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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 18, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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her 5-week-old baby home alone. >> announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, thursday, august 18. i appreciate your company this morning were i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta in for julie grauert. a cool morning. it is august after all. >> daniel: you said you came with the windows down. >> catherine: i did come with the windows down. but not quite summer this afternoon. >> shiri: but most of us will be. a lot of is before it going eastward. keep our eye on towns and cities south of the mass pike. worcester 64 degrees. same this leominster. that is one of the refreshing spots. this morning, boston, city centers are usually a little bit warmer. boston, 71 degrees and the burbs in the 60s like lexington and natick. 65 in wareham and in sandwich
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in the 60s at 6 a.m. we have early clouds. doesn't mean completely overcast. the clouds. noontime 83 degrees. partly sunny. at 3 p.m., 87 degrees. it is going to be a hot day and even at 7:00, 82. the sun is going down at 7:40. as it does, i think a lot of our clouds are going to end up fading away. 84 to 90 for your range of highs. partly sunny and mostly dry. the spot at risk for a brief shower this morning and pop-ups this afternoon. catherine, back to you from our drive-time traffic. >> going west right now. there is a crash that we are following on the crash going eastbound. two lanes are closed 29 in auburn after a crash between two tractor-trailer trucks, and you can see you are only getting by at 13 miles per hour as you go eebld on the pike. we have a crew on the scene and will be getting video of that shortly. something that will be following throughout the morning. coming back to the city, 128
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auburn. you are moving fine in that spot and finishing up overnight roadwork. on the pike. 93 from 495 to the leverett connector will take you 20 minutes right now. the accusations of a robbery made by u.s. swimmer ryan lochke and three other athletes are facing tough scrutiny. >> two of those swimmers pulled off their flights from the olympi w will not be stay in brazil until they are interviewed by investigators looking into the robbery. the u.s. committee said they were released overnight with the understanding they would be interviewed by police later on today. there were questions this morning of where swimmer james fegan in. nba said he checked in for flight to the united states
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expected to give a statement at some point today. a judge ordered the seizure of all four swimmer passports and lochke left for the u.s. and spotted at the airport in charlotte, north carolina. this all started when lochke and three other swimmers claimed they were robbed at gunpoint at 3 a.m. in a taxi heading back to the olympic village. this footage shows them heading back seemingly unphased unphased with their belongings. you can see them on the screen. the taxi driver couldn't be fountain. the swimmers gave conflicting reports of how many robbers there were. abc news is also reporting police searched the rooms the four swimmers stayed in the olympic village. group is not facing criminal charges. happening right now, boston police are stepping up patrols in one neighborhood after a watch group posted these flyers with a warning for residents. neighbors spotted a peeping
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tom lurking around their homes. fox 25's michael henrich is live in the back bay this morning and neighbors, as i can imagine, are pretty concerned. >> the neighbors who know about it are nervous enough to put these signs up, daniel. and the ones that don't know about it are finding out because of the vigilance of this neighborhood watch group in back bay. the group describes a man lurking in yards and looking into people's homes in this area of dartmouth and marlborough police. one person saw the same guy twice even, and he took off in a white ford pick one resident said he and his wife plan on being more vigilant after reading more signs. >> the main thing is that it is kind of a team effort, like if people -- we had to kind of look out for each other. if you see something happening to someone else or something looks alarming or even if they are not screaming, maybe they can be vigilant and help out -- help out your friends and help out your neighbors.
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detectives are investigating. police have stepped up patrols in this area. you can see in our live pictures here the sign says "we can't afford to lose our neighborhood to unnecessary crime." if you know anything about who this so-called peeping tom might be, you are asked to call police right away. live in back bay, michael henrich, fox 25 news. this morning a level 2 sex offender is back behind bars when he slashed two women in town. jessica reyes is live in norwood, in similar cases. >> reporter: yes, catherine. police say that this man is a then has in to the community and they are glad he is off the street. chad falcone. 49 years old and this is him in this video you are seeing right now. two women called police saying he exposed himself to them. police found him hiding in his basement under old clothing in boxes. police tell us he is a level 2 sex offender and someone they dealt with a number of time in
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basement. he goes to expose himself to young girls and goes and hides in the basement and will come to the door when knocked. a constant nuisance. a nice neighborhood and parent are trying to raise kids and they have to put up with in nonsense time after time after time. >> reporter: falcone has a record that goes back to the 80s and he has been charged for two dozen times for crimes similar to this. this morning we know live in norwood, jessica reyes, fox25 news. police are looking into what led up to a deadly morning stabbing in east boston. we brought you this story as it broke yesterday. it happened on a sidewalk from a home on paris street. a man got into some kind of a fight and stabbed multiple times. he later died at the hospital. told the herald that the victim was a 24-year-old and ath father. this not the first time they have been called to this
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multiple calls for various issues. police are not made any arrests or released information about the subject. a driver of a pickup truck that struck a cyclist will be charged by waltham police. the 61-year-old is in serious condition, but he was wearing his helmet at the time which police say likely saved his life.definitely saved him from more head injuries than he >> reporter: an off-duty fire fighter was nearby when the accident happened and is also being credited with saving that man's life. he was able to stop some of the bleeding until paramedics took the victim to the hospital. a middle school basketball coach charged with throwing a rubik's cube at one of his athletes continues to be on administrative leave. he threw the rubik's cube at that students because.
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rubik's cube to the ground not the student. he was a coach at sullivan's middle school and a teacher's aide. probation officers getting credited for saving a 5-week-old baby left home alone. fox 25's jason law shows us how that officer's quick actions got a boy out of a hot house in the middle of the summer. >> reporter: i got to her apartment and i immediately heard the baby crying. >> reporter: judy hall is a probation officer with the barn court system. makes scheduled and unscheduled visits to homes all the time. >> i continue to knock and knock harder. >> reporter: visit was on schedule. hall said that someone filed a complaint against the 19-year-old mother so hall was checking in. but that day, she couldn't get anyone to open the door. she began to panic. >> that is when i decided to call 911 because could i hear him the whole time in the background screaming. >> reporter: hall called police and once the officer
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unit to get inside the home. she says the easiest way to get to that baby. >> he was in his crib. he was crying. he was hot. his body was hot. and i just picked him up and he stopped crying. >> reporter: police say desilva eventually came home. according to reports he told officers she went to get food and then admitted i am not sure how long i have been gone. >> it is just sad. he is 5 weeks old. assistant chief officer. right now 166 kids considered care and protection cases. mcdonald's says they will often remove a child because of unsafe or dangerous condition, but to find a baby completely abandoned is an extremely rare case. >> i don't think in my history -- i have been assistant chief and a po for 20 years and heard of a baby being alone >> the baby is doing well in a foster home.
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reckless endangerment to a child and due back in court next month. mention two lanes on the mass eastbound remain closed this hour after two tractor-trailers collided this morning. take a look. we said we had a crew on the scene gathering video. this is the first video from the scene now. one the drivers was taken to umass memorial hospital with very serious injuries. right now one lane of traffic is get big that crash, and you can see there how slow that traffic is moving through. we will be staying on top of this story throughout the morning. and airline getting less complaints, but there is a catch. >> a full surgeon moon out there. also a full blueberry moon if you refer. temperature 71 degrees. the humidity will go up a little bit as we go throughout the day, you can see here we have it, temperatures in the 60s. lunchtime dry and 83 and dinnertime, 83. hour by hour temperatures going up where you live next. talking about the
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catch here. the serious reason customers are still unhappy with their flights. and a grave error is causing turmoil for two local families. how they figured out their
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today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge,
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which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard. with jimmy dean, good mornings lead to great days. . a danvers family going through their darkest days is bringing hope and happiness to the lives of other families. a few weeks ago their 2-year-old son, griffin, drowned in the pool and griffin was adopted and the
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honor. crystal haynes has the story. >> in the wake what we are going through, a gift that can go on forever. >> reporter: minutes before sitting down to dinner with his family, 2-year-old griffin lamar fell into his back yard pool in danvers and died. the tragic accident now an inspiration for a nonprofit. >> you can't put it into words. you can't imagine something more traumatic. >> reporter: family friend was brought in who help nicole and nathan lamar to griffin's gift. griffin was adopted into the lamar family as a baby, the youngest of three kids. >> i fell it was the feal that completed the family. >> reporter: adoption is costly. according to the federally funded gateway, a u.s. adoption costs $8,000 today 40,000 or more. a foreign adoption $15,000 to $30,000. that is on top of fees plus the average cost of raising a
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average.interviews, background checks, and at the end, i think it was a two-year process from -- process from when they originally started it to when they got the call they were going to adopt griffin. >> reporter: they hope the money through griffin's gift will be just that, the gift of a precious child to another family. >> will not make the pain go away. it was so meaningful to so many people. i think overtime it will be something incredibly rewarding for them. >> reporter: reporting in danvers, crystal haynes, fox25 news. >> catherine: the goal of griffin's gift is to help two families and more if possible after that. more information on to you to donate found on our web site. a grave error when two men are buried in the wrong cemetery plot. both men were buried in the wrong plot about 30 feet from each other, but they died three months apart, and so when the family went to bury
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the town administrator has since apologize for the mistake saying the grave digger misread the markers. a widow of one of the men was hoping that the plots could be switched, but the other man want the bodies exhumed. >> he deserves to be at peace. my family deserves peace. i buried him with dignity, and now i just feel that that dignity is going to be destroyed destroyed because of foolishness. >> daniel: well the bodies are set possible to exhumed on august 25. the red sox heading to detroit in sole possession of american league east after a rain-shortened game. they only played five innings, but a long home run from jackie bradley jr. sandy leon hits one out to give the sox a 5-1 lead.
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came. david price gets his 11th win of the season. boston one game behind toronto for. after a few days of participating practicing together, take the field for preseason match-up. the pats second preseason game of the summer. julian edelman has been practicing this week but not clear if he will actually get in the game tonight. special teams expert nate ebnar is back with the team after participating with the olympics as team squad. kickoff is tonight at 8 p.m. i want to give you a look at this breaking traffic situation we have here. again, this is video from auburn. two lanes closed on the pike after a tractor-trailer crash involving two trucks. you can see the debris there still on the keen. investigators on the scene as well. for now, i want to show you on the map what that looks like. you can see the traffic barely getting by there. a spot we are talking about in auburn. the pipe going eastbound. two lanes closed after 29.
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result, that jam, that strip of red that you anniversary that area. keep that in mind if you you are in that spot over there. we will be keeping an eye on that all morning and averaging 15 miles per hour in that spot. closer to the city, the roads look clear and a little bit of good news there. pike going eastbound through brighton looking good in that spot. route 1, 13 minutes. 93, 8 minutes. 93 from 49 to the leverett connector, a 19-minute drive. over to shiri, because it is kind of a refreshing start to the heat up quickly. >> shiri: it will heat up really quickly. sun coming up at 5 :55 and the warm-up starts. between 6 and 7:00, temperatures hit rock bottom around 6 a.m. slowly start to rise around 7:00 and normal temp to wake up to 65 degrees. ample high 80. we will be above average for the next several days here. so today instead of low 80s, it will be more like mid to even upper 80s out there. morning risk of showers is going to be south today.
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eastward and some of them hanging tight scooting into rhode island and making the south coast, the cape, the islands this morning. watch out for a little bit of patchy rain there. the afternoon risk of showers along this disturbance and focused north and west of boston. that means boston in the between n between spots and staying dry today. 7:00 this morning, 71 in boston, yes. boston is my warm spot this morning. the rest of the burbs running in the 60s. he get up this and off clouds. noontime comes along and partly sunny. dry. 82 in boston and plymouth. 85 in lawrence and 78 in worcester. that is for lunchtime. during the afternoon we see on and off clouds. i think it is going to be great for getting outside in every town and city. at 5 p.m., we are going to watch spots like nashua and perhaps fitchburg, worcester and off to the north and west to a slight risk of a shower. most of us stay completely dry
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in the 70s. beach plans, 82 to 88 degrees. a wide range here. beaches south will be cooler than beaches off to the north. water temperatures, 70 degree. and the next high tide is just before noon today. so speaking of cooler beaches, the cape today seeing high temperatures right around 80 degrees in places like dennis, eastham and chatham. 83 in barnstable. 82 in bourne. 83. and those beaches north of boston, hot 3788 in ipswich. cooler in marble head at 83. boston rise today 86 degrees. inland upper 80s, even 91 in lawrence. 82348 framingham. 8 in norwood and 89 in fitchburg. the beach is going to be a little cooler. zip tripping to the north end. 6 a.m. beach temperature 92. dry and sunny in the upper 70s and bring a healthy box of
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drive will be much appreciated. temperatures in the lower 80s at the beaches. but inland more upper 80s. will feel like today again inland. the beaches is where you find a little bit of a cool relief because of the winds coming in off the water and i also think that humidity levels will be somewhat tolerable. a little sticky and oppressive and by the end of the weekend humidity is starting to go up and it does start to get a little bit sticky. the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view has a by friday, keeping it dry and 86. 86 and mostly sunny on saturday, even keeping it in the middle 80s and mostly sunny on sunday, monday. the next shot for showers and thunderstorms and this will help cool us back to normal highs in the lower 80s for the middle of next week. back to you. 4:51. target is making a huge move to make the stores more inclusive. at 5:00, how the retail giant will make people more
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a new rule is in the works that might put speed limitations on big trucks. the rule three years in the making will require large trucks to limit their maximum speeds. the department of transportation haven't said whether a new rule will cover all trucks or new trucks on the road. the new rule has been supported by safety advocates and major trucking companies. there will be a public comment period for the rule in the
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life-saving device when it comes to severe allergic reactions but rising costs are causing sticker shock for some in 2009 the cost for a two-pack of the epinephrine cost $200. now costs $600 with very few changes and a cost that most insurance plans don't cover until after the deductible. >> when they come to the pharmacy, people are typically using credit cards or going without the medication which is public health hazard. patients replace their epi pens every year because the medication loses its effectiveness over time. allergy doctors provide competition for the rising cost. epi pen is a familiar brand for many and its main competitor offered a recall last year. mcdonald's plans to get kids moving isn't working that well. the company has been handing out activity trackers with happy meals but new reports athose trackers can be causing
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one women turned to facebook says the child's wrist was burned. the trackers were handed out in these areas but mcdonald's will no longer be giving them out with their meals. the northampton police department say a new furr friend. a raccoon was spotted in a drain. it took time and with patience and a little cooking grease, the animal was freed unharmed. ran at the fox25 news at 10. a construction worker was looking for the owner of a wallet. the wallet contained a social security card of a man named albert grisone. pictures, and old stamps from the 1930s. ten minutes after we aired that story, albert's family called the station. he died in 1985. he co-founded a graphic artist and a well-known dog breeder. done ran hoping to get that wallet back to his family and
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reunion. >> daniel: wow, the power of television and social media. >> catherine: great for that family to have a little time capsule from him. still unclear how much construction on the longfellow bridge is going to cost taxpayers. at 5:00, why the bridge's age is adding extra zeroes to the final bill. a rare experience for
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developing now at 5:00, two american olympic swimmers detained by police. all surrounds the accusations they made that they and two others were robbed in rio. the discrepancies in their stories that led a judge to pull their passports. plus a neighborhood on alert for a peeping tom. the suspicious man that has police stepping up patrols. and whitey bulger turning to the country's highest
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boss hopes will get them a new trial. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this thursday morning. it is august 18. hope your morning is you off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> and i am sara underwood. warm air stick around today and meteorologist shiri spear, not all sunshine today. and fox25 from the stormtracker radar center with when you will find the brightest brightest conditions out there. welcome back, shiri. >> shiri: thank you often, you guys. conditions around lunchtime today. we have some clouds out there right now. western new england seeing a little bit of rain. as it inches eastward, at-risk spots southeastern mass to new bedford and the cape and island, those are locations we will watch for a shower. 70 in boston. 60s in the burbs. 6 a.m. future cast underdoing the rain and patchy and south of the mass pike. almost everybody wakes up to


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