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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 13, 2016 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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now are thess celebs totally glam or are they just like u here's tonight's glam or us. first taylor's green thumb. >> this is what we used do. back on the not -- not with kale. was very us yesterday, posting this quick instagram story of a garden party at a rhode island home. we got to see her mom do some digging as her too cute dad had the camera. the second half of hiddleswift was all the way country. with friends in l.a. also in l.a., maxs and peta. pair dress with some christian lou heels, which is glam. and beyonce goes barefoot. usually the queen of glaa, bey was very us while shopping in italy.
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even baref slays. halle berry was made the sexiest woman alive a decade ago. all these years later, she still is. halle is turning sunday, we're flashing back to when halle was just a young beauty starting out in hollywood. okay, my real name is halle berry. this is my first televis job. >> the year was 1989 and the cleveland native was on 23. just breaking into acting. she had already spent a good part of the queen and a model is what she played on the sitc"living dolls." >> i was always the one that gave advice, everyone came to me with their problems, was the mediator between all the girls, it's a bit like the real halle. >> she told us when starting out there were always roadblocks over not fitting i to hollywood's cookie cutter mold. >> too young, too short, too
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>> but then, bond. james bond c her way. and "die another day." zble. >> she is sort of the female bond if there were a female bond. i think this is pretty good ekwif >> who can forget ms. berry emerging from the ocean in the belted orange it was actually an homage to '60s sex symbol ursula andress. >> looking for >> no, i'm just most remembered and loved images of any bond woman in any movie. like why me? why do i have to recreate that, right? so that kind of scared me. >> we don't think much scars halle. in 2002 she history as the first african-american woman to win oscar in the lead actress category for "monster's ball." had the hopes and dreams of so many people with me an felt it. of all the women who went before
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>> always making her way on to the best dressed list, halle told us her rule for red carpet domination is to keep it minimal. >> as long as it's something simple, i've never one that likes to it not too much jewelry. not too much bling. not too much color. not too much anything. i'm more a believer in less is more. >> and now that she's about to turn the big 5-0, this mother of two reveals her biggest bea secret -- just good, clean living. >> i've never alcohol, i've never done not smoke. and i exercise and i think the way you treat your body whaa you put in it, i think is what shows on your face. and that's really i think the secret. >> she is certainly proof we another timeless beauty to hit the big 5-0. salma hayek turns 50 on september 2nd. nischell turner joins the
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than ron howard and bryce dallas howard. she's a s.a.g award winner and golden nominee and he's an oscar-winning director. >> she hits theaters today wi "pete's dragon." ron told me watching his little girl on screen can be a little bit confusing. when you watch her films, can you watch them just as or is there -- >> no. >> no? [ laughter ] >> i was going to say. >> with bryce, because i'm her loving dad. i'm so proud of her, i'm nervous for her, i'm anxious, and also -- know this has been my whole life. i'm a d so hell yes, i'm critical. >> critical, but he's one of our favorite hollywood dads. and in "pete's dragon," daughter bryce works with another oscar-winning icon. >> robert redford plays your father. how is it working with him what similarities does he have with your actual dad?
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present, warm person and it really reminds me of mydad. bob's a little bit more bad ass. one of the most surreal moments on set was when my character has a locket and there's a picture of my woman and robert redford and myself as ababy. they transposed robert redford's face over my dad's body. that's really weird. >> how is grandpa. does he play games with them? >> my husb out of town right now. my son is atsleep-away camp and yesterday i was startin to the junket. so my dad drove home from work early in order to help put the kids to bed. so my dad is a very hands-on grandfather. >> ron was there for bryce's biggest moments, recalling when he first saw her on stage fresh out of college.
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sitting there on a broadway theater opening night. i see she's crying real tears, so at intermission, i said aren't you so proud of bryce? and i said to sheryl -- i said sheryl, weren't you jest blown away, when she was crying real tears on stage at the broadway opeeing? and she said yeah. well, you know, she did that every day of her life when she was 17. don't you remember? she can turn that on like that. >> and the moral to that story is -- little girls have their daddies wrapped around their fingers. >> that's why i have boys. in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which star theirs an iden tattoo with his brother? casey affleck, affleck, mark wa luke wilson?
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at, khloe kardashian reveals her cheat day some high-calorie snacks. and joshua jackson makes his first public appearance since splitting from diane kruger. and former "real housewives of new jersey" star dina manzo opening up about her divorce. but has she found again? find out at >> announcer: travel
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welcome back to the show, everybody. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays celebrities shares an identical tattoo with his famous brother? that is casey affllck, who turns 41. he and ben both have native american fraternity symbol. i knew you k that. >> i didn't. we're out of time. have a great >> bye! monday on "e.t." -- >> i was not a big dancer. >> just surfaced. the eva longoria weddi photos you haven't seen. we have them first. plu jada's "hairspray"
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i'm guessing they were able to determine that on the right side of the fence? >> you wouldn't expect the rescuers to do that but there are groups that do. >> he's about to hit the big apple. >> i've been to new york a few times but i don't do a lot of exploring. i've always been here for work. >> he's going to experience it a little bit differently this time. >> letting twitter make all my decisions. hopefully i'll learn more about new york. >> i don't think you're going to learn much about new york.
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>> all right david thompson's bagels. what should he get? plain, garlic, pump per nickel or chocolate chip. >> chocolate chip. >> how did i know you would say that, nick? the folks voted that way as well. >> got my bagel. although it wasn't a chocolate chip bagel, they were out of that. i got scallion and bacon spread. keeping it real. >> now it's off to the studios where he decides you know what -- >> it's humid and hot york. some new clothes. >> and again he gives people several choices and they're going to tell him where to go. but before he heads there -- >> farmer's market going on. >> what he should buy. and while he's there he runs into one of his twitter followers. >> yo you tweeted me. >> vacation from egypt. >> and now it's lunch time so he wants to know should he eat pizza, street meat or a hot sub sandwich. >> street meat! >> sorry guys.
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arguably some of the best pizza in the world. i get it. >> split there. >> we have four slices. >> from there, does a quick break to do his money segment where he gives away the cash. >> got to go to central park and sit with a cup of money and win $200. >> it's a treasure hunt. if you find him you win the money? >> yep. $200. and all you got to do is say these words. 30 minutes later this lovely young lady shows up. >> there it is. there it is! >> she ran up and said give me that coffee, boy! this is a pretty fun way to experience new york. let the folks lead you by the hand via twitter. >> next time we should go to another city see what people come up with it would be fun. >> the girls are not happy with dad. >> i thought we were friends. >> and they teamed up on him. >> next "right this minute."
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landscape riding the salt flats. >> on his little bike. >> on his little bike. >> that is pretty darn cool. >> they belt the -- i guess that's compromised as well? >> all built out of salt you're right. >> this video by red bull today and you can tell why. >> he's just peppering the video with tricks. >> this is a sport for all seasons. >> this is so beautiful. >> seems like another planet. >> the coo bull there is something iconic to it for this one it's just so beautiful. >> daniel is making it look easy but it was anything but the elevation here is at 11, 800 feet so the first day he was a bit winded. took a little while for him to get acclimated and the cold in this place played a big role. when the sun goes behind the cloud it gets very cold. when the sun comes out it
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together. there's also a behind-the-scenes video that he put together as well. go to, click on tv show or you can use our mobile app. >> we've all been there. you go on the internet, pinterest, some kind of recipe you see something you want to try. well that's what healthy junk food did. >> omg. i immediate to make those. >> spaghetti grilled cheese. >> okay i'm listening. >> first you get paper in it, put your spaghetti and meat sauce, chill it. >> he's chilling it so it's easier to work with. >> otherwise it will all fall to pieces. >> now for the grilled cheese part. puts some garlic powder in it and coats the side of the bred going on the grill. puts some mozzarella on there. goes and gets spaghetti. topped with parmesan cheese and parsley. buts it in the oven to 375 and then when he takes it out.
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spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich i'm like that's disgusting that's gross but now it's all put together all the bits are there. i mean frequently will eat spaghetti with bread. why not just kind of put it all together. >> exactly. >> my grandmother's rolling over in her grave here you say this right now but it looks good i want to try it. >> it does look really yummy. >> hmm. >> no one can explain this. >> this is he's more than blessed. >> grandma calls him her praise partner. >> now meet the little man who captured the spirit and the
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bowl. >> there's the end of your experiment. >> science. >> i grew up in a baptist church and there came a point in the sermon where the preacher would say it don't matter where the spirit moves in the shower in the car let it move.
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?? >> oh, look at him. >> oh. >> noeths. ?? >> whoa! ? praise the lord ? >> say it baby. >> he is in the car with his grandmother lydia and they're singing a song called better than blessed by candy davis. people know this song when i saw this in my feed i was like boy! this video has millions of are just taken by not only what the little boy is singing about but the fact that he's so convincing and so into it. grandma calls him her praise partner and you'll see why. >> that's the -- >> throw your hands -- >> for somebody singing or preaching so good -- >> why don't we meet this little guy live. "right this minute" we've got
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>> whoo! >> hi. >> hello! >> now miss lydia you said that demetrius was on youtube. how lodge did it take him to learn this? >> not long. almost every other day. >> wow. >> it's neat to see them. >> that's amazing. >> you tell us about his heart condition. share that with all of us. >> he was born with a congenital heart defect, and five days after he was born he had ope >> oh. >> well he's got something to be praising about, doesn't he? >> yes he does. it's like he nose it. >> believe i can fly every other day he has a new song. i believe i can fly was monday. i prayed about it. >> demetrius you want to sing i believe i can fly with me. ? i believe i can fly
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>> he's like, no. >> he is puzzled. does not know what kind of crazy is happening over here. well thank you demetrius for talking with us. ?? >> and that's your dose of daily viral videos for more check out 'l
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>> today on "fablife"... (applause) >> our feeling saucy special. singer and chef kelis! >> ...pressed pause on your career to go into culinary school. >> but le cordon bleu is not just throwing things together. >> there's one way or the highway. >> plus, add some va-va-voom to those tresses. big, hot, sexy hair. if you can can leave us with one tip... >> tease the hell out of it. >> and delicious foodie fashion. >> food-themed designs. >> i love that. i love that. (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife"! today we are keeping things spicy with our feeling saucy special. >> are you feeling saucy? >> i am feeling saucy and spicy. well, you guys, we are literally talking sauces.


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