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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  August 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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cenroe... see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right. so you can clearly see what's in and what's out? oh absolutely. i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. now 6:00 shots fire man dead woman fighting photograph her life. tonight the active investigation and the clues police are looking at to find a killer. plus, local accused having an inappropriate relationship with a student. >> it is surprising. it is kind surprising. you won't expect it from him of all people. serious disease police say faked that led to all falling part. mumbai increase risk rain moving in. i will have my latest time line of when to expect down pours. >> and lost, found, and returned. the items in in decade old wallet p how fox 25 helped get
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rightful owner. >> now with breaking news. this is the fox 25 news at 6:00 complete new england being news coverage. >> we beginning tonight with breaking news right now cruise boat off the coast of gloucester ban take on water afternoon. several people on board. hello, everybody. here's what are are learning from coast guard they they saved may day call around 430s is pm from cape ann tour boat. with about 34 people on board. now coast guard asked for any many did. the coast guard still working to figure out what causeded the boat to begin take on that water. but so far there are no reports in any injuries or causalities. we have crew headed to that scene to learn more about what's happening right you no. and we will update you about what the situation is there throughout news cast also new tonight local teacher in jail after police arrested him for mess he was allegedly sending one of i had students. fox 25 robert spoke students templeton where police say that
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cancer. >> the investigation started earlier this months when school resource officer got some information that turn arrest. and past 24 hours. police say, one teachers with a crossing the line with student >> that's very shocking. very shocking parents could not believe one their high school teachers was arrested early friday mean. showed of at worcester home with warrant. testimony will willton police history teacher, was sending object stein photos of himself to a 17 year old students and enticing her to send any killed photos back. >> it is surprising. it is kind of of surprising you won't expect from him of all people. according to court records obtained by the gardener news he was initially being investigateded for fundraiser fraud police say 33 year old is dating former student at the high school and when she tried breaking it it off, he told her he had stomach cancer which he did not.
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behalf. during the investigation, police learned with the inappropriate relationship he was having with current student. his neighbors say police were at his worcester home for hours early fry morning school superintendent tells us 13 wrer veteran teacher is on paid leave while the criminal case pending. he also banned from the school grounds. base always been kind of like the nice guy to all of the kids. he has been guy that's friendly. budget you never look at like friendly kind of way. he bail was in templeton. fox 25 news. >> than today woman in fighting for her life after shooting in dorchester. it happened on dudley terrace just after midnight. police tell us the man died at the scene. the woman taken to the hospital. with life threatening injuries. we working get update on her condition. police say so far, they have not made any an arrests. >> so day one of beautiful august weekend is wrapping up. days getting shorter inching
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school year. fox 25 meterologist join us live more sun tomorrow but sun is rather sunday when you you are looking another chance of rain n that's it we will start off some sun and then you are going to notice clouds increasing. but it is sunshine in boston. beautiful out there. 83 in dew noinlts 50s that's comfortable so enjoy it. notice that wind too out of south that's why boston at 883 wind on shore along the coast, we are 70s. 80s mainly through interior so those winds are picking up between 5 to 15 might per hour. that's going start increase the humidity so enjoy the comfortable air that's in place right now. it is all going to charge through overnight hours. hey maybe your headed to fenway park. 83 right now. looking at temperatures fall back into 13407z once sun sets. really nice and comfortable night. to see that concert zack brown band. here main rain that we will be watching heading our way. it is mile away so we are going be dealing with mostly dry
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we will see some clouds coming into play some areas of fog could be isolated shower through interior when you wake up tomorrow we will wake up to some sunshine for our eastern areas question then threat of rain will be increasing a we head on through day wake up temperature, mostly in 60s again we could see some areas fog as low as well as some clouds. but the chances of rain increase think have full time line coming up. >> okay. >> man accused of inappropriate contact with several young at splash park in. police arrested the man thursday after at least three mom toll the police he approach their son. one mom told fox 25 he picked up her two year old and kissed his head and told her he had a connect with her son. wanteded spend time with him. another mom who asked us not show her faishgs described a similarly frightening experience. he you can with as by pie son and making comment about wanting to bhond him. so you he no i just toll him to
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he starting swearing. and he ui are at anyed on side of the building police say brook land was drunk he was arraigned on friday on charge including open and gross lewdness disorderly conduct and assault and battery on a police officer. during his arrest. >> and new hampshire firefighter is dead police officer and dispatcher injured after late night crash. police say 25 year old steven was killed in crash on 993 and canter berry. he was firefighter in lincoln. truck. bamba and dispatcher were passengers. now truck went off the road hit slupter trees in median officer suffered serious injuries. the dispatcher is expected to survive. >> governor maggie hassen released statement which said in part his heroic commitment strengthened our communities. and our state. >> residents in methune have access to 24 hon you are safer he dipose medical syringes and other sharp objects.
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band residents from throwing away needles syringe and land sets and household trash. it can found police station on hamster street rest accident must them in container before dropping them off. >> and dorchester man is behind bars accused of expose himself to a woman inside of rest room and back bay t. chart. yesterday morning the man went inside of woman's restaurant pulling down hits pants in front of fee nail and then urinated in the sink. man's bathroom now. transit police tracked 28 year old down after officers got tip from someone who say they saw him go inside. he charged with open and gross lewdness. >> officers nabbed roxbury man who believe in possession of an illegal fierm heading towards dorchester high school they say soon came took off running. police were able to catch the 27 year old and they samed he was carrying loaded 45 caliber hand
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which they believe he was planning to sell. he is facing several charges including carrying that loaded fire xarm intent to sell drugs. >> to medal where police found about half kilo of heroin and $7,000 of cash in a home. officer connected the two men to the crime. arresting them at the alleged stash house on fellsway west. >> department children and family has taken custody of three children. as the investigation into the death of baby fox 25 investigates broke news of this tragic investigation in woburn thursday. we have learned the child in dcs custody one twin sister still at children's hospital. as well as two other kids. the 15 month old twins were rushed to hospital monday while in the care of a baby-sitter. the by the died thursday. the middle sex county district attorney's office and dcs now investigating how the twins were injured.
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to death. they arrested 18 year old bare reef dorchester friday night. on murder charges. as we to tell you last night at 10:00 victim stabbed on paris street has been identified as two k3wrer gauge smith. police continue to investigate. >> and low will ka elementary school not ready welcome students back for the new school year. the superintendent of fellma public school says hazardous materials were found at the school. now the district called environmental protection, that sargeant determined it is going take about two months to make that building safe again. during that time. students and staff will work out of other facilitys within district more details about that will be revealed this week. and information session been be hell thursday evening at the high school. information about that meeting right there on your screen 12346r78. >> and new hampshire state police are investigating the cause of this crash in warner. it involves two cars that both roll off route 89 friday.
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bradley of dennis massachutes, was thrown from his car. he female passenger and the driver of the other car were all brought to hospital. two dogs were also involved. were coked out of roadway by some other drivers who stopped. an earlier morning rescue off coast of. the coast guard got call for help after boat caught fire with four people on board. now as you see there of course be got into inflatable life raft raft until coast guard crew was able to get there and no one was hurt fire was put out sprinkler it was then towed back to shore. >> new video tonight of hillary clinton arriving in nantucket for an araidz stop. democratic nominee met donors today on the island. after meeting with voters and supporters and promise town. while as we report atrump making more efforts to get-s to support his campaign. >> i am asking for the vote of the every single african
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who want to see a better future. >> donald trump latest plea black voters came during campaign rally in michigan friday predominately white audience p trump accuse democrat taking black voters to grants business mogul even declared that no other group of americans have been harmed by hillary clinton's policies more than the black community. look how much african american communities are suffered under to those i say, the following. what do you have to lose? clinton's campaign released statement in response to trump's question. stating, akraims have everything to lose. voting for man who questions president obama's citizenship, and in court white supremism according to recent poll black voters support clinton 91 percent to just one precent for
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dramatically charge those figures. after his first term in office. and tend of the four years, i guarantee you, that i will get over 95% of the african american vote. i promise you. >> number >> that's sant forced from their towns waiting get back home. still come tonight on fox 25 news at 6:00 latest effort get louisiana flood victims back into their home. and as more rain lies in their forecast. i am tracking rain chances this weekends my time line of when to expect some widespread showers move in. >> and but first minnesota police officer shot an african american man who girlfriend recorded the death was cell phone is back on the job tonight.
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large numbers they are angry officer who shot killed seen
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girlfriend has returned to work. now on desk duty but as paul bloom reports, demonstrators say officer should not be working at all. >> gather on sidewalk and streets outsideville lamp hall where police dem headquartered. >> some carry signs that read put him behind bars not desk. clearly there outrage officer that it is officer returned to limited office duty role this week. it is ridiculous. murder gumth makes no sense. we an angry he that he back to work we are angry that he was been placed on paid leave after killed young man >> saint san though into police with a comments last couple days praising him another hisable to communicate and relate to others while on the force. the village set on fire -- while bca completes its investigation into deadly july 6th traffic
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facebook by his girl friend. defended decision put okay. his current assignment similar what other agencies have done during ongoing investigations. his family clearly not happy. we know guys can't do nothing about that. you guys can't do anything. we don't want you to do nothing >> couple of his uncles and i had mother joined the demonstration on friday. at one point, getting into a tense exchange with uniformed saints an then knee officers. he should not have the opportunity to w while this case going on because my nephew don't get the opportunity to come back and live like that. so he should not get the opportunity to be a police officer right now. >> he is no wearing uniform. -- it should be me building. he should not be getting paycheck. >> okay to word on long bca investigation will tang. the final charging decision is in the hands local da who has not said whether he will take the case to a grand jury.
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motive for a stabbing. this was breaking news on fox 25. it happened outside of jake and joe's sports bar woburn witness tells us one man attacked another. seemingly out of no where. >> i two guys we -- were saying good-bye them and guy walked up and head but him and then, all hell brook loose. tonight the victim remains critical condition. police were able to track down the suspect based upon surveillance video. recognizable logo on the man's 36 year old james lion facing intents to murder charges. he is being held on bail and ex expected court on monday. >> crews finally cleared up this mess in wellsly this afternoon you can see that big tree there. it is fell across the road and took out power line. it happened early this morning. on jeff so road between monroe and share dan crews shut down part of road while they cleared it up and tree as well as power lines. >> boston ungot chance take to skies today using home made
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flying day in german was held along charles river near the hatch shell number rest accident challenged bile human powered flying machines. then pilot them off of 28 foot deck. i have seen in if person it is treat wild they were judged on flight distance creativity and showmanship. . now your local forecast. from your meterologist and fox 25 storm tracker weather team >> that's one -- i don't know how that one turned out but that's seems like fret cool event i it, too because, temperature in boston, cliented to 85 degrees we will have wind south helped push the temperature into eight 340z today. a little bit cooler to cape and island but overall, we saw blevend clouds and sunshine. and very comfortable air while we do have due points in 206s through interior 50s for our eastern areas. really not too bad. but there are some changes headed our way. the humidity levels will be increasing. our dew point measuring moisture
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be that very sticky and even oppress i range for your day tomorrow. ahead of cold fronts that's going increase our chances of showers so dew points across boston yes 56 go down new york and baltimore and 60s in down across mid atlantic we are in 70s more humid air will be increase into region overnight tonight, and for tomorrow, ahead of this cold front that's bringing some scattered showers to great lakes as well as the ojai valley even few thunderstorms we will watching right now, though, mostly to partly sunny we do have few isolated showers that developed mainly west of 95 today. but right now, we have got dry conditions. those winds they are active 5 to 15 miles per hour. they will continue to increase that humidity from the south. so if you have plans this evening and may start get bit sticky i showed you though fenway forecast for zack brown band but you are maybe headed to see jimmy buffett.
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and clouds will increasing. when you wake am tomorrow we go partly cloudy skies. from areas fog very popsible. brighter conditions closer to the coast. but those temperature will be in 60s. sunshine to start early for the cape. looking pretty okay. store so, start temperature there. 75 degrees. for mix of sun scludz. you will notice that humidity but you know will nice that winds out of the southeast although it will across winds. going about 10 to 15 miles per hour that will pretty cooling morning. high temperature tomorrow. once again into 88 12340z 70s along coast with that win out of the southeast. and increasing as we head on through the day. you also blend clouds can sunshine let me take you through the day. overnight, you are noticing not too bad. mainly clear and in boston about but further west we got some
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we got better line of showers and storms that will be entering new england will push to the east as we head through overnight hours. wake up on monday we actually going to see the showers come an end those could ongoing for parts of winds switching to northwest. picking up and helping to push those clouds on out of here by your lunch hour on monte we got sunshine. and we got some breezy conditions. but hey take look at the seven day forecast because you will notice once fronts clears, we have got some cooler weather that starts our day on tuesday feeling like fall with less humid air if and then nice stretch weather through mid pa >> once again. late friday into saturday over
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life coming up our next half an hour active investigation and clues police indicate shooter targeted man and the woman. but first finely going past massive fire line. heart break and hope from people
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mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. i can give permission... i can give hugs... but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. vo: but that's the way to get kelly ayotte's attention. corporate special interests like the koch brothers have spent millions helping ayotte's campaign and she voted with them 90% of the time - supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires and not enough moms.
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lution law national guard started distributing much needed footed water to flood victims. many people say just getting
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trying time. at least 13 people have been killed and 40,000 homes have been damaged. as a result, animal shelters are overwhelmed. with homeless pets. >> we taken in about 200 animals in last three days. thankfully today it is started slowing down at bit. >> republican presidential candidate donald trump visited flood areas yesterday donating 70,000 pounds of goods to the area. president obama will visit baton rouge next week. he has been in martha vinya criticized him for. >> firefighter are beginning to yet the upper has been on blue cut fire burning east of los angeles. massive fire has destroyed ten home and hundreds of other smaller buildings. as we reports tonight jesus christ finally getting chance to see what's left. >> in west cajon valley this windmill all that remains intact. the home is burned out shell. >> while up the road man well
6:26 pm
compound paren home was spared but many of their neighbors were not so lucky. it is terrible. it changes everything. i mean neighbors are you know neighbors are some people may not come back. i mean, >> just over the hill, gary hopkins could barely contain his emotions. >> this is devastated all of it. i have done my best to help them take care of it. but man i tell you this isn't good >> piece of california's pioneering history now gone forever. after the through the ranch. firefighters say two saved historic buildings ranch has been here since before the civil war. >> hopkins is the original family's car taker >> they helped him build -- it is nothing but ash now. >> firefighters continue to mop up hot spots. but with fire seemingly out, some evacuated residents want to know why they can't go home. >> everybody is want to go home but this is challenge and danger.
6:27 pm
burned area. so cal edson says it needs replace more than 300 polls. restring wires, and fix transformers. we just got clearance from fire incident management team to go into most of areas in the fire. >> and while story 880 years in making. still come be fox 25 news at 6:00 the decades old discovery inside of home and how fox 25 played role this reunion today. on the south shore. >> plus this picture going viral on the web tonight. charges this despite an elaborate cover up. but first an active rescue mission underway off the coast of gloucester for more than 30 people after their tour boat began taking on water. it is update to our breaking i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c.
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right now crews boat cough gloucester began tape on water afternoon and it was full of people hello everybody. obtained from cape ann tour boat company of their boat the king eyeder here's what are are learning cope guard received may day call around 400 -- from boat with 34 people on board. coast guard asked for any other boat in area to help out and many did. the coast guard still working on what causeded the boat to take on water. so far, no reports of any injuries or casualties. we have fox 25 news crew on the way to learn more about what's happening right now.
6:31 pm
>> turning now forecast and the sun sets an hour summer begins wind down. not before some fantastic mid august weather. fox 25 meterologist is tracking another great day tomorrow. but some much needed rain heading into monday we really watch for chance of showers increase through day tomorrow. late sunday into monday. that's when we be talking about some widespread showers we few out there this afternoon. but most of those have got temperatures mostly in 80s in 13407z he coast because those winds have turned on shore but in boston, noticing that wind out of south about 15 mile per hour that's why we are on warmer side. and dew points in 50s yes we will take that. but that's going to change as these winds out of of the south mainly 5 to 15 miles per hour will continue we will start increase the humidity over night tonight. so get ready for turn bit sticky if you got plans in evening maybe your headed to gillette
6:32 pm
mostly clear and mild. testimony tpdz in 123407z that south wind again 5 to 15 mile an hour. rain well out to west that will be push east ward and as does so, pushing that humidity in. as well as increasing some clouds we will watch for partly. over check >> stay the dry. and waking up tomorrow. we got temperatures to start in but already feeling bit mug copy out there. line. plus we also look at some of the concert forecasts coming up over to you. >> teacher remains jail tonight after being arrested for what he was sending allegedly to one of his students. mass thaw castle rich is appeared court free day after police showed up his worcester home with a warrant. according to court records obtain bite gardener news. the high school history teach was initially being investigateded for fundraising fraud. police say the 33 year old was
6:33 pm
he allegedly told her he had stomach can certain. that led to students doing a rays on his behalf. during investigation. police say they i did koirsed he was sending obscene photos of himself to a 17 year old student. and inteasing her to send naked photos back. >> >> from hult of at pielt snmd >> superintendent. told fox 25, the is three year teacher on paid leave while the criminal case is pending. grounds. of. politics new hampshire working to track down scraped convict. here picture. andrews ran off from hey wave how has been chester friday. when officer were trying to arrest him. says six feet tall and about 260 pounds. blue eyes brown hair. he has a triable tatoo on his neck. shay serving time for two felony armed robberies and being felon in possession of a gun. >> and framing mother her 14 year old remain hospitalized
6:34 pm
out the take. and reportedly admitted to the police. gus remains in custody in florida attacked ham during fall liam he vague ka. now we are hearing 99-1-1 call and neighbor placed after he turned up on her doorstep >> what exactly did he say to you. um he said that somebody has attacked his family. and okay. he says, they did it. he says who did i don't know. he just said they did it. who is they? >> he not saying. >> okay neighbor went on tell the 11 teenager was not hurt. but was speaking to himself. gus now facing two counts asteped murder. his mother and brother again are in the hospital but are expected to survive. >> warm nurse charged forging thousands of pain killing prescription.
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uttering false
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mall function. >> car accelerated. and it was something that she with a trying to avoid. stop. so i think this was truly an accident. >> every one hit including the i would whose pinned recovering. with minor injuries. feel also facing answer s being held on $5,000 bond. >> and woman being held without bail accused plotting a columbine style attack at worcester pollee technic institute. she food services worker at the college. according to court documents lions said quote, she planned use decoy bomb wbpi campus center and then set off real bomb morgan haul she told police armed with a sudden shot gun she kill her former boss.
6:38 pm
lions therapist told police under right circumstances they are concerned she was capable of following through. . and in alert students w said found evidence she means to actually carry out at that plan. >> and on run for more than a years and accuse drug he willer has been arrested on cape cod. but as fox 25 john mono has been explains police had to do double take because they weren't sure if they had the right guy. take look at these two men. well it is the same man. but the pictu with a very expensive and very real looking mask. his name, is shawn miller. he 31 and goes by the anything naples of shiz miller indicted in april of 2016 in connection with trafficking heroin. the feds said he had heroin and intended to distribute it. >> these pictures obtained by fox 25 showed the scene when cape cod regional squat team surround home south yarmouth
6:39 pm
officers ordered miller out home but an elderly man walked out inside. after further investigation, police figured out that the ellington man was actually shiz miller in elab better rat life like mask. they pulled it off. placed miller under arrest. police tell fox 25, the fast being cost $2,000. and miller wore it everywhere in attempt to throw the police off of his trail. but that didn't work. inside of the home police found hidden in laundry basket and nearly $30,000 in cash. fox 25 news. >> and miller handy tainted as expected to appear in u.s. district court in boston. later this month quite get up. lawyers for aaron hans being forced turn his cell phone over prosecutor after ruling by state's high em court it may have evidence in witness intimidation charge. against hernandez and upcoming
6:40 pm
already serving life sentence on murder conviction shouldn't. defence lawyers hand over the phone. arguing it could undermind attorney client priviledge if they provide law enforcement with the potentially incripple indicating testified. >> and say is all weapons massachutes called one of the toughest in nation. is now at the center of a fierce public debate. in one over the sale of copycat say is all weapons. attorney go is trying stop those sales. decision gun rights act stepping her authority. however healy getting plenty of support from current law makers and those who supported the initial ban. >> boston mayor marty wall and hitting back at shilling after he said he would make run at the united states senate. the mayor say shilling should stick to sports. he also brought up his failed video game company and in rhode island. shilling fired back in tweet saying, quote, i tried to build company it didn't work out.
6:41 pm
that comments is in reference to walsh's two top aids were charged with extores. fox political reporter caught up with shilling earlier this week. about his political aspirations. you can watch her interview right now on our web site. it is good one. >> curious special reon a yovenl next the time capsule found inside of home's wall and how fox 25 helped reunite a family's uncle with this heirloom. it is warm and boston but i am track big change. when more humid air and threat of rain moves in. >> plus fish showing up dead along river banks and there one
6:42 pm
introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. mom: i'm a mom, not a millionaire. but i can't give millions of dollars to a campaign. narrator: but that's the way to get kelly ayotte's attention. corporate special interests like the koch brothers have spent millions helping ayotte's campaign and she voted with them 90% of the time -- supporting tax breaks that help millionaires and oil companies. mom: in washington, kelly ayotte listens to too many millionaires... and not enough moms. narrator: women vote is responsible for
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for the road.
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for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ?? of and owner died decade ago. that's when he call fox >> i am guy who boneless chicken i fine bone in chicken it just happens that way. >> makes sense then that when bill donovan renovating home he found this wallet inside of a wall. it was intact. despite its age. driver's licence paper driver's licence. there is a social security card. couple different business cards. plus $0.03 stamps paperwork reits date back no 1930 in wow this really old. like time capsule base here
6:45 pm
and return to his family. he discovered that owner albert died in 1985 but he having hard time tracking down any rest tifl 1234689 that don't know van called fox 25. we showed video of the wallet and revealed the man's name. it was amazing. i was laying in bed the other night we got text saying story aired i lookeded into called fox 25 and they put me no contact with bill. but yes. it is really exciting. >> afriend >>. >> and so you know only like four. when he passeded. i done ton about him. but hoping learn more about. valuable piece of family history. that lives on.
6:46 pm
you know back in the family we are all eager to see what's in there and try to connect -- and things like that. i >> just trying make family happy. that they have piece of his family history. >> if you lose something you really donovan finds one time class ring. he found the man's essential inside it tracked guy down to his high school. and found his yearbook and returned guy's ring. so this man you want to help you out. authorities in alabama are investigating why over 900 dal longs of acid end police searcher show hundreds fish dead in batter of black warrior river. alabama environmental agency has not said when it all happened but they say distributor men proteins spilled the acid into water. >> we want to see american protein held accountable we also want to see american proteins, step up. and put some robust measures in place. to ensure. this won't happen again.
6:47 pm
into for the poultry livestock pet food industry. the company says friday no one could talk about the spill until monday. >> people lined up around the street starting lawn is day night. get into one of just 21 can why west pop up stores that opened world wide yesterday. air camera caught dozens waiting get inside. in one opened on 899 boyle stone near heinz convention center it will close wild life in new england bears getting bold where fewer berries eat venturing camp grounds and neighborhood trash cans to dine. meanwhile the stream dwelling fish populations has taken hit bit mosquitos are mull i it three say low water levels mean wider river banks now your local forecast from your meterologist
6:48 pm
rain or we continue our moderate extreme drought. more than 990% of massachutes under drought conditions right now. so taking look at the chances very slight chance of isolated shower. as we head overnight hours. and that's mainly through central and western parts of region it really will notice our chances increase as we head afternoon and evening tomorrow. that's we will start to see the risk increase. sunday night after 11:00. through monday morning. that's when we have our highest chances of cold front wil coming on through there. were few isolated showers out there today. sure enough very isolated. out towards 495 and 10 south of pike along 33995 in connecticut mostly these showers were part parts connecticut today. but some areas picked up anywhere from 210 of an inch
6:49 pm
>> over night we do see some clouds about the overall mostly clear you can see across new england really fine conditions. it is out to west where we are concerned gold front that's going head our way going pushing east ward you can already see the ribbon rain and storms that's pushing through great lakes in ohio valley that's our next rain maker notice ahead of we got south wind helping push
6:50 pm
we will see some thickening clouds out to west. could see some areas of fog and isolated showers. otherwise we will see okay conditions across our eastern areas by time you wake up tomorrow. but clouds will be increasing. will be the thing that you will notice tomorrow along with the humidity. so going feel bit stickier there tomorrow as we head afternoon watch out for pop-up shower even thunderstorms we could rumble or two have fox 25 weather app with. any of those showers and storms. today evening. you will that's our line that will coming on through. but really does get to button area until mid most active tomorrow. look okay. don't cancel your plans but be prepared you see isolated shower ahead thaef front. this front does move on through so through year night hours wily monday morning. for turn out of northwest and pick up and help break apart the clouds and actually increasing sunshine for your monday look pretty fantastic just bit breezy
6:51 pm
anywhere from quarter inch up to an inch some spots. we will have watch for that. for tonight we will notice the temperature in 60s tomorrow back into 80s in. we will cool along coast and then range come in sun tay night monday. gets breezy then cools us down for tuesday. and then temperature warm back up as we head mid to late week. there latest look at your forecast. looking good. >> turning over to sports and we will toss over adam and filling tonight talk about socks in big win last night. no question about it. seems like every game is big in time of year but what is happening in detroit right now that is making headlines. boston college footed baum team hoping make headlines this season b.c. looking to make waves in 2016. we will tell you what eagles were doing today.
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6:54 pm
big game for socks tonight in
6:55 pm
anchor from our partner at neen hi. two stories make headlines before at the throw out first pitch in detroit one david ortiz. part of retirement tour. two, weather. rain could put things on hold at the park. stay tuned. can't top rain from coming that's fine. right now red sox cannot be stopped. rick did his thing last night picking up his 17th win of the year but how about t the starting staff. 2.4 era in months of august. drew paem supposed ken that game three tonight. >> today, new inche en patriots football players they are private citizens and enjoying their saturday. team with well deserved day off from their pre season game which two days ago. pre season game number two with win over bears. chance for rest and for tomorrow brady an opportunities to heal thumb that he apparently sliced
6:56 pm
sectors. >> gave jimmy chance mainly miss second start. he was good. very good. through his first t.d. off of the pre season. pats win. in week, no joint practices. pats take on the panthers in carolina. next friday. and off day patriots but very much workday for boston college football team. eagle holding skrem age shay field as gear up for georgia tech in two weeks. that game by the way, taking place in dublin ireland. bc over the bounce back from 3 and step one get off the good start against the yellow crack et cetera. >> you know getting ready for we have been work on it all summer we running the offend we have been stall. long, long, day. you know long, long day after long two week. we got finish this thing off we can't --. >> can you imagine doing one thing better than anyone else in the world? it is hard fathom when you think about it.
6:57 pm
another olympic gold. anchoring the jamaican relay four by one. for bolt. now got trim triple. nine gold medals he is perfect at the olympic never lost final. >> you know several sarah was named bolt in college wasn't that you college soccer player. you were saying bolt cut from same cloth. i cannot run that fact. he is amazing. red sock game has been delayed >> okay if we don't know for how long you. science. from science in you gout on. that rain detroit our rain that's heading our way tomorrow:
6:58 pm
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the big stars and big stories of summer. intertarnment tonight special. >> for you. get ready. >> two big diva exclusives in paris, celine and mariah backstage, on stage, dressing room confessions only to our hearts. >> it's hard. 90210 star shannen doherty revealing a devastating set back in her breast cancer battle. >> i don't look past today. >> and rudy huxtable, pregnant and in tears. on her husband's paternity test demands. >> i'm doing one interview and i'm done. >> an inspirational emotional exclusive with jennifer hudson.


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