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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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loyal customers after two decades in business. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> jason: it is friday, august 5th, i'm jason law. >> julie: i'm julie grauert. we have tom leyden, mitchell, gene >> you did. >> thank you.
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right? decent weekend and tomorrow looks a little sketchy. >> shiri: plans outside for friday and a-okay and check out graphics because we have got all sunshine here and day planner for today has temperature mid-80s noon time, upper 80s at 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 this evening, we are still hanging tight to 80? from start to finish, looking perfect, 84 to 90 for range of highs. another beauty today, humidity is going to be a bergeron player once we get into the forecast tomorrow. really going to be kind of one of those pushing factors behind those scattered thunderstorms and gusty winds and break down weather threats coming up in a
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to julie with live drive time traffic. >> julie: route 1 wide open and around cloverleaf nothing major and nothing on the expressway. live drive times, 25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 15 minutes on expressway, 22 minutes on 93 south. >> jason: now at nine crash involving police cruiser, we have been reporting on this all morning. driver was drunk police officer in roxbury. happened around 10:00 at intersection of washington and school streets. the cruiser and other vehicle were both damaged in the crash. both the driver and officers taken to the hospital they were told with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> jason: woman on "t" she man was bullying people on the train. >> julie: fed up with the brucia she -- abuse she pulled
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>> jessica: video, transit police know who ey to file charges. >> jessica: scary turn on red line wednesday and screaming and threatening riders. hear him hurling swears and racial slurs, then threatening to shoot them who apparently go >> camera in my face but get mad. >> jessica: slapping phone right out of her hands. the woman who recorded the video asked us to hide her name and face for her safety. >> i think it is scary commuters have to deal with someone like him on daily basis. i realize this isn't the first time and probably not going to be the last. >> jessica: not only seen him act like this before but recorded separate outburst about
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and they back away and either get off the train or move. >> jessica: transit police going after to him. >> i'm a see something, say something type of person and at that moment i felt people were being bullied and needed to be said. >> jessica: transit police not making the man's name public and know exactly who they are looking for and not sure what kind of charges they are f news at four, five and 6:00. live in south boston, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> jason: tractor-trailer tripped over in everett. driver tried to make a right turn in beacham street and took the turn a little too tight. truck hit the post and split the sidewall of the container wide open. happened after midnight. no one there was hurt. >> jason: construction worker
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cement mixer on the job. happened at work site in investigators believed 22-year-old man standing on top of bags of cement and slipped at construction work site. another worker heard the man screaming and stopped the mix and her called 911. crews from multiple fire departments responded because of how difficult it was to free the victim's leg. fox25 reached out to nauset construction but calls went unanswered and working to get update on man's condition this morning. >> jason: investigators trying to figure ou to explode with three adults and four kids inside. happened yesterday afternoon in vernon, connecticut, a suburb north of hartford. new video into the newsroom overnight drone high above what's left of the house and not much. the explosion blew out the walls causing building to collapse. actually sent the front door flying across the street where it landed in neighbor's yard. neighbors in that community say they heard the blast all the way across town.
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debris, where porch used to be and could hear him and knew, you know, they were okay. >> jason: seven-year-old boy suffered the worst injuries and he is in hospital and other kids range in ages between 11 and 15. now, the home was heated with oil but there were propane gas tanks too and at the scene with local police and firefighters still working to figure out what caused the >> julie: as election day draws closer hillary clinton continues to lead donald trump in the polls. latest number, poll shows clinton surging ahead of trump with pen-point lead and now ahead 48% to 33% making big gains with white and male voters and showing the largest gap so far.
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have seen video of american shipment of $400 million to iran before four american hostages were released. his advisories have been saying that wasn't true. this morning trump tweeted he was wrong. he says the video he says was the plane with hostages in geneva, switzerland. >> julie: mike pence endorsing paul ryan. this comes days after dona incumbents and recently agreed on issues and ayotte supports trump but won't endorse him. >> jason: torch lit in rio and many questioned rio's readiness with construction delays on venues, pollution on waterways,
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america has hosted the olympics. 10,000 athletes from 206 countries are expected to come out and compete. supermodel gisele bundchen will have role as well. several athletes competing in the lump games and slide show on website at >> julie: crews in west springfield were in surprise when they were called to home yesterday. police got tip about 6-foot long 200-pound alligator in backyard. it is illegal but wrangling the gator proved to be quite the challenge. >> i thought it was a joke. never get calls for vat wild of an animal and quite the shock and a little scary. the zookeepers each had a pole with wires on it and struggle
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into the truck. >> jason: that's wild one. >> julie: gator in good health and no word if the owner will face charges. >> jason: we got rain earlier this week but need more and pretty bad drought. newest drought monitor shows 60% of the state is in severe drought. up 40% from just a week ago. it is the worst it has been in almost 15 years. probably seen in your neighborhood and many neighborhood remain under strict water bans. aside from possible showers on saturday. shiri says there's little or no rain in the forecast in coming days. >> julie: new this morning today a popular brookline deli saying good-bye. rubin's kosher catering closed for good after nearly 90 years in business and notified customers on news on facebook page thanking customers for business and friendship. no word this morning why the
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today at 3:00 p.m. >> julie: 13 minutes route 1 from 128 to the tobin. >> love to watch you in morning. great weather now and great weather this evening as well. a pearl jam concert at fenway today and temperatures will start near 80?. sink back into the 70s. clear skies i will time out the worst of them when we come back. >> jason: jumping in and saving a boy's life. knew exactly i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? >> elizabeth: couple cinderellas.
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>> rogers and hammer stein cinderella. >> opportunity for kids to shine, dance, learn poise and present themselves on stage and everything is welcome and whatever level they are comfortable at and great to see the kids always exciting, we have alumni
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schools are cutting the art from high school and public school programs. why is it important to norwood high school to have the program? >> fine arts education extremely important to us and work very hard to support and promote and advocate. it is part of a comprehensive education. >> well rounded person. >> absolutely. >> elizabeth: we have a little michelle lazcano. >> all you guys do together, got
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party. >> julie: 12 minutes braintree split to the exit to the pike and 20 minutes 93 south and 12 minutes 128 northbound from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining >> warming up quickly, told you it is going to happen. started at 4:00 and mid-50s and cold and now hot. >> widespread damage and wouldn't be surprised if a few
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day, 75? and step in and tell you and grab bottle of water and sunscreen and all do good on day like this because temperatures as you could see in the boston area getting into the upper 80s. we will be back into the 70s here, around 8:00, 9:00 this evening and going to stay comfortable and humidity not out of control, upper 80s in boston, norwood and upper 70s and parts of the cape will make it up to the 80 degree mark again today and there you go, just a couple wisp of white on the screen and couple scattered clouds and clouds increase, humidity increases and tomorrow morning mix of sun and clouds, more cloud cover than sunshine tomorrow morning, turning mostly
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there at 7:00 a.m. and wouldn't be surprised if we get one or two isolated showers or even a thunderstorm in the morning hours and need you to be alert at all times and see things turning a lot to more potent and that's where we have the strong to severe thunderstorms along this cold front and strongest expected south and diminish during the evening and best chances will be from late-morning until about five or 6:00 in the afternoon. that's when you have to be on highest alert for some of the strongest storms and ellen engelhardt very dangerous and if you can hear thunder, linn close enough to strike and you need to take the plants inside. 88 in boston tomorrow, 84 on sunday, temperatures do drop, so do the humidity. clouds will gradually clear out, so end up pretty bright here on sunday.
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continues. the next chance for rain is going to come in on another cole thursdaye it comes through and still here at zip trip for norwood now. back to you guys >> late '70s. knee deep in hoopla and producer about movie about banner years and appreciate coming down this morning. explain how hockey was at the time and boston garden and high
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played four seasons, from paul d movie -- condition september of the movie to show case the eric note match-up of 1972. all celebrate that because it is at the garden. at the time probably from 1966, signing of bobby orr breaking news and hockey and walpole and by the time the bruins won in 1970 and 72 there's whole baby boom of kids named derek and bobby. you had the massive public school. i went to catholic memorial, a hockey school, but really the public school, eastern massachusetts, so the film looks at town like melrose, arlington, like norwood, like needham.
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>> growing up on crest wood circle right up here and connection in the movie. >> right on crest crew and pocket and 1966 and he got a contract from the boston bruins to play for them and from the pittsburgh pirates and that and signs bobby and active with the aaa affiliate for the toronto blue jays and buffalo bison and living in walpole. >> gene: world championship with the pirates and willie and
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>> went on to career. >> to earth. >> tell us when folks to find out more. >> falls in line with an
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>> already august and summer flown by and planning last families, kids, whole gang and show you great way for the healthy snack and convenient in mason jars. first one we had here which is really unique, cereal, great snack, typically on the go, you put it in plastic baggy and
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>> cheese and crackers, great way to use the method with old apple sauce container and veggies and dip and greek yogurt that i chose to use and hummus and favorite dip.
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and all the other cool mason jars you can create. >> great tip and send back to dedham. now.son: i'm hungry now. in the news number of zika cases continues to grow in the united states and president says experts do not expect widespread outbreak. white house urging congress to approve additional funding to help find effective vaccine. one of those vaccines being and beth israel hospital said yesterday they have had positive test results in latest round of testing being done in monkeys and trials are in danger though without any additional funding with congress. >> julie: 15-year-old twins died after being left in hot car and father under arrest. when officers arrived at the
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them in the pool trying to cool them off and taken to the hospital where they died and charged with involuntary manslaughter and girl's mother in the hospital all day after being involved in the car accident. >> southwest airlines plane pulls back in the gate but doesn't get very far. the airline says the nose gear of the jet collapsed at gate at baltimore's airport bwi and plane was heading to atlanta. all 126 passengers walked off and went back to the terminal and put on another plane and left baltimore about four hours late. >> julie: somber anniversary and renewed push for answers. holy was abducted from grandmother's home in 1993. today the family will mark the twenty-third anniversary of her abduction, the same way they do every year and hang posters similar to this one, offering $40,000 reward for information leading to conviction. through the years there have been several suspects but no charges. elite rhode island boarding
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over sexual abuse allegations coming from dozens of former students. st. george's middle school has agreed to pay undisclosed amount of money and come from 1970s and recently as 2000s and advocate group has been working with the victims deal. >> michael: boston police union leaders don't mince words in kegging letter to commissioner and mayor. what it could mean for body
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launch in weeks massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. ?? i don't want to lie down. vote yes on question 2. i refuse to lie down. why suffer?
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>> julie: weather inspires it. head back out to norwood. any dance moves?
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>> jason: everybody wants to take a selfie. i got the long arms. nebraska want to take a selfie, ask me. >> gene: great weekend for weather. >> shiri: inside for a couple hours and temperatures are skyrocketing. i mean it is just flat out hot out here now. temperature in boston 75, 76 in burlington and k norwood started in middle 50s and we have already gone up 20? and down to sandwich, 69? in nantucket and lower 70s in expense and her auburn. up to fitchburg, amherst, new hampshire and lowell at 77. so your hour-by-hour forecast in metrowest, still got almost ten? to go. realize going into mid-upper 80s today, along with mostly sunny skies.
9:32 am
the evening hours and mostly clear and hot spots inland and come close to 90, cape today going to come close to 80?. i am going to time out those weekend storms for you when i come back with couple minutes, future cast ready to go with new update now. let's send you back to julie with live drive time traffic. >> not a lot to time out on roads because things moving along so well. a little bit of volume on expressway northbound in the usual spot as you head past the gas tank. 128 though wide open and look at all of that green on the map. here are live drive times, 23 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. 60 minutes on expressway, 23 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> jason: new at nine, new hampshire couple facing charges with death of baby boy. police say bradford ross and kayla austin were living in a camper with the infant when it stopped breathing. when officers executed a search warrant there they found multiple packages of meth and
9:33 am
right now unclear what caused baby to die. two-year-old was also taken from the property in good health. >> jason: rolling out body cameras for officers even if they aren't completely on board. >> julie: any cop that agrees to wear a camera 500-dollar bonus and they have a hard time finding 100 people to come forward. protest to the plan put forth by the police union. says if he can't find 100 volunteer he will assign as part of this pilot program and letter came out from union officials. police union officials saying they point in very strongly worded letter. object to program all together. community concern ran hyatt a city council meeting in mattapan. >> should have have taken this long. body cameras are not an issue.
9:34 am
tentatively on september 1st. that date comes after 2-month delay and police commissioner bill evans says the added challenges of techno logical readiness and 100 officers volunteer. each volunteering officer receives 500-dollar stipend. >> why not get the most accurate picture of what happened. >> michael: paroleman's union agreed with commissioner evan. still union officials released a strongly worded letter thursday department needed more equipment like body armor and manpower instead. quote, you can sing kumbuya or we shall overcome to the cow's come home but won't stop a rifle round aimed at police officer's chest. >> it is a hard time to be a police officer right now and sometimes feel underappreciated and under attack. >> michael: so far it has cost $500,000 and expect tentatively
9:35 am
weeks from now. there's a lot more in this letter from the police union officials if you're interested in reading the whole thing, we posted it to the website fox25 and fox25 newscast. for now live outside boston police headquarters. michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: police officer charged with supporting isis with counterterrorism training. nicholas young former transit police officer in washington d.c. he was arrested this week by the fbi. surveillance since 2010. but in 2012 he took 16-hour counterterrorism class provided by security company in braintree. fox25 contributor todd mcghee is company's president. he says the instructor of the class clearly remembers young. >> here is guy again that demonstrated his passion, demonstrated conviction and ideologist for radical group. >> mcgee says investigators are trying to find out if young
9:36 am
>> jason: look at yourself, bb guns, pellet guns but sure look like the real deal. braintree police say that's what makes them so dangerous. >> care investigation when a weapon is drawn and in pointed in their direction, they don't have seconds or minutes to evaluate telltale special markings of fake gun. police say by the time an officer could figure that out it would be way too late. the department hopes by showing these guns there will be more awareness about the danger and fewer will end up on the street. >> jason: police searching for suspects after big drug bust. 80-pound of cocaine in a shoebox stuffed with tens of thousands of dollars in cash in abandoned apartment on hancock street.
9:37 am
>> julie: former whitten police officer refused to answer questions days after charged with embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from disabled veterans. insurance and accounting agency in whitman. police arrested him on tax fraud charges on tuesday. sexual harassment, financial mismanagement and unbecoming conduct. >> cannot seven in the community. >> julie: he was too busy with phone call. >> largest cruelty cases in massachusetts history. 1,000 animals living in fifth
9:38 am
neither was involved in the inspection at the farm in january. >> baby giraffe at franklin zoo. 22-week-old calf when born couldn't nurse and treated at hospital she is back at the zoo where she is around the clock care and public park naming her and go to fox25 for the names and what they mean and how you can cast your free. >> julie: massachusetts governor charlie baker new law with ride sharing companies like uber and lyft and forces drivers to state run back ground check and carry insurance coverage. ride sharing company will also have to pay a 20-cent fee perride and allow to start
9:39 am
convention center. >> julie: new locomotive reduce delays by more than 20% and new models introduced three years ago and amtrak northeast corridor line between washington d.c. and boston. woman held bring boy back to life. >> reporter: emergency call from mildford tj maxx. >> went into the store and daughter and i were looking around. >> reporter: made the call and saw little boy in trouble and at first paused and needed to use the cpr training. >> knew what i was supposed to do and at the time it was happening i was just taken back,
9:40 am
right in. >> told her lay him down, lay him down. >> that's when training paid off. >> can't swallow tongues or anythi i would want someone to do the same for me. >> boy started to cry, good sign, and kelly hopes he is on the mend. >> hope everybody is feeling better and love to give the little boy hug some day. >> goes to show a little training can go a long way when you least expect it. in mildford, i'm john monahan, fox25 news. >> jason: special honor for the children of fallen trooper.
9:41 am
police in framingham and noah's father trooper thomas thomas cls killed at traffic stop. they thank them for everybody, happy friday, good friday indeed if hitting the golf course at all, i got tee times head toward 11:00, well into the 80s. plan on upper 80s here through the afternoon whether golfing at the beaches and show you how much stormier it gets tomorrow and, of course, when to expect worst. >> julie: horrifying at fast food restaurant and pulled off
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> michelle: must be tough but rewarding as well. >> it can be tough when we see kids seriously fortunately most are not. >> you have people that specialize working with them to give them choices to take back power. >> specialists with us in the emergency department and great folks that help kids with minor procedures t cuts that need sutd
9:44 am
procedures see kids with injuries that could have been prevented and ad on bicycles and hope they will wear helmets the same way they wear seat belts all the time and out in the sun wearing sunscreen so important and insect repellent, keep those away and certainly safe. love taking care of kids and subspecialties in all areas. >> gene: thank you very much and head over to the taste of
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>> elizabeth: tom went and asked what's this. no, it is a pickle. >> tom: make sure i know what i'm talking about, executive chef at >> i would be at this every week. >> grilled salmon and heirloom cherry tomato and it butter. >> in new england, everyone loves crab cakes but don't do anything crazy.
9:46 am
micro greens. fantastic amazing cuts of meat. sirloin. >> what a cut of meat he is. >> simple roasted tomatoes and asparagus and sign for himself. >> best scallops in town and lima beans, tomatoes butter. >> heard woman say that has my name written all over it. another one said one bistro located in norwood. >> does include the fake. >> van ail creme brulee and fresh berries. >> i could do the backstroke. >> all time favorite.
9:47 am
seasonably. >> change menu and update it. >> elizabeth: where are you located. >> right off route 1, 125 providence highway turnpike. >> what time did you wake up this morning? >> 5:00. >> mini blowtorch a long time to make that exact thing, right? >> tom: i appreciate you all busting my chops. fantastic work. >> over >> tom: mesmerized by the food and kind of enjoying the commute this morning as well. haven't been too much of headache and past the gas tank and a a little bit of volume as you approach the o'neill tunnel, approaching northbound on expressway. route 1 though 93 south looks great. here are live drive times, 21 minutes on expressway from the braintree split to the exit for
9:48 am
northbound. >> i don't know why i was foolish enough not to bring sunglasses with me. >> going to be out there at all, rock the shades, sunscreen, bottled water and been so dry lately and hot summer that we need if you look at year as whole up to this point in the year, this is the sixth dryest it has beend drought conditions we would need a solid week of rain and tropical storm to come into play and couple storms tomorrow not going to fix it. noon time today we got mid to upper 80s inland, a little bit cooler in southeastern massachusetts.
9:49 am
still got aarp 80s inland, boston mid-80sy 70s and 81 in provincetown, 88 in boston, i bet plymouth gets higher than 84. wouldn't be surprised to see 80s there and manchester as well as lawrence over the weekend we will be 88 in boston, 86 in plymouth and 84 in worcester, even potentially into the lower 90s if get breaks in clouds early on in the morning and storms developing during the afternoon, especially strong from boston southward and today in the hot and sunny piece of this forecast risk severe and damaging wind gusts and perhaps localized flooding. future cast here as we head toward 7:00 tomorrow morning,
9:50 am
partly cloudy skies and once hit news and afternoon is going to be prime time blossoming south and expected to be hardest hit. once we hit the evening hours, quiet town and overnight find the clouds dissipating and by sunday i know you'r overdone with rainfall and boil down to clouds so going to have brightening up, humidity dropping into sunday with high around 82?. still warm and bright on monday and tuesday. wednesday going to be the next chance storms with highs again close to 90?. not done from the zip trip yet. more coming up from norwood in just a little while.
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if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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>> jason: federal investigators looking closely at plymouth construction site because of this footage captured by fox25 cameras and children milling around the site, possibly even working. eric rasmussen deeper into the startling footage. kids carrying equipment, climbing foundation wall and running through the site where crews are building a restaurant and retail space in downtown plymouth. blurring faces but the video of these children recorded by fox25 investigates has attention of osha and department of labor. investigators are now inspecting for safety and child labor law
9:54 am
from working in construction. >> got to be preteen and dangerous situation, children should not have been there and present there and should not have been working on construction site. >> company put u.s. in touch with brian johnson. >> boj employing children. >> absolutely not. >> how do you explain what we saw them >> says construction company and this site all part of 12 tribes, religious group which also runs the blue lines bakery on the same property and johnson says everyone works on volunteer basis. >> no different than maybe son helping father do hay on farm on sunday.
9:55 am
work not defined whether you're paid. defined what you do. >> state cited same company for fare to pay prevailing page and payroll violations. the attorney general called the questions raised by our video deeply concerning. that offices also investigating. i'm eric rasmussen. >> julie: freak accident at fast food restaurant. women houston when it suddenly grease flew all over them and customers went to help the victims and one woman had 70% burns over here body. >> jason: apple has refused to
9:56 am
compromise customer data and 50,000 bugs in apple's icloud. >> jason: headlines which with hold information and trying to make it and user friendly and spent months analyzeing phrases and click bait >> michelle: great having you along. thanks again. >> elizabeth: call you out because your kids are here too. nah, we are good.
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today, on "right this minute." we're winding down the week with great viral videos and a brother's reunion years in the making. >> he had no idea that he'd be sitting in his living room when he got home. >> see why it's the next surprise that brings a grown man to his knees. think prison guard saw what was going on here? they did. the question is, can you spot go pro takes you on a virtual reality tour from the boat to under the water. the amazing scene in all its 360 degree splendor. and youtuber andrew hale sets out to find out -- >> if his fedora will help him pick up chicks. >> the experiment that leads to some very awkward moments -- >> walking any faster they'd be


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