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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  August 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> a tragic development in a story we first broke on fox 25 news at 6:00. these 1-year-old twins have been in the hospital since monday with injuries they suffer while in the care of a babysitter. within the past 25 minutes, fox 25 has learned one of them has died. hello, everyone. >> 1-year-old noah john larson has died from his injuries and tonight the department of children and families is investigating to find out exactly what happened. >> reporter: noah went to the hospital on monday and we learned he died this evening. sources say his twin sister emmy is also at children's hospital undergoing medical evaluation. what landed these babies in the hospital still unclear. we learned it started here on monday at the woburn participates. the twins were in the care of a
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fox 25 obtained the call log that shows a medical call came in just after 1:00 monday afternoon for an unresponsive 1-year-old, he was breathing at the time. district attorney marion ryan wouldn't comment on the condition of either child saying only at this point there was not a facality. >> we're -- fatality. >> we are in the properties of gathering information, talking to people, obviously looking at evidence. >> reporter: the family told fox 25 they were not ready to comment about the invti noah and his sister. a family friend started this go fund me page to help the family with these unexpected medical costs and offer them support. >> again, the little boy has died. the district attorney would not comment as to whether this was a criminal investigation or possibly something accidental. we'll stay on top of the investigates and keep you updated every step of the way. >> also at 10:00, police say this surveillance video here shows a shirtless man trying to
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grocery store. investigators say he did it right in front of the boy's parents. >> ted daniel is live in braintree to show us how the boy's father saved his son. >> we are on route 53 in braintree, mark and vanessa, in front of the store are this happened. the toddler was inside the store with his mom and dad, i'm toad the boy had just learned to walk and was standing next to his dad when a complete stranger grabbed >> reporter: security cameras provide a close-up look at a kidnapping. from one, two, three, four different angles. >> my daughter was there about a minute before this happened. >> reporter: police identify the shirtless man seen here entering the store as 47-year-old steven o'brien and braintree. just steps inside the southshore india market, o'brien grabs the 1 1/2-year-old weymouth boy and flings him over his shoulder. the boy's parents are regular
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o'brien is a store employee, who is playing with his son. o'brien makes a beeline to the reach the store and then to the emergency exit in the back. the father following behind finally confronts o'brien and that's when o'brien hands him his son back. >> good thing father had his eye on the kid the whole time. father, you know -- he asked him what are you doing. >> reporter: police arrested o'brien in the woods behind the store a short time later. we pulled a notes that o'brien had a disturbing blank look in his eyes, appearing to be under the influence of some of type of narcotic. >> he was about four houses down from my house. >> reporter: christie lynn says o'brien has a history of drug use and arrests, including one in march where he was charged with selling pcp, a powerful mind altering substance known to cause hallucinations. >> his drug use, his brain's gone. i'm not surprised that he's
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o'brien say something to the father when he hands his son back. according to the police report, the only words that o'brien spoke to the party, he said, quote, oh, this is your son. o'brien has been charged with kidnapping and resisting arrest. reporting live in braintree tonight, i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. we are following developing news out of foxboro. pats fans wanting to see tom brady take the field before serving his four-game brady sliced his right thumb with a pair of assists sores before tonight's match-up against the bears, though. no word on how serious the cut is. brady did not take the field or dress for the game. this was the patriots' last preseason game at home. they're headed to north carolina next week for a date with the panthers. tonight a framingham teenager is accused of trying to kill his mother and brother while they were vacationing in florida. the teen's mom is a teacher in newton. new at 10:00 tonight, fox 25's
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investigators about these twisted allegations. >> vanessa and mark, the 16-year-old goes to high school at newton south high school. tonight investigators in florida say that 16-year-old tried to kill his own mother and his younger brother. >> reporter: at 16 years old, framingham's gus is facing 2 counts of attempted second-degree murder charges. sarasota county sheriff's deputies in florida say he tried to kill his own mother and younger brother while the three of the cory conserveis a neighbor. >> i didn't believe it at all it's a little shocking. >> reporter: last night investigators in florida got a 911 call from the mother, melissa ramgren. she told police gus stabbed her and his younger brother, then took off. moments later and down the block, police got another 911 call from gus, saying his 14-year-old brother and mother were stabbed.
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that it was a mom and brother. >> reporter: gus' friends back home in mass areas that know what to think. >> he'd come over, sleep over, we patio play on the trampoline. we would just hang out together. >> gus is an 11th-grader at newton south high school. his mother melissa is a second grade teacher at mason rice elementary in newton. >> you know, itself codes are nice, too. i don't see them too much. they go stay with lot for a length of time and then come back. >> reporter: friends of the family say this news is beyond shocking because the three of them are so close. >> i thought they were like together and they were just teens but when you see his mom, too, i thought they really loved his mom because they would always hug. >> and tonight that 16-year-old is still sitting in a florida jail. i also spoke to his father, peter, on the phone earlier
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and says this is a tragedy and he has no idea what happened. coming up at 11:00, i'll get into detail beside what the 14-year-old brother said just moments after he was stabbed. for now, live in newton tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. tonight boston police are questioning the driver who ran down three people in downtown boston. it happened at the intersection of school and washington streets just before noon. cell phone video from the scene shows people trying to pick up the car and pull the victims out from under it. driving wasn't going to stop. >> she realized she hit him and tried to take off with them under the car, and about 200 people came out of no where and just mopped the car and wouldn't allow her to go. >> witnesses say the woman then lived in a nearby building and the victims were hurt but expected to survive. >> the middleboro man charged with animal cruelty after leaving his dog tethered for days did not show up for court
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kevin kennedy is accused of leaving his dog on a leash for days, if not weeks. the dog made a desperate attempt to free himself by chewing off in part his rear right foot. he was found by animal control and is recovering from his injuries. boston police investigating after they say two people were shot in jamaica plaines, skyfox flew over the scene around 5:00 tonight showing the area of mortgagen street shut down. police did not give the condition of the two shooting victims but they are looking for several hours while police investigate. the uber driver charged with sexual assaulting a 16-year-old everett girl last month was ordered held without bail today. darnell booth met the teen through the ride sharing app. about a week later prosecutors say he offered to drive her to summer school after she missed her bus, but instead took her to a parking lot and assaulted her. he is due back in court next month. eight people have been
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afternoon. skyfox was flying over the scene as we went on air at 5:00. at 6:00 we learned three firefighters were injured. our cameras on the ground show the crews beginning the process of overhauling the home and fire officials say wet towels helped keep them cool while they were battling the flames and heat. >> we had three firefighters go to hospital. i believe two of them are heat related, one was muscular, i believe. not serious injuries. and the cold towels really help really brings down your temperature. >> officials say the home surfed about a half a million dollars in damage. >> stormtracker weather chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz now. we've been talking about the drought all week and extreme drought conditions actually expanded to new areas. >> about 17% of our state is in the extreme drought category now. we need a lot more rain, and there is nothing coming our way, at least not through the
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through the 70s. back up to 79 degrees already by 10:00 in the morning. first thing in the morning on the north end for a zip trip, let's go for the greater boston area, as well. starting out at 72 at 6:00 a.m. when they get rolling. by 10:00 a.m., they're packing up and it's close to 80 degrees. that's how it will stay for another hour before it pops back into the low 80s. farther away from the water you get the warmer you'll be tomorrow. we'll talk about how warm the temperatures get by the end of the day at the beaches and looking ahead to our next shot for beneficial rain. i'll show you a timeline on that. the an mal rescue league needs help finding the owner of a cockatoo if found in the trash in dorchester. it's on the road to recovery after emergency surgery. last month someone found the bird in the cage with magots and cockroaches left out in the trash. if found, the person who is responsible could spend up to seven years in prison and the cockatoo will soon be looking for a new home.
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people's front yards. ahead at 10:00, what the suspect left on one man's lawn that made us want to talk with the homeowner. a kayaking adventure takes a wild turn when humpback whales crash the party. first, the new twist in the u.s. swimming scandal involving ryan lochte and his usa teammates. we continue to follow that break news, fox 25 has learned 1-year-old noah john larson has died after suffering injuries while in the care of a babysitter at a woburn apartment building. his twin sister dcf is investigating to find out how and when the horrific injuries happened. we are working to get new
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tonight u.s. swimmers are on their way out of brazil after testifying to police involving superstar swimmer ryan lochte. the two olympians were pulled off their flight home late yesterday when new video >> but lochte's attorney still claims that lochte is the victim here. >> reporter: the news of four american swimmers rob the in rio at gunpoint cast a shadow overnight olympic games. >> they pulled out their guns and told the other americans to get down on the ground. they got down on the ground. i was like, we didn't do anything wrong, and then the guy pulled out his gun, he packed it, put it to my forehead.
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>> reporter: police now say the stunning story is just that. sunday gold medalist ryan lochte and three of his teammates gunner betts, jack conger and jimmifygen partied at a club and surveillance video shows them at a gas station afterwards. officials say they were drunk didn't vandalized the business. police point to lochte as the troublemaker saying he got into an ange radio confrontation with security guards. as the swimmers attempted to police say one security guard pulled a gun, forcing the athletes out of the cab and on the ground. eventually the police say the athletes paid for the damage and left. while sources admitted the swimmers weren't on their best behavior, they say the athletes believed they were being robbed at gunpoint because they say they couldn't leave until they gave up their money. lochte's attorney saying they are the victims. but police say one of the
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i'm mary maloney reporting. >> rio police are recommending charges be filed for false reporting of a crime. it is unlikely though they will face charges related to destruction of property because the athletes paid for the damage done, and the owner of of the gas station does not want to press charges. a massachusetts man who already went to prison for defrauding home depot has admitted to doing it again. robert dually pleaded guilty to taking items off the shelves, bringing them to the return desk credit at home detow poes across new england. he managed to rake in $33,000. in 2007 he was convicted of defrauding more than $330,000 in a similar scheme. the circuit operator charged in an attempt collapse that killed a man -- tent collapse that killed a man and his daughter will not be coming back anytime soon. a storm blew through and toppled over the tent last august. the lawyer for the company says
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without a license. the lawyer also says the circus won't set up any shows in new hampshire while this case continues. today state police were back out at the crime scene in princeton where a jogger was killed and burned 11 days ago. the body was found a week and a half ago. experts tell fox 25 kathryn burcham, new leads may also be uncovered in the federal database. >> hovering above brook station road today, state police in the murder of vanessa marcotte. but experts say the most important clue may nobody seen from the air, but rather inside a test tube. >> it's basically a federal clearinghouse. >> reporter: criminology professor steven moreelli is women and matily familiar how investigators gather dna gathered from crime scenes to labs like this one boston to be analyzed for a possible match. >> we have to get a little bit lucky that there's a perpetrator
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put him in the system. >> reporter: police departments from every state submit dna from convicted offenders and suspects arrested in crime to code it with a combined dna index system. a match could be instantaneous but the system does have its limits. >> there's 300 million people in the united states and people from outside the country puck and not everyone is in that database. >> reporter: he says even if vanessa killer's dna doesn't have a match now, he will continue to search the dna from her body could not only help find her killer but also could help prosecutors win a murder conviction in court. >> what the investigators are doing is now they're taking it personal. personal for the victim, personal for the family, and personal for the community because they want this person off of the streets. >> moreelli says once they do have a dna match on the killer, they'll also have to search for other types of evidence like high school toll charges or cell
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the crime. in princeton, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> and this is the number to call if you have any information that could help investigators. hundreds of people have already called with possible tips. all calls are anonymous. another massachusetts school district will soon begin testing its water for lead. the district is going to test the water in quincy schools this fall. it's part of a statewide program sponsored by governor baker. nearly 1,000 public schools and child care centers have signed up to figure ou coming out of their bubblers. >> these kids, they don't really know what's going on until you tell them not to use the faucet unless you're supervised. >> reporter: boston public schools found high levels of lead in six buildings and the district says it immediately shut down the fountains and replaced with water bottle coolers. quincy schools will begin the testing september 19th. the green line extension project has boosted property
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major work has begun. property values on sites within a half mile of the proposed green line stops increased 20% faster in somerville as a whole. researchers say once the line is up and running, the prices could be even higher. commuter rail service maintenance work letters start to test out virtual goggles to see if they can help repair trains faster. the mechanics in the field will wear a heavy duty version of google great lakes, which will send pictures to the company maintenance team in boston. right now they work from voice direction to fix problems. the goggles will come from a cambridge base start-up. >> i think that's fascinating. >> it really is and they need some assistance for sure, and hopefully that helps to get the trains to run on time more often. not limited to rural areas of massachusetts, still to come on fox 25 news at 10:00, the multiweek fire fighting effort in boston's backyard and the new
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the area thirst for rain. but first ordered to stay away. a police officer facing serious charges forte attacking his pregnant wife. the desperate act prosecutors say she made to save her own life. massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. ll expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2.
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hun that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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>> tonight after everett police officer has been ordered to stay away from his family. as elizabeth hopkins reports, it stems from an alleged attack against his pregnant wife. >> reporter: off the job and in handcuffs. prosecutors say everett officer michael morae launched a dangerous assault on his wife, who is seven months pregnant, accused of hitting her in the face and trying to kick her in the stomach during an argument on sunday. in court, prosecutors say the victim told police the fight actually started saturday. >> she was sobbing. she stated they had a verbal argument the night before from having females in the house while she was trying to sleep. she communicated she was pulling on his shirt to keep him from get to the safe where his guns were. >> reporter: after a struggle, prosecutors say the alleged victim ran out of the house trying to escape with their young children in her car. >> at that point, what the
10:25 pm
the child on the hood of the car so she could not leave. >> reporter: the alleged victim was able to get away with the couple's 3-year-old child. prosecutors describe the 34-year-old as a man who is constantly jealous and controlling, increasingly violent and a drinker but morae's attorney says' former marine who was vetted by the police department and says not all the allegations are true. >> the only physical abuse that took place on sunday is when he was suspending himself when his the door to a men's baseball game which he had scheduled. >> he's been ordered to stay away from his family and will be staying with other relatives as he was released on bail at $100 and fitted with a gps monitor. elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. the last remaining pulse nightclub victim is still recovering in orlando. doctors say the patient has been in critical condition since the mass shooting at the orlando nightclub back in june. now we're hearing reports that the patient's condition was
10:26 pm
49 people were killed in the attack and more than 50 others were hurt. twitter is ramping up a digital war on terror. the company suspended 235,000 accounts in the past six months for promoting terrorism. the specific accounts where terrorist groups weren't identified however many are associated to be with isis, it's believed, which are spreading propaganda to retract re- -- attract recruits. right now police are looking for the person who stole donald trump signs from a person left at a victim's home that caught our attention. ahead, the letter that the victim got from the person who stole his sign. flyers like this one last week in the blue hills are a real concern this summer. scarce rain he is hard to come by and we'll show you how firefighters put this out, next. and we need more than just the showers that popped up today. i' when i look for solutions, i don't start in washington,
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>> as we told you at the top of the hour, the extreme drought has expanded in northeastern mass, including boston. >> we are exposing a new threat
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conditions. john monahan is live and firefighters are concerned about the lack of water they need to battle fires, john. >> that's right. this is a remote place, especially when it comes to finding water. this is the loan fire hydrant that firefighters had to use and they had to figure out somehow how to get water from here to fight that fire more than a mile up this hill. [ sirens ] >> reporter: not once, but several times the last quincy firefighters returned to this burnt-out areas in the blue hills. a brush fire that started more than 10 days ago september coming back to life. >> we were there all day monday and then they went back up monday night for a little while and then it came tuesday we were up there and findly got it tuesday. >> reporter: getting water through and no easy task. >> we put 500 gallons in this truck. >> reporter: firefighters filled one engine and shuttled water up to another engine and finally to
10:31 pm
>> fortunately there's no hydrants up in that area, it's so so dry we gotta keep shuttling water back. >> reporter: the drought made this fire especially tough. dry conditions called for much more water than usual. water that's evaporating from smaller investigation voyeurs rely the on in rural and hard to reach areas that are now bone dry. much layer of dry vegetation, you just would need a good soaking rain or thousands of gallons of water. >> reporter: 50,000 gallons pumped up here on tuesday alone finally steem seemed to put it out but with the drought worsening, firefighters are very concerned. >> could be a major problem. >> firefighters did not have to use the reservoir. they could have but didn't need to, it's actually here at near
10:32 pm
and that is a huge concern as this drought continues. live in quincy, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. and governor baker is now pleading with people to cut back their water use. today he promised emergency relief if the drought doesn't let up soon. >> we obviously can't control the conditions that are presented before us. but we can continue to monitor and coordinate and where possible and where necessary and appropriate prepare in our re river in april and the same location with much less water this month. a 15-year-old has dido oh 15-month-old has died after being injured while in the care of a babysitter. noah johnson died at the hospital today and his twin sister emmy is still in the hospital. we learninged the middlesex d.a.'s office is investigating along with dcf. we'll have an update for you
10:33 pm
extreme drought conditions, the greater boston area. wow, that's about 17% of our state 2% of the entire northeast. sounds small there but when it's our area getting hoytt the hardest, you know that's bad. and when you get into extreme drought, that's a designation given when you expect large pastures or crops to fail. 8-inches below airport and we need some rain desperately. a couple of showers popped up today. there's even ones still out here in the berkshires has a little bit of juice to it right here along 112 and toward williamsburgh. not gonna make into the drought areas and even if it did it's just going a quick shower and that's it. satellite radar shows there's not much out there as the sun goes down. what we need is tropical moisture. this is one system that's developing and the national hurricane center is watching. this one is not the name storm,
10:34 pm
fionna looks like she's getting her act together a little bit more now. we'll see what the latest observation will be. this is until the 5:00 observation. the next one due at 11:00. i'll have that for you, sometimes it comes in early, i may have it for new 10 minutes, otherwise, i'll definitely have it for you at 11:00, but the track won't change very much. we talked about this last night the jetstream configuration early next week will be such that this is pushed out to sea away from us, so we're not gonna get the tropical moisture. landfall and hurricane here in southern new england. we don't want landfall with the big waves but we do need some of the tropical moisture to come in and give us a dousing of rain. not gonna happen. tomorrow ole oh in the morning, 73 for the north end for the
10:35 pm
83 by 10:00 in the morning. to the west of worcester, going down to 66 tonight, right back to near 80 by 10:00 and going into the 80s in the afternoon. here are your lunchtime temperatures. here are the high temperatures. give an idea of the sea breeze, as well. boston 80, somerville 86, newton 87. here until the northshore, near 80 ins exbut upper 80s in lowell. 89 degrees tomorrow afternoon. pollen levels are spiking. when you don't have the rain to cleanse the air, they get lots of ragweed to hang around. that's probably what's bugging you right now. while we do get beautiful nights
10:36 pm
i can't wait to be showing you some pictures of some rain coming down. there will be people walking into the streets of boston and that wet weather, can make pretty pictures, too and boy we need it. this is what we're looking at after the weekend, dry conditions and temperatures in the 80s and sunshine. by monday the risk of showers and storms, we'll get some rain. this computer model shows some of the blue area just to the north of us. i'm going to show you another computer model coming up in a little while that shows it farther to the south where we need it here in southern new england. rain coming monday, where we need it the most. an update on that and your wake-up forecast just ahead. a local worker is trying to return a wallet he found in a south boston building. bill donathon says the wallet contain wad social security card of a man named albert and also contained tickets, pictures and old stamps from the 1930s. 10 minutes after we aired the story, albert's family called the station and say he died back in 1985. he cofounded a graphic arts company in braintree and a
10:37 pm
donathon is hoping to get that wallet back to his family, and fox 25 will be there for the reunion. can't wait to see how that plays out. so much history there, and so precious to that family. >> what an ending there. and they called like literally right after the story aired. >> right. just a few minutes after. >> they were excited. are you getting more robo calls lately? if so, are you not alone. next at 10:00, why people are getting more nuisance calls and why new rules designed to stop them just aren't working. >> but this time unusual and the insulting note left in its place. next great lengths thieves went to steal it and why it won't be so easy easy next time. >> ahead the 10:00, fox 25
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air drops continue into the evening out in southern california as a wildfire rages out of control. more than 80,000 people have been evacuated as the blue cut fire burns more than 25,000 acres. dry weather and winds are make the flames unpredictable and harder to get the upper hand. more than 1500 firefighters are now battling the flames. so far it's only 4% contained. the flooding in louisiana is now the worst u.s. disaster since hurricane sandy. flooding has destroyed at 40 tou homes and displaced tens of thousands of people. the national guard has been called in to assist, some of whom have lost homes personally in the flooding. according to the red cross, the floods have already caused at least $30 million in damage and that number is expected to go. more details reports say president obama is unlikely to break from his vacation at martha's vineyard to survey the louisiana flood damage, despite calls for his to visit. the advocate newspaper in baton rouge called on the president to visit egg quote, the most
10:42 pm
the white house says the president is not different -- indifferent not suffering in louisiana and is being updated regularly. civic getting the robo calms? you could receive more because rules designed to protect consumers are just not working the way they were intended. new software allows telemarketers to cycle through millions of random combinations of numbers to reach even more of us. >> that's one of the big reasons why we've seen such an increase because the technology has changed so >> reporter: a bill known as the robocop act would have tools to block these calls but until congress pass it is our phones are at risk getting more calls from robot reaching us from unknown numbers. the iphone 7 and 7 plus will not go on sale until september 23rd, that's after a report said the smartphone with hit stores earlier. meantime a french site claims there will not be a headphone
10:43 pm
and instead replaced by a second set of speakers. apple hasn't commented. tonight we have incredible video of a kayaking trip, it really ising credible, that turned into an unforgettable whale watch. >> check it out here, ahead at 10:00, the extremely close encounter caught on camera that you just have to see. encounter caught on camera that you just have to see. >> but first someone steals a ? ? ? award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ? right now police are trying to find a person who stole donald trump signs from a front yard in walpole. >> the person who did it left a scathing letter at one of the homes. christine mccarthy is live in walpole after speaking with the man who got that letter. christine. >> that homeowner tells me he is
10:46 pm
invaded his own private property, but says this person also vied his right to free speech. >> reporter: michael's trump signs have been stolen right out of had his walpole front yard. >> it makes me sick that there are people who would do this. >> reporter: but the latest incident, the one on tuesday night. >> oh, yeah. this is becoming a dual one was different, it was personal. >> he's gonna outsmart me, well, i'm tired of it. >> reporter: the third sign was snatched from his tall oak tree nearly 11 feet up. >> i don't see how you could climb the tree without a ladder. took me a ladder to get up there. see how big round that tree is? stuck right on the tree with a nail. a piece of paper flapping, i said, hmm, the sign's gone, what does this thing say?
10:47 pm
supporters, he takes crime for the responsibility to the crime and resorts to insults. >> people of your kind are in fact the most dim witted low level citizens that any develop the nation has to offer. >> reporter: the letter concludes with a threat to steal the next sign. >> not even a great wall will stop me. >> reporter: it's signed only with an initial. >> signed "s." >> reporter: extreme across county. >> they stole five off of my front lawn, one after the another. >> reporter: bebut he keeps providing him with new signs. >> my ladder goes up a few more feet. we'll try it again if we have to. >> walpole police have been notified of this theft. whether or not the signs were located, the two men say they have the signs on reserve if they need them.
10:48 pm
christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. washington has a message for airlines, improve your technology. >> massachusetts senator ed markey today at logan airport just a week after a five at delta caused hundreds of delays nationwide affecting dozens of flights in boston and that glitch came after south west experienced the similar malfunction affecting flights for days earlier this year. senator marque is calling for an airline resiliency effort to keep flights on time. >> a flight should be canceled if there's a super storm that forces the the flight. a flight should not be canceled because a server of software is not working. >> a letter signed by marque and other u.s. senators also asked airline beside their policies for reimbursing or compensating passengers who are impacted by disruption. we are following breaking news south boston right now where at least two people were rushed to the hospital after a serious crash. look at the car and the damage. it happened at the intersection of old colony avenue near joe
10:49 pm
cars were involved. one of them took down a pole. right now the intersection is shut down. we are still working to learn the conditions of the victims. we do have a crew on scene gathering new information. we'll bring you the details as they come in. federal civil rights lawyers are looking into whether the town of dudley is discriminating against muslims. earlier this year officials refused to allow the its lambic society of greater worcester to create an islamic cemetery in town. investigation to determine whether they violated their rights. residents cited concerns about property values, traffic hazards and more. evidence was tainted by a local chemist in 24,000 cases. annie dookhan has already served time for tampering with evidence and filing suspected reports of suspected drug samples. it happened in 2012 at a now
10:50 pm
already successfully challenged their convictions and the acl suh now asking the supreme court to throw out the rest of the cases or at least seth set a deed line to resolve them. tonight we're learning how much mistakes -- as fox 25 justin gray reveals, there's defective helmets that cost taxpayers millions of dollars and don't work. >> reporter: the pentagon calls them a critical safety item, more than 120,000 advanced combat worth, that don't work. look at the impact from a projectile on this dummy. the military found the helmets had serious ballistic failures, leaving troops vulnerable. >> these helmets are defective and these are helmets that are supposed to save lives. >> reporter: the department of justifies places the blame with a company called armor source and federal prison industries. prisoners built the helmets. the inspector general says the prisoners even used homemade tools like this one that damaged
10:51 pm
been used as weapons in prison. in spring the company agreed to pay the government $3 million. >> reporter: the ig says there's no evidence that any servicemen or women were injured because of the defective helmets. i reached out to armored service and they declined to comment. the fit where the were made has been closed but the pentagon is still turning to armored source for helmets. armored source expects to supply more than 100,000 helmets to the pentagon this year. manufactured at a different facility without prison workers. justin gray, fox 25 news. we reached out to the pentagon to ask why it's still contracting with armored source but we did not get a response. some new numbers out tonight show teachers' salaries are at a
10:52 pm
consequences and trickle-down effect that's impacting students. then...
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?? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer,
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and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ? are you feeling alright, baby? ? teachers' salaries across the country have hit an historic low. they're 17% lower than other gap since 1979. the study found public school teachers make an average of $1300 a week. researchers say even when you factor in benefits, which are typically better than other workers, teachers are still coming up short. >> the consequence is teachers are leaving the profession in greater numbers and it's harder to recruit new teachers. >> reporter: the study found teachers who were represented by a union were paid higher salaries than those who were
10:56 pm
summer. fox 25 will be live at boston's north end at christopher columbus park all morning long. come on out and join sherry and more of our special guests. a couple of showers out there right now. not gonna make into worcester or boston but we are watching this one. a little heavier spot in there. this is west of interstate 90 when way out in western massachusetts. i promise you we take a look at the tropics once before 11:00. this is fionna. i thought if looked like it was getting a little stronger. it really hasn't. still 45 mile-per-hour winds and the track takes it off to the northwest but a little farther to the east, turning away from bermuda. so it's not gonna hit bermuda or the east coast of of the u.s. your wake-up forecast for tomorrow includes temperatures generally in the 60s with a little bit of sunshine out there. i'm back in a few minutes with more on that, fionna and also our weekend forecast.
10:57 pm
have incoldwell banker video that the whole world is enjoying. >> the group came face to face with humpback whales and captured the close encounter of course with their cell phones. >> reporter: when it comes to incredible close encounters with whales, few can compare to this one. >> they were just kind of floating there on top of the
10:58 pm
>> they paddled over for a viewing and what a viewing they got. >> they do it when they're excite and you can see it in the video that when babies breach, they probably had a good feeding, really happy. or he, and so then the baby comes shooting out of the water and mom is just as excited. >> we stayed back 100 meters. if you were in a power boat and they started to come toured or you knew they were coming toward
10:59 pm
back off. in a kayak, you can't back off that fast. they can swim way faster than we can paddle. >> reporter: since posted online yesterday, wild coast adventures has been receiving a lot of attention. >> lots of response. >> the adventure company promises fond memories for its customers but even they didn't expect anything like this. >> you can imagine being that close? looks like it would be a tractor/trailer comes out the water, spinning around and falling back on its side. >> hello, everyone. >> 1-year-old noah john larson has died from his injuries and tonight the department of children and families is verying >> reporter: win-year-old knowial john larson went to the
11:00 pm
twin stermy is also at children's hospital undergoing medical evaluation. what landed these babies in the hospital still unclear, fox 25 investigates has learned it started here on monday at these woburn apartments on kilby street. the babysitter, a family friend, according to the middlesex county district attorney's office, fox 25 obtained the call log that showed a medical call came in just after 3:00 monday afternoon for an unresponsive 1-year-old. he was breathing at the time. >> we've investigation since the singleth, day before yesterday. >> we're in the very early stages and in the process of gathering information, talking to people, obviously, looking at evidence. >> reporter: the family told fox 25 they were not ready to comment about the investigation but shared photos with us of novemberia and his sister. a family friend started this go fund me page to help the family with these unexpected medical costs and offer them support. >> the attorney would not


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