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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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now at 6:00 tracking showers and storms typing out where when we clear out and sunshine returns. plus the president touches down in massachutes. fox 25 covering the first family's last trip to the vinyards while still in office. >> men time, a man running to replace him is on the cape right now. where donald trump is now and where he is headed after making prime time senator and praying his own way. >> not so many kids his rage will willing to go out and make his own money. >> he inspires others. >> this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> multiple pop-up showers are moving across state right now. bringing some heavy rains some spots but so far, no reports of damage from these storms. hello, everybody.
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monitor the storms moving across our state. our meterologist has been tracking the storms all day when what's the latest out there question am we have severe thunderstorm warning jackie reports of southern worcester county. as we have watched this line of showers and thunderstorms begin to develop across our southern areas. you can see right here be have got pretty much pretty long line of showers and storms extending from worcester down into parts of connecticut. but this is the storm that i am most concerned about a lot of lightning being associated with it. i am getting lot of r and ter roengs rail rain as well winds speeds estimated up to 50 to 60 mile per hour. so there a flood advisory for this area shaded in grown because of heavy rain and severe thunderstorm warning until 6:15 for area in yellow ahead of this storm if you are there you need to take caution and head indoors. this very dangerous storm with those estimateded winds as well as tore representing hall rain we question could see so many localized flooding there lot of lightning with this particular
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likely going to be heading towards attleboro or north attleboro right around 6:20 or 6:24. but again, if you are ahead of this storm you want to head indoors. this line of showers is and storms will continue to push to the south and east. while areas to north and west you think you are out of the clear there is another line of showers and storms to the north and west. and as we take you through time you will see that some of those showers may sink into our northern areas. while that storm will be pushing towards the south shore ase of the sun sets. by the overnight hours, you are going to notice we will dry out, and you will wake up tomorrow with temperature in 70s a little bit less humid. we would have some improvement on the way i will talk more about that and i will show you heaviest rain is falling in just a few minutes. thank you. good reminder to bring your pets inside if you are in those areas. you can track the forecast down to your zip code at any time all with new fokt 25 weather app it is custom miceable forecast from
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it is available on apple app stores and google play stores. off the coast -- first family is settling theirs first day of their two-week vacation martha's vinyard they got there this afternoon. fox 25 live in where the president visit every year. lots of puss buzz for the final visit? >> yes there. some excitement here. as we all know this is 7th summer that the first family had a vacationed here. last summer while president obama is in office. we talked with some of the regulars who come here year kf year and they say it can be kind of hectic moving around island as the president does but they will miss it they say. >> martha vinyard, it is full on summer. and now the first family in the mix. certainly makes it busier. at love people here lots of security. even at the ferry were seeing bhom be sniffing dogs everywhere.
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he has been asking about it all day. obama has made this had summer get away for past seven years. sasha even picked up job earlier this summer one of family's favorite stops. nancy's in oak bluffs. you were being loo for someone in particular here? i was hoping that i would meet sasha. >> to keep all of its customers happy even with the extra security needed when sasha worked and the first family visits. they give us little heads up. secret >> did you any idea the president would be visiting right across the street. with he will could am signs are up places like fat ronnie's owner hoping to have this fix though before he is president sees it. constant. that's why arms are messed up. its neck messeded up but we got new one coming. obamas center two weeks planned on island with no public events but the public likely know when they are near by >> usually secret service on
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across the street >> it is sometimes inconvenience especially you are trying to get to beach you got to stop. you want to get there. but everybody also knows nobody rushing anywhere is. think it is fun the more merrier we have a great time over here. >> we understand sasha will doing her part time job while first family vacations. they will be here until sunday august 21st. we are live in oaks bluffs. fox 25 news. >> not bad assignment today. well woman recovering from some serious assault in wimbeldon. it all happened on clark street just before 6:00 this morning suspect stabbed himself after the attack. he was flown boston hospital where he died of his injuries. police say he and woman did know each other. we are told the woman is expected to survive. plane landed safely beverly port st. lucie today after losing wheel while in flight.
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instructor and student were on board single engine plane with back wheel fell off. as they were doing series of takes offs and landings thankfully the two men were the not hurt but plane did suffer some minor damage. instructor alerlted the tower to the problem. and then circled for a while. while emergency crews got into place on the runway. that was at 11:00 this morning. they then landed on just two of the three wheels. the faa is investigating. >> and fire officials looking into what caused a lumber yard fire in kingston new hampshire we first brought this to you as it was breaking downing our fox 25 morning news cast. an is we report firefighter, faceth number of that will lense. >> hours after this lumber yard fire started, flames continued to reignite. this video taken this morning by our fox 25 news crew according to the kingston fire chief the fire started just after 11/this morning. at northland forest product on depot road when firefighters
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one man lives next door told us the flames were higher than the tree tops >> it burned like crazy. i couldn't believe out big the fire was >> fire captain told us the large a lumber inside of those buildings proved challenge not don't fought flames but also created intense heat. one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. being 80 degrees and humid. you know wearing coats and having temperature up to degrees, definitely an issue. at this point he does not believe the fire appears to be suspicous. we asked the company president about the equipment inside of the building and what he believes started the fire. all of machine rewas off. but you know it is kilns that operate 24/7. but you know lumber yard and any kind of spark or something that was smoldering you know can cause a problem. he says they have 2 or 3 minor fires in the past but this first mayor fire in the company's
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fox 25 news. >> and armed robber on the run in hudson new hampshired to police say man had gun in his waist. when demanded money at the td bank around 9:00 this morning. the workers set off panic alarm but officers got to scene just mentions after he ran way the cash. amean was able to track him for short distance. but didn't end up finding him >> man killed yesterday riding his motorcycle on 128 has been identified. police say 30 year old andrew of motorcycle crashed near exit 18 beverly. we learned this morning from state police that speed may have been a factor. bless tells us he thrown from his bike after he hit the guard rail. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> a woman riding on the back of the motorcycle with him suffered serious injuries. >> and now to the race for the white house. and donald trump set make appearance at rally in new hampshire in less than two hours. republican presidential nominee is hoping yesterday's endorsements the republican
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stand in granite standing as we report trump's camp hopes endorsements will help mendenning rift within his party. >> in our shared mission, to make america great again, i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. . >> it is better late than never. republican presidential nominee donald trump now sporting h reelection. endorsement came during campaign event friday night green bay wisconsin. >> work hand is hand, we will grow our majority, in the house and in the senate. we need that we got to get things done. >> earlier this week trump sparked intra party rift when he said he was not ready to back ryan. decision he is and running mate make pence were split on.
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>> mike, you like him? yes go ahead and do it 100 percent and he endorsed him. >> house speaker was not only republican law maker trump was relunctant to endorse. but efforts from his campaign to unify the party, real statement mogul also threw his support behind new hampshire senator kelly, and i also fully support and endorse the new hampshire. arizona senator john mccain. who trump says he holds in the highest endorse his reelection. washington. >> local man signs for donald trump being vandalized stolen. and this been video only on fox 25 captures the latest incidents haver deal hill someone jumping on the wall and painting never on big banner other video show woman flinging small nines the road. two people snatching signs and
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continue to replace every sign that gets damaged or stolen it is pie vat property and free speech i don't want hillary in that's all i can see people driving by swearing. when i start coming on private property. that's different. >> early says he been taking footage to police. and several people have been arrested. >> andover police arrested woman who they say vandalized political trump sign innt his home. or early this morning and hen confronted her he said she got in her car and nearly hit him. . police say the bryant first brush with the law when comes to vandalizing signs. she will face a judges on monday. >> our owe election coverage always on. just head to fox where you will find a complete wrap of the day's top stories from campaign trail. now >> taking a summer job to new heights.
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6:00 how this entrepreneurial pre teen is helping his mother and making an impression on people he has never met before. i am tracking a severe thunderstorm right now. i am going to show you which cities are in its path and when the threat of storms will come to an end. but first have you noticed your allergies acting up? surprising reason why and whether we will get any marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! s?? polo! marco...!
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owe checking on radar. you see right now you can see that s southeast. from worcester county heading towards the norton fox burough area. fox 25 meterologist putting final touches on her for apt and update for us in just next few minutes. well we track rain moving through already dry summer people with fall allergies. doctors say lack of rain has actually sped up ragweed allergy seen >> it will sxondz stuff that there definitely that green i
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in something. in the air. >> i just got on completely stuffed up. i have been kind of congressed for days now. >> doctor david robertson al already gee associates of new england says he is seeing fall allergy patients now. thanks to an earlier emer again ofs rag weed. i have seen few patient my eyes starting bother my nose starting bother me. and i check my pollen tracker. sure enough ragweed tollen has already started to come out in dry warm produce more pollen lot of different stresses, can change amount of pollen produced by the plants. rag weed really hearty plant grass pollen also very hearty so do not >> and in fact, there evidence that sometimes increasing environmental stresses actually make the plants more allergy. if you have snuff will feel cont be fall allergies coming early. there three different ways to
6:16 pm
you figure out what you are allergic and try to stay away from it. two medicine. last, is al ler if we shots. which the doctor says is the only way to actually fix the problem. >> well good news the dry weather has helped people who suffer from mold allergies but if you are rag weed sufferer or like i am actually, doctor say, it is going to be very long allergy season force. >> two men are behind bars tonight after high speed police chase on the south shore. chase started on r around 8:30 last might. came to screeching halt about half an hour later when suspect crashed in dorchester. at one point, they hit a wymouth police crui was hurt. number of charges. some back story here police say they witnessed the drug deal it wasn't pair and a woman. officer quickly arrested that woman but the two men sped off. weymouth quincy and state police all gave chase. suspects are d court on monday.
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that happened yesterday. and also tracker weather alert. tracking o some shechl ray but nd some strong damaging winds as we have some severe thunderstorm out there right now. as cold front approaching region ahead of that we got soupy humid air mass in place. while resome showers as this morning amid some clouds really limited potential but now, the shine broke out. we are tracking a line showers and thunderstorms extending all way from just off of the coast
6:18 pm
this storm right here that i moment concerned about. and that's just along the rhode island massachutes border. there have been new issue of severe thunderstorm warnings this goes now until 7:00 pp earlier one went until 6:15 is storm continues to bring a lot of heavy rain. some strong winds and wind gust up to 50 to even 60 miles per hour. may cause some power outages or brick down some trees. and the awith that. i would not even be surprised if we get some penny sized hail. so if you are path of this storm if you are in area shaded in yellow. attleboro mansfield sharon kent get indoors skies look threatening if you even hear thunder get loim level of your house. through the interior. away from windows as this storm going to be blowing on buys it moving, east southeast. at about 30 miles per hour a
6:19 pm
it will be heading towards providence area. he still have 660 ntsbs way up to northwest but we will booming really muggy air math. in 7 allow some storms to produce lot of heavy rain. we could even see some isolated flooding with that severe thunderstorm. that's pushing through the area. live look boston. look pretty seven >> due points. 69 again i showed you that storm just to southeast that wind out of southwest. we are still ahead of that cold and there is a line to north and west we will be watching too by 88 --. that severe thunderstorm that's pushing through our southeastern
6:20 pm
we could see some more west but sets. y going come to an end and. >> i >> over night. weak up to temperature in. >> and it is we showed dew point well going turn much who comfortable tomorrow. and temperatures really not going to charge much with this cold front. it will be much dryer day. and highs will be climbing 80s in once again. could even be upper 80s some spots. but you will notice that wind bringing in that dryer air so it refreshing day. if you are going to beach it is looking okay as water temperature will i >> high tide around 7:17. pearl jamthe fenway looking tan tactic for your sunday night. so i want to show you that sun say -- seven day forecast. >> that's seven day tore cast i am did show you coming up at 6:30 but does feature dryer weather and i will show you with can expect our next chance of rain. >> for this second presidential
6:21 pm
ticket. coming up what bill weld told supporter at rail he loo today but first, pictures on social media have a firefighter in some big truck emergency scene that
6:22 pm
laura (vo): mom taught us that families comes first. laura: hey, mom. mom: hi. laura (vo): so when she needs a little help... i am happy to give it. laura (vo): so when she needs medicare is a big help too. so when i heard that kelly ayotte voted to turn medicare into a voucher program, costing us thousands, i couldn't believe it. breaks to millionaires and big oil. kelly ayotte would rather take care of special interests than new hampshire families. narrator: women vote is responsible for the content
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injured after an explosion sparked fire at bar in northern france. it happened this morning normandy. according to local media reports birthday party was happening at
6:24 pm
according to some early reports, the victim rage ranged from age 18 years old to 25. >> and texas firefighter off the job tonight after he posted pictures of deadly crash object snap chat. trash killed 16 year boy and seriously injured three other teens on once tay. well family members saw those posts which included video of the dead teen. really disturbing details to that family the firefighter captioned shots the t it guy. department fired him on friday social hope incident certificates vgs rewarning to all firefighters. >> always think that your mother that's your grandmother. that's your sister. it is your daughter. you know remember those pike your family thinking that terms. because you are actually stepping that close into their lives. and don't do anything there that you won't want do to those people in your family. >> police say no criminal
6:25 pm
internally by the firefighter department. >> dozens recovering from injuries tonight after fence collapsed rap concert in new remembers see. this video shows the moment that fences gave way spilling fans over a ledge. first responders took injured to five different hospitals in and then although firefighters said most injuries were minor it was quite commotion over there. snoop dog whiz were performing at that time. >> and two new cases of zika have unconfirm in california. state now dealing with san francisco and all rented to travel outside of the u.s. this comes as the white house presses congress to approve more funding for vaccine. one of those vaccines being worked on right here in boston by the way. doctor said positive tests results in latest trials and monkeys. but funding for clinical trials human at risk unless congress takes action. pa petrova exploded and then
6:26 pm
firefighter said hazard materials team raceded to scene friday morning. official say the firefighter burned nearly 2,000 gal lovens oil and left tank in danger of collapse >> just as we were beginning to bringing our crash truck in to put it out. heat reached water at the bottom of the tank. caused what he was call boil over. >> firefighters let oil burn down while they kept an eye on surrounding brush. two workers who were near by when blast went off were treated at the scene for injuries >> la cross player just work get back on the field fchl devastating accidents this summer that changed her life forever. and how her high school coach expects her to react. but first we ten to track more weather as it moves across massachutes. sara work on updating her forecast right now.
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this is fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. ewatching radar right now. as several 25 storm tracker weather alert. right now, again is a 6:30. hello everybody. fox 25 storm tracker weather meterologist has been tracking development of these passing storms over much of the state and sara we will hopefully get some relief soon. in couple hours until then there some areas you need keep an eye to sky because we will talking about heavy rain frequent lightning, some strong winds gust even a little bit of hail i want to show you satellite and radar.
6:30 pm
the last hour that we have seen some activity beginning to develop across the area and i want take closer look because you are noticing darker shades of red indicating that heavy rain you are probably seeing a little bit of blue right here, too that's indicating there is post-tension shal of some hail. penny sized hail could be possible with this thunderstorms that's severe thunderstorm we have a warning until 7:00 for this entire area shaded in yellow. you are path of this storm, mansfield, he a at, going to be hearing thunder. this storm moving east southeast at about 30 miles per hour going approaching taunton area just before 7:00. so this storm going to continue to be pushing east southeast. few other showers have a developed and >> on through. not >> we still have another couple of hours warm and humid hair and some sunshine going to help fuel those storms and boston right
6:31 pm
comes to complete end and when humidity will be dropping. all right we will be looking out out >> donald trump is meeting republican donors on the case. meantime hundreds are getting ready for his arrival just to north. winham new hampshire that's where we find fox 25 and erica lots of enthusiasm through before everybody left and went inside? >> >> yes that's right there all out here. when we got here. around 5:00 nw in newtown toou took them half an hour to get there though. line wrapped around entire lengths of the school building. many people came with literature for republican nominee. some with some strategies to help him win. some were some please for help. he dots win. the crowd that is here, whole heartedly believes in this candidate and they are excited to hear him speak when he takes the stage at 8:00. now as we speak as you
6:32 pm
not quite the same. >> -- --. >> now group of protesters gathered outside of the home billionaire businessman william cons and his wife trying dissuade trump supporters this march of the peacefully from west draw bridge oimenter harbor. holding seens and chants anti-tr meanwhile across state line to north trump supporters as we said were doing everything possible get glim ms of the nominee line formed wyndham high school around noon two guys from michigan started it. and people from across the country filed in behind him now mind you, it has been about 90 degrees all day long under hey city sun neither new hampshire. the gym inside is not air conditioned just three fans cooling things move there. 2,000 people expected tonight.
6:33 pm
matter. >> donald trump has good message he is good business man. no political crownyism we really believe in him and hope he is president. to me he will save this country. his heart is pure. his words are good. he is not politically correct. he not a theive like clintons are. >> and all right now so you can see there some verneds distance here. they were set up all along we got here. selling all sorts of trump merchandise. people were eating up like crazy here. but then they were told, that per school district policy they were not allowed to sell anything on this school grounds so they have moved to far distance they weren't too happy about that. but does matter it is not changing attitude here. people are excited and so far no proposers have sine. i should mention though the campaign has rented the school building tonight. so if protesters show up in campaign want to ask them to
6:34 pm
>> we will be hear throughout night monitoring the situation and will bring you another update at 10:00. >> meantime it is first family san vacation. massachutes. they arrived martha vinyard this after than where they will spent next two weeks. obamas have made the martha vinyard their summer get away for last seven years. sasha even picked up a job earlier this summer. regular vacationer on island phone >> certainly makes busier involvment lots of people lots of security. even at the ferry were seeing bomb sniffing dogs everywhere. >> first family spend two weeks on that island with no public events. >> well this just one of the loaded gun's aboves police took off the streets this week in four-hour period on thursday officer arrested three people and recovered two load guns. one incident happened in dorchester.
6:35 pm
>> driver who died in a crash in sutton overnight has been identified as a 47 year old man. from grafton. ast night. where the crash happened near exit six. today we learned christopher packlynn was behind the wheel of this nissan left roadway and hit an overpass. car burst into flames. making it difficult for officials to initially identify the driver. the cause of the crash still under investigation. thankfully no one else was hurt. >> is facing the charges accused stealing bikes at guinta points. victims were three middle school aged boys. and it happened near ames street in worcester on thursday police were able to track sus spibt property on cutler street where >> were people trespassing but police say they had the stolen bikes with them. the suspects between 16 and 18 years old. and place say they also found realistic looking b.b. gun on one of older teens. this comes as police in another
6:36 pm
rehe willing at this fake guns off of streets. earlierer this week rain tree police gave fox 25 firsthand look at the weapon he this keep on confiscating. police say in heat of the moment it is really hard to tell the difference and they are worried it could have some dangerous consequences. log on to for dloers look at this guns fine what police are doing to educate everybody about the >> and hef enough of drought? so have we but have not had enough of catching bad guy maybe you can help. >> stoughton police need your help finding this many robbed the prestige gas station on turn pike street at gun point. he got away with $250 in cash. fled on foot. witnesses say he has small build
6:37 pm
any information contact stoughton police. to mans feel police trying track down this many is accuse shoplifting expensive merchandise from a best buy in early july. he has large build medium height was last seen wearing light shirt. if you can help find him notify mansfield police. to detective say woman picture here used stolen credit cards at stop and shop. she was wearing a hospital scrush type shirt. dark sxants multi colored sneakers if you know w alert the police department. these case all come to us from law aing for web site asite site. weep . . . for mass most wanted. i am bob ward. fox 25 news >> three beaches were back open today after two great white sharks feeding on whale shut them down yesterday. . . center don'tal studies does not how whale died but it showed up about four miles off the coach of the the harbor. town officials to swimmer
6:38 pm
to shore. these latest shark sightings come be of heels several >> and, that's many more than what's typical for this time of the year. >> it does seem like july was more active months than the previous two years. the question we have is whether it is season making early or whether we are going to have a prominent year and this going to continue. >> as the season peaks in august and september by the researching whether it is increase temperature or weather that have attracted this season's sharks >> reminder folks if your heading into the city tomorrow. boston famed new berry street will look a lot different. city closing new berry traffic tomorrow so people can wander the streets enjoy outdoor cafes set up by local restaurants. you in berry street will closed berkeley mass avenue from 1010:00 to 6:00 parking restrictions start at 8:00 sunday morning >> to race for the president now. president of planned parenthood
6:39 pm
clinton and the state's democratic candidate. the >> receiving 12% support polls. well or more take part in debates. still watching that one >> boys trying help his moe before heading back to school by purchasing his own school supplies.
6:40 pm
year old and impact he making on people he nev met. >> ten tie are hard at work. >> mowing lawns per. well it comes on the trying help my mom out. but pay her bills i could think pay my own school supplies. >> you know, i wanted my the grass for my school supplies and school cl karen law says this was proud moment for her. not too many kids his age are willing toll go out to make their own money they usually with how has been >> and i was like wow. own never a one security service in warm, says she was moved by
6:41 pm
summer. and he you tell he concerned. he is worried about his mom having to buy it. >> and it is just -- it is just spoke to me. i like such an amazing kid. should get -- he should have help. back says he helping by making her business a drop off location for people to donate kroeting and cool supplies for tyrone. >> but, the ten year old says he does not want to spot working for his money. he plans on giving any extra donations >> tyrone always type of person that want to give and do then tore other people he >> and he says, he just want top do what he feels is bent for his family. >> and well generous volunteers trying to make the day for one local boy still to come tonight the sacrifice they made to make one boy's future a little bit brighter. >> and tracking heavy rain
6:42 pm
tracking this severe thunderstorm watch. i will show you where it headeded when threat comes to an end. >> and but first shocking accident has u mass lowell lacrosse player sitting on
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
tracking the
6:45 pm
thunderstorm and update for us just few minutes. >> lambert was star on field. well plays for u maas lowell but facing some serious challenges after she was in bad accident on martha vinyard over the weekend. she lost part of her left leg. but those clothe to her say she already looking forward. >> she just brought energy to the team her senior year oned to be there every men. knowel lambert and teammate kelly mir ran riding rented island. lambert was having trouble nav gate turn when they collided with a dump truck. upon slater was lambert high school lacrosse coach he says he was horrified by the news. >> i am glad they are still with us. that's all i could say. you know. anything else, can be fixeded. >> both sustained serious leg injuries. mir are on dozens stitches but lambert had to have her leg am paw tailed. from knee down. i do no could do that how i
6:46 pm
you he feel for her momnd her dad. they have just done remarkable job. >> luckily she suffered no other serious injuries. or head trauma. slater visited lambert at the boston medical on trurs tay said excited to start rehas been. could getting pro test stick leg go back toll skoochlt any get back on the field. >> well. takes >> well during visit yesterday. lambert told the slater will this year. he will fight to get back on the field as soon as possible. >> make wish found daegs made boy wish tree house come drew today there beg ceremony unveil >> corner new tree house at hit how the this afternoon >> conor designed tree mouse himself. by the way. with some help from local construction company. it is complete with all of of the kid awesome things. rope bridge climbing net. fireman's pole. all of things you want in tree
6:47 pm
kidney cat >> he place >> so he could play and regain his strength. good for him and thank you mike a wish foundation. more than 6,000 rider are taking part in pan mass challenge this weekend first wave of the cyclist, have already left: some of them ride more than 190 miles from sterl bridge providence town over next two days. and other will join for short or rides today and tomorrow. organizer hope to raise at lea farber cancer institute. >> this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> most of morning was okay for those rider tomorrow, looking great for you. but we have got some showers happening now. our own christine she in foxboro she actually tweeted out individual grow. i retweelted it you need to check it out it is showing how rain getting heavier foxboro right now because this do have a severe thunderstorm that's pushing on through. you can see, scattered showers,
6:48 pm
focussed down across our southeast. where we do have this one storm that has severe thunderstorm warning until 7:00 pm. few more stronger storms in parts of connecticut that will watching too but look at the temperature 90 in lawrence. nine o in nashua. heat is in place. the humidity is there, too. so doesn't really take much for some of storms to get fueled up really dump got amount of rain that's one our main threats with these storms. not only the rain though. it is going some strong winds and frequent lightning so this is look right now at out there no yellow of high so i believe actually taken down severe thunderstorm warnings. and did lose some of its lightning and sort of died out absolute lie but there been some reports of rumbles thunder. there lightning to surpriseded if we see this lien of showers. continue to push southeast for ward as we head over the next hour take cover this there still
6:49 pm
>> and east out east at about 30 mile per hour. heading towards bridgewater. shortly after 7:00. lakesville 7:14 middle burough 7:17 so be aware the skys will threatening head indoors you want stay aa from windows and get to a safe place. being interesting few showers for you got moment the is activety pushing to south and east we watch this >> forwards. >> skies look much better. as storms pulling all way. 87 still very muggy out there. now these showers are aid head cold front will bring still have chance of some showers. and until about 8:00 once sun green down notice that activity really dying out. and then the clouds will again to break apart in and overnight we will clear out as temperatures will dropback down meant low 60s could see few 50s is north and west. holding near 70 in boston. but the still quite humid start for the day. waking up to these temperatures right here. however, as day progresses, we
6:50 pm
dropping. so it is temperature climb eight will 0s, still going to be relatively nice day. and it is just going to feel much more comfortable in afternoon could find few scattered rip >> it was mod der for day today. 80 msz expect. head north shore. any eight 12340z a head northward noticing talk about the risk of shower or two. we will be watching as there could potential of isolated shower mainly across the northern parts of new england. southern areas. you lubing pretty okay. so this cold front that's going to pushing on through. and we are going experience dryer weather as head into day toll. again could you see few scattered showers across our northern areas. that drying trend continued into our monte. and as we again to warm back up that seven day forecast looks
6:51 pm
temperatures in mid upper 80s in as head tuesday. by wednesday we will be approaching near 91. tracking risk some scattered showers even few storms that could develop. timing still acts uncombrrnt see the risk showers as head through later part of the week. over to you. >> tom brady patriots have day off starting tomorrow to get ready for arrival of the saints. and for thursday night pre season opener at gillette. out west david ortiz, pulls on big man still knows how to flash some leather. . check in on red sox out you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. ?? why do banks treat you and your money like this?
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of >> day night off training camp heads into gate week. with new orleans saints coming town for joint practices. for thursday's pre seen at gillette going interesting how much tom brady place on thursday if plays at all last two years first pre season game brady
6:55 pm
one made clear yesterday is that program at thises. is just like the game for him. this brady answer when he was asked why he seems to more vocal this pre soon and if because he trying to get the team ready to compete in his absence. from the first four game of thes season >> i am pretty much the same i have been same way for long time. so i think just way to you know i love everybody game. you got bring fan on the theme bring that un-i love do that they push back and, i think that's gets best out of everybody. >> and well appears dustin red sox dodged bullet last night in l.a. he suffering bruised on his shin he violently follows this ball up his leg. and third inning he originally stateded game. was taken out inning later. john ferrill said today he should be back line up for tomorrow's series finale with dominican republic. brock holt replace him today in
6:56 pm
>> and he was vail pinch hit against dodgers. david offer tease gets start at first base and national legal park and look at this! by the way, rob howie kendrick. who says poppy can't play first. >> for. i mraers baseball. goes to right taylor s men old pal adrian gonzalez force hers third hit of game. he out of the game. gives up three runs to ended fifth ortiz again, with stab this time. right now we are in top of 9th red sock batting they are trailing 3-06789 >> jason. tanks former indian deep and out. cuts yankees early lead in half fwochlt.
6:57 pm
mike naply 6th homer last say the games 28th of the year it is 33-2 aclaef would not look back. davis hits home run and this one and then the 9th old pal andrew miller who just traded from yankees a week ago shuts for the save. >> and against the new york yankees is old team one me about this time year. >> yes. rain boys sfwlchl you elect yes. to. yes. i know on twitter. we getting some showers that are purposing on through. and, sure enough if you look back you are going to start see some rain boys tweet those to me like to show them. i retweeted one from right outside of our studio but hey better weather heading our way for tomorrow. n that time
6:58 pm
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? are blake and gwen getting married? behind the new rumors. why it could happen sooner than you think. >> plus jojo and jordan on "the bachelorette." conspiracy theories. >> was this rigged? >> and behind bad boy chad's all-night drinking binge. >> let me do what you want me to do. can i not do what i want to do? >> another day in the life of chad. >> was it all a >> wait, now you're probably going to air that. that's what you all are airing. >> then an "entertainment tonight" exclusive. >> it's hard. >> should notten doherty in the fight of her life. >> i don't look past today. >> new details on the "beverly hills 90210" star's breast cancer diagnosis, revealing for the first time a devastating setback. >> i don't know if i'll ever look like me again. >> plus a jessica simpson exclusive. body shamed by the tabloids.


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