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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 14, 2016 1:00am-1:46am EDT

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we are following a couple of breaking news story tonight. an apparent has been arrested at a hospital in south boston after -- rescued after being hit by a car. we've been following this breaking news during the last 90 minutes. it happened along the beach on william day fox 25's christine mccarthy has been on scene gathering details there. christine, you're joining us live with what you've learned about this victim. >> that's right, we're learning the victim is a woman in her 20s simply crossing the street when she was hit by a car. take a look beside me mirror on dade boulevard. you can see this is still a very active scene. investigators out here still taking a look at road as well as the car still parked here. go ahead and take a look at the video we shot earlier.
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boulevard. this happening just around 7:50 this evening. we understand that the driver, who struck this woman, who again was crossing the sidewalk -- crossing the crosswalk and coming from the beach, crossing dade boulevard, we understand he did stop, and right now he is over at the nearby massachusetts state barracks. police are questioning had right now. we understand citations and/or charges are possible. though, it's too soon to say whether or not those will filed. as for the condition of this woman, again, a woman in her 20s who was simply in the crosswalk. we understand that she was taken away from the scene with critical injuries, what are considered life threatening injuries. she's in critical, but stable condition, so we are still waiting to learn whether or not this woman will be upgraded again or if her condition is going to take a turn for the
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know. at this time she's being treat at a local hospital and investigators are out at the scene. the entire stretch of dade believed been closed down. from the rotary beyond carson beach all the way down to mccormick bathhouse at this time is closed down. christine mccarthy, fog 55 news. an impressive picture on the radar right now. thousands of lightning strikes, heavy downpours and flooding concerns as a line of storms moves east through new england. meteorologist sarah wroblewski has been tracking storms all night long. >> absolutely. some of the storms have been blowing up with numerous lightning strikes. within 15 minutes we've seen over 2000 and we've got severe thunderstorm warnings in parts of western areas of the state and a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of the berkshire county as well as southern vermont. but we are watching some of these storms produce not just a lot of lightning, we're seeing very heavy rainfall. and there is a plethora of flood warnings and watches out there right now.
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warnings that go until 11:30 and 11:00 p.m. respectively and in keene new hampshire that's where we have a flood watch warning which goes till 1:45. we've seen 1 to 4-inches of rain fall from some of these storms that have just continuously affected the same areas. earlier today, some showers pushed south of the pike, that's when we saw about an inch to 1 1/2. but in places of southwestern new hampshire really getting hit hard with 2 to 4-inches of rain. taking a look at som storms right now, really hard for you to even see some of the tabs, but we've got showers pushing into southeastern parts of new hampshire right now, some thunderstorms and this line is going out towards spring line. i'll continue to show you the timeline of when these storms will come to an end and also the big changes in temperatures that are headed our way for tomorrow. >> okay, robo, we'll check back with you. with all this active weather you'll want to grab the fox 25
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severe weather is in your area. the fox 25 weather app is free on google play and the app store. so breaking now, we've just learned a bridgewater man has died after he was pulled from an apartment complex. jacqui heinrich is live in bridgewater where neighbors tried everything they could to save his life. >> that's right, cari. the news of the death coming down just in the last 10 minutes or so, but even before we heard about this i had been talking to folks at the community and they on camera, i spoke to one man who gave cpr and he says the gentleman left the complex with his family members in an ambulance, and in not good conditions. now of course we've learned the outcome of that. the call came in around 6:00 p.m. first responders say a 67-year-old man was pulled from the community pool after some sort of a medical incident. right now we don't have any further information as to whether this was a drowning incident or some other kind of medical event. people from the complex are
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he was taken to good samaritan in brockton. this is a photo of brockton enterprise. folks on the scene, of course, pool closed. i'm told by people who live there, it was quite a chaotic event everyone trying to make sure the man got the services he needed. we were asked to leave the property as resident there is were still on edge after what happened. so we have not been able to determine if this man was a resident or visitor at apartments but of course our thoughts are with his tonight. jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. jack wii, thank you. a man was shot and killed in boston. it happened in dorchester. responding police say the man had multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene. investigators believe this man was in his 30s. if you know anything about the shooting, contact boston police. emts working 911 found themselves in new hampshire today.
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if at least one gunshot was fired at their officers and the paramedics. >> the amr ambulance is back in the garage after quite a call early saturday morning on elm street in manchester. >> that's crazy, honestly. like, you know, they're trying to help people and shots are being fired. that's not safe. >> reporter: police say two of their officers were investigating a call for an intoxicated man passed out in the parking lot of triangle yesterday from unit. two emts were on scene making sure the man was okay single gunshot was heard. the first responders say it appears the shots went over their heads past them. >> from the way it sounded, police and emts believe the shot may have come from the wooded area across the street. that's when they secured the entire area and started searching. >> they expedited transport and got right out as fast as they could. >> reporter: the wooded area is known by the people who live here as the place where people party and the homeless camp. >> i'm surprised. >> reporter: police brought in the k-9 team and state police
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all okay. >> there are a couple of shaken veterans but i don't believe either of them have been in situation like that before. >> reporter: police believe it was a gunshot and looking for any clues or information to find out exactly what happened. in manchester, robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. a dramatic last-second rescue. for days we've been reporting on the intense rain and flooding in louisiana. today a local tv crew there was save, they found a woman trapped in a sinking car moments from drowning. >> do you have something? yeah. >> reporter: a red mazda sinking nose first into the murky water near baton rouge. >> give me a knife. give me a knife. >> reporter: with mere seconds before the car slipped under, three men jump into action all while a news camera rolls. >> break the window. >> reporter: the woman inside trapped with her dog, she had no way to get out.
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>> i'm gonna die. i'm dying. >> we're coming. we're coming. we're breaking the window. >> reporter: the dire situation gets worse as water continues to pour into the cabin. one man sees the danger and jumps in. then seconds layer, an arm, then a head and she's out as the cargoes completely under. that's my child. >> i'll go down. >> here, here. i can't get the dog. she's gone. she's gone. >> no, she better not be. >> whoa! >> flipping the boat.
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>> i'm sorry. >> hang on, baby. >> within seconds they also reached that woman's dog and they were both hoisted on to a boat and ultimately brought to safety. overseas a man went on a stack tree on a train and set it whatted in eastern switzerland today. six people were hurt in the attack including a 6-year-old boy. police say the man began swinging wildly at passengers with some type of blade and poured out a liquid that caught fire burning a number of passengers and severely damaging the train. the 27-year-old suspect was also injured during his attack and taken into custody. funeral plans are set for 27-year-old vanessa mar cot who was murdered nearly a week ago.
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she will be laid to rest tuesday and meanwhile investigators are combing nearly 600 tips trying to find her killer. >> reporter: 27-year-old vanessa will be laid to rest in westminster tuesday. it's been nearly a week since the woman, visiting family in princeton, went out for a jog, but never came home. police are focused on the hours between 1:00 and 3:00 saturday afternoon and the activity along brook station road during that time frame, where she was last seen jogging sunday afternoon. on friday we saw the wooded area where police found her home. we learned from police marcotte fought her killer and they're asking the public to look out for anyone with bruises, cuts or any injury similar to a struggle. police did the investigate one incident after officials at the nearby walk shoes thes mountain called in by a couple sunday afternoon about a man who had bruises on his body. the westminster police chief tells fox 25 the couple was involved in an accident that day and refused treatment.
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murder. the d.a. hasty office wouldn't comment. >> again, police say no detail is insignificant and asking for the public's help. state and local police have set up the tip line with any information about vanessa's death. this is the number you can call and all of those tips are anonymous. police in windham, new hampshire are looking for this man who they say walked into a citizens bank this morning, displayed a happened gun, grabbed cash from the teller and ran. they say he's about 5'6" with a thin build. the su a small black sedan with new hampshire plates driven by a woman. the car was last seen on route 111, call police if you have any information. a new hampshire man is being held on bail accused of dragging a woman before she was killed. police say on wednesday he dragged 34-year-old kristen black as she clung to his pickup truck. right now it's not clear why black was holding on to the outside of the truck. the union leader reports black's
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police are still investigating her death. barrington police warn of an area today during what they thought was an active shooting situation near stone house pond. they were called around 5:00 this morning for a possible suicidal suspect and when they reviewed, shots were fired. police looked for the suspect for hours, eventually finding his body in the woods. police are still investigating but say there's no danger to the public. sandwich firefighters work to rescue someone who was thrown into the water when a canoe flipped over this firefighters launching their rescue boat at oak crest cove. we first reported this during fox 25 morning news. the canoer was rescued safely thanks to that quick response. some video you'll see only on fox 25 tonight from boston harbor. smoke was billowing into the air with a deck full of people. this after that boat called the
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malfunction in one of the engines causing the captain to lose control. no one on board any of the boats was injured but the regency did have some broken windows. two other boats that were struck, the rookie and aurora, are expected to be back in service pending coast guard approval. a new england swing for both presidential candidates tonight. >> thank you, connecticut. great people. >> tim kaine hoping toll pad the democrat's lead in new hampshire. and tracking train times, up next app being considered. and we're tracking severe storms rolling right now throughout the new england area. the storms are producing heavy downpours, thousands of lightning strikes and some flooding concerns.
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>> i'll tell ya, not running against crooked hillary -- pardon? i'm running against the crooked media. >> donald trump confusing some top republicans with a campaign stop in connecticut tonight. that state hasn't voted a republican candidate since george bush senior in 1998. the republican nominee has work to do in three key battleground states, according to the wall street journal. a poll out today trump trails
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and pennsylvania. hoping to bolster the big league in the gran nut state tim kaine wasting no times take shots at republican nominee donald trump and his vision of america. >> too great a nation to believe donald trump. we just can't do it. we can't do it. [ applause ] reason not to believe him. >> reporter: democratic vice-presidential nominee tim kaine back on the campaign trail at event in manchester, new hampshire saturday afternoon. the virginia senator didn't focus solely on trump but promoted hillary clinton's economic plan touting the largest investment in job creation since the second world war. >> for hillary clinton,the most important thing we need to do is to build an economy that not only grows, but an economy where
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everybody has a ladder that they can climb to achieve what their dreams are. >> reporter: kaine told the crowd moody's investor's service analyzed clinton's plan and claims it will lead to big-time growth. >> if hillary clinton is elected and if her plan is implemented, the economy will grow by 10 million jobs in the first term of hillary clinton. we'll be in a saying recovery. >> the 100-day plan includes investing in infrastructure and cutting red tape in texas. well, police in dartmouth are looking for the owner of this boa constrictor. the 6-foot long snake was discovered on memorial avenue earlier tonight. there it is. officers -- a mal control officers are taking care of the reptile right now but if you are the owner are know anyone who might be missing a big snake, give dartmouth police a call.
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budget shortfall. it's 2.4% of its more than 12,000 person workforce. the president of bay state health says the reductions will come in non-clinical areas as they hope to preserve the quality and safety for their patients. a strike didn't happen but we've learned brigham and women's hospital took a paying financial hit anyway . the hospital parent company says this week that the strike preparations lan cost them $24 million. the cost included $8 million spent hiring replacement workers and $16 million in lost from canceled procedures. a veterans group is flying a banner of their own in response to a black lives matter banner that was displayed at a stay hall. the american legion is flying and tells the herald that it's a response to the refusal to change the black lives matter banner that's been hanging at city hall the last year. last month police officers from around the region held a rally against the banner.
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exposure overnight on thursday. both incidents happened in salem. so if you recognize him, give salem, new hampshire detective as call. a popular restaurant chain has re-opened after violations were found earlier this week. sweet green in boston was shut down by the health department on tuesday. city inspectors say they found 20 code violations. problems have been fixed and the restaurant re-opened for business friday. check out this disaster in sandwich. a truck wound new cow neck road. you can see the back wheels of the truck collapsed in the asphalt. nobody was hurt when the road collapsed and crews are now working to repair the area. police need your help tracking down the man who brought blue lane service to a halt, all because he wanted to take a selfie. take a look at the photos of the suspect, one is pretty clear. police say this guy went into the tunnel at the aquarium station wednesday to take that
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the mbta is looking at new app to make public transportation for user-friendly for computers. the technology was presented friday. here's what it looked like the public had a chance to weigh in and then the t will select a winner that will have the app for a year. boston university announced it reached a deal to sign the building where the sign sits a specifics but hopes the announcement will calm community concerns about the sign. the head of the boston preservation alliance says the new developer is known to be sensitive to historic concerns. a chance to see some history in waltham this weekend. the vietnam veterans memorial moving wall will be set up at gore place through monday. the wall is a half-size replica of the actual vietnam memorial in d.c. that travels its country. more than 58,000 names are listed on that wall dedicated to the men and women who lost their
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guns, grenades and fake knives, all found at tsa checkpoints just this week. coming up, the creative and startling ways people tried sneaking them on board. next on fox 25 news at 10:00, an inside look at the flight simulator pilots use to get through turbulence. we'll be right back. ? music ?
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air, the whole building shook. >> the first thing on top opened up completely and flew out and a bunch of people got hurt. >> scary moments on board a jetblue flight. two dozen people were hospitalized after severe turbulence sent their aircraft into a frenzy. the flight had to divert and land in south dakota. tonight we're getting a look at the way pilots prepare for such turbulence. we see the specific reasons pilots go tou as smooth as possible. >> reporter: before a pilot hits turbulence at 30,000 feet... >> i'm trying to -- not trying to maintain an altitude but wing's level. >> scott is on the ground. >> he was taking onest to keep it there. >> reporter: teaching pilots be around new england how to react. with more than 18,000 hours of flying experience, wearam is one of the instructors at flight national simulator in manchester, new hampshire and says it's unlikely pilots on the
1:26 am
could have done much to avoid the passenger and crew from getting injured. >> the only way to asteroid is in of if some other pilot encountered it and reported it. i think they did a good job. >> reporter: common causes of turbulence, wearam says it can be thunderstorms, jetstreams and differing temperatures. some hazard appear soon enough for pilots to give passengers a warning to buckle up but others do not. the sudden vertical movement up or down can lead to serious in don't know how deep it is, how long it's gonna last. my intent is to keep the airplane as close to a level as possible. >> not always enough to keep passengers from getting injured but making the wrong moves wearam says could have even more serious consequences. >> while people often just think of a plane's black box after a crash, wearam tells fox 25 the black box from that jetblue flight will actually allow investigators to go back and understand the conditions at the
1:27 am
when so many people were hurt. eric rasmussen, fox 25 news. logan airport is revealing a new express lane to help you avoid long lines when you go through customs. the mobile passport is a free app for apple and android phones. if you have had, you take a photo of your passport and yourself when you land in the u.s. and you open the app and it grabs your flight info. you wave your phone over a scanner and step right up to customs. the apps should be available here by the end of the month. it was week for the tsa. officers found 78 guns in carry-on bags at airports across the country. most were loaded, some even had a round in the chamber. check this out. officers also found four of the realistic looking grenades and all of them turned out to be fake. and this picture someone getting pretty inventive while trying to sneak a knife on board. officers found it concealed in a pill bottle. none of the guns, fake grenades or knives came from logan this week. a federal court in wisconsin has overturned the conviction of
1:28 am
his uncle kill a woman in a case profiled in the netflix documentary making of a murderer. a judge overturned brandan dassey's conviction and ordered him free within 90 days unless the case is appealed. dassey now 26 was 16 when teresa halbach was murdered. dassey confessed to helping his uncle steven avery carry out the rape and murder of halbach but attorneys argued that confession was cohersed. former penn state assistant football coach brokennen his silence. the convicted child molester took at stand for the first time as he tries to get his 2012 conviction overturned. sandusky he absolutely did not commit the crimes and defense lawyers bungled his case. the hearings continue later this month. joe biden's office confirms the vice-president will visit turkey on august 24th. he'll be the highest level american visitor to the country since july. ties between the two countries have become strained over
1:29 am
isis, and the turkish expedition request for the u.s.-based cleric gulen who turkey accuses of planning the coup. it's sweden versus the united states and the lobster industry is at stake. still ahead, why the european nation wants to ban imports of lobster and the fight they're willing to put up to get their way. i'm tracking a line of showers and thunderstorms. i'm gonna show you the latest warnings just issued, plus my timeline of when that threat comes to an end and the big oh, hey, jamie, can you hang back a sec? ?? you wanna tell me about the boy in this painting? i dunno...maybe nobody understands him. well, if he were here, i'd say that being different is what makes him special. just like our discounts -- each one is unique, but together, they help save our customers a lot of money. okay. pop quiz, who's my favorite student? gwen? yeah! it's gwen.
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he. a shoplifting spree, massachusetts police department needs your help for some of the area's tough to crack cases. here's bob ward. >> reporter: crime continues to heat up on the streets. let's turn the heat on the bad guys. here are some brand-new cases, maybe you can help. ashland police need your help finding this man. they say he broke into a house earlier this month through a side window. he money and other valuable items. now, the home security camera caught the man in the act where you can see he wrapped a piece of clothing around his face to try to disguise his identity. if you can recognize him, contact ashland police. to plymouth, detectives are trying to track down this can you believe. they're accused of shoplifting expensive merchandise from a dick's sporting goods. the man has a medium build, light complexion. the woman was wearing a bright pink jacket at the time of the
1:33 am
build. if you can help find them, contact plymouth police. and in cambridge, detectives say the image here is a man who entered a retail store and filled his basket with items and left without paying. if you know he is, contact cambridge police. these cases all come to us from law enforcement's web site mass most wanted and we also have them up on our web sight for mass most wanted, i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. instructor at the attleboro ymca charged with having sex with an underaged student is free on bail tonight. 40-year-old cory was released from attleboro district court with a gps bracelet, indicted friday on multiple statutory rape case. he faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison if convicted. a dog so badly abused he was near death. the suspect finally facing a judge. we first brought you this story in early june when matthew
1:34 am
dog, when he was taken to the animal shelter after he was so badly abused his kidneys were failing and lungs collapsing. police say sill devainy's girlfriend held his girlfriend's dog and beat him. he is being held without bail. i'm sarah wroblewski, tracking these showers and thunderstorms all afternoon, all evening, and the intense height just really picked up over the line of severe storms pushing eastward closing in on the boston area. of course i've been tracking people in recess lightning strikes. we've seen up to 2000 in 15 minutes. now we have a few severe thunderstorm warnings i want to talk about in worcester county. this one across northern worcester county goes until 10:35 and this one across southern areas including the masspike goes until 11:00 p.m.
1:35 am
out which means it's pushing eastward and we've had reports of wind gusts of 60 miles per hour. if you you were in the path of this storm, you need to take cover and get inside. you want to make sure you're away from any windows, get to an interior location, perhaps a basement as we are talking about not only some strong winds and intense lightning, but also some very heavy rain from this, as well. and with that being said, we do have flash flood warnings in place for some parts of the area, especially northern worcester county and southwestern i'm gonna step off the screen so you can read some of those warning times. most of them expire as we head through the overnight hours for those flood watch warnings. these areas have continued to see numerous thunderstorms and showers through the afternoon and evening hours, and doppler indicating rainfall amounts of over 2-inches and up to 5.5 to even 6 in places like keene, new hampshire. we are dealing with some intense rainfall rates, and of course, with the drought that's going
1:36 am
it's just running off and causing a lot of problems out there. in fact, taking a closer look at the doppler radar, you can see just the intense lightning strikes. this is all pushing eastward at 50 miles per hour. so if we track this for you, it's gonna be headed towards the worcester area at 10:46. hopkinton just after 11:00 and woonsocket we're talking 11:08 and we've already got some of these showers pushing into northern middlesex and essex county. look what happens as they get closer to the coast, losing some we've got a little stable air. i'm expecting some of the intense the to -- intensity to actually die out as this approaches the boston area. can't rule out a roll of thunder. still seeing pockets of thunder through parts of new hampshire right now and getting numerous storm reports. in fact, one of the latest reports, leominster, 10:25, 3 feet of street flooding on central street. take precaution if you're headed that way. you need avoid that region. we're gonna continue to get the
1:37 am
line will be approaching the boston area within the next hour or two, weakening as it pushes on through. and then as we head through the morning hours, we're left with mostly cloudy skies, some areas of fog, and boy the heat and humidity that we had yesterday, it's right back in the city of boston. so by the afternoon we're gonna be watching the skies for more showers and storms to develop. and some of those storms could potentially be severe. we have a marginal risk for this darker shade of green wate indicating we could see downpours and frequent lightning. but tomorrow it's all about the extreme heat too. temperatures today much cooler at the coast compared to inland. that's because we have that backdoor cold front. with temperatures in the 60s and 70s now, we will be headed back towards the 90s tomorrow. in fact, we're gonna be dealing with a heat index that's gonna be close to 100 degrees. i want to show you that seven-day forecast for you because you'll see those temperatures really going to -- really reach out there. we have, believe it or not -- we
1:38 am
and sure enough, there you go. those temperatures well into the 90s. there's the seven-day forecast for you, showing that we're gonna see the risk of more showers and storms. a cold front will come through, and we should be drier on monday and tuesday and more rain arrives on wednesday. back to you. >> thanks, sarah. new at 10:00 sweden is asking the european union to ban imports of live american lobsters after more than 30 were found in swedish waters. they say the american could spread disease and overtake the smaller european variety of lobster. american lobster men say the fears are unfounded, and the u.s. government told the eu that the proposal is not supported by science. american waters, quite the find for one local lobster man, wayne knickerson caught this blue lobster off plymouth. the odds of catching one is 1 in 2 million but knickerson says he actually caught one before about 16 years ago. he appropriately named this one
1:39 am
dragon? police found in guy in milton new hampshire last week on silver street. it's the owner of this intimidating reptile hasn't come forward within a week, he will go up for adoption. a poisonous snake discovered near a local home is back where it belongs. a quincy woman found a timber rattle snake lounging outside her front door on grove street. quincy and state environmental police came to her rescue. they say the snakes are native to the nearby blue hills reservation but the drought may have lured this one out. and the prey may be moving down at the more populated areas so the snake is going for a food source. >> police contained the snake and moved it back to the blue hills reservation. the timber rattle snake is poisonous, so if you see one, do the right thing and call police. close, but no cigar. this one more than close enough.
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cigar roller jose castalar broke his own guinness record by rolling a cigar at more than 295 feet long. he dedicated the record cigar to former president fidel castro on friday, his 90th birthday.
1:43 am
tobacco leafs and took 10 days to make this giant cigar over 1 1/2 in diameter. so there you go, another record set. and the heat is back tomorrow. >> yes. and we're all going to be watching for more storms. the storms that are out there right now pretty intense. in fact, we've got severe thunderstorm warnings for parts of worcester county until 11:30. lots of late tension approaching the boston area in the next hour. but, yeah, that's tomorrow. back into the feel like it's in the triple digits. a heat advisory is in place and we will see some improvement. i think monday will be hot but dry, less humid, and then the rain comes back late tuesday into wednesday, and we could see the rest of more showers and storms as we head into thursday. but hey, guess what, into next weekend looks better. so take precaution if you're head the out right now with the thunderstorms out there. >> okay. thank you so much for all of your hard work tonight.
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