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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 16, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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now at 10:00 the latest timeline on the track of these severe storms moving towards our area. a you huge turnout at the wake of a woman murdered. why one expert think her killer is a local man who made several mistakes. hundreds of sex offenders could be living near you. fox 25 investigates we are evaluates why you're being kept in the dark about it. are ants bugging you new at 10:00 how to get rid of the new consequence from our extremely dry conditions. >> announcer: now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00 complete new england news coverage. >> first at 10:00 a man has been pulled from the water on cape cod. it happened around 8:15 at joshua pond which is off towerville road. >> mark tonight just after 8:00 p.m. reports say two children were found alone on
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joshua pond. the kids told police that the person they were with and had gone swimming with did not return. rescue teams pulled the man from the water a short time later. his condition is unknown. firefighters and police are still investigating what happened as well as the relationship between the man and these two children. we are working to learn more from police on the capeful we'll have the latest information coming up at 11:00. now to a live look at the current temperatures in our area. summer night. the heat will stick around tomorrow and it comes with a chance of showers and yes, thunderstorms. hi everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. let's get right over to fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin kevin. you have an updated timeline of what we can expect? >> yeah, a couple things to watch for tomorrow really into the evening as well. let's start here though. you saw the temperatures out there it's a pleasant evening. hum is low as well.
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out ahead of this whole system is a warm front and that warm front will bring some showers and storms. it's really a misnommer in this case. it's going to spike as this front goes by again. all this with a tropical connection with the gulf of mexico pushing all of this moisture into the middle of the country and shunting it toward new england. that means any storm tomorrow can be heavy rainshowers if not thunderstorms. in the morning hours we'll see the clouds increase we'll start to see some showers and storms this takes us through 10:00 a.m. now the way the wind are positioned in our atmosphere any one of these storms can have a little twisting to them. there is the small threat though not zero of a tornado in new england tomorrow morning and again in the afternoon. but more likely during the morning with the warm front coming through all these have heavy rain and strong winds. something we'll be tracking very closely. new information arrives this evening. >> with the chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, be sure to
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tracker weather app. you can get custom forecasts for your neighborhood. fox 25 storm tracker weather app is free and available on any device. >> the murder mystery surrounding vanessa marcotte's death. today family, friends and the community attended her wake as the search for her killer continues. fox 25's is bringing you live team coverage at 10:00. our christine mccarthy shows us where the investigation stands tonight's but spoke with family and friends at this evening's service. malini? >> reporter: mark, there were so many people here today to say good-bye to vanessa marcotte. earlier today there was a steady stream of cars going into brandon's funeral home. police officers were out front making sure everyone was able to get in there with no problems. today they are asking why, why her. >> reporter: with heavy hearts van.
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bus up together to say good-bye forever. some held their heads low, others still in shock by what happened. >> she was the most beautiful girl, educated, intelligent, her family so needed her. >> reporter: bob adly a family friend was in tears. he remembered the beautiful young vibrant 27-year-old growing up. >> we hung around together. they were good people. kissed dried and tried to console each other. the story line still makes no sense to them. >> i couldn't believe it. >> i have a son and it could have been him, and i just feel bad for the family. >> reporter: adly says even though he is here to say good-bye he still feels like there is no closure. people in princeton and nearby cities and towns want to know who the killer is. >> we got to try to find out
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how important is it for you to be here? >> i would rather -- >> reporter: the funeral will be held here tomorrow there will be a mass service at 10:00 in leominster. police are repeatedly begging the public please if you saw please call them and remember you can remain anonymous. tonight's police say they are not leaving a stone unturned. for now we fitchburg, malini basu, fox 25 news. tonight a well-known criminologist is giving us new insight into the thinking of vanessa marcotte's killer. he believes the killer is a local man who made a lot of mistakes. fox 25's christine mccarthy continues as investigators try to solve this mystery. >> reporter: many who are mourning the tremendous loss of vanessa marcotte are also living in fear as investigators try to track down her killer.
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safe. >> reporter: ed carleton is just one of many princeton residents uneasy following the murder of 27-year-old jogger vanessa marcotte. fox 25 was there as carleton aheaded into the local police department to get answers. >> people are afraid and they're mad, okay. i don't want to be either. >> reporter: as the small town of about 3500 residents continues to mourn, marcotte's killer remains at large. again, and investigators have combed the crime scene and detectives are following up on more than 600 tips. >> this is goes to be a really challenging case, especially if the killer is a stranger to the victim. >> reporter: fox 25 sat down with jack levin a north iron university criminologist, who studies murder cases just like marcotte of. information we've learned he said the woods where marcotte's body was found less than a mile from her mother's home is what
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suspect that we are talking about someone who was trumly familiar with this community. >> reporter: levin says the person who took marcotte's life doesn't seem to be a skilled serial killer but it may be a local. >> the most cases people who commit homicides have a comfort zone and that comfort zone is in the neighborhood in the community where they live. >> reporter: state police are focusing on a two time frame on that sunday afternoon when they believe vanessa marcotte was abducted and murdered. they ask if you have any information about that incident, particularly about vehicle that may have been parked on that road brook station road in princeton to go ahead and give them a call. you can call them on their tip line which is posted on the website we're live in fitchburg tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> here's another look at that special anonymous tip
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anonymous. new at 10:00 a 36-year-old man is having his mental health evaluated tonight after barricading himself from police in townsend. this is video from the scene on fitchburg road earlier tonight. there were reports that man was holding hostages but police tell us that was not the case. he was taken into custody without incident. a mother of five accused of beating her 3-year-old daughter to death broke down in court todays as the charges were read. the 26-year-old is accused of beating in november of 2014 causing her death. prosecutors say she lied to investigators and changed her story blaming the injuries on a fall down the stairs, seizures. the 4-year-old's brother then a history of abuse by her finacee michael rivera. rivera now the key witness in the case. >> she murdered her own child because she was angry she wet herself that night
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and a water --. a methuen dialysis clinic is apologizing after leaving an 86-year-old patient locked inside for hours. marine perry received her four hour treatment on saturday. after that treatment was over the staff closed the building forgetting she was inside. we first reported this last night at 10:00 and since then we have received this statement which reads we have initiated additional procedures and ensure that an incident such as this does not happen again. we apologized to the patient, her family and the entire community. tonight experts think republican presidential nominee donald trump is looking to hit the reset button on his campaign. right now he is trailing hillary clinton in most polls. fox 25 political reporter sharman sacchetti spoke with one analyst to see if trump can turn it around. >> reporter: in ohio, donald trump called for
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immigrants and he is blasting the president and secretary clinton for the rise of isis. >> the obama foreign policy has unleashed isis. >> reporter: hillary clinton is on the campaign trail with vice president joe bide none pennsylvania. it's a swing state where clinton leads trump in that state by an average of more than nine points. >> he has been his own worst enemy. >> steve kerr gan tells me he's glad trump >> trump has struggled to stay on message. he has accused the president of being around foremember of isis. in his tweets he blames the media but his lagging poll numbers are raising serious questions. is the trump campaign imploding? >> it's down but not completely out rorng b.u. political historian blamps to trump's tensions for being provocative. >> he's just donald trump.
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other -- hillary is so flawed and so unpopular and sun on trustworthy. >> reporter: while donald trump is criticized for his lack of a ground game and failure to bring together republicans, democrats say the clinton campaign can't take any of it for granted. plus, there's always enough time for an october surprise. sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. an important deadline is just days away for voters in massachusetts. you have until friday to make any chan to register for the september 8th primary. a scare for patriots fans today as gronk left the field until pain during practice. gronkowski was making his cut he grimaced during the play then walked gingerly back to the locker room with a trainer. he did not return to practice. this is the latest in a string of injuries plaguing the patriots this pre-season. julian edelman appeared to be hobbling last week with a bad foot.
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gronk is not seriously edged. >> i just exhaled. well, tonight we're getting a lot of reports from people saying they have ants in their home. >> they've never had the problem that is until now. ahead at 10:00 fox 25 exposes why the problem is growing and how you can get rid of it. but first new at 10:00 -- >> some crooks are using skimmers to get your debit card number but also able to get your pen. we'll tell you -- your pin. we'll tell you how next. plus, a local man a great white to attack it
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hundreds even thousands of dollars gone after a group of thieves placed skimmers at a.t.m.s in central mass two. banks seem to be hit the hardest here. our john, police regretting dozens of complaints. >> we we ran into one woman
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>> they are also putting hidden cameras that you can't see and that's how they get your pin. armed with that information they create counterfeit cards then can go anywhere to withdraw your money. >> they had tried to go into my accounts in new york and take another $500 out. >> reporter: erin prescott is beside herself. while she was in savers bank reporting an account theft over the weekend it happened again >> i just can't believe people do this. >> reporter: webster police suspect erin's debit card was copied by a skimming device like the one seen here. rhode island's most wanted posting pictures of a group installing skimmers just over the state line. >> they replicate it in that skimming machine, make a card and for my understanding from the detective they sell the card to somebody. >> reporter: but they're also able to get your pin. this picture shows one of those men in rhode island
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camera above the a.t.m. to record your pin. then thieves make new debit cards selling them along with your pin number and you never know 92 the last time i used my a.t.m. my card in an a.t.m. machine was saturday. but it doesn't necessarily mean that that's where it happened. >> reporter: webster police posted this warning on facebook. it says several people have found to have hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars withdrawn from their and that is leading victims like erin who lost nearly a thousand herself feeling helpless. >> i guess it could happen anywhere. there's nothing you can do about it. when you put your pin in cover it.
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right now we're being told those are far and wide. we'll tell you how far we found them coming up at 11:00. live in webster, john monahan, fox 25 news. two teens are facing charges accused of chasing a woman in natick. but boys tell police it was an 18 experiment. >> this is 18-year-old chandler ortiz. the other is 17. when police caught the pair they said they chased a woman in downtown natick friday night as part of a "social experiment. both face charges. boston's top cop having some trouble finding volunteers for a new pilot camera pilot program. william evans needs 100 volunteers for this program. he's even offered up $500 bonuses. but so far no bites. the commissioner has said he wants the pilot program to lawn in september. the boston police patrolman's association backs the plan. a group of kayakers got stuck in the mud on low tide in duxbury just off shore
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were helped to shore by the duxbury fire department. no one was injured just really muddy. fox 25 investigates has exposed a massive waste of water and taxpayer dollars. investigative reporter eric rasmussen reveals that the pool has been leaking more than six gallons a minute and managers never shut it down. >> at a time when water in boston is in short supply been leaking out three of city-owned pool at the southend fitness center. records obtained by fox 25 investigates show managers knew about the leak for at least a year but chose to keep the pool open. >> the tax dollars are really being wasted. we showed what we found to a south end resident. in january a private engineering firm found the pool was losing 9,100
1:19 am
groundwater level. >> obviously, it's the city's responsibility to make sure every is on the up and up. the pool and public health center are by the boston commission. they said the pool safe for use despite regular wear and tear. fox 25 found code violations earned the pool a failed inspection in december and they were provided proper lighting, ventilation and sanitary conditions. still open when we checked it out the city says it will close the pool next week so surveyors can look for ways to upgrade the facility including a possible fix for the leak. some perspective members now wondering what's taken so long. so you were thinking about signing up today. does this change anything for you? >> um, i mean i hope that they would fix it. i don't use the pool. >> reporter: when they broke it all down engineers found the pool was leaking more
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that's roughly this much water lost every minute. if the center was paying regular water rates it may have already cost the city more than $20,000. the health commission said this facility was being used as a homeless scmert that's why the problem at the pool wasn't made a priority. new at 10:00 a fisherman was feeling pretty good about his catch off the cape today until a massive shark 300 pounds 69 inches. you see it doesn't have a tail. the captain says he had been reeling it in for 30 minutes when a great white came by and bit the tail right. on the worst part that tuna came in four inches short of the commercial minimum. >> the biggest bummer we couldn't sell the fish at the end of the day. we couldn't make any money out of it. but instead you know my customers were happy they got to take home a lot of tuna fish and i get some
1:21 am
that's one way to look at it. the shark snack though cost that captain about $3,000. he was robbed. >> missed by this much. basically the tail. >> this weekend lingary singer jimmy buff let take center stage in mansfield. next at 10:00 why police are warning people about the bathroom situation. >> we're talking about hundreds of very dangerous sex offenders walking around off the radar. >> sex offenders removed from public lists. in 10 minutes fox 25 investigates learns how one of those offenderses was able to assault a woman
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>> they stand accused of selling drugs at a school near chelsea.
1:24 am
from jail. >> -- officers told us they were trust right -- that's the frustrating part for us. the community will complain about something and law enforcement. >> system isn'tdo until they post bail and end up right back on the streets. >> a northeastern university grad is posting fake pokemon go street signs and the police commissioner doesn't find it funny. here's one with of those signs hanging outside of a firehouse. it reads all firefighters are napping in case of fire please catch the nearest water pokemon. the man specializes in -- if they catch him he will be
1:25 am
will take them down. mansfield police are making porta potties patrols a top priority. parrot heads will be doing a lot of tailgating before the buffett concert. police are trying to get the word out that these makeshift toilets they will be a no go this year. they say everyone should plan to use the provided health code compliant porta potties in the parking lots. saying they should think of this as quote an to build character. i have been to a lot of buffett concerts and i have never seen one of those. >> oh, goodness. i have never been so i can't speak on it. showers and storms moving towards us. a real threat of severe weather tomorrow. but first hundreds of dangerous sex offenders and you have no idea who they are or where they are. they could be living right next door to you.
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>> hundreds of sex offenders are off the public registry after a recent court ruling. fox 25 investigates is charged with saw. as our bob ward reveals he did it while out of the public eye. >> reporter: this is paul a homeless man charged with sexually assaulting a woman in the elevator malden apartment building in june. once in the elevator, he distracted the woman telling her she had a bug on her lead and made a move to remove it according to court records obtained by fox 25. for 60 seconds the male kept touching eachor her braids as if the bug was crawling around. when they reached the top floor he allegedly told the victim the bug fell off. the victim told police he
1:29 am
she thought was a fake cell phone call. that when he realized she had been the victim of a sex crime. paul was arrested later that night. fox 25 investigates discovered the disturbing details of the case against denado right here in malden district court. but with we have also discovered something else that denando is one of hundreds of dangerous sex offenders right now living in the shadows and you have no idea who they are or where they are. they three convicted sex offenders. 300 of them removed from public lists all because of a court ruling last december. the massachusetts supreme judicial court raised the legal standards used to classify sex offenders a move that entitled about 500 of them to be removed from all public lists while awaiting new hearings and that could take years. it appears one of them is paul. fox 25 uncovered court
1:30 am
to register as a level three sex offenders but at the time of the reported elevator assault he was not listed on any public sex offender database. >> it's a gap in public safety. in the most serious sense of that word because the level threes are the ones who will offend again. >> we're talking about hundreds sex offenders right now walking around off the radar, totally off the radar. by radar i mean off the list. the list the public has a right to see. >> i think the public is a little outraged by this decision but wrongly so. >> he praises the ruling saying too many sex offenders were being wrongly
1:31 am
is facing any more danger now. >> for these people that are getting a new hearing it's no different than any other case where someone gets a new hearing. >> reporter: the sex offender registry board has hired four new hearing examination and reclassified 182 who are now back on public lists. but there's still more than 300 to go. >> every minute of delay is a minute when a very dangerous level three sex offender is going to offend again and again and again and the public won't know >> reporter: paul denando is behind bars awaiting trials. meanwhile the sex offender registry board tells fox 25 it is working as quickly as possible to reclassify these offenders. for fox 25 investigates, i'm bob ward. if you have a tip you would like fox 25 investigates to look into e-mail us at fox 25 investigates at fox
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>> we continue to stay on top of breaking news a missing swimmer pulled from a local pond. we are back live with an update at the top of the hour. plus, a massive drug bust made just feed from -- feel the from a local school. how the criminalened is parking a statewide debate. >> 90 degrees today and it felt different to you because of those dew points sort of when it gets up into the 70s it feels a lot different than 60s. this is from up earlier today. it was in the 50s when it was 90 degrees. that's the difference in how it felt out there. look out to the west there are showers that are creeping up on. indiana had a tornado warning just north of
1:33 am
still some work to be done. there is a storm system to our west we know. that but that storm system has a connection to the tropics. this moisture streaming out of the tropics and circling around toward us. it's coming up through louisiana and right along the front that's also pushing toward us. there's plenty to talk about with that moisture coming our way. what it means when a tropical section is localized flooding. not a time yet to put a flood watch in place. the showers just starting to break out during the morning hours as the warm front part of the system approaches. important to note at the surface winds coming in mostly from the east toward the front. now behind the front winds will be shifting around to the south. up in the upper parts of our atmosphere they're coming in from the west. when you have all different winds you have to watch for some twisting motion or
1:34 am
doesn't happen. and of course that's not a common occurrence here in new england but it's not a zero chance tomorrow. want to make sure you're aware of that. jason will be here to track them for you and let you know if anything is becoming severe or has any turning with it. a lot of clouds around through lunchtime. but there will be some breaks of sun. these temperatures which are in the 80s by lunchtime will go a ohioer with any breaks of sun. of course if you get hotter in the afternoon you will these. more thunderstorms will develop. the higher threat during the afternoon through 3:30. doesn't mean the humidity is going away it just means the storm threat starts to go away. so the weather threat tomorrow include the high risk of heavy rain from any shower that develops even if it's not a severe thunderstorm. the low but not zero threat of a tornado.
1:35 am
into central massachusetts. really western into the west central part of worcester county. then strong winds again any thunderstorms can produce those strong winds especially with the heavy rain. if you are going to the beach highest threat of thunderstorm will be in the afternoon. south shore and cape cod less of a chance. these are the places to go if you're thinking you want to hit the beach tomorrow no matter what. high temperatures in the 80s up to the north and west 80s here as well. generally 80s and very sticky everywhere you we'll talk mow about the week forecast and an updated timeline on the tomorrow threat. >> tonight we on the storm threat. tonight we are hearing from lots of people who have
1:36 am
new new at 10:00 what they're searching for how you can get rid of them and with why mother nature is to blame. plus, our special one-on-one interview with the mother of pete frates. what she wants you to know. but first, why a t.s.a. agent tackled a cancer patient in the airport. you're watching fox 25 news
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family of a st. jude
1:39 am
this is hannah co-plan's mother said the 19-year-old brain tumor makes her easily confused. they say her disability is obvious should have been recognized by airport employees but she set off the metal detector hannah struggling with an officer then being thrown to the ground. the family is now suing t.s.a.. the airport authority and its police department for $100,000. new at 10:00, the pentagon is asking for help fighting a new threat from small drones. pentagon is planning for or commercial drones could be used as weapons in what's called a request for information. the pentagon is asking universities, companies even private citizens for ideas on how to track and stop small drones. >> not everyone fully understands the threat and the problem now. just haven't got the solution yet. >> experts say they are currently finding there is no system that can disable
1:40 am
pregnant women who take acevedo the act give in tie la-- acetaminophen the act give in tylenol may raise -- they found more than half the moms used the medicine about 5% of the children developed behavioral problems. the makers of the most well-known brand tylenol say the study shows a correlation but not causation. too many parents are sleep in unsafe situations. a pediatrics report says babies are often placed in cribs with loose bedding and stuffed animals or on their stomaches or their sides. this can increase the chances of suffocation or even death. the study analyzed video recordings instead of relying on parent surveys. nearly every parent surveyed
1:41 am
crib. >> they say have nothing in the crip. i have a little blanket that i give him to hang on to. >> letting babies sleep in beds with parents is extremely risk wherey and give new parents simple and strict sleep instructions when leaving the hospital. tomorrow a korean war p.o.w. will be coming home decades after his death. we told you about ronald sparks last week. d.n.a. helped bring the family closure year. tomorrow the cambridge veteran services department will hold a special ceremony in his honor. he will be buried with full military honors on friday. we appreciate his service for this country. valuable recycleables stolen from the people who need the most. >> ahead at 10:00 the huge community response in an effort to help the poor get back on their feet. but first the drought is bringing them out. ants are marching into homes. next at 10:00 why the
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oh, hey jen! hey... are buying finish these days. i got a new dishwasher and they recommend finish. really? you should try it. narrator: finish is recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide than cascade. unlike cascade gel, finish has active cleaning enzymes. its unique powerball takes on anything, for an amazing clean. narrator: switch and see the difference. finish. >> some of you may have a problem you never had before. ants are marching into homes in search of water. >> as fox 25's jim morelli explains all new at 10:00 the drought is to blame and the problem might not end once the drought does. steve is one of the owners of milford exterminating service these days he's very busy.
1:45 am
>> i don't know when it's going to end. >> reporter: they are the nature's background noise all there but airline noticed ants of all kinds are making their presence known this summer because of the drought. >> and they're looking for food and water. kitchens, bathrooms, any leaky pipes sometimes the sweat from the pipe come in and that's what they're doing. >> reporter: the drought has been hard on ants for the same reason it's been hard on plants. >> during drought periods what ends up moisture sources tend to dry up. >> reporter: they have the anne added advantage of being able too get there. sally is one of the likely many homeowners in massachusetts dealing with ants. >> i usually see them a little bit in the beginning of the summer then they go away and what happened this summer but in the last two weeks i've definitely seen a lot more. >> reporter: she uses a
1:46 am
control ants but says homeowners have to do their part, too by keeping kitchen counters clear of crumbs and moisture and cutting vegtable -- vegetation back from the house. the problem is even when the drought ends the infestation may not. >> if it's not broke don't fix it. why try to leave if you have everything you need. >> reporter: other ways make sure have you proper seals around your doors and windows also pay attention to your gutters, clean them out if necess sure the downspouts are directing water away from your foundation. >> a plea change tonight from a teamster. five teamsters are accused of harassing the crew as they were shooting in boston for not hiring union labor. the boston herald reports 62-year-old mark harrington is planning to plead guilty to the charges next move. another defendants tell the paper they were taken aback by the move.
1:47 am
bulger to try to overturn his conviction. he was fount guilty of shooting robert in 191980 but he has been in prison for a crime he didn't commit. caught on camera red-handed someone helped themselves to empty bottles and cans selected to help families in need. elizabeth hopkinsre overwhelming response from the public to help. >> it's just unbelievable to see somebody with that kind of disregard. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows what happened. just walks over looks around nonchalantly unlocks the door. >> reporter: a donation bin collects empty bottles and cans. when they're redeem the money is sent off to help support st. vincent depaul charities. it adds up to a few hundred
1:48 am
friday. >> really? you got to be that low. >> reporter: someone was caught on surveillance removing several large bags from the donation area. >> and he takes two more bags. >> reporter: employees here say the thief returned the following day only to find they had locked the donation area. but the suspect and his vehicle clearly visible. he wanted to give him a chance to right his wrong. >> first we would give him a chance to do the right thing maybe come down do a little middleboro high school but he denied it and so we're actually going to take him to court now. >> reporter: lakeville police are not releasing the man's name but he's a 66-year-old who has been charged with larceny, breaking into a can depository and attempting to commit a crime. >> what will come out of it people will realize that these donations. >> reporter: they say the public sponsor has been overwhelming they are now considering having a bottle
1:49 am
elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> there you see it the clouds that have been rolling across new england but no storms. those are off to our southwest still. now future cast has slowed thea or the arrival of the front down. meaning by lunchtime we'll start to see more of these showers and thunderstorms develop across the area. some heavy. so your wake up forecast while there is a small threat of shower or thunderstorm is generally going to be mostly cloudy in the mid-60s. the humidity climbs during the day so too does the storm threat. maybe in the midst of serious heat but a new england wants to you start thinking about winter two day rates $59. the sale ends on saturday.
1:50 am
are you enjoying the lower prices at the pump? >> i think we all are. next at 10:00 we'll tell you why those prices may soon go back up. >> plus, fighting for the cure. pete frates mother opens up to fox 25 about continuing the fight for her son and to fox 25 about continuing the fight for her son and the mission i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... then i made the switch. xarelto? significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. warfarin interferes with vitamin k and at least six blood clotting factors. xarelto? is selective targeting one critical factor of your body's natural clotting function. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare
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like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at walpole high school students will have a little extra time to get to class today. it lab pushed back 15 minutes from 7:15to he wants to give students just a little more time to sleep. he realizes it's not a huge difference but says it was the only change he could make without impacting the elementary and middle school schedule. the school day will end at 2:05. gas prices and their end of summer dip in massachusetts that continues. the average price of regular unleaded is now $2.09 in boston that's down three scents from last week to more than everyone from cents from last year at this time. industry experts say oil prices are climbing though
1:54 am
soon. >> a new patent generated granted to apple has some with wondering if the -- apple is expected to reveal its new iphone design in september. football season hasn't started but adele says she was offered a spot as the halftime show and said thanks but no thanks. the britt says the really about music. super bowl 51 will be held in houston on february 5th. she is performing at t.d. forward none september. two years ago the ice bucket challenge became a viral sensation that raised more than 200 million for a.l.s. research. >> pete frates is the spin rargs and tonight his mother nancy is asking to you stay focused on finding a cure. tom leyden spoke with pete frates mom about the mission she's on.
1:55 am
many of us could think of the ice bucket challenge as a passing fad as bostonians we have to understand we started a revolution now we kind of are have to keep that momentum going. nancy points to another indelible moment to help motivate us. >> reporter: nobody forgets the power of five to know that a.l.s. this is our disease. executive i've ever met be it facebook, be it twitter, be it whoever i've met with they always have this map that shows the ice bucket challenge and there's a big bull's-eye on boston massachusetts. >> reporter: politicians help but it's doctors and medical researchers pushing the boundaries of exploration and discovery. in the two years since the first round of ice bucket challenges more has been done to unify the cause than ever before.
1:56 am
kevin who founded the organization a.l.s. 1. kevin passed away this week from a.l.s. but put together an organization that he took all the resources located in massachusetts and got all those people who were operating in silos to come together. >> reporter: those most directly affected live the life and fight the fight every day excruciating journey for everyone involved. what we can do is more of the same. more awareness, more donations, finding a cure. >> our work is far from done. we have to continue until we get a treatment for this disease. >> reporter: on the sports page part two of my conversation with nancy. she shares some very powerful information. as for pete things are tough right now. he has been in and out of the hospital fighting off infections. but the spirit that has gotten us to this point will never wane.
1:57 am
? music ? new k-y intense. a stimulating gel that takes her pleasure to new heights.
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>> today on "fablife"... ?? >> bring forth the manservants. >> yeah! >> it's our queen for a day special. >> former miss georgia, kim gravel. >> had to put on my best girdle, my best push-up bra. >> oh, so did i, so we're all good. beauty queen fashion tricks. >> this is your foot. this little piggy went to market. these two little piggies are gonna get taped up. it will just relieve the pressure. >> are you serious? >> and... (cheers and applause) >> welcome to "fablife." today is all about feeling like a queen and conquering it all without your crown moving a single inch. we've got beauty queen makeup tips. you know those ladies have a full bag of tricks, and you're gonna want to watch and hear every one of them. and joe even has some very royal-like fashion tips, which i am dying to hear, by the way. plus, i don't know if you're ready for all of this jelly, as in we're showing you how to use


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