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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  August 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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marcotte's body was found on monday. we want to show you new video of state police detectives carrying a brown evidence bag after emerging from private property today. on monday and tuesday, the special emergency response team searched in the woods off brooks station but slightly to the north of where today's search was centered. it's the same area where vanessa marcotte was last seen sunday after she was apparently abducted while jog home. on monday, after vanessa disappeared, state employees investigated employees here at the mountain barn, though they won't say what led them there. t officials received nearly 300 tips from the public and here headquarters and through the hotline dedicated to vanessa's case. we don't know if today's result is the result of one of those tips. the district attorney is expected to speak at any moment.
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you. state and local police have set up an anonymous tip line for anyone with information about vanessa's death. this is the number to call. we're waiting for the news conference to begin. once it does, we'll bring it to you live. we're on a weather alert. it's hot and uncomfortable out there. these kids in framingham are cooling off and they need to, the temperatures out there close to 100 degrees. >> jason: looks so good. >> elizabeth: it does, doesn't it. >> jason: just day out there. meteorologist sarah wroblewski, no relief in sight. >> sarah: no relief today or tomorrow. we'll have to stick around through another round of heat advisories until 7 p.m. for the potential of a heat index of 100 to 105. this is what it feels like. the heat index basically taking the temperature and combining it
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this is what it feels like, in the 90s to the low 100s, feeling like the triple digits from boston to beverly up through lawrence, plymouth, providence, norwood too. so it's just extreme heat. you want to try to get inside, take in some shade. it's hard to find the shade with lots of sunshine out there. actual temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. but down across our southern areas, notice from the pike southward, we've actually got a few showers popping up. dew points in the 70s really stirring things up. if you're headedo got a few sprinkles and then out in connecticut, we've had a few thunderstorms a flash flood, i guess you could say watch or a rain advisory, a flood advisory for the potential of some very heavy downpours. so most of that activity going to be suppressed to the south as dew points are highest there. and should be diminishing once the sun sets. i'll show you the timeline of when that rain will come to an end and the rain chances return tomorrow and how hot it will
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this heat even on the t. several riders complarnld about the temperatures on the cars and the plat forecast. so we went down to one of the busiest stations in the city to see how it feels down below. >> pretty brutal. i hate this weather. i like the cold. >> jason: now you know how brady griffith feels about the heat wave. when we talked to him. he was getting ready to hop on the green line at government center. >> dreading it. i feel like it's going to break down a it feels too hot. >> reporter: the mbta saying they're doing the best they can to keep everyone comfortable. but if you're stuck in a box with dozens of other peep, it's bound to get unpleasant. >> the green line can be a little stuffy, i would say. >> it's to the hot. just too hot. >> reporter: just outside of government center, i've been playing with the thermometer gun and aiming at the sidewalk be and i'm going to remain in the triple digits all week long. we're going to see what it's like down below. down on the green line platform,
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a balmy, 87 degrees if you're not underneath one of the fans. if you are underneath one of the fans, temperature 85. what does 85 feel like? >> really hot. it's because of concrete. >> reporter: the mbta spokesman says if there's a report of an a.c. not functioning properly of the train is removed from service and diagnosed and repaired. the t had to repair any cars today. but brady says these conditions make him long for cold white powdery snow. >> i don't want to ask for that yet but little, kind of, a little bit. >> jason: early this afternoon, the t received a half formal complaints about the condition. they have 300 fans on if station platforms throughout the city to get the air down there flowing. we've got a list of cooling
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>> elizabeth: video shows a commuter train barrelling into a truck that crossed into the crossing gate. the commute is still on schedule. tracked down the business with the surveillance camera and you can see everything that happened. >> all of a sudden we heard a big bang, rocks flying against the side of the building, loud, loud screeching. >> reporter: the video from an auto body shop by the wakefield, shows the commuterer trail hitting and pushing the white pickup truck several hundred yards down the track. a man in his 70s inside the truck, police say he was moving and conscious when they rescued him. mbta transit police are now trying to figure out why the truck went across the track even after the crossing gates came down and the lights started flashing. there is a barrier in the center of the road so people can't go and the gates. investigators are trying to figure out if he intentionally
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control of the truck. we talked to the man you can see here, running toward the truck right after impact. what did you say to the driver? >> i told him to stay there, don't move. help is on the way. and that was about it. he was buckled in and he was moaning and groaning and he stayed. >> reporter: and the mbta was able to clear the tracks here fairly quickly. they say this should not impact the evening commute at all. we are live in wakefield, robert >> jason: a dramatic evening for a an uber driver. as he collapsed in court today. that suspect allegedly assaulted a teenager last month while giving her a ride. crystal haynes live in malden tonight with what led up to the the crime. >> reporter: he actually collapsed just as everything was getting started at 4:00 his arraignment but recovered relatively quickly after a short recess. prosecutors setting up this
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encountered this victim once but at least two times. 34-year-old dorchester uber driver darnell booth overcome in court. charged with sexual assaulted a 16-year-old girl while giving her a ride to a school program in july. but prosecutor carrie spear rows told the court that they met days before when he took the fare on june 30th. >> he was having conversation as i indicated and he dropped her off at her home in everett. >> reporter: a few days later. >> she recognized that someone had added her to their snapchat account. >> reporter: and both allegedly started messaging the victim through snapchat. >> she got a message from a snapchat account called hooter boy, rem. and the content of that message led believe it was the same uber driver who had driven
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>> reporter: on july 5th, investigators say booth missed the bus, and when he offered her a ride, she took it. and she says booth stopped at an undisclosed location in the malden mall area and raped her. booth was very expressive when the police report was read. >> slapped her in the face on two occasions. and at that point, he raped her. >> reporter: public weekender, joe stringer denied the allegations, raising her own questions about the facts in the coincidence, that she faxed her bus driver to say she doesn't need a ride and lo and behold, mr. booth says to her do you need a ride? >> reporter: now investigators are saying they're also testing dna evidence from the victim's t-shirt to see if it matches samples from booth. now, booth also has an 8 page criminal record. according to the prosecution, there's violent crimes on that
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assault. coming up in our next hour. everett's mayor speaking out against a newly signed uber and other ride share company legisl person the wheel and this law could be to blame here. in reporting live in malden, i'm crystal hanes fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: you canog click news and then click "fox 25 investigates" to watch those stories. police are investigating a stabbing in dorchester. we've followed it since this morning as breaking news. the woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. boston e.m.s. reports she was stabbed six times. this is video on mill street in dorchester. police say one person is in custody. following developing news at this hour, as rescuers search as
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maryland. two were killed and more than 30 injured, including three firefighters, at an apartment complex outside of washington, d.c. early this morning. officials say by the time they arrived, people were dropping children from windows and jumping from other windows. one witness described through a translator, the shocking scene overnight. >> she, he says these referring to another woman, grabbed her daughter in one were a and son in another and started running out. but at that moment, her son slipped out of her grip and fell into the massive hole. >> elizabeth: the cause of the death, is still under investigation. in the meantime, emergency rescue dogs helping to comb through the rubble. >> jason: a child in the hospital after falling off of a roller coaster 50 miles from fitchburg around noon. officials say he was walking and alert. the ride has been alert. the park is still open. authorities just held a news conference but didn't give any new details. >> elizabeth: we want to return
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by the district attorney. we'll have the latest on vanessa marcotte. >> jason: he's about to address the media on 27-year-old vanessa marcotte's death and the latest in the investigation. here is the district attorney joseph early, jr. >> good afternoon. we've made some progress in the case. and i'd like to make a brief statement in vanessa marcotte's homicide. we believe that there was a struggle between vanessa and her killer that resulted -- may have injuries and her assailant we know was a man. these injuries specifically were scratches, and or bruises. therefore we would ask that anyone who has observed a male with these types of injuries, that would've been fresh earlier in the week to contact the massachusetts state police tip
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evidence and information that we have in this case, again, leads us to believe that there was a struggle between her assailant that led to scratches, cuts, scrapes, and or bruises. anyone who has observed a male with these types of injuries, we'd ask that you contact the massachusetts state tip line at also -- >> reporter: what injuries -- >> we're now focusing on a more narrow timeline on sunday between the hours of 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. on brook station road in princeton mass. we would ask that anyone who observed any type of vehicle moving on the road or parked on the road during the 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. time frame, contact the state police tip line at
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so the district attorney is wrapping up and we'll kind of recap here. because, jason, you and i remember when the timeline for sunday was between 1:00 and 4:00 and they wanted anyone to come forward with any information they have in connection with the missing jogger. in the meantime they're now narrowing that timeline from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. and anyone on that road or saw any vehicle on brooks station road between 1:00 and 3:00 to obviously there was some activity that they want to do some steps tracing backward. >> jason: and we just learned that have confirmed that they're looking for who was a man. they believe the killer was a male. may have suffered some kind of injuries, scratches and bruises on the fingers or hands but really could be anywhere. the district attorney obviously if anybody seen anybody who may have suffered scratch marks, scrapes, bruises that looked a little odd. >> elizabeth: even been covered a little bit. >> jason: because it's been four
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sunday? but five days later. the development this afternoon, they are looking for who was a male, who may have killed vanessa marcotte who may have suffered cuts, scratches bruises, could be anywhere, when you're talking about a woman fighting for her life. you think of hands, fingers and skin underneath the fingernails. >> elizabeth: we'll bring i am the number one more time for the tips if you have one. they're saying there's some struggle involved here, there's evidence involved that leads them to believe that this 508-453-7809. if you have any information about any of the vehicles on station road between 1:00 and 3:00 in princeton on sunday. obviously, this is a developing story. we'll continue to work our sources in the area. as a had m learned a little earlier today that there was this new information coming out. our reporters were working their sources and were able to learn a
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the day and evening. >> jason: investigators were going toutimes. the information is trickling in. but that number on the screen. investigators want anything with anything, if you think you may just have a guess, if you he think you have seen something give them a call. >> elizabeth: a lot of times they've seen information they saw something or something didn't sit right with them, in some cases that lead is followed to completion. so stages of ths. obviously the family has been very tight lipped of coming in front of the press. it's a very private family that's grieving. but in the meantime, the police department and the district attorney continues to solicit the public for help. we'll continue to follow this story through the afternoon and the evening. you can follow us on air and online at >> jason: we're going to switch gears a bit. football season officially under
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preseason is at gillette season. >> elizabeth: that's right. the patriots play their first preseason game against the saints. not all of the patriots will be in uniform tonight. we'll check in with tom leydon at gillette stadium right now. >> reporter: we just had a little shower passover head, all of that heat already here is going to become a little more oppressive because the humidity will rise as the water goes back into the air. that's the extent of my meteorological knowledge right we don't think tom brady will play. the track record that rob gronkowski doesn't play in these games. that means a lot of eyes on jimmy garoppolo. this guy, assuming he's healthy will play the first four games for the patriots. the a good look at the first unit and second unit. most interestingly i asked jimmy about the opportunity, he doesn't look at it as an opportunity because of how if
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it's tough right now you don't know who first unit and second unit is. i kind of like how coach does it. injuries happen throughout the year, you have to be able to adopt to what happens, i think it's a good situation to put us in like that. >> reporter: patriots haven't put on a game uniform since the at f.c. championship game. people eager to see their guys in the red white and blue news cast for now reporting live at gillette stadium, i'm tom leydon back to you. >> jason: the gop presidential nominee donald trump is trying to rally supporters from two groups of voters in florida. the national homes association and trump the continuing to his rival. hillary clinton on top in most national polls. in the meantime, hillary
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afternoon. she outlined her plan in detroit. an attempt to stay away from the latest revelations regarding her e-mail server. some calling a pay to play relationship between clinton and the state department. the once dominant macy's store, plans to enclose close 100 of its stores after a worse performa quarter. macy's hasn't said which stores will be closing but we do know it will happen early next year. >> this is a fox 25 early weather alert. >> sarah: we've got oppressive heat and humidity out there. and our drought conditions have gotten worse. this morning, we had the update that occurred for the first time in over 15 years we're now in extreme drought northwest of boston. we've never seen extreme drought across parts of our area.
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rain fall that we have yet to gain in boston. and we're about 8 inches below in worcester. this entire area, still just a severe drought may have just extended a little farther south. and the moderate drought continues to extend for the cape and islands. that's going to have long term affects. i wouldn't be surprised if you actually see some of the leaves changing a little early in the next coming weeks or so. so go ahead and i do want to point out, we do have the chances of rain headed our way. a little bit of a chance today, very isolated as we head through the afternoon. tom just mentioned a passing shower in foxboro. our chances increase on friday, saturday, and sunday our best chances. we are going to be in a very unsettled pattern that could help with those drought conditions. but with that unsettled pattern
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p.m. for the entire area where the heat index is reaching 100 degrees in some locations, places like boston, it feels like 102 right now. places like 100 on the north shore, up through the merrimack valley as well. even across the southeast, if you are headed to gillette, it feels very very muggy and humid and hot out there. current conditions, temperatures in the 90s. 80s for the cape and islands but feeling like the 90s with that wind off of the water. here we are looking at some been picking up on radar. this is a shower that passed through foxboro. but not much to the north and west. this thunder shower developed in the last 15 minutes. a severe thunderstorm warning on this, in connecticut, heading toward mansfield, east about 15 miles per hour. the main concern with this not only with the frequent lightning is going to be that heavy rain fall that could lead to localized flooding. that's because the air is just so full of moisture, it's going
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any showers really south of the pike. but it's this front to our north that's going to be sagging southward. and as it does so, it will bring those chances of rain as we get into each and every day through the weekend and event actually the highest chances on sunday. south of that front, we've got that heat. the heat will continue to build along with the dew points going to say very oppressive all the way through sunday. near heat advisory in place for tomorrow. as temperatures will be back in the 90s and it's like 100 in some spots. a better chance of showers and thunderstorms developing too. that seven-day forecast that i want to show you does show the chances do increase and they'll continue to rise as we head into the weekend. staying hot and humid too. finally a break from the heat as we head into next week. coming up next hour, the timeline of the risk of those showers for your friday. >> jason: a beloved cat killed by a coyote in her own yard.
4:22 pm
of horrible things in the o.r. but this is something different. this is horrible. >> jason: how the weather may have played a role in that cat's death. right now here's blair miller with what we're working on for fox 25 news at 5:00. blair miller: we continue to follow the extreme heat very closely. and live back at gillette stadium, coping with the heat and rooting for the pats at home. the and
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>> elizabeth: new at 4:00, a k police training session is showing support pour the cop. he had to decide h officer decide to use deadly force. she was killed when the officer used live rounds instead of blacks. they show compassion for that officer. >> we want him to know we're sure he doesn't intend on this happening and we forgive him. >> elizabeth: the officer involved placed on administrative leave. they're trying to figure out how the live rounds made it into the training camp. >> jason: linked to zika virus
4:26 pm
mosquito repellent to class. they should put it on at home, not at school because some may be allergic. they are modified to wear long pants and long sleeve shirts. 22 people have contracted zika from mosquitos. >> elizabeth: bernie sanders is the proud owner of lake sharp lane in vermont. sanders bought the 400 square foot home for nearly by selling their home in maine that belonged to their family since the 19 hundreds. this is sanders third home, also owns property in new york and washington, d.c. why he thinks massachusetts should go it alone. >> sarah: tracking a few showers out there. but more extreme heat and humidity on the way. show you when we find relief ahead.
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yesterday. a man climbing up the side of trump ??
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?? sfx: crowd chanting ?? sfx: crowd cheering ??
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>> elizabeth: if you're just joining us, we are updating breaking news in the the investigation for this woman. we learned that vanessa marcotte literally fought for her life. >> jason: they're looking for a
4:30 pm
and body. kathryn burcham this is the biggest clue we've gotten so far. >> reporter: yes they're calling this is a solid clue in the case. something they want the public to know. because there might be visible signs of injuries on the suspect. after the district attorney announcing there were signs of struggle after vanessa marcotte was contacted by her killer. th injuries. scratches and or bruises. they know the suspect is a man. this comes after a two hour search this morning in the woods where vanessa last seen jogging on sunday. fox 25 has learned that vanessa may have been sexual assaulted before her death. and now we know that she fought it. >> we believe that there was a struggle between vanessa and her
4:31 pm
resulted in her killer receiving injuries and her assailant we know was a man. these injuries -- >> reporter: now, it's also important to note that police say they've narrowed their timeline of the attack, that they say was now compressed to the window between 1:00 and 3:00 on brooks station road. they're asking the public who may have seen a car parked on the side of the road to contact may have seen a man in the area who may have cuts or bruises on his body after this weekend. new developments in this case. we're working on turning that around as well as information we learn about the investigations tied to a local restaurant. all of that coming up at 5:00. for now, live in princeton, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: and we want to remind you that state and local police set up an anonymous tip line for anyone with information about vanessa marcotte's death.
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story all night. >> jason: searching the weather now. it's hard to believe that this day started out with fog. look at this video. wasn't long before the extreme heat set in. >> elizabeth: i didn't see that. it was a wicked scorcher from the moment you woke up. pools are open. sarah the warm weather is sticking around here. >> sarah: just like you said, a and that is pushing that heat index up to 100 to 105. we have the entire area shaded in orange. it feels like 102 in boston, 100 in beverly. feels like triple digits across the southeast. and the dew points feeling more
4:33 pm
like. notice the 60s to the north. little dryer air worked on in. when you get the heat and humidity it doesn't take much for the showers to pop up. so we're actually seeing some showers develop south of the pike for the most part. temperatures are really high in the 90s right now. shower pushing through northeastern rhode island and a severe thunderstorm pushing through connecticut right now. heading toward u. conn. stores, this is going until 9:15. of this and when to expect more showers in our forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> elizabeth: as you might have expected, the man who climbed trump tower is now facing charges. we watched him scale the building using suction cups and kept updating you until it ended around 6:30. police say he's actually a teenager from virginia. vanessa is here now to talk about it, and he was hoping to meet donald trump.
4:34 pm
talk to him about an important matter. no word on what that was. security stepped up today. the 31st floor window is all boarded up right now. they identified the man as 19-year-old steven regatta of rain field virginia. they tried to stop him for nearly three hours yesterday and finally grabbed him. he is now in the mental health hospital and undergoing an evaluation. he was an independent researcher and wanted to of a meeting with donald trump. trump was not in the building at the time when he was performing this opportunity. he is charged reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing. >> jason: new at, 4, pok?mon go has responded to the family members of the station family member victims. the game created a stop for players at the site of that
4:35 pm
an 81-year-old and her 93-year-old husband are heart broken and traumatized after watching a coyote watching him snap her 16-year-old cat and dragging him into the woods. one expert believes the drought we're going through could be bringing more coyotes into neighborhoods. >> reporter: loretta scanlon is in morning this week for one of her cats. >> he was beautiful. i just got his haircut. >> reporter: last week loretta let the cat out for a in the yard. then she heard a scream. >> terrible. blood occurredling. >> reporter: the scream came from one of her cats. >> i was a nurse for years and seen horrible things in the o.r. this is something different. this is horrible. >> reporter: residents of loretta scanlon's neighborhood say this year more than they can remember, say that coyotes are coming out of the woodwork. janice is afraid to walk her dog
4:36 pm
>> reporter: but state wildlife biologist says high coyote activity in the summer is normal. >> the young are actually learning how to hunt. >> reporter: tells fox 25 drought conditions have been known to push coyotes deeper into neighborhoods. something which happened in california. >> drought and dirt cause wildlife looking for available water sources, wherever they are. >> reporter: despite having cats no photographs of their beloved pets. the last picture loretta has is the one she never wanted to see. >> and he went up into the woods. and that was it. and he was gone. just gone. >> reporter: in ashland, joe morelli, fox 25 news. >> jason: this weekend leftstom hours. how the airline is trying to make it right with a special
4:37 pm
got seriously hurt on a cargo ride. her way to make sure it never happens to another person. >> jason: traffic heavy slow this afternoon heading into the city but heading outbound doesn't look too bad. now to the map, the traffic heading south on the expressway from the o'neil done all the way to split. >> drive time, connector to 495,
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>> jason: neighbors in connecticut are cleaning up right now after a tornado. a small tornado touched down there yesterday afternoon. it was considered a relatively weak. no injuries were reported. >> elizabeth: dramatic video out of france today showing crews battling a massive wild fire. marsei. firefighters say they've gotten it mostly under control. and fires are also raging in portugal and spain. they're all fewed by hot, dry, windy weather. police shot a man in canada who was plotting a terrorist attack in the name of isis. a loan wolf attack. police shot and killed him.
4:41 pm
searching for -- it's not clear if they found it. >> jason: a nebraska man who -- is pushing for tougher laws to make sure it doesn't happen again. she had her hair caught in the bar of back in may. additional training for -- medical training and cpr. pushing for more -- themselves. >> i don't want any other kids go through what i'm going through. >> jason: the investigation into that ride continues of the company's family who operated the ride is still going on. we told you the president is still on vacation on the vineyard. he's apparently jogging out to. >> elizabeth: the heat and humidity in the 90s right now. feeling like the triple digits. when we get a break from the
4:42 pm
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>> elizabeth: recheck your clock right now. just about 4:45 standard time. a new law wants lawmakers to talk about moving to a new zone. atlantic standard time, that would make it eastern. live in quincy with what's being proposed here. sharman? >> reporter: i can tell you this is atlantic standard times. parts of the areas of canada, eastern canada and also the caribbean go by this. and now there's a new push on beacon hill to have massachusetts be included in that list, possibly even new england. it's possible. it's all being pushed by a local man here in quincy.
4:45 pm
spring forward, fall back, what if you didn't have to worry about changing the clock ever again? >> i love the daylight. >> reporter: state senator john keenan submitted it on his behalf. >> people really do not like when the clocks fall back. they seem to enjoy it in the spring even though time to get acclimated. >> public literature show when you spring forward in march, more at work because we're giving millions of people jet lag all at the same time. >> reporter: signed by the government's economic bill. we found plenty of information on it. >> try to travel, try to book a flight, it would mess up everything. >> i think this part of the country people get really down when it's dark out. more happy when it's like this. >> reporter: he would like to get all of new england on board. but this is the first step.
4:46 pm
the daylight we get. it doesn't matter if farmers, anyone else, we're going to get 15 hours of daylight in the summer and 9 hours of daylight in the summer. the question is give people jet lag twice a year. >> reporter: and the 12 member commission will actually meet for the first time this fall starting in october and they're expected to issue a report by march of next year. final say rests with the u.s. what does the government think about all of this? it would need his approval as well. we'll show you coming up at 6:00, live in quincy, sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: i already feel like i'm running late for something now. thousands of cancelled flights, the airplane took several people to their destination using a private jet. passengers most affected by three day cancellations and delays. power outage completely grounded
4:47 pm
tracker weather alert. >> sarah: tracking extreme heat and humidity this afternoon and evening as we've been talking about heat advisories that have been in place for the day today. much of central and eastern parts of the state away from the south coast and the cape and islands. that heat advisory through 7:00 p.m. we're at the point of seeing of hottest conditions of the day. it feels like 100 to 105 in some spots right now. chances of rain every day through the weekend. and we do have some showers out there actually right now too. we have some that passed through foxboro, those sprinkles have moved on through. and we're also dealing with a severe thunderstorm that has been pushing through central parts of the state. had is the heat index right now. that heat, temperatures in the 90s, and you see that humidity with the dew points of the 60s and 70s. this is what it feels like. this is why we're telling folks
4:48 pm
plenty of fluids and when you have conditions like that it's just very oppressive. to the south, we've got the 70s, and as i talk about the showers developing, most of that activity has been along or south of the pike. a few showers in the taunton area. but really we've been tracking this severe thunderstorm for parts of connecticut through 5:30. looking through places like glastonbury and within the last 15 minutes. we'll be watching for this storm to move slowly to the southeast. there is also a flood advisory with that thunderstorm as it's already dropped 2 inches of rain. that's because the air is full of moisture. the main threat will not only be frequent lightning but that heavy rain. future cast showers pushing up the coast, especially once the sun sets. we'll be drying that overnight,
4:49 pm
to areas of fog. we'll notice this north. watch it closely because it will begin to drag south through the day tomorrow. more heat and humidity, through the afternoon, we could see widely scattered showers even a few strong to perhaps overthunderstorms. i think the best chances of those stronger storms will be across central and northern parts of new england. nonetheless hit or miss through the evening hours, even across our area. so we have a higher chance of seeing a shower or two head into your friday. now, by saturday, this front is pushing southward. we'll watch areas of rain right along it. that could bring a potential of more unsettled weather. and that trend will continue even through our sunday. the chances of rain actually increasing as we go over the next couple of days. no rain in boston right now. it is 94 degrees. though, dew point feeling like over 100. winds out of the southwest. if you are headed to the patriots game, the 90s will be dropping back into the 80s.
4:50 pm
muggy. overnight we only fall back into the 70s. another very warm start to your friday. as we have the breaks of sunshine early in the day, temperatures will be back in the 90s, but again feeling very much close to 100, if not higher, as we head into the afternoon hours. so it's your feels like temperatures. once again, a heat advisory in place for a bunch of eastern parts of the state. as we get a look at the seven-day forecast for you. your with the weekend always in view, does show the heat continue into saturday with a chance of showers and that will continue through saturday. it may look to start off over the weekend and cooler and back to dry weather as we head into next week. there's the latest look at your forecast. >> jason: hopefully not so oppressive as we head for our zip trip to westford. join our morning news team as they broadcast live all morning long to show what a great town westford is. elizabeth hopkins may make an appearance as well.
4:51 pm
grab freebies, come say hi. live in westford for our zip trip tomorrow. we'll see you there. >> elizabeth: i can neither confirm nor deny those rumors. coming to foxboros, causing controversy in town. on tuesday, extend the weekend concert at gillette stadium. 11:30 p.m. on friday, and 11:40 p.m. on saturday. he needs crew on stage and thank them after the shows. they were sent a warning letter, which i'm sure they heeded. chesney is at gillette august 26th and 27th. >> jason: and new at 4:00, drama on a movie set. apparently action stars convenient diesel and dwain the rock johnson don't get along very well. earlier this week, the rock
4:52 pm
during a rant on instagram and apparently it was all directed at vin diesel. now things have cooled off. diesel took to instagram, just happy to be headed back home after this one. >> elizabeth: the president onictionva along with copy i can't tell amounts of golf. he released the play list. good vibrations, acid rain by chance the rapper and forever begins by come met. a list of 39 songs broken down to day time and night tim categories. people can listen to many on spotify. >> jason: i guarantee there's a public list and a private list not to release. >> elizabeth: entirely possible. next at 4:00, one woman's search for her birth mother and the reason it's so important to find her now. now here's vanessa welch with what we're working on fox 25 news at 5:00. >> vanessa: elizabeth we're working breaking news in princeton where police say a
4:53 pm
before she was murdered. we brought the information live as investigators updated the case around 4:00. there was report of a struggle between vanessa marcotte and the suspect. and they want to know if you see any men with cuts or bruises if so call them right away. a live report coming up just at 5:00. and keeping our pets safe during extreme heat.
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4:56 pm
>> well, you pay for things at cvs with a mobile pay, dubbed cvs pay through its app. it's only available in certain stores in the northeast, none in the boston area. it goes live nationwide by the end of the year. >> elizabeth: right now, a massachusetts woman is looking to solve the 25-year-old mystery surrounding her birth. catherine o'shea was abandoned in a hospital bathroom a few days old and now wants to find
4:57 pm
crystal haynes found out her post to her birth mother has already gotten thousands of hits. the reporter: she knows it's a long shot. >> i was literally shaking when i typed the post last night. the reporter: munson native kathleen o'shea posted this message to her facebook page last night, asking her birth mother to message her back. >> i know nothing, i know no name. i've never seen a picture. i don't know anything about my father. the reporter: kathleen's story began 25 years ago on june 20th found abandoned in a bathroom at bay state medical center in spring feel, wrapped in a blanket with a bottle of milk. her name then was jane doe. >> personally, i don't think she did anything wrong. back in 1991, there was no safe haven laws. the reporter: no charges were filed against kathleen's teenage mother and she was adopted at three months old by the carr family. she grew up in the small town of munson with her adoptive brother and sister. her family, a loving one.
4:58 pm
>> that was the first time you rolled over from your back to your belly. yeah, that was your first time. the reporter: she wanted to know more. sherbinski son is three and her daughter olivia is five months old. her birth mother a grandmother. >> i would hope she doesn't go a day without thinking about the baby she should meet >> the reporter: i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> a search for a killer in princeton. >> vanessa: the. >> elizabeth: the new clues released in the last hour, right now at 5:00 p.m. >> the reporter: now at 5:00 p.m., tracking heat and humidity. when we find relief and the risk of showers that moves in. >> they cheer in the snow, they cheer in the heat. nothing can keep patriots nation away from routing on their thing. we're in the thick of it with fans ready in the first preseason kickoff. >> the reporter: plus, a ride to
4:59 pm
>> the reporter: a 16-year-old claims her uber driver sexually assaulted her. tonight, why that man collapsed in court, after the charges were read against him. >> the reporter: and take a look at this. dramatic surveillance video, showing the moments a truck and a commuter rail train collide on the tracks. how the person at thes life. >> vanessa: first at 00 investigators say this woman fought off her attacker before she was murdered in princeton. it's one of several major new developments in a story we've been following since sunday. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> blair: i'm blair miller, in for mark ockerbloom tonight. police say the suspect is a male who likely has fresh scratches or bruises on him. fox 25's katherine burcham is live in princeton and investigators have also narrowed down a timeline of when sewent missing. >> the reporter: there's a two-hour window where police
5:00 pm
shoulder of brook station road and may have even walked along that road. they're now hoping that someone saw that vehicle or even that man, with visible injuries. after completing the autopsy on vanessa marcotte, on tuesday, and testing evidence from her body, investigators now say that evidence is painting a new picture of the man who killed her. the district attorney says they now know vanessa fought back against her killer when he attack her, possibly striking or scratching him. struggle was enough that vanessa left him with visible injuries. this new lead comes after a new search of the area, off brook station road, near where vanessa's body was discovered sunday. we saw investigators carrying brown evidence bags from those woods this morning. fox 25 has also learned on sunday night, state police questioned employees at a nearby bar, called the mountain bar.


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