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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 18, 2016 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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>> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. >> first at 10:00 three family members including a 10-year-old girl and a man in a wheelchair were hit by a car. we first brought you this breaking news story last night on fox 25. new tonight we are hearing from the victim's family about the moment they tried to push each other out of the way. good evening i'm vanessa welch. >> and i'mar outside boston medical center where the family is forgiving the driver. malini? >> reporter: mark and vanessa, that's right, the father of the victim here he's a father of five he's here at boston medical center with friends and relatives by his bedside. tonight his 10-year-old daughter says the father is calling him superman for saving her life. for first time we have a face to the man who risked his own life to save his
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wheelchair-bound friend. >> he knows that my father is ao. make sure that everybody knows that he is the greatest guy in the world. >> reporter: his daughter and their family friend were crossing boot hill avenue in roxbury last night. they were hit by the driver of this toyota. fox 25 spoke with ernesto's brother jose outside of the medical center. >> the guy didn't stop then all of a revved up and my brother turned around and pushed the gentleman in the wheelchair over as much as he could and yelled at her to get out of the way. >> reporter: the 40-year-old hit the windshield camacho has several facial infrastructures and swelling in his brain. >> my brother's injuries were swelling in the brain. >> reporter: the daughter has hairline hip fractures and she keeps saying the
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her uncle. >> all i saw was my dad push me and says run, run. >> reporter: the driver of the car seen here in the black shirt stayed on scene. it's still unclear what really happened. >> if it wasn't an accident other things involved then i hope he works through those thoughts. >> reporter: and tonight the driver of the car has not been charged. we'll get into ernesto's progress. we'll tell you what doctors are telling them. for now we are live outside of boston medical center, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> we are following some breaking news a man thrown to the hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a car in raynham. it happened on paramount drive around 7:00 tonight. the 41-year-old was flown to a rhode island hospital. the driver did stay at the scene but so far no charges
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cause. also breaking two american swimmers who say they were robbed at begun point in rio have been removed on their flight flight. they were with fellow swimmer ryan lochte at the time all three were ordered to stay in brazil while authorities were investigating the robbery. they have not found evidence proving the evidence happened. lochte ignored the orders and has returned. developing tonight the new hampshire attorney general's office is police responded on monday morning to a 9-1-1 call at a home on lyndon street where they found a 2-year-old girl unresponsive. they later determine she was dead. investigators do not know yet how the girl died but are still waiting on autopsy results but neighbors are stunned. >> you definitely don't want to any type of foul play for anyone that's not hurt a
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it's unfortunate seeing that happen. >> reporter: the little girl's name has not bereleased. new tonight police are looking for a peeping tom in the back bay as neighborhood watch described a man lurking in yards looking into people's homes. they saw the same guy twice and took off in a white ford pickup. >> my wife and i blocks away from here. so definitelily be keeping my eye out a little bit more. >> boston police say they have beefed up security in that area. new at 10:00, two pit bulls will be euthanized after attacking a woman and her dog earlier this month. in a letter to the owner police chief mary butler declared the dogs "dangerous to the general public" and that they should be umainly you euthanized. we interviewed the woman who was attacked who said she almost lost her hand in the
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could still face charges. tonight the infamous boston gangster james "whitey" bulger is asking the u.s. supreme court to hear his appeal. the 86-year-old is saving a life sentence for his role in 11 murders and racketeering. fox 25's jim morelli live in south boston where whitey learned his fate three years ago. jim? >> reporter: vanessa, when you think about this is not really a surprise. he has very little to nonetheless appealing the u.s. supreme court is a steep uphill climb. the court gets about 7,000 to 8,000 appeals request per year of those it only takes about 1%. >> reporter: steve davis pondering the latest move by james "whitey" bulger to get out of prison an appeal to the united states supreme
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is emotions. in 1981 his sister deborah davis was murdered. in the end bulger was leaked to 11 murders in his 2015 trial but the jury could not come a decision about whether he kill deborah davis. >> it's not right for my family. >> reporter: the judge prevented him from bringing up his relationship with a federal law enforcement official, a with whom bulger claims he crafted an immunity agreement. the supreme court filing will be file today as to why bulger is piling filing an appeal but it has to do with bulger's legally feeling he didn't get a fair trial victim's -- >> a lot of families would probably like to see him go free where everybody can get their hands on him.
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bulger's way isn't his way. >> we don't want to hurt him or hill him but it's people like that put people like myself with rage. >> reporter: bulger and his attorney are looking to hear back from the supreme court by mid-september. you may recall in march the u.s. circuit court of appeals rejected a similar argument that the immunity agreement existed. they said there was live in south boston, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> new at 10:00 transit police are searching for this man who they say is wanted in connection to an assault of an employee at haymarket station. if you know who he is call police. right now investigators are looking into more than 750 tips surrounding a murder mystery of vanessa marcotte. she was jogging near her mother's home in princeton
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kill her. fox 25's kathryn burcham got a closer look at the crime scene. >> the victim came by she could have been hauled in here. >> reporter: private investigator and former police chief tom shamshack has an expert eye when it comes to the spot where the body of vanessa marcotte was dumped and burned he says it is a challenging environment. >> what they're going to try to do is link any physical evidence here to a perpetrator. >> reporter: shamshack walked us through the wooded marcotte was abducted, following an afternoon jog. blue and purple evidence marker still flutter in the wind marking the field of debris 10 days later. >> they're going to harvest as much physical evidence, trace evidence, hair, body fluids, any kind of clothing that may have been dropped here by the perpetrator of this homicide. >> reporter: shamshack says
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remain hidden from sight with nearly a half mile visibility in each direction to avoid other cars. >> the perpetrator would have had a great line of sight in both directions to flee unobserved. >> reporter: while shamshack says the suspect clearly left in a hurry, the isolated area where he took vanessa's life was an ideal spot for a crime of opportunity. >> there are no homes, no there's very little traffic that comes through here. >> reporter: the worcester county district attorney's office says they do not have a case update today but we have learned that the number of tips generated in this case has now surpassed 800. in princeton, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> this is the number to call if have you any information that would help authorities. hundreds of people have already called police with possible tips. all calls are anonymous. new at 10:00 a man is dead after being hit by a
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police say the 59-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver did stop. so far no charges have been filed. new tonight a car burst into flames in -- canton. flames shot from the cars you can see in the breakdown lane. everyone got out and no one was hurt. 100 boston police officers found out today they've been chosen to take part in the city's body camera pilot program. a person outside of the wear the cameras so they get a fair sample. mayor marty walsh told fox 25 the officers will have to comply. >> we wanted them belong to a program but we didn't get officers to step up and do that. so now it will become a mandatory program and see what happens after the pilot program is complete. >> the mayor told us the officers pick willed spend the next few weeks training with the cameras before they hit the streets at the beginning of next summer. let's check in now with
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achieving kevin lemanowicz. >> we will be watching for two systems that i'm watching very closely. it's still 76 outside a pleasant night. humidity is on the moderate side. it's not oppressive certainly. some clouds have streamed on in. there's rain down here and rain to our northwest. this rain in the northern fringe is what i'm most concerned about. the heaviest is so the south and into delaware. but this here is weakening. northern fringes of southern stream system looks like it may clip with a few showers that will not be for everyone. but some clouds and even some showers on nantucket by 8:30 in the morning then a few more driving on towards the south shore by 11:00 they will be spotty but something i'm watching closely. what i means here afternoon and evening plans tomorrow ahead to the week coming up.
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sox now he wants to win a seat in the u.s. senate. >> do you think you can? >> i wouldn't run if i didn't think so honest to god. >> fox 25 goes one-on-one with schilling. what he says about the odds of winning and the role his wife will play in his decision. plus, a construction worker ripping out walls finds a wallet dating back to the 1930s. how you can help them track down the family it belongs to. first also new at 10:00 -- >> mystery solve we now know the source of the noise that woke so many people up this morning. here's a hint.
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tonight people along the north shore are talking with the wake-up call they had in the middle of the night. >> it turns out it was a bunch of f-16 fighter jets that caused a deafening roar through the sky. fox 25's ted daniel live at the national guard base in portsmouth with this story.
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jets are from a base in south carolina. they were scheduled to land but a refueling issue forced the piments to touch down overnight. the plane came in low and loud and it did not go unnoticed. >> all of a sudden i heard like some rumbling. >> reporter: it startled her awake. >> first i thought it was big rigs going by. >> she heard it in exeter, new hampshire . i'm a heavy sleeper. >> reporter: and these are just some of the folks we found where people were talking about it on facebook. >> there was like crazy. like so loud. even my daughter and my grandad said did you hear what happened last night. >> reporter: the surprise 3:00 a.m. wake-up call sounded something like. because it was something like this. 16 fighter jets flying low over the north shore and
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it's pretty asome. -- awesome. they were in formation you could tell by the lights. >> reporter: by phone a spokesperson for the 157th refueling wing tells me the f-16s were headed to italy when they were forced to make an unscheduled landing in portsmouth, new hampshire. the reason? the mid-air refueling plane that was supposed to gas them up experienced a mechanical problem. >> there was no emergency but it's always we can't support the mission so they landed safely. >> reporter: an amazing show of u.s. air power even if it was at 3:00 in the morning. >> the whole neighborhood was talking about how it woke them up. >> reporter: the f-16s are still on the ground here at
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to italy later this week. they are expected to fly out during the daytime when most people are awake. reporting live tonight in portsmouth, new hampshire, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> the neighborhood will thank them. >> absolutely. >> turns out a pilot may have overlooked the president's vacation on the vineyard this weekend when he flew in from restricted airspace and was met with some fighter jets. >> entering restricked airspace over the vineyard on sunday the pilots. local authorities met the pilots who they don't believe had any ill intent. the airspace is under temporary restriction and it should open back sunday when the obamas are scheduled to head back to washington. they plan to charge the driver of a pickup truck who struck a cyclist. the accident happened as the cyclist was heading east. the 61-year-old is in serious condition tonight.
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in the windshield and likely saved his life. >> definitely saved him from more head injuries than he already sustained. >> an off duty firefighter who just happened to be nearby when the accident happened also being credited with saving that man's life. he was able to stop some of the bleeding. a man will remain behind bars after being accused of attacking his friend's ex-girlfriend. 39-year-old peter turco this morning. he recently released from prison where investigators say he knew the victim's ex-boyfriend. injured her when he attacked her in her apartment the day after his release. she could lose vision in one eye. a judge ordered turco be held without bail. everett police officer is on the other side of the law tonight after investigators say he assaulted his pregnant wife. officer michael moore is own paid leave. his wife claims of he hit her in the face and kicked her in the stomach on sunday. he is now facing several charges including assault and battery of a pregnant woman.
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now. he's being held without bail until his next court appearance. tonight former red sox curt schilling says he is seriously considering a run for u.s. senate and he wants to unseat elizabeth warren. political reporter sharman sacchetti has the one-on-one interview on fox 25. >> reporter: when i caught up with former red sox ace curt schilling in brighton i asked him if he's serious about a potential bid for u.s. senate. >> i would tell you right now now i would run i'm not sure if i will. race that i have no chance to win. >> i wouldn't run if i didn't think i can win. >> reporter: he says his family will have the final say. >> why senator warren? >> because i think she represents all the things that we need to get out of our government. >> reporter: he has some choice words for the senator and took aim at her unsubstantiated claims. >> to me, she is an
1:20 am
taking advantage of a government incentive for the american indians that she claims to be, she went to government and took advantage. the government came to me. >> reporter:dy ask shipping about the failure of his gaming company 38 studios the $75 million financing package offered by rhode island and how the company went bankrupt putting hundreds out of work and taxpayers on the hook. >> people got involved notably lincoln chaffee but at the end of the day it office me i was in charge. >> reporter: so why should massachusetts taxpayers trust him? >> they're asking me to be leader here. >> trusting you with their tax dollars. >> that's what governor baker does for the most part on the state level. i would be taking the concerns of the citizens of massachusetts to the chief and yeah, i'm sure tax dollars involved. >> reporter: he did tell me he has been looking at the 2017 budget sees a lot of
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waste. schilling hasn't yet set up a timetable to make a decision. sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. huge tree came crashing down in the front yard tonight. >> ahead at 10:00 what the homeown her just finished doing that made for a very close call. >> first a mother of five accused of killing her young
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>> a mother of five is accused of beating her young daug >> her fiance took the stand. >> i didn't kill her. i did not. >> her former fiance taking the stand. saying he ignored bail conditions was living with her in nashua when the 3-year-old died in november of 2014. >> what kind of things would see say? >> that she was stupid,
1:24 am
the judge called for a recess. he woke up to see maren throw her against the changing table and then rivera says he woke up to see a second attack. >> banging her head on the floor repeatedly and then give her a kick and she was unconscious. >> reporter: rivera says the next morning she looked bad and he wanted maren to call for help. >> she said i'm going to go to zblil what did you tell her? >> i cops. >> reporter: he says he didn't perform c.p.r. or call for help and left the house because he didn't want to land back in jail. rivera and maren telling police she fell down the stairs. who hurt? >> caitlyn. >> reporter: rivera spent six weeks working with investigators but the defense questions how he could have watched the abuse, done nothing, and then lied in more than one interview. >> you're lying and lying, correct?
1:25 am
account of that night. the day before he had driven to lawrence to buy heroin. >> november 24th, you were doing heroin. >> i did. the trial will likely last until the end of next week. a man with a need for speed is out on bail tonight accused of driving 119 miles per hour down 93 in new hampshire. police say kyle was weaving in and out of traffic in the town dur a police officer stopped him and arrested him. he is now facing reckless driving and drug charges. a construction worker was ripping walls dwhoun he discovered a wallet. a wallet that days back to the 1930s. coming up at 10:00 the message he has for you in an effort to track down the man's family. plus, a giant tree fell in a front yard today moments after the homeowner returned from a bike ride. next at 10:00 why her husband thinks the drought might be to blame.
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new at 10:00, police say the driver of this s.u.v. avoided being badly hurt by ducking down just before this tree came crashing down. it happened on lawrence road in salem, new hampshire today. the tree also brought down wires. we are working to find out what caused it to fall. the driver was able to get out on their own. a tree also fell in a north reading front yard today ju homeowner returned from a bike ride. the husband and wife who live there believes the drought might have caused that tree to come crashing down. >> fox 25's kerry kavanaugh spoke with them moments after it happened. >> it was oh, no, oh, no. >> reporter: joan's reaction when she heard this tree in front of her home cracking. seconds later it office top of her home. >> i got to get the cat and dog out of the house. i can see daylight.
1:29 am
spare bedroom. joan had just returned from a bike ride when she heard the crack then the crash. the doubletree split in half. the other half fell onto the street. >> if i had been coming down the hill 10 seconds later on my bike i would have gotten hit. >> i think the drought conditions have something to do with it there was exact same type of tree that fell two weeks ago. >> reporter: he wasn't surprised when his wife repaired. >> reporter: joan's husband works with the d.p.w. and really started noticedding the dry conditions. kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. a sex offender has been accused of exposing himself to young women. he has a long record that goes back to the 1980s. he has been a constant problem over the years. >> all new at the top of the hour where the suspect was found hiding just seconds before being handcuffed.
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increase our chance of having a rough night sleep. the routine you might want to start if you're hoping to get a good night's rest. a beautiful evening out there. this is from arlington gorgeous stuff but this is your fox 25 pick of the day. use that hashtag and get your picture on instagram. tonight it's a nice shot. temperature right. >> you 76 degrees. 70s out in cape cod as well. this is what made that great sunset, too.
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spurred sbhi heavy rain coming through the mid-atlantic area right now. baltimore being inundated. there are severe thunderstorm warnings in eastern maryland into delaware that's one system. the other is why front to our northwest that's trying to come our way and it's coming to the detroit area. these will continue to weaken what i am going to be watching massachusetts. there could be a couple of other showers that dot the south shore or the south coast of massachusetts and new england during the early morning hours. it will be quick and nothing heavy. then the front to the west we'll have to watch we'll get back to that. but it takes you through late morning with a mixture of sun and clouds. closer to cape cod you are more clouds you will have. temperatures rising to the
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10:00 in the morning. your lunchtime temperatures will be mostly in the 80s. put in the lower elevations it will be in the 80s out this way as well. or fast forward shall we toward the afternoon. again some clouds in the sky. a couple of showers farther north and west you go. not expecting anything in the boston area not impossible. 25% to 30% chance of any pop-up showers in the heating of the day. most of us if not all of us will be staying dry from this front coming on through. your good. 86? one of my favorites corporation beach wallisston beach in quincy at 89 tomorrow. again a mixture of sun and clouds and the clouds early farther north toward hampton beach the more sun you will have. north shore temperatures tomorrow afternoon into essex you go inland to merrimack valley you are into around 90 even above 90 degreesnd some spots. temperatures in the 80s all
1:33 am
temperatures in the 80s to some upper 70s out there as well. evening plans tomorrow going to gillette. pre-season starting out in the 80s for your tailgating dropping to the 70s during the evening hours. in the 80s before the concert. both events will be dry and -- seven-day forecast takes you into this weekend. any showers that do pop up tomorrow just extremely unlucky. great. that's sets the stage for monday. it looks like we could be in line for some very beneficial rain. i'll have that for you as well. >> all right, kev. here's one wedding crasher you may be a fan of. justin timberlake made a surprise appearance at a wedding in new hampshire this past weekend. he was actually eating lunch near the wedding venue and
1:34 am
timberlake snapped a quick photo. j.t. and his wife were also spotted at the diner last week. >> what a good egg. >> good for him. definitely remember that. >> a wedding picture that you will not forget. a local construction worker is hoping to reunite a wallet he found with the family of the man it belonged to. >> plus, a security card, water, and driver's license all being d 1930s. we're hearing from the man who found it. he told fox 25 the wallet belongs to albert j.grizoni who died in 1995 but he's hoping to get in touch with his relatives. donovan was shocked to find something like in in great shape especially since it's about 80 years old. >> such great shape. my wallet is in worse shape. the reason i found it i'm not sure why, what that
1:35 am
to return it to them. contact fox 25 news and they can contact me and i will return the wallet. >> make this happen. this is cool. if you believe you are a relative of the owner send us an e-mail. desk @fox you can make it happen. a lot of memories there for sure. a family since last christmas. a pizza delivery his family will never forget and the reunion you just have to see. plus, hillary clinton -- what the presidential nominee said about trump's character and how trump's running mate reacted. first a local coach in trouble. the handheld game he's accused of throwing at his
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a throwing a rubik's cube at one of his players. at lowell sullivan middle school. prosecutors say he threw the rubik's cube at his student because he blamed the teen for losing a basketball team. he threw the rubik's cube at the ground not the student, his lawyer says. a car goes off the road a driver accused of drunk driving and the passenger was arrested for assaulting a police officer.
1:39 am
went into that house. as officers were investigating the small crowd started to gather. police say the car's passenger got into a fight with someone from the crowd then fought with the officer. a third person will also be brought to court for assault and battery. >> 19 cats are now under the care of an animal shelter after they were removed from this home in upton a house that was condemned earlier. this is the third time that the cats have been removed from the home. the mspca spent days making sure they found all the cats the cats will be cared before being being put up for adoption. a whole food employee is now suing the company saying he was discriminated against. a refugee from iraq worked at the whole foods in the southend. while he worked there he claims his co-workers called him anti-muslim claims saying he was going to blow up the store. he says he told management about the harassment six times but nothing was done to stop it. according to his lawsuit this resulted in him
1:40 am
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now to a story you will see only on fox 25. a probation officer is getting credit for saving a five week old baby who was left home alone. >> as fox 25's jason law reports the barnstable county probation officer was checking up on the little boy last month when she heard the baby screaming inside and knew she had to act quickly. >> i got to her apartment and i immediately heard the baby crying. >> reporter: judy hall is the probation officer with the barnstable county juvenile unscheduled visits to troubled homes all the time. >> i knocked harder, i knocked harder. >> reporter: the visit to stephanie desilva's homes unscheduled. someone filed a complaint against the 19-year-old mother so hall was checking in. but that day she couldn't get anyone to open the door. she began to panic. >> that's when i call decided to call 9-1-1 because i could just hear him the whole time in the background screaming. >> reporter: paul called police and once the officer got there he removed the
1:44 am
home. because it was the easiest way to get to that baby. >> he was in his crib. he was crying, he was hot, his body was had hot and i just picked him up and he stopped crying. >> reporter: police say desilva eventually came home. according to the report she told officers she went to get some food and then admitted i'm not sure how long i've been gone. >> it's just sad. he's like five weeks old. >> reporter: ann mcdonald is the chief probation officer. says right now there are more than court system considered care and protection cases. mcdonald says officers will often remove a child because of unsafe or dangerous conditions but she says to find a baby completely abandoned is extremely rare case. >> i don't think in my history i have been an assistant chief and p.o. for 20 years i've never heard of a child being lev alone. >> reporter: tonight that baby is in a foster home doing well. desilva is charged with reckless endangerment of a child. she's due back in court next
1:45 am
. >> how do you leave a five weeks old home alone. >> incredible. >> new at 10:00 tonight the trump campaign shake-up will not change donald trump. >> that's what rival hillary clinton is saying about the shake-up of senior management in the republican nominee's campaign. >> he can hire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign, there is no new donald trump, this is it. >> clinton focused today on trump's nonrelease of tax returns and his proposal to would give him and his family billions of dollars. meanwhile trump received his first classified national security briefing from government officials today. while tonight his running mate hit the campaign trail in nevada. governor mike pence told a crowd that the clinton campaign is corrupt. >> you know what, the american people are sick and tired of the pay to play conversation and donald trump country and going to bring in a call the day we arrive at the white house.
1:46 am
adds. likely to decide this election. as the rate for white house intensifies be sure to stay with fox 25 on the social media platform. the go to lifesaving device when someone has a severe allergic reaction just a few costs more than $600 costs. that they will not cover until after the deductible. when they come the pharmacy people are coming. >> they have had a monopoly
1:47 am
last year. >> thousands of air travelers were stranded for days because of dozens of computer issues. they found out massachusetts senator ed markey wants to make sure -- senator ed markey and richard blumenthal they want to know more about the airlines i.t. system and how they accommodate passengers during the failure. recent outages in southwest and delta air lines cause thousands of passengers. >> the senators are computer system could fail because of the way they are designed and maintained. they ride with delays are not only an expense for consumers but they can also harm our economy. >> an aviation expert says without safety at thaik really isn't an issue for congress adding airlines
1:48 am
-- they are make money. we reached out to the fourth largest airline and received confirmed they received the senator's letters. american and delta says they're reviewing the letter and will respond as appropriate. southwest told us they have invested a lot of time and moneynd making sure that the computer systems are secure and backed up. the senators ask that the airlines respond by next month. fell, fox 25 news. >> they also want some answers about safeguards to prevent failures and cyber security experts. they also said as well as reimbursing passengers for food and hotel expenses. >> an abington family lost their luggage when they were on their way to a hockey tournament in prague. will now get a refund. we first told you about the 17-year-old last night. she was set to compete in the czech republic. but when her family arrived
1:49 am
didn't show up. she was benched until she got new equipment. when her gear was finally found swissair says they were not going to cover the cost. now a full refund is coming their way. the company announced plans to release drierless calls and have them operate as a ride hailing service. the company's chief executive says the cars would drive on fixed routes without drivers. for example, to logan airport or to fenway of its palo alto headquarters to meet this five year deadline. leominster police say someone called police officers those officers arrested driver while the other three teens were given a summons to appear in court. the damage will cost thousands of dollars to repair. there's just two weeks to go
1:50 am
>> showing more than 50 of them they were found at the schools the water fountains will be replaced by the first day of school while water and problem faucets will be shut off until they are fixed. one step closer to undergoing a billion dollar overhaul. developers file plans on tuesday to a fixed income pardon mes and condos as well in a space for storage. >> next at 10:00, lightning strikes new york city the impressive shock that caught our attention. new at 10:00 a special delivery that has a family
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>> last month's world record scientifs are now coming confirming this july was the warmest on the plan net 36
1:54 am
consecutive month. awesome and scary right now. 79 degrees temperature also be falling through the 60s on average 62 closer to they will stay there i will show it to you coming up at 11:00. >> kev, we're looking ahead
1:55 am
>> that's atlantic avenue in richmond street. it all gets started at 6:00 a.m. on friday. a minnesota family got an unforgettable surprise over lunch their sailor son came home and served his family a piece of pie. >> you want to go for pizza, absolutely much on the patio, absolutely. >> a pizza party over lunch is a good way for military families to lean on loved ones is short and fall between. 6 you don't that. >> it's very difficult.
1:56 am
>> we are a family full of surprises he decided to pull one on his parents. >> oh my gosh. >> and because it wasn't his first time surprising his parents it the last. >> oh, my goodness. >> maybe we should have not any more lunches. >> it's a great surprise. >> so special. petty officer owens will be home for about two weeks and says he's looking forward to jet skiing and spending time at his family's cabin. >> a great surprise. genuine. >> the mom was shocked.
1:57 am
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>> today on "fablife"... ?? fashion court is now in session. are you in your daughter's closet stealing her things? i sentence you to one hour in the "fablife" fashion closet. let's bring out the convicted closet criminal. >> plus, chef cat cora. >> chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. it takes 12 minutes to bake. >> i wish you could smell what's happening. >> and... how are our phones aging us? hold this. >> no, i don't want to hold your phone. (cheers and applause) welcome to "fablife." today is all about the truth, and, baby, it's gonna set you free. >> uh-oh. >> plus, joe zee is throwing on his judge's robe. i'm excited about this. and he's hearing from a mother/daughter fashion fiasco. and of course our finance friend nicole lapin is teaching us all about the side hustle, and we have the amazing chef cat cora here. >> whoo, that's amazing. >> it's gonna be a good show. >> but right now we have someone


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