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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 9, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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plus, a police officer attacked bay woman. how trying to stop a fight ends with the rookie cop losing part of her ear. and the rescue at sea you have to see. >> let go of me. >> how a ferry headed to martha's vineyard help rescue a dog in the middle of the ocean making for a lovely day. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. now police are trying to find the person who murdered this young woman when she was out for a run less than half mile from her mother's home. hello everyone i'm van. vanessa. >> and i'm blair miller. right now the small town of princeton in central mass is on alert because the killer is still out there. 27-year-old grew up in leominster and graduated from b.u. in 2011 was working for google in new york city. she was last seen jogging on brook station road. fox 25's christine mccarthy
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the police tape in that area. christine? >> reporter: police have since reopened that portion of the road where vanessa mar cott's body was recovered last night just down the road from where her mother lives. tonight the family is asking for privacy and police they're urging residents to be vigilant. this is how a former colleague and friend wants to remember vanessa marcott happy and smiling on a work trip to seattle. >> so sad, so wonder why somebody would do this. >> reporter: but residents are princeton are forced to hear the horrifying truth of how the 27-year-old's life ended on sunday. >> we have a horrible set of facts a horrible set of circumstance here right now we'll do everything we can to make sure we do this investigation carried out. >> reporter: marcott a leominster 98952011 b.u. grad was living in new york city and working at google. after avid runner and volunteer she was here in
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jog sunday afternoon. her body hours later recovered less than a mile from her mother's home on brook station road. investigators are looking into the possibility she was sexually assaulted her body, they say, was burned. >> people of should be concerned. we're asking to use an abundance of caution. >> reporter: that warning to be vigilant with a killer at large has residents uneasy in a town that had not seen a murder in about 30 years. >> i have two young daughters that live in town and jog regularl >> reporter: as investigators search on foot for evidence at the crime scene neighbors feel the pain of the heartbroken family. >> i'm just grieving for that family. i can't imagine their pain right now. >> reporter: police are urging residents to walk or jog in pairs and they're asking anyone with information, particularly about anything suspicious between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 p.m. yesterday to go ahead and call police. we're live in princeton tonight, christine mccarthy,
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spoke with criminologist jack levin for his take on a positive motive. >> nowadays it's much more likely that the killer's motive was to gain a thrill, an excitement by deciding whether the victim lives or dies. >> levin went on to say the possibility of sexual abuse leads him to think the attacker was a stranger targeting a victim for pleasure. right thousand we have vanessa marcott' all fox 25 social media accounts. again if you saw anything that could help solve this case call 9-1-1. all tips are anonymous. tonight we are learning about a disturbing attack on a police officer. a rookie female officer was trying to stop a big fight when a woman nearly bit off her ear. new at 10:00 fox 25's malini basu is live tonight in salem after reading through a very detailed police report. malini? >> reporter: here we are at the salem police department this is where the
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responded to car when she had part of her ear bitten off. it's so detailed and graphic we can't get into a lot of it. neighbors describe emma rose wiley as a kind and giving teenager. >> my god, she watches my animals, she takes care of them all the time. she's a beautiful kind girl. i'm so sorry. >> reporter: saturday night salem police say wylie bit off part of a rookie police officer's ear. >> it's very, very >> reporter: the 19-year-old allegedly used a fake rhode island i.d. to get into the tavern on the square. around midnight a fight broke out. police say wylie fighting with another woman in front of the bar and was holding a first full of someone's hair. >> there must have been like 50, 60 people on washington street. >> reporter: as police were arresting the 19-year-old and putting her in the police car officer jessica
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witnesses who were in the area were stunned. >> so your ear's gone. it might not be all of your ear but it's your ear. >> reporter: she just graduated from the police academy in july. she says on the way to the police department wylie "made numerous spontaneous threats about how she was going have every one of us cops killed." >> i don't know i'm so sorry. >> reporter: wylie lives in marblehead with her parents and goes to salem state univ marblehead police visited this house often. wylie allegedly made mentions of "i know every police officer from the marblehead police department. you are going to credit regret this in ways you can imagine imagine." >> i'm thinking i just don't understand where this came from and i love and you just reach out to me. >> reporter: tonight wylie is being held without bail. she could be in jail for up
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without bail. coming up at 11:00, we're getting more details about the search for apart of the missing ear. as for the officer herself we're being told she will have reconstructive ear surgery. malini basu, fox 25 news. happening now a multistate search for a sharon man accused of raping a child. this is 29-year-old eric williams silva. if you have seen him recently give him a call. multiple warrants have been issued for his authorities have reason to believe he could be in the new jersey new york area as well as sharon and norwood. new 10:00, state police investigate having after a violent crash brought down a telephone pole in saugus. skyfox through over the scene on right 107 when we showed you live at 6:00. you can see the s.u.v. ended up on a wall on the side where of the road and two huge poles were down in the
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the only person in the car was rushed to the hospital. it is not clear what caused this crash. traffic on one 7 was closed -- 107 was closed but has roped. this crash involved a police officer around 5:30. we're told that officer a member of belmont p.d.s motorcycle unit was conscious when he was taken to the hospital. he apparently collided with another car. tonight we don't know how serious the injuries are. if anyone could face charges for this. now to a live look temperatures in our as you can see pretty comfortable night after a beautiful summer day. fox 25 storm tracker meteorologist jason brewer here now to show us what's in store for the rest of tonight and into tomorrow. right now we have clear skies here above southern new england some nice and quiet. and the winds are beginning to report calm in the lower elevations that is going on lead to temperatures falling downward overnight. you see the dew points. remember we can get as cool as these numbers.
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in boston. with the urban heat we'll be in the middle 60s. just to get you an idea of where we're headed into the 50s in a lot of spots. outside of the city. as we start our day tomorrow. we'll even be down in the upper 50s on the vineyard in the morning. hour by hour let's check this out. clear skies into the overnight hours light winds waking up in the middle 60s. then look at this by 8:00 in the morning we're already in the lower 70s in boston tomorrow. there will be low humidity and plenty of i'll show you how warm you get tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk about some tropical moisture that will be building in and bringing us a threat for heavy rain coming up this week straight ahead. >> thanks. tonight a level 2 sex offender is accused of taking pictures of up a woman's skirt on an mbta bus. when police arrested him they found even more disturbing content on his phone. >> reporter: 51-year-old mark barry of everett is
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bus as she sat right next to her teenage daughter. it happened friday morning on board an everet to charlestown bus. mbta police say they have bus surveillance video showing barry sitting across from the woman and her daughter and manipulating his cell phone camera in the circumstances of the woman's crotch. afterwards a witness told investigators she saw barry deleting images off his phone. according to this police report, barry admitted taking and deleting the images and he apologized to police telling them he is in counselling for "his condition." according to this mbta police report mark barry is already a registered level two sex offender who is on probation for possession of child porn. at barry's ever moment police say they found images with of other victims of upskirting and they also found something else. child porn. in charlestown district court a judge ordered mark berry held on $100,000 cash
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fox 25 news. right now police are trying to find out who hired a stray bullet that hit two women inside an apartment in worcester. the bullet went through the second floor porch on saturday. it hit one woman in the leg then grazed a second on her back. both are expected to fully recover. neighbors tell the telegram they saw a man in a black hoodie fire three shots at a car near the intersection of perry. someone stole a state cruiser in south boston skyfox with the view with of that cruiser where it was found across town in a parking lot of a skate rink in cambridge. we're told the cruiser is a backup vehicle. no guns or weapons were inside when it was stolen. a man was killed in an early morning fire in west bridgewater. take a look at the burned shell of the home. tonight we know 54-year-old robert murphy died in his first floor apartment. there a family that lived upstairs tried to save murphy before the flames
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investigators say the fire does not appear suspicious. today in peabody, crews work to put out fire in this home on bald winch street. there are some reports tonight saying there was an older woman inside and needed to be helped to safety. the fire appeared to start in the garage. the cause is still under investigation. >> people riding on a ferry to martha's vineyard spotted a dog in the middle of the ocean. up next at 10:00 the rescue at sea you will be telling your friends abou donald trump releases his plan to fix the economy. how it stacks up to his competitor hillary clinton. >> but first a local
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>> he's fun loving and very, very outgoing boy. friendly kind of guy. the guy you like to have as a friend. >> reporter: 20-year-old lowell native calvin riley being remembered as a guy's guy even in middle school. witnesses say he spent his last hours with friends before he was shot and killed playing pokemon go in san francisco's aquatic park around 10:00 saturday night. >> it was random, they said that. no words were exchanged there was no reason for the ki innocently out hanging out and someone just for absolutely no reason pulled out a gun and shot. >> reporter: brock riley no relation grew up playing baseball with calvin and remembers his incredible talent. >> he was an awesome kid and family. >> reporter: calvin's father and the riley's became a fixture in the community before they left for the west coast about five years
1:15 am
a dream coaching job. calvin would have a sophomore in stockton, california, where he became the closing pitcher at a college that produced seven major league draft picks since 2010. >> that's just something i'll always remember about him just how much joy he brought to me and all my friends in the baseball world. >> reporter: calvin was the sold oldest of three siblings. his cousin has set up a go fund me page that has raised over $40,000 for his funeral expenses crystal hanes, fox 25 news. a krovl stop for poke monday go players -- a controversial stop for pokemon go players. a memorial is being built on the site but it's also being used as a poke stop for the popular virtual reality game. survivors and family members of those who died have asked the developer to remove the site from their game. a father has now
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daughter in new bedford. a 19-year-old sabrina desilva was shot to death last month in the parking lot of her apartment building. her father, 45-year-old walter desilva was arrested in connecticut friday on a probation violation and murder charges were filed against him just today. desilva waived extradition to massachusetts. in 2002 he was convicted of attempted murder for trying to kill sabrina's mother. the family of a man who died trying to save one of his dogs is mourning his loss tonight. crews retrieved from a river. the man died this weekend while trying to rescue one of his dogs who had jumped overboard while they were in a boat on the river. officials say the man began to struggle and life jackets were thrown to him but he couldn't reach them. there was a scene with the dog on his chest before he slipped below the surface. tonight we're trying to find out how a cyclist is doing after being hit by a car in duxbury. here's a picture of the scene tweeted out around
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face any charges. a dramatic dog rescue caught on video off the coast of massachusetts. take a look here. this is a springer spaniel paddling as hard as it can to stay above water. people on the ferry to martha's vineyard shot this on the way to oak bluff. the harbor master tells fox 25 the excited dog jump off the ferry this morning. the owner told the captain who radioed the island queen. it spotted the dog and decided to circle it. the captain blew the horn four times and er day. as you can see they pull up here alongside the dog. they used the neck to pull the dog safely on -- they used the net to pull the dog safely on board. >> the whole boat just erupted in cheers and applause. it was funny because the boat's name was lovely day. so everyone was wave fog the boat and saying have a lovely day.
1:18 am
back to the vineyard. these are new pictures here of the lucky dog getting attention back on the dock. what a rescue. >> it's great. the video then the pictures and all the people on that boat watching this unfold. >> then lucky day -- then lovely day, right. >> lovely day. donald trump released his plan to fix the american economy. >> next at 10:00 the three specific things he plans to do if elected. plus, local works of art destroyed intentionally. ahead at 10:00 what one art exhibit in fear of vandalism. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler
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hillary clinton continues to lead donald trump with another poll out today showing her with a large laettner lead over her opponents. the latest abc news washington news post poll shows she has an eight-point lead that is doubt lead she just a month ago.
1:21 am
digits. that includes new hampshire, where clinton is up by more than 10 points. tonight both candidates are on the attack. it comes on the same night top republicans refuse to support donald trump for president. and that he released his three step plan to fix the economy. >> but when i am president we will start winning again, big league. >> reporter: that's not what some republican big leaguers want. 54 more national security officials who have served in republican presidential administration from richard nixon to george w. bush signed a letter to the american people announcing their refusal to vote for donald trump. saying a trump presidency would risk security and well-being. the letter expressed doubts about hillary clinton trump responded as part of the failed washington elite who made the world such a dangerous place. the letter comes as g.o.p.
1:22 am
and get his campaign back on track by focusing on the economy. >> i want to jump-start america and it can be done and it won't even be that hard. >> reporter: to do that trump vowed to among other things reduce tax rates for most americans. simplify the tax code, and make the average child care expenses fully tax deductible. >> economists left, right, in the middle, all say the same thing, that trump's policies would throw a recession. the last thing we need. >> she's the candidate of the past. ours is the campaign of the future. >> reporter: clinton, hillary clinton will speak about the economy on thursday. former massachusetts governor bill weld telling fox 25 today he really believes the libertarian ticket has a shot this fall. >> we have a path to run right up the middle and win the whole thing here.
1:23 am
both of us were republican governors who were elected in blue states. >> weld drop off 3,000 signatures at a secretary of state's office to get the libertarian policy on the state ballot. he and gary johnson earned 7% in a poll released today. they will need 15% to get into any presidential debate. tonight we have new information about the 10-year-old who died going down the world's largest water slide. ahead at 10:00 what investigators just said about how it happened. but first strike an art exhibit where some of the artists are as young as 8 years old. it was a warm and dry start to the week. i'll show you when the oppressive humidity returns
1:24 am
1:25 am
snich right now police are looking for the person who vandalized and destroyed beautiful works of art at a local outdoor display. the exhibit happens every year in hopkinton. >> but this year is different.
1:26 am
crime. new at 10:00 fox 25's jim morelli is live in hopkinton where one of the artist pulled their artwork in fear of it being vandalized. jim? >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right, blair and vanessa. the early fallout is right here at the beginning of the display there were three rather majestic figure except that the artist got nervous when things got vandalized and she replaced them. you can see they have eyes might see whoever did this. >> i with would say where the heart is the art is. >> reporter: that may be true but this week in hopkinton where the art was were the vandals. >> some of the chairs were knocked over and the figures were sort of scattered on the ground. >> reporter: the second annual art on the trail event kicked off this past saturday on a sour note after organizers found several pieces on display along the upper charles rail
1:27 am
even destroyed. >> over 120 artists all told have put months and months of work into this and it's just disappointing that someone would come along and deface it. >> reporter: who that someone is unknown. but here is some of what they did. profanity written on this piece, packing foam people kicked over, and that was not the worst of it. organizers were able to put back together every exhibit except for one, a piece called totem which was standing right here. pieces the ceramic head smashed beyond repair. >> many of the pieces are in fact about hope and the promise of human beings. i think that spirit shows through in spite of what's happened but i won't be discouraged and neither will we. >> reporter: hopkinton police not the only ones who have their eye out for whoever did this. next hour you will meet a
1:28 am
business to patrol this trail to see if he can catch him. live in hopkinton, jim morelli, fox 25 news. princeton police have reopened the road where a jogger was found murdered. we continue to work this still developing story. tonight at 11:00 the steps the police would like the public to take when they go outside to exercise. plus, a coast guard had to rescue a woman off this sailboat tonight. all new at 11:00, the reason she needed a helicopter to take her to the hospital. >> good evening. we're starting out with a pic here of day gorgeous shot here at sunset. as you can see they're from rich thank you for shooting this over to us. nice work there under clear skies. that's where we stand right now nice and quiet out there. clear skies above. but look what's going on to our south. a big swirl of low pressure the southeastern quadrant of
1:29 am
time and some of this moisture looks to be creeping our way by the middle of the week. more that straight ahead. right now temperatures have cooled off nicely. look at the vineyard 66?, 79? in boston. look at that urban heating that we're seeing there that leftover heat that you go out to norwood, foxborough, natick, way land all about 12 degrees cooler than right in the city. so temperatures are cooling also out toward worcester it's 67 there. and 70 in nashua right now. now we're going to end up with a lot of 50s on the map in the morning. shiri will be getting out the door with a nice comfortable wake up forecast. we'll have middle 60s in boston. but as soon as you get outside of town more likely to see 55 to 60 degrees in the morning and also orange and keen some lower 50s in those spots. let's check out our metro west hour by hour forecast. 50s in the morning then by
1:30 am
of it nearing 80?. it will warm up quickly tomorrow morning. we'll have plenty of sunshine all day long a couple of pop-up cumulus clouds in the afternoon. but no rain. humidity stays low again tomorrow. it will be pretty comfort be a even though i do see temperatures climbing about two or three degrees hotter than they were today thanks to a change in the wind direction. more out of the south for the afternoon. so that's going to bring brockton up, middleboro into the upper 80s. still get a and 80s there. but the farther west you go the warmer you get. haverhill 88? for you rockport only 74. we'll see this in parts of middlesex county up wither 80s most spots then you go eastward toward the coast. it's a few degrees cooler. then high temperatures towards cape cod and the island looking nice. right will around the vineyard you will be in the low 80s for tomorrow afternoon.
1:31 am
about that. wednesday chance of showers and few rumble of showers. depending on the timing. if it waits a little later we start to get the heat really building on wednesday we could have a concern for some heavier storms. then thursday looks like we get a lull. friday here comes another chance for some heavy storms. here's a quick check of the timing this is an early look again this is going out to adjusting this as needed. we do have this weak warm front coming by plenty of moisture building in. it so does look like midday into the afternoon. we'll have to monitor that threat for a few locally heavy downpours. i want to show you this. this is a new map that helps me show you where the best moisture in the atmosphere is and that deep orange and red color that's where the deep tropical moisture is right now. as we go advance in time you will see where it is on wednesday. coming right across southern
1:32 am
then on thursday we get a break in this. this will set up shop. so the moisture will be there we just need a trigger to get those showers and storms going. we'll be ironing out the position of a front over the weekend to dictate who gets the heaviest rain. right now we can all use it across southern new england as we're running 7.50 to eight below natural for the year. seven-day forecast enjoy tomorrow. it president obama's vacation on martha's vineyard is in full swing. we told you last night at 10:00 how he hit the links with players from l.a. clippers today he showed the golden state warriors some love playing another round with steph curry and his father. he played in oak bluff along with with long time obama friend walker. curt schilling says he will run for president in eight years. why the outspoken former red sox pitcher says he will
1:33 am
if he has to. plus, you can nominate him for brother of the year. how an 11-year-old saved his little brother's life. but first a 10-year-old boy killed going down the world's tallest water slide out in kansas. the new details about the terrifying ride that ended
1:34 am
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new at 10:00 a 10-year-old boy broke his neck and died while going downing the world's tallest water slide. the 17 story slide sits at a waterpark in kansas. it's taller than the statue of liberty. tonight we are learning some new details about the thrill ride that turned deadly. >> reporter: the first drop alone is so steep that world's tallest water slide in the world. at 168 feet, seven inches. steen 17 stories high riders hitting speeds around 50 miles per hour. local reports say it was on this second hill and its 50 foot drop where something went wrong as 10-year-old caleb shwash was in the middle of his ride. >> i just saw everyone's faces as they waited and you know to see if it was their loved ones that were affected. >> reporter: jessica says a number of riders pointed to
1:38 am
that would keep people strapped to the raft. >> a lady in front of me said that multiple times she rode the ride today the front harness did not work any of the times that she rode it. >> reporter: the park spokeswoman said she had not heard about a harness issue. >> we honestly don't know what's happened that's why an investigation investigation a full investigation is necessary. >> reporter: not in kansas city because this park didn't have a height restriction for the structure. delayed three times, a portion of it rebuilt once amid reports that in test runs sandbagged launched out of the raft. when did it open in july of 2001 it stood taller than the statue of liberty and niagara falls. the owner and designer of the slide so confident in its safety they rode it first. according to the park, two to three riders need to be strapped into the raft for a total weight between 400 and 500 pounds. riders need to be 54 inches
1:39 am
met the height requirements. >> and caleb is the son of a kansas state lawmaker scott schwab and his wife michelle. disney world is putting a new security system in place while a child was killed. workers are building a stonewall around the lake where 2-year-old lane graves was pulled into the water and killed by an alligator. the wall will wrap the beaches at the seven seas lagoon. the park already put up warning signs and ropes. it appears the cause of the deadly crash in texas may have been an issue with visibility. a source very close to the investigation now says the pilot may have not seen the power lines before hitting them. earlier this month, the balloon hit the lines caused fire and crashed. all 16 people on board were killed. the source says the pilot was trying to lower the balloon through a break in the clouds at the time. some major frustrations with airports all across the country today. delta cancelled 450 flights leaving thousands stranded because of a computer
1:40 am
month southwest was forced to delay almost a thousand flights because of a similar problem. so far lawmakers have not raised any concerns. sources on capitol hill say lawmakers would only step in if safety was ever compromised. >> people if this keeps happening to an airline. >> and new tonight delta now says it will provide $200 tr who were delayed longer than three hours. if you're ready for a new face for politics in america curt schilling may be your answer. he's running for president in eight years. some facebook posts recently schilling demented about how broad lent the democratic party is and thread -- fraudulent the democratic party is -- they are
1:41 am
abandoned. >> next what fox 25 investigate uncovered. plus, companies trying to cash in on the zika
1:42 am
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fox 25 investigates made needed a boat to get there. after we found lights on in these empty buildings records revealed that the city of boston was still spending millions on maintenance at long island even though programs to help the homeless and those fighting drug addiction were moved off the island almost two yearsing. >> this is going to require the city recommend make >> reporter: tim tyler is president of the boston municipal research bureau. more troubling than the millions spent on the island he says is the city's lack of a long-term plan for what to do with these buildings since the only bridge to the island was destroyed last year. >> have you seen anything from the city that gives you confidence they're going to address this, quickly? >> no. no. i haven't. decisions need to be made so those don't continue. >> reporter: for now the bill for taxpayers keeps adding up. among the costs this year a
1:45 am
oil and other supplies. fox 25 investigates has learned the city paid for 61 round trips between hull and long island in the last year. another 213 trips from squandton and 444 hours of barge service that barge costing taxpayers $300 an hour. >> i can assure that you our budget and finance law are taking really hard look at the ferry and transportation budget. >> reporter: fox 25 investigates asked to go insi t the city denied our request citing safety concerns. >> that was erik rasmussen reporting. the city says it has replaced all of the beds for the homeless that were lost on the island. but a program tells fox 25 it's still playing catch-up. more sexual assault allegations are coming to light against tv legend bill cosby. two more women are name in a civil lawsuit from incidents dating back to the 80s. one of the women says she
1:46 am
manhattan because she was not able to move. she claimed cosby kissed and touched her against her will. 60 women have now accused the comedian of fuel and assault. he is also facing a defamation case in western massachusetts where he has a home. friends of a local teenager killed in a crash are planning a new memorial for her. 19-year-old jackie gray was a passenger in an s.u.v. that hit a pole on july 3rd in milford. her friends have now raised a state park -- to purchase baench. she would a been samove more this fall at quinnipiac university. drowsy driving causes 5,000 deaths a year according to a new report by the governor's highway safety association. the report estimates run in five deadly crashes is because of a tired driver. jennifer pierce's sister nicole lee was killed in a
1:47 am
allows people to see that, you know, it can happen to an everyday average person. >> the report says the solution pretty simple drivers should get more sleep and state highway offices should work with industry leaders to change the sleep culture in america. federal regulators are skeptical of a host of new products that claim to keep you safe fromma-carrying mosquitoes. fox 25's justin gray shows us why the federal trade commission is demanding >> reporter: kara and her husband are thinking about baby number two they have already checked some vacation destinations off their list and talked to her ob-gyn. >> with the mosquitoes it's a dangerous concern. >> reporter: it's those types of worries that federal regulators say some marketers and companies are already preying on. exploiting fear about zika to pedal whole host of products like wrist bands, patches and stickers that
1:48 am
the companies that are making those claims have the science to back up those claims. >> reporter: the f.t.c. sent this letter to 10 different companies warning them that making false claims about the health benefits of a product is illegal and could lead to fines. >> we don't want anyone unnecessarily infected because they thought they were protected when they weren't. >> reporter: the f.t.c. isn't releasing the names of the companies yet but they did give them a 48 hour de with hard facts or pull false advertising claims. >> if the past is any indication some of these companies will just disappear. >> reporter: if not the f.t.c. says it could quickly take legal action against the product. reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. right now some breaking news just into the newsroom. crews are battling a third alarm fire in boston. here's a picture that a viewer just sent us from the fire near the intersection
1:49 am
we have a crew on the way to scene right now. we're working to learn more we'll go live from this scene just as soon as our crews get there. new england is the best place in the country to have sababy that's according to the report by wallet hub. vermont, main and connecticut and massachusetts came in ampth the report used healthcare, costs of delivery and baby friendliness to come up with the rankings. it's now harder for teenagers to get their hands on it's now illegal to sell the products to anyone under the age of 18. head to for a complete look at the headlines. a texas teenager says his civil rights were violated when his teacher mistook a homemade clock for a bomb. 14-year-old ahmed mohamed made headlines after bringing the clock to school.
1:50 am
bomb. he was detained, questioned and hauled off in handcuffs. since then he says he has suffered incredible hate and asked to leave the country. >> i have to go to qatar because right now it's not very safe for anyone that's a minority. >> the lawsuit claims the city of irving, texas, the school district and his principal all highlight violated his civil rights. a book about the man who inspired the ice bucket year. it will take a closer look with pete frates struggle with a.l.s. challenge is due out in the fall of 2017. looking forward to that. well, tonight we are learning more about those great white shark sightings that we're seeing off the coast. >> next at 10:00 where officials are asking people to be on alert because of scenes like this right here.
1:51 am
saved his younger brother's life. that's next at 10:00. ? music ? new k-y intense.
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>> not something you see every day. chased through a neighborhood after a pack of sheep broke loose. the five sheep made themselves home in the cul-de-sac you see them hanging out. neighbors say they've been going house on to house, yard to the grass there. >> apparently animal control and police had a tough time getting them together. >> no longer on the lam. they have been caught. >> they do look pretty comfortable out there, right. well, a shark sighting forces an alert off the coast of the cape this afternoon. the atlantic white shark conservancy team spotted a great spwhight this is the second sighting of the day. another team witnessed this great white out there feasting on seal earlier today.
1:55 am
quenchcy, boston and win thop has had its trial period -- winthrop has had its trial period extended to 90 days. quincy residents have not had ferry service since 2013. the ferry service hopes to continue to work with department of conservation and recreation in the future so they can provide more trips in the harbor area. for today we had temperatures topping out just below 80 on nantucket and just the rest of southern new england. so a nice day with with the humidity low. now we drop to 80 in boston. this is where our sensor with is near the seaport. but as we zoom out you see how it gets much cooler in fact right now woburn reporting 66 degrees so a good 14 degree difference as soon as you get outside of the city. our wake up forecast then in the 50s it will stay in the 60s in boston. we'll have a nice start to the day with low humidity in
1:56 am
then the big changes on the way. i'm timing the return of showers and storms and that oppressive feel to the air coming up. >> we'll see you then. this pint-sized hero jumped right into action when his little brother needed him the most. now his proud mother is sharing his story with fox 25 after their scary experience had a happy ending. >> as fox 25's elizabeth hopkins reports the 11-year-old knew exactly what to do. >> it's just one of those rare moments that you get as a parent that you realize right. >> reporter: rosa laura beams with pride as she describes how her son xavier rushed to aid of his little brother. >> i saw my brother laying down on the floor with a pillow on him. so i woke him up i need to -- i need to [inaudible]. >> reporter: on friday the 4-year-old was having a reaction to a cracker had he
1:57 am
xavier recognized what was happening and raced two blocks home returning to his grandmother house to administer an epipen. the allergy can be deadly his boston e.m.s.s susan shiller. >> allergic reactions can progress very quickly. once you get behind the 8 ball it's hard to stabilized the patient. there's no question in my mind that this definitely made a difference and it quite possibly could have saved his brother's life. >> reporter: a big move for a little boy. that he was able to because i came and he was ? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ?
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>> today on "fablife"... >> our all-time favorite fashion moments. >> kris jenner. >> a jenner-dashian inspired fashion show. >> i like the little jenner-dashian. >> kate hudson. >> oh, you went there. >> all right-- >> let's do this all day. >> liv tyler. >> i just want to let everybody out there know that you were ac >> nobody's ever done anything like this before. >> plus... come on out! kyle richards of "the real housewives." plus, 15-second fashion fixes. hi, guys. look how cute you look. (cheers and applause) welcome to our "fablife" fashion extravaganza special. >> yeah. >> right? so, today we are taking a look back at some of our all-time favorite fashion moments, including ones with kris jenner, kate hudson, and liv tyler.


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