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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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boss hopes will get them a new trial. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everybody. 5:00 on this thursday morning. it is august 18. hope your morning is you off to a great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> and i am sara underwood. warm air stick around today and meteorologist shiri spear, not all sunshine today. and fox25 from the stormtracker radar center with when you will find the brightest brightest conditions out there. welcome back, shiri. >> shiri: thank you often, you guys. conditions around lunchtime today. we have some clouds out there right now. western new england seeing a little bit of rain. as it inches eastward, at-risk spots southeastern mass to new bedford and the cape and island, those are locations we will watch for a shower. 70 in boston. 60s in the burbs. 6 a.m. future cast underdoing the rain and patchy and south of the mass pike. almost everybody wakes up to
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southward for a couple of wet early this morning. the hour-by-hour forecast show 65 degrees at 7 a.m. partly cloudy skies. and that means on and off clouds through much of the day. we are back to 80 by 11:00 this morning. into the afternoon, upper 80s inland. it is going to be hot. i would say about 80 degrees there. the coast including boston at 86. and cape about 81 degrees. and an hour by hour afternoon. a slight shower risk. auburn this morning. two tractor-trailers collided on the pike eastbound. this is right under the -- under the bancroft street overpass. our photographer at the scene say it is appears that one tractor-trailer rear ended the other, and the driver of the second tractor-trailer was trapped inside. rescue crews used the jaws of life to pull that driver out, and he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the latest on the traffic hold-ups associated with that crash are coming up right now. here is catherine parrotta
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update. how is that situation working out right now. >> zoom over there to the map right now. we to have a crew on the scene and he tweeted out a picture and appears we just skipped past that. and this is the pike, the spot we are talking about here in auburn going eastbound. two lanes closed because of that tractor-trailer collision. you can see as a result of that, you are jammed up in that spot. only average being 12 miles per hour there. -- averaging about 12 miles per hour there. we will be keeping you informed as that situation develops. closer to the city now, you can see 128, 93 president of expressway, all moving okay to the pike closer to the city is doing just fine. a look at one of our live cameras, zakim bridge, leverett connector, volume pretty light at this hour. look at those drive times. 24, 11 minutes. 93, 19 minutes. 93 from the split to the pike, an 8-minute ride. sara and gene, over to you. the accusations of a robbery made by u.s. swimmer ryan lochke and three other athletes is facing tough scrutiny. >> new this morning, two of
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their flights home from the olympics and will not be able to leave brazil just yet. daniel miller joins us with the hare you shall potlight. jack conger and gunnar pence will are to day in brazil until they are questioned by investigators looking into the robbery. new video after police released them from question approximating. the two men were pulled off a plane heading together united states. the u.s. olympic committee said they were released with the would be interviewed by police again today. there are also questions this morning where swimmer james fegan is. nbc reports he checked in for a flight the united states online but never showed up. the usc says they have been in contact with police and are expected to be at a statement later today. yesterday, the judge ordered a seizure of all four swimmers' passports but lochke already
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carolina. this all started to unfold over the weekend ben lochke and the three swimmers claimed he was robbed at gunpoint around 4 a.m. sunday in a taxi headed to the olympic village. security footage you see here posted by the "daily mail" show the swimmers arriving back at the village around 7:00 in the morning seemingly unphased and with their belongings. a police official told the associated press that the taxi driver could not be found. the swimmers also gave conflicting many robbers there were. abc news reporting that they searched the rooms that the four swimmers stayed in the olympic village. the group is not facing criminal charges right now. the robbery in ri hoshtion filled the headlines before the olympics started. new zealand martial arts champion jason lee said he was briefly kidnapped by police officers and forced to withdraw about $800 from his bank account and the guardian
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are being warned not to leave the olympic village after reports surfaced that a member of that team was robbed at gunpoint on tuesday. of course, we will continue to follow this story for you all morning. in the control room, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. 5:05. a local neighborhood is on alert as police search for a peeping tom creeping around their homes and yards. michael henrich is live where police are increasing their patrols. >> reporter: good morning. they want to catch this guy. the neighborhood watch group is obviously concern about this posting these signs on trees throughout the back bay, and in particular, that this area of marlborough and dartmouth streets. the group joins the man lurking in people's yards and looking into people's home in the area. one guy saw the same man twice and he took off in a white ford pickup truck. we spoke with one resident not with the neighborhood watch group, but he is grateful this
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warning about the so-called peeping tom. >> my wife and i walk -- walk outside occasionally in the area. we live about two blocks away from here. definitely i will be keeping my eye out a little bit more. >> reporter: boston police say detectives are aware of these reports, and they are investigating, and as you mentioned, boston police are stepping up patrols, and if you take a look at this sign, you can see on the bottom here it says, quote, we can't afford to neighborhood to unnecessary crime. if you know anything about who this peeping tom might be, call police right away. live in back bay, michael henrich, fox25 news. a father and his 10-year-old daughter are still in the hospital this morning after being hit by a car. the two were in roxbury with a friend in a wheelchair when they were hit. ernesto comacho, a father of five children was badly hurt when he pushed his daughter away from the toyota.
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hairline hip fractures and a fractured ankle. >> my brother's injuries were more of swelling in the brain. luckily nothing from the neck down >> the driver stayed on the scene and has not been charged. camacho is expected to recover and his daughter should be released from the hospital soon. bitey bulger now asking the u.s. supreme court to hear his appeal on racketeering and murder convictions. the 86-year-old was serving a life sentence claims he wasn't given a fair tria immunity agreement he claims to have had with a federal law enforcement official. that u.s. attorney has since died. stephen davis who claims his sister, debra, was murdered by the mobster is upset over the appeal that will cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. >> a lot of the families would probably like to see him go free so everybody can get their hands on him -- we don't want to hurt anybody or kill anybody, but people like that
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people like myself and others rage. >> gene: the u.s. supreme court gets about 8,000 appeal requests every year and takes about 1% of them. bulger should hear back the court some time in september. the middleborough man charged with animal cruelty after leaving his dog tethered for days will be arraigned in wareham district court today. kevin kennedy is accused of leaving his dog tangled in a leash for days if not weeks. maverick the dog made a himself by chewing off his rear right foot. the 2-year-old german shepherd was found by animal control and is recovering from his injuries. two pit bulls in salem will be euthanized after attacking a woman and her dog. in a letter to her owner, mary butler, police chief, declared the dog dangerous to the general public and they should be humanely euthanized. we talked to the woman attacked and she almost lost
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hurt. the owner of those pill bulls will still face charges. the state won't say how much construction on the longfellow bridge will cost. according to "the globe" extra costs were added. contractors used outdated methods for the historical accuracy of the bridge. the blaze was caused for the bridge needing to stay open for the red line and will stay open by september of 2018. the new hampshire's attorney general's office is continuing to lo somersworth. police responded sunday morning to a 911 call at a home. and found a 2-year-old girl unresponsive. later determined she was dead. investigators don't know yet how that girl died. they are waiting on autopsy results and neighbors are shocked. >> trying to hope this was just an unfortunate thing that happened. >> sara: the girl's name has
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attacking his friend's ex-girlfriend will remain behind bars after not appearing in court. 39-year-old peter tur cowas recently released from prison where he got to know the victim's ex-boyfriend. police say he seriously injured the ex-girlfriend when he attacked her in her apartment the day after his release. she could lose vision in one eye. a judge ordered tur he could to be held without bail. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. want to show you this picture from the pike eastbound. department responding to that crash between the two tractor-trailers. right now two lanes blocked going eastbound. one lane of traffic getting by. drive times coming up. shiri. . >> shiri: 70s in boston. burbs in the 60s. partly cloudy skies. 5 p.m., the drive home from work. how about 80s. things brighten up a little bit more. timeline on when to plan around the brightest conditions coming up. 5:10. a sex offender busted for allegedly exposing himself to
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basement. coming up at 5:30, the lengthy record that shows he is no stranger to police. plus, problems at the airport. what they don't have to do with delays or cancellations. the biggest complaints that passengers say they deal with with the airlines. sticker so shock for a life-saving medical device. why so many who need epi pens are seeing big bills. tomorrow our second to last zip trip of the summer. man did they fly by. live at the north end at christopher columbus park. i along with sara and michele
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great rates for great rides. now at 5:14 for the race for the white house. third-party candidates are trying to make their case to the american people. green party nominee jill stein and his running mate participated in a town hall with voters.
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to continue where presidential candidate bernie sanders hoped to accomplish. stein doesn't believe that donald trump or hillary clinton are fit to be president. >> i will have trouble sleeping at night if donald trump is elected. i will also are trouble sleeping at night if hillary clinton is elected. >> gene: stein at 5% in the latest libertarian polls and gary johnson hats 9%. a candidate needs to poll at 15% the upcoming presidential debates. meanwhile, hillary clinton says the shake-up in donald trump's campaign including a new campaign manager won't change anything. >> anybody he wants from his campaign. there is no new donald trump. this is it. >> reporter: yesterday, clinton focused on trump's refusal to release his tax returns that is. and on his proposal to give
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donald trump haven't spent a dime on attack ads but that all changes tomorrow. the republican will start his first tv commercials in four of the key battleground states. those include ohio, pennsylvania, florida and north carolina. his campaign originally planned to roll out the ads sunday after the to olympics. as the race for the white house intensifies, stay with fox25 on air and online and on our ocean media platforms. >> gene: an interview you will see only on fox. considering a run for u.s. senate and he taking aim at elizabeth warren. he calls war anne hypocrite. >> she wants free education and the same system chemille canned for $300,000 a year, taking advantage of a government incentive for the american indians that she claims to be, you know. >> gene: schilling says he is not sure if he will run, but he is seriously considering it. he says he will only run if he
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can be a historic night in rio. usain bolt will try to win the second gold medal and third straight gold in a u.s. meter race. the u.s. women hauled away six medals on the track all within a span of an miles per medals on the track all within a span of an miles per hour.over 60 minutes, it was all red, white and blue at the top the podium in the allie and castlin from the u.s. grabbed the gold, silver and bronze medals. a feat that has never been accomplished in the event's history. carrie walsh jennings and april walsh win the consolation game winning them the bronze medal. they lead all nations with 93. that is 39 medals more than
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china with 50 medals. a look at that big map, and start west again as we continue to talk about auburn. tweeted out by the auburn fire department. they were responding on the crash between two tractor-trailers. you can eright there. the crash in that area. two lanes closed and one lane of traffic get big and a slow crawl. only average being 12 miles per hour there. we do have a crew on the scene. and we will continue tracking that. see the roads doing just fine. a couple of icons and here is what they are all about. route 3, westbound, that bridge is closed there. some long-term work that is going on. over here eastbound between exits 24 and exits 25, massport hall road. take look at one of our live cameras, cameras past the gas tank. no problems there just yet 128 from route 1 to the weston tolls 29 minutes and maybe
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drivers can give air conditioners a break and. >> shiri: i love when mother nature helps us out and gives us free air conditioning that may indeed be the case this morning. a lot of 60s and a little bit sticky and not bad, in fact, feeling a lot less muggy than yesterday. the fact that we had a lot of these hot, dry days continuing to our current drought conditions, extreme drought for the lowell area, parts of northeastern massachusetts. this is only updated once a week and that update comes out later this morning. i will bring it does and we will let you know if indeed the conditions have worsened. i don't think they are going to have improved since last week. today's high, 88 degrees. middle 80s hanging tight through the weekend and even into next week. average high is 80. we are running above average for the next several days. lawrence at 63. norwood at 58. 64 in plymouth. 70 in boston. kind of my hot spot. in fitchburg at 63 degrees. now fitchburg, one the warm locations this afternoon.
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11 a.m., lower 80s are back. as we ease into the afternoon, it will be upper 80s today. so we are preparing ourselves for yet another hot day with 86 in boston. upper 80s in beverly and portsmouth, new hampshire, over to bedford at 89 degrees. fitchburg at 89 degrees. worcester at 83. slight risk of a pop-up this afternoon. 85 will do it from plymouth to new bedford and lower 80s for the cape as well as the vineyard. future cast will be dealing and i am grad to see the latest update that just occurred with the forecast model probably bringing in rain south of the pike here this morning. this batch of rain is coming at us, connecticut as it does areas south of the pike like worcester. slight risk there. best chance will be southeastern mass here around 7 a.m. with wet roads. notice this isn't a very intense rain. it hunt slow things down very much. it is out of here by 10:00 this morning. by lunchtime, i will keep things dry and partly sunny.
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p.m., but as this disturbance is closing in on points north and west of boston, there is slight risk that we will get things popping out. by 8 a.m. dry again and this little cold front that comes through overnight that will bring in drier, more refreshing air for the day tomorrow but also because of the way the wind are directed, it is going to create some cooler conditions at the beaches. still stays very warm inland here for the day on friday. so tonight, i have got 70s back in boston. 60s in the watching for a little fog. upper 80s are back just away from the coastline. seven-day forecast, keeping things in the mid-80s here. saturday and under under partly cloudy skies. the best chance of rain will be sunday night into monday and then temperatures cool back to seasonable highs around 80 degrees. body cameras are coming to the boston police department even without any volunteers.
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way the city says they are choosing officers to wear the cameras. and a catholic school getting praise for a new sign. the message on td bank's new intern, bart, is one of those robots from an other bank, we're training him to bank human. uh-uh, bart? why are you winding the clock back? the clock stated 11:35 pm, but they are still working. the clock is fine. our live customer service is available all night,
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at td bank we do things differently, like live customer service 24/7. bart: hello? hello!
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plus now 5:25 this morning. airline accepted their efforts to satisfy customers and it appears it is finally paying off. according to a new report from the department of transportation, airline complaints are down by 12% this year. that includes complaints about things like delays, cancellations and customer service; however, more customers felt discriminated against because of their race, religion, nationality or disability. th general are american airlines and united airlines. a. as a former catholic student i had to laugh. a little bit of a double take. it says if you are dropping off your son's forgotten lunch, books, homework, equipment, et cetera, please turn around and exit the building. your son will learn to problem solve. the arkansas school principal posted this and it has gone
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the rule was tried to help students learn responsibility. a little tough love there. >> sara: i have to say i sort of agree with it and sorry -- but to forget a lot things -- i think it is a smart thing. >> catherine: absolutely, i like it. a a you don't want to be at school without your lunch or homebourque. while pokemon go has been creating controversy since its launch. one artist is trying to brighten a new game she calls crochet-go. crocheted versions of the popular and hides them at pokemon stops for players to find. when players in her area approach the stops to look for items in the game, they also have a chance to find one of her creations. he posts her patterns on line for anyone who wants to make their real-life pokemon. what a creative idea and set
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she did a great job with those. >> sara: gene, shiri -- shiri? >> shiri: talk about the beach forecast. hot in the north shore. seacoast partly cloudy and upper 80s. south shore 785 degrees and a few more clouds that way. and dealing with a little bit of morning rain. i will time out those showers for you coming up. and the not-to-happy results from this happy me al toy. the injury that is halting the giveaway of this watch. a for exposing himself to kids.
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complete new england news coverage continue right now. this is the fox25 morning news. aa layer up for the day ahead. we are dressing for the
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afternoon. >> that sounds nice. meteorologist shiri spear on the storm tracker weather center. a light day on the way. but nothing that will ruin your showers. >> shiri: a couple of showers out of the springfield area, the hartford connecticut, working its way eastward. should weaken a little bit but areas out south of the mass pike picking up on damp roadways. that little bit of rain. 65 in worcester. 64 uppers for a good chunk of southern new hampshire. tewksbury down to lexington 61 degrees. gloucester, 63. 7, waking up in boston. lower 60s over to brockton. 65 in duxbury, and 61 in harwich. right now clouds out there. so your day plan they are morning at 7 a.m., 64 degrees. not just some thicker clouds, but even that risk for showers. i mention south of the mass
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sun, cloud combination. on and off clouds through the afternoon. go with 87 degrees at 3 p.m. and break down the hot and cool spots coming up. catherine parrotta in for julie grauert for live drive-time traffic. catherine parrotta looking at that map. not too many issues and crews are still dealing with in auburn again. two tractor-trailers collided in the early morning hours. emergency responders are on the keen this this was the result now as a result of the traffic. the eastbound side. only average being 12 miles per hour. take that spot into account if you are headed that way. closer to the city, you can see a couple of eye conditions with the long-term work that is going on the route 3 longfellow bridge. 128, 93 expressway all looking good at this early hour. take a look at this camera from the north going 93 south moving just fine. the drive times. on the pike, 23 minutes opinion on the pike from the
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looking at a 10-minute ride right now. sara, over to you. a check of this morning's top stories now. two of the swimmers who athey were robbed over the weekend outside ovlt limb pick village will be interviewed again by police this morning. later tonight jack conger and gunnar benz was pulled off their plane and questioned by police. a total of four swimmer including ryan lochke was robbed at gunpoint. police n conflict and they aren't found a taxi driver who would have witnessed the incident. boston police are looking for a peeping tom in the back bay. a neighborhood watch has posted signs around the area describing a man who was lurking in people's yards. the sign says the man is looking into homes in the area of dartmouth and marlborough street. one person saw the same guy twice. he took off in a white ford pick uptruck. police have picked up patrols in the area. this morning a level 2 sex
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after police say he flashed two women in town. >> gene: police say he has been a menace in the community for years. jessica reyes is live in norwood. and, jess, police ahe has been arrested a dozen times in similar cases. >> right, gene, police have dealt with this guy several times in the past and the chief here says he is glad he is off of the streets this morning. his name is chad fal cone. he is 49 years old and video of him right here as he was being arrested. that he exposed himself to them. police found him hiding under old clothing and boxes. he is a level 2 sex offender and somebody they dealt with numerous times before. >> i think the main thing is that it was kibld of a team effort. if people -- we had to look out for each other and if we see something happening to somebody else or something looks alarming, that maybe be
5:35 am
vigilant and help out -- out your friends and help out your neighbors. >> catherine: -- >>reporter: i don't believe this was the right sound bite. and he is a menace to this community and he has been arrested for similar crimes about 14 times in the past. a record they athat goes all the way back to the 80s. once again the police chief says they are glad he is off the streets this morning and is beings held on $10,000 bond. live in norwood, jess yes, police are looking into what led up to a deadly morning stabbing in east boston. we brought you this story as it broke yesterday. it happened on a sidewalk just before 7 a.m. police say the man got into some kind of fight and was stabbed multiple times. he later died at the hospital. a friend told the herald that the victim was 24 years old and a father. police say this is not the first time they have been called to this house. >> this house is a problem for us.
5:36 am
scene, and there have been multiple calls down here for various issues for some drug activity. >> sara: police have not made any arrests or released information about a suspect. 100 boston police officers will be equipped with body cameras. yesterday the department had an outside person talk about which officer would participate. a equal number of officers. mayor marty walsh said the officers will have to comply with a pilot program. the officers will spend the the cameras before they hit the streets at the start of next month. the driver of a pickup truck that struck a cyclist will be charged by the waltham police. the accident happened as the cyclist was heading east on trapelo road yesterday morning. the 61-year-old is in serious condition, but he was wearing his helmet at the time which police say likely saved his life. >> definitely saved him from more head injury than he already sustained. >> sara: an off-duty fire fighter that happened to be nearby when the accident
5:37 am
man's life. he was able to stop some of the bleeding until paramedics took him -- took the victim to the hospital. 5 d 37. red sox head in sole possession of american league east after winning a rain-shortened inning. the sox ambassadored eight runs including this long two-run home run by jackie bradley jr. sandy leon hits one out. sox out 5 - 1. shortly the came. david price gets the 11th win of the season. the red sox is one game behind toronto in the al east. after a few days of practicing together. patriots and bears take the field for a preseason match-up. the second preseason game of the summer. julian edelman has been practicing this week but unclear if he will actually play in the game tonight. also special teamer nate ebnar back after participating in the olympics after a member of
5:38 am
is at 8:00. all that vacation time for the obamas at martha's vineyard has really helped the president's golf game. check out his reaction to his swing. looking fight satisfied with his performance. bombs recently told the golf channel his handicap is an honest 13. i know nothing about gallon of. >> gene: 13 is not bad. you get it down to single digits, you are really good. >> gene: on his way. a local police officer makes a disturbing discovery on the job. a newborn baby all alone locked inside of a home. >> i got to her apartment, and i -- i immediately heard the baby crying. >> the troubling comments made by the boy's mom after she finally returned home. talk about a close encounter. a group of kayakers getting a big surprise from humpback whale and her baby. how close they came to those powerful sea creatures.
5:39 am
two men buried in the wrong plot. the fight between two families
5:40 am
5:41 am
we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a live look at how the zakim and the leverett connector. volume is starting to build. and starting to see some
5:42 am
keeping an eye on drive times. shiri. >> shiri: 14 minutes away from official sunrise in the boston area right now. 70 degrees. we are seeing a little bit of that sun as the sun comes up this morning. and clouds will end up getting thicker. by 7 a.m., 64 degrees. a few showers south of boston. south of the mass pike this morning. lunchtime keeping things dry in and around the bost area, 83 degrees. 80s will be this afternoon and we will show you what times we will be the hottest coming up. gr where two men are buried in the wrong cemetery plots. the mix-up happened at the cemetery in tiverton and happened back in october of last year. both men were buried in the wrong plots about 30 feet from each other. the town administrator has since apologized for the mistake saying the grave digger misread the plot markers. the widow of one of the men was furious. hoping the plot deeds could be
5:43 am
man wants the body to be exhumed. >> my family deserves peace. i buried him with dignity and i feel that dignity will be destroyed because of foolishness. >> gene: those bodies are set be exhumed on august 25. especiallyy pens can be a life -- epi pens are sticker stock. a pack of the brand-name epinephrine is $200. now the medication costs more than $600. a cost that most insurance plans do not cover until after the deductible. some allergy doctors are blaming a lack of competition for the rising cost. 5:43 this morning. our top stories as well. two u.s. swimmers questioned in -- questioned of an alleged robbery.
5:44 am
and we will with our reporters after the break. a how they hope to offer a hand to families trying to adopt. a piece of history found hidden behind the walls of a local building.
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5:467. if you were just joining us we are getting up to the minute on all of our top stories. >> sara: two tractor-trailer crash on the pike sending one person to the hospital. and plus, a local neighborhood on edge after reports of a peeping tom. >> gene: developing us from in the olympics. police are talk to two u.s. swimmers who claim they were robbed. daniel miller has updated
5:47 am
overnight. an attorney for conger and bence say they will have to stay in brazil until they are questioned by investigators looking into the ronry. new video into our newsroom after police released them from questioning. the two men were pulled off a plane headed to the united states. the u.s. olympic committee was released with the understanding they will be interviewed by police again today. investigators say there are inconsistencies with the story of what ryan lochke told them about how many robrs security footage posted by the damely mail show the swimmers arriving back to the village around 7:00 in the morning seemingly unphased and with their valuable belongings. right now the group isn't facing any charges. lochke is already home in the united states and the fourth swimmer james fegan is still in brazil even though he checked in for a flight yesterday. we will stay on top of this developing story all morning.
5:48 am
reporting live in back bay where a neighborhood watch group is warning residents of a peeping tomorrow. they are putting signs on trees throughout a few block area in the back bay letting people know of a man lurking in yards and looking into people's home in dartmouth and marlborough streets. one man saw a person take off in a white ford pick jawp truck and boston police have stepped up patrols in the area. ahead at 6:00, hear from one of the neighbors this whole mess from these warnings posters. live in back bay, michael henrich, fox 25 news. i am jess congress norwood. a man is behind bars for flashing two women. he is 49 years old and two women called police saying he exposed himself to them. police later found him hiding under clothing and boxes. a level 2 sex offender and someone they have dealt with in the past.
5:49 am
and have been arrested on charges like this 14 times in the past. this morning, we know he is being held on $10,000 bond. in norwood, i am jessica reyes, fox 25 news. all right, 5:49. and noticeably cooler and comfortable this morning. and actually yesterday, like a breeze came through, and the humidity seemed to cool down a little bit. it wasn't bad. >> sara: the humidity now coming into work, what a huge difference today than days shiri, you can expect a little bit of rain too. >> a little bit of rain too. looking good in yarmouth part. we will be watching for that little blast of morning rain. the wind along that front. that front drawing in that drier air this morning which why it doesn't feel quite as muggy. we have more above-average temperatures today. a little bit of a cooldown at the beaches tomorrow and most of us will stay completely dry today all the way through the weekend. we will have a couple of
5:50 am
in will impact areas south of the mass pike along and south of the pike. we will have some wet roadways. that is the morning risk that winds down around 10 a.m. this afternoon as this disturbance slides into place, we will have to watch for one or two pop-ups. most of you -- i can't stress it enough. most of you dry dry at 7 a.m. and getting up to about the worcester area at 65 degrees. plymouth down to new bedford. at risk as of the cape and la morning dry by 10 a.m. i said that blast of rain is going to be moving on out. by lunchtime, dry with on and off clouds. it will not completely clear out today, but it will be partly sunny. many times of the day. lower 80s will do it at lunchtime and for the afternoon, kind of in and out of these clouds at 5 p.m. i wouldn't be surprised to see one or two pop-ups from nashua to the north and west again. we will get through the
5:51 am
boston, 86 degree. 91 in lawrence. 89 in norwood. a hot day today. upper 80s in fitchburg and manchester, new hampshire. cooler at the beaches with plymouth at 85. lower 80s at the cape as well as the vineyards. so we are zip tripping to the north end and the condition look really nice. we will start off dry, 72 degrees at 6 a.m. by 8 a.m. 74. it's sunny, it's warm and upper 70s by 10:00 in the morning and then by 10:00 tomorrow afternoon, cooler conditionst because of wind coming in off the water that will create high, kind of stunted highs in the low 80s. just as hot as today. the humidity levels will be tolerable for the next couple of days. friday, saturday, a little bit sticky and by the end of the weekend the humidity will go up and next front rain sunday night into monday. 88 degrees your high.
5:52 am
of an afternoon pop-up. by saturday, 85 degrees. monday storms. and then things cool down to 80 for your high on tuesday and wednesday with sun. send you over to catherine with live drive time traffic. start with the one slow spot on the map closest to the city. the expressway, of course, typical volume and you are starting to slow down in quincy averaging at 29 miles per hour. elsewhere 128 looking good. 93 from the north looking good. shift west and still an issue on the map. the two lanes closed. that is the latest from mass d.o.t. as a result of this tractor-trailer crash. two trucks colliding some time in the early morning hours. only average being 13 miles per hour as you try to get by in that one lane there. here a picture of what crews are dealing with here a little earlier this morning. the auburn fire department dealing with the tractor-trailer crash. take a look the a one of our live cameras. a live look at traffic making its way past the gas tanks on the expressways.
5:53 am
and a smooth ride for now, 21 minutes. gene, over to you. >> gene: the red cross is sending hundreds of volunteers to louisiana to deal what they are calling the worst natural disaster to strike the united states since super storm sandy. the catastrophic fund flashflooding has damaged more than 40,000 homes and killed at least 13 people. to put this into perspective, parts of louisiana saw 31 inches of rain in one day. there is a link set up on red victims of the flooding. we know what caused a fire that damaged homes. the fire started at an illegal marijuana growing operation. police are looking for two men but they fear they already are out of the country opinion one of five marijuana. with five more reported so far this year. a danvers family going through their darkest days is
5:54 am
happiness into the lives of other families. just a few weeks ago the lamar family's 2-year-old adopted son griffin drowned in their pool. this tragic accident inspired the family to start a nonprofit in honor of griffen that will help other families cover the cost of adoption. >> it's not going to really change what they are going through, but to know that something good came out of this and to be able to deal with something more meaningful to people i think time be something incredibly rewarding to them. >> sara: the aim is to raised 50,000. the lamar family and their friends have started a go fund me page that already gotten more than $30,000. fire fighters in arlington new york are receiving backlash for removing three american flags from their fire trucks. members from the board of fire commissioners ordered the removal. this caused a stir on social media and residents even started an online petition. fire district board chairman
5:55 am
wasn't a political decision. he claims the flags were a safety hazard. mcdonald's plans to encourage kids to get moving isn't working out so well. handing out activity track irlike the ones seen here with happy meals. the new trackers could be causing skin irritation. one woman returned to facebook saying her son's wrist was burned playing with the toy for a few minutes. these trackers were handed out in our area but said they will noing longer be handing them out with their meals. to use the rest room matching their gender identity. target is taking steps to sure it is accommodating to everyone when it comes to which bathroom they choose to use. the retail giant announced it will have a single stall bathroom in every store by every year. the new rest room also allow anyone who is uncomfortable with the company's current policy to have a bath room to themselves.
5:56 am
ran at 10. a construction worker was looking for the owner of a wallet. phil donovan says the wallet contained the social security card of a man named albert grazani and contained pictures and old stamps from the 1930s. ten minutes after we aired the story albert's family called the station and said he died in 1985. he co-founded a graphic arts company. and was a breeder. we will get it back to the family and fox25 will be there for reunion humpback whales, the close encounter caught on camera. the mother humpback and her calf showing you have for the kayakers. one leader said the experience was incredible he was concerned of the group's safety. >>00 meters. if in you opinion a power boat you could requickly put the
5:57 am
-- they can swim way faster than we can paddle. >> gene: hikers never expected to seat whales so close to their kayak. that is a pretty impressive show. >> sara: what a chilling thing to see. boston police could soon be riding high on horses. the local car dealer who is spending cash to put police officers back on the horses. wedding. how the animal happened to wander into the -- [ laughter ] -- wander into the hotel ballroom. makes for a great picture and great story, catherine. >> catherine: it does. the crash in auburn. the eleven lane getting by as they continue to work on the scene just before central street. we will keep you posted.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
now at 6:00 olympic swimmers detained by police. all surrounds accusations they made that they and two others were robbed in rio. the discrepancies in rio that led a judge to pull their passports. a neighborhood on alert for a peeping tom. the suspicious man that has police stepping up patrols. and whitey bulger turning to the country's highest court. the argument the former mob boss will help will get him a new trial. >> complete new england coverage starts right now,


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