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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  August 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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fox 25's kristine mccarth live in princeton and the road police have blocked off is now open. >> reporter: that's right, the that's the road where vanessa marcott's body was recovered last night right down the street from where her mother lives. tonight their family is just heartbroken as you can imagine and they're asking for privacy. meanwhile her killer is still at large that's why police are asking the fun to be cautious. >> reporter: this is how a form marcott happy and smiling on a work trip to seattle. >> very sad. so young and you wonder why somebody would do this. >> reporter: but residents of quiet princeton are forced to hear the horrifying truth of how the 27-year-old's life ended on sunday. >> we have a horrible set of facts a horrible set of circumstances right now. >> reporter: marcott a
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grad was living in new york city and, woulding at google. an avid runner and volunteer she was here in princeton visiting her mother when she left for a jog sunday afternoon. her body hours later recovered less than a mile from her mother's home on brook station road. investigators are looking into the possibility she was sexually assaulted. her body, they say, was burned. >> people should be concerned. >> reporter: that warning to be vigilant with a killer at large has residents uneasy in a town that >> i have two young daughters that live in town and jog regularly. you know, i'm just worried. >> reporter: as investigators search on foot for evidence at the crime scene neighbors feel the pain of the heartbroken family. >> i'm just grieving for that family. i can't imagine their pain right now. >> reporter: now police in the d.a. are asking anyone who may have seen anything suspicious, particularly
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yesterday to go ahead and give them a call. we're live in princeton tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. at 5:00 today we spoke with criminalle onist jack levin for his take on a possible motive. >> nowadays it's much more likely that the killer's motive was to gain a thrill, an excitement by deciding whether the victim lives or dies. >> he went on to say the possibily leads him to think the attacker was a stranger who targeted a victim for pleasure. we'll have any overnight developments starting at 4:00 a.m. on fox 25 morning news. right now we have vanessa marcott's picture on all fox 25 social media accounts. you can call 9-1-1 if you have any information on this case. new at 11:00 a coast guard rescued a room from a sailboat tonight. around 7:00 a man reported his wife was suffering from stomach pains after she was
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to a nearby hospital. she is listed there in stable condition. now to a very disturbing crime. a police officer is recovering after her ear was bitten off by a suspect. fox 25's malini basu live for us in salem tonight. malini, you've learned that officer will need plastic surgery to repair the damage? >> reporter: vanessa, she will need surgery. in the meantime that 27-year-old she just started here about a month ago she's a rookie police officer graduated from the here's the police report. some of the details are so graphic we can't get into it. in the meantime that officer will be off the job for quite sometime. neighbors describe emma rose wylie as a kind and giving teenager. >> my gosh she watches my animals and takes care of them all the time. she's a beautiful kind girl. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: saturday night, salem police say wylie bit off part of a rookie police officer's ear. >> it's very, very shocking i just can't believe it.
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has been a little girl. >> reporter: the 19-year-old allegedly used a fake rhode island i.d. to get into the tavern on the square. around midnight a fight broke out. police say wylie was fighting with another woman in front of the bar and was holding a first full of someone's hair. >> it must have been like 50, 60 people on washington street. >> reporter: as police were arresting the 19-year-old and putting her in the police car, officer jessica screamed "she has my ear. she bit my ear off." area were stunned. >> so her ear's gone. it might not be all of your ear but who does that? >> reporter: she just graduated from the police academy in july. she says on the way to the police department wylie "made numerous spontaneous threats about how she was going to have every one of us cops killed." >> i do not know what else to say i'm so sorry. >> reporter: wylie lives in marblehead with her parents and goes to salem state
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marblehead police visited this house often. wylie allegedly made mentions of "i know every police officer from the marblehead police department. you're going to regret this in ways you could never imagine." i'm thinking of you i just don't understand where this came from and i love you and just reach out to me. >> reporter: in this police report here it goes into details about how officer were looking for apart of the ear they found it in back seat and tha need reconstructive surgery she will be seeing a plastic surgeon. as for wylie, she is being held with without bail and she may be in jail for up to 120 days. for now we are live in salem tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. a belmont police officer is in the hospital tonight after colliding with another car. we sent skyfox to the scene earlier tonight. we're told that told that officer a member of belmont p.d.s motorcycle unit was conscious when taken to the
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car. we don't know how serious the injuries are for if anyone could face charges for this. happening now a multistate search for a sharon man accused of raping a child. this is 29-year-old eric wimps silva. if you have seen him recently call police in sharon. multiple warrants have been issued for his arrest. among the charges rape of a child. authorities have reason to believe he could be in the new jersey, new york area as well as sharon or norwood. again, if you can help find him call police. police cruiser from a maintenance facility in south boston today. the cruiser was found across town. we're told the cruiser is a backup vehicle no guns or weapons were inside when it. stolen. president obama's is in full swing. he played a ruined of golf today with steph curry and his dad former nba player dell del kury.
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meteorologist jason brewer not there back here with with us. but tomorrow morning will be a great time. >> i love it on a tuesday get out there if you can. temperatures right now are cooling off nicely. we have mostly 60s but it's already down to 59 in keene. another end of the spectrum 78 in boston with that urban ate heask. our winds have already -- with that heat effect. our winds are have already gone calm. we'll have a little patchy valley fog in our inland spots that are prone to that. clear skies light winds and just a touch of moisture in the air. now the humidity levels will remain comfortable tomorrow. our dew point scale we'll have 50s out there. but by wednesday, we're beginning to reach back into the 70 degree range by the afternoon and evening. it will start to feel pretty oppressive around here and come with a risk of heavier rain. we will be timing the first look of that straight ahead. new at 10:00 tonight
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chemical have now been found at wells in new hampshire. state officials say groundwater tests found p.f.c.s nine of 20 wells near the landfill in north hampton. those levels found range from under the standard to as much as a 1000% of the acceptable limits. the trials of jeremiah oliver's mother and her boyfriend have now been postponed. a prosecution witness was unavailable to testify in the trial against elsa oliver and alberto sierra. 5-year-old air my oliver's body suitcase of 190 and sterling two years ago. nobody has been charged in his murder. his mother and her boyfriend face kidnapping, child abuse and endangerment charges. a hearing for a new trial date is sedded for september 8th . new details about that massive fire in south boston we told you about at the beginning of the newscast. >> i know john you're getting some of the latest information. what is the latest? >> reporter: well, i'll show
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take a peek. firefighters have the flames put down it's a very smoke withy scene. the first alarm came in about 10:25 tonight. we have a picture that shows just how bad this was. the entire -- the first alarm was two to three alarms. it is a brick building a row house the flames totally engulfing altogether in & a short time ago firefighters were ordered off and told to get outside. right now there are firefighters on scene. no idea of the fire who was inside the house who got out and awaiting details from the boston fire department. we are told firefighters ran back in the house trying to make sure the flames are out
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we'll stay on top of this we will bring you more information before the end of the newscast at 11:30. for now live in south boston, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> john, thank you. new since 10:00 breaking news in the race for the white house. hillary clinton's camp put out a statement saying she will participate in three presidential debates this fall. clinton urged donald trump to do the same. trump's camp had complain about the fact two of the debates would take place at the same time as games. the debate scheduled was determined several months ago. donald trump is hoping today's speech on economic issues will help pull his back up in the polls. several republican candidate unveiled some of his plans today to the detroit economic club. his plan includes lowering taxes, cutting regulations for both individuals and businesses, reaching real growth with wages and deductions for child care costs. trump's campaign says the candidate is still focused on getting his campaign narrative back where it
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republican senator says she will not endorse donald trump. continual collins of maine says her decision is based on "trump's complete disregard for common decency." collins is also not endorsing hillary clinton. a dog found swimming deep in the ocean off the coast of the vineyard. next at 11:00 the moment that had an entire slip screaming. a steamy start here as we get into the middle part of the week. i'll show what you i'm watching that will bring us the end of the week. straight ahead. >> at 10:00 we first told you about the community art exhibit targeted by vandals. all new at 11:00 how the
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>> at a time police are now investigating after this violent crash brought bound a telephone pole in saugus but that driver was conscious when he was pulled from the car. skyfox through over route 107 we showed this to you live at 6:00 as breaking news. you see that s.u.v. ended up on the wall o poles were down in the road along it with. police say the driver was the only person in the car. it's not clear what caused that crash. new at 11:00 a worcester woman caught red-handed breaking into three different cars. it happened last night on haywood street. police say 29-year-old michelle was caught breaking into one car apologized to the owner but then five minutes later got caught breaking into two more cars one street over. police say they found several stolen credit cards on the woman.
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professional and amateur art displayed trail side for free damaged by vandals. >> new tonight fox 25's jim morelli went to hopkinton where the crime did not stop the second annual rail trail art exhibit. >> reporter: the artist who had one of the exhibits decided to take those exhibits away they were rather conspicuous and instead she put up these, these are bands around the tree and you can see they've got eyes on them as if trying to see who heart is the art is. >> reporter: that may be true, but this weekend in hopkinton where the art was were the vandals. >> typically i make sure everybody's got home safely roar long time resident mike bolson is now on parole at the art on the trail event after organizers -- patrol at the art on the trail event after art was damaged
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down there to set it up and turned around and gave her a ride back and within an hour and a half after that it was vandalized. >> reporter: the event took months to plan and involved 120 artists. >> and it's just disappointing that someone would come along and deface it. >> reporter: who that someone is unknown but here is some of what they did. profanity written on this piece packing foam people kicked over and that was not the worst of it. back together every exhibit except for one a piece called totem which was standing right here. they found totem in two pieces. the ceramic heads smashed beyond repair. we heard a lot of take tonight but when you think about some of the victims this is a pretty heartless capper because they were not all professional artists. some were girl scouts, some were middle schoolkids, some
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if you have any information hopkinton police would love to hear from you. jim morelli, fox 25 news. a dramatic dog rescue caught on video off the coast of massachusetts. this is amazing. take a look here this is a springer spaniel paddling as hard as it can to stay above water. people on ther ify to martha's vineyard shot this video. he the dog was so excited he jumped off the ferry. the four times and alerted a much smaller boat called lovely day. they pulled up alongside the pup and pulled him on board. >> the whole boat just erupted in cheers and applause. it was funny the boat was called lovely day. >> the harbor master raced the dog back to the vineyard to be reunited with its
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hard to keep a dog out of the water sometimes. right now it's nice and clear above southern new england and northern new england for that matter. now down to the south, southeastern quadrant of the u.s. getting hammered they're there is some upper level low and some of this moisture will get pulled our direction by the middle of the week and possibly beyond. more on that straight ahead but right now we have 60s and lower 70s cape cod and the islands. 78?n norwood. so a good 18 degree difference across just a few miles just depending on where you live. middle 60s in natick already down the upper 50s and we have middle 60s in shrewsbury at this hour. soover night we'll see some 50s as we wake up in the morning and those rural locations out crowd of the city. locations outside of the city.
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cape cod as well. metro west neighborhoods in the morning you can expect a nice quick warmup. how about 82? by 11:00 a.m. after that start in the start in the 50s. high temperatures running into the mid and upper 80s tomorrow a little bit warmer than we were all day today. that's thanks to a change in the wind direction. more out of the south and we're not going see a lot of wind but enough of a flow to bump temperatures up just a little more from where they were. we'll still get a sea breeze. it's not going to be a hold off the cooling effects of the atlantic. along the south shore you can expect 80 to 85. north shore 75 to 80 degrees except back western county way where you will see upper 80s. we'll have 80s in burlington tomorrow afternoon. mostly sunny skies if you are heading to fenway tomorrow evening yankees coming to town and red sox
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7:10. same deal for the reds we'll see 70s after sunset just after 8:00 p.m. rain begins to move back in on wednesday. let's track this with future cast not concerned about it in the morning. but by midday into the afternoon we start to see a few showers and storms on the way. look at this deep orange color this is the moisture in the atmosphere. that's headed our way starting wednesday and you are going to see a round of heavy storms possible wednesday afternoon but also friday, saturday, sunday even into monday. back to you. >> thanks, jason. right after the break an update from the olympics. butch stearns also checks in from patriots training camp. we're going to check in on a wealth little league team facing new hampshire in the wealth little league team facing new hampshire in the regional tournament tonigh introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches
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? yeah, in the summertime ? ? livin' in a dunkin' paradise ? what are you doing? papi, i'm making sure cuppy doesn't burn. ? dunkin' iced, oh, yeah, in the summertime ? ? livin' in a dunkin' paradise ? should be fun tomorrow when the patriots welcome the saints to foxborough. two days of joint practices on the schedule before thursday's pre-season opener. butch stearns today was in foxborough keeping an eye on else who but the boss. >> reporter: on monday at training camp bill belichick as usual walking around overseeing everything. while his positional coaches run practice. but don't think that doesn't mean that belichick's presence isn't felt by his players. >> oh, yeah, you definitely know he's there. the moment when you think
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right behind you. >> you know what i don't exactly even know what he does but people give him credit so -- >> reporter: what belichick is doing is delegating. in one corner brian running the tight ends over here number 66 brian stork back from concussion issues. working with the o-line under the wisdom of dante. >> he's an excellent coach. amazing respect for the guy. we're working hard and he's leading that charge. >> reporter: and most encouragin edelman looks. healthy and fast. and you know he's feeling good because he's yapping at everybody. >> he talks but he gets you going. you like to about him. he's a competitor he competes every day, every drill. so he just makes us better. i got a lot of time train with julian when when we were both missing a couple days he's just a competitor he brings that edge to an offense. >> in foxborough, butch stearns, fox 25 sports. >> thanks, butch.
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today. lily king won gold and ryan murphy won in the 100 meter backstroke. the red sox are off tonight as they host a-rod and the yankees tomorrow night. let's turn our attention to the wellesley little league team in bristol. already 3-0 ryan gets on board thanks to an error. so david blair comes home to score. they must hear loving their names at their their families do. next batter matt buyer 5-0. they mercy ruled them. 9-0 when david blair goes to right. drew trots home to make it 10-0. the wellesley moves on to face warwick, rhode island wednesday night at 7:00. well, this is a great moment i got to share with you from the weekend. david ortiz and vince sculley both calling it quits after the season. big papi paying vince
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you and i know. >> a lot of people we all love you. we're all going to miss you. >> well, we're going to miss you unless you're coming back? >> he threw that out there. they should convince each other to come back for another season. >> that would be something. >> how many times do you think papi heard. >> hundreds maybe thousands at this point for sure. >> maybe we can convince him. >> i don't think a-rod will hear that tomorrow know. how are we lookin >> nice tonight. tomorrow's wake up 50s around upper 80s low humidity. wednesday different ball game. humidity is back storms storms will be returning. >> we'll leave you with a jim daup it on on the fire. >> the east fourth street building was undergoing renovations. if a cause comes up we'll
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: three team u.s.a. players decide to have a spa day in rio. it turned out to be aer who house. >> deandre jordan, demarcus cousins and a bunch of other guys, they walked into this place that they were told was a spa. >> it's legal there, yeah? >> prostitution is legal but brotherles are not legal. >> they won the next >> they won the next day. that's all that matters. >> britney spears new video. she shot a video with dave chappelle. >> they nixed it and then shot another video. >> people were saying it's too sixy and then she released it. harvey: the one they released is so much more watchable. >> no, no, no. [laughter] >> the game at playhouse, taking on the candy kids. >> tease are the kids who sell candy outside the clubs. >> i gave them all $100.


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