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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:59pm EDT

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kids carrying equipment, climbing a foundation wall, and running through this construction site, where crews are building a restaurant and retail space if downtown childrn recorded by fox 25 investigates has the attention of osha and the department of labor. investigators are now inspecting for safety and child labor law violations. >> blatantly illegal. >> the reporter: we also showed the video to lawyers. >> he's in the backhoe. >> the reporter: both point out, massachusetts law prohibits anyone under 16 from working in thisre. >> he's got to be pre-teen. he's got to be pre-teen. it's absolutely a dangerous situation, children should not have been there even just being present there, they definitely should not have been working on a construction site. >> the reporter: the company, boj construction, put us in touch with supervisor, brian johnson.
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the site? >> no absolutely not.u explain e saw them doing this week? >> like i said, that would be -- the parents would have to explain that. >> the reporter: he says, the construction company and this site are all part of the 12 tribes, a religious group which also runs the blue blinds bakery on the same property. johnson says, everyone works on a volunteer basis. >> it's no different than maybe a son helping his father doing >> the reporter: an argument, legal experts say is on shaky ground. >> there's a long line of legal precedent that says work is not defined by whether you're paid, work is defined by what you do. >> the reporter: and in 2011, the state cited the same company for failing to pay prevailing wage and other violations. the attorney general called the question raised by our deeply concerning. that office is also investigating. for fox 25 investigates, i'm
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>> mark: drying up, massachusetts drought is getting worse. almost two-thirds of our state is now in a severe drought. we are seeing water vans and a lot of -- water bans and a lot of lawns that lookust l fox 25 with team coverage beginning with meteorologist sarah wroblewski and sarah, there's really no end in sight right now. >> sarah: this is a significant drought that will have long lasting effects. well below the average, severe drought has been expanded as of boston, and it goes all the way up into portland, maine. below seven inches in boston and worcester for the rainfall for the year and the moderate drought, also now for the cape l interests really going to see problems heading into the fall and we've got more dry weather with us. we had it for the day today, great for summer activities, but not good for those conditions. take a look out west, there is a cold front that i am tracking.
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next chance of showers and even some thunderstorms. some of those storms could be severe. but tonight, it is comfortable out there, temperatures in the 70's, dewpoints in the 40's and 50's for the most part, away from the keys. it's going to be a nice night fo 50's through the interior. but hot weather heading our way with risk of those showers and storms, i'll time those out for you. >> mark: everywhere you look, you see brown lawns, fields drying up and ponds well below their usual water levels. our coverage live in deadham. there's not a lot people can do. can't, mark and as you mentioned, look around me, you can see here, it looks like it's brown, dead grass. here we are at the dedham water westwood district and this is what it looks like everywhere you go. it looks like there is absolutely nothing really coming out of the hoses, barely any water and the rain we're getting on saturday, that's not going to cut it. >> no rain, no green. >> the reporter: the saying
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it's brown and green: we have a combination. >> the reporter: but that certainly is not the case here in massachusetts. driving around town in westwood and deadham, grass is brown and -- just dry. this map clearly shows you, in the orange, we are in a drought, it's the worst we have seen across the state in 14 years. >> conditions are pretty bad. >> the reporter: in this household, w their livelihood. good for you,e that. >> the reporter: for the last ten days or so, folks in the westwood and dedham last time the one-day rule was implemented was 15 years ago. >> and we have a stream trigger
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cue bin feet per second, we are mandated by permit to shut that well down. >> the reporter: the severe drought conditions are across 62% of massachusetts. that's up 20% in just a one-week span. >> i hate to use the westwood water if i can help it. when it rains, it comes out so well over here. and i just fill up those buckets and water all officials here in dedham say if you don't follow that water restriction, you could get a fine of up to $100, but of course, it depends on each and every city and town here. in the meantime, we could also tell you that people here say you know what, we love it, the sun is shining, but it's going to take definitely a lot, a lot of rain to get this grass green again. for now, we are live in deadham,
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>> elizabeth: well, pardon the interruption. donald trump on its campaign trail in maine, forced to stop his campaign speech several times because of protesters. the republican presidential nominee taking a stage in portland, just after 3:00 p.m. fox 25's political reporter sharman sachetti was there and he mentioned the boston marathon bombers in that speech. >> the reporter: he sure did. the first thing i want to say is the venue here around the corner, its web site says it seats about 1900 people, nearly all of those seats were in ta now, trump definitely delivered a speech here to a rowdy crowd, but then he made some questionable claims. th and chants of oru.ted out of the auditorium irge crow, trump doubled down on a claim at of around
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contradicted. >> you know, it's interesting, because a tape was made, ripe, you saw that with the airplane coming in, nice plane, and the airplane coming in and the money coming off, i guess, right? that was given to us, has to be, by the iranians. >> the reporter: trump repeated that hillary clinton could not be trusted with national security. said he'd stop immigration from what he calls terrorist nations and then used the boston marathon bombers as examples. >> arrived asylum process, right. >> the reporter: donald trump is coming off a rough week, one of the worst of his campaign. he has faced blow back after his criticism of the parents of a muslim soldier, who was killed. hillary clinton has vaulted ahead with a nearly 6-point lead nationwide and he's been critical of paul ryan and john mccain. today, he softened his words about the republican leadership. >> paul ryan is a good guy
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trump said mike pence actually call him to check and make sure it was ok that he would later endorse paul ryan. that of course, is something that did happen. trump also made a play, something we've been hearing a little bit more about from him fore they share similar position when's it comes to trade. trump will be back in this area, he's actually going to be in windham, new hampshire, on saturday. live in portland, maine, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: well in the clinton and her ruing mate,r wbe who prefer are ar leaning toward clinton outnumber trump supporters, 47-32%. >> mark: three massive fires in boston in the brutal summer heat. dozens of families were displaced and more than $10 million in damage was done. all three were caused by the same thing. and it's easily preventable.
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fires in charlestown, east boston and dorchester. >> elizabeth: kerry kavanaugh with a warning to boston fire, wants everyone to hear. kerry, these fires happened in some of boston's oldest ig been a lot war so tight together and fortunately no one was killed in fires. boston fire commissioner joseph fin talked of disposing of cigarettes properly. the boston fire department has seen more than 50 materials. firefighters are asking smokers to have cups of when smoking hae them when putting the cigarettes out fully. he stresses plantares are not ashtrays and being careless can result in real disaster. >> material that accumulates under the porches, that doesn't take much for a cigarette, with a little wind, a little anything, to get that debris
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talking about the trout, the commissioner added the hot weather over the past few weeks has -- not helped. the dry grass and brush easily catches fire and can spread easily if a lit cigarette is carelessly tossed. live in the control room, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: family and friends said a final goodbye to a boston child who drown at a city run day camp. the funeral for kyzr wilmothly was held at a church in mattapan. he died last week from an accidental drowning. during the service, kyzr's lasting impact. >> it's a tragedy that the situation happened. but what we have to remember through all of this, that kyzr, at the young age that he is actually saving lives today. s s lives. >> elizabeth: here's why. kyzr's death prompted the city to put in new rules for boston's summer camps, including requiring all children to wear
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the ocean. >> a man in worcester is accused of violently attacking a police officer working the detail. you saw the exclusive interview with a construction worker who saw it all happen. new at 6:00 p.m., fox 25's robert goulston is live in worcester with more on how the suspect has tried to hurt police before. >> the reporter: mark, yeah, this same suspect was charged last summer for kicking out a city bus window, and then going after the police officer. now he's charged with tryingo going after the officer, who would not let him. the worcester police officer was working a road job along lincoln street with a driver tried getting into aldi's supermarket parking lot. that driver, 30-year-old joe apia was in court charged with what happened next. the guy was not complying whatsoevy apia started swearing when the officer told himto the other en.
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the supermarket from this side, he did a u-turn, went up this road in the wrong direction. >> when he turned around and, hn his tires and went right against traffic. >> the reporter: then he drove around from the other direction and that's whether police say it physic. >> it was violent. police say apia first started pushing a supermarket security guard down and then came at the officer, who tried pepper spraying him two times. at one point, apia tackled the officer and police say he scratched his face and started sticking his finger in the officer's eye, trying to g the officer was finally able to make the arrest. >> we kind of had his back, we were watching. if he needed assistance, boy, we were right there.>> the reportey were tohe s because he was on probation, he is being held tonight. he's expected to be back in court next month and of course, the officer telling us that he is expected to be ok. we are live in worcester, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: a local businessman facing federal
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from disabled the 15-year-old city documents that show he's had other troubling issues in his past. >> sarah: i'm tracking warmer weather heading in to the weekend. where we could near 90 on friday and when our next chance of thunderstormsives. >> elizabeth: but first, fake guns that look to real, even police officers can't temperature the difference. why it could have deadly consequences when cops are forced to make a split second decision. you're watching fo capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. wi a and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free... no minimums. no fees. and a top-rated app, let's you bank right here.
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between these guns? if you said no, you're not alone. police in braintree are very concerned about what's ending up in their evidence room. >> elizabeth: you can see why. they're fake guns that look very real and police worry that if one is pointed at them, the consequences could be tragic. >> mark: fox 25's blair miller is at the braintree police department, where officers tell him, this is happening more and more. >> the reporter: i'm here inside the braintree police department. i want to show you something they've been recently finding on the streets. gun or real gun? this is the same concern police have. >> it has the look and feel of a real firearm. >> the reporter: it's here in this bucket, full of guns that look and feel very real. too real, says braintree police chief russ jenkins, who laid them out for us. he says these guns are showing up in the area more and more. r, very realistically and designed to be realistic and it can be
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ng up in traffic stops and other routine calls, but the guns are usually bee-bee and pellet guns. some of them at closer examination are clearly not a real gun with bullets. this one specially marked or the tip of this one, but others, not so clear. >> how real does this look right now, is it being pointed at someone when they can't see the part right there? >> the reporter: last month, these guns turned up in boston, serious enough that the officers who responded pulled out their own guns yelled, they're fake guns. yesterday, braintree police posted this picture on facebook. and the response -- overwhelming from some people who could not tell the difference between what's real and what's not. exactly the point. >> the police officer doesn't have the time to make that careful examination, when a weapon is drawn, and pointed in their direction, they don't have, you know, seconds or minutes to evaluate that weapon. >> the reporter: police here hope by showing this it will
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problems on the street. in braintree, blair miller, fox 25 n >> elizabeth: quincy police want parents to talk to their children about what to do if they come across a person who makes them feel uncomfortable. the requt two 13-year-old girls reported to police, a suspicious man sitting on a bench behind sterling middle school this week. the teens say he stared at themr a sip of her water. police say they've talked to the man, but didn't identify him, because he didn't commit a crime. >> sarah: this morning, our drought monitor was updated, which i showed you about 15 minutes ago, showing that over 60% of the state is under a severe drought and i look at some of the numbers and while worcester has pick up some rain earlier this month, remember, we're only in day four, boston has seen a little bit. we're still below average and for the year, that's what you really need to look at, that number for the entire year.
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more, below, an that is really causing some problems outof some chance, i guess you could sale, as we head in to the weekend, doesn't look all that impressive, but saturday, would be the day that we'll have to keep an eye to the sky for those showers and storms to come on through. otherwise, it's been fairly dry, and we've got more dry weather heading our way into early next week. take the dry weather along with the hot conditions, and that's what is really causing problems out there. speaking of hot, 90 in lawrence was the high. boston, 82. cooler warmer weather out to the west building and it's all building ahead of this cold front that will actually be pushing into our region by the weekend spark being the risk of those showers away, the winds out of the southwest around it, will bring in that heat and humidity, but we really won't start to really notice that as we head in to the weekend.s, 70's and 80's.
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no weather worries as we head through the overnight hours. dewpoints in boston in the lower 60's, but through the interior, we're in the 40's and 50's, so comfortable night for sleeping. boston falls back in to the 60's for the overnight hours. really quiet conditions. open up the windows, let that fresh air in. it's going to be a nice night as we see temperatures -- not scattered showers, that is not my forecast for tomorrow either. we're going to see temperatures starting off in the 50's and 60's, and then, we're really begin to rise by your lunch hour, we're into the 80's. take a look at this. by the afternoon, warmest time of the day typically, we'll see temperatures near 90 degrees away from the coast, through the merrimack valley, parts of new hampshire. top out in the 80's through worcester county, down across the southeast, with winds developing out of the south-southwest, you'll notice that cooler conditions across parts of the cape and islands. highs tain t to your weekend all across new england, looking fantastic with highs in the 80's, but saturday is the
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the risk of some of those storms. we could see an isolated strong to severe storm. the storm prediction center has actually put the hinvyll, so hie begins to slip away, we get the heat in tomorrow, then the humidity starts to increase, and by saturday, warm and humid air in place and a cold front will trigger some showers and storms as we head into the afternoon and in to the evening hours, so you want to make sure you keep an eye on the sky those plans that you have. don't cancel them, but of course, you want to check our fox 25 weather app. that front comes on through and by sunday, we dry out, it becomes less humid and starts a dry stretch as we head through middle part of next week. could see another risk of showers and storms late wednesday into thursday. there's the latest look at your forecast. >> the reporter: nick young is the former d.c. transit cop, now under arrest for being an isis sympathizer. the chilling way a localt me acs him.
6:22 pm
boston, the city council considering a big change that could change the way you shop. >> elizabeth: but first, a historic election day coming up fast. early voting happening for the first time in massachusetts. up next, why a lot of cities and
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>> mark: new at 6:00 p.m., three bags full of cocaine and a shoe box full of cash seized during a drug bust in quincy. that's 81 pounds of cocaine worth more than $1.5 million. police found it in an abandoned
6:25 pm
police are still investigating. also new at 6:00 p.m., cities and towns in massachusetts have a lot of work ahead of them fully prepared for early voting. >> elizabeth: year, letting new system. 13% don't have any plans yet. a panhandler warning in two local communities resident calling for change. according to the sentinel, the cities of fitchburg and lempster put up signs telling people not to give to panhandlers, but to donate to local charities instead. the signs show a man with a sign saying he's homeless and looking for him, but one resident started a petition asking for them to be removed. she said panhandlers are often dealing with mental issues and the way the signs are designed could be desrimmal to their health. >> mark: city councilors are
6:26 pm
plastic shopping bags. residents, business owners, environmental advocates and city officials will study the idea over the next three months. cambridge put in place a similar ban in march. plan to build a starbucks in southie has new hope. the idea was met with resistance and the proposal to bring the coffee house to the corner of elm street and east broadway was unanimously rejected by boston's licensing board back in may. fox 25 has learned a new petition is circulating and there will be a new hearing on august 17th. giraffe born at the franklin park zoo will require around the clock care to fully recover. the calf was born a week and a half ago but couldn't stand or nurse. she was taken to thenary medicat tuft today she returned to the zoo and her fa bottled fed for the next six months. th naming her. -- the zoo is asking for help naming her.
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another means hope. you can head to our web site,, cast your vote. >> mark: cute. >> the reporter: it involved 4,000 construction workers, and 500,000 tons of dirt. oday about the construction of the new wynn casino. >> the reporter: federal agents raid this office and then arrest the owner of the business on charges he stole from disabled veterans. how officials say he targeted the most vulnerable veterans and his ties to local police >> mark: but first, right now, people who live in new pilot program to put body cameras on
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>> mark: if you are just getting home at 6:30 p.m., these are our top stories. fox 25 investigates captured this video of children on an active construction site in plymouth that has sparked a federal investigation. a represent company, boj construction, says they are children of workers. he says the construction company and this site are all part of the 12 tribes religious group and we are told everyone works on a volunteer basis. fox 25 investigates has learned that osha and the department of labor are now inspecting for safety and child labor law violations. >> elizabeth: a man accused of trying to gouge a police officer's eye out remains if jail.
6:31 pm
attacked an officer working a construction detail on lincoln street after he told him to use. apaya is already on probation and will appear back in court. >> mark: donald trump made a stop in portland, maine, where he was greeted by applause and boo's by protesters, holding up copies of the constitution. in his speech, trump took aim ad cited it as the reason why the boston marathon bombers made it into the united states. >> elizabeth: boston police want officers to wear cameras that record everything that the job. now the department wants to provide 100 cameras to officers for a ial. >> mark: right now, city councilors are talking to people who live in boston about how this will all work. fox 25's crystal haynes is at the hearing, happening in mattapan.l? >> the reporter: the boston city council is actually joined several members of the community, and commit activists that just want to make sure they get a hard date for
6:32 pm
about a half a million dollars has been allocated to the volunteer program for the 2017 budget. let me take you to the video, show you what these body worn cameras actually look like. city leaders reached a deal last month, with the department's largest union, to launch a six now boston is one of the largest police departments without body cameras. the move was initially met with some opposition by the boston police department, but that sentimt feedback from the community in the wake of a number officer-involved shootings across the country. >> i just want them going to bes transparent as possible and we went through a long process to get to this policy. many community meetings, social justice task force, we worked with harvard law students, you know, we had a lot of meetings, a lot of -- a lot went in to this. we visited new york, looked at their policy, so this is a long
6:33 pm
hurry. >> the reporter: now a new study out by a couple of national groups that looked at about 50 police didn't gave boston's pilot program policy low marks. the biggest concerns were around allowing officers to look at the footage from the body-worn cameras before they actually write an incident report and about the access to people who are filingints. we're going to put that question to city leaders and department for a story we're putting together for 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. for now reporting in mattapan tonight, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: 495 north in littleton is back open tonight after this crash shut down traffic in both directions. sky fox was there when a medical helicopter landed to take one of the patients to the hospital. now, we are working to get an update on that person's condition. >> mark: they are rolling the dice in everett. today, construction began on what will be the new wynn casino and resort, this $2 billion project has been in the works
6:34 pm
but as fox 25's ted daniel found out, crews are all in and ready to move forward. >> the reporter: five years after voters said yes, to casino gambling in massachusetts, wynn resort signals it's all in on the construction of the first las vegas-style resort in the eastern part of the state. >> today, really launches the official start of construction for wynn boston harbor. >> the reporter: this is what the $2 billion facility wil construction workers needed to build t. the resort will include a 500 suite hotel, multiple restaurants, retail stores, meeting space, a arbor and, of course, slot machines and table games. >> we have 500,000 tons of soil to get out of this site in the next six months. the 30-acre site is located off of broadway in everett. right across the river from charlestown in somerville.
6:35 pm
on his city and up until yesterday, had tried to stop the state from issuing wynn an important environmental permit. in a statement to fox 25, the mayor says he no longer plans to fight wynn on permits. but, city lawyers continue to evaluate the decision and have not ruled out the option to pursue judicial review. >> lawyers see any possibility of injunction that are would stop construction with some of the pending real homeland security secretary --legal issues? >> we don't see that at all. we think we've covered all the bases. >> the reporter: ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: you're feeling the heat in boston and beyond. brutally hot temperatures extending our drought and there's no relief in sight for the crunchy lawns. >> sarah: we have above average temperatures. typically, we're in the low 80's
6:36 pm
sunset, right before 8:00 p.m., so day is getting shorter we coe through our summer. current conditions, 78 in boston, we've got the 80's through the interior, and as we widen out the shot, you notice it's dry today. high pressure in chrome, will be for -- control, will be for another day, but it's the cold front out to the west that will be pushing eastward and bringing us our next chance of some showers, even a few thunderstorms. that doesn't look to happen until we head to the weekend. so through the overnight hours, temperatures fall back into the 50's and 60's, a comfortable and humidit move up tomorrow. noticing by 11:00 a.m., already in the 80's. what you can expect in your town for tomorrow afternoon. >> elizabeth: the baby-sitter who kidnapped a 2-year-old girl and left her naked on the side of the road could face prison time. >> mark: that's if she accepts a deal the court is offering. a salem superior court judge said he will likely sentence 22-year-old abigail hannah to prison time at the higher end of sentencing guidelines if she pleads guilty to kidnapping.
6:37 pm
raleigh, covered in cigarette burns with her head shaved. hannah would face up to 7 1/2 years. >> elizabeth: a 4-month-old who was found unresponsive in this lynn homeless shelter died from natural causes. that's according to a newly released report from the massachusetts department of massachusetts and families. dcf was looking into the death of charles brand, as a possible case of child endangerment. they concluded brand died from complications of pneumonia, which where not caused by neglect for abuse. >> mark: umass l amputated, following a moped crash on the vineyard. noel lambert and kelly moran hit a dump truck, lambert suffered a leg injury. moran is also recovering after emergency surgery. both women are from new hampshire. >> elizabeth: a former whitman police officer now facing the wrong side of the law, charged with tax fraud and embezzlement. some of his victims were disabled development rance. >> mark: we've been trying to talk to this former officer all day and during our live report at 5:00 p.m., he came out to
6:38 pm
here's katherine burcham's new interview. >> the reporter: veteransveteras advocates called -- mr. pearson, is there anything you can tell us about the allegations? >> i'm on the telephone please. >> the reporter: from a police officer to a business owner, glen pearson has newest role is as a suspect at the center of a office of veterans affairs to withdraw and transfer tens of disableders accounts. >> to manage that money the monthly period so that the veterans are taken care of. >> the reporter: instead, prosecutors say pearson used some of the money to make payments toward his home mortgage. veterans advocates say pearson
6:39 pm
members of that community. >> they were trusting of him, that's the saddest part. >> the reporter: but pearson's former employer, the city of whitman, trust was already an issue. >> we found several instances where his version of events did not match fact. >> the reporter: in 2001, city officials fired pearson from his police sergeant job amidst allegations he was double dipping on his time card. between police duty and hi second job here, as a teacher at this community college. investigators hired also outlined in this report another incidents at the college, where pearson hired a topless dancer to perform a striptease in the criminology course he was teaching. the vote to fire pearson was unanimous. >> this is a police officer who cannot be relied on to tell the truth, cannot serve this community. >> the reporter: pearson is also facing federal charges of tax fraud. in whitman, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: police are searching for a man who used a
6:40 pm
walpole mall last night. you can see officers here at game stop before 10:00 p.m. we're told the suspect grabbed a large amount of cash and then ran out. he was seen heading up route 1 toward union street. >> mark: nashua new hampshire police are looking for the man in this surveillance picture, he is accused of robbing a walgreen's on main street around 5:00 p.m. tuesday night. investigators tell us he threatened the pharmacist and demanded oxycontin. the pharmacist gave him some pills andy took off. no weapon was shn hand no one was hurt. >> elizabeth: the other than of two dogs who viciously attacked a woman in salem today. police say they have charged henry hernanz last night, the victim spoke to fox 25 and she tells us the animals rushed after her while she was walking her own dog. one of the pivot bulls grabbed her hand in his mouth and wouldn't let go. >> i screamed. i screamed and i was scream, get him off, get him off. >> elizabeth: -- is being held on $25,000 cash bail. fox 25 has learned this would normally be a civil charge, but
6:41 pm
criminal. >> mark: reported shark sighting only 5 feet from shore brought swimmers right out of the water on martha's vineyard. lifeguards at edgartown beach whistled the alarm yesterday. beachgoers claim the shark was a 10-foot long hammer head but biologists say that's unlikely because hammer heads don't normally swim >> elizabeth: we have had some crazy aquatic stie camerait newest member of the pats and his little girl. >> sarah: i'm tracking our next chance of rain, how they impact your weekend plans. >> the reporter: nick young is the former d.c. transit cop, now facing charges of being an isis sympathizer.
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
>> vanessa: yikes. >> elizabeth: this transit police officer and you arrest accused of trying to help the terror group isis. the feds say they were watching nicholas young for years.
6:45 pm
tells us a massachusetts security company is revealing had trained young in counterterror techniques. >> the reporter: for 13 years, nicholas young was paid to protect and d.c.'s but now, he's looking at 20 years federal prison as he's charged the feds arrested young wednesday morning and searched his home for evidence, trying to learn more about his past. fox 25 has learned a local sheet after a training sessio massachusetts security firm remembers the man who signed this piece president of protece homeland innovations. shortly after young's arrest. one of mcgee's instructors called mcgee telling ofm, the s counterterrorism classes. this is young's completion
6:46 pm
mcgee tells me the clearly remembers young, because his views on middle east terror stood out. here's a guy that demonstrated his passion, demonstrated his conviction, his ideology for a radical group. at the time, isis really wasn't part of the conversation, butn, we started talking about anti-government, radical islam, in different aspects that the course brings out. >> the reporter: now, mcgee is concerned nick young learned during his training. >> did he release best practices in what we teach, and who that information go to. >> the reporter: questions that may be answered as this investigation continues. i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: five associates of the new york base genovese crime family have been arrested on extortion charges. they are accused of loan sharking and extortion in
6:47 pm
>> sarah: while it's been dry here, things have been heating up in the tropics and we've been watching earl, now a tropical storm, a lot of the watches and warnings across parts of mexico have been dropped, but i do want to mention that this storm, although the winds have died down, is going to bring a lot ns got wind speeds of about 40 miles per hour. as we head over the next 24 to 36 hours areas of mexico could see anywhere from a foot to 18 inches of rain. so a lot of rain going to have perhaps some life-threatening mudslides we'll have to be watching need a good amount of rain. not that much in a short period of time, but take a look at our current rainfall deficit. this is the drought monitor just released this morning, expanded the severe drought conditions south of boston, so from boston to worcester, up through
6:48 pm
too, we've got a severe drought situation, real little going to cause problems for the long term especially those that are farmers or agricultural interests, because we'll be seeing such a lack of rainfall, it will be hard to pick this up in a short period of time. there's a severe drought. that's taking a look at some of the numbers and crunching them. this makes it so far the sixth driest year to record levels. we're really going to need that rain. as for my seven-day forecast, i've just got a few chances. not tomorrow though. sun rules once again, but the risk of those showers do come back by the weekend, and some of those showers could turn into thunderstorms. some of those could turn strong to severe. once that comes on through, dry weather is back. if you have wyche enplans, saturday is the day you want to keep an eye to the sky. high pressure is in control now, but it's this front out to the west, that's going to be pushing
6:49 pm
will spark some showers and storms past we head into our saturday. ahead of it, we've got a lot of warmth out there, so we are going to watch the temperatures rise as we head through the day tomorrow. but current conditions, beautiful night out there. comfortable humidity. 78 in boston. we've got the 80's through the interior. temperatures will fall back tonight, into the 60's in boston, 50's through the interior, so it's going to be a comfortable night for sleeping. open up the windows, give that a.c. a break, you're going to need it as you head through the day tomorrow, because temperatures once again, above er spots, although we could touch near 90 in places like the merrimack valley, parts of new hampshire, even northern worcester county. that developing wind out of ther temperatures to stay in the 70's for the cape and island. a fantastic beach day. high tide before 2:00 p.m. sunny and calm, that u.v. index running high, waves, 1-2 feet for the rip current risk as well. water temperatures, feeling like bath water in the lower 70's. perhaps you're heading to the
6:50 pm
town and temperatures will be falling from 80's into the 70's. just a great night out there. now, here comes our little hiccup as we head in to the weekend. saturday, muggier, clouds and the risk of those showers will develop especially during afternoon and evening hours. really watching the dark shades of yellow in the evening, we cldenal of some thunderstorms turning strong to severe, but once that front clears, take a look at my seven-day forecast. weekend in view, does show the threat of shower diminishes by sunday. pick of the weekend is sun next week, heat things back up late week with the risk of more showers and storms. there's the latest look at your forecast. >> elizabeth: if you're looking for last-minute seats to pearl jam, you are in luck. configured floor plans have resulted in more seats available for fryer and sunday. newly added tickets are on sale now and available at live red s. americans most beloved ballpark
6:51 pm
all. >> mark: let's read it and let the folks determine it. >> elizabeth: you go ahead. >> mark: "u.s.a. today" ranked all 30 major league baseball stadiums and fenway came in at number eight. despite the blow to sox fans,. folks behind the study did say a trip to the ballpark is a must and the atmosphere is tough to beat. petco park, oh, please, home of the san diego padres, earned the top spot. >> obstructed view might have something to do with that guys. i have olympic soccer to show the red sox wrapping up their series in seattle. we'll hear from patriots defensive end chris young.
6:52 pm
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>> it's an on going process learning and you know, that's been. -- been the most eye opening thing. going out there, knowing you can get better each day. >> come september 11, that is the guy who is just one snap away fro quarterback for the new england patriots, jacoby purcette, the rookie from north carolina state, trying to soak in as much as he can during training camp. i got the chance to speak with jacoby after practice today, such a contrast between jacoby and tom brady. brady turned 39 yesterday. pure set is just 23. still wide as he gets a in casee pats need him to go. >> just learning from those guys and the previous things that
6:55 pm
successful and things that he hasn't done well, just trying to learn as much as possible, and i mean, he's obviouslyced vet, hed to contribute immediately on the defensive line. a former first rounder who has been impressed by the culture in foxborough. the guys in this locker room, it's on russian children why they're here, they're team players, and everybody competes, works hard, takes it one day at a time and that's what i see. seattle tonight, looking for a split, rick purcello gave up just three hits, but four homeruns,. olympic highlights. the women's national team hit the field against new zealand. carly lloyd opened the scoring with this header, less than ten minutes in. theyle morgan added a little insurance that they needed.
6:56 pm
it was a 2-0 final in brazil. the opening ceremonies haven't even started and the u.s. is already 1-0. martel list bennett with his adorable daughter, austin jet rose. these are the scenes from training camp i love. long days for players, so if martel to hang out with little austin, how cool is that? these guys aren't home with their families, they're still stacked up with their teammates. so get a chance to spend a couple min that's pretty school. >> sarah: super cool love it. temperatures soaring into the 80 0 degrees tomorrow. dry, rising humidity into the weekend, that's when we'll see the risk of showers and thunderstorms. i' updated timeline later on tonight. >> mark: big weekend coming up as well. pnc among other things.
6:57 pm
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'. >> behind t bachelorette's all-night drinking tonight we talked to chad to get the real stor self-promotional stunt? >> you're probably all g to air that. car accident after ma her rolls-royce smashed. >> and heather locklear on her primetimereturn. what convinced her to come back to tv? >> it's like one of the best things i've ever gotten to do. >> ann two duelling divas. can she match mariah carey's new drama?


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