. i have never seen. >> daniel: neither have i null julie i am not that special. what special about the roads is there is nothing going on and that is always nice if you are one of those early risers all alone. 93 south moving along fine. 128 no issues from route 1 lexington. pike moving along fine from 495 over to 128, then as you make your way to the allston-brighton tolls. the icons, don't be worried about those. overnight construction work that clears out by 5 a.m. if they run late, be hour to tell you give you a heads up that things are a little bit low. no discoloration on my map to show any kind of slowing or increased volume quite yet. live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128
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hour. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. and 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and we are going to deal with a little bit of fog to start the day off. >> yeah, just a little bit. not as much as yesterday, julie, but a typical pot for some of the valley locations. norwood where we almost have fog reports coming in. spots like keene, new hampshire and lasts us until 7 or 8:00 this morning. overall, you will big time this morning. the fact that dew points are in the 50s. our humidity forecast is comfortable today and tomorrow, and although it is going to get hot this afternoon. it is almost going to be like a dry heat. it will not be a very humid heat. that changes on saturday. it gets really sticky again and it is going to get warm. it is going to get muggy up ahead of the next cold front. 65 degrees right now in boston. no fog to report in the city right now. visibility is just absolutely perfect. we have got the next 12 hours
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degrees at 8 a.m. 71. upper 70s by 10:00 this morning in the city and notice noon, 2 p.m., 4 p.m., we have got temperatures right around 80. i wouldn't be surprised to ehighs go a degree to are two warmer than that, but this is what is driving for the next few days. today, clear skies, high pressure, sunshine. we start getting into some of the warmer air but not until saturday that we have our next weather maker that will come through with the risk of showers. so futurec roll along here pause things up at 3 p.m. a couple of puffy clouds. and sunshine for 99% of your day. the clouds that we mix in will not be much in the waive shape maker. be ready for hot and bright one, sunkorean down across the cape with 75 in chatham. 76 in barnstable. 77 in falmouth. edgartown 74 degrees. 80s in taunton and middleborough. preliminary nought 81 degrees.
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woburn, 87. natick, 86. and shirley 87 degrees. north shore, no exception. low 80s, salisbury, ipswich and lynn. 85 in topsfield and upper 80s andover to haverhill. check out fitchburg at 88. douglas at 83 or southborough at 85 degrees. upper 80s in manchester and nashua, new hampshire. salem and canby lake. 82 at hampton beach whe overnight, similar temperatures. almost exactly what we have last night tonight which means you are going to wake up to the same kind of temperatures. tomorrow's high 86 in boston. 90 is back in lawrence. a whole lot of upper 80s out thereland. the beaches are just that little bit cooler seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view and friday close to 90 degrees. saturday, this is your next risk of rain that we will be watching at 86 degrees.
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middle of the day. so here is the timeline on those storms. saturday, there you go. i am thinking mostly late morning through afternoon chance, which means by the evening, we are slowly going to start to clear out. sunday my pick of the weekend at 82. it is going to be less humid. brighter, seasonal. more fun and 85 on monday. tuesday, 87 and tuesday a light risk of a late-day shower. back to you. >> washington. the northern lights from the observatory. it is clear because the summit is not clear enough to see the solar storm. you can take trips to the summit through october. beautiful.look at those pretty pictures. a local zoo is keeping a close eye on its 58-year-old elephant. coming up new at 5:00, what we are learning of the health care that nearly cost her life. the first family is coming to
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officials are ramping up their effort to fight the zika care in south florida. crews targeted five miles north of downtown miami yesterday spraying the area. this is video showing storm drains being pumped in the area to remove any spill water that mosquitos can live in. the mosquito inspector went door to door in one neighborhood. the money to fight the zika virus is close to running out.
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the announcement with a political stalemate on capitol hill. the national institutes of health are starting the first trial phase of the gleeka vaccine and need more resources. the white house as congress has om explaining to do. >> they left on a seven-week recess a day early at the height of mosquito season and basically told the american people good luck. >> reporter: the national institute of health says it will run out of money for their trial by the end of the month. the owners of the trump city say they will be closing. the president of the resort as the taj is losing millions of dollars a month after local union workers went on strike for 34 days. the company will send mass laugh notices before the weekend and will stay until labor day weekend. the taj ma hall is the fifth casino to close since 2014. facebook is expanding. the tech giant is looking beyond social media and into hardware as part of ceo mark
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the company just built a new 22,000-square-foot lab to focus on making new devices. facebook launched the ocular rift virtual reality headset and other products like a solar powered drone. the derice is supposed to add a internet signal in remote areas of the world. nike is throwing its golf equipment in the pond. will stop making golf clubs golf shoes appear ports ware. nike golf made over $700 million for the company in the last fiscal year far below the billions made by the company running a jordan brand sectors. researchers say there can be a serious security slot with chip-based credit cards. the concern over the magnetic strip.
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it allows to keep counterfeiting. they say it will bole ter complaint from retailers who argue that they were forced by banks to accept chip-based cards. julie, you were talking about this yesterday. music legend tony bennett celebrated his 90th birthday and he doesn't feel it. >> myth birthday and i really feel like it is my 20th. >> yesterday, lady gaga another one your favorites joined bennett at the empire legacy. no signs of slowing down continuing to perform at conners. he and lady gaga released an album and toured together in 2014. after spending more than half her life in the white house, one of the first daughters took a job on the vineyard. the boston herald shared this picture of sasha obama working the takeout window at nancy's at oak bluff. she is working the register, busing tables and preparing the restaurant for lunch. the owner is a good friend of
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sasha landed the job. she is being companied by six secret service agents and she will only be working until saturday when her parents arrive for their two-week vacation. >> she looks just like anybody else until we give it away. >> julie: following her. a muslim woman says she was kicked out of a dollar store for wearing a vei lover her face. coming up this morning what she wants from the company after the uncomfortable encounter was caught nine lives, but the woman's car did not. all new at 5:00, how this
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now at 5:00, cat problems plaguing one neighborhood. the animals cart aid way in cages, and why workers think they will be going through this home in days. construction trucks are arriving this morning as the
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break ground. how the big conglomerate started to end the hurdle. and chaos inside a plane on fire. the rush to get off, and questions for about what caused that plane to go up in flames. >> announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us on the fox25 station on this thursday morning. it is august 4. i am gene lavanchy. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta in today for sara. a comfortable, cool start to the day. refreshing. and meteorologist shiri spear says be ready for a rapid warm-up. she is in the storm tracker center with what time he hit the 80s. >> shiri: we slept with the window open because it was so flesh. before you go to work, close those windows because stifling. 65 in. comfortable in boston and lawrence and fitchburg.


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