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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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overnight on the pike when a violent crash causes a three-mile backup for hours. the brand-new information we just got from state police. [sirens] >> reporter: a brutal murder has left a small community heartbroken. a jogger found less than a mile from her mother's home. the warning for resident as they continue to search for her killer. and donald trump laying out its plans for the u.s. economy. >> i want to jump start america. and it can be done. hard. >> reporter: the changes that trump wants to make and the dozens of prominent republicans that are refusing to back him.complete new england news coverage tarts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 6 a.m. on this tuesday, august 9, i am daniel miller in today for gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. feeling great again this morning. meteorologist shiri spear says to make the most of it, while
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tracker weather center to time out comfortable conditions come to an end. >> we have got at least one day of perfect weather even as you wake up tomorrow morning. a little bit quiet and tomorrow is the big transition day. today we will soak up the sunshine from tart to finish. right now nice and bright in boston at 71 degrees. upper 50s in beverly and down to plymouth. 53 in norwood and bedford. 57 in nashua and we have got some low 60s over the c 50s and 60s for the most part this morning, just a little touch of light fog in norwood. fog not a big issue at all. of course sunshine -- what a big issue if you don't have the sunglasses. 8 a.m. 69 degrees and we jump by another 10 degrees by 10:00. lunchtime in metro west. 8 and upper 80s close to 90 degrees. inland towns and cities with a shot of getting up to 90. boston and the cape in the lower 80s. the town by town look coming coming up.
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accident update. shiri a an accident at freeport to the right hand side that is slowing things down. north of the pike nothing going on. here are the live pictures, and you can still see some of the flashing lights right in the middle as the police car is on scene. stop and go traffic as you are headed northbound on the expressway, and not -- i guess 25 minutes, we have only jumped up to 18 but we are on red on the expressway. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound. 25 back to you. breaking news this morning where westborough. emergency crews race down the pike overnight for the scene of a three-car crash that left one person dead. >> daniel: this was right near exit 11 a and traffic was backed up for hours. jessica reyes live at the state police barracks in millbury and jess, we got new
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minutes. -- in the last ten minutes. >> we did, brand in new information from state police. one person was killed and four people hurt in this horrific crash on the mass pike. a driver was driving the wrong way east on the westbound side of the pike. that driver a 28-year-old man from rutlands was killed and he hit four other cars injuring several other people in those cars the keen of the mass pike clea backed up for hours. and people were sitting out there for to long, many of them got out of their cars and walking around on the highway. it happened on the westbound side of the pike right before the exit for 495 and did take up all three lanes of traffic. the entire highway was shut down as police worked to take photos and try to figure out how exactly this all happened. we it get an update from state police in the past ten minutes
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killed and four people were hurt in this crash. the wrong-way driver, a 28-year-old man from rutland, massachusetts was driving east on the westbound side of the driveway when he hit four other cars injuring people. we are checking with state police to get an update on that and will keep you posted throughout the morning. jessica reyes, local 10 news. young woman remembered as a beloved daughter, friend and co-worker after she was found murder the community where this happened is on edge. stephanie coueignoux is live in princeton where police are urging people to be on alert as investigators try to piece together what happened. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: daniel, this is so heartbreaking and shocking because the first murder here in princeton.the last 30 years. you can see a few police cars behind me again, and this morning they are stepping up patrols as they continue to search for a killer. that murder happening just a
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and it has been less than 48 hours since police found 27-year-old vanessa marcot's body in a wooded area less than a mile away from her mother's home on brook station road. yesterday we were there as neighbor told us they received an automated phone call from police asking them to report if they saw or heard anything suspicious around 1:00. and we know that police are focusing the investigation on the hours before 1 and 4 p.m. that is was last seen jogging along that road. the 27-year-old who worked at google in new york city was visiting family at the time of her murder. investigators haven't released exactly how she died and they are looking whether she may have been sexually assaulted and set on fire, and this morning as community is continuing to grieve, police are asking everyone not to walk alone and be on alert. >> people should be concerned.
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family. i can't imagine their pain right now. >> reporter: marcott's family is asking for privacy as they continue to grieve. police are investigating whether this was a random murder. we are continuing to reach out to the district attorney's office. the agency now handling this investigation, and as soon as we have an update, we will of course let you go. in princeton, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> 6:06 right now. happening at this hour, delta airlines warning passengers there flight cancellations again today. this is still related to yesterday's power outage which caused computer systems to fail around the world. right now three morning flights from logan airport are already cancelled, two to atlanta. one to new york's laguardia airport. we will keep an eye on any other changes passengers left stranded yesterday are receiving refunds or $200 travel vouchers. delta tweeted out in the last few hours the people affected by cancellations today will
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caused the power failure or why the computer system wasn't able to recover quickly. new this morning, tewksbury police tweeted out this picture of a water main break at the corner andover street. you can see a huge puddle of water bubbling the road. water service in that area will be impacted for several hours. a father has now admitted to killing his daughter. walter desilva is charged with shoot 19-year-old sabrina de silva nine times outside home from grocery shopping when she was killed. according to court documents obtained the father told investigators he killed his daughter because she was dating an older man. in 2002 de silva was convicted of attempting to kill his ex-wife who was sabrina's mother. accused of raping a child. they believe eric william
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multiple evidence of his arrest. police post these pictures on the facebook page but no other information about the crime has been released. 6:08. police in california are still searching for the suspect that shot and killed a lowell native playing pokemon go. riley was killed over the weekend while playing the game near san francisco's fisherman's wharf. was a baseball player at delta college and coached a kid's summer camp and coached little league in lowell and family was before moved to the west coast. >> was an awesome kid. everybody loved him. he was so loved and everybody loved his family and they did so much for baseball in lowell. >> no bad things about him. he always there to talk and he always had a smile. i never saw him frown. >> daniel: the oldest of three siblings and his cousins started a go fund me page where they raised $54,000. gruesome new details
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a water park. caleb schwab broke his neck. he was killed riding the world's tallest water slide. the ride was on its second hill making a 50-foot drop and something went terribly wrong. people at the park that day said the park and to have an issue with the harness system.the lady in front of me said multiple times she rode the ride today and the front harness did not work any of the times she rode it. heard about anything about this harness issue. the accident is still under investigation. and an investigation is also under way in tennessee where three girls were thrown from a ferris wheel. this happened at a county fair at greenville yesterday. police say a basket may have overturn and dumped the girls out. all three were alert and talking when they were transported to the hospital. now an inspector is looking at all mechanical rides at the fair and needs to sign off on them before the fair can
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in rio, needham's aly raisman goes for gold. it comes following a disappointing fifth-place finish for the men yesterday it has been eight years since the u.s. men won an olympic team medal. 32 since they won gold. lilly king finish first in the 100-meter breaststroke and ryan murphy set an olympic record in the 100-meter backstroke. the u.s. leads the med am count with 19 including five golds. china is and australia with seven. and one american is making history with -- without winning a medal. fencer muslim became the first team usa member to compete in the olympics with a jihab to cover her head. the new jersey woman won her first bought but lost her second to a rival from france. she will take part in the team competition later in the games. we track traffic and weather together every ten
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good morning, everyone. still an dent on the prey. it is right at freeport street around exit 13, exit 14 and now that's why we are up to 27 minutes long before the 6:30 hour when things start to slow down. shiri? >> shiri: a lot of 60s on tap right now across massachusetts and new hampshire, but if you were headed into boston now, 70 degrees. 71 at 7 a.m. and 73 degrees by 8 a.m. we will show you what kind of warm-up you will get in your town next. a local woman under arrest for allegedly biting police officer's ear coming up this half hour, why neighbors say shocked to commit such a valent act. ocean media jubing yes versus gamers. why one group of teens does much better in school. donald trump facing tough opposition as he lays out his economic plan.
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man: we gave him the option -- "do you want to do a big party with your friends, or would you rather do something with us as a big family?" and so he chose for all of us to get together, actually go down to great wolf lodge, and have a family birthday. woman: and that's the family i wanted to give luke was lots of siblings, people who love him all around him at all times,
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senator from -- prominent republican senator from maine is reducing to endorse trump. she says she won't endorse hillary clinton. collins is not the only support that trump is losing. dozens more republicans are promising not to vote for trump in november. it comes as the republican gop lays out his plan for the u.s. economy. >> when i am president we will start winning again big league. >> reporter: that not what some republican bigea 50 farmer national security officials who serve the in republican nominations from richard nixon to george w. bush signed a letter to the american people announcing their refusal to vote for donald trump saying a trump's presidency would risk our country's national security and well being. >> don't let a friend vote trump. >> reporter: but the letter expresses doubts about hillary clinton as well. trump responded with his own statement calling those who signed the letter part of the
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dangerous place. the letter comes as the gop nominee tries to repair the fractures within its party and get its campaign back on track by focusing on the economy. >> i want to jump start america. and it can be done. and it won't even be that hard. >> reporter: to do that, trump vowed to, among other things, reduce tax rate for most americans, simplify the tax code and expenses tax deductible. >> economists left, right, in the middle up a say the same thing that trump's policy also throw us into a recession. >> the last thing we need. >> reporter: a candidate of the past. ours is the campaign of the future. >> a lot of reaction this morning to trump's big economic plan. republicans are praising it, but senator elizabeth warren is not holding back her negative opinion.
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yesterday. take a look at what she had to say, tweeted at trump telling him, quote, we don't trust with you nuclear codes or the economy. she also wrote trump's plan helps the rich get richer and leaves everyone else behind. meanwhile, hillary clinton is set to hold her economy speech on thursday. hillary clinton being hit with a wrongful death and defamation lawsuit over the benghazi attack. stemming from her use of a private e-mail use while secretary of state. the parent of shawn smith said the attackers could have exploited the server and clinton has been calling them liars to protect her own image. they plan to use benghazi and the e-mail server as part of the campaign. clinton's people have not responded to the lawsuit. we are a month out and hillary clinton is promising to participate in three debates. she is urging donald trump to do the same. stick with fox25 for complete
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we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. still waiting for this accident to clear on the expressway northbound. it is right after freeport street, and you can see those delays stretching all the way back to the braintree split. north of the pike things look good on route 1 in saugus. a little volume on 93 south as you work your way to the clove leaf and over to stoneham, medford as well around route 16 and 60 starting to pick up. volume steady and heavy on the jake brim bridge but looks fine on the leverett connector. live drive times. 29 minutes on the pike eastbound. 31 minutes on the expressway because of the accident i pointed out. 32 minutes on 93 south. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with a clear crisp day ahead. shiri. >> reporter: great weather today and the best part of it like yesterday, we have got that comfortable humidity. sneaking up starting overnight tonight. waking up tomorrow morning, sneaky conditions by tomorrow afternoon and evening. oppressive humidity that stays in place thursday, friday,
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so this will be your finest day of the entire next seven. 70 in boston right now. 61 in lawrence. 53 in norwood. 59 in plymouth. check out hyannis at 61 degrees. great day to be on the cape all about the sunshine. by a.m. 73 degrees. by 10 a.m., 77. highs in the lower 80s there but somewhere like fitchburg waking up to 63 degrees, and that same sunshine getting up to 9 degrees this afternoon. ing it going to be a difference from the coast to inland towns and cities. boston about 80 degrees. 76 portsmouth. and 90s from fitchburg to manchester to framingham close to norwood at 89 degrees and worcester today at 86. future cast here shows a lot of sun and pumping into swling.
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in the morning commute or late tomorrow. but lunchtime, i know that future cast is drawing a mostly dry picture, but to the north and west of boston we are going to start monitoring for hit or miss-style thunderstorms starting at lunchtime going straight through the afternoon but the key here that there is probably a lot more missing than hitting because of the scatter nature of the storms. what does pop up, the main concern will be downpours attached to those, but unfortunately, i don't have widespread storms in the forecast. any widespread relief to our drought conditions. by thursday, i think the disturbance with those thursday storms will sink to the south land carry the rain risk with it. slight chance of a thursday pop-up and overall looking hazy, hot and humid. and temperatures responding to 94 on thursday, 92 on friday. factor in the humidity and could end up feeling like 100 degrees for the heat index late week and over the weekend. 94 on thursday giving us a little bit of a lull. on friday more scattered
6:21 am
a lot like sunday with hit or miss out there and saturday, sunday and monday, we will see some waves of stormy weather, still determining the exact timeline of those. most likely during the afternoon and early evening. back to you. 6:21 right now. sex offender charged with taking pictures up a woman's skirt. coming up this half hour, why that suspect was in more trouble when police took a closer look at his phone. and boston's mayor
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a new study says it is better for teens to play video games all day than spend their time on social media. the research shows that teens that play video game score science and teens that spent more time on their facebook feeds and other social media scored less than average. the study's author says base on the resort, online games could improve teaching methods. if you noticed that the dark red circles on the olympians in rio. don't be alarmed. a pain relief method known as cupping. take glass suction cups and place it on sore parts of the body and helps stimulate blood
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faster. not new technique. the process dates back thousands of years. an unusual pairing for a new cooking show. martha stewart and rapper snoop dog are teaming up for tv magic. >> daniel: what a combination. >> julie: this should be entertaining. martha and snoop's dinner party making meals for celebrity friends. not their first collaboration. they cooked together in 199 >> i never have seen them cook mayor walsh's weekend fashion statement. he wore cargo shorts when newbury street was closed to cars and he is not ashamed of it. some applauded walsh and others told him to forego the fashion faus pas after an article said sales of the shorts had dipped in the last
6:26 am
year which sparked an internet-wide debate about how many pockets a pair of shorts should have. you know i just recently purchased a pair of those shorts julie of argo shorts. i didn't know they were a bad thing. . >> utilitarian. you can put pens and papers. >> shiri: i am a strong pocket proponent. lower 80s over the cape. 78 in nantucket. and 85 in plymouth. going to be lower 80s from the north shore up to the seacoast. even mid- to upper 80s lakes region. i will show you how much hot ter gets for the end of the week coming up. and plus a whoopsy for dopey. the slip and fall for one character in the middle of a fireworks show a local woman is under arrest accused of fireworks show a local woman is under arrest accused of biting off the ear of a introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches
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next at 6:30. a spectacular day, so soak it up while you can. the humidity and thunderstorms though are coming back the rest of this week. >> daniel: meteorologist shiri spear says 80s and even 90s will be back this afternoon. she joins us from the storm tracker weather center with the most. good morning, shiri. >> shiri: a scorcher. wellesley, 61. lawrence. 61. cooler outside of the city. 67 in sandwich but 58 in plymouth and 57 in bridgewater. worcester, good morning. you are at 64 degrees waking up this morning. we have fitchburg and temple, new hampshire both at 57 degrees. but we do go from 7 in boston now to more widespread lower 80s at noontime today. by 3 p.m., 87 degrees. cooler conditions at beaches,
6:31 am
lower 80s on tap at 7:00 this evening. this is the last comfortable day though. i have got a look at how humidity is going to be a huge player in some late week thunderstorms coming up. julie grauert is up now with live drive time traffic. and a new accident. >> reporter: shiri, we have live pictures from skyfox over a new accident location. this is the ramp from 128 northbound to 24 southbound in randolph. this red car in middle was just on its side. they have a tow truck front of it and have it up on all four wheels and it is blocking the left-hand side. take you over to the map, little bit heavier volume on 24. as we shift north, still waiting for this accident on the expressway northbound to completely clear up. and even when it is clear, we are still going to be dealing with our typical morning volume on the expressway. over to our live drive times. 11 minutes on route 3. 22 minutes from 126 to 106. 26 minutes on the expressway.
6:32 am
stories a this hour. state police are confirming a violent crash on the mass pike overnight who was deadly. they say a 28-year-old rutland man was driving the wrong way near exit 11 a.m. in westborough when he hit two other people. he was killed and four other people were taken to the hospital. we don't know at this hour the event -- the extent of their injuries. the entire highway was shut down for hours while police gathered evidence. and a quiet town beefing up its police presence while a young woman was out 27-year-old vanessa marcot was visiting her mother in princeton over the weekend. went out for a run sunday afternoon and didn't return home. hours later her body was found in the woods off brook station road a half mile from her mom's house. the worcester county da said her body was burned and she may have been sexually assaulted. a local woman is under arrest accused of biting off the ear of a police officer after a bar fight in salem.
6:33 am
threats that woman allegedly made to police while she was in the back seat of a cruiser, michael. >> reporter: sara, a bad situation got worse. a officer had to have reconstruction surgery on her ear after a bar fight and she would not go quietly. >> reporter: emma riley bit off a part of a officer's ear. while neighbors are not describing neighbors are describing the same 19-year-old from fox25. >> my gosh she watches my animals. she takes care of them all the time. she is a beautiful, kind girl. i am so sorry. >> reporter: riley fought another woman after getting into tavern in the square with a fake rhode island ud. as officers jessica rondenelli who just graduated from the academy was putting her in police cruiser. rondinell i screams she had my ear. bit my ear off. >> her ear is gone.
6:34 am
but your ear. who does that. >> reporter: rondinelli says in the car, riley from marblehead and attends salem state university made numerous spontaneous threats of how she was going to have every one of us cops killed and said "i know every police officer from the marblehead police department." you are going to regret this in ways you could never imagine. >> emma, i am thinking of you. i don't understand where this came from. >> reporter: she is held in court at the end of the month. a level 2 sex offender has been held on bail charged with upskirting a woman on a mbta bus. mark barry was in court yesterday. took pictures up a woman's skirt riding on the bus with her teenaged daughter. prosecutors say barry admitted taking the pictures with his phone and deleted them. they found images of other upskirting victims and also found images of child pornography on his phone.
6:35 am
a raging fire causes $1 million of damage in a south boston neighborhood. the fire started at around 10:30 last night on east 4th street. fire fighters found heavy flames shooting from all three floors of a vacant building under construction. those flames spread to homes on both sides of the building. no one was hurt. fire fighters say the scene was very dangerous when they arrived. going to the front and rear. building and pretty intense. it was about the extent on >> investigators don't know what sparked the fire. several people in neighboring buildings could not return to their home. in peabody, an alert neighbor saved an elderly woman from a fast moving fire. it broke out yesterday at a home on baldwin street. according to the salem news, a neighbor saw fire pouring out of the basement of a home. the woman ran over and started banging on her door to get her neighbor to safety. fire fighters say three dogs and a cat also got out okay. the cause is still under
6:36 am
after it was stolen from a mass dot maintenance facility in south boston. cox was over the scene in cambridge when the cruiser was found in the parking lot of a skate rink. the cruiser is back-up vehicle and did not have any guns or weapons in it when it was stolen. police are still investigating the theft. animal rights activist a new protest of the board of health after the discovery of 100 disgusting situations at a farm in westport. protesters crowded into the town's meeting of the board of health and called on members to resign. the chairman of the board refused to step down. not the family meeting one father had planned. coming up, the moment a judge bent the rules to allow a father to meet his child for the very first time. a zoo worker is hospitalized after being attacked by a lion. the gardening tool workers
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his political beliefs. now this former red sox pitcher says he is planning a presidential bid but not this mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. . corporate special interests like the koch brothers have spent millions helping ayotte's campaign and she voted with them 90% of the time -- supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires... and not enough moms. narrator: women vote is responsible for
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from
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that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few. vote no on question 2. traffic and weather together every ten minutes. a live look at the expressway. earlier accident has cleared; however, we are still going to have heavy, steady volume because it is the expressway. we never get any relief there.
6:40 am
27 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri. >> shiri: 7 in boston. one of my warmer -- 70 in boston. one of my warmer locations. in the 50s and 60s and comfortable out there. range of highs from 80 to 90 degrees. mostly sunny, coolest at the coastline and even at fenway for this evening's game versus the yankees. temperatures still hanging tight to the upper 70s with sunshine. the red sox are back home following their long road trip out west, and tonight, th yankees. the three-game series will be the last time the sox faisal lex rodriguez. over the week -- face alex rodriguez. the controversial star will play his final game friday night in tampa. he is four home runs s hurricane y of 700 for his career. the well lease little league earned a decisive victory in bristol, connecticut. wellesley won 10-0.
6:41 am
from warwick, rhode island. and the winner of the new england regional will move on to the world series in williams suspectport, louisiana. curt schilling is not shy of sharing his views on politics and could lead to a white house bridge. he will seek a state office first. he also added that his run for president could be in four years if, quote, by some amazing country elects another clinton. we are keeping you up to date this morning checking in live with all of our reporters right after the break. more than a dozen kids get sick following a teenager's birthday party. what was inside the candy jar that sent those kids to the hospital.
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massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. vo: but that's the way to get kelly ayotte's attention. corporate special interests like the koch brothers have spent millions helping ayotte's campaign and she voted with them 90% of the time - supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens
6:44 am
people is responsible for the content of this ad. we are getting you up to date on all of our top stories. >> sara: a young woman is murdered. and at the lays for passengers on one major airline. >> daniel: updating breaking news in southborough where a crash shut down the pike overnight for hours. at the state police par racks in millbury. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, daniel. in the last hour, we got new information from state police and they say driver was driving east on the westbound side of the highway and mitt two cars injuring four people. we know that wrong-way driver, a 28-year-old man from rutland was killed in all this. the update from state police tell us that the road reopened around 3:45 this morning, and
6:45 am
cars were involved. traffic was backed up for several hours and people out there for so long that many of them ended up getting out of their cars and walking around on the highway. on the westbound side of the highway right before the exit to 49 and it take up all three lanes of traffic. the entire highway we know was shut down as state police were out there taking photos and trying to figure out what exactly led up to this, but once again, we it get an update from state police in the last hour and a wrong-way driver was driving east on the west side of the pike when he hit two cars and injured four people inside. the driver, that wrong way driver was a 28-year-old man from rutland and he was killed in this crash. live in millbury, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. i am stephanie coueignoux live in princeton this morning where police are stepping up their patrols and ask asking everyone to be on alert. they are continuing to search for the killer of 27-year-old vanessa marcott.
6:46 am
sunday afternoon after their family called them saying never returned home from a jog. police found her body in a wooded area less than a mile from her mother's home on brook station road. and while investigators have continued to remain tight lipped about any evidence, we know they are looking into whether she may have been sexually assaulted and then set on fire. at this point, police do not know if this was a random murder. she was visiting her family from new york city where she worked at google. mi time frame investigators are now focusing on as they continue to search for her killer. in princeton, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. happening now, delta airlines is warning passengers there could be hundreds of flight cancellations and delays again today. now is still related to yesterday's power outage that caused computer systems to fail around the world. right now, three morning flights from logan airport are already cancelled. two to atlanta. one to new york's laguardia
6:47 am
other changes passengers left stranded yesterday are receiving refunds for 200 travel vouchers. delta tweeted out in just the last three hours people affected by cancellations today will also get those voucherers. the airline doesn't know what caused the problem and why the computer system was not able to recover quickly. a salem police officer will need reconstructive surgery after a suspect bit emma riley bit the officers after arresting her after a bar fight. the 19-year-old made several threats to kill other officers while in the police cruiser. that officer just graduated from the police academy in july. she is being held without bail and will be back in court at the end of the month. in the newsroom, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. a beautiful summer day with temps in the 80s and 90s. low humidity. why don't i just do the
6:48 am
>> shiri: take it away, sara, two thumbs up. if you liked it yesterday, you will like it today. the problem is no rain today and more dry weather. about an inch below average for this month's rainfall but all the way back to the beginning of the year. over seven-and-a-half-inch rainfall deficit. and this is why we have been talking so much about the drought conditions and the fact that we are desperate for some rain. 70 in the city with the sunshine. like i said no rain today all about the sun, grab the the bottled water. boston working its way into the upper 70s and lower 80s. because of the sea breeze it ends up being cooler than inland towns and cities and high pressures is like the shields. protect us and keep us dry. super slow moving system off to the north is going to have the pattern a little stuck starting tomorrow. so that means we have days upon days of unsettled weather and the chance for scattered showers. and i say it like that, because they are going to be scatter.
6:49 am
widespreadspread. scattered clouds. that's about it. a lot of blue skies with temperatures up to 82 in beverly. 88 in quincy. 90 degree in bedford and getting up to 90 in lowell, framingham, nashua. worcester at 86 degrees for you. 89 in bridgewater and brockton and low to mid-80s there for the south shore. down to the cape, about 84, sandwich, 80 in chatham. down to the vineyard 82 in nantucket clouds increase. and low also be in the 60s and not quit as crisp or cool as you wake up here on wednesday morning and temperatures will make it back into the mid- to upper 80s. but do have that risk for thunderstorms around. first thing in the morning futurecast i know it is looking dry here. i would be surprised to see one or two spot showers on the map during the morning commute, but i am thinking later in the day we go better the chance for storms. at least later into the morning.
6:50 am
lunchtime north and west of boston and you can see that we get some passing patchy showers, but it is never a giant banned of all encompassing rain. it is hit or miss style for your wednesday. we are not going to find any kind of widespread relief but where we get showers, downpours likely during the afternoon. the best bet for storms from boston to providence tomorrow off to the north and west. southeastern massachusetts looking mostly dry. you do have that slight risk of a shower. any storms o t tomorrow. the seven-day forecast with the weekend forecast falls view. 87 today. 86 tomorrow as the humidity rises. scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon. thursday likely a dry day. a hot one too at 94. on friday, it all depends on where a stalled front end up sitting, but you can see we still from moisture from the south and with it comes the risk of scattered showers and thunderstorms again friday. best chances afternoon and
6:51 am
thing for saturday, sunday and monday. most likely during the afternoon and evening and we are fine tuning. 80s and high humidity going strong into all of next week. julie is up now with live drive time traffic in the slow spots out there. >> julie: i am happy to update everyone on the accidents that have cleared. last night the pictures from skyfox to the ramp to 128 to 24 is cleared out. right now average speeds 22 miles per hour on 24 approaching 128. expressway slow in our typical spots from the up to morrissey boulevard. north of the pike, 93 south starting to low down slightly around route 16 and route 60. here is your live drive times. 46 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. isn't it wild, every single day after 6:30, these drive times jump. 43 minutes on 93 south from andover to the zakim bridge. back to you. a worker in canada is in the hospital after being attacked by one of the lions.
6:52 am
gran by zoo in montreal. the woman was in the lion push den and she fractured her backbone and they used a high powered water line to get the lion off of the woman. a dryer is to blame for destroying a house in connecticut. this house in vernon was leveled last week. the line that supplied the dryer had a leak that united. it has been ruled an accident. several children were home at the time. four remain hospitalized but are expected to survive. the german shepherd that chewed off his foot to try to free himself has a new home. the mspca say more than 1,000 people wanted to adopt maverick found in middleborough last month where police believe he was tied up for weeks. maverick has been in his new home recovering from surgery to his paw. the dog's former owner faces a animal cruelty charge.
6:53 am
hulu is going subscription only. the move isn't completely shocking since they started producing original content and expanding film and television lobby. hulu will notified customers this week. anyone that does not subscribe will be offered a 30-day trial. a burger chain has a beef with chipotle. tasty company said the burger similar. tasty made branding is on the right. they sent khaipz cease and desist letter and chipotle ignored it. chipotle said it is moving forward its new brand. a surprise in gift bags. 19 people mostly children went to the hospital after eating gummy bears made with marijuana. three of the children ended up in the intensive care unit.
6:54 am
a 15-year-old girl in san francisco. a security guard saw the people getting sick and called 911. >> these are innocent kids. they see a candy, they eat it. >> i had a 21-year-old on other. >> sara: investigators don't know where the drug-laced candy came from. the gift bags are prepared by a catering company in oakland. one of snow white's seven dwarfs was very much character. take a look, dopey falls off a boat during the fant a is,mic show at disney's hollywood studios. he falls landing right on top of goofy. ow. luckily neither of them fell overboard and the show went on. >> daniel: would have been better if he fell in the water. would have been -- hopkinton police are looking for the vandals to ruined a local art exhibit.
6:55 am
outdoor art exhibit featuring 120 artists. hours after organizers set up the show someone came through and damaged the art. one of the pieces was destroyed after hopkinton residents helped the artist deliver it to the exhibit. >> i gave the girl a ride down there to set it up. and turned around and gave her a ride back, and within an hour and a half after that, it was vandalized. >> daniel: vandalism prompted a couple of artists to pull show. the exhibit still will be up through late september. a dog is reunited with his family after a terrifying experience on the water. take a look. people on board the ferry to martha's village shot this on their way to oak bluff. a springer spaniel paddling for his life before being picked up by a mall boat.
6:56 am
pull the dog to safety >> the whole boat erupted in cheers and applause and funny because the boat's name was lovely day. and everyone was waving at the boat saying have a lovely day. >> the harbormaster tells fox25 that the dog got excited on the ferry earlier this morning and actually jumped overboard. it has since been reunited with its owners. check out this unusual foot pursuit caught on camera. a flock of sheep running through a neighborhood in ag at home going house to house, wandering by. despite the neighborhood's best have, the sheep remain on the lam and seem very happy. they are just cruising around. >> daniel: just cruising. >> sara: hanging out. the future pharmacy is now here. the new plan being tested right now that could mean you never have to go to the drug store again. and police continue to look into the murder of a new
6:57 am
next, the similarities between this case and another high-profile murder that has the nation talking. and we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now on 93 south, up to a 43-minute drive from 495 in andover down to the zakim. shiri? >> a dry one but the risk of rain is highest this week on wednesday and friday and it also means we will be watching for maybe a slight risk of a also means we will be watching for maybe a slight risk of a shower here for person introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, s with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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