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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 22, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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morning until 4:45 a.m. and breaking right now on fox25, a tornado warning has just expired for parts of our area. this is a look at the radar. the areas in red that you ehere, the danger zone. >> meteorologist shiri spear has been tracking this live on air for the past hour taking us through every map, every graphic, so let's get straight back to shiri? >> shiri: thanks so much, you guys. here is the deal, that tornado warning as expected has popped up radar. it has expired as planned. what we have is severe thunderstorm warning for northeastern massachusetts. it goes until 4:30. the main concern is going to end up being strong, damaging winds. where we have the rain, yes, it is going to be pouring. the torrential rain attached to it. the real hazard is going to b some storms that are moving
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attached to them. now it is moving off toward the north and east at about 25 miles per hour. so if i want to time out some of the heaviest of the rain right now, it is due to exit the area because right now what i want to you focus on is the fact that you should probably is wait this out before you hit the road.he road. due to exit andover around 4:01. 4:13 hivr hill. 4:28 in south hampton. 4:33 in aims burr prepare and 4:39 riverside at 4:47. still a ways to go with this huge turn around. breaking down this hour by hour timeline with the gist of it. rain happening now until 8 a.m. and then like that, we are going to end up klaevring out. back to you -- clearing out. back to you for now. >> daniel: fox25 has complete coverage of this breaking weather. >> julie: people are without
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our jessica reyes is heading toward marlborough, and, jess, what are you seeing out there. >> reporter: we just got into marlborough and as i am speaking to you right now, we just came across a tree across the road here. i tweeted it out on my twitter account here, but we are seeing a lot of fire trucks around here. a lot of roads blocked off. side roads off of framingham road. we are coming up off framingham road in theer about section with dartmouth street and, again, we are seeing a lot of branches road. the biggest one we have seen to far is that tree across the road on framingham road here, but i can tell that you we have gotten reports on twitter from people who are seeing a lot of trees down in this area. a lot of power outages here. and at last check. i checked about two minutes ago on the mema website. 1911 people were without power. that is about 10 periods of this town here in the neighboring southborough.
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power there. shiri has been tracking this storm and it has been pretty strong through the area. we are just getting into town now and we have seen trees down across the road, branches down as well, and as we were heading here, this storm was very intense. driving rain. heavy wind as we were coming up 128 through newton and we got on the pike and westbound on the way to marlborough here, but, again seeing sun damage getting reports of power outages as well and we will take some photos and have them for you on twitter in a couple of minutes. live in marlborough, jess yes, sir, fox25 news. >> daniel: let's go back right now with her shiri with the latest on this weather. shiri? >> shiri: all right, guys. this is the deal. two severe thunderstorm warnings one in northeastern mass. and we have been talking a lot about that and one in
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a little bit. and we can go over those towns and cities because this has been an incredibly active warning morning. a tornado warning earlier. taunton, acton, middleborough and marshfield. i have another severe thunderstorm warning that has been issued there and that goes until 4:45. that is our freshest that one will last a little bit longer here. so this will impact areas like norfolk county, plymouth county, brist this one is moving faster 35 miles per hour. 60-mile-per-hour gusts. but impacted including brockton, taunton, braintree, north attleboro, stoughton, bridgewater, north attleboro, mansfield, easton, norton, sharon, abington, swansea, whitman, and what we can also do here is quickly take that off of the map and take off the warning and let's do this.
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to the northeast and give you a little timeline how long this will last you, but because until it does. heavy rain this goes along with the storm. a better idea to simply wait this one out if you can. you can see some of that bright red over taunton where you have some of the most intense rainfall right now. we will put it into motion quickly, and you can eit goes all the way back to basically providence, rhode island. i know you are not in that warn area, but until these times, we will be dealing th randolph until 4:33 this morning. brockton, 4:39. 4:45 in bridgewater. 4:53 in middleborough, and 5:09 in marshfield. plymouth will last until 5:14 this morning. these tropical storms booking right along here, but the problem is, we have some very heavy rain attached to them as well as the gusty winds. and the gusty winds that we get most concerned about because that could end up doing damage not just to
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we don't want to you go out. the problem too, if you get strong storms over taunton where my radar is. having a hard time seeing directly overhead and this could actually be a little bit worse than what we are able to make out here on radar itself. so add to that the morning here. we have got a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings in effect right now. the wind will be the big concern, whether you will be in southeastern massachusetts or northeastern massachusetts. both areas currently under the threat really over for central and western massachusetts. i am going to send it back to you guys for now but back in just a few minutes with a new update. >> julie: we will talk to you soon. begin our team coverage with stephanie coueignoux in concord right now. >> daniel: stephanie, what is your drive and what are you seeing in your area. >> reporter: we parked and firefighters from setting off a central location here on lexington road and we have
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assessing the damage. lexington road, the 400 block is now shut down because of enormous trees blocking the road, as well as power lines on the road. again if you live in that area, please stay inside. they are assessing that damage. they tell me that the power lines could still be active. several very large trees i am seeing right now are down along the road near some homes. thankfully i did ask, no one hawthorne lane and lexington road, very enormous trees literally feet from homes right here. at the moment, six fire fighters with the concord fire department, they are setting off a command center here at this parking lot at the intersection going door to door. they are speaking with people. they are assessing the damage. it is not really raining very hard right now. i would call it more sprinkles. but the worst of the storm has
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taking a look around, power is out in this area as we were driving. we saw street lights were out. to, again, if do you happen to be driving which we do not recommend, that is something -- but the power is out in this area. fire fighters are going door to door, checking in with people, making sure that they are okay and lexington road is shut down because of live power lines and enormous tree power lines and enormous trees. >> daniel: all right, stephanie, thank you. just to reiterate, jessica reyes tweeted out the picture from the location she is at from framingham road where a large branch has followed across. if you follow jessica reyes or if you don't, you may want to follow her because she is tweeting out information about what is going on. >> julie: between twitter and the fox25 weather app is a very helpful tool. a best way to get a pinpointed forecast for your air why.
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can turn to it even if you lose power. you can see the power outages on your screen. almost 2,000 national grid customers are without power. we will continue to cover this extensively for you all morning. developing news in winchester this morning where police and the district attorney are investigating the death of an elderly woman. around 2:00 yesterday afternoon, percent were called to the women's home. they found her unresponsive and she was rushed to leahy clinic where she was pronounced dead. police are not releasing her notified. the investigation continues into a deadly accident involving a party bus in east boston. one woman is dead, another hurt, after the bus ran them over. the story was breaking on fox25 morning news yesterday. a witness spoke only to fox25 about what happened. she tells our m+ alini basu, the victims were on the bus just before they were hit. >> reporter: one woman is dead. another woman was hurt. police are still trying to peace together exactly what
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police got a 911 call saying two people had been hit by a bus on mcclellan highway in east boston. on that bus were 20 old high school friends who rented it out to they could party. a woman who was on that bus does not want to be identified. she tells fox25 there is so much more to this disturbing story. >> two people fell off the bus. >> reporter: she claims two women fell off of the bus through a window traveling through mcclellan after the two women fell out. passengers yelled at the driver to stop. >> i guess maybe she didn't hear what was going on, but he did stop a few seconds, maybe a minute or two later. >> reporter: once the driver stopped, the witness said all the passengers on the party bus ran back to where the two women fell. >> we kept warning them
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the other injured. the party bus owned by entourage delivery of north attleboro. in a statement, the company tells fox25 that our driver was questioned by boston police briefly before he was released and sent home. we have been in business for 19 years and will continue to cooperate during the investigation of this tragedy. from east boston, malini basu, fox25 news. >> julie: the victim's name has not been released and we are working to get more woman involved. we continue to track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a live look at the pike eastbound through brighton. and shiri was saying, wait this one out. you can see the roads are soaked. tell us more about these conditions that are dangerous. >> shiri: here are the things. two thunderstorm warnings from northeastern mass and the one from southeastern mass goes until 4:45. and the worst of this weather isn't coming through right now through the boston area.
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there. i know that is a long time to tell to you wait, but this is treacherous to drive in between the downpours and the fact that from taunton middleborough, the potential for damaging wind gusts and the same goes for lawrence, foxborough, ipswich and newburyport. it is safer to wait this one out. i will be back with an hour-by-hour look at the timeline, guys. get you out the door. don't you worry. i am h >> julie: shiri, i have my eyes continue to as well. watt members look for drug trafficker. the reason this elderly man ended up in custody instead. plus a kidnapping scam taken to a whole new level. >> him putting her on the phones sold it for me. if he didn't put her on the phone. >> reporter: the high-tech a criminal tricked both a
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severe thunderstorm warnings for parts of eastern massachusetts. some of the heavyist hit area. along 95 extending from georgetown up to merrimack, aims about you are radio he, salisbury into new hampshire. where we just don't have the heavy rain but gusty winds. right now some of the worst of the wind and the rain brockton down to bridgewater, raynham, halifax, middleborough.
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this morning. >> daniel: shiri, we will check back with you. you hear about it all the time. a stranger tells you your loved one is in danger and tells to you wire money or else. a local couple was hit by scammers who used an on a elaborate scheme to trick them. they shared their terrifying experience with fox25's ted daniel.all right, i am right here. >> reporter: if you hear this voice on the me right >> reporter: hang up. that advice from a married salem couple. brianna and john requested us not to use their last names. >> when they called me they said i have your husband, john. so they knew both of our names, both of our numbers and that we were married. >> reporter: boundary man in said initially he didn't take the threat seriously and hung up on the guy the first time he called, but panic stepped in minutes later when boundary man in dialed john's cell phone number to tell him about
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listen to who answered john's number. >> the same man that just called my phone answered. and he was angry and he said why would you hang up. >> reporter: from there brianna did exactly as she was told with the couple's 1-year-old and 3-year-old in tow, she withdrew $1,000, and from a cvs, wired the money to an account in puerto rico. this is the part where the virtual kidnappers take the scam to a whole new level. running her around, another calls her husband and begins to run the same scam on him. john was at work and like his wife, initially expected the hustle. the way the hustlers hooked him, clever. remember brianna is still on another line. the swindlers momentarily merged his call with hers. >> him putting her on the phone sold it to me. if he didn't put her on the phone, i would have hung up.
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to where john was working and both realized that they had been had. it all comes out afterwards but you are not thinking clearly at the time. >> reporter: ted daniel, fox25 news. >> daniel: made it look like it was coming from the common area code in northeastern massachusetts. we track traffic and weather every ten mix and i am seeing issues on the road because of the weather shiri has been telling us about. screen is an obstruction, trees down, a road is blocked from cambridge turnpike into old bedford road in the concord area and stephanie coueignoux is tweeting out pictures right now of trees down. huge tree and power lines down from this home on concord lane on how thorn lane in concord. lots going on this morning. herly detail that further in a moment. you can see live pictures of the pike eastbound. soaked out there on the roads, and it is better to just wait it out.
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a. your live drive times not a huge issue because not too many people are out on the roads. i would stay off of them until you can head out the door safely and shiri joins me with more. shir. >> thanks, julie. two main areas of concern right now. a lot of us seeing heavy rain this morning, but the winds that go along with those heavy rains that can do damage. severe thunderstorm warning for 4:30 for northeastern massachusetts and 4:35 for out eastern mass. this right here is including the brockton area and showers are moving deadly eastward. ma that means boston you have this going until 5:00 this morning and the heavy stuff over, same for northeastern massachusetts and will last a little longer here though. a little while as it tracks toward the east. heaviest rain right over taunton over the radar site in will impact the south shore, as well as the cape this morning and will probably take until 8ish to get this out of
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notice 5 a.m. we got the tail end of of this heavy rain moving through boston raining heavily over southeastern massachusetts. at 6 a.m., rain is over in boston, continues in southeastern massachusetts. we jump ahead until 8:00 this morning. showers are falling off although we might have lingering rain over the outer cape and nantucket, much lighter variety, and by 10:00, we have the drier air moving in, the clouds clear out, and you wld we had morning storms because it is going to turn so bright and to beautiful later on today somewhere like norwood right now, boston right now. everybody is getting in on some of the worst of the rain. the pot -- the exception is out toward central mass or -- say south central new hampshire and westward because these already have the heavy rain here. moving eastward. 72 in norwood. visibility down to 2 miles. obviously we will have visibility concerns when it is raining this hard and heavy. the continues here as we go
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morning. by 8 a.m., i mention, that's when we just have the rain clinging to the outer cape and have leftover clouds by 10 a.m. sunshine is back. warm-up under way until the middle 70s. lunchtime 77 with sun and from that point forward, a lot of lower 80s and sun across the region this afternoon. of course, we can check out portsmouth, new hampshire. you will see a very similar thing here. 69 degrees with heavy rain right now. by 8 a.m., it's dry and clouds. 10 a.m. and past tha turns into sunshine. sunshine and wind though. pretty breezy. 80 in boston and beverly and bedford this afternoon. 82 in plymouth. 74 in worcester. rainy icons just for this morning and it does get pretty windy and gusts around 20, 25 miles per hour. and tonight it is in the 50s. it is going to be crisp but it is going to be cold. many of you want some long-sleeved layer for those 50s, but we get back into the
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lower humidity plus the wind out of here by tomorrow. so today, it turns sunny. it turns windy. we hang on to the sunshine in the 80-degree high for tomorrow minus the wind. 86 nice and bright on thursday. a couple more clouds and 8 degrees. 88 on friday with a chance of potty hours. doesn't look heavier or as widespread as we are getting now. basically for one day and uncomfortable for friday and for the weekend we clear it introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ?? 4:25 and we have crews scattered throughout the area. that our stephanie coueignoux just tweeted out within the last minute or so on her twitter account. this is actually video of a tree that fell in front of a house on hawthorne lane in concord this morning. and you can efrom this dark video here, and shiri was talking about this all morning with this coming in how dark it would be for people to possibly see anything out there, but, again, trees -- power lines down in this area where stephanie coueignoux is.
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precaution as you get out this morning. concord fire tweeting please avoid this area if you can. if you happen to be marlborough, check this tweet out by jessica reyes. half a tree came down on walker street. the fire department said it is down on wires, and that's why when it is this dark out in the middle of the night, hard to see exactly what damage may have been done. but the road is closed. this is walker street in marlborough, and you can thee tree is completely blocking it. and there are some wires tangled up in there. that is why the department is >> that is completely across the road there. we will go back to concord to a tweet that stephanie tweeted out this morning. the 400 block of lexington road is also shut down. you can see a large tree there. and a couple of fire fighters. if you look closely in that picture. in that picture you see them tending to the tree and making sure that the power lines that are in that area are away from homes and things like that. again, you will always want to
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are live until we have been told otherwise that power has been shut off in that a area again. make sure you have the fox25 weather app handy. the best way to get pinpointed information where you are forecast that area and dangerous weather conditions. you can turn to it even if you lose power and remember it is a tree download. new tolls are coming to massachusetts roads and we are learning they will do more than just collect your money. the other information they will be monitoring to help started, but the injured list keeps growing.
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now at 4:30. brace your is he for torrential rain this morning. we are tracking the heaviest bands and where we are facing severe thunderstorms. plus, one woman dead, another hurt after being run
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happens only with fox25. and an elderly woman found dead in a winchester house. an investigation under way this morning. complete new england news coverage tarts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. good morning, everyone. it is 4:30 on monday, august 22. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. starting the day off with umbrellas and ending in sunglasses. meteorologist shiri spear in center tracking all of this rain. shiri, has been busy since 3:00 this morning. >> shiri: we had a tornado warning at 3:00 rolled into a severe thunderstorm warning in southeastern mass. that has just expired and a severe thunderstorm warning in parts of southeastern massachusetts until 4:45 because there is so much wind attached to some of these heavier showers. right now you can see boston raining pretty heavily there. norwood a gust at 25 miles per hour. lawrence at 20.


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