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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  August 16, 2016 4:00pm-4:42pm EDT

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scans. the cell in question is right down here. i don't see any green next to the red right now. what you look for is a tight couplet of green and red next to each other. you see the green showing up within some of the storms. none of that looks tornadic or spinning up in the storms. you see the slightly redder, the rotation from time to time, that's where we see it. it spins up and back down. nothing to drop a because it's showing that activity, has the strong winds potential with it and it is moving, has that kind of twisting look to it, almost a hook look on radar, those are the things we start to look for severe weather. that's why there's a severe weather warned system in southeastern connecticut. right along 395 and moving toward southern worcester county. i'm going to be tracking this one very closely.
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plenty of storms developing. i'll, be back in a few minutes with an update on this and other storms. >> elizabeth: as kevin just said, walpole was hit with rains john monahan is there right now. that were to has moved through that part of the area. right, john? >> reporter: you know, elizabeth, i'll take it whenever i can get it. it was supposed to be raining -- before i left, this was the target area, we're in walpole right now. it was supposed to be here, we came down, 3:30, and it had dissipated quite a bit. we shot video a little bit ago of some of that rain. this is along route 1 south of dedham. showers turned into very light showers in the afternoon didn't disrupt much at all here. but there was a chance for the storms to be significant here and this afternoon as they crossed the area. something that pond up along quincy and those areas as well.
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worcester county. we are in walpole right now. we're going to head in that direction to try to find some rain. for now i'm dry and we'll keep you posted as the wet weather is supposed to pop up in worcester county and let you know where it is when it's about to get there. for now live in walpole, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: this is kind of all over the place, we'll keep track of these storms for you. you can track as it happens using the fox 25 weather app. it's a free download for your phone. we'll be up dating these >> friends and family filled the church of virgin mary's funeral this morning. kathryn burcham is there, cathcrin vanessa's friends say she was perfect? >> reporter: yeah, the sobbing cries of the friends and family filled the church this morning during the funeral mass. the friends and family of virgin
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over her sudden and tragic loss. >> absolutely beautiful ceremony. the celebration of her life. >> reporter: a life taken so suddenly. vanessa marcotte, honored today for her compassion, her loyalty, and her life. inside the same church where she was baptized as a child, she was eulogized by her best friend, one saying she was so perfect at times she seemed like she was other worldly. her coworkers fromoo an entire section. the google manager was visiting her mother last sunday when police say she never returned from a jog. hours later, a k-9 unit found abducted and murdered by a man police have not still identified. the awful ending to vanessa's life was not remembered today. instead, she was remembered for how much she gave others. >> she turned everything around with her personality and her
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>> reporter: and the mayor of leominster also told us the funeral did not focus on the investigation into vanessa's death. although he did say, he has complete confidence in the investigators who continue to work around the clock here in princeton. live in princeton, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> jason: and this is the number to call with any information. hundreds of people have already called police with possible tips. all calls, they say are anonymous. we're live at 5:00 and stand in this case. >> elizabeth: new at 4:00, aaron hernandez is set to go on trial in february for the murders of two men in boston. he appeared in court for a hearing this afternoon where a judge set the date. prosecutors say hernandez shot one of the men after one bumped into him and made him spill his drink in the south end. he pleaded not guilty. he's already serving a life sentence in the murder of odin lloyd. he's appealing the conviction in that case. it's a month
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drinking water at some of the boston schools tested positive for lead levels. this is the latest in the, inc. dr. ing problems here in city. >> vanessa: it really is, prompted boston public schools to test water quality this summer. in the 37 schools they tested, six buildings had elevated lead levels. in each case, the lead levels above 15 parts per billion, which is federal activated action level. they are turned off and this while the school system works on a possible solution. seven schools, lyndon school, lee academy, boston latin school, lend man wind ship as well. burke high and dearborn sense academy. they say all of those buildings pass past tests in april and high lead levels do not reflect the typical water fountain usage they would see during the school year. tito jackson reportedly called
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urging school officials to turn off all water fountains in the city's schools. eric. >> and they're still waiting to learn how a young father drowned in the cape. they were by themselves at joshua's pond beach in ossterville and told police they couldn't find their dad. rescue crews found the eventually 35-year-old's body in the water but he couldn't be saved. a 15-year-old fighting for his life after being shot three times in south boston. this was breaking on fox 2 have not made any arrests. as fox 25 stephanie coueignoux reports they are now turning to the public for help. >> reporter: police say the 15-year-old victim is expected to survive after undergoing surgery at boston medical center. according to police, the teen was sitting in a car just before midnight when he was shot multiple times and then driven to the hospital in the very car he was shot in. >> he was shot three times.
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survive here. but obviously he's still being treated as serious. >> reporter: this video taken by our fox 25 news crew shows at least nine evidence markers on the ground where that shooting happened. those markers are often used to indicate bullet casings. the shooting happened on gavin way in south boston. a neighborhood just off of old colony drive. in this video, you can see a door to one of the house, units open. part of the large crime scene. >> he's a teenager. he his 16th birthday. >> reporter: by the time the police responded, the system or suspects had already taken off. and police weren't able to get any information at the scene. meantime, tensions were very high. officers told our fox 25 news crew, they had to break e break up several fights after the shooting. with no arrests and questions about why the shooting occurred. they're turning to the public for help, asking for people to call with any useful information. in south boston, stephanie
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being shot in the eye and the foot. it happened on chatham west drive last night. that 17-year-old is expected to be okay. police are still shooting -- searching, rather, for the shooter. >> new at 4:00, a sharon woman charged tonight with attacking a train conductor on the commuter rail. they told police, emma bloom refused to pay her fare so he told her to get off the train. he claims she went after him, kicking, punching, even biting. he says she even threatened to stab t police say an allston man punched a driver after refusing to pay his fare. >> elizabeth: a huge mess on route 1 this afternoon. where it connects to i94 in peabody. a trash truck flipped over on its side and spilled all of its contents all over the road there. crews removed the mess an hour ago but only one lane open. expect delays during the evening commute there. >> a prestige justice new hampshire prep school is now denying it wants the name of the
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owen labrie was found guilty of assault last august of the victim in the indication is suing the school and is only known as jane doe in the court documents. st. paul's now says reports that it wants her name revealed were misinterpreted in its court filing requesting transparency in that case. investigators say it looks like a freak accident. a rhode island man killed when a tree branch fell on him while he was camping. it happened in morris new york. ryan southless of cumberland was sleeping in large tree limb landed on him. he died in a nearby hospital the sheriff's office there is still investigates. >> elizabeth: new at 4:00, police are looking into two men who stole expensive drones from local stores. look at the suspects. neighbors think they were talking on each other on their phones as they stole drones from opposite sides of the store. the drones worth $2,000. it's a story nearly six years in the making. >> later on at 4:00, how a
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war vet. >> elizabeth: a local hockey player's equipment gone missing right before a competition. the problems they've encountered even after they got it back. >> kevin: this storm has a little bit of a hook near the 395 sign right there, some rotation with this storm. some of the towns in line bellingham and milford before 5:00 this evening. but douglas, you're first up in southern worcester county. i'm back after the break with >> eric: the flooding in
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>> kevin: severe thunderstorm warning continues here for northern connecticut into southern worcester county for the cell in the center of your screen there. i'll track this one, moving northeast at 20 miles per hour within that cone that you see in yellow. here is the town douglas just minutes away from hitting you and then blackstone where
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earlier from a different storm. bellingham, then to milford before 5:00 this evening before it holds together. the biggest concern with this storm, it has shown rotation, the velocity scans what you're seeing on the red, that is not showing any rotation at the current time. but it is showing some very strong wind possibilities with this. so we're watching that very closely as well. we don't want you to get caught with any of the damaging winds that come on through your area. but something we're watching very closely with activity with these cells as they come on by. we're watching this very closely as you move into douglas, if you're in the path of this storm, take cover. it has shown some rotation, northeastern connecticut, it's not there now. there's still a bit of a hook to this storm. i don't want you to be in the path of it outdoors and when it comes on by. back in a few minutes with an update on storm tracker radar. >> elizabeth: kevin, thank you. 40,000 homes impacted by flooding in louisiana.
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forecasters say more rain is on the way. the widespread flooding is being blamed for at least nine deaths and has psychologist mclean reports, u.s. coast guard and other responders rescued nearly 30,000 people since friday. >> it's a mess. >> reporter: record rain fall and historic flooding has overwhelmed the baton rouge louisiana area and storms expected throughout the week. >> this one came upon us and just started dumps mass amounts of water. with he go back books, 1983 record books. throw those records out because they've surpassed them. >> devastated for the community. >> reporter: left his baton rouge home if a truck, he came back in a pot. he's one of the lucky ones. the flood water stopped at his foundation. but hundreds of his neighbors were not as lucky. >> there's areas that they're not in a flood plain. they've never required flood insurance and never thought that something like this would happen because they were above elevation. >> reporter: tens of thousands
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them from their homes. president obama signed an emergency disaster declaration and though the flood water isn't gone yet, officials are already shifting their sights to the challenges that lie ahead. >> we have to go to every house now. once the water reseed of these homes that are completely covered in water, we have to go to every single one of them and check for anybody who might be in those areas. >> reporter: as things dry out. progress is being made. flooding has closed this road for da managed to hold back the water and get cars going. >> it's very nice. >> reporter: a small step forward in a long road to recovery. in baton rouge, i'm scott mclean. >> eric: police now say the man who stabbed a couple to death in florida biting off of part of the man's face was likely on drugs. they found the man in the driveway on top of the husband biting and removing pieces of the man's face with his teeth.
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couple. investigators say the man was likely on a hallucinatic drug that was abnormally strong. >> did not respond to stuns from a taser, three two, three, officers and a dog to get them off. somebody with a lot more strength than you normally encounter >>right just incredible. they're still searching for 26-year-old woman associated with the suspect who may also be a orlando nightclub shooting are now able to submit claims for aid. the one orlando fund released those today. the goal to impact those impacted by pain and suffering. the victims who were admitted to the hospital will get the largest payments on a scale. all claims must be submitted by september 12th. payments expected to be issued
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satellite radar picture. we can go in more closely and fine-tune this a little bit using live radar. this cell coming through what is windham county in knot eastern connecticut here. up in the thompson north grover detail area. and woodstock as well and moving into southern worcester county right into the town of douglas, i told you moments ago, you need to take cover until the storm passes you by. miles per hour. douglas, to ox bridge, bellingham, already had heavy rain come through. in back stone, i had video sent into us on my facebook page, can you look at that and see street flooding there from the rain earlier. we talked last night about the tropical nature of the moisture feeding into this system. dew points spiking up into the 70s again as the front has come on by allowing for some heavy rain to come and cause that localized flooding. a bigger concern with this storm has had its tail on the back end
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times this afternoon. no reports of funnel clouds or tornados with this. you can get turning in the clouds up above without ever seeing a tornado come to the upper ground level. just because we are seeing some of that turning, give us pause and make us think there is that possibility. what i've been doing is zooming into this area right here and find out if there's been any turning. what you look for is green pixels right to the bright red and you can start to see the rotation, clearly not much happening here. a little bit of green and this red creating winds miles per hour. that's -- and sometimes can gust even higher than that. so moves into that thompson area and moves toward southern worcester county. we'll be watching that. as more of the green shows up and tighten up, then we have more of a concern for a tornado. we talked last night and again this morning, jason warned you, there was a small chance for a tornado to form with any one of these storms, and unfortunately, it's something we are still worried about this evening. notice a break in the action, as the warm front pusheso of to the
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persisting on and off through the night as the cold front starts to come on by. we will not be by the dinner time, we'll still be wait forget the front to come on through. the threats remain, heavy rain, we've seen that already. haven't shown you every one of the storms heavy downpours near lowell and northern massachusetts, the heaviest and severe weather is in southern worcester county. at least for right now. if any other severe storms pop you, for those of you getting heavy rain right now, i'll be not i anothering be just focusing on the most severe right now. that's in southern worcester county, when the rain comes down so hard it can pull the winds down from aloft, that's where you get strong damaging winds to come on through. the thunderstorm threat persists in boston later on tonight before we start to clear -- not really clear it out but end the treat e threat any way. but temperatures in the muggy 70s all night long.
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70s. those dew points just spiking. the lace where we're least likely to see severe weather, cape cod and the islands. temperatures in the 70s for you as well. but most of the activity, so far, at least it looks like it will continue, north and west. a quieter day tomorrow. slim chance of any showers in southern new england. and lots of sunshine. your high temperatures in the 80s, a pretty nice looking day coming up for you. back to the seven-day forecast. spruce the chance for a shower again on thursday. with a weak disturbance swinging on by. then we dry it out into the start of the weekend that's all well and again good. my biggest concern is that severe weather out there. i'm tracking it closely. if i need to jump back sooner, i'll let you know what's going on. make sure to follow me on twitter. need that fox 25 weather app to get the alerts as well. >> eric: check back in with you soon, kevin. firefighters in california are getting control more of a raging wild fire. so far burned 4,000 acre and
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miles north of san francisco. police arrested a man who they say started the fire on monday. hillary clinton can't escape the e-mail controversy. the new drama from the campaign trail is next at 4:00. but first here's vanessa welch with what we're working on at fox 25 at 5:00. >> vanessa: all new at 5:00, fox 25 political reporter sharman sacchetti speaks with maura healey in her first sit down how healy is defending her position on assault rifles. we reported on the death of this
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>> eric: did hillary clinton commit personalry when she talked to congress about her use of private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. that's the q noticing differences between clinton's testimony and fbi findings in july. joe waldman reports from the campaign trail in washington. >> reporter: in a six page letter, the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia house oversight chairman jason chafe fuss and judicial chairman bob good lat roll out a plan for perjury against hillary clinton saying her testimony before congress is incompatible with the fbi findings when it comes
4:26 pm
server during her time heading the state department. >> there is zero chance the obama justice department obviously is going to pursue this. >> reporter: according to the letter, clinton insisted during the hearing there was only one server used during that time when the fbi concluded there were several servers used. clinton also said there was nothing marked classified in her e-mails when the fbi found that there was. additionally, clinton's attorneys did not go through every single e-mail before deciding what got deleted despite what related e-mail was turned over. >> each one of those has an interpretation to, you know, what is going through an individual smaifl. doing a search through individual e-mails or reading every individual e-mail word for word. >> reporter: clinton is spending the day campaigning in pennsylvania. she addressed joe biden in the crowd, the candidate is the candidate with integrity in the race. >> and hillary clinton is going
4:27 pm
american history. >> reporter: meanwhile hillary clinton will appear with vice-president joe biden in pennsylvania today. a state she leads by more than 9 points according to the real clear politics polling average. in washington, joe waldman, fox 25 news. >> eric: it's an invasion of ants in many homes across the state. later on, why the weather is causing them to go inside and what you can do to get rid of them. >> kevin: yup, blame the weather, there's a severe weather storm out what you can do to track it. moving northeast at 20 miles per hour. has a little bit of a hook, so i'm watching for rotation, a live storm tracker update just ahead. >> elizabeth: 5 years later, the remains of a korean war veteran are i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.
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>> elizabeth: kevin has been a busy guy today. it is a very active afternoon of weather. as you can see there are storms that are moving through different parts of the state. >> eric: definitely a lot to keep track of. let's get to fox 25 chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz of what he'sing examine and when, kevin. >> kevin: right up here in the merrimack valley, lowell to nashua to manchester, it's there, heavy rain up there. but the severe weather for now is in southern worcester county and points west. some of the towns in line for the storm in douglaset getting hid now, to uxbridge, mel ford
4:31 pm
in mel ford, in the low's parking lot. be careful, when you have lightning involved, you don't want to be involved any way. be careful of that. i'm not seeing a lot of lightning. more concerned with strong winds. gusts certainly over 40 miles per hour with the storms coming through. no damage reports just yet. if you have one, send it in to me so i can know what's going on. street flooding from blackstone earlier. but this storm moving northeast at -- in mendon and holliston by 6:00 this evening. watching the storm on the back end, just had a turn to it, that's the beginning of a hook echo. what we're watching is for rotation in these storms. this one had rotation, briefly, tight rotation m the november grover dale area, in thompson, i actually had a summer job there at one point in time. this area bright red, that's the area i'm watching for any
4:32 pm
when you have rotation in a storm. that's not to say you can have a tornado definitely. but it says ha the risk of a tornado is still there. that's what i'm monitoring for the this evening. i'll keep track of this and other storms around the area and show you the latest update in just a few minutes. >> eric: breaking news into our newsroom. state health officials say they've discovered the first human case of west nile virus in massachusetts this year. the patient is a resident of middlesex county in her 70s. west fever and flu like illness. last year there were 10 cases of human cases of west nile identified. >> elizabeth: the body of a pow was returned home today 65 years after he died. he died in a prisoner camp in may of 1951. his family on a mission to find out what happened. crystal harnz is live in arlington where the family is
4:33 pm
crystal. >> reporter: elizabeth, corp. natural sparks funeral will be held here in arlington miles away from his hometown in cambridge. his nephew spent several years working with the military to make sure this day was possible. [ taps played ]. >> i think it's a wonderful thing that the city is doing. >> reporter: this journey down mass. avenue in cambridge, 65 years in the making for family of corporal ronald sparks. >> all i know is that my brother was missing in action, that my mom and dad wanted him home. >> reporter: and he's home? >> he come home. >> yup. >> reporter: the 20-year-old died in a pow camp in north korea in may of 1951. that's all his family knew for six decades. >> they found 99% of his
4:34 pm
it means the end of 65 years of waiting and wondering. >> reporter: bob sparks spent the last 25 years working with the military to track his remains down. they finally found the d.n.a. of the remains in an unmarked soldiers grave in hawaii. >> it wasn't until years later on my death bed, he asked me to find ronnie. i knew there was a reason that i looked up that into his eyes, i knew ronnie, i knew his face, i knew what he looked like and somehow i knew that my dad knew i would find him. >> reporter: you know, there was a lot of well wishers there in cambridge, including childhood
4:35 pm
up with corporal sparks or park key, sparkey, as he was called among his group of friends, that's coming up at 5:00. reporting in arlington, i'm crystal hanes fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: researchers are creating smart tattoos they could control smart devices. users can use them as a touch pad to control their phone or tablet screen. isn't this school? something out of the jetsons. it could even sense body temperature and mood. like don't change the i'm going to be really be annoyed. the idea came from a ph.d. student there. >> eric: my dad would say a tattoo is an oxymoron. see what he knew. multiple atm skimmers at least two banks in webster hit, thousands of dollars gone. fox 25 john monahan spoke to one woman who says her account was hit multiple times. >> you had to try to go into my accounts in new york and take
4:36 pm
beside herself. while she was in sabres bank reporting an account theft over the weekend, it happened again. >> i just -- i just can't believe people do this. >> reporter: webster police suspect erin's debit card was copied by a skimming device like the one seen here. rhode island's most wanted post pictures of a group installing skimmers just over the state line. >> they replicated in that skimming machine, make a card, and fr m the detective, they sell the card to somebody. >> reporter: but they're also able to get your pin. this picture shows one of those men in rhode island placing a hidden pinhole camera above the atm to record your pin. then thieves make new debit cards. selling them along with your pin number and you never know. >> reporter: the last time i used my atm, my card in an atm machine was saturday. but it doesn't necessarily mean that that's where it happens.
4:37 pm
it says, several people have found to have hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars withdrawn from their accounts. that is league victims like aaron, who lost nearly 1,000 herself feeling helpless. >> i guess it could happen anywhere. and there's anything you can do about it. >> reporter: i'm john monahan foosz. >> eric: so far we learned that webster and sabres bank have
4:38 pm
games and
4:39 pm
it. >> reporter: within an hour and a half to the next game, emily and her dad raced to a all right intoing good stores. >> she was pulling stuff rushing to put things on the guy was shaking his head with what's going on. >> reporter: the final tally, $2300. and then 10 hours later, the missing luggage has arrived. since then the airline has cost of the equipment. but now. >> i still have gotten nothing. >> reporter: we reached out to switzair via e-mail and waiting to hear back. the rate of the baggage is down in the u.s. according to travel sites they are required to cover $38 hundred in lost baggage. international airlines have to cover half of that. each airline makes their own rules.
4:40 pm
>> eric: there is new information on the death of a boy on 17 story water slide, 10-year-old caleb schwab died after falling out of a raft on the world's tallest water slide at a water park in kansas city. people magazine reports that the raft that the boy and the two others were on did not meet minimum weight requirements. the combined weight of the three people, 380 pounds and the minimum required was 400 pounds. >> this is storm tracker weather weather in the northeast this afternoon. you can barely see the cluster of the strong storms here right into southern worcester county and western norfolk county, but rain in the merrimack valley as well. we'll talk about that in a moment. but the cluster of cells we've been looking at closely is this one. up route 116 toward milford as well. the back edge of it has a little bit of a turn to it. the beginning of a hook echo, no at the classic hook echo, fortunately. but part of the storm that we've
4:41 pm
a rotation or spin up above us, nothing that's dropped down. there is no tornado. just had somebody asked me about that on twitter. i don't see a tornado touching down with this storm yet. let's hope it stays that way. any way, bellingham now, but milford in a few minutes. then franklin on the southern portion of it coming toward you. peggy told us about heavy rain earlier via e-mail. thanks for thement are, peggy. send any reports to kevin lemanowicz on twitter. best way to get them to me. walpole, this toward 6:00 this evening. we've been watching the back end of the storm. see how it's brighter red right in here, that's the area i've been watching closer for. see the green that lines up there. not lining up where the heaviest precipitation. i don't expect any rotation going on currently. but since it has some in connecticut, rhode island, and now into southern worcester county, i have to continue to tell you that there is that threat, small as it may be, of a small tornado from that storm.
4:42 pm
explains, they're in search of just thing. >> the reporter: carpenter ants. >> steve is one of the owners oe and these days, he is very busy, primarily because ofver 20%, ani
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
storms have been popping up in worcester county and that's where severe thunderstorm warning has been issued. good evening everyone, i'm ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. tonight, we have team coverage. john moynihan live in milford, but first let's get out to fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. >> kevin: there's a strong storm moving toward john monahan. there are no severe thunderstorm warnings at the moment. that doesn't mea a strong storm. i'm concerned about two of them. this is the one that's had some rotation with it, this takes you out towards what's in the northbridge-whitensville area, up 16 into milford, presently, med way, who would stone article, walpole, 6:00 p.m., off to norwood by 6:15 p.m., but i want to take a close look at this part of the storm. you look for the reds and greens together and you're seeing that right in here and that part of the storm certainly looks like it has rotation with it. you need to take cover,
4:45 pm
tracking off toward milford. that does not mean you have a tornado. what it means is you have spinning in the clouds up above you and the potential for a funnel cloud or tornado. this one looks less impressive, now that the radar is going around one more time. in the holden area, this red and green cuplet together, an area of concern moving into the town of holden right now. you need to take cover from the storm. doesn't matter, it's not being called a severe thunderstorm. you can still get a tornado. this is a twisting motion in the clouds, it's but if you haven't heard me say it before, what we're looking for is a tight circulation, red and green. red is away from the radar, back here in taunton, so wind going in this direction. green is toward the radar. you connect the dots and get your sveum a little bit of roight in here. again, not a tornado on the ground being reported, but it looks like on live storm tracker radar, there is rotation in that storm and you need to take cover. i'm watching it closely. if one starts to take form in to


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