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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  August 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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if you go out there now, you can walk from one end of the street to the other with a fair amount of ease. i think the manger point i want to make is how lucky i feel we have been here given the ferocity of the storm and the fact there was not any damage to anybody and very limited damage to property. as he walked through their, look at all the you can't even believe it didn't have an impact on people on homes in the area. . in some ways it's a little bit of a relief. i was told one of the reasons we came out here as we were told by my team that it was an extraordinary amount of damage that took a hit. i find it hard to believe that
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it's reminder that mother nature can be one heckuva force when she chooses to be. hor: you just heard from governor charlie baker that we got lucky. the damage could have been a lot worse. he gave credit to first responders and other crews. >> anchor: hugely ck think of what could have happened overnight while most people were sleeping. it was an all hands on deck situation. we have more 24
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.>> >> do not walk under them, and
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live line and stay away from it. >> now, having heard that, the electricity has supposedly been cut to the area because there are so many lines down. this morning, there were about 1,000 people who were without power. we understand that some of those have now gotten power on. that is the biggest concern for residents now, aside from the immense cleanup. we are told that perhaps power will not come back on for some, until sometime tomorrow, which is going to make it kind of a rough afternoon and night because it is quite warm o here. coming up at 5:00, we will see where the tornado started, where it went, and we will take another look at the big clean up ahead. live in concord, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> thanks very much, jim, we look forward to checking back in with you. before the storm hit concord it passed through marlborough and jessica raez reports many people woke up to no power. >> reporter: a busy morning in marlborough where crews spent
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an power lines after a fast-moving storm. >> just heard a noise and a loud bang and the house shook, and then the power blew. >> the storm initially came in as the tornado warning after 3:00 this morning. >> you know, when you're in the dark and it's raining like crazy and, you know, you get that notice, then you don't know what to do. >> mike farrell lives on a street with power lines down and he heard the storm early this morning but it was dog that heard it first. >> just t power went off. she made more noise than the storm. >> right after the storm came through, we found big branches tossed onto framingham road. diane clemmons lived there and woke up to find the power was out. >> even though we don't get many severe weathers in new england, now is a good time to put a package together, candles, light, extra water. >> curtis avenue was another trouble spot, winds tossed the tree onto the street taking down
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many are thankful it wasn't much worse. >> it's wild. if that's all the damage it did, i guess we were lucky. >> and for much of the morning after the storms there were 125 people in the town without power, many of them along walker street here but national grid was able to turn the power back on for them later this morning. and as of this afternoon, everyone in this town has the power restore. in marlborough, i'm jessica raez, fox 25 news. >> chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz rushed to the warning came out. he is with us now. kevin, you and sherry suspected it was a tornado based on what you saw on the radar. >> no doubt about it. sharry was all over it. you can tell there was heavy rain coming through. that is something jason warned you about, he told you there would be strong winds but to see a tornado come through in the morning, we have not seen that happen at night since 1970. that's how rare it is. this is a storm we are seeing a atlantic coastup view between marlborough and concord.
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right here that you find the tornado on radar. where we would be suspicious of tornado. this is the area. i will switch over to the velocity scan. this is what it looked like for rainfall. you are used to it. we show it to you all the time. when we get to a situation of spinning reds, we get this. it is going away from the radar site. the green is coming back out at you yo. when you have that lined up next to eacho especially the bright area, right in here, right next to concord, over fact, that's where you have spinning motion. i can flip this, and show you a 3 dimensional view. and what you will find here is that the red and green are going from the cloud all the way down to the ground. that is, in fact, a tornado. and what it looks like in a three dimensionnal scan on the live storm tracker radar (^) using the velocity mode. again, into the screen, out of the screen, and this gap here? that is flat to the radar. it's like a zero or an eye of the storm. that, indeed, is where the twister was this morning. that's how we are able to locate
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radar. then the weather ser viz goes out and surveys it as you have been told to show what the damage looks like and confirm, indeed, there was a touchdown this morning. >> all right. kevin, ahead at 4:30, daniel miller was in concord when the nationality weather service inspected the the j da. his report on how cell phones kept everyone safe coming up. and we have the my fox boston, there was a slide show of all the damage and links on the tornado, continues at 5:00 and 6:00, and kevin will be back with the full forecast in a few moments. >> breaking news on i-93 near hoeton's (^) pond, a car veered off the driveway seriously injuring the driver this. is the scene near exit 4 from sky fox 0 minutes ago. you can see first responders working on the driver next to his car. we are working to find out his condition and if anyone else was involved. >> a park ranger is charged tonight with video taping women as they used a bathroom at a local bathhouse.
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milton (^). they arrested 30 year-old raymond ken ton, he secretly taped women getting undressed. another employee found the camera. we have a crew at mckinnon's arraignment and will bring you a live report at 6:00. >> hundreds of people forced to evacuate the state house. state police say it was just an accident, construction in the building trip add fire alarm just before 11:00 this morning sending everyone inside, streaming outonto 20 minutes when police determined there was no risk of hazard. >> the city of somerville is dropping its lawsuit at the casino being built in the adjoining town. the mayor said his goal was never to stop the casino. >> he km pained against legalizing casino, he said he was (^) concerned about the quality of life for presidents.
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the state environment atm officials grant add key permit to the casino project which somerville was trying to stop. today was the city's deadline to appeal in state court. he said the city resolve add number of the community's biggest concerns for the casino so he decided to drop the legal fight and cited ferry service that is expected to reduce traffic to and from the casino as well as an increase in the amount of the project's public space. he added the city and wynne resorts have reach add deal to other issues but didn't given specific details a. wynne spokesperson said no other legal challenges stand in the project's way and construction on wynne boston harbor began earlier this month. it is set to open in 2019. vanessa? >> ock, we are learning more about how the state's overhead tolling system on the mass pike is going to work. it will not only scan your e. z. pass, but it will have a license plate recorder that can alert
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the amount drivers pay will depend upon where they enter and exit the highway. it is scheduled to begin in october (^). a woman picks up the phone and is shocked by what she heard. >> when they called me, they said i have your husband, john. >> how the scammers took their plot to a whole new level by getting her husband involved by phone. >> parent, don't let the back-to-school supply list scare you, we will show you ways to save cash on everything your child needs for the school year. >> o you that damage from the tornado in concord, we will talk more about new england tornadoes and look ahead to our forecast when more rain showers are on the way. >> swimmer ryan apologized for
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this week donald trump plans to deve immigration but at this point the campaign is sending mixed signals on what will be in the plan. as diane gallagher reports, he once again called for the deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants but now said he may no longer strick to the plan. >> since coming down the escalators on day 1 of his campaign, immigration has remained a central issue for donald trump. thank you. we will build it.
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immigrants in the u.s. >> we are rounding them up in a very humane, nice way. >> they are going back where they came. they will go out. they will come back, some, will come back. the best. through a process. they have to come back legally. >> but, over the past couple of days, the trump campaign has been ramping up its minority outreach and hinting the candidates' deportation stance may not be set if stone. >> as the weeks enfold he will lay out the specifics of the plan he would implement as president of the united deportation force the kind he talked about during the republican primaries? >> to be determined. >> the billionaire insisting now that this is not a stance reversal, per se. >> you are not flip-flopping? >> no, i'm not flip-flopping. we want to come up with really fair but firm answer. >> meanwhile for hillary clinton it's the battle of the secretaries of state, coe lynn powell pushing back that he
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the media saying quote her people are trying to pin it on me and he explained he used a private e-mail during his tenure. >> president obama's martha's vineyard is over, the first family arrived back at the white house last night after spending two weeks relaxing in our necks of the woods. president obama managed to send most of his time golfing only squeezing in one official al perience appearance i. was a fund raising event for hillary clinton. tomorrow he is damage. >> new at 4:00, ryan lochte's rio controversy is costing the olympic swimmer two mayor sponsorship deals. raffle lauren and speedo dropped lochte hours after the rio games ended. lochte has apologized for overexaggerating a story about being robbed at gun point with three team mates, the police said he vandalized a gas station. in a statement, speedo said it cannot cone done behavior counter to the values this brand long stood testify before a
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to let public school students use the bathroom of their choice. 13 states are challenging the obama trabs gender policy. the administration failed to allow for public input. in may, the justice and education department required public schools to provide transgender students with, quote, equal access. the white house said the directive is not legally binding. the justice department is now reviewing its options. >> can see it, rain wrapped around it, even if there was light out there, and no injuries? how does that happen? we have fox 25 weather app, you were alerted as it was coming toward you, concord. luckily everyone stayed safe despite trees coming down a. 400-foot wide, 4 footballfield wide path of the storm going for half a mile. winds 100 miles per hour. falling trees and all different directions.
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weather service could determine this, indeed, was a tornado that touched down. we were talking about it all morning on the fox 25 morning news. these are last four tornadoes that touched down in massachusetts prior to today. had to go back a year to find a couple e. f. 0 in westminster and wrentham on the same day, then on august 31st in worcester in 2014, of course remember the ve veer tornado which also was a morning storm, but it was closer to 10:00, as opposed to happening at 3:00 in the morning. something like that hasn't or nocturnal tornado here in ningd land. as this line of storms is coming through, meteorologist jason brewer was talking about it on our fox 25 news at 10:00 and 11:00 and telling you there would be strong winds with some gusty storms coming by. ended up being severe thunderstorms and yes, even that tornado warning. we have talked much about that, but we have not talked about the rain. the rain we needed. it's a shame we had to have a tornado to get this rain. nearly 1 months in boston, half
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well. these are the areas where that severe drought is in place. worcester is in a severe drought as well. so, it was good to have that beneficial rain come on through. and some more rain reports, spencer, 1 1/2," lowell nearly 1" and franklin over 0.75" of rain. evening plans now, it is all clear. it is beautiful outside. couldn't ask for better. 74 degrees by 8:00 at 69 and staying that way through 10:00 this evening under clear skies. the temperature will drop over an august day right now. that means your low temperatures will have a chance to drop quite low for this time of year, into the 50s and even some upper 40s possible, northern portion or northwest portion of worcester county into southern new hampshire and vermont, upper 40, not talking about diving temperatures toward the 30s, but still chilly for this time of year. 65 at 6:00 in worcester dropping down to the 50s overnight. and then boston, in the 70s at 6:00 and dropping down through
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city of boston. lunchtime temperatures tomorrow back in the 70s. going to be pleasant and a coolish feel, thanks to the low humidity. but still a great looking beach day if that's what you want to do tomorrow, hampton beach is 80, rex psalm 78, raleigh 78 degrees in quincy. seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view, you can see how nice it's going to be by the time we get there. we are back into some dry weather this week. tuesday and wednesday and thursday, our next chance for rain showers comes friday morning, another front cutting on through. we do we saw today, including not the heavy rainfall we saw in some places today, it will just be rain showers that come by the way it looks right now. but when you have temperatures like this and humidity increasing and it's something we have to watch for changes in the timing of the front because then we might have to deal with thunderstorms coming on through. either way the front cuts on through and we are back to dry weather for this upcoming weekend. we will look at the weekend in more detail and talk much more about today's tornado coming up. >> the summer olympics wrapped up but you know what that means,
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overnight they ticked up trash left behind from visitors around the olympic stadium including beaches, the concern now will shift back to the city's polluted waterway, which are loaded with sewage and trash from the millions of people who live in rio. >> pizza for everyone, next at 4:00, what one boy gave up so he could hand deliver pizzas to the flood victims in louisiana. and now here is mark ockerbloom with what we are working on for fox 25 news at 5:00. ock? >> our live team coverage from concord covering at 5:00, the governor seeing the damage for himself a few short moments ago. the phone alerts woke people up in the middle of the night. how the alerts worked and how to make sure you will get one on your cell phone if there is an emergency. >> plus, how mitt is fighting on
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pills found in prince's ho questions about his death. according to the minneapolis star tribune, some pills were labeled hydrocoe done but were feintnal, the drug that killed the singer. investigators say there are two likely possibility, either a pharmaceutical manufacturer miss labeled the pills or the pills were manufactured and obtained illegally. firefighters are having a tough time keeping a wild fire in central california from spreading tonight. the fire has already destroyed 47 buildings and forced the
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castle. right now, it's only 5% contained and heavy smoke is making it difficult for fire crews to attack the flames from the air. more than 50 square miles have been charred so far. >> historic storms and flooding killed at least a dozen people and destroyed 60,000 homes in louisiana. nearly 3,000 people are still in shelters. more than 100,000 people have registered for federal aid. president obama will tour the damage in person tomorrow. a fourth grader spent his birthday handing out food to those flood victims in louisiana. carson bout turned 9 on sunday and got the idea to feed flood victims of from a drain in which he saw himself delivering food and water to his flooded out neighbors. he actually asked his mother to take all the money she would have spent on his birthday presents and spend it instead on pizzas. >> we're going to give them lunch so they don't have to stop what they are doing. >> you don't see children that
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heart. >> 363 pies were delivered to lafayette area flood victims. what a great kid. >> you know, we are both parents. all you want is for your kids to do good deeds but you can never predict what they will do and what specific situation will present, but that is unbelievable. it was coming to him in a dream? -his mom is doing it right. a tornado caused destruction in concord and the middle of the night. up next, we are on the ground as national guard and the national weather service surveys the damage. >> a even though we can warn you about a storm coming through, you can't see it at night and then the heavy vain. we will talk more about the tornado and the weather ahead into the weekend. >> plus phone scammers targeting a local couple. >> the same man that just called my phone answered. and he was angry and he said why would you hang up? next at 4:00 how the suspect scared the wife to take scared the wife to take advantage of the introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches
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the craft of cold brew today and keep on.
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for the road. for the ride. for the early mornings... long days... and late nights. for the love. ?? overnight leaving behind an awful lot of damage. governor charlie baker toured the area an hour ago and held a news conference after and said it is amazing no one was hurt gwen the hundreds of downed trees there. >> anybody who saw the fury and precision of mother nature needs to take a walk along the route that was hit by that storm. >> officials say the they are continuing to survey the damage before they decide if the town might be eligible for federal or state aid.
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serious damage. >> now, kevin lemanowicz has been here since the wee hours of morning tracking the tornado and we will check in with him, but let's begin with daniel miller who takes us on a tour of the damage and shows how weather apps played a key role in keeping everyone's family safe. >> this the look at several downed trees and debris scattered along route 2a in concord. just after 3:00 monday morning the community was hit hard by an ef-1 tomorrow. >> it was before. >> steve block and his wife were asleep when the weather rolled through. he said he didn't think much of the storm until their mobile weather alert on the phone wouldn't stop. >> and they started going nuts about 3:00 in the morning saying take shelter right away. my wife made us go downstairs so we were huddled downstairs. >> a few hours later, steve walked outside his home to see what happened. >> i see this tree sitting on my car.
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so little damage but there is a tree on my car. >> he was fortunate, his neighbors have a large mess on their hands. down route 2a at millbrook farm this large tree landed on the nursery. the owners closed the business for the day. >> there is a lot of different things i have to take into consideration. >> fox 25 caught up with national weather service surveyor alan dedham as he walked around another home looking to see what caused the damage. >> anything in the grass, anything that will give me clues as to whether it was a >> dunham even took notes on this 30-foot tall massive tree split in half. it came close to landing on the back of a home. >> i'm looking for the the width of the destruction, the length of the destruction, which way the trees an stuff come down. >> in concord, daniel miller, fox 25 news. >> and this reminder you can download the free fox 25 weather app, to your phone, so you can be alerted to any extreme weather at any time.
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out about the severe weather and, kevin, the best you ins? the tornado threat is now over. >> thanks for that encouraging word there. i never shot out of my bed in my life. i got here as fast as i could to join meteorologist shiri spear on the morning news because we ed nod to track it and make sure you are safe this morning. it sounds like partly because of her you were, no injuries or nothing, that is amazing considering this line of storms produced that tornado and you will see it come through, that is the storm right there, tracking right through concord from marlbo there was damage in marlborough, but the only place being surveyed is where the most damage was. the most likely touchdown, and that was in concord. that's when we saw it here in our velocity scan, the brighter red and green, a side by side picture, a coupe let on the velocity scan. we see three dimensions it went all the way down to ground level and that's indicative of the rotation in the atmosphere and a tornado touching down out there in concord. amazing to see considering it was nighttime especially. these are rare enough in new england but at night?
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just been born in the 1970 and we hadn't had one since then. no. wood 79 right now, no doubt we are out of the woods as far as storms for several days, in fact, we are back to some dry weather. it is going to persist through much of the week. it also comes with cool temperatures. at least at night. look at this, worcester county dropping into the 50s tonight. 55 degrees by 4 a.m.. boston, dropping from the 70s where we are now into the low 60s, by 4:00 in the morning. almost a fallish feel to the air overnight tonight and first i will show you when the next showers will come into the forecast. >> now to a story you will only see on fox 25. this is 40 years since a lawrence boy disappear and now there is a new push for answers. andy puglysi (^) was 10 years old when he vanished from higgins pool in 1976 and no trace was ever found. now a childhood friend who was with andy that day has produced an award-winning hbo documentary about the case. melanie perkins tells fox 25 she is opening this will lead no a new break.
4:34 pm
is going to come home and i continue to feel that way in any heart of hearts, i truly believe he will come home at some point. >> par kins says her research pointed in the direction of one man who is an admitted pedophile. to hear the rest of perkins ear interview with fox 25, log on to fox 25 >> there is a new warning about a terrifying phone scam that ininvolves kidnapping, a couple spoke about their ordeal. they were right in the middle of it. our ted daniel reports what makes the scam different is tt manipulate cell phone numbers. >> okay. i'm right here. >> if you hear this voice on the line. >> your wife just called me right now. >> hang up. that advice from a married salem new hampshire couple, brianna and john, ask us not to use their last names. >> when they called me they said i have your husband, john. so they knew both of our names, our numbers, and that we were married. >> brianna said initially she
4:35 pm
first time he called. but, panic set in minutes later. when brianna dialed john's cell phone number to tell thin about the strange call, listen to who answered john's number. >> the same man that just called my phone answered. and he was angry and he said, why would you hang up? from there brianna did exactly as she was told, with the couples one and 3 year-old in toe, she withdrew cvs wired the money to an account in prork. >> this is the part where the virtual kidnappers take this scam to a whole new level. while one has brianna on the line, running her around, another called her husband and begins to run the same scam on him. john was at work and like his wife, initially suspected a hustle. the way the hustlers hooked him, clever, remember, brianna is still on another line.
4:36 pm
merged his call with hers. >> him putting her on the phone sold it for me. hand down. if he didn't put her on the phone i would have hung up. >> it all finally unraveled when brianna drove to where john was working. both realized they had been had. >> it all comes out afterwards, but like i say you are not thinking clearly at the time. ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> wow. a close call for six people aboard a boat off the coast of martha's vineyard, they had to be rescued after the boat began taking on water. from the coast guard. this happened just before 9:00 yesterday morning. the coast guard said the 32-foot boat was sinking and the on board pumps couldn't keep up. all six people were wearing a life jacket and doing just fine. the coast guard said the boat had a crack in the hull. it was towed back to port. the coast guard still trying to figure out what caused this tour boat to begin taking on water. near gloucester. 34 people were on board, the king i'der saturday afternoon, when the captain sent out a
4:37 pm
told to put on life jackets. no one was hurt and the boat was towed back to shore. >> new at 4:00, a highway construction worker was nearly hit by an alleged drunk driver on i-93. take a look at 39 year-old ramero kabral, officers say he was drunk when he sideswiped a crew member in cannerbury new hampshire, a crew member was working seconds before the area, he was caught a short time later. dozen offense people have come down with the zika virus in flora. how one mother is going to extremes to protect her unborn child. >> another deadly incident at a water park. why some say enough was not done to save a drowning man. >> now time to check out the roads with our live drive time traffic. zakim bridge camera showing heavy volume north of town on the leverett connector and now the map in littleton to the highway was shut down an hour ago due to a serious motorcycle accident. all lane are now open but delays
4:38 pm
>> let's put up the the live drive time, the tobin bridge to 128 will take you 27 minute, o'neill tunnel to the split 16 minute and weston tolls to route 115 minutes we will be right
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witnessings are telling different stories about at treatments to save a man who drowned at a water park in wild woods in washington state. some witnesses say life guards didn't listen the first few times when they said the man was in trouble.
4:41 pm
perform cpr on the victim. >> for about 10 minutes they were pounding on his chess doing cpr intensively, the life guards you can see they were doing everything in their power. to try to save this guy. >> the water park said it is cooperating with the state investigation into the man's drowning. >> a former aid to new york governor andrew cuomo was killed in a crash in long island over the weekend. in total, five people were killed, six others seriously injured. among the dead though, 29 year-old scott ma investigators say one car going east lost control, crossing into westbound lanes, slamming head on into two other cars. >> two vehicles that are traveling westbound, probably didn't see them, see the vehicle until the vehicle was crossing the roadway, so there was no opportunity probably for them to be able to negotiate out of the accident. >> police are investigating whether speed was a factor in the crash. the zika virus crisis in florida has some eck pecktant mother moving out of state.
4:42 pm
now saying the second transmission area in miami and that spark add cdc travel advisory that covers popular south beach. one expect tant mother is driving to virginia to stay with her family until her child is born. she said she wants to try to give the baby the same healthy start as its siblings. >> i want to give that baby the chance that he had, you know, to be healthy and have a good life. >> if we have to move away and separate for six month, i mean, that's, you know, pennies in the long run. >> f asking for more federal resources to help fight the spread of the zika virus. katie couric comes to the aid of some of her staffers, still ahead at 4:00, her unselfish act that kept them from standing in the unemployment line. >> couldn't ask for better than this this even, after quite an eventful start to the day, 80 degrees with sunshine for a high temperature in boston, i will show you the dinnertime temperatures looking like now and the the next chance for rain. >> time to start thinking about back-to-school supplies.
4:43 pm
the best ways to get your kids
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whether your kid are starting kindergarten or going to college, you can buy them everything they need without breaking the bang. elizabeth hopkins shows us ways to save op school supplies. >> pen, pencil, notebook, backpacks, that time of year when students and parents are on the the hunt for school supp national retail federation, americans will spend more than $75 billion on back-to-school shopping including supplies. >> i don't really do much research, just pretty much what the boys are looking for. >> experts say agree that mentality is a big mistake. and will kill your budget. >> you have got to be a good comparison shopper. >> edgar dworsky is the founder of consumer he said it is as easy as picking up the paper. >> the circulars are certainly full of deals. if for some reason the
4:46 pm
matching policy and get a convenience store to match the price. >> other ways to save in. >> buy in bulk, for example, staples and wal-mart have 70 feet spirit notebooks, 17 cents, if you go back during the year you will pay 1 dollar or two just for one of these. so, you know your kid are going to use spiral notebook, buy a whole bunch of them. >> edgars said avoid impulse one store, buy them. others are cheeper elsewhere, buy those. be selective and keep watching prices. >> don't get second in by expensive trendy items. >> keep in mind what is popular today may not be popular in six months. and your kid are going to say, ma, i don't want to carry that school bag anymore. it's out of style. >> and start shopping now. if you want to find what you are looking for while staying on budget. stores of north shore mall are
4:47 pm
sales, they expect food traffic to increase steadily. >> the weekend before labor day is typically the busiest weekend. >> elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> >> experts say if you are look for a bargain be sure to monitor the store's facebook and twitter account, deals are often posted when you least expect it. >> it is not your parents' facebook. the company is launching a new social media app aimed at teenagers. life stage allows kid to upload pictures and videos based around feelings, likes and dislikes th profiles t. goal here is to connect members of the same school. but some media, perts are concerned about the lack of privacy settings. >> bound to happen, gas prices are starting to inch upwards just in time for the labor day weekend. according to aaa northeast, the average price of regular unleaded in massachusetts is $2.7 a gallon, that is up 3 cents from last week. it's still 33 cents lower per gallon than last year at this time. higher crude oil prices are
4:48 pm
>> tomorrow warning at 3:00 in the morning and right away our meteorologist shiri spear was on air to warn you about it as it was coming through then i joined her for a fox 25 morning news an got through this one, but this is incredible to watch this storm come into concord with 100 miles per hour spinning winds, causing the damage that you saw. this is the storm center we are talking about this. is smooth so there would typically be a curve or a hook and there certainly was at one point, but this is all only two radar scans on the the ground before it was gone. we are looking for a reslosty signal, reds and greens next to each other with a tight coupe let where they are brightest. this is the spot. you have to know where you are looking for. this is something we do. we are expert employers and know what to look for on the radar scopes an take a look at this one. we found it right here.
4:49 pm
dimensional view and verify there was certainly rotation all the way, red and green next to each other, from the cloud all the way down the ground indicative of rotation and potential tornado, national weather service went out to haven't vey it today and indeed it was a tornado, half mile long path, 400 yards 4 football fields wide, big for our part of the world. 100 miles per hour miles per hour wind. ef-1er, the ones we had in westminste f. 0 and before that we had the revere tornado which was a bit stronger but was shorter on july 28th. only on the ground for a couple minutes. in fact this was the ve veer tornado, only 4 minutes on the ground, today was double that, double plus. top wind though were 120 miles per hour with the revere tornado, so in case you are wondering last time we had a morning tornado that was that one, the last time we had one in a dark of night like this one, way back in 1970. that's how ware rare it is to
4:50 pm
80 providence, 72 worcester, real pleasant out there. dry conditions. no worries tonight. not a single chance of rain drop for tomorrow morning let alone severe weather in the forecast. there are showers coming, but they will not be here tomorrow. let's talk about the forecast our by hour overnight tonight. from the 70s you have now down into the low 60s by first light with bright sunshine when you wake up, 53 degrees on the golf course at 6 a.m., up to 70 by 10:00. we are not zipping up to the 80s and near 90 degrees real not going to be one of those dais. it will be a much more comfortable august day. temperatures by lunch are in the 70, 75 boston, 81 north shore and 77 for you on cape cod tomorrow afternoon. here is your seven-day forecast. i promise the next chance for showers is friday and most likely the first part of day, that timing can change as the front comes toward us to tick those off. if it comes later in the day we have to entertain the thought of showers and thunderstorms but coming in the morning as it looks to me right now, it will
4:51 pm
to create severe weather like we had today, fortunately. we need more rain, even though we had nearly 1" in boss top, we will get more on friday but not the drought-busting rain we need. your weekend is always in view. check out this forecast. i know it's early. but sunshine and 80 on saturday, mostly sunny sunny sky, 77 on sunday that, is a real nice looking weekend. let's hope to keep it that way. i will be in with the newest information as always and update the timeline for the rain showers later this week. >> okay. kevin, first time i saw this story freaked me near a park. check out this snake skin, pretty big, huh? found in westbrook at the river bank park, police say it suggests a very large snake, very large, that was spotted two months ago had stayed in the area. in june officers spot add 10-foot snake swim across the river, officials believe it can be someone's pet that's caped or was released. no thank you. >> new at 4:00, wedding bells for miranda lambert but they are not with her boyfriend, lambert
4:52 pm
weekend. she and young sebastian got engaged. lambert accepted his proposal but said he will have to wait 25 years or so when he is old enough to walk down the aisle. applaud the effort though. we are learning how anchor katie couric took a salary hit for her news team. she cut her salary by $1 million when she was anchoring a national network evening news show to save other jobs. she insisted the the money be us idea only on salaries, and it would be done quietly. couric left the network >> ratcher actor and america's got talent host nick cannon is going to college. the 35 year-old posted on social media he is enrolled at howard university in washington, dc. no word on what he plans to major in and whether he's full-time or part-time but he did write class of 2020 in his instagram post. >> good for him. it's a lemonade stand with a purpose. still ahead at 4:00, why lifelong friends came together to help a local teenager. and now here is mark ockerbloom with what we are working on for fox 25 news at 5:00. mark?
4:53 pm
up at 5:00, a woman is dead after falling out of a party bus. the the story we have been tracking all weekend and an exclusive with fox 25 tonight, the owner of the limo company tells us why his fleet is safe after this deadly incident. and a woman studying to be a nun is robbed of a rosery beads. she talks with us about how she is doing tonight after the scary incident. that's coming up new as 5:00. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's... pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... ...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant,
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? ?
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>> say goodbye to the flagship site for gawker media ended operation today. moss staffers will have roles at the other six sites or at univision, which bought the company. twitter and other social media apparently making it easier to talk about death an mourning in public. researchers at the university of washington found people used twitter to react in a way that differed from other social media sites. twitter users appeared to link death to social issues, such as
4:57 pm
facebook posts tended to be more personal. >> police in australia looking for four young pagesters who set three crocodiles loose if a school administration office. security footage released by police, shows the suspect forcing a hole through the window of the office, then pushing the reptiles through. the crocodile's mouths were taped up, so no one was hurt. >> engineers in china unveiled what they're calling the most advanced underwater vehicle in the world. it looks like any other submarine, but the people who more. it can reach the ocean floor and travel up to 100 miles per hour. they say it can be used to clear minefields looking for wreckage and monitor sea life. >> in new hampshire ago, community is showing a teenager she is not alone as she battles cancer. 14-year-old aila davis was recently diagnosed with bone cancer, that has spread to her lungs. on friday, friends at the national girls inc. hosted a special lemonade stand in her honor to raise money for the
4:58 pm
aila was surprised by the turnout, but she would do the same for any of her friends. >> she's always the first to be in a group, and you'll always recognize with her laugh, it's the signature laugh. everybody knows it here, and all the girls behind us, they have known her since they've been coming to girls inc. when they were five as well. so they're kind of like lifelong friends. >> there is also a gofundme page to raise money. so far it's raised more than $6,000 with a $10,000 goal. to our web site, >> sounds good. happening right now, team coverage of the tornado that swept through several communities early this morning. fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> vanessa: now at 5:00 p.m., it was only on the ground for about ten minutes, but an overnight tornado left behind a path of damage. >> the wind, it was crazy, crazy, crazy, and then peaceful. >> the reporter: parts of con core reeling today after an
4:59 pm
>> kevin: we saw the severe weather rip on through here this morning. now that it's passed us, now it's on to much nicer we are. >> mark: plus, the emergency alert that warned people danger was near and how to make sure it's on your cellphone. >> the reporter: plus, a woman is killed when she falls out of a party bus. only on fox 25 tonight, we're talking to the general manager of the limo company. his answer whether we asked. >> >> mark: plus, how m.i.t. is spending lobby congress to stop zika virus from spreading. >> mark: first at 5:00 p.m., we are talking a live look at concord, massachusetts, right now. where an ef1 tornado touchdown dover night. hours -- touched down overnight. fox 25 was the first local television station to bring you live coverage as soon as the tornado warnings was issued just after 3:00 a.m. >> vanessa: here is a look at the damage now from sky fox.
5:00 pm
damage. fortunately, no one was killed. good evening, i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom and here is what we know right now. the tornado touched down about 3:20 a.m. this morning, packing winds of about 100 miles per hour. it caused a path of damage, about a half mile long. >> vanessa: we do have storm tracker weather team coverage for you at 5:00 p.m. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz has more on this level of tornado here in new england. >> mark: but first, let's get to jim morelli in concord, and jim, you've been with residents all day, as they try to get back to normal >> the reporter: yeah, that is going to take some doing, mark. every resident told us the same thing, that to them, it seemed like this lasted a minute, maybe even less than that. but when they came out, you can understand why they were shocked at the damage they saw. take a look here. piles of debris all cut down now, but in the middle of this yard, we have a tree, uprooted, and the reason why that often happens is because the tree acts as a lever, the wind pushes against it, and rips it right


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