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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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department's uniforms. the message to his officers of suiting up with body cameras. the group of alleged mobsters appearing in a massachusetts courtroom. the threats they are accused of making in order to extort money from one victim. a local mom springs into action to save a toddler in medical emergency. the training she just received that helped her stay calm, cool and collected. complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. julie good morning, everyone it is 4:30 on friday, august 5, i am julie grauert. >> jason: i am jason brewer in for daniel miller this morning. a comfortable start. a little cool start to your friday, but it is going to heat back up. fox25 is live in norwood getting ready for the glyph trip. the hottest day of the week you say. >> shiri: we will are 90s back on the map you say. as of right now we are starting the 60s, and i have to say it feels so good out here this morning. and let's check out some of
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up at 5:41. i know it sounds kind of late. and the horizon is lighter before that. the sun making it over the horizon officially in boston then. average shy 81 degrees and we will beef up by almost 10 this afternoon. 65 right now in boston. 63 in peabody. 62 in randolph. 62 in norwood, sharon and wellesley. marshfield at 53. plymouth at 58. the cape in the 50s and 60s. nantucket waking up to 60 degrees. 62 in hampshire. and here is how the warm-up goes in metro west. by 8 a.m. 68 degrees. by 10 a.m., 78 degrees. noontime, 83 back on the map. and we have got highs anywhere near 90 degrees for inland towns and cities. upper 80s at the coast and in boston. and upper 70s for the cape. a town by town look at what we used to plan around is coming in a few. back to you, julie, for live drive time traffic. >> julie: i like what we are seeing so far.
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93 south no issues. pike looks good. prey, you guessed it, moving along just fine. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. 4:32 this morning. boston police play to force dozens of officers to wear body cameras on the job. fox25's michael henrich live at boston police headquarters this is morning and michael, the police commissioner says not enough officers volunteering for this pilot program. >> reporter: well bosto says they need 100 roll tiers and if they don't get the 100 volunteers in time, they will, in favbing, assign those body cameras for the six-month pilot program. now last night's city council meeting did get a little bit heated. passionate opinions on both sides. the body camera issue did take center stage. evans in the patrolman's union for some background already agreed to the six-month pilot program and they pushed back the tentative launch date from
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date, that is only if bpd can meet certain technical challenge and some community members question why it has taken this long to get body cameras on boston police officers. those advocates and commissioner echoed those statements saying they both protected members of the community and the police officers protecting them. an extension of the people. in court, you understand the people vs. so and to. so i would s all of us are listening. >> reporter: city councilor tito jackson that you just heard from said bpd spent $33 million on lawsuit ace loan and this body camera pilot program has already cost $500,000. now even though the police patrolman's union did agree to this pilot program, union leaders released a very strongly worded letter yesterday opposing the program and calling for those funds to go to different things like
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manpower. hear from that union. read some of what they wrote in our next live report coming up at about 5:30. live from boston headquarters, michael henrich, fox25 news. now 4:34. a wormer whitman police officer on the wrong side of the law charged with tax fraud and embezzlement. catherine bircham reports he is accused of -- >> i am on the telephone please. >> reporter: from a police officer t glen pearson has reinvented himself many times. but the newest role is a suspect in a federal probe for tax fraud and embezzlement. >> any message for the veteran? >> reporter: in this indictment he used his position as fiduciary for the office of veterans affairs to withdraw and transfer tens of thousands of dollars from disabled veterans' response. >> fiduciary responsibility, who managed that money during
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prosecutors say pearson made some of the money to make payments toward his home mortgage. pearson targeted the most vulnerable members of that community. >> used to be trusting. >> reporter: pearson's former employer the city of whitman, trust was already an issue. >> we found several instances where his version of events did not match fact. . >> reporter: 2001, fired from the police sergeant job allegations he was double dipping on his time card between duty and his second job here as a teacher at mattasoi, t+ t community college. >> reporter: also outlined in this report another incident at the college where he hired a topless dancer to perform a striptease in the criminology course he was teaching. the vote to fire him was unanimous. >> this is a police officer that cannot be relied on to
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>> reporter: fox25. >> julie: he is accused of filing false tax returns on behalf of his clients overinflating their refunds. a police officer pledging to support isis received counter terrorism training. he is a former transit police officer in washington d.c. he was arrested by the fbi. young had been under surveillance since 2010, but in 2012, he took a 16-hour counterterrorism class provided by a security company in president. he said the instructor of the class clearly remembers is a guy that, again, demonstrated his passion, demonstrated his conviction, his ideology for a radical group. >> julie: if young shade any information from the course with terror groups. four men accused of having links to a mafia family of new york threatened to behead a
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the man and in federal court in springfield yesterday and according to court documents told the owner of a western massachusetts towing company they would cut his head off and bury his body in his own back yard if he did not pay them more than $42,000. other mafia members were arrested in several other states. police are looking for a suspect of a a big drug bust in quincy. they found a shoe box full of cocaine and cash in an abando cocaine and cash in an abandoned apartment on hancock street. the cocaine is worth more than $1.5 million. an elite rhode island boarding school has agreed onto a settlement of sexual abuse allegations of former students. st. gorge's school agreed to pay an undisclosed amount of money. the allegations came back to the 1970s and as recently as the 2000s. an advocacy group applauds the
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the victims. but there is we look forward to going through and help the victims during this process. a somber university and a new push for answers. holly was 10 years old when abducted from her grandmother's sturbridge home in 1993. her body was found months later. the 23rd year of her abduction, they will hang posters similar to this offering a 40,000 reward for arrest and conviction. 30 years several suspects with but no charges filed. family and friends said a final goodbye to a 7-year-old boy who drowned while at a city-run day camp. kazr willis died of a a drowning. kazr's uncle said his nephew's death will help thousands of other children from years to come. >> it is a tragedy that the
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we have to remember through all this, that kazr at the young age that he was, he is actually saving lives today. he is saving other children's lives. >> reporter: kazr's death prompted the city to put new rules in place for boston summer camp including all children to wear life jackets any time they are in the ocean. a billerica woman is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a nasty wreck on 49. it happened yesterday a semi truck swerved into the left lane and clipped a ford expedition. the ford then rolled over several times into the median, and you can see how bad the damage was from skyfox. three more people, including two children riding in the ford were hurt. the driver of the semi is stayed to be okay. boston fire commissioner has message to the city, start taking care of your cigarette butts. fire fighters confirmed a cigarette sparked a fire under a deck in charlestown that spread to an entire building.
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recently. commissioner held a press con residence to remind people to use actual ashtrays and not throw into dry brush and off of balcony ps a new law for uber and lyft. forces driver to pass a state-run background check and carry insurance coverage. must carry a $.20 fee per ride to the state, but drivers will be allowed to start picking up customers at logan airport and center. amtrak will roll off the last of 70 new trains. the company says the new low cuomo live it reduce delays by 20%. the new models were introduced three years ago and used on amtrak's northeast corridor line between washington d.c. and boston. it is 4:40 and we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. shiri. if you have any outdoor
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early to think golfing here, but to kind of take you outside and give you a sample of what we have this morning. mostly 60s out here. at 6:00, similar temperatures and i don't expect temperatures to waver too much in the next few hours. 60 degrees by 8 a.m. 69 degrees. and upper 70s by 10:00. mostly sunny the whole time. i will map out the changes into the weekend coming up. >> julie: talk to you soon. george zimmerman placing a call for help after being attacked in the face and he said he was going to kill me. >> julie: the conversation he was having that made other diners get violence. a bitterbeat week for professional soccer players.
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p?p?o?gv tonight, the red sox make a rare trip to la to face the dodgers. the fifth series between the two teams and the fifth ever by dodger stadium. ha ready to suit up tonight. the sox coming off a late one in seattle. travis shaw gave boston the early lead with a deep home run to deep right field. the 13th homer of the year and this game would go to extra innings. brock holt hits the ball up the middle. that bounces off the short stop's glove into the outold. and seattle would threaten in the bottom of the 11th, with a runner on brad ziegler strikes out to end the game.
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mariners. you may hear some sox complaining about this story. usa ranked all 30 major league stadiums and fennelly park come in only at number 8. still the top ten. that is really good. only number 8. despite low ratings, the trip to fenway is a must and the atmosphere is tough to beat for red sox fans. sox fans can take benefit of knowing that it ranks better than yankee stadium which is 25th over all. the the top spot. an interesting trade by the new england revelation. charlie davies for first-round draft pick. the reds announced that davies was battling cancer for the spring. the team made it clear it would not have made the deal if charlie did not get approval. ford is issuing a safety recall on 830,000 of its vehicles. several models from the past four years have a defective
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dealers will remace those lashes for free. the newer models include the ford escape, lincoln, phoenix and mustang. we got rain earlier in the week but the majority of massachusetts remain in the grip of a very bad drought. 6% of the state appears to be in a severe drought and that is up 40% from a week ago. the worst it has been in 15 years out there. people's lawns are suffering. many neighborhoods are under strict water bans. aside from possible little or no rain in the forecast for the coming days. well, right now take a look at the roads. shiri will be joining news a few minutes to tell us about the weather, but no complaints of roadways north of the pike. 93 south looks good. 128 northbound and southbound clear. expressway you hit the speed limit because things are wide open there. over to the live drive times. 9 minutes from the prey from the braintree split to the exit to the pike.
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from university avenue from westwood to the weston tolls. speaking of shiri here she is in norwood and like jason mentioned and alluded to, rain, not going to get a lot of it but a few sprinkles out there. >> shiri: yes, over the weekend scattered showers which is a great thing and we could see downpours along with that. the problem would be we need a week of steady rain to really reremembers this kind of dry situation and drought conditions that we have in place. has been. if we go all the way back to the beginning of the year and we go up to yesterday, this is actually the 6th driest period of time and the time frame that we had on record in boston has been significantly dry. our rainfall deficit now stands over 7 inches in the city itself. and this is how things shape up today. another dry day. we wake up this morning to temperatures in the 50s and 60s by 7 a.m. we have got about 57 in boston and beverly. 61 in plymouth.
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and 64 in nashua and lower 60s over the cape. at lunchtime today, let's plan around low and mid-80s in most towns and cities. it does run a little cooler over the cape and islands with highs likely in the 70s there, but that 5 p.m. drive home from work will be great. we have pots like lawrence still close to 90 out there. your range of highs go like this. 87 boston and norwood. 90 in lawrence and fitchburg and manchester, new hampshire. worcester, upper 70s, perhaps 80 degrees in hyannis and on the vineyard. 73 on nantucket. over the weekend, tomorrow, it is going to be more of these mid- to upper 80s if we have enough breaks in the clouds. everything depends on the cloud cover tomorrow. if we get more breaks in the clouds, it is hotter. our storms end up being stronger. if the clouds hang thicker in the morning hours, it is going to stunt the warm-up just a little bit but also weaken our afternoon storms. cooler day ends up being on
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today we have the hot, we have got the sunny and nice conditions. saturday we have the storms sliding toward us, and by sunday, we are going to be clearing out again. . that is a series of weather items that will be rolling toward us. just bear in mind across new england, we have the risk for severe weather here tomorrow. the main concern will be some damaging wind gusts, but there could be some downpours within those showers. here we are. very little going on. sun, scattered clouds. i showed you that nice i showed you that nice warm-up. tomorrow morning cloudy and muggy conditions. perhaps a spot shower or two. best chance will be north and west of boston and once we hit lunchtime, we will see some widely scattered showers. still not seeing too much popping on the front itself. a couple of storms over southeastern massachusetts. once we enter the afternoon and early evening the best shot for some of the stronger storms along that front. passing around 5:00 this afternoon through boston, after that we will clear out north of the city.
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those storms lasting until possibly 8 or 9:00 at night. then into sunday, your clearing skies that were promised, a couple of clouds bubbling up in the afternoon. the rain chances are way overdone to the north and west of boston and i will keep things dry with a high of 83. 83 and sunshine. mostly sunny and upper 80s on tuesday. back up to 90 and sticky and stormy again. storms into your thursday morning but thursday could see improvements. check on the fo facebook is cracking down on news it promotes. the type of headlines it is going to be scaling back to keep its billion users. and local mom forced to play lightsaber during a trip to the store. >> i knew what i was supposed to do, but the time i was taken back. oh, my goodness, i need to put
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life's morning multitasking for a growing family, and drawers with many layers, to show exactly what you need.
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spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen
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hoping to get more men into the stores with higher end grooming products. target, the retail chain, will be selling harry's razors. at target will cost the same, $2 for a five blade cartridge and if you sign up for a subscription through target you get a 5%. >> julie: how about dollar shave club users. i don't know. americans are signing up for credit cards but not
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rewards. 15% of american have redeemed points to pay for part or all of the trip. 6% selected a more expensive flight or hotel to earn more points. these reward programs can get people in trouble. 14% of americans say they took a trip, paid for it on a credit card and then couldn't pay it off, even though they had points that could have helped. the u.s. internet speeds are up across the board for broadband and wireless connections. for thfi for the first time ever, broadband users exceeded 50 megabytes. the top speed was 55 megabytes per second in june. 1,000 times faster than dial-up. remember those days dial-up with aol. [making funny sounds] >> julie: just what it sounded like for all you kids out there who never had dial-up. amazon is taking over package delivery. the prime plane. the first to showcase the company's name on the side.
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boeing 767s to help with the home delivery service. the planes will help them decrease profits by relying on outside parties. lily tomlin is getting one of the few awards she doesn't have, the emmy, tony and grammy winner is getting the screen actor's guild lifetime achievement. she has been nominated twice for her work on "the west wing" but never won. she was on "laugh in" and starred in a dozen of movies including "nine to five" with jane fonda and dolly parton. a woman knew exactly what to do when she saw a little boy having a seizure in the middle of an aisle. how she used her training and the clothes on the rack to help bring that little boy back to life. an emergency call from this tj marx. >> i went into the store, and my daughter and i were looking around. >> reporter: kaley o'grady
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and realized she needed to use her cpr training. . >> i knew what i was supposed to do but the time it was happening, i have gone taken aback, oh, my goodness, i need to put this to use. >> reporter: she hesitated a second and she jumped in. >> i ripped off a bunch of clothes and told her to lay him down. >> reporter: her training paid off. >> i rolled him to the side and he needs to stay on the side and can't his mouth. >> kaley stayed on the phone the whole time. emts were just minutes away, but seemed like an hour. kelly tells fox25 she did what she hopes anyone would do. >> i would want someone to do the same for me if i was in that situation. >> reporter: the boy started to cry, a good sign. and kelly hopes he is on the mend. >> i hope he is feeling better. and i would love to give that little boy a hug some day. >> reporter: no word on that
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can go a long way when you least expect it. in milford, i am john monahan, fox25 news. a special honor for the children of a fallen trooper. take a look. this is noah clardy. he got a chance to sit at the colonel seat. his father thomas clardy was killed earlier this year when a car killed him at a traffic stop. posted these pictures that it is nice to see members of the family in the office and thanked them from stopping by. apple offering a bouncy to cut back on hacking. the big bucks up for grabs for anyone who can find weaknesses in the company's products. everyone is looking to cool off in the hot summer weather. the big surprise for
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now at 5:00.
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congratulations -- >> daniel: passengers say they have seen this violent behavior from this man before. the action the mbta is planning to take against this abusive man. a freak accident leaves a construction worker's foot trapped inside a cement mixer. why they couldn't use this equipment to get the man out. a house fire traps a family of seven including children inside. the noises rescue crews heard from the debris to help get them out from them out from under the rubble. complete new england news coverage comes right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> good morning, it is 5 a.m. on this friday, august 5, i am daniel miller in today for gene lavanchy. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. one more day to soak up the sun before the storms move in. fox25's shiri spear live in norwood getting ready for a zip trip today. shiri, the good and the bad parts of the forecast. >> shiri: the good is today


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