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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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congratulations -- >> daniel: passengers say they have seen this violent behavior from this man before. the action the mbta is planning to take against this abusive man. a freak accident leaves a construction worker's foot trapped inside a cement mixer. why they couldn't use this equipment to get the man out. a house fire traps a family of seven including children inside. the noises rescue crews heard from the debris to help get them out from them out from under the rubble. complete new england news coverage comes right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> good morning, it is 5 a.m. on this friday, august 5, i am daniel miller in today for gene lavanchy. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. one more day to soak up the sun before the storms move in. fox25's shiri spear live in norwood getting ready for a zip trip today. shiri, the good and the bad parts of the forecast. >> shiri: the good is today
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the saturday showers. it is 5 a.m. and we have got temperatures now in the 60s in most towns and cities, and couple of spots in the 50s like norwood that is cooler this morning. the map showing 55 degrees in norwood. a little hint of fog there because it is my cool spot, but honestly i think almost everybody waking up to clear skies. 64, boston. 61 in worcester and bedford, and 53 in hyannis. i have fog that is limited basically to norwood this morning at 7 a.m. 62 degrees. p.m. we do have rain coming. we will show you what time to plan around saturday showers. julie grauert is live with live drive time traffic. >> good morning, shiri and happy friday to all of you. 93 south, route 1, no issues. south of the pike, expressway wide open. 128 moving along fine from the canton area through canton, needham. 23 minutes on the pike
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avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south. back to you. congratulations -- >> whoa, whoa! [bleep] >> daniel: a violent confrontation on the train caught on camera. a passenger is seen swearing and shouting racial slurs before grabbing a woman behind the camera. >> julie: this man is no stranger to passengers on the train. jess, those passengers say they are worried about their >> reporter: right, catherine. some pretty intense moments on board that red line train. this all happened on a train packed full of commuters during the morning rush hour and that man they say started screaming and threatened fellow riders. [bleep] >> i told to you move. and you won't be doing it. >> reporter: a woman on board shot this cell phone video. in it, you can hear the man
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scream swears and racial slurs. he threatens to shoot someone who got too close to him. happened on andrew square on the red line. we spoke with the woman who recorded this video. she chose to hide her name and face for her safety because she has seen this man at it before and is afraid he will do it again. >> i think it is scare thank you commuters have to deal with this on a daily bases. i realize this is not his first time and probably won't be his last. >> reporter: and transit police we know are now involved name public, but they know exactly who he is and they are looking to file charges against him. as for the woman who shot this video, the man came after her briefly when saw her recording it and we will hear more about that at 6:00. live in south boston, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. new this morning a tractor-trailer is ripped open during an overnight crash in everett. the driver tried to make a right turn from route 99
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the truck hi a post. and it happened right after midnight. no one was hurt. 99 remained open but beacham was closed for several hours. a boston police officer is involved in a two-car crash in roxbury. the cruiser and other vehicle were both damaged. it happened at around 10:00 at the intersection of washington and school streets. no word on any injuries. this morning a construction worker is hospitalized after falling into a cement mixer on the job. it all happened at a work site in newton the 22-year-old man ended up with his leg in that machine. he may have been standing on bags of cement and slipped. it happened at a nauset construction work site. another worker heard the man screaming and stopped the mixer and called 911. crews from multiple fire departments responded because of how difficult it was to free that victim. >> we couldn't use a torch because the ankle was wrapped around the auger and the heat from the torch would burn the
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couldn't cut it -- or cut it with our jaws. so we had to use hand tools, and we had to be careful not to injury the victim. >> catherine: fox25 reached out no nauset construction and our calls went unanswered. we are working to get an update on that man's condition. 5:05. new drone into into fox25 showing the damage left from an explosion at a home in connecticut. that explosion trapped seven people including children under the rubble. fox25's jason law joins us this morning wh fighters, jason, were able to pull everyone out alive. >> investigators are trying to determine what caused this house to explode with three adults and four kids inside. it happened yesterday afternoon as you mentioned in vernon, connecticut, a suburb just north of hartford. and new video into our newsroom taken from a drone over what is left of that house. the explosion blew out the walls. caused the home to collapse and sent the front door 50 feet across the street into another neighbor's yard.
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inside the rubble. >> one guy in the very beginning -- debris toward the front porch used to be and he could hear him. some at least we knew -- orrery -- that, you know, they were okay. >> jason: the 7-year-old boy suffered the worst injuries and is in serious condition this morning. the other kids range in age from 11 to 15. those children along with two other adults were taken to the hospital and another man pulled out of the rubble and he r the home was heated with oil, but there were propane gas tanks on the property as well. everours was checking the neighborhood for gas leaks. the dea and atf were at the scene with local police and fire fighters to figure out exactly what caused the explosion. we will stay on top of this story and i think mr. you the latest. a man in is the hospital after being pulled from the water off the coast of plymouth. the harbormaster tells station they knew something was wrong when an empty boat was spotted
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in the water around 7:3 last night. he was rushed to the hospital. no word on his condition this morning. as election day draws closer home run hillary clinton continues to lead donald trump in the polls. look at the latest number. the new mcclatchy poll show clinton surging a head of trump with 15%. she is ahead 48% to 3% making big gains with male and white voters. mean england. tomorrow, he will hold an event in new hampshire coming off big turnout in maine yesterday. during the rally in portland, security escorted out protesters holding up copies of the constitution. trump used the event to soften his language about republican leadership. he said mike pence asked his permission before endorsing paul ryan. >> he came to me -- he ca you will me the other day -- he likes paul ryan. paul ryan is a good guy
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>> reporter: during yesterday's event. donald trump continued to thank -- saw video of an american ship. this campaign contradicts that campaign. speaking of paul ryan, not the only republican sent messages. mike pence is also endorsing senators john mccain and kelly ayotte. the news came yesterday after pence initially played coy of supporting the you pair. he later qualified he is backing owl gop incumbent refused to endorse mccain and ayotte. he disagreed with mccain and ayotte say she is supports trump but won't endorse him. hillary clinton may be leading the polls but in las vegas she couldn't escape her opponent's shadow. she was to speak to a key union that just endorsed her and gave her speech with trump's name looming on the tallest skyscraper in the
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start when the secret service had to jump in and protect her from animal rights protesters. >> apparently these people are here to protest trump because trump and his kids have killed a lot of animals, so thank you for making that point. >> daniel: nevada has thousands of unionized hotel and construction workers and the highest unemployment rate in the country. happening today, massachusetts governor charlie baker will sign a new law regulating ride share the law forces driver for state-run background check and carry insurance coverage. ride share companies will have to pay a $.20 fee per ride. they will be allowed to pick up at logan airport and the convention center. after months of challenges, ready or not the summer olympics. the for inch rio de janeiro. many have questioned rio's readiness with con trunks
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pollution on the waterways. economic reception and the zika virus. the first time the country in south america has hosted olympic. 10,000 al fleets 206 countries are expected to compete. supermodel i go gel bunchen will have a role in tonight's opening ceremonies. complete coverage of the 2016 sum her olympic games on our web site at head over to our sports page for a full look at the daily event and che massachusetts natives are preparing to go for gold. good morning, everyone. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. things still nice and quiet on the expressway. 7 minutes. one of the lower drive times i have ever seen on the expressway northbound. shiri? >> shiri: all right, julie, the chance for rain really peaking as we get into the late morning. the afternoon hours for the day tomorrow. tracking those saturday showers, but today, if you have got any plans, maybe
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a better weather. 80 to 73 degrees. dropping temperatures. i will time out the income showers and when to plan around the next raindrops next. tensions rising of body cameras for police officers. new this morning, boston police say they are not getting many roll tiers among the force. why the commissioner says will let the lack of participation delay the rollout. they are used to seeing them in florida but this gator is found in new england. the long time it has lived in massachusett getting it out. and fake or real in this social media experiment by one local police department showing the similarities local police department showing the similarities between real gun ? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer
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fox25's blair miller at the braintree police department where officers tell him, this is happening more and more. >> reporter: i am here inside the braintree police department. something they have recently been finding on the streets. could you tell. is this a real gun or a fake gun. the same concern the police here have. >> it is designed to have the look and a feel of a real firearm. >> reporter: here in bucket guns that look and feel very real, too real says russ jenkins to laid them out for says these guns are showing up in the area more and more. >> they resemble real firearms very realistic and designed to be realistic and can be extremely troublesome for a police officer. >> reporter: they are turning up in traffic stops and other routine calls, but the guns are usually bb and pellet gun, some of them at closer examination are clearly not a real gun with bullets, whethers this one, specially marked or this one with a
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>> how real does this look right now as being pointed at someone. >> reporter: these guns last month turned up in boston serious enough that the officers who responded pulled out their own guns until the suspects yelled they are fake guns. braintree police posted this on facebook and response overwhelming from people who could not tell the difference between what is real and what's not. exactly the point. >> the police officer also doesn't have the time to make th e a weapon is drawn and pointed in their direction. they don't have, you know, seconds or minutes to -- to evaluate that weapon. >> reporter: police hope by showing this, it will lead to more awareness and fewer problems on the streets in in braintree, blair miller, fox25 news. good morning, everyone. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. and if you were getting ready to head out the door, now is a good time to do so.
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needham and up to the pike. north of the pike route 1 and 93 south moving along fine. over to your live drive times. 23 minutes from the pike eastbound to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear starting our zip trip off early this morning in norwood, joining us with the forecast. hi, shiri. >> shiri: good morning, jules. trying to figure out what to do with my hands. my this morning. my only complaint. it is comfortable. the kind of weather we will look forward to in summer which lacks the humidity. as the humidity and showers come back tomorrow, i do have a couple of concern i want to break down for you here. for your weather threats, heavy rains and lightning in the moderate category because action will be scattered not necessarily widespread and also the chance for wind damage. damaging winds won't necessarily be widespread but
5:18 am
in the middle of the day or afternoon on saturday. today, picture perfect. visibility looks fantastic, and the only report is here in -- i have to tell you from the comments, that they are not in sight. 82 at 11 a.m. we have middle 80s, even in boston today which means we are actually going to hold back on any kind of sea breeze. the south shore, the north shore, boston, the seacoast all beach temperatures a little cooler for the out coast, cape and islands in the upper 70s. water temperatures 71 degrees. next high tide will be just before 2:00 in the afternoon. high also go from 87 in boston and norwood to 86 in beverly and new hampshire. a ring it of 90s in lawrence, fitchburg and nashua. 84 in worcester. cooler spots. new bedford at 82. plymouth at 82. and 70s for the cape. and the islands over the weekend of course have changes brewing today. looking good.
5:19 am
and by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. stickier conditions. maybe a couple of breaks in the clouds and overall, we are mostly cloudy conditions in the morning and a couple of spot showers early on. going to see that front closer through the early afternoon passing through boston at 5 p.m. that is where we will get most of the storms. they will taper off during the evening hours. over the cape around 8:00 at night and in boston, your storm will drop by 5 or 6:00 tomorrow. then by the time we hit sunday, just clouds bubbling up. i will clear us out. i think it look fantastic. futurecast overdoing the rain chances a little bit. for the day tomorrow, count on scattered thunderstorms. 87 in boston. 89 in concord, new hampshire. we go down by a couple of degrees back into the lower 80s on sunday and we will clear out. a mixture of sunshine and scattered clouds. i expect on sunday. monday, sunshine and 83 degrees. 87 on tuesday. going to keep things nice and
5:20 am
that is when we have our next cold front along with a chance of thunderstorms coming through early thursday morning. a check of the forecast for now. i am back with the beach forecast through the weekend coming up. 5:20 on your friday morning. a troubling trend leading to millions of dollars in damage. coming up, the simple mistake that sparked three large fires in boston in the last few weeks. but first. comet torn apart. the high speed it was
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it is the type of call you only expect to hear about in florida, but in big gator was spotted right here in massachusetts. you can see him on the streeng. crews this west springfield were called for the call of their life. a six-foot-long 200-pound gator being kept in their back yard. it is illegal but it proved to be a challenge by thought it was a joke. we never get calls for that wild of an animal, and i -- it was quite the shock. it was -- a little scary. the zookeepers each had a pole with the wires on it, and they -- they struggled but they
5:24 am
truck. >> it looked like quite the struggle. officials say the gator was in good health and will stay at the zoo for now. environmental police will deidentify if the owner will face any charges. >> daniel: the gator is like, take me back to florida. sticking with the animal theme. a group of vacationers at lake tahoe had to give up their pot at the beach after one family decide they had wanted to cool off. check this out here. this mama bear and her two cubs made their way into the water and started splashing around sending humans running back on to the sand. they were having a good time, and then they walked out of the water and made their way to the picnic table. we know what happens then. no one was hurt. the videos have gotten thousands of hits on youtube in just one day. just leave them alone. >> julie: still a couple of paddleboarders out there. >> daniel: probably didn't look like bears. in the water you can think they are anything. a fast moving comet
5:25 am
all caught on camera. check this out. nasa released this picture of the comet going 1 million. you can see the comet enter from the right and disappear. despite how it looked the comet did not go into the sun but instead went around it and was vaporized by the heat. >> daniel: amazing to capture video like that. awesome. shiri loves this kind of stuff. >> julie: yes, she does. >> catherine: i will take it for now and send it to shiri an the florida watchman that shot and killed a black teenager is involved in another violent confrontation. the conversation overheard by a stranger that led george glimpse to call 911. the body camera debate hits the boston police department. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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this is the fox25 morning news. >> comfortable start to your friday. the hottest day of the week. some of us will see the 90s. a beautiful sight out there right now. >> daniel: it is. heading for the weekend some rain. meteorologist shiri spear live in norwood where she is preparing for today's zip trip. you have the timeline of today's big warm-up. >> shiri: warm-up today. likely the hottest day the week. take graphics. here in norwood, already noticing things getting lighter really quickly. sunrise this morning in boston officially at 5:41. tightening up. normal high is 81 degrees. we will make it into the 90s. right now boston at 64. 64 at ipswich, 55 here in norwood. 58 in brockton. temperatures in the upper 50s in plymouth and worcester. and temperatures 60 in
5:30 am
from metro west. 7 a.m. 6 4 degrees hottest inland with 90-degree readings this afternoon and tracking those saturday showers. when to plan around the raindrops tomorrow coming up. send it all the way back to the studio. yule jewel standing by with the studio. yule jewel standing by with live drive-time traffic >> julie: shiri, good morning, i anticipate things to route 1, 93 south looks good. pike wide open. speed limit ride from the braintree split to columbia road. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 28 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound as approach mass avenue. back. transit police say charges will be filed against a man seen and assaulting passengers
5:31 am
we are not showing the man's face because police have not publicly identified him yet. this video shows hip slapping one rider threatening to shoot another during rush hour ride. they know who this is. a worker that fell into a cement mixer is in the hospital. the man fell. another worker stopped the machine and called 911. rescuers had to to cut the mixer open to free the victim who suffered a serious leg injury. body cameras for police officers remain a hot button issue. tickets for a community meeting last night and new concern there may not be enough volunteers for the pilot program. fox25's michael henrich is live at bpd headquarters in roxbury this morning with what the commissioner says he plans to do if enough officers don't step up to the plate, michael. >> reporter: well, catherine,
5:32 am
don't get the 100 volunteers, he will simply assign the body cameras. with the leader union letter coming out yesterday afternoon. that is not the only issue moving forward. >> reporter: community concern ran high at a city council meeting in mattapan. >> this should not be taking too long. body camera is not a two-year issue. >> reporter: a six-month body camera pilot program is coming to the boston police comes after a two-month delay and bill evans -- and the added challenge of technological readiness and whether 100 officers volunteer. each volunteers officer receives adds 500 stipend. >> why not get the most accurate picture of what happened. >> reporter: pat trollmen's union agreed to the program with commissioner evan and union officials released a strongly worded level opposing body cameras that the
5:33 am
man power. >> you can sing kumba ya until the cows come home, but that won't stop a rifle round aimed at a police officer's chest. >> it is a hard time to be a police officer and sometimes people feel underappreciated and under attack. >> reporter: city councilor you tito jackson said bpd spent $30 million in the past several years in lawsuits. now this body camera program is already cost and it is less than four weeks away. live at boston police headquarters, michael henrich, fox25 news. a police officer charged with supporting isis received counterterrorism training right here in massachusetts. nicholas young is a former transit police officer in washington d.c. he was arrested this week by the fbi. young had been under surveillance since 2010, but in 2012, he took a 16-hour counterterrorism class provided by a security company
5:34 am
company's president. the instructor of the class clearly remembers young. >> here is a guy that, again, demonstrated his passion, demonstrated his conviction and ideology for a radical group. mcghee says investigators are trying to find out if young shared any information from the course with terror groups. a billerica woman is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a nasty wreck on 495. it afternoon in littleton. state police say a semi truck swerved into the left lane and clipped a ford expedition. the ford then rolled over several times into the median. you see the extensive damage from skyfox. it is pretty severe. three other children riding the ford was hurt. the driver of the truck is fine. boston's fire commissioner has a message to the city. start taking care of your cigarette butts. fire fighters confirmed
5:35 am
that spread to an entire building. sparked fires in east boston and in dorchester recently. >> materials accumulate under these porches that doesn't take much for a cigarette and a little wind, a little anything to get that debris going which in turn causes these significant fires. >> daniel: the commissioner added that hot weather over the past few weeks haven't helped. the dry grass and brush easily catches fire if a lit cigarette is cigarette is carelessly tossed. we are learning of a pit bull's aggressive attack. the dog's owner is facing criminal charges. in court yesterday, we learned the dog also attacked someone years ago in lynn. as a result, it was supposed to be on a leash and have a muzzle. the owner is now being held on $25,000 bail. the woman who was attacked in salem earlier this week is recovering from a severe hand injury. her dog is lowly on the mend but in so much pain that he
5:36 am
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good morning, everyone, we track traffic and weather every ten minutes and things just mellow out there. 93 south you are looking at a 20 minute ride from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. >> thanks so much. just talking to our photographer, vern and usually temperatures bottom out. we got a couple of degrees cooler, and this is the coolest that you will find this morning. so if you have outdoor plans, any kind of tee time at 7 a.m. will bring in a temperature at 64 degrees. but then we jump up to 74 by 9 a.m. by 11 a.m., 81 degrees. complications once we start getting into the weekend, and i am happy to say today is a great beach day. tomorrow not so much. a chance of thunderstorms from the cape and islands up to the seacoast and lakes region. i am back in just a couple of minutes to time out those storms and show you when we
5:40 am
tonight, the red sox will make a rare trip to la to face the dodgers. this will be the fifth series between the clubs and the third-ever played at dodger stadium. hanley ramirez who used to play to the are dodgers hopes to be able to play missing a couple of games with a wrist injury. coming off a late night in seattle. travis shaw gave boston a lead with this home run to deep right field. the 13th homer of the year but this game would go to extra innings. holt with a ball up the middle and bounces off the glove of the shortstop and shawn to come around with go-ahead run. with a runner on third, brad ziegler strikes out smith to win the game. sox win 5-2. 5:40, the number of zika cases continue to grow here in the united states, but the president said experts don't expect a widespread outbreak. despite that, the white house is urging congress for
5:41 am
effective vaccine. one of those vaccines is being worked on right here in boston. doctor at beth israel deaconess said yesterday they had positive test results in the latest round of testing in monkeys. right now those vaccine also progress to clinical trials. senator ed markey said those trials are in danger without additional funding. >> meanwhile, aerial spraying is taking place in miami to stop the spread of zika. early results are positive and mosquitos have been killed. earlier this week the cdc issued a travel warning to pregnant women after 15 people were diagnosed in miami with the virus. a special honor for the children of a fallen trooper. that is noah clardy that you are going to see right there. had a chance to set up -- at the mass state police headquarters. noah's father trooper clardy was killed earlier this year. state police posted these
5:42 am
page. always nice to see members of the family in the office and thanked them for stopping by. keeping you up to date. checking in live with all of our reporters after this break. plus a dave shopping takes a frightening turn when a toddler suddenly has a seizure.i went over to the mom and ripped a bunch of clothes off the rack at tj marx. >> daniel: how she saved a little boy.
5:43 am
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mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. 5:44. if you were joining us we are getting up to date on all of the top stories. >> daniel: a family of seven is pulled from the rubble of a house explosion and tensions
5:45 am
cameras to 9 boston police department. a violent confrontation on the red line that is bound to lead to criminal charges. jessica reyes is live at the station in south boston. jess. >> reporter: this morning transit police are searching for that man that was caught on camera threatening riders and getting violent on a red line train. [bleep] >> i told to you move. and you won't be doing it. >> reporter: a woman on that train shot this cell phone video that shows video that shows him threatening to shoot someone who got too close to him. when he saw the woman recording, he went to her and got violent slapping the phone out of her hand. thanks to her video, transit police are involved. they are not making the man's name public but know exactly who he is and do plan to charge him. the woman that recorded that video, she said she seen him acting erratically several times in the past. we will be hearing from her in a few minutes.
5:46 am
fell into a cement mixer fell in a local hospital. the 22-year-old man slipped while loading cement into a mixer at a construction site in newton. another man stopped the machine and called 911. rescuers had to use hand tools to cut the mixer open to free the victim who suffered a serious leg injury. i am jason law in the newsroom this morning. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a house to exploit with seven people inside of it. it happened yesterday in vernon, connecticut north of a drone flew over to see what was next of that house. -- what was left of that house. not much. it sent the front door flying across the street into the neighbor's front yard. a 7-year-old boy suffered the worst injuries. he is in serious condition. the other children range in age between 11 and 15 and those kids along with two adults taken to the hospital and they are recovering. the home was heated with oil,
5:47 am
eversource is check the neighborhood for any gas leaks. and federal investigators are still on the scene looking to see what caused that home to just blow up. jason law, fox25 news. i am michael henrich reporting live in boston where the debate over body cameras on police officer is heating up. and police commissioner bill evans has set a september 1 tentative start date for a six-month body camera pilot program; however, that depends on technological readiness and getting 1 time. plus, even though the police union agreed to this program last month. union leaders released a strongly worded letter yesterday opposing it. the union's change of heart is ahead in our next live report at 6:30. live outside boston police headquarters, michael henrich, fox25 news. a nice start to the morning out there. a little bit cool but we know that will not last long. >> daniel: will not last long at all. meteorologist shiri spear
5:48 am
for our zip trip this friday. good morning, shiri. >> shiri: good morning. i feel like all of a sudden the people have come. the sun is up. the weather will warm up within the hour, and great friday forecast. things get tricky as we get into the day tomorrow. we need the rain. here is where our rainfall deficit stands right now. the new map since yesterday morning at this time and conditions have become worse. moderate to severe drought in most of the areas of massachusetts and most of of boston, we are into that severe drought. a huge rainfall shortage. a little bit of rain over the weekend, and 7 a.m., 67 degrees in boston. all sunshine this morning. you are going to see a couple of clouds bubbling up this afternoon but noontime, still going with more sunshine than anything else 83 in boston. 85 in lawrence. 81 in plymouth and 70s for the cape and islands. cape and islands end up being the cooler spot. the rest of us will see a lot of mid- to upper 80s.
5:49 am
and a comfortable day ahead because humidity is to not too high. 90s in lawrence, fitchburg an manchester, new hampshire. 88 in framingham and 84 in worcester. over the weekend, we have more mid- to upper 80s tomorrow, but we have got clouds and humidity and storms temperatures dropped by a couple of degrees land clear out the skies. you can see the next weather maker that will be coming toward us here is actually coming in fm it will be dropping into the area as we head into the day tomorrow. so up ahead of it, we are hot and sunny today. so i think as we kind of jump ahead, you are going to see some threats come into play including the threat for downpours and the three for gusty winds. futurecast here into tomorrow will start with clouds, a couple of spot showers once we hit the afternoon. a chance of showers will increase as the front comes through.
5:50 am
early afternoon probably will be the stormiest time in boston. storms and showers coming over the cape and islands throughout the evening hours. and really spot showers in the morning. afternoon, possibly strong to severe thunderstorms around. and will clear on out again. the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. a couple of ups and downs, 89 if not 90. 86 for tomorrow. still humid and turning stormy. su will make it feel a world of difference from the start of the weekend. 83. 83 on monday with clear skies. upper 80s back on tuesday and another 90 on the seven-day forecast once we hit wednesday of next week as a chance for thunderstorms is going to increase again. that is a check of the forecast here. our zip trip in norwood. back to you guys in the studio. good morning, everyone. we check traffic and weather every ten minutes. already starting to see things slow down just slightly on the expressway.
5:51 am
on our traffic flow from green to orange. north of the pike route 1, 93 south are just fine. 128 northbound and southbound moving along without any issues. over to your live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 21 minutes on 93 south. 21 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. a horrific story out of georgia. 15-month-old twins die after being let in a hot car, and this morning under arrest. the twins were found unresponsive in a car outside of their home in carrollton 50 miles west of atlanta. when officers arrived at the scene, the father was holding them in the pool trying to cool them off. they were taken to the hospital where they died. the father is being charged with involuntary manslaughter. the girls' moms were in the hospital after being involved in a car accident.
5:52 am
at a gate at baltimore's airport. the plane was headed to atlanta. all 126 passengers walked off and put on another terminal. four men accused of having links to a mafia family to new york are threatening to behead a massachusetts businessman. the men and in court in springfield yesterday. according to court documents, and to the owner of the western massachusetts t+ o working company will cut his head off and pay him more than 20,000. 42 other accused move fee i can't members were arrested on wednesday during raids in several states. a florida man who shot and killed an unarmed teenager said he was attacked at a restaurant. >> he told me we kill me and shoot me and punch me in the face. >> reporter: part of a 911 call made by george zimmerman last weekend. police just released the audio yesterday.
5:53 am
placing a takeout order. zimmerman said one customer asked him about the shooting of trayvon martin back in 2012. another man accused zimmerman of bragging about the shooting and punched him in the safe. restaurant employees separated the men. zimmerman was found not guilty. ford is issuing a safety recall of 138,000 of its vehicles. several models from the past four years have a defective side door that may unlatch while driving. dealer also the ford escape, lincoln, c mass and mustang. apple will start paying people who find security flaws in products and software. the company has been one of the few firms that refused to pay hackers who support security approximate. apple now says will provide $25,000 for information about flaws that compromise customer data and 50,000 bugs on apple's icloud. facebook said it will cut
5:54 am
headline s that withhold information and distort facts to make people click on the link. facebook wants their t more user-friendly. they spent month analyzing content to use common phrases in click bait articles. a local woman goes from shopping that is for saving a life inside a tj marx. she says, that is, she knew just what to do she you a a little boy having a seizure in the military of the aisle. used her freezing raining and the clothes on the rack to help that boy. >> reporter: an emergency call from the milford tj marx. >> i was looking in the store and my daughter and i were looking around. >> reporter: kelly o'grady made that call. she paused after seeing a little boy in trouble and new she was to use her cpr training. >> i was taken back. oh, my goodness, i need to put this to use.
5:55 am
kelly jumped right in. >> i ripped off bunch of clothes off the racks of t.j. maxx and told her to lay him down, lay him down. >> reporter: that's when her training paid off. >> i laid him down and rolled him to the side. he can't swallow his tongue or any liquids that is in his mouth. >> reporter: kelley stayeding on the phone the whole time. emts were minutes away but seemed like an hour. she did what she hopes anyone would do. >> i would want someone to do that situation. >> reporter: the boy started to cry, a good sign. and kelly hopes he is on the mend. >> i hope everybody is doing better and i would love to give that little boy a hug today. >> reporter: no word on the boy's condition, but a little training can go a long way when you least expect it. in milford, john monahan. quick action there. a baby zoo is on the mend.
5:56 am
two-week-old calf. she couldn't stand or nurse. and being treated at a veterinary hospital, back at the zoo with veterinary care. looking for the public's health in naming her. you have two option ms. mind. go to for their names, what they mean and to cast their vote. a much tamer rescue at a local college. they went to save this raccoon from the back of a dumpster. he had his head stuck in a tin the can off and set him free. stealing from disabled veterans. >> daniel: new at 6:00, the personal payments he was making with the money he stole. julie. >> 128 southbound a 28 minute ride from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. shiri. >> shiri: cooler at the zip trip in norwood in the 50s. all sunshine folks. temperatures in the mid or upper 60s even by 8 a.m. and
5:57 am
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6:00 am
the noises rescue crews heard from the debris to help them get out from under that rubble. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning 6:00 on this friday, august 5, i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. clear skies and a little fog for the zip trip in norwood. beautiful day, send out to shiri spear, gene lavanchy and michele lazcano. you are live in norwood for our zip trip. hi, >> gene: so far a delightful morning. a little chilly, michelle. not too bad. a lot of fun things happening. and we will talk to a three-time guinness world record holder with a very unique talent. you will want to stick around for that. >> michele: we visit a brewery and art gallery. >> gene: everybody is looking forward to the weekend, the first weekend in august. and chilly.


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