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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking now at 6:00, a crime scene investigation is under way at a home in winchendon. police spent hours hearing evidence out of the home, and coming up in just a few minutes, what family members just told us. a vigil is held to remember a young woman brutally murdered while out for a jog. the plea from police as the public -- as they sift through hundreds of anonymous tips. and donald trump sparking
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and gun control. >> although the second amendment maybe there is, i don't know. >> sara: why some people are calling this comment a death threat. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> our team of reporters are live across the area this morning covering the big stories as you head out the door. we will get to them in just a few minutes. good morning, daniel miller in for ge sara underwood. it is wednesday, august 10. thank you so much for joining us. we have got increasing humidity today, and it is going to stay sticky throughout the weekend. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear is in the storm tracker weather center with a look at some much-needed rain in the forecast today. >> reporter: rain that is already on the map right now in western new england. this is sliding into parts of vermont over the next hour. dry in new hampshire and
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sunny skies at 70. sunshine in hyannis at 72. we get into more and more clouds. lawyer reigns at 59. worcester at 56. and showers will move in there within the hour. to southwestern new hampshire is the spot to watch for morning showers. it will track along the mass-new hampshire border. bear in mind sticky now by the end of the day, it is going to be oppressive. it will get so muggy by later today. increasing clouds by metro west by 10 a.m. sl these are hit and miss on-and-off showers. a lot of your day will be dry on-and-off showers. a lot of your day will be dry and yule yule has more on the drive-time traffic and check on volume. >> a half an hour before things really start to slow down. 6:30 when that happens. 93 wide open. we shift south of the pike, a little bit of volume starting to build right around the expressway, but there is still quite a bit of space in
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eastbound. 17 minutes on the expressway. next time we check in on the drive time, i bet we will be in the red. 24 minutes on 93 south. back to you. we continue to follow breaking news in winchendon this morning. crime scene tape surrounds a home. >> sara: state and local police were at that scene until late into the tonight. jessica reyes is live at the winchendon police station with new information now. jess, what can you tell us? >> well, old right now and police aren't saying a whole lot yet what exactly happened, but we know there was some sort of incident at a home on spruce street. we were over at that home about 30 minutes ago, and a woman there did tell us that a family member was killed last night, but at this hour not clear what happened at that home. we have video from when police were at that house last night. our overnight crews shot this right around midnight and you can see officers here taking
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of a quiet neighborhood and certainly raises a number of questions and concerns for people who live in that neighborhood. again, this investigation is just hours old. police were at that home midnight last night so still a lot of unknowns right now. we did call winchendon police and they referred us to state police and working to get more information on what exactly happened at that home. just as soon as we get anything new from them, we will pass online and here on for now live in winchendon, jessica reyes, fox 25 news. questions still linger about the murder of a new york city woman while she was jogging less than a mile from her mom's home in the small town of princeton. state police have gotten hundreds of tips in the case and they are following every one of them. stephanie coueignoux is updating this case since it first broke. live in princeton and stephanie, this community rattled by this violent crime.
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questions left unanswered. working diligently pursuing all of these leads. a lot of these leads came from an anonymous hotline set up specifically for this case. now as investigators continue to sift through all of those leads, hundreds of people gathered at a candlelight vigil yesterday to pay their respects. 27-year-old vanessa marcotte was murdered yesterday afternoon when she was out for jog hours after her family reported her missing. wooded area less than half a mile from her mother's home on brook station road. investigators right now are focusing on the hours between 1 and 4 p.m. marcotte's father spoke with the boston globe saying he had dinner with his daughter the night before she was killed. he told "the globe" that vanessa was truly a wonderful daughter. someone who was extremely smart and ambitious and
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of vanessa's high school friends to echoed those feelings. >> she was really, really nice appear genuine person. everybody liked her. she was so smart. >> marcotte's father told the globe she wasn't dating anyone at the time choosing instead to focus on her career. investigators looking into whether this was a random murder. they are still not saying exactly how she died but looking into t p sexually assault and also found according to sources with burns on her body. back to that tipline that generated hundreds of leads already. we thought that phone number on our web site at coming up in 30 minutes, the action that some residents are now taking in light of this tragedy. in princeton, i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. 6:6 right now. state police say a wrong way driver killed in a crash on the mass pike made a u turn just before the tragedy. this is breaking yesterday on
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started off going west on the pike to 495. but then turned around and drove into oncoming traffic. a hort time later he sideswiped one car and slammed head on into two others. one couple tells fox25 they just avoided the crash. >> i was heading right at him. and he was heading right to me. >> he was in that lane that we were in. things could are turned out very differently for us. >> police say the wrong-way driver was a 28-year-old man from rutland. so far his name haven't been he is the only person who died in the crash. four other victims are expected to recover. donald trump setting off a whole new firestorm that got the attention of the secret service. he was talking about the right to bear arms when he made a suggestive statement by hillary clinton that come are calling an assassination threat. catherine parrotta joins us now with what trump said. >> catherine: the right to
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of discussion, but a comment made by republican presidential nominee donald trump is sparking controversy. he said he wants voters who support second amendment rights to go to the polls, but some are experimenting his comments as a death threat against hillary clinton. >> donald trump made an appeal to his face repeating the claim that hillary clinton wants to take away the right to own guns. >> hillary essentially wants to abolish the second amendment. by the way, if he gs judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> reporter: the clinton campaign interpreted the off-the-cuff comment as a threat. >> anybody eeking a leadership position, especially the president and leader of a country hud do anything to countenance violence and that's what he was saying. >> reporter: the secret service said it is aware of the situation. >> if someone else had said
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police wagon with the secret service questioning him. >> reporter: the trump's surrogates downplayed the remarks. >> you have the power to do something about it. what he meant by that was, you have the power to vote against her. you have the power -- you have the power to campaign against her. you have the power to speak against her. you know why? because you are americans! >> massachusetts senator el time reing to trump's comments. she tweeted out he makes death threats because he can't handle the fact that he is losing to a girl. your reckless comments sound like a two-bit deck tater not like you want it run the greatest democracy on the plant. mike pence said trump was very clear that people who cherish the right to bear arms should be involved in the political pros sets and let their voice be heard 37 daniel. >> sara: i will take it away.
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clinton. debate organizers are planning for a third party. the commission of presidential debates are preparing for three candidates with venues hosting the debate. the news is giving supporters of libertarian gary johnson and jill stein hope as they push to debate with major party candidate nominees. to participate in the debates you must have 15%. johnon at 8.8%. 6:10. the women's women gymnastic team is golden again. they walked away with a gold in the team competition. they dubbed themselves the final five in honor their coach karoli who is retiring after this olympics. their final score was eight points ahead of second-place russia. raisman is not done and will complete in the all-arounds tomorrow and the floor
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hit gold twice came out on top with the 200-meter butterfly. and a little more than an hour later helped us win cold. brings his total gold medals at 1. nate edner scoring a tri for the rugby game against brazil. the u.s. defeated the host country 26-0. americans play fiji this advance to the quarterfinals. team usa still leads the metal count with 26 total. china follows in a distant second with 17. hung gar is third with six total medals. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. good morning, everyone. expressway and northbound up to 18 minutes. average speed 28 miles per hour from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri. i have got that best bet for storms coming out of
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at the coastline. less of a risk as a lot of storms weakening. cape is my dry spot today. we will take you through it hour by hour next. a local teacher and coach accused of a troubling crime against a special needs student. coming up this hour, the is serious threats and bribes police say that teacher made to keep the student quiet. plus planning a trip around boston just got easier. the new feature uber is rolling out right here in the hub. this is what the david or this is what the david ortiz bobblehead was supposed to look like and this is how ortiz bobblehead was supposed to look like and this is how it loo introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor.
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? yeah, in the summertime ? ? livin' in a dunkin' paradise ? what are you doing? papi, i'm making sure cuppy doesn't burn. ? dunkin' iced, oh, yeah, in the summertime ? ? livin' in a dunkin' paradise ? 6:15 right now. the red sox dealing with a souvenir controversy. on the left is a bobblehead the team thought they were getting honoring david ortiz. the one on the right -- this is what they ended up with. last night the sox refused to hand them out. fox25's michael henrich live at fenway this morning. michael, with a look at why
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sent right back. were report the red sox figured out there was a problem immediately and they decided they didn't want to make things worse by actually handing them out. some fans who came to fenway ended up disappointed in the short term but the team is trying to do right by them in the long run. soon after the bobblehead boxes arrived, the red sox loaded them back on the truck. this is a picture the red sox tweeted out monday ahead of tuesday's david ortiz bobblehead giveaway for the first 15,000 fans, and this picture tweeted out in boston show what the bobblehead actually looked like. you will notice the facial features don't exactly match up with big papi. team it the ed kennedy felt that the baseballheads were a bit racially insensitive. even the company behind the production agreed.
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value the organization and to postpone tuesday's david ortiz bobblehead giveaway. we are working closely with the red sox to make sure the team and the fans receive a quality product. as for the fans expecting a giveaway they were tired. they handed to thought coupon tweeted out by fox25 sports director tom leyden and fans will be shipped a proper bobblehead doll of the iconic stgg mistake from fenway. these fans will need to be patient. the web site that the sox pointed those fans to say that the new bobbleheads -- the proper bobbleheads won't get shipped out for 12 to 14 weeks. so, again, they will to be a little more patient than normal, michael henrich, fox25 news. the bobblehead controversy adding another layer to this week's series between the sox
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games before he retire. and be netendi making his by a bu. he launches a ball to center, tough break but the go-ahead run scores. sox win 5-3. a-rod will start tomorrow night. you can catch a-rod's last game ever right here on fox25. the yanks play the rays at yankee stadium friday night. pregame at 7:00. first pitch at 7:30 and stick around around for fox25 news at 10:30. good morning, everyone, it is now 6:17. let's start on the expressway. average speeds have dropped to 20 miles per hour. north of the pike, i am seeing some heavy slow conditions right now in the ted williams tunnel, making your way to the airport eastbound, and if we take a look at the zakim bridge too, you can see heavy backups here. i just saw a police car make its way into the tunnel, so i think an accident that i am working to confirm in the tunnel and we are seeing these kind of backups.
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to the tobin. 28 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us. we can expect increased humidity today, shiri. >> humidity on the rise and look at how i am tarting off in princeton, julie. looking gorgeous out there. a little bit of blue sky to start the day. but as we travel through the day, we will find those chances first in the way of humidity, but notice we have the risk north and the west here. right now boston at 70 degrees. no rain to report to you yet, starting out partly sunny like in princeton. maybe a little brighter out in boston but by 8 a.m., we will see a few more clouds at 75 degrees. 0 a.m., clouds. slight risk of a shower by 10:00 this morning and no, not going to be storming at noon and 2 and 4, but the threat for a couple of pop-up thunderstorms in there. they will be widely scattered.
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today. this batch of rain on the mass new hampshire border and gets up to manchester, new hampshire at 8:14. lowell at 8:42. if it holds together and go et cetera to boston and the coast, it will happen around 9:30 this morning. and it is going to weaken as it goes here. futurecast jumping ahead to 7 a.m. and primarily southwestern new hampshire seeing those showers. by noontime it reaches boston and late morning through early afternoon. your best bet for a couple of these showers. even then during the afternoon, most of the time it is dry with on and off clouds, but there is that threat for pop-up storms, and for the evening commute which is right here at 5 p.m., we are going to have to watch out for locally heavy downpours attached to any of those storms able to come together for the day tomorrow, that flow coming from the south and west. slight chance of a pop-up thunderstorm, but the bigger threat will be really hot temperatures. in the low and mid-80s today. 60s and 70s overnight with feeding storm during the
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the heat index. that feels-like temperature will be more like 100 to 105 in and around the boston area which is why it is going to be dangerous heat and humidity for thursday thursday is out dry day. more storms in the mix. as we travel through the weekend. increasing risk of heavy rain. on saturday, 88 degrees. that threat focused over southern new hampshire, northern mass, to the boston ea to clear up and cool down on tuesday. an attack at a young girl at faneuil hall is stopped by strangers. only on station, how a group of street performers were able to stop that suspect before he got away. nothing controversy about these summer games. the cuddly competitors making viewing go aw. we are two days from our
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julie grauert there with shiri spear and michele lazcano. plenty to do so bring the
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sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen.
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. uber is making it easier to plan your next trip out of town. the company unveiled a uber feature that i lows you to book a ride 30 days in advance. lyft has a similar feature but not available in boston. each winter dog lovers can enjoy the puppy bowl. but cats have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to porting events. not anymore. check this out. the kitten summer games. it tumbling and track events. very serious. the event was filmed in april and helped find homes for all of the shelter cats that took place. >> daniel: i think cats are more al let i can than dogs. even though they are lazy and like to sleep a lot. >> julie: very flexible. >> daniel: a picture on social media nearly saves a honeymoon disaster.
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patel. his wife not with him. they booked a dream -- she realize she lost her passport. they rushed a duplicate passport, the wife still needed a visa and couldn't get one until the trip is over. >> julie: to let this story be a warning to you. if you were going overseas, get that passport snob. >> at least two months in advance or something like that. julie do you know where your passpo place right now. very safe place. hopefully you don't want to travel out of here because it is getting very tropical. humidity and storms around. slight chance for noon and the afternoon hours today. even a slight risk here again on friday, but i am taking our snrip trip on. shapes up warm and humid and mostly dry. plus, this woman takes distracted driving to a whole another level. what she was doing behind the
6:26 am
line. police are continuing to pursue all leads in the murder
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. next at 6:30. it is not here yet, but some much-needed rain is moving into new england today. that is the great >> daniel: the bad news not everyone is going to get it. meteorologist shiri spear in the stormtracker weather sent this morning with a timeline when and where you should be ready for wet weather. good morning, shir. >> shiri: first off, the showers that you see will be widely scattered. most pass on the showers than we see them today. right now storms coming out of southern vermont. this is going to travel along the mass new hampshire border spreading within the half hour
6:30 am
we have worcester at 66. londonderry, new hampshire at 63 degrees. middle 60s in natick. 70s in lynn and boston. 67 in milton. the closer to the coast the brighter it is. looking fantastic. 70 in sandwich and 68 in nantucket. so your day planner starts out dry. 70 degrees. by late morning, that risk around 10:00 this morning will reach the boston area if the showers hold together. so we have got the risk of a noontime tower. at 3 p.m., just widely at 3 p.m., just widely scattered. lots and lots of dry clouds. and 78. your highs between 80 and 86 and remember it is turning very, very muggy. julie grauert is up with live drive-time traffic. julie, take it away. >> julie: let everyone know bead ranch on the green line seeing moderate eastbound delays because of a disabled train at washington street. real problem right now is the accident the o'neill tunnel. i have confirmed it southbound near the callahan tunnel.
6:31 am
i am going to send a push alert to your phones if you have the fox25 mobile app. you will be able to stay up to date. another accident on 93 south. that one at 128 and these are the delays i am talking about at 6:30. they are already starting because of that dent. here are your live drive times. 30 minutes on the pike, that's fine. 23 minutes on the expressway. 47 minutes we jumped up to because of the accident. up to 49 the next time we check in i am getting over an hour. backo -- guessing it is over an hour. back to you. breaking news in winchendon where state and local police spent the night investigating. they put crime scene around and brought in lights to take clear photos of evidence. a family member tell us that a relative died there, but we are working to find out exactly what happened. jessica reyes is live at the scene and has another live update coming up in 15 minutes. and shock waves still resonate this morning following the murder of a new
6:32 am
and now more than 48 hours later, the gruesome crime remains unsolved putting people on edge that a killer is still on the loose. fox 25's stephanie coueignoux is live in princeton where the community came together to remember the woman killed. good morning, stephanie. and they are really just hoping for closure this family. heart-breaking tragedy. police investigating. they set up an anonymous of leads. as they reported yesterday morning they have stepped up patrols in this area. as they continue to investigate hundreds of people from this community came together from a candlelight vigil and we were there yesterday as they attended. friends of 27-year-old vanessa marcotte remembered her as an extremely smart woman who was as genuine as she was kind. investigators found her body
6:33 am
she left for run along brook station road here in princeton and never returned. now she had been visiting her family from new york city where she worked at google. investigators still not saying exactly how she died but they are looking whether she may have been sexually assaulted and she was found with burns to her body. the area where police found her body was a quiet wooded area along a street very popular with joggers and people walking their dogs and one woman told us that family's habits will now never be the same. >> my daughter runs the same route that vanessa does. she said she will never run again. we are all very nervous about this. just nervous. >> reporter: meantime, police are asking everyone if you are going to go out, do not go out alone. they have set up that tip line. we have new at phone number on our web site,
6:34 am
sunday afternoon. if you saw, if you heard anything suspicious. you are asked to call that anonymous tipline. yesterday we were here live and showing the detectives returning to the scene in princeton to meet with the very latest details on the investigation. we are expecting them to do the same this morning. s in they arrive, i will reach out to them. ask them for a update. and of course i will let you know what they have to say. in princeton, stephanie coueignoux. a man charge crime spree in worcester will be in court. police say antonio damon raped one woman at knifepoint, carjacked and sexually assaulted another woman and broke into a store. all three events happened less than an hour between 5 and 6:00. damon is charged with 12 felonies including rape, kidnapping and armed robbery. a malden assistant teacher and coach has been ordered to stay away from children. steven mcdonald raped a
6:35 am
special needs while helping him use the bathroom at malden high school. they say he lured the boy with candy, even threatened to kill his mother if he didn't comply with his commands. mcdonald pleaded not guilty and ran from our cameras when we asked him for his side of the story. his lawyer said that the married father of two will clear his name >> the story being told by the alleged victim is an incredible, unbelievable story and it will all come ought at trial. >> sar superintendent said the allegations are disturbing and they are cooperating with the investigation. a group of street performers helped catch a man accused of a disturbing act against a teenaged tourist. jamie agular performed a sex act standing behind a young girl from spain and we are told he filmed it with his cell phone. the victim's family started screaming for help. then member of the breeze team grabbed the man and held him until police arrived. >> we restrain him, picked him
6:36 am
started fighting us. we roughed him up a little bit to hold him down. >> daniel: the suspect is under house arrest until the next court appearance. he must wear a gps bracelet. conservative talk show host glen beck must reveal of controversial sources in the marathon bombers. a federal judge issued the order. beck said that a man helped finance and orchestrate. thatan the man is suing beck for defamation. trying to prevent future animal abuse. the board of selectmen meant to talk about what is next for a house where two dozen cats were found living. the board roteed to pay $12,000 from the town trust fund to clean up the property over the next three days. one select man even agreed to work with a resident to limit the amount of cats a person can have. >> one of the board of
6:37 am
helpful that we are going to work on an ordinance-to-together and hopefully get something so this doesn't happen again. >> if a cat limiting ordinance is drafted it will go before a town meeting for a vote and then to the state attorney general to make sure it coincides with state law. one company's mistake cost six people their lives. coming up at 7:00, the very serious punishment for one of the biggest utility disasters in american history. ed ed here isen facing a new copyright lawsuit. the famous song he is accused of copying for one his hits.
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good morning. everyone. we track traffic and weather every ten mix minutes. starting with this live look at the zakim bridge. things are moving better. an accident the o'neill tunnel and by the looks of it, it has started to clear out because now we are not quite as slow. and that drive time, contrary to what i thought. i thought we would be closer to an hour. makes me think that that accident has been cleared out because down to 38 minutes. shiri. >> shiri: 7 in boston. dew points will climb. a little comfortable but dew point goes up, it will get really muggy.
6:41 am
79 degrees at lunchtime today with hit and miss storms around. same deal for dinnertime with the storms quickly fading and i will walk you through it and show you the impacted towns and cities coming up. hold is coming to brockton but the city will not have a flattering role. the setting of -- of deadly riots in detroit. several vacant buildings will be the backdrop for looting scenes. the movie is about the 1967 riots more than 7,000 arrested. check thought video of the great white shark off the coast of chatham. we showed you video of them feeding on gray seals before but nothing like this. this is under water go pro video of a feed taken monday by the atlantic white shark conservancy and the massachusetts position of marine fisheries. animal workers move in to help save a seal with a fishing net caught around its neck off the coast of chatham.
6:42 am
international fund for animal welfare show rescue crews shooting a sedation dart 60 feet into the animal and then get the animal on shore, cut away the net, treat it and are he lease it. they tagged it to monitor its recovery. we are keeping you up to date this morning checking in live with all of our reporters after the break. a local woman said her dog was unrecognizable when she went to pick him up from a kennel. >> that is not ben. that is not my dog. >> the serious abuse tt suffered that has the owner at risk of losing his business and criminal charges. a 911 diswatcher answers a very simple call for help. >> just wanted to know if you know somebody that can take my garbage out tomorrow. a a the tearful plea made over the phone and how that
6:43 am
massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. s in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients.
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real ingredients. welcome to crock country. it is 6:46. if you are just joining us, we are getting you up to the minute on all of our top stories. >> sara: bobblehead controversy brewing at fenway park. and a murder mystery in a tiny town. and in wichblingen done where state and local po police put crime tape around the home and brought in lights to take clear photos of evidence at the house. a family member at the scene told us that a relative died there, but we are working -- working out to find out what exactly happened. fox25 jessica reyes is live at the scene. she will have another live update coming up in 15 minutes. and i am stephanie coueignoux live in princeton this morning. where investigators are going through hundreds of leads in the murder of vanessa
6:46 am
for her killer, hundreds gathered at a candlelight vigil to pay their respects. the 27-year-old went for a jog around 1:00 sunday afternoon but never returned. hours later, police found her body about half a mile from her mother's home on brook station road. this morning, they are still looking into a possible motive, an don't know if this was a random act. police are focusing on the hours between 1 and 4:00 sunday afternoon and they have set up an anonymous tipline for they are asking people if you saw something or heard something suspicious in this time frame to please call that number, and we put that number on our web site, meanwhile, coming up at 7:00, marcotte's father and friends share their memories. in princeton, stephanie coueignoux, fox 25 news. i am michael henrich reporting live outside of fenway park where the red sox are planning to give out 15,000 david ortiz bobblehead
6:47 am
president kennedy called them racially insensitive and decided not to give them out to the tape. only in boston and shows the bobbleheads as they arrived at the park. next up a picture tweeted out a day earlier by the team itself showing what the big papi tribute was supposed to look like. fans received a coupon that will direct them to web si proper bobblehead in >> in about 25 to 30 minutes, you will hear from the company that actually produced these controversial bobbleheads. live in boston, michael henrich, fox25 news. and let's check in with shiri spear on this hot and humid summer day with some rain coming our way.
6:48 am
very humid. the humidity on the rise today and into the weekend it stays high. that by itself will not be the biggest issue. it is going to be uncomfortable but help fuel some heavy rain. at times not raining whole time, folks. waves of wet weather, and when you combine it with the heat we have in play this us, friday, saturday. we are talking extreme heat and heat indices over 100 in some spots tomorrow. but today, humidity on the rise. wumpin morning. the leading edge of this very muggy air mass. and notice future cast here is going to pull those showers into southwestern new new hampshire through 7:00 this morning. know we are not seeing too many changes in the next couple of minutes. if it holds together it will shift closer to boston at 10:00 and will wind down during noontime. this is overdone. a lot of the green on your screen will be boiled down to
6:49 am
coastline here. lunchtime temperatures in the upper 70s, lower 80s. for the afternoon hit or miss thunderstorms to watch. that means many of you get through the afternoon dry, but you do need to stay alert because any the storms that pop up have the potential of producing potential rain. same deal home from work. most towns and cities dry. boston seeing some on and off clouds toward fitchburg and lawrence and close to bedford, we have that storm popping up. and the trouble is sarah wroblewski wilha it gets so hard to pinpoint them in advance. this afternoon risk for thunderstorms in boston. i would have to say about 90% of your day ends up dry, but do stay alert. 90s -- excuse me not 90s, but 80s. 84 in nashua and framingham. worcester at 79 degrees and 81 brockton down to bridgewater. the south shore here with a slight risk of a thunderstorm. close to the middle of the day lunchtime, but over the cape
6:50 am
look at these temperatures tomorrow. 90 in boston and worcester. in between seeing mid- to upper 90s and combine that with the heat index, 100 to 15 degrees. a heat advisory for the day tomorrow. better chance for more scattered storms. kind of like today on friday afternoon at 93 degrees. and then over the weekend, better bet for showers. in fact some of the heaviest rain will fall late saturday and then sunday afternoon into early monday. so we have chances coming your way. all right, let's send you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. how is it going, much bet per appear live look at the zakim bridge. i showed this picture about 10 minutes ago and jam-packed. that accident in the tunnel has cleared, so we are cruising again on 93 over the zakim. thank goodness. because that would have made for a very long commute. still seeing residual delays on 93 up past route 60.
6:51 am
hour around more ree. 32 minutes on pike eastbound from 49 to mass avenue. 31 minutes on the expressway. 46 minutes on 93 south from and overdown to the zakim bridge. back to you. a local woman is heartbroken after her beloved dog was attacked and killed by another dog at a kennel. that kennel has since been shut down and the owner is facing animal cruelty charges. fox25's catherine parrotta is live in the newsroom with more on this sad story. is scheduled for next monday to determine if the kennel owner dave ricardo should be allowed to reopen. right now police have charged him with animal cruelty and the town manager moved to close the doors of that kennel and remove all the animals in ricardo's care amidst allegations that the kennel owner's dog mauled another in his care and that dog didn't survive. the owner said his name was
6:52 am
when she went to pick him up, he was breathing erratically. >> he was bitten from head to tail. he was all matted looking and emaciated looking. and i said to dave, that is not ben. that is not my dog. >> the dog was rushed to an animal hospital and even surgery couldn't save him. it was the kennel owner's gold retriever who mauled the dog. he also told that you the two dogs have scuffled dogs have scuffled in the past. fox25 went to talk to the kennel owner and said he feels terrible what happened. as for tracy, ben's owner believes that charge of animal cruelty is warranted. in the newsroom, catherine parrotta, over to you. this morning an officer is on leave after he shot and killed a woman in her 70s during a citizens police academy second degree at the police station. police in punta gorda, florida. say the officer was working with a group of people who volunteered to learn more
6:53 am
that officer was playing a bad guy. he thought he had blanks and fired several live rounds. the shots hit and killed the woman. the case is under investigation. 6 :54. a newborn in texas is the state's first zika-related death. the pwob girl was born with a condition caused by zika virus where the child's head is abnormally stall in. the baby's mother traveled to el salvador during her pregnancy infected. the baby died shortly after birth. a woman in colorado takes distracted driving to a dangerous new video. this -- level. the woman has one foot up on the dashboard and also texting and driving on i-25 near denver. another driver took the video and posted it online. in colorado, texting while driving carries a $60 fine and a surcharge on your insurance. and ed here isen is being
6:54 am
being sued for using marvin gaye's song to for "thinking out loud." ? thinking out loud ? ? we found love right where we are ? >> the family of the man who composed gaye's song said the british singer copied core elements on it. ed sherin did not comment on the lawsuit. he was sued for songs "photograph." that lawsuit is still pending. it comes after the gaye family sued robin thicke and pharrel for unlawfully copying song "got to give it up" for their long "blurred lines." a police dispatcher goes above and beyond to help someone who called for help. >> i would like for someone to take my bargain out. it has been there two weeks
6:55 am
i am 86 years old and handicapped and i have a heart condition and i have nobody. >> 911 call by hartford dispatcher kate brady. but instead of calling police or social services, she took the trash cans to the curb on her day off. >> unless there is something you can fix over the phone, it is not usually us personally that fixes the problem and something so simple like that it was just easier to are me to do it myself. >> neighbors were helpin woman and couldn't keep doing it. they are getting in-home help from a local agency. 6:56 right now. more than about donald and hillary at the debates. why two massachusetts politicians could join the major parties on the big stage. a police officer got more than just coke in his drink at a fast-food change. next the added ingredient that have led to felony charges. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. right now on 93 south hovering
6:56 am
to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: humidity increasing today. biggest feature over the next couple of days. the potential for heavier
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> daniel: confirming someone died inside this house. what we learned from the scene coming up. >> sara: entire community is
6:59 am
remember a young woman brutely murdered while out for a judging. coming up the plea for police as they comb through hundreds of leads in hopes of finding her killer. >> daniel: working hard rather than playing with friends. dozens of people to lend him a hand. complete new england news >> daniel: good morning, 7:00 a.m. on wednesday, august 10th, i'm daniel miller in today for gene lavanchy. >> sara: i'm sara underwood. grab the umbrella and fan today. my friends, the humidity is back and so is much needed rain. shiri spear in the stormtracker weather center where you say everyone is at risk for a shower. >> everybody or daniel miller has this fan that he wears on his neck and this is the perfect day for something like that. 71 in boston, 72 in lawrence, 68


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