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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  August 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the weekend, went for a jog, and never returned. sources tell her that her body was burned, and investigators are looking into the possibility that she have been she may have been sexually assaulted before her death. in an interview with the boston globe, her father says she was not rowmancally involved with anyone, so investigators can't share anything about a possible suspect. >> it is a beautiful town, a country setting daughter, when they met for dinner, and then the next thing he knew she was dead. he said she was the best kid in the world. we have an update that will come in the next 15 minutes. for now, we're live in
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>> a vigil had be held in her memory it starts at 7 o'clock, and fox 25 will be there for you, here's the special tip line if you have any information about her death, and we also have on our website. fox we are waiting for that news conference if the da, we will bring it to you as soon as it starts, and our team will be out in princeton to bring you any breaking details as they many could tonight. >> developing news involving the re sox game. you saw big poppy bobble, >> this story just broke within
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tonight were supposed to receive a david ortiz bobble head doll. this was sent out a depiction of what it is supposed to look like. take a look at the next one tweeted out by the website only in boston, there are some differences but the bottom line is that the team president saw the bobble head and thought it didn't properly depict david ortiz's facial charac racial i incentive. and he ordered these bobble heads to be put back on the truck. and we got video of that. the bobble head dolls on the pallets going back on the truck. so those 15,000 fans expecting to be given bobble head dolls will be given a voucher and they ultimately will receive the david ortiz bobble head doll. i
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handling it the best that they can. there will be enough with alex rodriguez here in town, and we are hoping to speak with him shortly. that is the very latest from fenway park, reporting live. >> by the way, you can watch a pro's game, first pitch at 7:30 followed by fox 25 news starting at 10:30. it seems that the patriots, and dodged a problem. he grabbed it with his left foot, and slammed his helmet down, edelmann walked to the locker room with his own power >> an assistant teamer and coach is out on personal recognizance, charged with raping a special
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>> they say that steven mcdonald raped that 16 year-old student while helping hummus the bathroom. and mcdonald pleaded not guilty to those charges. they say that the assistant teacher and football coach was assigned to the boy's classroom. they say that he assaulted him several times with candy, and even threatening to kill the boy's mother, if he did not comply with his commands. he doctors. and two counts of assault on a disabled person, and two counts of assault with intent to rape. the judge did release him under the condition that's stay away from the defendant have no contact with children under the age of 18. mcdonald assassinate that his client is a married father of two, and the boy's allegation are not credible. less than 30 minutes ago, we did receive a statement from the school
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with the district attorney. >>anchor: we're trying to learn more about a woman found unresponsive in these woods. according to the graze the, the first responders rushed that woman to the hospital. no word on her condition right now, but police dogs are serhaving the area for the possibility of another woman in the woods. we have calls in to the police right now. we will give you more information on this as soon as we get it. >> sunny and hot out we are tracking peat ten for some showers all s we've been in need of them. >reporter: absolutely. saw in our boston view of the statehouse here. here's how it looks on the radar, and satellite view. just some high clouds coming from northern new england and the boston area as well. here's what is going on to the west. the moisture it building it is going to be get humid with a chance of showers
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surge of this motion tour going to feed right up through new york, and into massachusetts as we go into the day tomorrow. enjoy right now. we are in guide shape. 70s along the coastline. nice seabreeze coming through here. we're even in the few nineties, 89 in nor wood right now. he have self in marshfield, and 80 in brewster, and we have a few nineties inlow well, and hampshire. you can expect temperatures to slip back into the middle 70s in the greater boston area. the breeze will be tapering off. but i'm back with the timing on storms tomorrow. >>anchor: the state police are trying to figure out what caused a deadly wrong way crash in westborrow a 20 year old man was killed i've collided with two cars while driving westbound on the east bound lane. they're
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people are doing. >> trash bags are to blame for a fire that destroyed a brown stone in boston. a fire started on east fourth street. firefighters found heavy flames, shooting from all three floors from a vacant brown stone under construction, the flames, five people next door were forced from their homes of home. >>anchor: a new born in texas has become the stats girl was born with a condition, cause by the zika virefreshes your recollection in which the child's head is born unnormally small. that baby's mother had traveled to el salvador,prnant. >> if we travel to areas, including an area in miami valley, that we be wearing
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positive for zika. the baby died shortly after birth. delta airlines is trying to recover after that worldwide computer outage, more than 500 flights cancelled, on top of the 1,000 scrubbed yesterday. they blamed the problems on a power problem at the command center. they are now offering refunds, and $200 travel vouchers to people's flights that were cancelled for over three hours. >> main seven maine senator susan collins is not the only one concerned about trump. >> add senator collins as a growing list that will not be supporting trump. in a scathing column, she accuses trump of not representing historical republican values, incapability
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of self restraint, and his barrage of ill informed comments would make a her perilous world, more so. >> these are washington insiders, they have been running policy for the last 8, 10, 12 years. >> collins who chaired the senate homeland committee is not the only one worried about trump items per a ment. 50 national security officials saying that trump is dangerous, and a threat to national security. >> i think that the events of the last few weeks, that national security administrations, officials say enough is enough. >> a little known cia, officer and congressional staffer, evan mcmullin decided to lunch his own long shot presidential 'bid.
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raise or thin line between her and trump. >> they say that the father of the pulse night club shooter was not invited as a guest. the campaign said they didn't know he was there until after the event. he has behind clinton, he has the mustache, and the red hat on. >> the federal government, and the fbi, that's about it. he didn't want to answer any other crew ran into him at arrest stop at after the rally, by then he wanted to show assigning that he had made for clinton. >> and i wished that my son joined the army, and fought isis, that would be much better. he says he supports all clinton's positions especially on gun control, and wants a safe
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home. how police were able to link her to the crime. >> what happened moments before she allegedly bit off part of the ear of a local police officer. >> comfortable at fenway tonight, tomorrow, can't promise the same. i have the timing on how soon to expect rain tomorrow, straight ahead. >> as we mentioned at the time of the newscast, we are waiting for a news conference on the death of the jogger in
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sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing ?? sfx: crowd chanting ?? sfx: crowd cheering ??
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>> time to check out the road. traffic is slow going, heading into and out of the city. let's take a look the maps, and traffic is starting a little bit busy out there. taking a look the expressway, moving from the tunnel down to the split, >> now the connect or to taking 34 minutes, and 24 minutes from the wti taking you about 18 minutes and the there are gruesome details about the ten year-old from kansas that died in the water park. it shows that caleb /skwaub broke his neck, he was killed while riding the world's tallest water slide. people who
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the park seemed to have issues with the harness issues. >> the woman in front of me, she said that most of the times she road, they had a rope, and the harness department work. >> the park didn't hear anything about safety issues. the accident is still under investigation. >>anchor: one man said he had a similar experience on the very same ride. he said his family went air borne on that >> riders aren't supposed to be go airborne. he says his daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter did just that. >> we found out what happened, and we were sick, thinking oh, my on gosh the same thing likely happened, where the raft went airborne, and this young little guy was killed. >> his accusation, prompted tv
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requirements, originally, they only required riders to be 40 inches tall. they changed their height requirements, and audited weight restriction to their policy that states 2 to 3 riders per wrap with a combined weight of 500 to 550 riders, and no raider over 300 pounds. although his family issued. he questioned his family after there airborne ride. they told them it's something that doesn't happen, or is not supposed to happen. that is what is so scary and the before the attraction happened, safety measures were installed to slow down the ride. and they added a safety barrier above slade. >>anchor: josh marshall reporting. the water lied is expected to reopen to the public and the a north reading woman defacing a donald trump sane.
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she did. 57 year-old-woman is charged defacing public property, and assault. brian said he had damaged sans on his property, and he says she nearly ran him over. >> and she told the judge, she wants to pay the sign. >> a man accused of exposing himself, matthew, exposed himself to the woman as he drove by sunday morning. she called police, and they arrested him. he pleaded not guiltied on monday. court officials say he hasn't posted bond and the new hampshire state police say this man crashed into two cars, it happened on auto16. donald pierce is being held in protective custody until his court date. a teenager driving one of the cars was taken to the
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okay. >> your local forecast from jason blair, and the storm tracker weather team. >> right now, a mixed bag of temperatures, if you're on the coast, your they the 70s, 77 in boston, norwood, all hovering on 90 degrees. in wooster, 93. enjoy one more night of fairly comfortable weather, it is going to be nice and dry out there at gillette for the reds be slading bank into the 70s after sunset, and overnight, we aren't going to be as cool as we were this morning. we will be in the low to middle 60s, most spots close to 70 in boston, and we'll see mid and up he were 60s for cape cod and the islands. tomorrow, the risk for showers and storms returns especially that the afternoon. it's going to be a little bit lower, but it's going to to feel quite steamy and oppressive, as the
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hear. a couple of 70s mixed in here to the south. 75. than ticket that's your hey, and that's your place to be tomorrow. look to stay dry he is, and longest tomorrow, but not totally dry for the balance of wednesday either. so let me show you the humidity, it is comfortable out there right now. it gets sticky tomorrow morning, and it gets oppressive by tomorrow afternoon and evening. and it stays that way on thursday, friday, even into saturday, a lot of moist tour on the sunny right now. let's look back to the west. this is what i'm going to be watching. it has been persistent in developing a good batch of moisture and thunderstorms over the ohio valley as this front approaches during the day tomorrow, and high pressure mavs away off the coastline, and we get a squeeze play of moisture just rising and warm humid air moving in, and you get showers and storms as a result. this is mid day tomorrow. this is than
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chance in central and western mass of getting wet, and it lacks more like that the mid day and afternoon hours, where the bulk of the rainfall will fall. that moist tour is going to be very thick, so we'll be watching as a couple of locally heavy down poors last nat evening drive. as we head into tomorrow night, we're leftover with a shower or two of it will be hazy hot and humid as that moist tour now slides off to our south. and then rebound, saturday, sunday, and answer into monday, tuesday, and wednesday. this is an interesting setup we're getting into. one more night of comfortable temperatures. look at that's hey temperatures, thursday and fray, mid to low nineties, feeling more like 100 degrees, plus heat advisories, are going to be likely, the weather service is already highlighting that and it is going to stay into the stormy side on the upcoming weekend.
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fairis wheel at a cash i value, what happened before that, that's likely to help with the investigation. this is the news at 5. we're following the new developments of a jogger in princeton, people afraid for their safety, because there has not been an arrest, the calls they've been getting from women from across the area. it's been
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. the women's gymnastics team is going that gold, it follows a disappointing finish for the us pen. it has been eight years, since the us ryan murphy grabbed the gold in the 100 meter back stroke. let's go ahead and listen into the da of wooster county. >> i want to thank the media, for getting out the tip line. we've had hundreds of tips that have been coming in with regards
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is 508-453-7583. that's our anonymous tip line. we want to ask anyone who wasn't vicinity on 1 to 4 on sunday. anybody that may have been walking driving by. please call the tip line. any information that you may have may be relevant to this investigation. again, the investigation is ongoing, and continuing. i want to thank the princeton police department for the hard work they've put in on this case. colonel of the state police, and dan bennett for the withr regar this investigation. once again, we're still taking the information as it comes in. there's not too much more can see with regards to that, if there are any answers i can attempt. >> do you think it was a random
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>> we do not know if it is a random act. we are asking the citizens to use an abundance of caution with regards to this. >> [inaudible] >> it is not a commandedb searc area. there has been some additional work that has done by the state police crime scene investigators, and we are follow lead that comes in, we are following and being responded to and that is all part of the investigation. >> how many, 10, 20 hundreds. >> can you tell us if there were burns on her body. >> i will not speak to the condition of vanessa marcotte. i can't speak to the condition of her body. >> [inaudible]. >> the the autopsy was performed this morning, and there's additional testing that has to
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>> i understand that you have [inaudible]. >> they're still working on case and manner, they've given us some preliminary information and we do brief it is a holly talk about pararest. there was a jogger murdered in new york, and that you may have an investigator here in exploring that anything with regards to the new york holly said. we haven't ruled it out or in. we are doing the investigation, letting all the facts playout. we have items here that is second to none, and they are doing all the work that they can do. and i can't over emfast size, the tips that are coming in have provided with us a lot of good information with regards to this case. >> there was a female jogger
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>> we're taking any information as it comes in from any part of the state where there might be any similarities at all. >> can you confirm there was a case in north borrow and then in west borough. >> we've had a lot of stuff that you could draw parallels too, but i can't get into specifics with crimes in other towns. right now, our primary focus is in princeton, >> i'm sorry, could you say that again. >> [inaudible]. >> she came up -- i want to respect the family'srive as, we just met with the family, and as you can understand they are devastated over this. yes, she did come up frequently to visit her family. >> she was up here sunday, it was the day that she went for a walk, she was planning to back
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interview sex offenders in the area, did everyone's story come up -- >> we are considering anyone, and everyone that could have committed this crime. that's part of the investigation. anything that pops on the state police, is being investigated. >> do you have investigators here from new york city? >> no. >> her father has said that she had no romantic involvement with anyone. have you independently confirmed that? >> i'm marcotte's personal affairs. right now, we're just focused on the homicide, and we're going to try to give the family the respect that they deserve. they've asked him to speak to that. >> thank you all. >> do you have any better time line. yesterday you talked about that 1 to 4 o'clock window. >> the time line remains the same it was with the district attorney yesterday. the district attorney met with the
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can imagine. they 'asked us to express to the media that their privacy be honored. >> we heard joseph early. there's not a lot of information coming out of this. but lots of tips coming out. >> they want to know if anyone was in the area from 1 to 4. not a lot of information, just lettin as much information as they can. >> there was a lot of questions about the other new york city case, he says we haven't ruled anything out yet at this time. i think it may have surprised a lot of people, in the area of princeton, that there isn't a definitive answer as to what happened. >> so many more questions, and answers. that tip line 1508-5 other 8-7549. if you were in
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they want to hear from you. we also have there this our website. also on our social media pages, if you want to share it, and our team is going to be out in princeton all night. there is also a vigil happening tonight. we will bring you any breaking details coming in tonight. >> boston police believe they have caught the man in a terrifying crime. >> he's accused of break nothing a woman he's home and sexually assaulting her, turns out he is a known criminal with a disturbing >> a 79 year-old sexually assaulted by a stranger who broke into her home, it happened late last night. when a suspect came in from a first floor window. prosecutors believe that he is this man, 65 year old
4:32 pm
about you him with dna. >> you're not safe in your home. >> disgusting and i hope that she's okay, and will recover from it. >> galvin was held without bail he's due back in court on august 11th. there's a deadly was killed after being hit by a tractor trailer, that happened on the westbound side between exits 23, and 22. the right lane was closed for a couple of hours, it appears the man was trying to cross the highway at the time. >> it's been another day of perfect summer weather. comfortable temperatures out there. fox 25 meteorologist
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>> hope you enjoyed those numbers, good sleeping weather. we're going to be cranking up the humidity tonight. it's he have self right now, due points come out of the 50s, into the lower 60s, with that strong seabreeze coming into shore ino in fenway, as those temperatures will be in the upper 70s at game time. mostly sunny skies. keep it dry for the evening. tomorrow can't promise the same as the yankees will be in town again. dew 50s, inland, it feels nice and dry. watch as it goes into tomorrow morning. see the 60s, starting to come back. and look at this. seventies coming back that's press i have moisture, they're really going to start to feel strief willing. heat is going to be building until the end of the week. we can have heat advisories coming up
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pookemon go out in california, calvin reilly was shot in the chest, and killed while playing the popular game in a san francisco park saturday night. he moved to the west coast five years ago, and his family and friends say it is his smile absence of humor. >> there are no bad things to talk about him. i don't i ever saw him frown once. police say no suspects have been identified so far controversial stop is offending survivors of a major fire. 200 people were killed in the night club, it is now a pookemon stop. they have asked the developer to remove the site from the game. a memorial is currently being built there to remember the victims. >> part of a like's ear was bitten off while trying to stop
4:35 pm
who knows the suspect. >> neighbors describe emma rose wylie as a kind and giving answer ager. >> my god, she watches my animals, she takes care of them all the time. she's a beautiful kind girl. i'm so sorry. >> saturday night. salem police say that wylie bit off part of a rookie police officer's ear. it is very very shocking. i've known her since she was a little girl. the girl used a fake id to get into square. around midnight. police say that wylie was fighting with another woman in front of the bar, and was holding a fist full of someone's hair. >> there must have been like 50, or 60 people on washington street. >> as police were arresting the 19 year-old, and putting her in the police car. officer screamed, she has my ear, she bit my ear off. witnesses in the area were stunned. >> so it is gone, and it might
4:36 pm
does that. >> she just graduated from the police academy in july. she says on the way to the police department. riley gave numerous threats how she was going to have everyone of us cops killed. >> wylie lives in marble head with her parents, and goes to salem state university. wylie allegedl know every police officer from the marblehead police department. you are going to regret this in ways you are never going to imagine in. >> i just don't understand where this came from, and just reach out to me. >> thousands of customers of atand t, are set to receive a refund. the fcc, hassarded them to pay $7.7 million, that
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customers, $9 a month for a directory service that didn't exist. the rock is getting ready to rumble with some of its costars, with fast eight. what he says they did on set that has his blood boiling. >> and three girls hurt when
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vandals. >> an annual rail trail art exhibit is up and running, despite vandalism to the
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them >> they decided to take those exhibits away. they were rathet these up, bands around the tree, and they have eyes on them, as if trying to see who did it. >> i would say where the heart is the art is. >> that may be true. but this week, where the art was were the vandals. >> typically, everybody got home safely. >> long time resident mike is on patrol after organizers found several pieceos display, along the upper charles rail trail damaged distorted and even destroyed. >> i gave the girl a ride down there to set it up, and turned around and gave her a ride back, and within an hour and a half after that, it was vandalized. >> the event took months to
4:46 pm
>> and it's just disappointing that someone would come along, and deface it. >> who that someone is, unknown. but hear is some of what they did >> profanity on this piece, packing foam people kicked off. that is not the worst of it. >>orsers were able to put back every exhibit, except for one, a piece called to the emwhich was standing right here here. >> jim tells us some of the art that was ruined was made by girl scouts, and even some senior children. >> crews are working around the clock to get control of the wild fires in calperson to yeah almost 400 families have been evacuated. >> the geried
4:47 pm
himself. more than a thousand people wanted to adopt maverick. police believe he was tied up for weeks he's been in his new home, recovering from surgery to his paw, the dog's former owner now faces annual cruelty charges. >> your storm tracker weather team. >> good afternoon, temperatures are warmed up a little bit more today, as compared to yesterday. 70s still coastline. and some nineties have sprung up, even norwood close to 90 at this hour. let's go to our metro west planner, going to keep it dry. temperatures in the lower 70s by ten, and waking up to the middle 60s, the 50s are just about gone. we will be down to the upper 50s in norwood, orange,
4:48 pm
building throughout the day tomorrow. also humidity build throughingout the day with those extra clouds, and rain beginning in the early afternoon we will see temperatures lower tomorrow compared to today. but the difference will be the high humidity. lower and middle 80s will feel like more upper 80s to near 90 east, with a few peaks of sunday. steamy sunshine. this is the place to be, cape cod and the island, 75 to 80 degrees, you wl evening before that threat for a shower or stormen creeches into your neck of the woods. let's talk about the dew point though, that is the measure of the moisture in the air. tuscaloosa been comfortable if not down right dry. by tomorrow morning, we are getting back to sticky, we are getting into the oppressive zone. that is going to hang in through at least saturday. sunday could be a change, too early to tell. it
4:49 pm
the ohio valley. we are getting some good model consistency, that we are going start squeezing is the moisture. high pressure is off shore, and right here in between, we are getting those winds meeting up, causing that moist air to increase, and rise, and bring the rain southern new england. this is the brand nah model consistentlg that timing for rain, beginning in the late mid massachusetts mass, and making its way east ward during the after than drive time. a scattered shower, a couple of rumbles, and locally heavy down poors, tomorrow night, there will be 1 or 2 showers, but the trend will be after sunset to wrap this up. and then thursday brings the haze, hot and humid conditions, highs will be in the nineties, feeling more like the hundred plus. you need
4:50 pm
heat indexes exceeding 100 degrees. and we will have a 50 percent chance of showers and storms. by sunday, will a front slip far enough south to bring some of our temperatures down a little bit. still too early to tell, but right now, we are cutting the haiti little bit. especially our northern areas, starting on sunday. >> rock johnson with choice words for his cow stars. he took to instagram, calling of his male costars, unprofessional, among some other adjectives. but we could smell what he was cooking, he said that his female costars were amazing. the cast is filling the 8th, never ending installment of this series. >> saturday night live is moving two of its cast members. they have each been on the series for
4:51 pm
six seasons, killham, has been known as playing ben carson, it will return for its 42 season this fall. >> all five members of instinct were back boy's band official tweeted out. including, justin timber lake, he was celebrate big 40. >> take a look, falls off a boat. his foot slips as he's walking on the upper degrees, and lands on top of goofy, and none of them fell eight alley dish the out laugh to the couple. the couple was in tears, because they had not been visited by
4:52 pm
feeling lonely, and in an attempt to comfort them. they cooked spaghetti for them for dinner, and what else were they going to do. >> talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. >> more than a dozen people were sent to the hospital. what some kids were given at a teenager's birthday party that made them all sick. >> we're working breaking news, in princeton, where investigators tell us that they have received hundreds o t about the death of a young woman last seen jogging, we just brought you the news conference live only moments ago, the police still not sure if the woman was targeted or if it was a random attack. they're asking the woman for as much information as possible. only on fox 25. dancers stop a
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. >> some big changes are coming to the online subscription hulu, they are expect expanding its film library, anyone who doesn't describe will be offered a 30 day free trial. >> they are testing self driving electric chevy volts began in scottsdale. they have been driving around san drive on their own, they have backup drivers just in case. >> i'm making a temporary exception right in front of me on the record so that you can meet this baby. this is your son. >> that's judge amber wolf, and she allowed a man to meet his one month old son for the first time. currently in jail, and his wife also faces the same
4:57 pm
allowed to have contact with each other. >> apparently the judge decided to pass out some tissues, because people start today cry. >> you could soon get all of the medicine you need, and never go to the store. is the white house approved new drone delivery medications, doctors could then send medicine after being seen on escape. the program is being test odd a remote island in >> we're a per perfect place. >> the first could be late this year, or in early 2017. >> a dangerous surprise was found inside some gift bags handed out at a teen unger's birthday party. 19 people, mostly children went to the hospital after eating gum i candy made with marijuana. three of the children ended up
4:58 pm
were attending party for a 15 year-old in san francisco. a security guard saw people getting sick, and called 911. >> these were innocent kids. they sea candy, they eat it. >> i had a 21 year-old on the other side that she could not speak. >> they don't know where the drug laced candy came from. those gift bags were prepared by a catering company in oakland. we continue the princeton, an entire area on edge, as a woman was found dead in the woods. >> now at 5 only on fox 25. a disturbing sex crime in boston's biggest tourist attraction, how these dancers were able to stop a man at an assault at nathaniel hall, and they cancelled the david ortiz bobble head. why
4:59 pm
unacceptable. >> a popular pookemon go stop. >> it causes quite a bit of angst. >> what game developers are
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