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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 9, 2016 10:30am-10:53am EDT

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today on "right this minute" -- 11:10 amplt m. op >> it's a heart wrenching video showing an accident that changed so many lives. >> they want you to understand the dangers of being on the road. >> the story behind a mother's sobering message. >> my -- now broken. >> sailors pull a drowning animal from the water. >> it's a kitten. >> the miracle journey from this to this. >> a guy gets man handled by a bus driver. what he did that got his ticket punched. >> and -- >> hello. trying to hook up with a pokemon go player. >> you don't want to come? >> i thought it was -- >> my boyfriend. >> see why she's about to regret that. >> i get it.
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>> have you ever been sailing free just you and your bike? >> this video was recorded back in 2015 but it was just recently released. the video is narrated by neverly clark the mother of lewis clark, a motorcycle fanatic. when this video was captured lewis was 22 years old. the video shows several motorcyclists as they were riding on this road in the uk during the isle of manifest val >> the isle of man is like a huge, world famous for basically a couple of days, super bikes race completely around the island. >> as beverly is narrating this she's talking about how much he loves going to the races. >> -- get the best view. >> as we follow these motorcyclists, we see that there are cars and other motorcyclists coming on the other side. right about here we see one
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several bikes. and you see that there are several other riders doing the same thing. as they're nerving this curve right here that same motorcyclist who is in the black jacket decides to overtake another motorcycle. he doesn't see that there's another motorcyclist coming in his direction. >> didn't do anything wrong that day. he didn't deserve to die. -- direction overtook another bike, came on to my son's side of the road and crashed head-on into lewis. >> oh, my >> oh, my! >> my son never stood a chance. >> other riders stopped their bikes and try to render aid but at this point there is really nothing they can do. neither of those riders survived this accident. >> and i got that visit from the police, my beautiful son had died in a fireball my world stopped. >> the video was released by the isle of man constab u lear road police unit with the permission of the families of the victims
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the decisions that you make and how they can affect the lives of everyone, your families, your friends, other riders. >> it's shocking, it's brutal. but it's a lesson that has to be learned. >> truly think of your loved ones, a safe journey beverly clark. so proud to be lewis' mum . >> hang on. hang on. with me through this process. >> what is happening. >> a little 1-month-old kitten. that's a pair of italian coast guard members pulled out of the water and are administering cpr to this little kitty. >> watch this move. they take the kitten upside down and try and massage whatever water might be in the lungs of
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and you start to see some foam coming out of the nose and the mouth of the kitten. >> they're not giving up on this cat. >> no. >> it has to work. >> look it you see a little bit of the water coming out of the kitty. oh. >> oh. >> did it just move? >> oh! it's working. it's working. >> nick, come on! >> by golly -- >> it worked. you see the one guy point. there's just a little bit of a breath coming from kitty. you don't really see anything in the video >> yay! >> kitty now known as charlie -- >> oh. >> is alive and well. >> oh. >> and two italian saviors who not only rescued and breathed life back into charlie, they also adopted him. >> oh! >> come on! >> on over to the rnli. now that they know the crew is safe they're going to right the scene and watch how they do it.
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lines from underneath the boat, throw it up and over the hull -- -- >> on the other side. >> and now with teamwork there goes the dinghy. >> but there's got to be water in it right? is it still going to sink? >> it did not sink. in fact they rescued the dinghy pulling it rightside up back to the shore along with the crew who was safely recovered. >> this video is going to leave you saying you've only got yourself, mate. >> it all starts on a bus in winnipeg and you saw it right there. that guy had been screaming and shouting at that bus driver, a dispute over the fare and that's when he spat in that driver's face. this bus driver isn't just going to sit there and take it. straight up out of his seat takes that guy, starts throwing him to the ground. starts wrestling around with him. pushing, and shoving.
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whole time the bus driver, never really does. he just kind of man handles him. >> do you blame him for his reaction? >> definitely don't blame the guy but i think he knew he had to hold back. >> yeah, you're right. he asked for it. >> completely. the bus driver just kept that guy under control. people on board the bus including this guy called the police the police turned up in just a couple of minutes and that guy, was arrested and charged with assault. >> did the bus driver get in any trouble for this? >> the bus driver did not. it's c assault but i suppose it is a case of self-defense and i think because he never did throw a punch he just put the guy on the ground and let the police take care of it. >> did you see how fast he tackled that guy? i think there's a football team that might want to scout him. >> police are looking for this fellow but obviously really wanted a shake late at night breaking into shake tsaic here. i'm not kidding you he's not really looking for a shake in fact the tv some cash all goes
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thirsty with his robbery work. he decides to have a quick drink. >> it's thirsty work being a criminal. >> you have any idea? >> let him know. >> workouts just won't do for this dare devil. >> oh, no. >> oh, yes. oli. >> oh. >> so uncomfortable. my heart just goes cold. >> honestly, it gets me all excited. >> and that's why they do it ladies and gentlemen. >> i think it's really cool that these guys are able to do this. that they have that much control over their mind because that's really what this is all about. >> awesome. >> yeah. >> call it mind control if you want to. i call it core control because once he's up there he just owns it. >> oh. >> and just look at this view. oli. >> christian.
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>> hanging from six feet no kind of the same thing. hanging from 600 feet in the air, right? >> no. >> strengthwise. >> where is the fun in that? the excitement that comes from putting your life in danger for a pull-up come on. >> yeah, well -- >> fall for the bad boys. >> oh, is that what i'm doing wrong? >> pulling for you. >> there goes another good one. >> you knock it off. even so, this video in the uk is the business. >> taking the train, you would think weather wouldn't slow it down. but not in this case. >> yikes! >> whoa! >> and eating healthy is one of the biggest challenges. >> figured out. >> see if he's capable of eating
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you would think weather wouldn't slow it down. not in this ca supposed to happen. >> but that's not weather. that's just like >> lightning hit those lines above that train and caused this eople jumping out, running away from this does tha no injuries.
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but they also say ain't that uncommon. that. that's not what you want - time. >> great. >> i can already hear the but it doesn't quite work. >> oh! >> whoa! >> hey -- >> how do they do that? >> you hear that thump of the explosion and the flames immediately pop out of the windows. passenger and driver both get out with just minor burns. >> reports say it was a gas cylinder inside the car. >> this video a couple years
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against a gargantuan kale salad. apparently major league eating is doing this as a challenge. he can't make it so he's eating somewhere else so he decided to jump into this challenge himself. >> -- kale challenge. [ indiscernible ] >> sounds pretty delicious. >> kale isn't exactly like iceberg lettuce. >> kale is so hard. it's stiff. it's rough. >> you won't believe how much it weighs.
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>> the countdown begins. >> anybody want to take a guess? >> 25 minutes so there's a lot to chew. >> i'm going less than that. i think you guys are going like 15 minutes. >> you've got belief in him. >> i'm going to go with to minutes. >> i'm not going to go with he's not even going to chew the thing. >> he is chewing. a lot. in fact it's the most i've never seen him masticate in a youtube video. there's nothing dodgy about it. >> i may have overestimated his talents here. he does have to chew. >> christian very quickly we already passed the ten minute stage and he's also saying that the water is not quite keeping up. actually has to -- just can't take it anymore. the time keeps ticking up getting closer and closer to 30 minutes. >> regular bowl of salad now. >> so you see it ticks over the half hour mark.
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it >> that is -- it. >> now, he's got to process all that kale. >> i couldn't believe it. of all things to really come up against, kale seems to be the hardest. >> it's the doughnut prank. >> where does a doughnut come into play? >> guess what oli. >> and who better than the king of awkward, andrew hale to put this social experiment to the test? >> is that what it is? all right. you. little lady. i don't date doughnut diggers. >> this is obviously set up. and i think he's doing it on purpose. >> plus, time to duke it out kangaroo stale. >> this is what mma looks like -- >> drop kick. >> that was like wwe or something. >> find out how thishis boxing match ends. nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways,
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he said he shot this video before a dog drinking in slow motion he was asked to reshoot it in 4k. he does. >> people are fascinated by that. i remember seeing it. it always was like -- >> the dog's tongue curls under to scoop the water into its mouth. so he needs a dog for this. he gets april a german shepherd. but if you notice something, she puts some of her snout in the water. >> oh. >> look at that. so clear -- >> t >> wow. >> look how it just ripples down into the water. coops it backwards almost. >> that's crazy. >> i'm going to try it. >> i thought you might try it. >> bro >> more of a pug face. >> get my whole snout in there. >> ladies.
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>> no, not that. >> i pay for it. that's what i would do. >> the king of awkward is now conducting a social experiment. you see a pretty young lady. >> hi. sorry. i'm andrew. >> here comes andrew and he's going to strike up a conversation. >> what are you doing here? are you waiting for -- >> actually i was just like, you know t >> of course. she's looking for pokemon. >> looking for pokemon. >> do you -- well i just got the movie sophie's choice on blu-ray and i was going to go home and pop it in. >> okay. >> you don't want to come? >> well, i got to go meet my boyfriend. >> she has a boyfriend. so hmm no thanks andrew. now watch as he heads over to this beautiful blue car.
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doughnut, though? i'm going to go get some doughnuts. >> doughnuts? >> and suddenly -- >> oh -- >> i love doughnuts. >> i doughnut think this is real. >> hey, listen. >> you have a boyfriend now -- >> i get it. i see what's going on here. setting it up. to show how ridiculous these setup gold digger prank videos are. lady. i don't date doughnut diggers. >> you guys might be on to something. >> what's up guys? tony spinach here i did this social experiment to raise awareness for all the girls out there that only like us for our doughnuts. >> it's a little parody. andrew's take on the social experiment nonsense. >> good job andrew. where's the doughnuts?
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>> get ready for men's logic 101. >> back the truck up against the trunk to try and push it in the direction that he hoeps it falls is that what he's trying to do? >> the reverse lights so maybe he's pushing slightly in reverse? >> why this wasn't the brightest idea.
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understand. >> this is man logic. i mean we get every sangle of it. >> it will in three, two, one. >> oh! oh! >> the tree has come down but he's got some bigger issues. >> he doesn't have to load it into the truck. it's still the lining cup half full >> lin >> this one is see the man there with his shirt off? >> he squared up and he is throwing rocks at it. >> and you see the person operating the excavator is -- come on. >> why? why is this guy angry at an excavator.
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operator. we think they may have had ones -- >> the police show up and i think you guys know the rest. >> that's a look at the best viral videos of the day. for more check out or we'll see you guys on the next "right this


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