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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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breaking news at 5:00, a local road remains blocked off as police and a medical examiner investigate reports of a miss jogger. fox25 remains on the keen awaiting a news conference on this investigation. a computer glitch bringing down delta's computer systems. the big delays that passengers are already seeing this morning. a young boy dies after riding on the world's tallest water the tragic scene that unfolded in front of families visiting the park. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: 5 a.m. on this monday, august 8. i am daniel miller in for gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. great weather to start off the week. shiri spear in the weather center with sunshine to kick off the week.
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it does. it will be bright, bright, bright. right now 71 with a couple of clouds in the boston area. we have got 50s and 60s in the burbs. 60s in plymouth. 65 in lawrence and 66 in lawrence and 62 in portsmouth, new hampshire. 57 in bedford. 56 in norwood. feeling kind of chilly there. 65 in chatham as you wake up this morning. and comfortable because humidity not a player in the forecast today. so by 7 a.m., 63 degrees. by 9 a.m., 73. we will be knocking on the door of 80 by 11:00. and by 1 p.m., we will easily be in the low to mid-80s depending on where you are. we have the potential for a couple of upper 80s out there. this will be for inland towns and cities. the coast and boston about 85. and the cape, 81 this afternoon. send you over to julie for live drive-time traffic early on a monday morning julie things looking good. expressway wide open. 128 moving along fine through dedham, needham.
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from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 19 minutes on 93 south. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from university avenue and westwood to the weston tolls. back to you. and breaking news right now. if you have a flight this morning, delta airlines is reporting that their computer systems are down, quote, everywhere. right now hundreds of people are waiting in lines overseas. this the is picture tweeted in from an airport in rome within the last massive delays there. no word yet on the situation at logan airport. the first delta flight leaves for atlanta at 5:43. we have a crew headed to the airport and will update you as soon as we get more information. state police are in princeton searching for a missing jogger that has been going on in the area brook station road since yesterday afternoon and several police cruisers remain at that scene. reports say a 27-year-old female disappeared while out on a jog. according to the worcester
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van from the medical examiner's office is at the keane along with several members of the worcester county da's office. a news conference from the policetation is planned for later this morning. we have a crew from the scene and will bring you more information sntion as soon as we get it. one person is hurt when a car slams into a local liquor store. scene after midnight on hyde park avenue in boston. a car hit the front of tott liquors. the driver went to the hospital with minor injuries. a suv pulled may have collided with the other car right before the crash. police are trying to find out who shot a stray bullet that hit two women inside an apartment in worcester. the shot went through the second-floor porch of a triple decker. it struck one woman in the leg, then grazed the second on her back. both are expected to recover. neighbors tell the telegraph they saw a man a black hoodie
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sufficientfield streets. there is a day care on the first floor of the building where the women lived. four people arrested on gun charges in boston will head to court today. police say they seized weapons after confronting a group of young men in a parking lot in mission hill early yesterday morning. four men ran from the scene. one of them tried to hide a gun, and the gas -- in the gas grill of a nearby home. all of the suspects between 17 and 23 years old. there have been recent reports of gang and gun violence in investigators are warning kids about a man trying to lure young girls into his van by using pokemon go. police say the 11-year-old girls were playing on lady slipper road in bridgewater saturday when a black minivan drove up. the driver asked the girls if they would like to get in the ran and play pokemon go. the driver wasn't wearing a shirt and had tattoos on his chest and arms. a lowell native has been shot to death while playing pokemon go.
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his college baseball team in california was killed saturday night while playing the appear near ghiradelli square in san francisco. he grew up in lowell and moved to the west coast five years ago. the shooting appears to be a random attack. 5:05 right now. a pray painted threat against police have turned up at a local skate park. it says "kill cops" and has officers on high alert. parents tell fox25's christine mccarthy they are disturbed by the message but not entirely surprised. popular with kids. >> it's a park where all the kids go down and play. >> reporter: an unexpected message. these threatening words. "kill cops" written in red at livingston street skate park. >> we noticed notified the police officers and putting out roll call to be more vigilant and to i can mauer everybody is watching. >> tewksbury police were tipped off by a resident and found the graffiti on a skate ramp. it has since been removed but
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comes here to play basketball, they are unease be this message. >> scary. having two little ones you don't know what will happen nowadays. >> reporter: lisa commandler is using this incident as a lesson for her kids. >> i would never do that because -- -- >>reporter: many believe in is a teenaged prank. it is being investigated as a serious crime. >> what happens if it is real and we have an opportunity to do something before something happens. >> reporter: t are now asking the public for help. >> we all live in this community. we all want it to be safe. if someone saw something, they would like to report it to the police department. >> reporter: christine mccarthy, fox25 news. hillary clinton continues to lead donald trump in the polls. the latest abc news"washington post"show her with an 8-point lead over her republican rival. the double the lead she had a month ago. polls show the democrat in the lead in some places by double
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but clinton is up by more than 10 points. and as support for donald trump begins to slip, gearing up to release his economic plan. the republican candidate will unveil the details today during a speech to the detroit economic club. trump's campaign chairman tells fox25 that the plan includes lowering taxes, cutting regulations and reaching real growth with wages. trump's campaign says the candidate remains focused on getting his campaign narrative back to where it wrongs. mean gaining new support from her fellow politicians. a former toronto political director is throwing his support behind the democrats. frank lavin has served in every republican administration since president reagan. in an interview with cnn yesterday, he questioned trump's ability to lead based on his bankruptcy record and how he handles criticism. he also said clinton's views on corporal and 308 see issues
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fox 25 will have details of the plan on air and online and we will be bringing you the latest poll numbers as the presidential debates draw near. the first debate will take place at the end of next month. 5:08. new rules go into effect for ride share companies here in massachusetts. it forces drivers to pass a state-run background check and also carry insurance coverage. on top of that ride share companies will have to pay the state $.20 per ride. governor charlie baker signed the bill >> this is a highly charged issue. i think we all get that. and it is very important for massachusetts to put in play the state-wide framework it deal with public safety issues and legal identification issues. >> the law also let's ride share drivers pick up customers at logan airport and the south boston convention center. new this morning, in a rare public appearance, japan's emperor says he no
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fulfill his duties. in just his second national tv address. the emperor gave strong hints the wishes to pass the crown to the crown prince. japanese law does not allow for an emperor to step down and this morning the prime minister said lawmakers will discuss changing the law. sptd u.s. looks to keep raking in the gold med analysis rio. medals are up for grabs in gymnastics, fencing, women's michael phelps will go for the second medal of the game. he won his 19th gold last night in the 4 x 100 relay race. another big win for the u.s. came from katie ladecki. the 19-year-old shattered her own world record in the freetile to win her first gold medal of games. it needham's own aly raisman qualified in the all around. she and the women's team blew away the competition coming in
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you can keep up to date with the big wins in rio with alerts from our fox25 app or on our web site at michael phelps, man, he is a machine. good morning, everyone. expressway northbound, easy single-digit ride right now. 9 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri. >> big range in from the mid-60s to 70s. mostly sunny today. and the drive at 5 p.m., track down the hot spots coming up and when the storms and the humidity returns in a few. >> daniel: shiri, thank you. the murder of a young mother goes unsolved for more than a month. now the young girl's father is the prime suspect in the crime. coming up this half hour, the violent past now coming to light from his criminal past. newbury street open to everyone but the cars. why some shoppers and
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first a young boy dies while riding on the world's tallest water slide.
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and we continue to follow break news from delta airlines, the airlines said its computer systems are down everywhere causing massive delays. crowds are already forming at the delta terminal at logan airport. check into their flights. the first delta flight leaves for atlanta at 5:43 and right now they are not going anywhere. this is the picture of the long lines in rome. we will continue to monitor the situation and bring you the very latest developments. 5:14 right now. an investigation is under way at a kansas water park where a 10-year-old boy died after falling from the world's largest slide. >> we are saddened to share that a young boy died on
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>> daniel: the son of a kansas lawmaker dies on the world's largest water slide. authorities released few details about sunday's incident. >> we honestly don't know what has happened. that's why an investigation -- a investigation is necessary. we need town stand what is happening. >> reporter: the family of 10-year-old caleb schwab is mourning his loss. they released this statement saying, quote, since the day he was born, he brought abundant joy to our family and all those he came in contact with. the family is now asking for privacy to grieve. water park are calling a closer look at safety measures. >> i hope they take the proper precautions to protect kids. >> reporter: water slide's name varuke is german for "insane." drops riders 170 feet at 65 miles per hour. the water slide was removed from the park's web site after the accident. but then added back on shortly after. the ride has a height
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it is not known how tall caleb was. . >> to be honest, this is not something we have experienced. this is a priority. in addition to the safety what happened offer the ride, all our staff are affected. >> reporter: in 2014 the ride was delayed during its initial opening, but it was not clear why. and in a news article from 2014, the park's owner said they have designed the ride based on calculations from roller coaster translate to water slides as well. in early tests, rafts carrying sandbags flew off the slides prompting engineer to tear down half the ride and reconfigure some angles at the cost of $1 million. and that water spark now closed. it is not clear when it will reopen. good morning, everyone, we check traffic and weather every ten minutes and things nice and quiet out there. expressway moving along fine.
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from dedham through needham up to the pike. pike, speed limit ride, no issues on route 1 or 93 south. over to those live drive times -- going to say i love it when i see them in the bright green color. from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south as you approach the zakim bridge. meteorologist shiri spear joining us, and we are starting the week off on great note as far as the forecast is concerned. sun is not officially up yet, but starting to get a little brighter and bright and pleasant weather ruling today and tomorrow. starting on wednesday, we return to the height of humidity and the storms -- and the stormy tlims last us not the whole way through, but occasionally all the way into the weekend, and so average high is 81. we will see some above average temperatures today. sunrise it s this morning at 5:44. we have 71 in boston. 56 in norwood. a little cool there and 60s on
5:18 am
so 50s, 60s and 70s. means we have a pretty decent range in temps. everything will even out between 7 and 9:00 this morning. 7 a.m., mid-60s in lawrence. by 9 a.m., 73 degrees. upper 70s by 11:00 this morning will be in the mid- to upper 80s in the afternoon. my cool spot will include the cape today. so most of us seeing mid- to upper 80s. notice that future cast as we go through the day. we mix in a couple of scatre be traveling into northern new england a have a couple of showers. for the day tomorrow, another round of sunshine and scattered showers. the winds will be weak enough to ray low a sea breeze pop up. as it does keeps the whole coastline a couple degrees cooler. inland towns and cities a little warmer than today and cranking up the heat and crank up the humidity once we hit wednesday. wednesday actually kicks off with partial sun in the morning. mostly in the afternoon that we will see a blast of showers and thunderstorms.
5:19 am
even if you have seen it, come back over to the screen because the timing is a little slower to get these storms into new england which means during the afternoon, still mostly north and west of boston. we will be monitoring for some storms. some of them possibly even strong to severe. i think western mass, central mass, southern new hampshire with the best bet for some of the stronger storms. this afternoon, of course, quiet times ahead for the next two days. 84 in boston, beverly and plymouth. 84 for portsmouth, new low 80s in the cape and vineyard. upper 80s norwood, bedford, lawrence, nashua, new hampshire and fitchburg as well. and tonight back into the 50s and 60s. rewind and repeat just like this morning. tomorrow morning, we have got some 90s on the map for inland downs hike fitchburg. 89 in bedford and norwood and to beiously quite a bit hotter. boston a little cooler than today. tomorrow we have that sea breeze that will keep boston and the coast in the lower
5:20 am
i think thursday we get a little bit of a break in the action, but we have got a couple of passing fronts and stalled fronts and it just keeps it pretty stormy as it hits the end of the week. 86 today. 88 tomorrow with that comfortable humid. turns sticky on wednesday with partly cloudy skies. and in the morning and storms in the afternoon. thursday, mostly dry, and that slight chance remains and on friday, we go up to 90 degrees and a chance for morning and afternoon storm. over the weekend i would have sunday shaping up warm and muggy. looks like saturday will be a little hotter with temperatures close to 90 in a few spots. the risk of storms is out there both days. if you want to make some outdoor plans and you have the whole week off, i want to point you to today and tomorrow as your two nicest. back to you. changing the rules for smoking. coming up, new regulations going into effect today that will keep e-cigs and other tobacco products out of the hands of kids. and a group of students
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business as usual on newbury street after a change of scene yesterday. take a look. people were walking and even playing in the middle of the street without a car in sight. the popular shopping area was closed to cars so people on foot could have the run of the road. it was a test run as the city considers doing it on a more permanent basis. >> every weekend might be acongress sieve, but for this, it was a lot of fun today. >> sara: not everybody is on board. one salon owner said she actually lost customers because th spot to park. boston's mayor says he wants feedback from the businesses and the public before any decision is made before banning caring more often. >> daniel: look at that the weather was fantastic for that event. a california police officer ends up with unusual suspect in the back of his seat. a pelican. the officer found the bird beside the freeway. he tried to grab it and it flew off into the highway dodging cars. the officer was able to grab
5:25 am
or anyone else and took it to the animal shelter. turns out that officer was the best man for the job. he has caught red-tailed hawks and eagles before. >> julie: lucky bird. don't want to take on a car on a freeway. students at a michigan school are taking action and a little inper ration from the fresh prince of bel-air to get air conditioning for their school ? this is a of our lives turned upside down ? ? take a minute to sit late to with no air ? julie well-done and it is just like the original. that is sherman park lutheran school. their 50-year-old building has no ac and they are going back to school in a couple of weeks and hoping their rap parody will help attract deep pockets. >> daniel: i can hear my parents saying we went through grade school and high school with no ac. had to walk 100 miles in the snow. >> julie: uphill both ways.
5:26 am
first pregnancy without ac. all the moms. cape cooler this afternoon. picture-perfect beach weather. i will show you how much of the week will be stormy. those details next. plus an embarrassing loss for the nfl. the problem that forced them to cancel a big game. this morning we are learning more of the shooting death of a 19-year-old
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if you were just joining us at 5:29, we want to update you on breaking news about delta airlines. you are looking at video from logan airport of long lines after a nationwide globally outage involving the airline which which has grounded many of their flights and leaving customers standing in long lines due to this outage. of course our photographer is at logan airport this morning monitoring the situation as soon as things are up and
5:30 am
we will, of course, let you know. shifting gears now to the weather. grab a pair of sunglasses this morning. meteorologist shiri spear says this can be the nicest of the day week. she is in the fox25 storm tracker weather center with an hour-by-hour look at today's warm-up, shir. >> shiri: either today and tomorrow. the next two days will be gorgeous. after that things will stay kind of nasty. 67 in hyannis. 59 in bourne borne. 59 in taunton. 70 in boston normal for the center will be a little warmer. 60s in woburn. norwood at 56. natick at 60 degrees. mid-60s worcester up to leominster. 62 in nashua, and 61 in bedford, new hampshire. your day planner has 60s on tap at 7 a.m., but the best part of it, the fact that it is refreshing. not very humid this morning. noontime, 82 degrees with sunshine and for the afternoon, mid- to upper 80s for highs. the dry weather continues. send you over to julie with
5:31 am
weather and traffic is kind of quiet on a monday. >> julie: we work together and all is good in the world. good morning, everyone. things moving along fine. pike is clear from 495 tampa average speed 73 miles per hour. nothing slowing down as you make your way to the weston tolls. even relief on the expressway wide open. live drive times. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south. 21 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. our top stories this monday morning. a large police regulars going on along a rural road in princeton. the district attorney and medical examiner avenues office search'!aen a area near brook station road. neighbor tell the gazette they have been looking for a missing jogger since yesterday afternoon. a news conference is expected this afternoon. we will have a crew on the scene and we will bring you more informations in it becomes available. this morning big problems at logan and other airports as we just told but at the top of
5:32 am
delta airlines said computer systems are down everywhere, and this is causing massive delays. crowds are already forming at the delta terminal at logan. no one is being allowed to check into their flights. the first delta flight leaves for atlanta coming up in about 15 minutes, but right now they are not going anywhere. a break in the case of a young woman shot and killed over fourth of july weekend. police say her father is a prime suspect and it is now in police custody. fox25's jessica reyes in new bedford, and, jess, this man is no stranger to police. >> reporter: right, sara. he has a criminal record that goes back several years. his daughter we know was shot to death here in the parking lot outside of her apartment building and as you said, police have named her father as a suspect this morning. sabrina desilva was just 19 years old and just got home from the dprosry store when
5:33 am
in connecticut on a probation violation on friday. he has not been arrested for her murder but he has been named a suspect. not the first time that he has been accused of a violent crime. and convicted of aggravated assault for trying to kill sabrina's mother. south coast said he slashed his ex-wife when she was working as a house speaker in weston. sabrina we know was studying to be an interpreter and leaves behind a 2-year-old little girl. we know that walter disilva due in court in connecticut for that probation violation and looking to learn more why he was named a suspect in his daughter's murder. the faa is investigating a scare during a plane landing at beverly airport. check out this video of a small plane landing without some of its landing gear. what you are hearing is the sound of metal on the
5:34 am
student pilot was doing a series of takeoffs and landing saturday morning when it happened. the instructor was able to alert the to youer about the problem and the plane circled the airport while emergency crews prepared for the landing. neither of -- neither men on board were hurt, but the plane had minor damage. a north reading woman is due in court tomorrow accused of vandalizing a political sign and nearly running over a man with her car. take a look at the damage the sign in andover. 57-year-old susan bryant is accused of spray painting star families on this donald trump sign. the homeowner caught bryant in the act early saturday morning and said she nearly ran the homeowner over when she tried to get away. bryant damaged signs on the property before and charged with defacing property and assault with a dangerous weapon. well, that is not the only trump sign being targeted by vandals. we showed you this video on friday. a man in haverhill tells fox25
5:35 am
repeatedly damaged by different people. and the man said that police have made several arrests. a man brutally beaten at a popular boston bar has a long road to recovery. over the weekend. family and friends held a fundraiser for robert mclaughlin. the 27-year-old suffered a severe brain injury when he was attacked near a baseball tavern near fenway park. beaten and thrown downstairs. 100 days after the attack he was still in the hospital and confined to a bed. his parent remain at a loss for words to at times. >> reporter: a go fund me account for the family has received more than $37,000 in donations. so far no arrests have been made in connection with the attack. well, friends of a local teen killed in a crash while on her way to watch fireworks are planning a new memorial for her. 19-year-old jackie gray was a passenger in a suv that hit a pole on july 3 in milford.
5:36 am
$2400 to purchase a bench that will be placed at a state park in ham den, connecticut. they say that was her favorite place to go hiking near quinnipiac university where gray would have been a sophomore this fall. in rhode island, a memorial to the victims of the station night club fire is almost finished. organizers are 100,000 shy of the 2 million to build and maintain the memorial park. construction is expected continue to finished in october. in 2003, fire destroyed the west warwick club during a concert by the band great white. it is a fender-bender you have to see to believe. a mercedes ends up parked on top of a ferrari. coming up new at 6:00, the damage done to the pricey car. security at disney. the changes the theme park is making to protect guests from alligators. and a health warning for
5:38 am
5:39 am
good monday morning. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. live look at the expressway. moving along fine along the gas tank. it minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike to the expressway. shiri? >> all right, julie, we are starting off at 71 in boston. sun is coming up. a beautiful morning out there now. if you have any plans, i know it is a little early to talk tee times at 7 a.m., but i am
5:40 am
7:00. 64, 9 a.m. 73, back up to 80 by 11:00 this morning. i will show you how much hotter it is going to get this afternoon next. a health warning in new hampshire about a bacteria in a pond. the department of environmental services says sciano bacteria has been found in little island pond in pelham. as you can see in the picture it is makes the water look bluish-green. irritation to skin and sto problems and long-term liver problem and central nervous system damage. more regulations for the tobacco industry. the current rules will be expanded for e-cigarettes, cigars and hookahs. it will be illegal to sell the product to anyone under 18. log on to for a complete guideline -- a look at the complete guidelines and punishment for anyone who breaks the law. we are learning about more sexual assault allegations
5:41 am
the "washington post" says two more are named in the lawsuit. both incidents from the 1980s. she called a friend to pick her up from cosby's manhattan home because she was not able to move. she said that cosby kissed and touched her against her will. 6 women have accused the comedian of sexual assault. many said they were drugged. cosby is facing criminal charges in philadelphia another sex assault case. and live with all of our reporters right after the break. plus a controversy baseball figure suddenly calls it quits. >> and today i am saying goodbye. >> the short goodbye tour for alex rodriguez. >> reporter: it was the next best thing to having her father walk her down the aisle. the stranger that stepped in
5:42 am
pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attacking kelly on medicare, i wonder... they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down.
5:43 am
four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent
5:44 am
not just a select few. vote no on question 2. and 5:44 right now. if you were just joining us, we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories. we have a massive outage grounding all of the delta flights in this morning, and an investigation into a tragedy also at a popular water park. >> daniel: plus new details on the murder of a local news right now. >> if you have a flight this morning, delta airlines is reporting that their commuter systems are down, quote, everywhere. we do have a crew at logan airport that just sent back this video showing long lines at the delta terminal. the first flight was supposed to leave for atlanta at 5:43 this morning, but it remains grounded were we do have a crew there gathering information at logan and we will bring you a live report coming up in the 6:00 hour. an investigation is under
5:45 am
of a 10-year-old boy in the world's tallest water slide. we are learning caleb schwab was son of a state representative scott schwab. he was at the schlitterbahn when he fell off the slide. they are in a multiperson raft and go into a drop at 165 miles per hour. there is a height limit being 54 inches to ride. the water slide opened in 2014 problems with the design. the park's spokesperson says the slide is inspected each day. today the park will remain closed as the investigation into caleb's death continues. >> just over a month ago --
5:46 am
5:47 right now. turned out to be a nice morning. >> sara: i think a nice couple of days, shir, what do you say. >> shiri: i think it looks great and comfortable and probably one of the nicest days of the whole week. comfortable weather with dew point temperatures in the 50s. the lower we can get that number the more comfortable it it es that number goes up, we see by wednesday dew point temps in the 70s getting stuck there over the weekend. going to be oppressive and soupy. kind of nasty as a whole as far as humidity goes in the of the week. 71 out there now. enjoy pleasant weather while we can. a nice breeze and dew points that are favorable. so at 7:00 this morning, 71 degrees in boston. by 9 a.m., 75.
5:47 am
the lower to mid-80s in and around the boston area. front will bring a chance of a few showers into northern new england, and here in southern new england. we have high pressure. actings our shield and will keep things nice and dry. we have a few scattered clouds mixing in from time to time. no showers here in southern new england. manchester, new hampshire. and northward to find any of those raindrops. we are keeping today dry. we are keeping today bright. same in beverly. 87 in brookline. 88 in norwood, lawrence over to lowell. mid- to upper 80s in westborough and 86 fitchburg and manchester, new hampshire. a little cooler at the high elevation which is why got 82 degrees. upper 80s in brockton and bridgewater. closer to the coastline. middle 80s in plymouth and lower 80s for the cape and vineyard. 76 on nantucket. and tomorrow even hotter
5:48 am
we have 90s back in fitchburg, possibly spots like framingham, but coastline sees a cooldown. boston at 82 tomorrow. lower 80s over the cape and islands because of its sea breeze. the entire coastline tomorrow, seas just a little bit cooler. inland towns and city a little hotter. the real changes move in on wednesday. wednesday, we start off partly sunny, i am thinking that you are going to get into work on a dry note. you are going to feel it becoming very humid. by the middle of the day though, we do ve potential for some storms in town. the timing of this is still a little up in the air. afternoon i can tell you looks like the most active time at all. north and west of boston, specifically. so it is going to also depend on where these fronts track. southern new hampshire, northern mass. central and western mass. the more prone locations seeing that wednesday activity. southeastern massachusetts on the flipside. the more likely dry pot here. a couple of weather threats on
5:49 am
could develop with any of those storms out there. we could be facing the potential of torrential rain and any of the late week storms. i don't want to you think that thursday, friday into the weekend chance of thunderstorms and nonstop action. there should be times you should get out there. the morning hours looking like the better times to get outside. 92 on thursday. very hot. 90 again on friday with a better chance of more widespread storms. carrying the threat for some stormy weather, especially late saturday and into the day on sunday. high also start around 89 on saturday and drop back to 83 on sunday. that a check of the forecast for now. stick around for the beach forecast. over to julie grauert with live drive-time traffic. >> julie: i am guessing today the only weather-traffic issue hand in hand will be solar glare on the commute in. moving along fine on route 3 south of town. 24-95 are clear.
5:50 am
and i don't expect it to build closer to 6:30 or 7:00, the live drive times. 14 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 23 minutes on 93 south. 11 minutes on 128 northbound from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. back to you. a fast-moving wildfire in southern california prompt evacuation orders and road chotures. the fire broke out around noon at the san bernandino national forest and has charred more than 1500 acres. working on the flames overnight. but so far it has not been contained at all. investigators have not determined what sparked the fire. the death toll continues to rise in mexico from hurricane earl. at least 39 people are confirmed dead. 28 people were killed in multiple mud slides in the northern part of the country. heavy rain forced authorities to close a section of the main highway heading to mexico city. federal transportation authorities say earl dropped a
5:51 am
24 hours. new details are coming out about a deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. a source close to the investigation now says the pilot may not have seen the power lines before hitting them. the source says the pilot was trying to lower the balloons for a break in the clouds at the time. this happened last weekend. the balloon hit the lines, caught fire and crashed. all 16 people on board were killed. according to the ntsb, it was the deadliest the exact cause of the crash remains under investigation. walt disney world is getting to work putting a new security plan in place in the wake of the toddler's death. workers are building a stone wall around the lake where 2-year-old lane graves was killed by an alligator. the wall will wrap the beaches of the seven seas lagoon. the latest move the reor the has made to secure the area after the june attack. it already put up warning signs and ropes.
5:52 am
11-game road trip out west, and more trouble for david price. he can't hold an early lead against the dodgers. sox up 2-1 in the fourth and price gives up a bases-loaded double. two runs score and la takes the lead. next inning price loads the bases again and it is the same doctor put the ball in the infield and the dodgers score. dodgers win 8-5. the dodger also come to fenwaynd for sox fans to see alex rodriguez. yesterday a-rod surprised his fans by announces his decision to retire by the end of the season. the final game will be friday night in tampa. the controversial star is one of the game's best hitters, but he is also a confessed steroid user. a-rod was emotional as he made the announcement. >> i love this game and i love this team. and today i am saying goodbye
5:53 am
>> a-rod is four home runs shy of 700 for his career. one of tom brady's favorite targets are on the field. the patriots have activated julian edelman from the physically unable to perform list. edelman had surgery and showed his hustle on the field. all about getting ready for the start of the season. an embarrassing situation for the nfl. the league had to cancel the field was too dangerous for the players. the wrong paint was used for the end zones and infield logo. it became too hard for players to run in cleats. the mistake will cost the league, get this, more than $4 million to refund tickets and pay other fees. two men in philadelphia have a new and unique way to beat the heat. take a look at their pickup pool. it lined the bed of the truck with a slip and slide and used
5:54 am
into trouble for this dumpster pool. the dumpster wasn't amused and shut it down. apparently the only ones trying to literally dumpster dive because the city issued a strict warning for everyone to use city water to fill dumpster pool. a bride in pittsburgh celebrated her wedding day with a special tribute to her late father pearl decade after his death, he managed to be present for his little girl's jenny speppin. the man walking down the aisle was walter thomas with her father's heart. they never met in person until friday. >> thank you so much for being here. >> are you kidding. >> daniel: stepin says being able to hug thomas and feel her father's heartbeat made it feel like her father was with
5:55 am
that is incredible. as a little boy in abington continues to battle kidney cancer, he has a special new gift to help keep his spirits up. fox25's jacqui heinrich reports this morning it took a lot of helping hands to make his dream a reality. >> reporter: it is everything that a 8-year-old boy with a want in a tree house, a rope bridge, up climbing that crow's nest and even a zip line. the last year, this little boy from abington had anything but fun and games on his mind. since 20 battling kidney cancer since he was diagnosed with bilateral tumor. >> he is such a deserving 8-year-old boy. and the family. this family has been through a lot. >> reporter: the make-a-wish foundation partnered to give conner a place close to home where he can play and regain his strength after he underwent chemo and surgery and more chemo an radiation. >> the one thing he kept saying over and over about his wish.
5:56 am
question for him. he wanted something he could share with his friends. >> reporter: after a few meeting with the foundation, connor dreamed up his wish after he was told he could dream a lot bigger than a lego set. >> one of the things he loved to do during his treatment was watch treehouston masters. >> reporter: now connor sr. doing very well and after the ribbon cutting it is just beginning to set in for his family that they will be able to enjoy the memories they are making for the year to come. >> coming from a year ago to now, hard to imagine anything other than what we were going through at the time. >> sara: the most amazing treehouse i have seen and opens smiles for connor and all of his friends too. >> daniel: all his friends. he was thinking of his friends. coming up at 6:00, the hold they made on the roof of a local jewelry store to get in and why they didn't get very far when they tried to leave. the world lead we are a very surprising photo bomb at
5:57 am
viral this morning. hi, julie. >> julie: good morning. things are moving along fine on the roads. a lot of green on the map. route 1, 93 south are clear. we will have the drive times in just a moment. shiri? >> shiri: we are preparing for a hot week. starts off comfortable monday, tuesday and hot and humid with
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, we are updating breaking news from logan airport.
6:00 am
down delta's computer system. the big delays we are already seeing right now. a local road remain blocked off as police and medical examiner investigate reports of a missing jogger. fox25 is there live this morning and awaiting a news conference on this active investigation. a young boy dies after riding on world's tallest water slide. the tragic scene that unfolded in front of families visiting the park. >> announcer: complete new england news right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: our team of reporters live across the area covering the big stories as you head out the door this morning. we will get to them in just a moment. good morning, i am daniel miller in today for gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood on this monday, august 8. we have got a sunny start. so grab your sdmrass. and take your lunch outside. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear says this is the pick of the week. >> shiri: take your breakfast


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