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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  August 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> >> whoa! >> first at 11:00, caught on camera on the t, a man is seen slam slapping a woman's cell phone from her hand before apparently making threats. and tonight mbta police tell us they know who they are looking for. hello, everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm elizabeth hopkins. christine mccarthy spoke to the woman who shot that video and live with our top story now at 11:00. >> this woman who shot the video tells me this was a scary experience not knowing whether or not the guy she was on video was going to hurt someone, whether or not he had a weapon on him, and says that was even more reason to pull out her cell phone and press record. >> told you to move. >> reporter: a man on the t caught on camera threatening other riders, between swears and racial slurs he threatens to shoot someone who apparently had gotten too close to him during rush hour wednesday morning. >> you put a camera in my face, you're gonna be mad --
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physical. >> congratulations. >> it's on the video of him literally coming right at me and slapping -- he wanted to hurt me. >> reporter: we talked to the woman who captured this video. she asked us to conceal his identity for his safety. >> i think it's scary that commute verifies to deal with someone like him on a daily basis. i realize this is not the first time and will not be the last. >> reporter: she witnessed before this outburst about a month ago. >> he specifically bullies one person and they back away, and then either get off the train or they move. and he went. >> reporter: this time transit police are involved. they've identified the suspect and are seeking charges. >> see something, say something, i'm that kind of person and at that moment i felt that people were being bullied and something
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>> mbta officials are not publically releasing the name of the suspect but are facing charges and commend the woman for capturing that video. live in south boston, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. we are following breaking news in boston. a police cruise here been involved in a crash. these are live pictures right here. you can see there's quite a bit of damage here along with another car. it happened at washington and school streets. our photographer on scene said several nearby streets had to be shut down. we are working to find out how it happened and if anyone is injured here. of course we'll pass it along. >> right now a construction worker is at brigham and women's hospital after his leg was caught in a cement mixer. we first told but this at 10:00. new at 11:00, we're learning that 22-year-old may have slipped into that machine while standing above it. fox 25's jacqui heinrich is live in newton and in just a moment you'll hear about that new information. jackie. i'm told that there were bags of
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around that cement mixer. police trying to figure out whether that man was standing on top of the bags and that might have caused him to call for them to stop the machine and that might have saved him. >> reporter: newton firefighters call it a true tech operation. a cement mixer needed to be stuck inside. >> the ankle was wrap around the ogger and the heat from the torch would burn the victim and the hardened -- we couldn't cut it with our jaws so we had to use hand tools and be careful about not to enter the victim. firefighters not commenting on the construction worker's injuries but say they had to
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the situation -- bad the situation was. >> that man's leg caught deep into the mixer on the ogger underneath the hopper with cement all around. >> first responders say he was alert and conscious when he was taken to the hospital and still no word how it happened, despite repeated calls to the company. >> we were surprised how he could have got in there. >> we did try to -- we did ask to talk to the construction workers but we were asked to leave the the premises. >> the harbor master tells fox 25 the man was pulled from the water and rushed to the hospital. officials haven't released the man's name, age or condition. once we learn new details we'll pass them along to you. >> new at 11:00, we're getting a
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that snarled traffic in boston this afternoon. we set out an alert at 2:30 to warn drivers to take a different route. state police shut down the lanes in the tunnel so firefighters could put out the flames. the good news sheer that no one was hurt. today was a picture perfect summer day but we could use some rain because we are in a bad drought. let's get right to fox 25's storm meteorologist sarah wroblewski. some relief? headed our way. not enough to bust the drought. we are talking about severe conditions extending now south and east of boston, and it really needs a good soaking of rain and bejust don't have that in the next seven days. high pressure over us right now that's what's going to keep us dry but our next chance of rain looks to the west and looks to be arriving as we head into the
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we'll be back in just a few minutes with more details. the boston police union say city leaders put their officers' lives at risk. fox 25 obtain adler that they sent to the mayor and the police commissioner saying they're not providing enough equipment to officers to keep the city safe. the letter reads in part you can sing kumbaya or we shall overcome until the cows come home but that won't fix a round aimed at an officer's chest. in the about police officers wearing body cameras by the end of next month. commissioner evans struck a deal with the unions to make the pilot program possible and tonight he fielded questions how the video will be stored, privacy concerns, and a policy which allows officers to look at the camera footage before writing an incident report. >> why not get the most accurate picture of what happened, you know. sometimes an officer in the heat of the event, his memory can get cloudy. is. >> the commissioner said a
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department can get 100 volunteers to sign up by then. a worcester man accused of attacking a police officer was held without bail tonight. jones apia faced a judge today. police say he ignored the officer and drove through a construction zone on wednesday. when confronted in a nearby parking lot, they say he tackled the officer, even tried to gouge his eye out. only on fox 25 we talked to a construction worker who saw the attack. >> he kind of had his back and if he needed assistance, we were right there. >> the officer was treated at the to his eye. he is expected it to make a full recovery. seven people are in the hospital tonight after this house in connecticut exploded and collapsed. it happened in the town of vernon this afternoon. four other people were trapped and had to be pulled out. among them a 7-year-old boy who was listed in serious condition as well as a man and woman in critical condition. right now investigators are working to determine the cause of the blast. today we learn that there are eight new confirmed cases
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despite the growing number of cases in the u.s., experts did not express a widespread outbreak. in the meantime, the cdc spent the day in florida where there are now 15 confirmed cases of zika. at a news conference this afternoon, he said the state is taking all the right steps to prevent an epidemic and add even though the virus is only confined to a small area, pregnant women across the united states should be on alert. understand that as long as there is zika pregnant women should take steps to mosquito bites. >> thenf 7-year-oldfrom spreading. bostonhild who willis was held in matapan. police say he died last week during an accidental drowning. during the funeral kysr's uncle
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>> it's a tragedy that the situation happened, but what we have to remember through all of this that kysr at young age he is it actually saving lives today. he's saving other children's lives. >> kysr's death prompted the city to put new rules in place for boston summer camps including requiring all children to wear life jackets anytime they are in the ocean. republican presidential nominee donald trump in off a rough week on the campaign trail. during the rally security escorted out protestors holding up copies of the constitution. trump softened his language about the republican leadership. he said his running mate, mike pence, asked his permission before endorsing paul ryan. when trump complimented ryan, the crowd boo'd him. >> he came to me, he called me the other dade, and said do you mind -- because he likes paul ryan. paul ryan is a good guy,
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>> as trump heads back to new england this week, he's holding an event in windham on saturday. meantime, hillary clinton campaigned in las vegas today under a skyline with her opponent's name emblazenned on the tallest skyscraper and addressed a key union that recently endorsed her. but before she could start secret service jumped in to protect her from animal rights protestors. >> and apparently these people are here to protest trump because trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals. so thank you for making that point. >> that has thousands of unionized hotel and construction workers and the second highest unemployment rate in the country. here's a look at some of the most popular political stories on the fox 25 news app right now, and you can read more right from your phone or anytime on fox 25's news app is free in the app store and also google play. new at 11:00 now, an unlikely animal found in the backyard of a west springfield home. the staff from a local zoo
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afternoon, right. police say they received a tip that the gator was kept in the backyard enclosure with a pond which is illegal. getting that large lizard out of the home, though, quite a challenge. >> i thought it was a joke. we may never get calls for that wild of an animal, and it was quite the shock and a little scary. the zookeepers each had a hole with the wires on it and they struggled but they were able to
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the law. what he's accused of stealing from veterans. but first, a woman saves a baby boy after he has a seizure in the middle of a packed department store. she's sharing her story and what
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bone boy had a seizure in the middle of a t.j. max store. >> and a shopper wasted no time rushing in to help. john monahan spoke to the woman, all new tonight.
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daughter and i were looking around. >> reporter: carole o'grady made that call. she saw a little boy in trouble. at first she paused and then realized she needed to use her cpr training. >> at first i knew what i was supposed to do, but at the time it was happening i was just taken back, like, oh my goodness, i have to put this to use. >> reporter: so she jumped right in. >> i went to the mom and ripped a bunch of clothes off the racks at t.j. max and told her him down. >> reporter: that's when her training paid off. >> we rolled him to his side. and i said he can't swallow his tongue or liquids or anything that's in miss mouth. >> reporter: emts were just minutes away but it seemed like an hour. kelly tells fox 25 she did what she hopes anyone would do. >> i would want someone to do the same for me if i was in that situation. >> reporter: the boy started to cry, a good sign, and kelly hopes he's on the mend.
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feeling better and i'd love to give that little boy a hug some day. >> no word on that boy's condition tonight but it goes to show a little train can go go a long way when you least expect it. in milford, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. embezzle tens of thousands of dollars from disabled veterans gren pearson was arrested on tax fraud charges tuesday. the town of whitman fired allegations of sexual harassment, financial mismanagement and unbecoming conduct. >> it's a police officer who cannot be relied on to tell the truth, cannot nerve this community. >> reporter: pearson told our camera he was too busy with a phone call to address the current and past allegations. five years after voters approved casino gambling in massachusetts wynn resorts is ready to move full steam ahead with the construction of the
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wynn broke ground at the site of an old chemical plant on the mystic river this afternoon. took three years for the company to get approval from the state gaming commission and more than 30 environmental permits to green light the $2 billion project. wynn helps to have the casino open by the summer of 2019. we're getting closer and closer to the peak of hurricane is season which typically happens as we approach sure enough it's pretty active, and we have been tracking earl, now a tropical storm pushing through mexico and a lot of the watches and warnings have been discontinued with a -- it is going to bring copious amounts of moisture into the region and we're going to see some areas in mexico pick up about a foot to 18-inches of rain as we head on through the weekend. so still could cause a lot of
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that. speaking of that kind of moisture, doesn't look like it's going to be headed up our way. doesn't get sucked into our jetstream so that unfortunately means we're gonna continue the dry stretch that we've been dealing with, and speaking of dry, we talking about the drought monitor which was updated this morning. the current rainfall deficit in boston and worcester, as well as concord, over 7-inches. and we are seeing a severe drought for the area shaded in orange. it has been pushed further south and place for parts of the cape as well as martha's vineyard. this is gonna have some long-term impacts, especially for farmers and as we head towards the crop, towards fall, unless we get some significant rain and doesn't look like we'll see that at least in the next seven days. there is however the chance of a few showers and thunderstorms as we head into our saturday. otherwise, it'll be fairly dry. great for any summer activities but not good for our lawns and gardens. high pressure with sunshine
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continuing to keep us dry overnight tonight. but it's this cold front out to the west. you can see it right here seeing some showers ahead it. that will be pushing eastward towards our region for the weekend. ahead of it warm and humid air. as the air has been very comfortable, thanks to this area of high pressure, you're gonna start to notice the mugginess return throughout the day tomorrow and really on saturday. current conditions now 60s and 70s. clear skies out there. it's gonna be a comfortable night for sleepin windows. could see a few areas of fog, otherwise wake up to sunshine and the s those temperatures once again well into the 80s if not near 90 in some parts of the merrimack valley as well as northern worcester county into parts of southern new hampshire. interior locations likely going to the -- to see the holtest conditions. winds out of the south-southwest. temperatures cooler for the cape and islands because it will be blowing over the cooler he water temperatures. but the water temperatures still in the low to mid-70s. fantastic. waves running 1 to 2 feet so the
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that high tide is just before 2:00 in boston. not a bad night too for pearl jam. looking pretty fantastic for that forecast. it's gonna a hot day with scattered clouds developing in the afternoon but you'll notice the clouds increasing overnight friday into saturday, waking up to much muggier air, and we could see a spot shower the at anytime as we head out ahead this cold front that will develop some showers and storms as we head towards the lunch hour and any of the afternoon and evening. cloud cover that will fuel the threat of some of these storms becoming strong to severe. this front doesn't look to clear the area until we head to the evening hour. the risk continues through the evening and even through sunset for parts of the cape and islands. you want to keep an eye to the sky. the storm prediction center actually put the majority of southern new england in that marginal threat to see an isolated, strong to severe storm with that main threat being damaging winds as well some heavy downpours.
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of rain but with any thunderstorms we could see up to an inch bi which is needed for this area. once the front comes on through, less humid air comes through for sunday, probably the pick of the weekend and as we head through early next week, it dries out once again and turns hot late week with a chance of showers and storms late wednesday into thursday. thanks, sarah. ahead in sports, you do not want to miss mar tellas bennett and his daughter. that's what it's all about, isn't it? when tom brady serves his
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s. >> drew is trying to get his first win with boston. helped the sox split the set before it faced the dodgers. of dustin pedroia getting hello, ding begunking city. 13th for the is season, made it 1-0 red sox. he struck out four so far. we are not even halfway through this one. happy to report that mookie betts just doubled in another run, it is 2-0 in the top of the fifth inning in seattle. we hear a lot about tom andr good reason but when the season starts on september 11th, it's going to be jacolby burr is set
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in the game. he's soaking it all in trying to learn as quickly as possible, jacolby burr seth. he understands how fortunate he is is to qb in st >> just learn from those guys and the previous things he's done on film and has been successful and things he hasn't done well, just trying to learn as much as possible. he's obviously one of the greats. to foxboro not only for his talent but also for his leadership. long today talked about the culture he likes in the patriots' locker room. >> the guys in this locker room, it's obvious whether they're team players and everybody competes, works hard, takes it one day at a time, and that's what i see. i'm just trying to do the best i can to nit that group. >> interesting news, they traded
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the revs say they never would have made the move if it wasn't okay by charlie and they did approve the move which is why they went ahead and executed this trade. we'll wrap up the video of the day. martellas bennett and austin jet rose, these are the scenes from the training camps that i love. they get a little sugar from the little ones. i know have you daughters, i have daughters. that's a moment we can appreciate. >> absolutely. but not >> awe... >> and he's a little bigger than her. >> i've got little ones at home and they're so sweet, they have no idea what their dad does and know that their mom's on tv. exactly. speaking of, we've got warm conditions headed our way today with the risk and showers and
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guess what i just did? built a sandcastle?
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: if you are a homeless dude, do not ask mariah carey for money. >> do you carry money around? [bleep] for me? >> he performed for her. he was actually doing his act. >> this guy wasn't trying to get mariah to sign him to a label. he wanted 20 bucks. harvey: if m there, we wouldn't be talking about this guy. this is this guy's wildest dream. >> we will be see where he is in one week. >> same place he is just hungrier. >> driving out in her brand-new rolls-royce and we're told her prius ran a red light and she collided with it. she may have broken her wrist. >> it's old people. >> you hit a old person and they're fine or whatever. you hit an old person and all of


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