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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 12, 2016 10:30pm-11:31pm EDT

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introducing t-mobile's most epic deal ever! get a free samsung galaxy for everyone in the family. that's right, a free samsung galaxy with every new line and get 4 lines with 6 gigs each for just 30 bucks a line. plus everybody gets unlimited streaming from their favorite services. so get t-mobile now. because our most epic deal ever is only for limited time. >> this was in the break. a conversituation alex rodriguez and joe girardi. is there an exit strategy being planned here for an ovation? >> i would think so.
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it's probably his last at bat barring something crazy. it ended the inning. it was a strange way. i think girardi sensing that and trying to figure out how to get him on the field here. >> yeah. and take him out. >> send him out one lot of time. -- one last time. we are all about speculating at this point. yankees up 6-ley. trying to keep pace in this wild card race. adam warren, he goes to the cubs in the trade for castro. he had been a really good versatile yankee. he was terrible in chicago and
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chapman trade and since he has come back has been really good. this hit to left and one away. >> he has really good stuff. i like his action and the way he throws. and to the degree where you are familiar with the pitching coach and you try to impress too much when you go somewhere else. maybe he fell into a little bit of that and now is back. again still in the thick of you know is going to the play-offs. >> right. >> and come to a team you hope maybe can get to the play-offs. >> he turned into the eighth inning man for the yanks. remember they had chapman and miller and betances. betances is closing so at least the early indication joe girardi used him as the eighth inning guy.
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matt duffy is the hitter. duffy skies one to center. and it's two away. >> he is just sneaky quick enough. radar readings won't show high velocity of 97-98. just didn't pick up the ball and has enough break on his slider/curve ball and filling a role everybody knew -- i thought it was kind of a slight curse this is what i mean. >> okay. >> at no point will your starter go seven innings in a close game. you will be so second guessed or questioned about why didn't you bring in the big three? my argument about changing your franchise and trading those three guys would be better for the future and you could still win along the way. that's what the yankees came to the understanding for the future this is what we have to do and
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>> i think it's a great point. longoria fouls it off. he has druive -- driven in two tonight. i really feel like because of the specialization and how it has become with the roles in the bullpen. if a starter is having a great game the manager takes him out to avoid getting second guessed. >> exactly. that's the question and situation a new manager deals with an old manager didn't deal with. that curse i was talking about is if you think about having three great arms like they did, two out of three every night is better than three out of three. then you have a fresh guy every third or second day. that isn't what was happening. the pressure to win, stay in the race, utilize these guys every winning formula.
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did the best they could do short of getting schwarber from the cubs they maximized opportunity to get 13 players? something like that. >> they did really well. longoria watches outside, ball 4. warren puts longoria on with the 2-out walk. if you look what the yankees did at the deadline, so from the cubs they got the number one and 7 prospect. from texas they got the number 5 prospect. number 2 and 4 prospect. that's a lot of hope. >> yes. >> for a team that is trying to turn over their roster and have a little youth infusion for first time in years. >> you don't want to grow old together, we know what happens. this is a proud franchise that has won a lot of years in a row and has a nice streak going. i don't know if they will catch their previous streak of winning seasons in a row.
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say they made the play-offs the one game, but did they really have the team that could have done much in the play-offs, proven they didn't last year. this year they would be scary in a one game under the old formula of those guys. i think moving forward they have just given themselves a better chance to be relevant and not be in a bigger hole. >> 0 and 2 the count to brad miller. adam warren trying to work three-run lead. cc sabathia stands to be the winner. 0-2 pitch coming. little low. the last time they were sellers
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the a's that's a long time ago. you give cash man and company credit for trying to see where they are and remain competitive and turn this around for next year and get younger. he got him. adam warren one walk and gets through the eighth. the yankees up over the rays. ? ? announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus, tagged vehicles now get a thousand smart bonus. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ? ? now get 0% financing for 72 months across the entire ford lineup, plus specially tagged vehicles get a thousand smart bonus. americans, i don't understand you.
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twice. he even stole his second base of the year. this one popped to left. >> gone. >> it's gone tonight, you never know. [laughing] tonight's telecast is sponsored by: city. thunderstorms early delayed the game for a while. a typical summer evening. a little sticky. at some point mccann has to make pitchers pay on the first pitch. >> maybe it's here. no. >> at some point has to change
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>> that musses to mccann. 32 years old, a contract into 2018 here. you were talking so interesting about his approach -- that one's off the glove. mccann hustling to 1st. not going to get there. a good night for him despite the thunder and lightning as his ceremony was getting under way.
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three trips. want to finish on mccann and the one thing about him, even though talking about he swings for the fences too much, 11 straight years only bench, berra and carter have gone that as catcher. pretty good company. if you are buying into the new age philosophy you try to built up have had the best of both worlds. >> in atlanta went everywhere and a cap hitter and it changed a little bit. i get it. gregorius quickly ahead of the count 3-0. 2 down in the eighth. and a four-pitch walk. we have had alex rodriguez'
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his last time up. will we see him in the ninth? had a conversation with joe girardi. will there be one more time for him to take the field and get some kind of cheers tonight? see if joe gets creative. stressful for joe girardi. >> oh, my goodness. people have no you think about it, the last five years and all he has dealt with, aging dynasty and superstars and mariano rivera and derek jeter and -- i mean it was inevitable but is tough to deal with. i mean, just with jeter it took
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felt. that's the icon here you can't replace. >> no. that's a hard thing. and look, jeter batted second all year and didn't have a good offensive year all year last year. if you go up and down the line with differences and similarities all year long. 1 and 1 do castro. down low. here is the crowd. we want a-rod don't think of themselves differently other than grinding. looking through a different lens it's difficult will -- someone else telling you where you should be. it's hard. castro getting into another one.
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park am hold it. the crowd wants a-rod and they want him and here is joe girardi with the lineup card. he's got the glove. if that's the case, give credit to joe girardi. give him credit for being creative and doing a neat thing. >> not that easy with the dh. and here he comes. [cheering]
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little league. >> yeah. we have talked about it all game long, a lot to the a-rod story. that's for sure. it's complicated but he is a great player. i think the game will miss him. just for the interest alone. he has been to watch. >> he knows the game. he is really smart. when you think about everything he had to do in this game to be at the level he was. there is definitely some impact he will have next year for the organization for a lot of young guys and teaching them how to play the game. and the tools he once possessed. >> a lot of people poo-poo that and you're around him and
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he takes an interest. i think he would be good at that role. you know what? you have to give girardi credit here. this is a pretty great thing to do for joe girardi. >> it is. you have the beast on the mound and betances and in a perfect world he strikes out the first guy and maybe alec rodriguez to come off. >> the last time alex played 3rd base, may 5, 2015. the end of a historic career and controversial one. now he is just having fun in his final inning. here is betances now the closer with all the trades the yankees made. the way he pitches rodriguez may
10:49 pm
field one. life in the crowd here in the bronx employ -- bronx. mahtook leading off. and a little gas, but inside, 1 and 0. >> betances approaching historic strikeout numbers for a reliever. 2 and 1. the crazey thing and chapman and miller are stars and they trade them at the deadline.
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aboutitances -- betances up. 2-1 now coming. >> it's like a rally yie cry that we have to do this a different way and everybody look at this as an opportunity. he will benefit here and the fact he will be in a more defined role and burn the bullets as much. as a closer you are the o you know your role moving forward. i think you will see him rack up a lot of saves. >> 2-2 from betances. strike 3 called. one away. >> devastating pitch and this is
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field for one last time.
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[cheering] >> so 22 years and alex rodriguez will take a seat. and now the yankees will try to finish out this game. betances goton out and -- one
10:53 pm
a swing and a miss from cory dickerson. >> it won't hit home now or in the press conference. only when his body is ready to do something that he is not doing. creatures of habit of the baseball game. that's all he's known. alec's family there. his daughters. his mom behind them. he was so ecstatic to have them here to watch him play for a final time. will fire it down, but not in time. the rays have a base runner here
10:54 pm
you said it won't hit home. what is he thinking right now? >> a lot of flashing moments joe will want to watch in replay. a lot of flashing moments of all the times he had to go through both good and bat. every athlete goes through a time when they go through the unwritten story. it's t hip surgery. the moments you don't know if you can play any more and reproving it to yourself. those are the moments he will sit back and go i did it. i did it at a level where a lot of people have not come close. he will be judged according to not only his peers but those who watch from afar. and will realize okay, they will give him credit or they won't in certain areas.
10:55 pm
fortunately the piece of walking away knowing i gave every ounce i and regardless of what he does, that will be some of the same feels. he has known this game from a very young age and he is in an elite category most of baseball couldn't think of in great tons walk away. he will be on his couch and turn on the game and miss the camaraderie and miss the opportunity to touch and help anotherla be able to stay connected to the game if he does what the yankees have asked him to do. >> they review it. the runner is out and that's the second out of the inning. dickerson called out on the overturned call. betances one out away. i know one thing for relative certainty. i don't know that you and i will be do another player's final
10:56 pm
>> no. >> after he has been released. >> doesn't seem like it. >> that has been something. some week for alex rodriguez and the yankees. i think he has had a pretty good night tonight. yanks playing well. took two of three from the red sox and tried to close out game one of the weekend set with the rays. sabathia six innings, pitched well. it's 1 and 1. castro has has been the offensie guy. driven in four with two outs. castro has had a night. and a-rod with an rbi double. 1-1 pitch. there is a strike to souza. >> for the yankees every off-season is an interesting one. this one in particular might
10:57 pm
can decide the future of their club. >> 1-2. and he got him. and this one is over. so betances comes on and gets the save. 6-3 yankees win. alex rodriguez in his final game goes out a winner and contributes with an rbi double. 12 years as a yankee, 22 years as a major leaguer. there was controversy. there was craziness. there was also greatness. and now trying to savor these
10:58 pm
6-3 your final tonight. sabathia gets the win. archer takes the loss. ken rosenthal will grab a-rod in just a moment as we watch him work his way off the field.
10:59 pm
let's go down to ken. >> alex, how meaningful was to to play 3rd base again and leave the field the way you did? >> it was so awesome. i want to thank joe. that was quite a moment i will
11:00 pm
here. the fans, i can't say enough. it was overwhelming. >> they were on l feet chanting your name every at bat. what was it like that one last time? >> it was overwhelming. i disappointed a lot of people and it feels good. >> your emotions right now. went out with a win and rbi are you disappointed, relieved, happy, sad? >> i'm relieved and i'm happy. we end today winning three -- end it winning three in a row. the ceremony before the game was incredible. any time i get to share moments with my mother and two daughters it is incredible. >> how odd to leave this team in the middle of a pennant race. >> it's getting fun now. we have a great future and i'm still part of the organization
11:01 pm
and to see a stadium packed like this. it's been a while and it has been a lot of fun. >> after what happened tonight, after everything in this stadium, you imagine yourself wearing another uniform? >> right now is all about tonight. these pin stripes are the best. >> alex, thank you. congratulations. back to you. >> it was great the night. started off with double and the rodriguez family here. the yankees win tonight 6-3 over the rays. this night was about alex rodriguez. we have seen him as a mariner, started off as an 18-year-old and continueed with texas with the biggest deal this game has seen. and then the pin stripes in '04, a world series in '09. in 22 years in the major league
11:02 pm
game of his yankees career and maybe his major league career. you witnessed it tonight. it was a fun one from the bronx.
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now on fox 25 news i'm tracking an end to showers and storms today but more for the weekend. my latest timeline ahead. then a little boy's lifeless body pulled from a public pool. >> he didn't have the post
11:14 pm
samaritans teamed up to save his life. plus, three great whites chomp down on a giant whale. >> look at it. >> here he comes. >> look it a. >> taking a bite. >> new tonight the fish tale from the men who shot this video off our coast. and the unwelcome guest when a family opened a garage door. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. we begin tonight with this live look at the radar. strong storms swept through parts of our area earlier this evening. strong winds blinding rain and nonstop lightning moved through. good evening i'm vanessa welch and i'm daniel miller in tonight for mark ockerbloom. more rain is in the forecast this weekend so let's get right to fox 25 meteorologist sarah wroblewski with her updated timeline, hi, sarah. >>, we did deal with some very strong storms that rolled on through this evening but a lot of that
11:15 pm
out but can't rule out a stray shower or two. we've even got a rumble of thunder down in westerly rhode island. temperatures in 70s if 80s just a few spot showers right now. so we still have a good amount of moisture to play with dew points still in the 70s overnight tonight. so temperatures begin to fall back expecting to see some areas of fog and see that in places like portsmouth as well as chatham and nantucket but still not really reduced. taking a look at our future cast, expecting to see perhaps a rogue through the early morning hours so not everybody will see one. many shots making up to very dry conditions but a lot of clouds in place. we will also notice the wind turning on shore. so in the morning temperatures will be mostly in the 70s. see this cruel cooler shade of green portsmouth right around 65 degrees. a back-door cold front will come on through and allow for temperatures to be a little bit cooler tomorrow. a little bit of the break from the heat and humidity but it comes right back at us through the second half
11:16 pm
i'll time that out for you in just a few minutes. >> all right, sarah with more rain in the forecast this weekend. be sure to download the fox 25 storm tracker weather app. you can get custom forecasts for your neighborhood from our team of experts. fox 25's storm tracker weather app is free and available on any device. a little boy's lifeless body was pulled from a public pool this afternoon in hyde park but thank to the quick action of lifeguards and good samaritans they saved his life. fox 25's jacqui heinrich is in hyde park 100 children were in the pool at the time of the incident. >> reporter: that boy's body was limp for two to three minutes when he came too i'm told he was expelling a lot of water there his lungs but tonight's two of the people credited with saving his life are parents. they each said they were thinking about their own kids when they jumped into action. >> he didn't have a pulse for like a good two, to
11:17 pm
oh, my gosh. i was thinking about my son that could have been my son. i just seen my son'sifies his head. >> reporter: mckiea is a personal care stand so she knows c.p.r. but more importantly she's a mom. when she saw a 7-year-old boy's limp body being passed effort to pool deck she ignored the whistle to get out and jumped. in he was not responsive at all dean rotated compressions and breathing with a lifeguard as the other guards worked to clear the pool and deck area. seemed to last forever. >> i started giving him c.p.r. and i think she got overwhelmed a little bit she needed some help. everybody was standing there in shock and i just jumped out of my seat. >> reporter: dean is just one one of four people doing first aid on the boy. hector cass stillo was the one who noticed the boy face down next to him. >> he put his hand and --
11:18 pm
dean both parents, both lifesavers. tonight going home saying they did what any hoped any other parent world do for their child. >> i just cried because i couldn't imagine that mom going home losing her child. >> reporter: that boy was taken to children's hospital but again he was alert and breathing when he was taken there. of course, they are thanking the lifeguards for doing their jobs as well. in hyde park, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. vanessa marcotte went fo never came back. her body found in the woods not far from her mother's home. police have been running down leads all week with no big break in this case. our bob ward has the latest on what is turning into a frustrating case for investigators. >> reporter: brook station road is a long stretch of road cutting through princeton. it was here sunday afternoon that 27-year-old vanessa marcotte disappeared. her body, partially burned, was found bay mass state police k-9 at about 8:30 sunday night.
11:19 pm
where she was visiting. >> this is the area vanessa's body was found where state police found it. we're about 30 yards away from brook station road. the grass here has been worn down by the investigators going in and out of the woods. but at the end of the trail you find this cleared area. you can see the dirt that has been moved by investigators and then over here, you see some evidence of burning. the worcester county d.a. says vanessa fought for her life in these woods and that her killer, a man, would on his body. the d.a. is asking the public for help asking if anyone fits that description or if they saw a car here on the side of the road standing still or moving any time between 1:00 and 3:00 sunday afternoon. in the five days since vanessa was found here, 450 tips have poured in. >> that was fox 25's bob ward reporting. state and local police have set up a tip line for anyone with information about vanessa's murder. this is the number here you can call on your screen.
11:20 pm
was near death. the suspect finally facing a judge. we first brought you this story in early june when matthew was arrested. this is video from when cooper the dog was taken into the shelter after being abused so badly his kidneys were failing and lungs were collapsing. police say devaney beat his girlfriend, held her against her will and beat her dog. he was charged with animal cruelty as well as assault. he is being held without bail. hampshire police need your help identifying this man. wanted for two cases of indecent exposure overnight. both incidents happened in salem. if you recognize him give salem, new hampshire, detectives a call. and check out this disaster in saanich a truck wound up in the sinkhole on toung mack road here. you can receive the back wheels of the truck in the collapsed asphalt. no one was hurt when that road collapsed this morning. crews are now working to repair the area.
11:21 pm
close the road after a tree fell during the thunderstorm today. it happened around old billerica road around 5:00 tonight. a 9-year-old boy is safe tonight his father in custody following an hour's long search for both of them. skyfox flew over the search for 9-year-old kevin martin's body excuse me for kevin martin around noon today in dorchester. boston police have been looking for him and his father since a shooting reported last night on blue hill avenue. police finally caught powell around 2:15 this they say he pulled the trigger and the nondeadly shooting last night and that 9-year-old calvin may have been with him at the time. you powell faces multiple charges. mbta police need your help tracking down the man who brought blue line service to a halt all because he wanted to take a selfie. take a look at these photos. they have of the suspect here. one is pretty clear. police say this guy went into the tunnel at the aquarium station on wednesday to take that selfie. the t was forced to disrupt service while they searched
11:22 pm
drowning death of a local woman appears to be an accident. the 49-year-old went for a swim last night on closed pond. that's near the lakeside apartment on lakeside drive. darkness forced police to call off the search last night. the worcester fire department dive team recovered her body this morning. >> traffic is back to normal on the mass pike. an overnight truck crash caused huge backups all day. the fiery crash eastbound in charlton initially shut down both sides of the interstate. the westbound this morning but the pike eastbound was reduced to just one lane until lunchtime leading up to 12 miles of traffic. no word yet on what caused the crash. no one was hurt. now to the race for president where tonight's new polls show hillary clinton pulling ahead in key battleground states. as you are about to see clinton released new documents today and challenged her competitor to do the same. >> reporter: donald trump not happy over news frustrated republicans drafted a letter to the head
11:23 pm
charn to stop supporting trump's bid for the white house. >> i will have to self-funding the republican party. >> reporter: but despite a week of back and forth inside the party, the chairman appeared at trump's rally in eerie, pennsylvania today, where he introduced the g.o.p. nominee to a room of cheering supporters. >> she has signed a pledge i hereby guarantee i will endorse whoever wins. >> reporter: hillary clinton who's taking a night off from the campaign trail is also finding herself back on a report surfacing earlier today showing top clinton aides cheryl mills was taking part in high level tasks for the clinton foundation while also working as chief of staff for the secretary of state. it comes days after new documents from clintons a private e-mail server appeared appear to reveal a conflict of interest between the clinton state department, and clinton foundation. >> trump needs to stay on offense with her he needs to attack her on corruption. >> reporter: in an effort to shift the negative coverage back on her opponent this
11:24 pm
returns. she has hammered trump over his refusal to do the same and today's news is likely to increase the pressure on him to do so. a new poll out tonight shows hillary clinton leading in key swing states including florida, virginia, and north carolina. and in a different poll, numbers show trump losing even more with hispanic voters. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in new hampshire in just a few hours for a fund-raiser. the virginia senator and hillary clinton's running mate will speak tomorrow. co-founder gary hirschburg. tonight there's growing concern about the zika virus spreading in the united states. still ahead how a boston hospital is leading the way when it comes to finding a back seat to stop it. also new tonight, -- >> look at the size. >> a feeding frenzy in cape cod bay. yet more great whites spotted this time feasting on a dead whale. ahead more of that incredible video and a word
11:25 pm
recorded it. but first dozens of people injured on a jetblue flight that left from logan. >> we just dropped like that next on a late edition of fox 25 news at 10:00 an
11:26 pm
massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days
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in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. two dozen people were hurt when their plane hit turbulence on a flight
11:28 pm
it left logan was flying to sacramento, california when it experienced the turbulence and had to land in south dakota. passengers report people seeming to float as the plane dropped and people screamed in terror. those on board described a frightening experience. >> we go right into the huge cloud like boom flew up right in the air. whole plane shook. crazy. >> the storage thing up on top opened up completely just for a second and flew out. a bunch of people got hurt. >> 22 passengers and two crew members in fact were hurt but they were from the hospital. passengers were flown to california on another plane. tonight we are getting a very personal look at the way pilots prepare for turbulence. >> fox 25's erica rasmussen shows us the specific training pilots go through to keep the ride as smooth as possible. >> reporter: before a pilot hits turbulence at 30,000 feet. >> i'm trying to maintain wings level. >> reporter: scott wareham is on the ground. >> it's taking some effort to keep it there. >> reporter: teaching pilots around new england how to
11:29 pm
of flying experience under his belt, wareham is one of the instructors at unable flight simulator in manchester, new hampshire. he says it's unlikely pilots on the jetblue flight out of boston could have done much to lessen the jolt that injured at least 54 passengers and crew. >> there's no way if somebody had reported it or the other pilot had encountered it and reported it. they did a good job. the fact that the airplane is on the ground safely is a testament to that. >> reporter: common of turbulence it can be thunderstorms, jet streams and differing temperatures. >> some hazards appear soon enough for pilots to give passengers a warning to buckle up but others do not. the sudden vertical movement up or down can lead to serious injuries. >> once you encounter it you don't know how deep it is, how long it's going to last. my intent is to keep the airplane as level as possible. >> reporter: not always enough to keep passengers from getting injured but
11:30 pm
more serious consequences. >> while people often think of a plane's black box after a crash wareham tells fox 25 the black box from that jetblue flight will actually allow investigators to go back and understand the conditions at the exact moment of that turbulence when so many people were hurt. erica rasmussen, fox 25 news. >> you can only imagine the folks that were on that plane though just hoping for the best. >> yeah, there's so much fear you can imagine. that flight simulator pretty cool. i have no idea can you train for it. >> new tonight, police in manchester write the sea arrested three people from wots accused of selling drugs. the police took the three into custody on school street today after they made a drug deal with an undercover officer. charges are pending for all three suspects. a part-time karate instructor at the attleboro ymca charged with having sex with an underage student is free tonight on bail.


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